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Random things I remember about the 2009 inauguration compared to this one
  • So many people. So many. We got there hours early. We had tickets. It was still almost impossible to get there. 
  • It was the single, most positive crowd I’ve ever experienced. No one was angry, there was no shoving. Everyone was talking to everyone else. There was a choir group from Mississippi I think right behind us and we traded stories about how we got there. Then they started singing for everyone and the whole crowd started singing.
  • It was pretty fucking cold. I had three layers of pants on
  • There was a group of older Black women all around us and one of them, a very short woman, turned to my brother who is 6′4 and said “Sir, if it isn’t too much trouble, when the First Lady comes out could you do me a favor?” and Bob was like “Sure, what is it?” and she’s like “Can you describe her outfit?” So Bobby described what the First Family was wearing for this group and everyone around us started doing it for all the other people too.
  • Thousands of people booing Bush
  • And the energy just CHANGING when Obama was on stage and everyone screaming themselves hoarse and jumping up and down and waving their arms
  • Going to watch the motorcade and seeing the Obamas get out and wave
  • and someone saying “God help anyone who tries to assassinate him I WILL BE A HUMAN SHIELD”
  • The entire crowd around us picking it up and being like “YES”
  • Being genuinely, legit afraid that we would actually see that happen because we knew someone - a lot of someones - wanted to try
  • There were hundreds of black children, a lot of groups. There was a Sunday school class whose parents couldn’t afford to come but the congregation sent the children so they could see history
  • All those empty stands you saw Pence and Carson walking past? Full to overflowing. People standing twenty, thirty feet deep behind them. People who didn’t have tickets lining up past the barricades so far back they had no chance in hell of seeing or hearing anything but wanting to be there.
  • I can’t explain the atmosphere of the crowd. Everyone was happy to be there. No shoving. No yelling. No complaining. It was almost alien how excited everyone was to see everyone else. It was an experience, not an event. You could feel history happening while you watched and you were part of it. 

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how did you choose the name davenport

well, I first chose the name “Dave” bc I’m one of those stereotypical sappy fucks that wanted a chosen name that was related to my birth name. (i hope this goes without saying, but please don’t ask me what my birth name is or take guesses at it)

I’m a huge fan of nicknames, so I really wanted “Dave” to be short for a longer name; something too fancy for everyday use. but I just didnt find the name “David” at all appealing. so i needed something else.

I spent upwards of two years scouring baby name books/websites and bouncing ideas off friends. eventually, “Davenport” won out! it was unusual, but had a good precedent as a last name/place name; it also goes well with my last name.

et voila!! (also, this isn’t the only way to pick a name! just the way i did it)

Just A Fan - Chris Evans Fanfiction

A/N: Thanks to an amazing friend of mine, I decided to make a short fanfic! It was supposed to be an imagine but because I made it too long to be just one whole imagine, I decided to split it up. This is the first part, it’s not that exciting but - you’ll get to be introduced to who the main character is!

THIS IS  JUST THE PRE-FIX, sorry it’s super short, I can post part two soon if you want me too, just let me know! :) 

warnings: none. 

words: 1k 

characters: Avengers Cast! - Chris Evans - Sebastian Stan - OFC


Red Heart was the first woman superheroine to enter the world of Marvel comic book pages. Back when women were emerging in comic books, it was nearly impossible to sell singular female heroine’s and their own personal stories for a comic series. By chance, though, Stan Lee made Red Heart and Marvel took a chance in selling her stories as a series of “The Black Heart vs. Red Heart”.

Suffice to say, Red Heart became Marvel’s dynamite. Everyone wanted their hands on the series, always craving for a new comic to come out as soon as the newest issue was released. Red Heart, in years to come, would team up with Captain America, Thor, Black Widow (although they butted heads a lot, they made a kickass team), Jessica Jones, Daredevil (they were introduced as lovers, in the beginning, turning into each other’s enemies, then alliances. They had a large fanbase of people who loved their storyline and wanted the two together.) Red Heart was not just some successful new hero for Marvel, she became a model for all young children in the world. Her powers were almost infinite, with strength, magic, courage, but most of all; integrity. Little girls wanted her signature outfit, and older teens wanted to have her hairstyle of light purple hair, always appearing in different styles throughout her comic book series. It was one of Marvel’s significant character’s that they had ever made. So naturally, the hints of her character was popping up in different movies and tv shows like Jessica Jones and Daredevil, the fans craved for her to finally join her family of Avengers on the big screen.


Wizarding World Philly Panel, May 2016

“We’ve received so many questions about this so called, ‘Extended End Credit’ scene to Civil War. Can you, Anthony and Joe, put that rumor to rest?”

The panel of actors looked down the line all the way to the end where sat Joe and Anthony, both shared the same smirk on their faces. It was the fans tell-tale sign that something special was going to come during the interview with the whole Civil War cast.

“We-we can. It’s true, first off. The cool thing about this scene is that, I think, the fact that the only cast mate who’s seen it this is Sebastian, since he’s the only one, in the panel, that was in it-” The crowd roared so loud at the Russo’s words they had to stop talking for a second, letting the crowd drown Hall H with excited shrieks and shouts for the clip to be shown.

The mere thought their dreams were about to come true was giving the crowd waves of excitement. Rightfully so, because if they were hoping for what the Russo’s we’re about to show, then they had waited impatiently for almost eight years for their beloved heroine to join the cast on the big screen. In fact, the cast was even hooting and hollering for some clues or clips.

Of course, though, the only one who kept their calm was the leader of the pact, Downey. He just so happened to be sitting next to the complete polar opposite in demeanor, Evans.

The fans loved how much Chris campaigned for the character to join them on the big screen, the joke that he was in love was always shared amongst the cast.

Robert suddenly interjected, “Um! If I may…I think Chris would really love to know who is in the extended ending, Anthony. Joe?”

Chris pondered Robert’s words for a moment, giving his friend a confused look. Before finally, the gears in his head started to work. 

“Oh my god!” He shouted into the microphone, almost blasting off the ears of all the fans in the audience, who didn’t seem to care either way.

“Is she here? Do you… are you insinuating, sorry guys! I’m…just like perspiring, just thinking of this clip.” 

The audience gave a loud “Aw!” to Chris’ infatuation with the idea that she was actually in the building. Suddenly, the lights went out, and the shrieks of excitement bounced off the walls of Hallway H.

You could hear one voice talking, and it wasn’t anyone on the panel right now. No, no. It was the legendary, Red Heart.

a/n: thank you to the incredible @ateliefloresdaprimavera for sending me this idea. Love you and your creative and beautiful brain! - R .x

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Hello! If you're looking for horror manga recommendations, can I recommend Litchi Hikari Club, if you haven't read it already? It's full of gore and a fucked up main character who's like a younger version of Hitler. Also some nsfw scenes (mostly m/m, I'm telling you bc I didn't see that coming at all and was kinda shocked when these scenes came). It's completed too and also has a short anime and an upcoming live action movie, you might like it. Sorry if I bother you!!

You’re not bothering me at all!!
I binged Litchi a few days ago and wow, it was one of the craziest, weirdest, and most WTF manga I had read in a good while. I loved it in a “wtf is happening” sense and I think more people who are into this stuff should read it too.

