the first one is so badly made but his innocent smile aw

Missed You

Harry’s lap was vacant and I couldn’t find a more suitable seat. It didn’t happen often anymore—us sitting together, or rather me sitting on top of the man. As a second priority under work, I had no room in my schedule for him. However, when we did converse, it involved sluggish caresses and pouty red lips, both which I adored. He was neither tired, or fatigued so I took up both roles.

It was book: I would remove my jacket, let it cling on a hook, and mumble a quick ‘hello’ before wandering to my study where I’d bury myself in piles of works. Right now, I wanted nothing more than to drown myself in his scent. With a careless toss of my outer layer, I crawled into the living room.

“Hi,” Harry said automatically. “How was your day?” His expectation was a blasé mutter and a grumpy shrug, and somewhere along the third week, he’s refused to even raise his head to look at me. He didn’t expect my shadow towering over him, and he definitely didn’t expect my crashing figure on top of him.

“What—!” he grunted when I let my body free fall onto him. Harry’s response was hesitant, and after he’d tenderly tucked my head into his neck, he peered around curiously at my face. His nose briefly brushed against mine.

“You alright?” he inquired and the concern in his voice dripped onto my face. My lids fluttered closed, enjoying the way his voice rumbled and vibrated against my ear. A dazed smile spread across my face and I probably looked crazy but I didn’t care even the slightest bit.

I licked my lips.

“I just wanna feel you,” I said innocently as I picked my head up and my arms went around his neck. I smashed our cheeks together and held him tightly. “Missed you.”

“I’ve got a koala for a girlfriend,” Harry snickered.

“You need to shave. I missed you,” I repeated, quieter this time.

“Yeah?” he smiled delightfully, orbs glistening with fond as I knuckled at my eyes. They were bloodshot, I knew. I nodded and released him from my hold, keeping a steady elbow on him as I continued to vigorously rub my eyes until her caught my wrists and brought them down with a soft, but firm, tug. “Gonna pop those bad guys right out if you keep that up, flower,” he advised me as if I were a child.

I liked feeling like a child with him.

Then, Harry properly looked at me with clear eyes and a watering mouth as thrill shot through my spine and all my worries erased with a single of his arched brows. His eyes were kinder than usual and a beautiful shade of green plains. They weren’t tired, like I expected, but dulled down anyways from his work day. He blinked dolefully.

“Missed you too,” he breathed, winding his arms across my torso. His touches were tender. Tender was the only way I could accurately describe him.

My fingers clumsily pressed against him under eyes. They had darkened a couple shades and no matter how hard he slept, they were imprinted on his skin, just like I was. Leaning forward, I dragged my lips over the areas I touched. A laughter burst through Harry’s chest and my fingers tightened their hold on the hair along his nape.

His lashes were soft against the tip of my nose which almost made me sneeze, however I held my breath to savor the moment. When my lungs couldn’t burn and writhe any longer, my eyes watered and I dropped my head onto his clavicle as I sneezed into his shoulder.

It was second nature of his to cradle my head whenever it rested on any part of his body and secretly, I loved it. I cherished it but never told him in fear he’d timidly refrain from doing it again.

“I’d say bless you,” he said as he scrunched his nose. “But I’m afraid you’ll sneeze again, closer to my face.”

“I don’t have sleeves,” I groused with a frown on my face. “Besides, is that a couple milestone? Sharing germs? Getting each other sick?” I smiled sweetly at him as I laid my head onto his shoulder, waiting for his fingers to slide into my hair. When they did, I swallowed a content hum. He continued his torture by scratching at my scalp and I gulped, forcing myself to incarcerate another muffled sound of approval.

Harry didn’t reply. Two minutes passed and he remained stoic expect for his hand that worked in my hair. The television didn’t cease its background noises behind me so I opened my mouth to question his motives, or perhaps apologize. Apologize for what, I didn’t know, but coming home unreasonably late was a good start.


