the first one kinda looks like lucis

anonymous asked:

i ont remember my name or anything but i remember i caused alot of hurt up there? n i was rlly close w luci n uhm i got cast out after the war. im really bad w memories but ye uhm i remember causing alot of hurt for everyone 💒

uhm cont i have some vague memories of what i look like? uhm i had blonde hair n my eyes were just kinda light emitting. i had 2 sets of wings one was large n white w gold n the other one was smaller n darker. i like just over all LIGHT. 💒

Well, I hope that first part doesn’t stress you out near as much as my similar situation did back then. Even if you did bad stuff and caused pain when you were Above, you are still welcome here Below. If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that we are still a family and we are a very loving community.

Yeah, you sound vaguely familiar. For some reason, I tend to remember angels with multiple sets of wings better, so your description feels a bit familiar. I can’t dredge up anything specific, but you seem familiar.