I loved the art. It doesn’t look ‘nice’ at first glance but it actually matches the tone of the manga pretty well. The heroine was so pretty! I’m interested in the live action now.

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Can I have your opinion on this? It's just a short start but I don't know if it's any good. "Aw, fuck me." Kara said maybe a little too loudly when she realized she had forgot her wallet. "Gladly," another voice responded, and Kara turned around quickly to face it. Her face was bright pink with blush. It was one Lena Luthor, searching for something in the shelf in front of her. "But don't you think I should take you on a date first?"

good start! i want to see you keep going! 💞

Since I started posting my doodles for Pink Diamond’s (and recently White’s too) design, followers have been popping like daisies 0_0

I’m almost reaching 150, planned to do smth for my 100 followers but was in a family trip so ended up doing nothing

Meanwhile here are MOAR Diamond Authorithy doodles and sketches to thank you guys! (people can ask me too or suggest me which one of these would like to see finished ^^)

In this first one I like to think that the diamonds are all of differnet heights (WD being the tallest, then followed by Blue, Yellow and finally Pink being the shortest) I headcannon YD being the 2nd shortest mainly because a lot of people that I know in RL that have a strong temper are all short people :P

Playing around with WD’s design, have seen a lot of great drawings of her online! (atm I’m liking better the 3rd design here)


13 Study Tips (By Sprouts)
  1. Spaced repetition. Study short, but often. It is more productive to have regular study sessions with short sleeping breaks in between. 
  2. Find your own style. Find the study style that suits you the best. Some people like to study alone, some snack during class, etc. 
  3. Sleep! This one’s pretty obvious. Lack of sleep decreases your concentration. 
  4. Focus! This one’s pretty obvious too. Keep all distractions away to increase productivity. 
  5. The Pomodoro Technique. Set your timer to 25 minutes where you focus on your studies, take a short break, and repeat the process. [I personally like to use the app ‘Tide’, but there are other apps you can download] 
  6. Do the hard material first. Most people have the strongest willpower in the morning [not me], and when you do the hardest material first, you’ll feel more motivated to get more work done. 
  7. Exercise, meditate, and converse. Regular physical exercise, meditation, and group conversations are proven to grow your brain. 
  8. Go places. You can create deeper memories of a subject if you learn in a richer environment that offers more visual clues. 
  9. Take fun seriously. Find a fun way to study, it’ll make it more enjoyable for you. Positive emotions are important for increasing your potential. 
  10. Space your studies. Repeat the material in spaced intervals. This means reviewing whatever you’ve learnt every few days. 
  11. 30% Read, 70% Recite. You can use this when you have to memorise a poem in 1 hour. Spend 20 minutes reading, and 40 minutes reciting, this should lead to the best results. 
  12. After you’ve finished studying, quickly test yourself. Immediate recall in the form of a test or a short summary can increase retention up to 30%. 
  13. Don’t force it. Unfortunately, you can’t force yourself to be motivated to do work. 

Why do I feel like I’ve typed this out before…

Like or reblog if this helped, and comment what other videos you’d like me to type out :-) 

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Shuffling Your Tarot Deck

It took me forever to learn to shuffle like this, but now that I have it’s my favorite way to bond with my deck before (and after!) a reading. It’s also easier on the cards than spreading them out on the table, or poker shuffling the smaller decks. All the videos I’ve found for this technique go way too fast, so I’ve gif’d it one bit at a time. 

Hold your deck in your non-dominant hand lengthwise, fingers on the bottom card’s face and thumb on the top card back. 

With your dominant hand, put your thumb and middle finger on the short edges on the deck, with the bottom card’s edge lining up approximately with your first knuckle. 

Grab that knuckle’s worth of cards and separate it from the rest of the deck (now called the main deck). 

Let the main deck lean against your fingers as you bring the other cards over to the thumb side. Let the top card in your dominant hand slide off to land in your nondominant hand, on top of the main deck. 

It’s okay if the cards come off in pairs and groups of five or ten instead of one at a time. Practice will help with that, but it also depends on how new your deck is and whether the cards are matte or glossy. 

Now let the main deck lean against your thumb, and bring the other cards over to the fingers side. Let top card(s) slide off to land on the bottom of the main deck. 

Bring the other cards to the thumb side of the main deck, and repeat. 

When you run out of the smaller stack, grab another bunch of cards like you did in the second gif and do it again!

It looks incredibly flashy and professional when you really get going. You will drop cards and that will lead to reversals, and maybe even some cards landing face up that you might want to keep out as significators in your reading. 

Now, the other side of shuffling is something I’ve seen people ask about pretty frequently: how long do I shuffle? Conventional advice is “until you feel like you’ve shuffled enough” or “when your deck says so,” but what if you don’t feel anything and you’ve been shuffling for ages? What if your deck doesn’t really communicate that way? Good news, friend…

You Can Ritualize That!

When one of my decks wasn’t telling me when to stop shuffling, I made shuffling a part of the spread. If I was doing a three card spread, I shuffled three times. For a Celtic cross spread, I’d shuffle ten times. And so on. I told myself that my deck would push its message to the top in that amount of time, and it did. Every time. It took a lot of the second guessing out of the process and allowed me to concentrate fully on the reading. 

As I’ve gotten more comfortable with my decks I’ve moved away from that somewhat, but I still go back to it if I’m not feeling a pull to stop shuffling in a particular reading. 

Feel free to message me if you have any questions or add commentary to this post! I hope it was helpful!


Pardon the not-so-great photos, but I was too excited to share these! i just got my first batch of plush pillows in the mail, and they’ve all been put up on my etsy shop

They’re double-sided and made from soft short plush fabric which makes them perfect for cuddling. You can find them for sale here!

I do have a limited quantity of them, and they most likely will not be restocked until AFTER Christmas once they sell out. If you’re interested in snagging one as a Christmas gift, I’d encourage you to get them ASAP before they’re gone! 

If you’re going to MAGfest in January, you can order online and pick it up from me in person at the con. Just use the code MAGFEST2017 during checkout and I’ll bring your order with me. 

I’m working on more designs for 2017 - so if there’s anyone you’re interested in seeing as a pillow, let me know! 

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On second thoughts, Maybe not.

My group who’s started playing DnD 5e recently, are doing the starter campaign. So far the “heroes” consist of: Sir Reggie the fighter, who has a serious case of decking the wizard in the face. An elf wizard who keeps setting people on fire and has a name so hard to pronounce his creator gave up. And a pyromaniac, fast talking halfling with a habit of being a stealth god, Colin (The ****) Underhill (Me).

So we’re raiding the hideout of the bandit gang known as the Redbrands.

Our DM: Coming across from the chasm you’ve just passed, you all wander into hall filled with doors, two on the left and one the right.

Me: Okay then, plenty of choice.

Reggie: What’s behind the doors though?

Me: Can I look through the keyhole on the first door or am I too short?

DM: (sighs) Roll perception.

(Rolls poorly)

DM: You can’t make anything out besides shadows.

Me: Okay then, can I listen and try to hear what’s in there?

Wizard: I’ll help.

Reggie: Me too.

