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Zuko for the headcanon meme

What I think realistically:

Zuko is absolutely terrified by the prospect of parenthood. He is terrified that he will do to his children what Ozai did to him, that he won’t know what to do, that he will fail them, and they will suffer for it. Mai sends Iroh a letter detailing all of Zuko’s fears and how she doesn’t know how to help, espcially since she’s kind of panicking herself, and also very pregnant, please come. And Iroh’s like “Did you think I would miss my first grandchild’s birth?” and comes right down to the Fire Nation.

What is hilarious:

Zuko is a huge theater nerd who stole most of his best dramatic lines from Fire Nation plays. Iroh happily provides the gaang an anotated list of said plays. Ah well, it gets the children into art, he supposes.

What is soul-crushing:

The ruler of an inherited monarchy like Zuko always has one first priority, making an heir to ensure a peaceful succession. Izumi seems kind of young for this. After they married, Zuko and Mai probably didn’t wait to have children, because of these pressures, so I think either they struggled to have a child, or they did have a child who died young.

What doesn’t work but I don’t care:

Mai and Zuko are the goth Fire Nation Weasleys. They have eight kids. In the official royal portaits of the family, Zuko and Mai look increasingly stunned and then increasingly resigned over the size of their brood with each birth.

April 18, 2016

I had too much fun writing this. I almost wanted to rewrite the entire thing in James’ first person POV, but I restrained myself. This practically already is anyway. I could have done so much more with this, but I kept it simple and dialogue-free which was a fun challenge for me! And I definitely did my research and checked the dances everyone else did that night, so all of that is 100% accurate and I’m quite proud of myself. 

He had received the invitation a couple weeks ago and he figured he might as well. He had nothing else to do that night and it seemed like something fun to do. He didn’t know much about the show or how it worked, but he sent an email back saying he would be there and he put a reminder in his phone to find something decent to wear.

The afternoon of the show, he made his way there feeling more excited than he had expected. He found himself bored the day before and actually looked up some dances to watch from some of the people on this season. He was impressed by how well they looked out on the dance floor. Thinking he would undoubtedly make of a fool of himself if he ever dared to try such a thing, he definitely had to give them credit for their evident hard work.

There was a lot of chaos as the crew there was preparing for the live show. He was overwhelmed just watching it all happen. Cameras and people were flying around the floor and lights were flashing on and off seemingly at random. It made him dizzy. He imagined what it would feel like to be one of the contestants on the show, with all the noise and the lights and the madness, and then having to come out and do something new and awkward and uncomfortable knowing you couldn’t make a mistake. His partner would probably have to also be a therapist to get him through something like this.

But as the live show began and he watched the dances unfold, it felt oddly magical. At the beginning of the show, everyone came out and danced together. Everyone was out there and all he could think was, I would be the one they stuck in the back where no one could see me. But everyone seemed to know what they were doing. Or perhaps it was the magic of television, despite him being there and seeing it in person. When just the professionals danced, he watched as the girls’ hair whipped around as they moved, a lot of blonde and one in a shade of deep red.

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Hello, I was wondering if you could explain the relationships between Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian? You don't have to do paragraphs of anything but I really want to know more about their relationships and it's kind of confusing when I read some things that contradict other things haha I know Tim and Damian basically hate each other and Dick and Damian are suppose to be close? I'm not sure if that just for fics though.. Thank you! (:

Hello! I would be more than happy to explain but I must put out a warning first. Canon is very wibbly wobbly, it can vary dramatically between authors so there’s no one ‘correct’ interpretation of any character. I try and find the traits/relationships that are most consistent/in-character and tend to disregard the crappy writers. Also it’s good to separate fanon, which is often way over exaggerated and often wrong, from canon.

Okay so i ended up going a bit overboard but I believe this is a pretty fair description of the relationships as I know them, based on my own comics collection. I’m not saying it’s fact, there’s a canon story where Jason becomes a tenticle monster. So my advice? Read the stories you like, find the canons interpretaions you think suit the characters. And not all fanon is bad, I enjoy and headcanon a bit myself but some views (Dick is 500% a sunshine cutie, Dami is a sniffly tiny baby) just don’t have any support.

