the first one is the fault in our stars y

Title: Make You Hate Me - Pt. 3

Author’s Note: It’s finished! I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks for the initial request and for the subsequent requests for parts 2 and 3! :) Lemme know if you liked the ending!

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Jamie was exhausted from the flight, but this couldn’t wait. He wanted to… no, he needed to see you. He glanced at the GPS; the address he had begged Tyler to get from Candace, punched into the device. He was only 2 miles away from the apartment you had moved into; still unsure of what he was going to say when he finally saw you.

How could he have ruled out the possibility that he was the father? Why hadn’t he fought more for answers? Why had he let you walk out of his life so easily? Even after all this time, he refused to believe that you had cheated on him; you were too loyal, too kind to do that to him. Tyler thought he was a moron, but Tyler didn’t know you like he did. His knuckles whitened as he tightened his grip on the steering wheel. Why wouldn’t you have just told him? Did you really think so little of him? You thought he would be such a terrible father that you deciding to run away was a better option than to have him parent your child? His stomach knotted at the thought.

He took a deep breath as he turned into the parking lot of your apartment complex, killing the engine as he stared at your door. He deserved the truth; and he wasn’t leaving until he had it.

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5sos bsm: you've been trough a bad break up.

Luke: This was officially the worst day of your life, your boyfriend of one year had cheated on you with your best friend. All you wanted to do was go home from school, lock yourself in your room, and just cry. On the way home you just let the tears flow freely. When you walked trough the front door you were still silently crying. You walked into the kitchen to get some ice cream, when you saw your brothers friend Calum. ‘Shit’ you thought as you tried to get out of the room without him seeing you, but before you could turn around you heard his familiar voice. “Hey (y/n), is something wrong?” Calum asked. “No,” you quickly answered, trying to walk past him to your room. You were stopped by Calum’s hand on your arm. “(Y/n), your eyes are red, i can tell you’ve been crying,” Calum said looking you in the eyes. It was now 20 minutes later, and you were still standing in the kitchen hugging Calum, while ranting about the worst day of your life. “Look (y/n), you deserve so much better than that douce bag!” Calum said, wiping away the tears that were still streaming down your face. “And if your best friend was the one he was with, then she isn’t your best friend.” “Thanks Calum,” you said wiping away some of your own tears. “You’ll find the perfect guy for you someday, maybe you won’t have to look too far.” “What do you mean Calum?” You asked looking up at him. “Isn’t it obvious that I like you?” It took a while for you to realise what he’d said, but when you did, you immediately kissed him. “Calum what the fuck is taking you so long? You’ve been gone for- oh,” Luke said as he walked into the kitchen. “Luke it’s not what it looks like I swear, I can explain!” “Finally broke up with that dick?” Luke asked, surprising you. “He cheated on me,” you said. “He what? I’m gonna kill that fucking bastard!” Luke said getting angry. “No! It’s fine Luke, it think I’ve found the right guy,” you said smiling at Calum. “Aaaw I approve, but if you hurt her, I won’t hesitate hurting you.” “That’s fine mate, cause I won’t hurt her,” Calum said while smiling at you.

Michael: You had been locked into your room for 3 days straight, not talking to anyone an only leaving your bed to go to the toilet or get something to eat. 3 days ago your boyfriend broke up with you cause he was moving to LA, to live with his dad. You were both heartbroken, but you knew it was the best thing to do. Michael and his band was taking one the world, and were currently living his dream with his 3 best friends, and you didn’t want to bother him with your problems. Later that day you heard a knock on your door, but you ignored it like you’ve been doing it the past 3 days. Only this time you heard the familiar voice of your brother. “(Y/n), please open the door.” You slowly got out of bed and opened the door, just enough so you could look out. Outside stood your brother, who was meant to be on the other side of the world, living his dream. “Michael, what are you doing here?” You gasped, opening the door wider, so he could step inside. “Mum said you had locked yourself in your room, not talking to anyone and she didn’t know why, so I got a plane ticket as fast as I could, and now I’m here,” Michael smiled. You engulfed him in a hug. “You’re the best brother ever Mikey. ” Michael led you over to the bed, so you could sit down. “Now! Tell me what’s wrong,” Michael said. You began to explain what happened, while Michael just listened. “Aaaw, I’m sorry sis, let’s play some video games, so you can forget about him.” Michael said already making his way over to your playstation.

Calum: It had started like a nice day, you and your boyfriend were sitting in the living room at your family’s house, just watching a movie. You an your boyfriend started to argue about something you didn’t even remember anymore. One thing had led to another, and you were now laying on the floor, with a handprint on your cheek, that’s when your brother and his friend Luke walked in. “What the fuck have you done to my sister?!” Calum yelled, running over to your now ex boyfriend. While Calum was yelling at him, Luke ran over to you and lifted you up of the ground. He walked into the kitchen and sat you on the kitchen counter. He started to look trough your freezer, and after a few seconds, he finally found what he was looking for: a bag of frozen peas. Luke walked over to you, he pushed a stray hair behind your ear, and gently put the bag to your cheek, you winched, but soon relaxed, as the pain started to numb. You and Luke were just staring into each other’s eyes, when Calum walked back in. “Don’t worry (y/n), you won’t have to worry about him anymore.” “Thanks Cal,” you smiled at him. “No problem sis, that’s what I’m here for, if anyone ever bothers you again please tell me,” Calum said as he hugged you. “I will.”