We all roll averagely.

DM: You can hear what you assume to be a bugbear and something what sounds like a goblin crying.

Me: Mmmm, we can take them. I have a master plan. Wizard, ready burning hands!

Wizard begins preparing his spell in front of the door, whilst I hide underneath his legs with an arrow ready.

(At this point everyone’s laughing at the absurdity of the image/plan.)

Me: Okay, I open the door!

DM: As you open the door, you look inside the room and see a goblin being beaten up by a bugbear. Behind them are two other bugbears laughing. They immediately notice an angry halfling and a wizard with glowing hands at the door.

Me: ….

Wizard: ….

Reggie: ….


*Slams the door*

DM: Well then, roll for bluff… I guess?

*Rolls nat 20*

(Everyone begins laughing)

DM: The bugbears believe you, shrug and get back to beating the hell out of the goblin. You lucky bastard.

After a few more incidents like this were I’ve ended up completely messing with the enemies with ludicrous and unlikely stories, the other players ended up renaming my PC “Captain Bullshit”. So proud *sniff*

elucien bedsharing part 1/2

When he speaks again, it’s a low rumble in his chest. “If you keep doing that, dove, neither of us is going to get any sleep.”

Heat coils in Elain’s stomach. “I’m not tired.”

thanks to @pterodactylichexameter for beta-ing this one ;)


Elain stops right inside the doorway, caught up short. “Oh.” Lucien, behind her, goes still too, looking at the room.

And its single bed.

A prickly kind of heat warms the bond between them, Elain’s face warming.

“A mistake, I’m sure,” Lucien says lightly, recovering first.

Lucien had asked for two beds, of course, downstairs where they’d gotten the key. The inkeep had winked at Elain when Lucien had turned away, and she hadn’t thought anything of it at the time, but in retrospect, Elain is fairly certain this was not a mistake.

“We can go back downstairs,” Lucien says, although he doesn’t quite reach the surety, or the nonchalance, he seems to be aiming for. “I’m sure they can give us a new room with—“

“I don’t mind,” Elain blurts.

Lucien pauses, surprise flickering down the bond. “You don’t—?“

“I don’t mind the… one bed. If you don’t, I mean.”

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Louis ignores him. “Hi, Harry,” he greets loudly. “How are you today?”

He’s talking to a frog. Harry doesn’t know what to make of that.

“Louis, you know it’s not going to reply to you, right?”

“Shut up, Harold, I’m trying to listen to what Harry’s saying.” He puts his ear to the glass, as if trying to listen to what the frog’s saying. “Are you having a nice day?”

It’s obvious that he’s just doing this to rile Harry up, but Harry can’t help but get riled up anyway.

“Louis,” he says. “It’s a frog.”

The frog suddenly croaks, like it’s trying to argue with Harry about its frog-ness. He loses, of course, because he is a frog. Harry knows these things, since Harry is human, and not a frog.

“His name is Harry,” Louis corrects, haughtily. “Stop disrespecting him.”

“You named him after me.”

“All frogs are named after you,” Louis replies matter-of-factly. “It’s `cause you look like all the frogs.”

He’s a complete nutjob. Harry resists the urge to smack him.

Harry decides to change tactics. Louis can be incredibly bullheaded about things like this, and he knows from experience that Louis can argue about a point for hours, for no other reason except that he ‘just felt like it’. “Does this make me Harry number one, then?”

“No,” Louis replies. He’s still got his ears pressed to the glass of the cage, and he looks silly. “you’re Harry number five.”


“Yeah,” Louis answers. “Prince Harry, Harry Potter, Harry Osbourne from Spiderman, Harry over here, and then you.”

Harry crosses his arms. “Why does the frog that was named after me come before me?”

“He doesn’t talk as much as you,” Louis says dismissively.

Harry hates him so much.


I want you ladies to be careful, I don’t even know where I start but this is a tiny piece of our interaction. (I choose to put up those to show that when he fails to realize he’s making you uncomfortable, by pushing it that’s a red flag)

Have been talking to him for 2 weeks, the first week he “really wanted to meet” but I couldn’t since I was traveling for wok and already at plans with my sister. Anyways this is the man I thought I was talking too( firs pic) not the man I actually meet.

Super ugly, pot belly short little man, looked nothing like that.

Please bare with me and do not judge me for what I did but there were several red flags, one week into him texting me every day- some how he bought up the topic of sex, and I usually always shut that topic down but decided to go along since we’d talk over the phone about his foundations - a scholarship and a pediatric partnership with mayo clinic . I figured the guy seems legit and he’s doing things

Red flag number one :
1. Asked if I was on birth control because he like finishing inside, I replied I don’t have unprotected sex (I have screen shots but I can only upload 10 per post) with people I’m not exclusive with, he then said he was celibate for 14 months and really liked me and wanted me now. I told him there were a lot of factors to consider, like getting testing and building trust (I’m very picky about who touches me) and unprotected sex was out of the question and I tried to drop the topic.

2 . Week number 2 I had to travel again for work, while at the hotel I tried to FaceTime with him, the first time he was on the phone on an important call, if we didn’t tonight we can the following day. The following day I couldn’t since I decided I drive to Canada to visit family (wanted to spend time with my family) told him we can the following day when I was back at my hotel. The following day I asked him too, he said he was watching the debates and had people over, he would try after. I got annoyed and he then said I sounded exhausted and we can try the following day. Mind you he knew I was working a few cases that day and traveling back to MD , meaning that would be hard. Plus we’d agreed to meet the Saturday so I figured what the heck. But I should have been suspicious

3. He won’t tell me his last name because he’s “really important in politics” …….“ Hilary Clinton is a personal friend” (that slips out after I made a comment about how I’d never vote for her) … He wrote two pages of the Obamacare bill, one of his biggest clients was Mayo clinic…he said after we agreed to move forward he’d be happy to give me his last name and I can goggle him.

4. He insisted he star our arrangement at day one, because what the point if we have sex on the second or fourth meet, it wasn’t a relationship and he didn’t want to do that chasing thing and he was willing to wire $5k that day ….He was like I don’t want to be in a relationship and I feel like all the woman want that, he had everything in his life but the intimate part.

Now these texts above are from Saturday morning but I’m writing this because this guy turned out to be a creep
Mind you this was not his pics and he didn’t look a thing like that photo (he’s going to send you guys this pic above)

The following day I told him good luck, that’s when it got more creepy

He sent a message saying I was ugly and he wouldn’t have slept with me even if it was free hahaha I still laugh thinking about that because I sent him my actual pic and I look like my pic and he kept referring to me as “sexy and hot and he wanted to finish inside of me” before I turned him down but now I’m ugly, anyways I blocked him he sent me an other message using a new number, to which I blocked then he reach out again on another number and said something about “no wonder there is racism” I said don’t scope that low and I blocked the number . He then reached out on another number and said “

“I have student loans and I’m stupid and black and I’m not getting paid much. I’m slaving for a white man. Vote Bernie the Jew he will give you free tutu ion”

To which I replied to him on SA letting him know that , the color of my skin doesn’t define me, there’s nothing wrong with not getting paid much and I’ve never been called stupid , so he’s pretty low to scoop down that far, and I’d hate to hurt his feeling but that didn’t get to me as he’d thought it would . Told him to grow up and thought that was the end of it

Well today he sent me 3 text from a NEW number

“So I fucked my first black pussy ever. Was so good”
“Do all black pussy smell like rotten eggs”
“What does yours smell like”

This man has gone out of his way to reach out to me using 5 different numbers….please be careful and I know a lot of people have bills to pay but don’t let creeps like that have their way with your body. These men do not know how to take rejection.