Dick and Bruce- As sad as it is to say, Bruce probably has a stronger relationship with Dick than the other kids. It’s been stated over and over how much Bruce truly cares for, admires and trusts his first son. That’s not to say Bruce isn’t above manipulating Dick’s good nature / love of Bruce for the mission and they’ve gone through a few periods of intense fighting / not speaking. On the whole, I’d say the relationship is mostly good. Bruce admits that Dick coming into his life saved him from a dark path and Dick isn’t shy about telling Bruce he loves him.

Dick and Jason- Dick and Jay have a difficult relationship to pin down, so here’s how I see it. Jay was adopted while Dick and Bruce were fighting. While Jason was Robin, Dick was a bit stand-offish feeling that Bruce had up and replaced him. He helped Jay out on a few cases, and wasn’t mean to him or anything, but he wasn’t very involved either. But when Jason died he was just as upset as Bruce was. Since Jay’s resurrection, it’s been shown Dick makes an active effort to bridge the gap and help out Jason. Jay, for the most part, usually ignores him but I always get the sense that he, like the other batboys, really look up to Dick.

Dick and Tim- I think of all the bat siblings, Dick and Tim have the most normal brotherly relationship. From the start, Dick was more involved with Timmy, helping him out both in and out of costume. I think he learned his mistake in not bonding with Jason and wants to prevent the same thing from happening to Tim. Time and again, Dick has been looking out for Tim and Tim cares for and admires Nightwing so much. They refer to each other as brothers the easiest as well. Honestly it’s a decently healthy relationship for superheroes in Gotham City.

Dick and Damian-  To me, it’s much more of a paternal relationship as compared to a fraternal one. Dick basically gave Damian the tools to redeem himself. Bruce was dead  and so Dick stepped up to the plate as Batman and Dami’s pseudo-parent. He struggled and worked at it but he made Dami realize he was loved. This show of care is really I believe what turned Damian onto a better path. Bruce came back and finally started to bond with his kid now that he was more manageable. In my mind, Dick/Dami are much closer than Dami/Bruce if only bc Dick invested so much. Dami, likewise, loves the hell out of Dick and always defends him.

Jason and Bruce- I hope I don’t need to elaborate too much when I say it is bitter and complicated. Jason isn’t mad that Bruce didn’t save him, he understands that. He’s mad Batman didn’t avenge his murder,  it felt like Jay meant nothing to Bruce and was easily replaced. But Jay can’t completely hate Bruce because he still remembers the good ole days when Bruce saved him from the streets. He’s slowly, excruciatingly slowly, merging back into the batfam but he and Bruce have a long way to go if they want to repair the relationship. Honestly? I don’t know if either of them has it in them to really let go and accept what’s happened.

Jason and Tim- Again, this is a hard relationship to describe as it changes constantly. Initially Jason hated Tim for replacing him as Robin. He made several attempts on Tim’s life and Timmy outright avoided anything with Jay. They’ve since become a bit closer. Jason realizes that Tim has nothing to do with him and Bruce while Tim acknowledges that Jay went through some tough times. I personally don’t like interpretations where they’re super buddies, but I do like that they’ve been able to work together and understand one another. They can act like brothers but still a bit distant.

Jason and Damian- This one I’m a bit iffy on, from my experience, Jay and Dami don’t have a terrible amount of significant interaction. It’s mostly during fights or those weird bantering moments in the cave. The two will sass each other and provide an assassins perspective but that’s it as far as I know. We know they care as Jason demanded to be part of the group to resurrect Damian. Fanon likes to have Dami and Jason bonding over being killers in a nonviolent family and also having been resurrected. I’m not saying that can’t happen (I like to believe this) I’m just saying I don’t think it’s strictly canon .

Tim and Bruce- Unlike the other boys who became part of the family first then became Robin, Tim was the opposite. Bruce treated Tim like an apprentice rather than a son at first making clear distinctions btw Tim and say Jay and Dick. He, of course, grew to care for Tim and thus when Jack Drake was killed, he became a Wayne. To me, Tim is the most like Bruce and I think Bruce feels this as well. He’s more likely to leave Tim on his own, thinking the boy is tough enough to handle it. But he often misses Tim’s emotional needs, like being lonely and needing assurance and attention so he doesn’t work himself to death. This falls mostly to Dick.