Ashton: you were on tour with Ashton and the other boys. You and Ashton were the only ones on the bus. At the moment Ashton was just watching tv, while you were in your bunk, reading the fault in our stars. You were in the middle of chapter six, when you felt your phone vibrate beside you, it was a picture from your best friend. In the picture was a guy and a girl making out, but It wasn’t just a random guy, it was YOUR boyfriend. You immediately started to cry, he was your first boyfriend and you were absolutely heartbroken. “(Y/n), what’s wrong?” You hears Ashton say, he must have heard your cries from the other room. “N-nothing, it’s just a really sad book, that’s all,” Ashton looked from your book to you. “(Y/n) you’re only at chapter six, what’s really wrong?” “He cheated on me, and I found out trough my best friend,” you said starting to cry even harder. “Oh honey, come here,” Ashton said as he sat beside you and lifted you on his lap, hugging you tightly. “He isn’t worth your time (y/n), let’s go get the other guys and we’ll spend the day doing whatever you wanna do.” Your brother really was the best!

His First Kiss

Request: “can you maybe write an imagine about your crush being really shy and you giving them their first kiss and stuff please uwu”

(y/f) = your friend (y/c) = your crush (y/n) = your name

One of your friends decides that you absolutely must join them to watch The Fault In Our Stars, though you were mostly uninterested. Since they’re the kind of person that doesn’t like taking no for an answer you had to say yes, and you’re now in the car on your way to the movie theatre wondering why you caved in. As you walk into the entrance of the theatre you see (y/c) with one of his friends, who is apparently senstitive enough to have dragged him there too. You exchange glances, and a faint smile sneaks its way onto both of your faces. His hand lifts and greets you with a small, shy wave, signaling for you to come over. You touch (y/f)’s shoulder and point to (y/c) and his friend. She looks at you slyly and follows you toward them.

“Hey!” you say, with a huge smile on your face. He smiles back and whispers, “Are you seeing this by choice or am I the only one who was forced into this?”

“Oh my gosh, I was too!” you whisper back, laughing.

“Maybe…maybe we should just skip and hang out around the theater…if you want, we don’t have to, it’s up to you, don’t worry if-”

“Settle down there (y/c)” you say jokingly, “I’d love to. (y/f), you guys go ahead, we’re not really feeling it.”

“Really?” she says, somewhat annoyed, “fine, I’ll see you later (y/n)! Have fun you crazy kids.” She says, winking at you. You and (y/c) exchange glances, smiling shyly. The two of you head over to one of the tables in front of a fast food place in the theater, and have deep conversations about your pasts and regrets and whatnot, and eventually learn that (y/c) hasn’t had his first kiss yet.

“I feel lame because of it,” he says, laughing, “like I’m the only guy my age who hasn’t managed to kiss someone yet.”

“It doesn’t make you lame at all!” you protest, “it’s actually really cute!” He smiles and breaks eye contact, letting out a small laugh as he looks down shyly.

“Sure it does,” he says, still feeling a bit ashamed of it.

“Well..” you begin to say,“..if you really feel that awful about it…” he raises his head and looks into your eyes quizically, curious about what you’ll say next. “Can I kiss you?” you ask. It leaves your mouth before you’re even aware you were going to say it, and both of you seem to be caught off guard by it. He blushes and smiles at you;

“I’d love it.” He says. You sit closer to the edge of your chair, shifting the weight of your body on the table. He leans further toward you, smirking adorably. You lift your hand to his chin, and tilt it a bit upward, directing his lips to yours. As your lips lock together he brings his hand to the side of your head, and thankfully he seems to have a natural talent for kissing. You can only hope that he’s thinking the same thing. He leans back a bit, just so your noses are touching.

“Wow,” he says, smiling.

“Was that too forward of me? Was it weird? I’m sorry I didn’t mean to m-”

“No, not at all.” He interrupts, “I’m…I’m really glad I can say that you were my first kiss. Proud, even.” The two of you smile at each other, and, not caring about who’s watching you, resume your adorable kissing.

~Kayla c:

How To Fake Relationships

Chapter Two

It was the first time you had ever seen the boys speechless. Not only were they speechless, but they had wide eyes and dropped jaws to complete the look. This wasn’t the reaction you were expecting. Although you really had no idea what to expect. It was like you and Calum where in a universe where you had hit pause on the world around you.

“You’re what?” Mikey stammered. Was that a tone of jealous lover?

“We’re uh dating?” Calum said.

At least you weren’t the only one finding this silence disturbing. Calum scooted closer to you making you bump knees. Was he always this warm or was his blush so strong it radiated heat? The thought made you smile which the boys interpreted was Calum touching induced.

“Since when?” Ashton asked.