I know it’s all over the place but be careful with this man….I’m a bit sick right now but thought I had to warn you guys before someone falls for him - I’ll try to post the 5 numbers later

——————————————————————–As promised, Here are the 5 numbers he’s using, again be careful 651-666-8869 iPhone main number 267-517-8733 321-985-3377 610-609-2080 917-725-6023 A little more I learn from our talks He’s the partner at a law firm in 4 states (PA, NY, MN and I think FL) He’s a health care lobbyist He will claim he’s been celibate for over a year He will insist on have sex on the first meet and claim to wire 5k He will insist on have unprotected sex (don’t ever do that no matter what) Will claim he has results from last week since he renewed his life insurance Will refuse to give you his last name Will talk at you and not too you in person, Almost like you can’t have an opinion (but I stood my ground and let him know when I disagreed) He thinks most women on SA are stupid and he’s been on since 2013 and he tried to convince me I’m the first one he’s met, since everyone else is stupid and slutty (his words not mines) The love of his life/ soulmate is his firm partner named Layla (who just happens to be marrying the other firm naming partner- forgot his name) He got so intense and scary when I told him I didn’t believe in one soul mate and question why he was letting his go with another man He will say relationship isn’t for him and all the women he encounter want to tie him down, honestly based on his looks I find that hard to believe (nobody is trying to tie him down) He will try his best not to take you to lunch or dinner because that’s like dating and he’s looking for an NSA Which is why I think he tried to rush into sex, but will claim to be selective He will try to charm you into thinking he’s a good guy and other creeps onSA ruined it for him He will get aggressive once you turn him down He said I was miserable - I told him of course I was I had to stare at your ugly face, and you would too if you had to look in the mirror 😂😂 I suspect 4 of them might be texting apps

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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 841

A/N: This one is just a short one but I think it’s cute anyway!


The water begins to run cold, telling me I’ve been in the shower for too long. I’ve been standing here the whole time just in a daze, thinking about how amazing last night was. Shawn stayed over at my new apartment for the first time and it was more than I could have wished for. I am falling even further down the rabbit hole that leads to love. The taps squeak as I turn the water off, reaching for my towel. I check the time on my watch that’s sitting on the bench. I officially have one hour before I start my shift at work. Joyful. I wrap the towel around my body and head out of the bathroom and to my wardrobe. Shawn is still peacefully sleeping in my bed, looking illegally adorable. As I open the wardrobe door, I realise that I have a huge smile on my face. God, I’m a fool for him. After collecting my clothes for the day, I head back to the bathroom to get changed.

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more poses more lineart more testing…♡ // twitter

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Bartender Phil. Stripper Dan ft. Jealous Phil

Phil couldn’t help it. He knew he was supposed to be working, no looking and what not, “pay attention Lester, or you’re outta here.” But he couldn’t help it. And if Phil got one second alone with Dan Howell, it would be worth getting fired.

He was the new guy, but he clearly already knew what he was doing. On his first night on the job Dan already had all the guys in the room wrapped around his finger. Including Phil.

It was hypnotizing, to be honest, the way he moved. That was probably a dumb thing to say but it was true, for Phil at least. Him with his way-too-revealing black booty shorts and silky top, damn.

And maybe it was Phil’s imagination, but Dan kept looking at him, flashing him a smirk or a wink every now and then.

Phil was distracted for only a second by a customer, and when he looked back, Dan was giving a lap dance to some guy. Phil felt anger and jealousy rush through his veins, and he couldn’t even fathom how stupid that was. Dan wasn’t his. It was his job, for gods sake. C'mon Phil, don’t fall for a stripper, you have more self respect than that.

He spun around, glaring at his hands and grabbing another glass to polish, a bartender trick to look like you’re busy. He turned back around, trying not to look but looking anyways. Dan was grinding on the man, swaying his hips in an almost intoxicating way.

Lucky guy.

Phil frowned when he saw said guy swaying closer, in a way that suggested he was about to make a move.. which he did, grabbing Dan’s hips and pulling him onto his lap.

Phil’s eyes widened, watching Dan protest, pushing the guy away lightly and trying to back away, but he didn’t let him.

Phil set the glass down, hurrying to get out from behind the counter, speed walking with authority towards them, trying to look at least a little menacing.

“Hey,” he growled at the guy, raising his eyebrows. “No touching, have you been to a strip club before? Wanna get kicked out of here, dick?”

The guy glared, staring Phil down for a moment before standing up.

He slipped a piece of paper into Dan’s pocket. Dan looked disgusted.

“Call me babe,” he muttered, slapping his ass, conveniently pushing him closer to Phil as Dan jumped away, yelping softly.

“Jesus,” Dan breathed, grabbing Phil’s shoulders to keep himself steady and flashing him a smile. “Thanks mate, that was kinda close.”

“Yeah,” Phil murmured back, frowning. “No problem.”

Dan licked his lips, glancing at the clock on the wall. He turned back to Phil, grinning with half his mouth which was extremely attractive.

“Well, it’s my break anyways. Buy me a drink?”

Phil tried not to stare, his mind stumbling over responses before nodding. “Er, y-yeah, of course.”

~ ~ ~

“You’re cute. You ever been told that?” Dan asked, grinning and leaning closer over the counter, taking another sip of his drink. Phil laughed.

“Oh, a few times,” he muttered, wiping an odd stain off the counter before resting on his elbows in front of Dan. “Never from someone as pretty as you, though.”

Dan stared him down, his lips curved into a small smirk, his eyebrow arched. “Charming,” he murmured, letting out a breathy laugh. “I don’t think I’ve ever been called that before. Sexy, sure…”

“Oh, you’re that too,” Phil clarified.

“Wow,” Dan said, flashing his teeth and leaning back in his seat. “You’re a catch, Philly. I bet you have a nice one back at home, hm?”

Phil almost snorted. “Oh hell no. I’m as close to having a significant other as the devil.”

Dan laughed. “Don’t think I’ve heard that one before.” He leaned forward again, licking his lips. “I think I like it.”

Phil met his posture, leaning so they almost met in the middle of the counter, their eyes locking.

“I think I like you.”

“Oh yeah?” Dan chuckled, tossing back the last of his drink. “Think i might like you too, Lester.”

He smirked, hopping off the stool smoothly and flashing Phil a smile over his shoulder.

“Oh yeah,” he muttered, pulling the slip of paper the guy had left out of his pocket and ripping it into two pieces. “Don’t think I’ll be calling him.” He winked. “See you around, baby.”

“S-See you around,” Phil replied, stumbling on his words and cursing himself under his breath.

Yeah. He was definitely falling for a stripper.