Tim and Damian- These two have never and probably will never get along. They’re too stubborn and too certain the other is wrong. Luckily, Dami has moved past his desire to kill Timmy every five minutes but their relationship is mostly antagonistic but in a less violent way. I find it sadly ironic that both Damian and Tim have expressed to feeling removed from the family, that the other is more of an ‘actual’ son. I feel they could get along better if they made an effort but too much has happened and they’ve settled into their roles. But again, they do care enough that they will save each other and Tim was pretty sad when Damian was killed.

Damian and Bruce- Dami and Bruce got off to a very rocky start. Dami was a spoiled murderous snot and though Bruce *ahem* “tried” to help his son, he wasn’t going about it the right way. Then Bruce died and when he came back, Damian was Robin and much calmer thanks to Dick. Bruce took back the Batsuit but kept Damian on as Robin and here is where father and son really forged a  connection as Bruce continued to help guide Damian. Bruce was beside himself with grief when Damian died and did some crazy stuff to bring him back. The two aren’t 100% and I still feel Dick/Dami get on better but now Bruce is actually helping Damian and the boy appreciates it.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Patronuses

4.3K words, G rated.

I spent some time thinking about Patronus headcanons for Albus and Scorpius, and then I just had to write about them. Play spoilers under the cut, so proceed with caution. 
Massive thanks to @bounding-heart for being an awesome beta. 

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Hi! Can I ask... do you have a rec list for superbat fanfics?

ohh boy… anon I hope you enjoy crying cuz I love dark, angsty stories why do you have to expose me like that. Please read the summaries plus all tags and warnings. If you need to know more about a fic before reading you can ask me, some of them aren’t tagged very well. 

Fics listed here mostly story-based with a few pwp.
I’m splitting this into parts. This got long so I had to put it under a read more.

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Kageyama Rare Pair Week

Day 1

Universe: University/College AU

Topic: Rivalry/Competition

Pairing: OiKage

Hamasaki Souske is certain that his team has The Coolest Setter Ever, capitalisation required because that’s just how awesome the guy is.

He’s only a first-year like Souske himself but, well, he’s simply brilliant! The team’s last setter was a third-year anyway so that worked out perfectly, but even if there was yet another setter, Souske’s convinced Kageyama Tobio would still be on the starting team. He’s that amazing and Souske, quite frankly, considers himself lucky to be on the same team as him (even if Souske himself isn’t part of the starting line-up).

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"Are you sure this is legal?" + "I can't believe you dragged me into this." with peter parker? tHANKS MOM!!

You’re welcome child! 

“Are you sure this is legal?” You shouted at Peter as he hiked his body over a dumpster, allowing himself to step in carefully as to not hurt anything that could be of value to him. Crossing your arms in front of your chest, he looked back at you, giving you a tilted smile. 

“Of course it’s legal,” He chuckled, grabbing hold of your arms and helping you over the wall, “I wouldn’t drag ya into somethin’ that wasn’t. It wouldn’t be fair.”

Murmuring something under your breath, you looked at him with careful eyes and snapped at him as you felt your weight pressing against trash below your feet, “I can’t believe you dragged me into this.” 

“I’m persuasive, what can I say?” He chuckled lightly, digging his way through the garbage after putting gloves over his hands. “Plus, I could really use an extra pair of hands carrying what I find home.”

He took the “Other peoples trash could be your treasure” saying a bit too far, you thought to yourself and began helping him once your gloves were secured on your hands. But, it was one of the things that made Peter… Peter. He was very different from the other boys you’d known throughout your young life. And you supposed, that’s what attracted you to him in the first place.

“what are we looking for?”

“Anythin’ that seems intriguing.” Peter glanced back at you, smiling as he did.

“What about the smell? Are we gonna take that back? It’s rather in your words, intriguing.”

“Stop bein’ so dramatic, (Name).” Peter scrunched his nose slightly, “It’s not that bad. Aunt May’s cookin’ smells like this sometimes.”