“Stay quiet,” he almost whimpered as, I suspected, his eyes fell closed and breathing evened. His voice was suddenly garbled a giant my shoulder as he held me like a flimsy doll to him chest. A couple deeper breaths filled the air as he thoroughly inhaled my scent and my own lids dropped to a half open state. I refused to remain quiet during times like these, yet I couldn’t bear to ruin this moment. Eventually, his hands started gingerly rubbing my back and I caved heavily and instantly. He was the first to speak, tapping my thigh twice as a signal to display my face.

His eyes were filled with my universe. I counted the stars with awe as he spoke.

“I’m in the mood for cupcakes,” he lazily grinned, a childish and cherubic expression on his face. How much I loved that face.

I recovered. I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans, feverish at his stare, ready to fulfill his wish.


Alec Lightwood. A lot od adjectives could be added in front of his name, but the one you liked to use the most is annoying. It wasn’t long ago that you were dragged into the whole supernatural world by your neighbour Clary and her best friend Simon. And right off the bat, Alec started a disagreement about what would be the best course of action for the mission they were on. It continued and often escalated every time you met, but there was undeniable sexual frustration bubbling underneath as well. Neither of you would admit to your feelings and both believed the other had no feelings at all.

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L i k e   I    W o u l d ( I )

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Angst, (Not completely, but the tension) smut 

Song to suggest: Like I Would - ZAYN

Synopsis: I was doomed from the very moment I met him. 

It was a mistake that I didn’t regret, but that I profoundly wanted to undo in the deepest part of my heart. I tried my best to untangle myself out of that mess, but he was right. 

No one knew me like he did. No one would love me like him.

Word count:  3044

Part 1 -  Part 2

I couldn’t breathe.

The air left my lungs like they were being kicked over and over, keeping me in a gasp for help. I felt worthless and vulnerable as I watched the whole world crumbling around me. I thought my heart had stopped beating as soon as I saw how his fingers curled around her golden locks and the way his smile widened his features.

My body was suddenly out of energy, but thankfully nobody noticed my change of mood, since they were all busy finishing the assignment left for today. The history class stopped being interesting when I started to feel like a deflated balloon. It was stupid, though. I shouldn’t have been feeling like this, since I was the one who got out of this mess.

His attentions were once directed towards me. His bright smile and shinning eyes were once caused because of me. Now, he was looking at her like she was a diamond out of a pile of untouched coal. The way he used to laugh at my jokes, was replaced by her lame jokes and his quick responses. I could perfectly listen to the way her voice trespassed his angelic one. I couldn’t help but cringe at it.

Baekhyun was a hot sweetheart, and he knew it really well. His untouched looks and perfect ways carved a path for him to whatever he wanted. He could make you do whatever he felt like just by giving you an innocent smile and a slow wink. The whole campus melted to his charms, drooling over him as he was a dessert; and he knew how to use his power over everyone smoothly.

Even so, the first time we crossed paths, it was a complete accident.

It was an early Sunday morning, free of any class possible, but I still had to wake up quickly because I was running late for work. The little bakery I worked at was really famous between the students, mostly because of the good sweets we made, reason why I had to be there earlier than anyone else.

I ran in the halls, barely holding the strips of my worn-out backpack, feeling the adrenaline rushing through my veins. If I got there late, again, it would be my second call this week and I knew that Kyungsoo wouldn’t let it slip once again. We had been friends of years, basically since we both wore diapers, but since he was the “heir” of the lucrative store, he had to be hard with his employees, no matter what.

As I reached the elevator, I clicked the button quickly, jumping in one foot while I prayed for it to arrive sooner. The metallic doors opened with a bell, and I slipped in it in a hurry, pressing the first floor with annoyance.

“C’mon”, I said to no one in particular. My eyes flickered to the red numbers on the wall, cursing at the damn thing in silence for not being faster. After a while, the doors started to close with an incredibly slow motion, making me grunt in annoyance, until I was stopped.