“Technically? Since last week.” You were lying through your teeth. But you had to be convincing so you intertwined your fingers with his.

“Well. I like it.” Luke said. “I always knew you two would date. There’s just that vibe.”

“I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought so!” Ashton chirped in through a mouthful of mcmuffin.

And somehow that was the end of it. The conversation was veered to tonight’s big concert and to stupid dares. Although you couldn’t help but notice two things: 1) Mikey hadn’t had anything to say about your new relationship and 2) the way Calum was rubbing his thumb in circles on your hand.

You had decided to take a break from your “boyfriend” and the boys. Every girl needs some time without the aroma of belches and B.O. in the air. So after the hottest shower and enough coconut body lotion to ensure you’d never have wrinkles, you had found yourself curled in Calum’s bed.

And not even for the whole dating look. Had you always laid in his bed when you were bored? It had always been so nonchalant before that you had barely noticed. Then again, his was the best smelling bunk and the cleanest.

“Knock. Knock.” Mikey said as he leaned down to look at you on the bottom bunk. “Hey.”

“Hey.” You had jumped up to find your head connecting with the top bunk. “Dammit! Oh gawd, am I bleeding? I think I’m bleeding! Mikey I’m about to die by bunk bed.”

Mikey laughed as you rolled out of the bunk and stood next to him. He reached over and checked where your hand was rubbing your head. “No blood. Just a bump. As always you’re being dramatic.”

“Me? Dramatic? Never.” Sarcasm was oozing out your veins as you spoke. “So..”


“You’re not mad right? That I didn’t tell you sooner.”

“Maybe a little. But I’m cool with it.”

In that moment you felt your ego, your plan, and your hair deflate. But the hair thing was because of the dreadful summer humidity. The rest was because Mikey was fine with you dating Calum. That’s not the plan!

How dare he not be so jealous he has to fuck you senselessly into the sheets to prove his love!

“Oh uhm I’m glad. That you’re cool with it.” You weren’t glad.

“So why did you guys wait to tell us?”

“Huh? Oh. Uhm. We wanted to go on a date first and make sure we wanted this.”

Lies. All lies. It was like a bad case of lie-vomit. And you were eating lie soup. Bathing in lie soap. Oh wait you did bath in lye soap.

“Ah I see.” Mikey smirked. “He better have done something good for my best friend. Where’d he take you?”

Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.

“Just an easy date. He took me to the park to go watch that screening of The Fault In Our Stars.” That wasn’t a lie. He did take you. It just hadn’t been a date until now. “And at the end he kissed me. That was all really.”

There was a blush creeping up your cheeks as you thought about Calum kissing you. Mikey smiled. “Ah, you’re blushing. How cute.”

Mikey pinched your cheeks which you slapped away. “Shut up.”

Calum popped his head in. “Uh, it’s almost time to go set up, Mikey.”

“Right! Well I’ll give you two love birds a minute.” Mikey wink laughed as he ran to catch up with Luke and Ashton.

Through the window you could see the three of them trying to make a three person piggy back ride on Ashton. You and Calum laughed.

“Mikey’s cool with this by the way. No jealousy.”

“He’s faking it.”

“Maybe. Oh uhm if they ask which they will because Mikey did. Our first date was you taking me to the park screening of The Fault in Our Stars. You kissed me at the end.”

“Oh so that was a date?” He smirks.

You shrug. “Don’t forget this was your idea. This was all a ruse to get me to date you, wasn’t it?”

“You caught me. Y/N I’m madly in love with you. Marry me?”

You laugh as he dramatically gets on one knee. He pulls you down on top of him as you both fall into a fit of giggles.

“Alright. How long are we gonna date anyway?” You ask as you become increasingly aware of how close you two are. Not that it matters.

“Til Mikey admits his jealousy may take too long. How about a month? It’s not too soon or too serious”

“We could do that. Oh and Calum?”


“Brush your teeth. You’re breath reeks of mcpancakes.”

“I’m pretty sure it’s just pancakes.”

As you watch him run to catch up with the boys, you can’t help but smile. Not just anyone gets to fake date Calum Hood, after all.

Luke hemmings Imagine

Imagine: Luke Hemmings- Anonymous

“Luke come on! The movie starts in twenty minutes and we haven’t even left yet.” I said walking into our room.
Luke was just sitting on the bed not even dressed yet.
“Lukey why aren’t you dressed yet?! What’s wrong?” I asked noticing the slight frown on his face.
“I can’t find the right shirt.” He said pouting.
I busted out laughing. “You aren’t serious are you? Luke it doesn’t matter what shirt you wear! It’s dark in the theater.”
“Not funny (y/n)! Find me a shirt please.”
I rolled my eyes and walked to the closet. I grabbed the first shirt I saw. “Put this one on and let’s goo.”
“Fine. What movie are we going to see anyways.” He questioned while putting on his shirt.
“The fault in our stars! So hurry up because I’m not missing the beginning!!”
“Ew. Chick flick. I guess lets go…"Luke groaned before grabbing his keys.
"You’ll love it. Bet you you’ll cry.”
“I will not!!”
“Sure sure.” I said laughing