The thought of Jacob or Miss Peregrine teaching the Peculiar Children to drive is giving me life😂😂😂😂😆


Hugh: Cool as a fucking cucumber until the first bee hits the windshield, and then it’s head out the window, yelling at bees to get out of the way, while swerving all over the road. Jacob ended the lesson by grabbing the wheel and yelling, “We survived too much to be brought down by the mascot of Cheerios, Hugh!”

Bronwyn: Tried to be gentle until she got a little too excited when on a hill and slammed her foot through the brake to the road. Jacob immediately threw up upon stopping.

Horace: The very thought of speeding down the road surrounded by other drivers, and the variables they bring, spikes his anxiety too much. He wouldn’t set foot in a car after the short first lesson he had.

Fiona: Best driver of the family. Totally collected. She doesn’t like to drive too much though, she believes in creating as little pollution as possible.

Claire: This angry little bean was already pissed because she had to wait years to be able to drive. Now she drives constantly, and is always trying to race the other children. Miss Peregrine thinks she may have an adrenaline addiction, surprisingly.

Enoch: Took off speeding before Jacob could get in the car, did a perfect figure 8, then did it again backwards, and ended with a beautifully executed drift-stop. That was their last lesson, though as a joke, Jacob bought Enoch a ridiculous pair of red driving gloves for Christmas.

Olive: Her shoes had to be removed, so Miss Peregrine taught her, ready at any moment to change into a bird to bring Olive back down to Earth. In the end they settled on ankle weights and a tight seatbelt.

Emma: After dealing with Jacob’s overprotective lists of precautions which included checking the tire pressure and her mirrors no less than twenty times, she drove a little too fast, a little too rough, and a little too reckless for Jacob. After a while of Jacob’s comments of ‘Slow down, Emma!“ The steering wheel began melting and they had to stop. Once Miss Peregrine took over the lesson, things went better. Emma still couldn’t put gasoline in the car, though, for obvious reasons.

Millard: He could only drive at night so his invisibility would not be as big of an issue. However, the issue came in the form of Millard’s endless knowledge of cars and their history, which he had studied in the weeks before his first lesson. Jacob almost jumped out of the car at one point when Millard started in on the topic of “headlights, and how they lit the way for motor vehicles”. Millard was offended at the lack of enthusiasm he was feeling from the passenger seat.

Happy Holidays @anderwminyards! for @tfcsecretsanta! andreil first date prompt + some angst because you like angst (me too fam) this got a bit long so the rest is under the cut. warnings: short mention of past neglect in the foster system. also a lot of neil introspection.

Watching the night pass by, Neil felt his fingers twitch towards his window.

Filled with restless energy, he remained silent as Andrew decided not to tell him why they just left Fox Tower at one in the morning.

Until now.

Shaking his head as he wrenched his eyes away from the window, Neil turned to look over at Andrew. “I could be practicing right now.”

If he looked away he would have missed Andrew’s hands tightening on the steering wheel.

“You need a break,” Andrew retorted, tone final.

Not one to keep quiet, Neil opened his mouth to argue but stopped short at the blank look Andrew cast him before focusing his attention back onto the road. If it wasn’t for his hands still clenched on the wheel, Neil might have thought it was just him that Andrew was talking about.

Neil doesn’t know when reading Andrew had become second nature to him. Even the Foxes joked around, saying that it seemed like Neil was the only one who could speak ‘Andrew’, as if Andrew didn’t speak English and Neil was his translator. Looking at Andrew though, he supposes he doesn’t make it easy for them.

Settling in his seat, Neil sighed as he closed his eyes, willing his mind quiet but to no avail. His second year at Palmetto was definitely less… eventful than his first year that’s for sure. Without Riko on his back and not having to worry about hiding his appearance, it eliminated a few stresses. Dan was slowly transitioning Neil to take over captaincy of the Foxes in the upcoming year; things with Andrew were going well – or as well as they could be.  

But It was also nearing the first anniversary of Baltimore, the death of his father, of Nathaniel and recently Neil felt stuck replaying the same memories over and over again, forcing his body to stay with I’m alive, he’s dead, I’m alive. 

Lost in his thoughts and the steady hum of the engine, Neil’s eyes flash open when it suddenly cuts off; drowning the car in silence.

Meeting Andrew’s eyes he asked, “Where are we?”

Unbuckling his seat belt, Andrew gave him a look. “See for yourself.”

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#70- While one of them is on the phone (Sabriel- Sam x Gabriel)

Requested by @comics-and-manga-gurl for my kink list (master list here).

Word Count: 1200ish

Warning: smut, oral sex, semi-public I guess? since they could possibly be heard?

A/N: This is my first Sabriel, and while it’s short, I have to admit I really enjoyed writing them. Won’t be my last. Feedback greatly appreciated!

Sam hears the almost silent rush of wind. Most people wouldn’t. It’s too quiet. But Sam’s not most people. And hunter instinct aside, he would never not hear the flap of wings that brought an angel. Especially his angel.

He turns in his chair, cell phone still pressed to his ear. Dean’s voice rambles on the other side, deep and raspy and irritated at the current mission he was on. But Sam can’t hear him anymore. His senses have all shifted, centered on the angel leaning against the wall, looking right somehow against the backdrop of ugly motel wallpaper.

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TWD - Negan Imagine ~ "Hearts still beating"

An imagine about the midseason finale of season 7

I’m following the storyline of the TV show, so I wrote parts to the other episodes as well that are connected.
BUT they are all written the way that you can read them separate without having read any other part!

part 1 is about the final scene of season 6
part 2 is about the first episode of season 7
part 3 is about the readers arrival in the sanctuary (for 7x02)
part 4 is about 7x03 “The Cell”
part 5 is about 7x04 “Service”
part 6 is about 7x05 “Go Getters”
(7x06 was left out because the timeframe between the episodes was too short)
part 7 ist about 7x07 “Sing me a song”

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The sun was shining, birds sang happily their songs and the wind rustled softly through the trees standing in Alexandria.
Without looking at the circumstances Alexandria seemed right now like a one of the most peaceful places on earth.
Well, that wasn’t the case.
You were sitting on the porch with Negan, Judith on his lap and Carl next to him.
Negan had taken you with him after the line up and since then you lived in the sanctuary knowing that somewhere there they would torture your brother Daryl.
And now you were here again only short after you had seen this place at the first visit of the saviors.
It wasn’t the same, but you still felt better being here. 
You liked it here.
You had seen Negan somehow soft while he had Judith on his lap or even when he saw Carl crying, the way you guessed before that he wasn’t even able to be that way, what had surprised you, but anyway it was still Negan and with that also the cruel killer you had experienced in this one night…
“You know what? I got an idea”, you heard Negan suddenly say chuckling.
Great one of his amazing ideas again.