“Wait!” A male voice shouted. A pair of delicate hands pushed the door open, and a slim figure slipped into the elevator as the doors closed with a muffled sound. He cleaned his hands on his pants, as he took a phone out of his pockets, tapping on it furiously. I stared at him with an arched eyebrow, suddenly interested in his presence.

He had red hair with shades on it and a pair of circled glasses barely clang from the tip of his nose. He had plump lips and a well-shaped jawline that lead to his chiseled neck colored by tattoos and a necklace. I stared at his profile for a couple of seconds more, before taking my phone out to pretend busy myself on something else than him. Soft mumbles left his lips, while he kept tapping on the phone, cursing under his breath occasionally.

He put his phone away and I felt his stare on me, but I decided not to look up. His gaze burned holes on my figure, but I contained myself as much as possible, while I texted Jee, telling her that I was running late so she could cover me till I made it there. Before sending the text, an unexpected shake made the elevator move, making me lose my balance for a second. I felt a pair of long arm holding me by the waist, steading me up.

I looked up, crashing with the red-haired’s smirk, and I felt my cheeks burning as I untangled myself from him.

“What the hell was that?!”, I exclaimed instead, looking at the red numbers. The elevator had stopped in the third floor, and it wasn’t moving or making sounds anymore. I tapped the number furiously but the metallic monster refused to keep working.

“I think we got stuck”, he said, clicking the alarm button several times. I looked at him, just to find him already staring at me. I took a glance at his features, feeling awed by the beauty of them, zoning out for a second. “I feel that this old box just gave his last breath”.

I didn’t answer but nodded instead, still too amused by him to properly think about something to say. He smirked.

“You got a name? Mine is Byun Baekhyun” He extended a hand in my direction, and I stared at it, insecure if I should take it. After debating myself, I shook his hand, giving a soft smile in his direction.

“I’m Y/N”

“Oh, a pretty name for a pretty lady”, Baekhyun said with a semi-smile. I felt my cheeks blush.

“I’ve never seen you before around here. Are you new?” I said before having the chance to hold myself up. He looked at me with another smirk, before shaking his head.

“No, I’m in my second year of arts. I just transferred dorms since my older ones were closed up.”


“And you? I haven’t seen you around either.” I stared at the wall, not wanting to look at him because I knew I would be drooling in no time.

“I’m in my second year of design.”

He shrugged his shoulders, looking at me with narrowed eyes. “You don’t seem like a designer, though.” I placed a hand over my chest, offended.

“What do you mean?”

“First of all, you’re wearing an uniform and your hair is all over the place. You even have a little bit of toothpaste in the corner of your lips.” I fixed my hair, looking at him badly.

“That doesn’t mean anything. You don’t look like an artist either.”

“Is that so?” He smiled. “Then to which career do I look alike?” I analyzed him, taking my time to admire his well proportionate body that fitted incredibly good in that faded striped shirt and parched pants. He was the image of street fashion, slaying it in every way possible. My mouth was eager to ask him everything to his inspiration to be so well dressed, to ask him where he got his clothes and that if he could let me design clothes for him as well.

I was a fashion sucker, admiring every type of style possible. Baekhyun looked like an artist, there was no doubt of that. His whole essence was living by it, but I couldn’t let him win. Something in him made me want to argue, to make him mad.


He gasped. 

“En-engineer?” His soft chuckles filled the elevator. “Is that the best you got?” His legs slipped on the floor, as he smoothly sat beside me. “You’re bad at lying, Y/N, but I appreciate the effort to fight me.”

“Shut up”, I said, muffling my cheeks with annoyance. He sighed loudly as he pulled his phone out once again, tapping in the screen with quick movements. His frown was deep and his pouting lips were constantly licked by his tongue as he kept his concentration on the phone. I glimpsed in his direction, before closing my eyes. Kyungsoo was going to kill me and I would get fired. I needed the money, and the idea of getting another job wasn’t of my liking.