“I’m not sure if her cooking is considered cooking,” You wafted through the trash, picking out things here and there that he could possibly use. Mainly beat down electronics people threw away instead of properly disposing of, and wiring. “It’s pretty toxic stuff.”

“No wonder I live off pizza,” Peter laughed to himself, looking back at you once again, only this time, he let his gaze stick and study your expression. “Speakin’ of which, we should get some after this.”

“As long as you’re paying.” You hummed and let your eyes lock with his.

“Always will, (Name).”

An Open Letter to Cassie Clare

Hey cassandraclare,

Since I was a little girl living in a fairytale of bookshelves, there was a fiery determination within me to find the bravest hero in every book binding – and, always, I looked for heroes that reminded me that even I, as a girl, could kick ass if I wanted to. As I grew older, these books and these dreams grew alongside me. It was at 23 years old that I discovered The Mortal Instruments.

I read the entire series in about a week and a half. It took me two days to read City of Heavenly Fire, which I brought with me when my mother insisted I leave the house. Imagine the amazed faces when I was crying over Simon on the car ride home from dinner.

But through my love for TMI, there was no character like Isabelle Lightwood. From the beginning, she was someone that I suddenly could relate to, not because I am a bad ass with a whip, but because I have dark eyes and dark hair. That tiny detail about her eyes being boring compared to Alec’s (and her wishing she had gotten her brother’s eyes) made me startled because of the emotion it inspired within me. For ONCE, my beloved heroine… Looked like ME. She was not like Clary, petite with red spirals. She was not like any other character I ever admired.

She looked like ME!

When Emeraude was cast as Isabelle, I stared. There are no words to describe how I felt in those first few moments – seeing her name, her dark eyes, her even darker hair. All at once I felt compelled to scream and cry and laugh and dance and hug everyone I ever knew.

Emeraude was like ME.

I am Hispanic, and very rarely see my culture portrayed on television unless it’s a dramatic stereotype of what a Latina is supposed to be. They roll their r’s, salsa dance and fit a perfect little category of what Hispanics can do… except that’s wrong. And suddenly, my favorite character – the one who made me feel less alone in a sea of youth fiction about blonde hair and blue eyes – was HISPANIC.

I am overjoyed at this casting decision, but was instantly disheartened by a community of “fans” calling Emeraude “not right for Izzy” because of her skin color.

“Is Alec going to be Mexican now too?” they said.

“Hispanics can’t have blue eyes,” they chirped.

I was horrified, but your way of handling the situation instantly made me feel as if you UNDERSTOOD where I was coming from. Looking past this blatant racism I am still OVERJOYED to know that my favorite character in the TMI series (and probably any series) is being played by someone who finally, finally represents my culture and LOOKS LIKE MEEEEE makes my heart feel all kinds of happy. We NEED this kind of inclusiveness for little brown girls who read books and want to change their hair, change their eyes, change their bodies… We NEED women like you, and Isabelle Lightwood.

Thank you again, Cassie, for creating this world and allowing us a chance to escape.



PS - if you have any tips on how to get published scream them on the Internet. There are good writers everywhere that would love to achieve the success you have one day… myself included.


The first one is from my DMmd AU: Doramado Daycare

Those things on Noiz’s head are actually leaves. Koujaku put them on him as a joke to irritate him but instead, he liked it very much cause they looked like rabbit ears.


This was supposed to be uploaded on Kiss day but I lost them in the middle of my big heap of papers and artworks.

Just discovered them again recently– lol xDD


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Do you have a list of the lines and episodes written for other characters that William Shatner stole for himself? He was notorious for muscling the others actors out of screen time. I remember reading once that "The Conscience of the King" was supposed to star Sulu or Chekov as the survivor or something like that.

I don’t, and I don’t think it’s nearly as great a problem as everyone’s made it out to be over the years. Reading screenplays and outlines from the period shows that Shatner’s character was always supposed at the center of the show with Nimoy’s Spock and Kelley’s McCoy on either side of him with rare exceptions.