As you were standing in the bathroom you looked questioning at Negan while he rummaged a cupboard, Judith was sitting on Carl’s lap on the corner of the bathtub, who looked the same way at Negan as you did.
“There it is!”, said Negan triumphant holding a razor up.
“You, my dear Sweetheart, gotta help me fucking shave”, he said grinning placing the razor in your hand.
You huffed annoyed while he began lathering his beard. He turned around to you, half of his face covered in soap.
You had problems hiding a grin, to be honest he just looked ridiculous.
“Alright lets go”, Negan said chuckling before you finally put the blade on his skin and began shaving sighing annoyed.
You felt how he put his hands on your waist winking at you before he earned a glare.
“Gentle… and always against the grain, that’s important Kid, you better listen”, chuckled Negan while you kept going.
Negan hummed some song, chuckling here and there and obviously enjoying what happened.
“Now look at us, don’t we look like some oldass couple, kid?”, Negan chuckled as Carl just glared at him, what lead to Negan chuckling even more.
“I’m done”, you mumbled as Negan smirked at you and turned around eying his face chuckling.
“Good Job Sweetheart”, he said smirking before he cleaned his face with a towel, turned around to Judith and Carl And picked Judith up.
“Lets make us some fucking Food!”, he called chuckling teetering Judith slightly. 

You found yourself standing in Ricks kitchen.
“Kid youre gonna make the fucking dough. Thats some big task so feel fucking honored that I fucking give that to you”, Negan said grinning looking at the glaring Carl.
“Well kid, you have to get the stuff”, Negan continued and had to repeat it before Carl went getting it.
Olivia was in another room with Judith, what meant that you were alone with Negan in the kitchen who looked smirking at you.
“Been a fucking while since we were alone, huh?”, he asked smirking as he stood close before you, his hands again on your waist a shiver running immediately through your body and you could see that Negan had somehow noticed that.
“Yeah”, you just muttered with an annoyed undertone hearing Negan chuckle. 
His intense stare was back again, what made a weird feeling you couldnt define come up in your stomach area staying there next to the shiver.
“Too bad that Carls gonna come back so quick…”, he said chuckling earning a glare of you.
“You’re still the one thats hard to get, right?”, asked Negan smirking as you swallowed and kept looking at him.
“I’m not gonna be your puppet”, you muttered staring into his eyes.
Negan chuckled and came even closer to you as you felt how another shiver run through your body wondering what he would respond.
“And you know what, Sweetheart? I fucking like that”, you heard him whisper in your ear while you could hear his smirk through his voice.
You felt how he pressed his lips slightly on your neck before backed away still chuckling, while inside you didn’t know what to do with the weird feeling his touch had left.
And you were relieved as just moments later Carl finally entered the room keeping you company again, breaking the weird atmosphere that had created in the room.

“It needs some some herbs. Where do you keep them?”, asked Negan Olivia after a while after he tried the sauce.
“They stand in the garden…”, answered Olivia looking slightly frightened while teetering the sleeping Judith in her arm.
“So would you fucking get us some”, asked Negan grinning stepping closer to Olivia.
“Uhm…yeah”, She answered while searching for a solution what she could do with the toddler on her arm.
“I can get some, if she moves Judith around now, she’ll wake up again”, you said walking closer to them.
Negan turned around to you grinning.
“Alright”, he said smirking before he looked over to Carl who was finally done with the dough.
“Why don’t you help her, Kid?”, Negan asked smirking.
You walked together with Carl outside, a bit relieved that you got a pause of Negan.
“Don’t know what he wants to achieve with that shit”, Carl muttered as he began ripping some herbs off.
“They are taking even more…I saw them at the gates…”, added Carl upset.
“As if they didn’t already have enough…”, you growled before you raised your voice again.
“You know…We have to keep on fighting…but on a way that won’t get anyone else hurt or killed and without giving him even more power than he already has…you saw what he did with all the guns…I want us to grow stronger not weaker..”, you mumbled.
“Yea-”, answered Carl but couldn’t finish because of Negans voice that sounded outside.
“Where are my herbs?”, he asked chuckling.
“We’re coming”, you answered sighing before going inside again, where Negan finished his sauce proudly with the herbs you got him
He placed it on the table and sat down on the head of it.
You took the bread and went over placing it on it on the table while you felt Negans stare on you.
“Sweetheart why don’t you take a seat, I guess Carl and Olivia can fucking do it themselves”, he said chuckling while you eyed him hesitating.
“Come on, I mean… if you want to you can take my lap as a fucking seat. I’d be more than fine with that”, he added grinning.
“I actually prefer a chair”, you said back glancing in his eyes as you let yourself fall on the chair next to him.
Negan shook his head slightly while he chuckled as he told Carl to put one more pair of fork and knife on the table in case Rick would arrive.
It was just weird how you sat there, at the table eating spaghetti with Negan.
Like…a family.
While you ate you thought about Daryl.
What he had to go through right now, back again in the dark small cell.
You couldnt even speak a whole sentence with him after this one horrific night and all you wished that you could finally do that again.
You just wanted to give him a hug and talk to him.
But not even that seemed realistic right now.

You finished the meal while Negan leaned chuckling back in his chair until something outside got his attention.
”Whats going on there?”, asked Negan standing up walking over to the door opening it.
”Don’t be an asshole, Arat, Let the man in”, you heard Negan chuckling say while you saw Spencer walking up the porch.
He was dressed up like he was going to a sundays brunch and held a bottle of liquor in his hands.
Whatever he was planning you assumed he had planned it without any other person knowing because you saw how confused Olivia and Carl looked.
”Sweetheart, why don’t you come outside”, you suddenly heard Negans voice ask as he opened the door again looking smirking at you while you hesitated.
”Come on. Its fucking beautiful out there. Not as beautiful as you but still..”, he added chuckling.
Thinking about that you could get to know what Spencer was doing there you finally walked to Negan outside.
He sat down in the Rocker, in another one sat Spencer who poured some liquor in the glasses.
”Sit down and enjoy”, said Negan grinning to you patting the rocker next to you.
You huffed slightly and sat down listening to Negan who talked about how much he liked Alexandria.
”The only thing missing is a fucking pool table”, said Negan sipping on his liquor.
”Theres actually one in the garage in the house there”, said Spencer pointing at the house towards you.
”Oh Spencer, you may just be my new best fucking friend”, you heard Negan euphoric say.

The Saviors began carrying out the pool table as you stood next to Spencer in the Garage.
You didn’t trust him.
“What’s your intention with that?”, you asked as you watched how a few men placed the pool table on the street trying to get it into the right position.
“What do you mean?”, he said while you turned around to Spencer looking annoyed in his eyes.
“What are you trying to achieve with this game?”, you repeated.
“Gonna get close to him so we can strike up against him”, Spencer answered not really persuading.
He was lying, he was definitely lying.
“I meant the truth”, you said a little bit more urging.
If he would fuck this up he could get others killed and you knew that he was against Rick and probably the most of your group in general.
Spencer took a deep breath and looked at you, anger in his eyes.
“Since you all are here, since Rick is here…everything is going downhill. My mother died, my father died, a whole bunch of people died and its Ricks fault”, he said quiet but upset.
“Spencer are you kidding me? Rick…we all saved your damn asses more than once! Your mom was a good leader but it’s not Ricks fault that she’s dead, same with your father. I won’t say everything Rick did was right but he’s trying his very best to help and he’s doing a good job here”, you said angry.
“Rick is the goddamn hell”, Spencer spatted.
“You know what the hell would have been? If we and Rick wouldn’t have been here when the wolves attacked, same with the herd of walkers. You would be all fucking dead if we and Rick wouldn’t have been here with you to fight together! In this times we have to stand together and not work against each other!”, you growled glaring at him.
Spencer looked at you shaking his head.
“I’d be a better leader than Rick”, he growled.
“Really? So why did your mom put Rick in charge?”, you asked, Spencer glaring hatefully at you.
“If you wanna get more power that way Spencer, then you’re a deceitful coward. And if you get anyone killed just because you can’t get enough, I promise you, that I’m gonna make you pay for that”, you growled before you heared heavy footsteps sounding through the garage.
“Any problems?”, you heard Negans deep voice say as he walked over to you.
”No everything is perfect, is the pool table ready to play?”, asked Spencer suddenly again with an innocent smile on his lips.
”It is, and Sweetheart? You okay, you look a little upset?”, Negan asked grinning.
You turned to Spencer looking warning at him.
”Yeah, I’m fine”, you answered then.
”Great, then we can finally fucking play”, Negan said grinning clapping his hands.