We spent a few minutes in silence, both of us emerged in our very own thoughts. I was thinking in ways to beg Soo not to fire me, but it was nonsense. He was going to fucking kick me out and people haven’t seemed to notice that Baekhyun and I were both stuck in this damn elevator.

“You needed to be somewhere, Y/N?” I opened an eye to look at him, before sighing frustrated again.

“At work. This is my second call this week, and now I’m gonna get fired.” I passed a hand over my face harshly. He didn’t answer. “What about you, Baekhyun? What was your destination?”

He stuttered for a second. “Um, I had to meet, um, someone. I’m gonna get my head chopped now, anyways.”

I pouted my lips, thinking. “I see.”

“So, tell me Y/N… Do you want to play 20 questions?” He blurted out.

I chuckled a little. “Isn’t that childish?”

“Oh, c’mon. It’s gonna be fun.” His puppy expression made my spine tingle, and I found myself nodding at him with a small smile. The round of questions was typical, with him asking silly questions and me answering lame things. After a while, his questions tuned up their heat, becoming more and more personal.

“So, now, how do you like your men?” I was taken back by it, eyeing him a little as I wondered around the elevator with sloppy dance moves.

“M-my men? You are talking about my one-night stands?” He nodded effusively, winking at me. I bit my lips, feeling the heat crawling to my cheeks, as I thought about it.

“I’m not sure.”

“How are you not sure?” He jumped, looking amused. “You must have an ideal of what you’re looking for in hunting night, you get me?”

Yeah, like you.  I thought, but I didn’t say it out-loud, too conscious of it. “It’s not my thing. I just look and play. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“Hmm, that’s new.” He walked lazily in my direction, positioning himself in front of me. He towered over me with grace, looking at me with knowing eyes. I gulped heavily, unsure of what he was doing.

“What about me, sweetheart?” He whispered, getting closer to the soft skin of my ear. His warm breath crashed against my ear, making me quiver in response.

“What do you mean?” I managed to say without stumbling.

“Do you find me as your type?” His plump lips brushed my jawline, as his hands placed in both sides of my head, keeping me caged. I couldn’t think properly with his proximity, the scent of his fading cologne entering to my nostrils with no mercy. His chest was centimeters away from mine and the tips of his hair locks tingled on my skin.

His lips were trailing a way to the front part of my face, but I kept my silence. My mind was all over the place, with him so close to my body and I found myself wanting him even closer. I was about to respond, when I felt the elevator slowly shaking, coming back to life. He smirked once again, winking at me one last time before tearing away from my personal space, leaving me breathless. I hope to see you around, sweetheart”. He said, and exited the machine without me responding.

After that day, I started to notice him a lot more than before. Baekhyun attended to several classes with me, but he tended to sit in the lasts rows. To sleep, I presume. His usual style consisted in ripped jeans and baggy-stained shirts, and yet, he still managed to look out of a modeling magazine. His hair always seemed to be disorganized, almost on purpose; and a pair of glasses never seemed to leave his face. The tattoos on his neck were interesting, and I found myself wanting to explore them.

Baekhyun was apparently one of the most acclaimed boys in the campus, desired and awed by tons of girls every day. I didn’t know why I hadn’t acknowledged him before.  The girls followed him like lost puppies, eager to catch a glimpse of his attention, but they always failed at it. He was almost always with a pair of headphones and pencil in hand, doodling things in an art book, lost in his own world.

We barely crossed paths, but when we did, he winked at me with a smirk in his features. I just rolled my eyes, smiling as well, and kept walking, the memories of that elevator fresh on my mind. I felt his eyes burning the back of my head every once in a while, too, but I didn’t dare to catch his eyes. But when I did stare at him, I removed my gaze as quickly as I could, scared that he would notice I was watching him.

Little did I know that he noticed.

It was a Friday, and the bakery was empty at this time of the night. Today it was a free day in college, so I decided to do some extra hours, so I could make up for the elevator emergency. Kyungsoo had being sweet enough to let me stay, but he had warned me it would be the last time. I swore I couldn’t pay my friend enough for his kindness.

