the first one kinda looks like lucis

really obscure theory

*spoilers from the creeping shadow in here, so if you haven’t finished book four, you probably shouldn’t read this*

lucy is insanely powerful. we all know how amazing her talent is, and how she is one of the only people known to be able to communicate with type three ghosts.

well, what if somehow, that talent was shared through blood?

the thought of talent being passed through generations has come to me before. you see families like lockwoods who have a lot of talent, and families like lucy’s who are mostly dry (more on that later.) so that’s kinda what this theory is based off of.

so, penelope fittes is really marissa. we’re not sure what really happened to the real penelope and her mother, but in order for this to work, let’s say they both escaped and went off to go live somewhere away from london.

what if penelope got pregnant while on the run? she is around forty or fifty, i’m assuming, so if she got pregnant when she was in her twenties, her child would be around 14 or 15. guess who else is around that age?

none other than lucy carlyle. it would have been easy for penelope to want to give her child up for adoption, especially if they weren’t living in very nice conditions.

now we don’t really know much about her family or what they look like, and she was the youngest, so it works. (it’s been a while since i’ve read the first book, so this may be impossible, but stroud didn’t really give us much so i think it fits.)

i’ve always thought it was really suspicious that there is only two people that have this incredible power, and that they both are important to the story. in marissa’s case, it makes more sense; she was the one who practically started this new era with ghosts. but, supposedly, lucy is just a random girl fighting ghosts with her best friends.

(this is kinda a separate theory, but what if lucy can control ghosts with her emotions? think about it. one of the worst times in the history of ghosts was when she was really lonely and by herself. idk i just think it makes sense)

anyways, this is probably a big mess, but i thought i should share it with you, because i think it’s pretty neat. tell me what you think!

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Nalu? I'm curious to see who you think would initiate the first kiss.

• Who said “I love you” first; nervous as fuck, Lucy.
• Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background; I think both. Although Natsu would have a sleepy Lucy with some good designs on her face and Happy holding a crayon. Lucy would have him sleeping because she thinks he looks cute plus Happy sleeping next to him. Cuz they are a family.
• Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror; Specially awful drawings by Natsu.
• Who buys the other cheesy gifts; I think Lucy would be the one to give details like that. Natsu would too but as well, with help.
• Who initiated the first kiss: It’s kinda hard to imagine Natsu giving this step, in a real romantic way, Lucy; after realizing she actually loves him. He would be surprised. It can also happen as an accident.
• Who kisses the other awake in the morning; I also think both. Who ever wake up first, would touch the other’s forehead with their lips. Mostly Natsu, he likes appreciating her sleeping face.
• Who starts tickle fights; Whenever Lucy is mad at him or sad, Natsu would jump to her in order to see a smile on her face!
• Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower; lol you misspelled natsu dragneel
• Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch; Lucy would. And thinking about doing the same, he would bring some fish with Happy.
• Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Natsu didn’t know very well what was going on lol
• Who kills/takes out the spiders: I can almost picture this. Natsu, of course. Would play with it and show it to Lucy.
• Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: The shy one, our beloved Lucy, haven’t we seen this already? Natsu would be the jealous type when is drunk by the way.

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THE FIRST PROMPT FOR CANURA. Cana's hear to steal your girl

I fell in love with you three lifetimes ago and I’ve been looking for you ever since but I’ve been starting to give up and my friends’s new crush has your eyes and oh god I’m not going to steal someone’s date just because I’m hoping you’re the person I met in a past life (jk yes I am)

Cana was sure there was some deity in the reincarnation department up top having a riot over screwing with her.

Three lifetimes.  Three whole lifetimes (okay, well, the second lifetime was more of a half lifetime given she’d been killed in a hit and run at the ripe old age of 35) of searching, from random dive bars and libraries (her favourite hangouts) to Facebook and Twitter and fucking LinkedIn when the internet became a thing, and for the first time in two hundred and twenty plus twenty two years, Cana had a lead on her.

Eyes.  Fucking eyes.  What was that saying, again? ‘Eyes are the windows to the soul’.  

When I die this time, Cana decided firmly, I’m going to go to the reincarnation department and pull a Happy Tree Friends on the fuck in charge of my soulmate.

“Isn’t she cute?” Lucy squealed, ducking behind one of her thick psychology textbooks when she looked over.  “God, I wanna ask her out so bad but I’m so nervous! She seems nice but like…she’s also kinda cold, you know? Ahh, I dunno what to do!”

Cana sipped from her latte to hide her smile.  Lucy didn’t know the half of it.  Cana had half a mind to walk over to her and whip out her phone to show her a couple cat vines just to see Lucy’s reaction when she melted into a puddle of goo.  Lucy would call it magic and Cana would call it years and years of experience, but it was all just semantics, really.

“What’s her name?” the brunette probed innocently.

“Kagura Mikazuchi.” Cana breathed a small sigh of relief.  She kept her name.  Her hair was longer, her skin more tanned, and she donned a thick pair of glasses, but her name was still Kagura and her eyes were still that startling shade of hazel that Cana missed waking up to in the morning.  

“I’m gonna ask her out,” Lucy declared.  “A study date.  We have a behavioural midterm coming up.  I’ll be right back, Cana.  Wing me!”

Cana tapped her finger against the table and watched as her best friend approached the love of her life and struck up conversation.  Would it be wrong of her to go and interrupt and sweep Kagura away like some sort of princess in the movies? They were soulmates.  She had precedence over her.  Cana and Kagura were two halves of the same cake and to be separated would be an affront to all believers in true love, i.e., Lucy.

Lucy wouldn’t hold it against her once the whole thing was explained, right? Right.  Cana put her latte down firmly and walked over, pausing only long enough to smile apologetically at Lucy before winking at Kagura.  “Hello, sweetness.”

“Seriously,” Kagura deadpanned.  “Three lifetimes and the best you can do is ‘hello, sweetness’?”

“I tried, words were never my thing.” Cana shrugged.  She was sure she was vibrating in excitement but she couldn’t find it in her to care.  Finally, finally, finally.

“Clearly.” Kagura swept her things into her bag, nodding at Lucy.  “Sorry, Heartfilia, you’ll have to find someone else to ‘study’ with.” She turned and gave Cana a pointed stare, visibly fighting back a smile.  “You owe me coffee.”

Cana snaked her hand around Kagura’s waist and pressed a kiss to her cheek, grinning against the skin as she squirmed away.  She always hated PDA.  “And you owe me an explanation or three.”

She wasn’t worried about time.  They had this lifetime and the next to smooth out the details.

Out of the Rain and a few Flustered Gestures

anonymous asked: nalu in a coffee shop!! {2/2}

This was her usual coffee shop, the one she’d been coming to for the past few weeks since she’d first moved here, and the blonde still didn’t know the name of the boy who knew her order by heart. 

But the really infuriating part was that he knew hers, since she’d told him the first day she walked in, yet he still insisted on writing Luigi on her Styrofoam cup every morning. 

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