You walked outside while the saviors placed themselves around the pool table, their guns ready.
You decided to walk up the stairs and watch whatever would happen now together with Carl and Olivia.
You looked down to Negan who just noticed that you were up there.
“You wanna watch that game so far away from me? Wow Sweetheart, that’s really hurting my feelings”, said Negan chuckling, placing his hand dramatically on his chest.
You answered with an uninterested glance and saw how Negan smirked to himself. “Could have taught you some shit about that”, Negan added grinning before Spencer slightly cleared his throat.
And you hoped for him that he wouldn’t mess this up.
“Oh of course. Thank her for that delay, she destracted me once again”, Negan said winking up to you before he turned completely to Spencer and the pool table.
”I could never do that with Rick. He would just stand there giving me that fucking annoying side eye he’s always giving me”, Negan said smirking while Spencer bought the balls into the right order.
”Thats actually what I came to see you about”, answered Spencer while your glance turned into a glare.
Fuck you, Spencer.
“I get what you’re trying to do here, what you’re trying to build. I’m not saying I agree with your methods, but I get it. You’re building a network. You’re making people contribute for the greater good. It makes sense. But you should know that Rick Grimes has a history of not working well with others”, said Spencer.
Now you also saw the disbelief in Carl’s glance.
“Is that so?”, asked Negan sipping on his liquor.
“Rick wasn’t the original leader here. My mom was. She was doing a really good job of it. Then she died, not long after Rick showed up…same with my brother, same with my dad”, explained Spencer walking around the Pool Table.
He really said that, he really did.
“So, everything was fucking peachy here? for what? years? And then fucking Rick shows up, and suddenly, you’re an orphan? That is the saddest fucking story I’ve ever heard”, Negan said, the grin off his face while he looked eyed Spencer warily.
“Good thing for you he’s not in charge anymore”, Negan added sipping on his liquor once again.
“Doesn’t matter. His ego’s out of control. He’ll find a way to screw things up, to try and do things his way, to take over. That’s what he did with my mom. That’s what he’ll do again”, Spencer said and you first thought that you couldn’t believe what you had just heard.
He was straight up betraying and you weren’t sure if Negan saw what Spencer was trying to do there.
“What exactly do you want to be done about that?”, asked Negan stepping closer to Spencer.
“I am my mother’s son. I can be the leader she was. That’s what this place needs. That’s what you need”, said Spencer.
No Spencer, you can’t be a leader you can be a little lying bitchy asshole not more and not less, you thought to yourself.
“So I should put you in charge…that’s what you’re saying?”, Negan asked testing.
“We’d be much better off”, answered Spencer.
From the outside you probably looked completely calm, just glaring.
But on the inside you were furious.
He was risking the peace between the people in Alexandria, probably also their life’s with such a move just to get his way.
Like some toddler crying because it wanted the toy another kid had.
“I’m thinking how Rick fucking threatened to kill me, how he clearly hates my guts. But he is out there right now, gathering shit for me to make sure I don’t fucking hurt any of the fine people that live here”, Negan said grinning walking closer to Spencer.
“He is swallowing his hate and is getting shit done. That takes guts”, added Negan chuckling.
“And then there’s you The guy who waited for Rick to be gone so he could fucking sneak over and talk to me to get me to do his dirty work, so he could take Rick’s fucking place”, Negan said chuckling pointing at Spencer.
You were sure now that he had seen what wrong game Spencer played, but you asked yourself what he would do now.
“So I got to ask …if you wanna take over, why not just kill Rick yourself and just take over?”, Chuckled Negan stepping even closer to Spencer whose glance got even more shocked.
…he played himself.
“…uhm”, stuttered Spencer looking frightened at Negan.
”You know what I am thinking? Cause I have a fucking guess”, said Negan his face moving even closer to Spencers.
”Its because you got no fucking guts”, you heard Negan say and suddenly saw how he took his knife and burried it in Spencers stomach.
Spencer stumbled as you looked unbelieving down to the scene that was playing there.
You felt yourself jolt up and gasp as you saw how Negan ripped Spencers stomach with his knife open, his guts treading out of his body.
”How fucking embarrassing! There they are! They were inside you the whole fucking time! You did have guts! I’ve never been so wrong in my whole fucking life!”, called Negan as Spencer sunk to his knees holding his gut in his hands, his blood pouring outside him.
Of course you couldnt stand Spencer but that still shocked you and let a shiver run down your back. 
You looked over to Carl and Olivia.
They were as shocked as you and you could even see their bodies tremble.
Your glance stayed on them until you heard Negans voice again.
”So someone has to clean that shit up”, said Negan grinning leaning against the pool table.
Deadly silence.
”No one?”, Negan asked chuckling.
Again no one answered.
”Alright anyone wanna finish the game? I was winning”, Negan asked grinning looking into the crowd where no one answered from.
They just stared shocked and disgusted at him, before he turned around in your direction.
”Sweetheart! Come on! We two can play together how about that?”, Negan asked grinning. 
You shook slightly your had as your shocked glance turned into a glare.
”Turning me down again. What a shame! That would have been so much fun!”, Negan chuckled before he looked back to the crowd.
”Now anyone? Don’t let yourself be distracted by Spencer over here. He finally has his guts he’s more than fucking alright!”, chuckled Negan before you saw how Rosita stepped forward, took her gun and a blood freezing  shoot called trough the air.