It was almost closing time, so I made myself some coffee, enjoying the music playing softly on the background, and reading a book on the counter. The smell of caffeine brought me happiness and I felt more relaxed than before. I concentrated on the scattered words, until the bell of the door chimed.

A red-haired shape appeared on the doorstep, and I felt my body stiffen. Baekhyun was standing there, looking around with curiosity. His clothes consisted in an oversized hoodie and a pair of ripped jeans; his familiar glasses weren’t on his face. His eyes crashed with mine after a few and a soft smile appeared on his features, as he approached to my direction. An art book was left on the counter and he sat right in front of me.

“Y/N.” My name rolled on his tongue. “It’s nice to see you around.” He said, playing with the ring band on his middle finger.

“Baekhyun…” I responded. “I didn’t expect you here.”

“A friend of mine told me about this place. He said the sweets were the best ones out here. You probably know him. His name is Do Kyung-.”

“Kyungsoo, yeah” I interrupted. “He’s one of my oldest friends.” He arched an eyebrow.

“He’s one of my best friends as well. What a small world.”  I nodded.

“Tell me, Baekhyun, what can I help you with?”

“You can help me with a lot of things, babe”, he winked. “But by now, bring me your best pastry and coffee. The one of your preference.”

“The one I want?” He nodded, smiling at me for the last time before starting to doodle in his worn-out art book. The lines were smooth, almost unthought, as if he didn’t need to imagine that much to create a masterpiece. I walked to the back door, shaking my head, and I looked for the Gyeongju bread. I took the flat white coffee I was making for myself and placed them both in front of him. He eyed them expressionless, before looking at me.

I pushed them further in his direction, encouraging him to taste them. They were my favorite combination in the world and I wanted to see if I had gotten in his sweet point. He bit the bread, closing his eyes for a second before sipping on his coffee. We were both silent, the music playing on the background. He didn’t speak until he finished his food, and cleaned his mouth with a napkin.

“What do you think?” I asked, anxious. I didn’t know I was so excited to know his opinion, but I examined his face with curiosity. He mumbled a little, with a serious expression on his face.

“I think that this was probably… the best one I have had in a while.” A smiled creeped on his face at my lighted up face. I clapped happily.

“I knew it! This is my favorite combination in taste”

“What other things you like to taste, hm?” His face approached to me, getting really close as he licked his lips softly. His eyes were looking at mine with fire in them, making my legs go like jelly. His hand tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, but his fingers stayed up there for longer than what they needed to be.

“Wha-?” I was interrupted by Baekhyun’s sudden question.

“Would you let me…?  I don’t know. Take you out as an act of gratitude?” The words died on my mouth. I was speechless, opening and closing my mouth like an idiot. I didn’t know how to respond, especially since his fingers where softly lingering on my collarbone, making imaginary drawings over my skin. I felt myself shivering, craving his touch, as his soft breath was crashing against my lips. He was that relatively close that could count every little flaw in his face, but I still thought they were… art.

He didn’t wait for answer, as his hand took me by the waist and led me out of there. A smirk still creeping in his face as the cool air of the night hit his face and his hands snickered around the exposed skin of my waist. The sheets ended up tangled between the both of us that night after a couple of drinks and a shameless session of flirting. His hand had trailed every single inch of my body with an extreme carefulness that I felt like a sculpture. His adoration only posed on me, as he scanned me with such a patience that made my head go dizzy and needy. His body heat kept with me all night.

What I forgot to notice, is that was going to end up ruined.

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Challenge Me [Roman Reigns]

#51 “Do you want to kiss as badly as I do right now?”

From prompt list for @ziasaph ! NSFW Drabble below.

You were downright pissed.

Why was it that Samoa Joe couldn’t just take a damn seat for once — not go shoving himself where he wasn’t supposed to be. No disqualification match or not, he had no fucking right to choose whether Roman or Braun won that match.

Of course you wanted Roman to win— but if Braun had earned his way to Summerslam you would’ve been fine with it.