However, you read something very wrong about “The Conscience Of The King,” as it was always supposed to feature JTK’s past and, in fact, was dramatically toned down from what writer Barry Trivers wrote in his initial outline. This version of Kirk’s backstory featured a future in which Earth had been invaded by “an army of marauders”  led by Kodos had nearly conquered the planet. One of their first victims was ”Area Commander Kirk, Governor of a Province,” aka our captain’s father.

Roddenberry took exception to such a grim future for our planet and asked Trivers for a rewrite and the author moved the action offworld, with the death of Kirk’s father still in place. This was removed at the behest of Robert Justman, who pointed out that it might limit them in the future if they ever wanted to do more with the family. It was a suggestion from Stan Robertson at NBC that brought Kevin Riley into the fray as another survivor and moved the story closer to what we ended up with, but again, the story was always about James T. Kirk and Kodos.

So, no, “The Conscience Of The King” was never supposed to star Sulu or Chekov (who wasn’t introduced until the second season.)

Fate and Foam Swords

this was supposed to be an answer to a prompt but it somehow dissolved into this????? so i guess consider it a predrabble to a drabble that will be coming?

If any third party observer were to look at the relationship between Maka Albarn and Soul Evans, there would be only one major criticism they could come up with: the two took things far too seriously.

And that, my friends, makes one hell of a story.


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Isle of the Lost

A few days ago, I finished reading “Isle of the Lost”, a novel intended to be the prequel to the upcoming “Disney Descendants” movie. I wanted to post my complete thoughts on the book, and some headcanons and assumptions going into the movie I’ve drawn from this prequel. Obviously, I haven’t seen the movie or the actors’ portrayals of these characters, but these are just my thoughts going in from their portrayals in the books.

I have quite a lot to say, so I’m going to throw it under a “read more”. I talk about each of the four villains and how they’re different (or similar) from their animated counterparts, their relationships with their children, the characters of the children themselves, why I think Carlos (Cruella’s son) is gay… It’s a lengthy read, but hopefully an enjoyable one! Obviously there’s spoilers from the book ahead, so don’t click that “read more” unless you’ve either read the book, or you don’t plan on reading the book but want more insight on the upcoming movie!

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Wait no I mean 39 amedot

Yay! I was able to get this done in time for Amedot Day!! 

(Side note for you readers: This is a request from the Autumn Fic Meme. [39: Homecoming.] Everyone is welcome to send me a request. The prompt below was also part of the request.)

Homecoming Blush

The joke all started when Steven had to cancel the Shorty Squad’s plans to hang out.

Groaning in disappointment, he said, “I’m really sorry, guys. Dad needs my help with the car wash float for the Homecoming parade. I don’t think I’ll have time for any of the stuff we were going to do.”

“Perfectly understandable,” Peridot nodded. “Duty calls. Though I must admit, I am a little disappointed to miss experiencing this ‘Homecoming’ we were going to attend.”

“Well, if you and Amethyst want to go without me, I don’t mind.”

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the electricity went out and I don’t have candles au

I am *fairly* certain that this one dates back to last klarolineauweek because I am the worst. But, I have several lingering prompts that lend themselves to neighbor AU’s so I’ll probably write them all as mini-ish drabbles in this universe.

Good Fences

Caroline hadn’t thought much of that first rumble of thunder, the loud spatter of water on the glass door of her balcony. She’d just moved in so it’s not like she needed to go anywhere. There were boxes everywhere (and some of the movers were completely incompetent because she kept finding her clearly labeled boxes in the wrong rooms).

The disorganization was driving her nuts.

She’s startled by the first crack of lightening, jumps and clutches her chest. Glances around, like she expects someone to point and laugh. Living alone is going to take some getting used to. She wanders over to the windows to glance outside. Squinting down at the street below she can’t make out much, the heavy rain leaves details obscure. There’s the odd dot of a streetlight, but that’s about it.

She shrugs, and goes back to work, arranging her kitchen cupboards. She’d stopped by a grocery store for some basics, ordered a pizza for dinner. But, if she actually wanted to be able to cook tomorrow, she still has some work to do.

The first flicker of her lights gives her pause, leaves her holding her breath. She’s just about to see if she can find the box with her emergency flashlight and candles in it when everything goes dark.

Yeah, she probably should have thought of that sooner.

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