“Shit! What the fuck?! Did you try to fucking shoot me?!” Negan screamed, your heart making another step while he uncontrollably stamped towards Rosita while Arat wrestled her down.
He looked upset at Lucille, the thing Rosita had hit instead of Negan.
Negan took a step back breathing heavily obviously trying to control himself as he saw something on the ground.
“What is this? What the fucking fuck is this? This little bad boy made from scratch? Look at those fucking crimps….This was fucking homemade”, Negan said still angry but more calm holding a bullet in his hand.
“You may be fucking stupid, darling, but you showed some real ingenuity here", he said walking closer Arat and Rosita
“Arat, move that knife up out on that girl’s face” ordered Negan while you gasped hearing Carl and Olivia doing the same.
“Lucille’s beautiful, smooth surface is never gonna look the fucking same, so why should yours?! Unless…Unless you fucking tell me who made this
“It was me. I made it”, you heard Rosita spatt.
“You see, now I just think you’re lying. And you lying to me now?! Such a shame. Arat’s gonna have to fucking cut up that pretty face”, Negan said grinning Rosita trying to assure that she made the bullet while Arat cut the first line into her face.
You didn’t have to think a lot about it to know that Eugene must have made it…and of course Rosita wouldn’t extradite him.
You listened up again as you heard Negans voice.
“Good have it your way”, said Negan and you felt how a cold shiver run down your back. 
You knew what that meant.
“Arat, kill someone”, Negan said as you felt yourself gasp.
Not again.
The woman looked up, pointed in your direction and a loud shot sounded through the air.
You felt something brushing against your arm and pain and adrenaline shooting through your body.
The pressure let you stumble a few steps back.
You saw how Negan hit the pistol out of the woman’s hand, his face even angrier than before.
“Fuck! Arat are you fucking kidding me?! Who the fuck shat in your fucking brain that you get the fucking idea to fucking shoot her?!”, screamed Negan.
The woman that seemed so tough looked now shocked up to Negan, her lips trembling.
“I’m s-sorry…But…you said someone”, she said almost unhearable for you.
“God fucking damnit! You are so fucking lucky that you didn’t fucking hit worse…”, Negan yelled.
“(Y/N),…are you okay?”, you heard Olivia’s voice. You looked at her as she glanced concerned at you. Behind her Carl looking the same way. “She didn’t hit me. I’m okay…I’m okay”, your shocked voice said as you looked down on the wound the bullet that had brushed you had left.
It was just a small wound, it wasnt even really bleeding.
But only a few centimeters more and you would have been dead.
You had goddamn luck.
The shock was still stuck in your body, leaving you trembling while you heard Negan still growling at Arat.
Olivia handed you a tissue that you pressed on the wound and looked again over to the scene.
You realized that this all wouldn’t be over, Arat didn’t hit you but that didn’t mean that no one else would die.
You’d lose someone again and it could be anyone.
And that made your heart pump faster than it already was.
“Sweetheart come over here”, Negan said as looked at you waving you over. You first stood there, not moving an inch.
“Come on”, he said in a more urging serious tone.
You breathed out, and began walking down the stairs…who knew if he’d kill not just one but two when you would resist.
You glared at him as he pulled you next to him in the puddle of Spencer’s blood he was standing in. 
The smell of the blood travelled up your nose and let another shiver ran down your back.
“So Arat, once again. Now. Shoot. Someone. And don’t fucking fuck it up”, Negan growled.
He was standing now with his back to you but you just kept glaring.
The one who would die would be completely innocent and again you could do nothing against it.
You just felt so helpless.
As helpless as in the night you lost Glenn and Abraham.
Rosita screamed again on the ground that it was her.
You looked over to Carl and Olivia seeing the fear and shock in their eyes as another shot sounded and you felt your body cramping immediately as you saw who sank to their knees.
“No”, came cracking out of your mouth.
Why Olivia?
That just seemed unreal, she was one of the most innocent people you knew and now it was her who had to pay for it.
You saw Carl looking up over to you, shock and disbelief in his glance.
You heard some loud panting as you suddenly heard Ricks voice.
“We had a deal!”, he shouted.
”Rick! Oh look everyone fucking Rick is here again! …Ah, your people are making me lose my fucking voice doing all this yelling”, Negan said chuckling at Rick.
You looked behind Rick and saw Aaron standing propped by Eric looking like he was beaten up.
God, what the heck did they do to him?
Why became this situaton even worse and worse?
“Rick how about a “thank you”? I mean, look, I know we started this fucking relationship with me beating the holy fucking shit out of your friends, and because of that, we’re probably never gonna fucking sit around and braid each other’s hair or share our deepest, darkest secrets, but how about a little fucking credit? I just bent over backwards to show you how fucking reasonable I am”, Negan chuckled.
“Your fucking kid”, he pointed at Carl “he hid in one of my trucks and fucking machine-gunned a bunch of my men down, and I brought him home, safe and sound…. and I fed him some fucking spaghetti!”, Negan said grinning.
“Another one of your people. Well, he wanted me to fucking kill you and put him in charge. I took him for you!”, Negan continued and talked about Rositas try to shoot him.
“Now you have one fucking mouth less to feed and I mean I guess that mouth did some fucking damage…I personally wouldn’t have chosen her but Arat”, he stopped while chuckling “she just didn’t trust her, you know.”
“What did you do to her?”, asked Rick looking concerned and angry at the now blood soaked tissue on your arm. “A damn fucking mistake of Arat over here”, Negan said glaring at Arat.
You mouthed an “I’m okay” to Rick trying to calm him down.
Your wound wasnt bad, it would heal itself pretty fast and Rick had already enough sorrow and problems, your wound shouldn’t be one of it.
“Don’t worry Ricky boy, she’s gonna be alright”, Negan said smirking.
“I’m gonna take fucking care of her”, he said grinning walking over to you slinging his arms around your waist.
You shifted slightly away as you felt his touch turning to him and glaring in his eyes. Negan looked chuckling at you before Rick raised his voice.
“Your shit is waiting for you at the gate….just go”, growled Rick.
“Sure thing I just gotta know who made this fucking bullet”, said Negan holding up the self made bullet.
You heard Tara scream but your glance just laid on Eugene who stood sniffling there. “It was was me..”, sobbed Eugene as you hold your breath seeing how Negan turned to him.
It made you feel horrible seeing how Eugene desperately tried to explain how he build it, sobbing and sniffing uncontrollably until Negan stopped him. “Shut up, I believe you…listen Rick I’m gonna relieve you of your bullet maker and whatever is waiting for me at the gate”, said Negan grinning before he laid his hand on your lower back pushing you with him.
You looked back to your friends, the glance in their eyes reminding you of the one you had seen in the night Glenn and Abraham got killed.
And that made your heart cramp.
You hated that every time you got to see them again it was connected with them suffering or someone getting hurt or killed.
You just wanted them to be safe.

As you came to the gates of Alexandria the saviors began loading up the stuff they had collected and pushed the still sobbing Eugene into one truck as Negan suddenly stopped.
He looked at you, his glance turned into a little bit softer a somehow concerned one while it wandered from your face to your arm where you still pressed the tissue on your wound.
“Let me see”, he mumbled taking the tissue of the wound eying it.
“Shes gonna have to work her fucking ass off to make just roughly up for that”, he muttered serious and more quiet but still hearable.
The same guy who had just minutes ago first ripped someones body open and then let someone else who was innocent get killed as punishment looked actually somehow concerned about a small wound on your arm.
You sighed while Negans glance wandered up again to your face, his glance mixed between his signature smirk and this slight softness you didn’t know how to interpret and that seemed so unfitting for him.
“Boss we’re ready”, some man shouted out of one of the trucks.
“We’re coming”, growled Negan just.
You looked back at Alexandria, not knowing when you’d come back and what would happen if you did…
But who knew what the future held for you?
For Alexandria?
For your group?
For your brother?
And for that weird thing, whatever the heck it was, that seemed to evolve  slowly between you and Negan…?

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