You would’ve fretted over whatever god awful injuries Roman had, but at least it wouldn’t have left you with the sour taste in your mouth that witnessing Samoa Joe assault your boyfriend did. Ugh. In a sense it was predictable, only not like in bad soap operas where you got over it much easier (by dropping the show completely); this was your man getting put down.

The next live show was a mix of both RAW and Smackdown superstars, and you felt it was the perfect time to make a statement — without the repercussions that a televised show might get you.

Not that you weren’t considering doing something similar on RAW as well, but that was aside the point.

Joe was just finishing a match with Finn, the crowd eating up every bump either man took and filling the room with NXT nostalgia. Finn was defeated, that made you disappointed. The moments afterward, when Finn was hobbling his way back up the ramp, you got the attention of the sound crew, telling one of them to cue your entrance music.

“You’re sure this is scheduled, Y/N?” The techie asked.

“Yeah yeah, you know I wouldn’t mess around.” You smiled innocently. “And if anything happens, I ain’t telling on you or anything.”

The man sighed, radioing the booth to cut off Joe’s theme with your’s. The crowd went silent for a split second before picking up the applause, whoops of your name ringing out.

Everyone knew you were with Roman, and though he was still getting heat, the Universe still loved you and were anticipating what you might do. There had already been rumors of things boiling over, largely due to some wordy tweets you’d dropped.

You grabbed a mic on your way out the curtain, clearing your throat into it to make sure it was on. You sauntered to center stage, your legs positioned at shoulder width in a hard stance.

Samoa Joe directed his eyes at you from where he stood in the ring, where he had been busy yelling out to the hostile crowd and boasting about beating his opponent.

“Sup, Just Joe.” You chimed, walking forward with a sly pep in your step.

He didn’t have a mic himself, but you saw his mouth snarling as he spoke, his voice still distant over the noise of the crowd.

“So you ah… you kinda been popping around an awful lot lately. Sadly, either to get,” you paused, tapping the mic against your chin.

“1, overhyped. 2, beat. Or 3, pitifully trying to force some TV time.” Your voice dipped in growing annoyance, that smug look on his sweaty face making your blood boil while your foot slammed down onto the steel steps of the ring.

You were close enough now to hear him growl, “Very funny. But we all know you’re just getting pissy over your dog getting put to sleep—”


Your eyes shut for a quiet moment, collecting yourself just long enough to duck under the top rope and get onto the mat. When your eyes opened, they were glaring into Joe’s.

“Whenever you come bursting into situations, it’s always to ambush someone, huh? You don’t have the balls to just face your enemies head on, boy?”

He stepped closer, threatening.

“I take out my enemies anyway possible. Especially when they’re in my way.”

You stood still, your fists clenching.

“I’m not that moody,” You took a step forward as well, not backing down even with the height and mass advantage he had on you. “But I believe in karma for people like you.”

In one flick you threw your mic into his face, stunning him long enough for you to deliver a spinning kick to his leg before you bounced off the ropes behind you to spring up into a swing blade, your momentum and set up enough to throw him down onto his back with a thud.

You stuck your tongue out at him, hovering over his shocked face before flipping him the bird. The crowd exploded, cellphones going up and flashing all around.

Before he had the chance to get up and try to murder you, you laughed and jumped out of the ring, sprinting off to the ramp.

Quickness was sorta your thing.

And the rush of embarrassing the unstoppable, submission machine that was Samoa Joe was enough to have give an adrenaline boost, too.

Ah. The look of fury and mortification was gold.

You smartly ran off backstage, seeing only as Joe rolled out of the ring.

Your quick feet carried you past catering and the sitting areas, since you were planning to dip into the bathroom to lose Joe’s trail before hanging around the loading dock where only random dudes with cellphones hung around. A strong hand snatched your arm as you turned a corner.

“That was dangerous, baby girl.”

Roman’s deep voice never failed to send a shiver through you, more so when he was pulling you tight against the material of his vest, his wet hair tickling your ear.

“Don’t I live for that?” You chuckled, gazing back at him with a sidelong glance.

“You’re lucky he didn’t get a chance to lay a hand on you,” The hand on your arm slid down, locking your hand in his while his opposite fingers brushed some hair from your cheek. Affectionate touch clashed with the malicious words from between his teeth. “I would’ve torn him apart.”

“I think you mean he’s lucky then, Big Dog. I never intended for him to hurt me— just wanted to see him squirm.” Lacing your fingers with his thick ones, you pulled him behind the nearby stack of crates, casting you both in the shadows.

“I know.”

You both stared at each other, passion flaring between the minuscule space separating you.

“Do you want to kiss as badly as I do right now..?” You murmured, batting your lashes in some completely phony act of shyness. The bite of your lip was the cherry on top as you leaned your shoulders against the crates, casting your eyes down.

He loved when you toyed around like that, making it seem as though there weren’t any nights where you were perfectly fine giving him lap dances or always shopping around for new lingerie he hadn’t seen yet.

He loved it even more that he could get you to break away from the act in mere moments.

Not saying a thing, he pinned one of your hands against the crate, delving his head down first to the skin of your shoulder, then to your collar, up your neck — all the while only his plump lips pushing softly against the flesh, his rough beard rubbing. You whimpered, the tiny sound earning you a bite on your lobe.

“You’ve been mine long enough to know I want to do so much more than kiss you right now…” His voice possessed you, your heart racing as one big hand pushed past the band of your panties and ring shorts, long fingers pressing between the crevice of your ass on their journey toward your moistening pussy. His middle finger pressed over your slit, massaging but not penetrating all while he muttered obscenities into your neck.

Right when you croaked out a moan into his vest, his hand retreated all too abruptly, making you pout. Roman smirked, his perfect mouth forming a perfect slant before he brought the previously invading fingers to his tongue, tasting your essence with a satisfied hum.

“… but I got a match next.”

The goosebumps on your skin from your increasing arousal fell flat, and you heated again in annoyance. Always teasing because he knew you’d let him get away with it.

“Sorry—” he started, smiling, but you yanked your hand from under his to pull his head down for a forceful kiss, squeezing fistfuls of his long hair in your hands.

His tongue darted out to access your mouth, but now it was your turn to pull away- even going as far as to wipe off your pinkish lips with the back of your hand.

Roman narrowed his rich brown eyes, arching a brow, and clicking his denied tongue on the roof of his mouth.

“I’ll see you after then, baby girl.”

“You better make it up to me.” You challenged curtly, crossing your arms as you hopped up onto a crate, spreading your legs oh so casually as he started to back away.

“…Just meet me in the car. I won’t be long.”

Angel (A Racetrack x Reader)


Anyway, this is a mix between two requests! Sorry if it’s not exactly what either of you wanted, but I hope you enjoy anyway!

Words: 1079

Request:  Could you do a flirty/handsy race!!!! He’s my absolute favorite
I wish you would write a fic where race Higgins flirts with the girlsie reader constantly and she gets so tired of it and just kisses him, to which he just sits there totally stunned

Plot: Race is always flirting with Y/N, and one day she has enough of being ‘just friends’.

Characters: Race, Reader, Shoes (my OC)

A/N: Enjoy!

Warnings: Foul language, shit writing

Everyone knew Race and Romeo were the biggest flirts in the Manhattan Lodging House. So when Race started flirting with you, it was no surprise. And it was fun with all the cheesy pick-up lines and long glances. What was so surprising about it, was that you became the only person he flirted with. It was strange, seeing as the boy could seduce a tree. And soon cheesy pick-up lines turned into lingering touches, arms around the shoulder or the waist.

It drove you insane.

Who did he think he was? With his handsome face, his boyish grin, his messy greasy hair, always smelling like a mix of cigar smoke and newspapers? Who did he think he was making you fall in love with him?

It didn’t help that practically all the boys in the lodging house knew of your not-so-little crush on the flirt. Or that they had also noticed his lack of interest in other girls. It seemed every other hour someone would ask if he made a move. Or if you made a move. And there was the new term everyone used for you - “Race’s goirl”.

“Hey look, it’s Race’s goirl.”

“Hey, don’t get close Buttons, she’s Race’s goirl. He might get jealous.”

“And how is Race’s goirl doing?”

This drove you further into your down spiral of insanity. It was almost as if they were taunting you. It was as if they knew how badly you wanted their words to be true. But they could never be true. Right? Your selling partner, Shoes, didn’t seem to think so.

“How’s it feel, being Race’s goirl?” She asked out of nowhere. You roll your eyes, wiping sweat away from your forehead using your sleeve. Shoes stood proudly beside you, her hair tucked neatly beneath her cap. She always figured pretending to be a guy would help sell more papers.

“I’ll tell yah when I know.” You grumble. You raise a paper above your head, shouting the first obscene story that popped into your head. An older, balding man tosses you a dime before rushing off with the paper. “Thank yah kindly.” You say, though you’re positive he can’t hear you.

“What’re you two talkin’ about ova here?” With no warning, two lanky arms wrap around your waist. “Is it me?” Race breaths this into your ear, and you can feel your heart beat faster.

“You’s wish, Higgins.” Shoes says, sending you a discreet wink. “Shouldn’t you be sellin’ with Romeo?” She takes another paper out of her bag, waving it through the air with a shout of nonsense. Race moves so he’s standing beside you, an arm still around your waist.

“Why sell when I’s got betta things ta do?” He wiggles his eyebrows at you, using his free hand to take his cigar out of his mouth. “After all, gettin’ ta see this beautiful face is worth any ammount’a papes I got.” He taps you on the nose with a grin.

“Awe, look, she’s turnin’ pink!” Shoes teased, howling with laughter. You turn your head down, adjusting your cap to hide your face.

“You ain’t got money if you don’t sell papes, and if you don’t ‘ave money, you don’t get food, and if you don’t get food, you don’t live.” You argue, slapping his chest lightly.

“Awe, you’s care about me and mah well-bein’?” Race grins at you boyishly, adjusting his cap on his head. “I’m touched.” He placed a hand dramatically over his heart. “But don’t you worry ‘bout me angel, I’s already sold all my papes.”

“Well,if you ain’t here ta help,” Shoes cut in,waving a newspaper in Race’s face. “Go home. You’s can flirt with your goirl later.” Shoes is shoving him away before either of you can say anything. When he disappears around the corner, you openly glare at Shoes.

“I’m not his goirl.” You tell her firmly.

“Not yet.” She winks before waving another paper in the air. “Extry, extry, woman run over by car in critical condition!”

You sat on your bad that night,reading through one of the unsold papers Blink had brought back to the lodging house,when a not-so-mysterious weight was added to your bed.

“Race.” You greet him shortly, trying to fight back a smile.

“Afternoon, angel.” Race paced his head on your shoulder, glaring at the paper in your hand. “Anythin’ excitin’?”

“Not really.” You sigh. “I can’t understand most of them big words. I’ve ‘ad to skip three stories already ‘cuz I couldn’t read them.” You set the paper in your lap. “How do you do it? Read, I mean.”

“Well,” Race scratched the back of his neck. “I, uh, learned to read when I was young. ‘For I became a newsie.” He laughed. “Maybe one day I can teach yah!” He grinned. You smiled back, nodding.

“Yeah… I’d like that.” Your eyes scanned the paper again, not noticing the way he stared, taking in your beauty.

“Anythin’ for a pretty little angel like yous.” He flirted. You looked at him again. He was smiling that boyish smile, and he had that playful look in his eyes. You almost wanted to kiss him. But he was getting up before you could even move, tipping his hat off. “Well, I’s gotta go meet one of tha boys.” He winked. “I’ll see you’s later, angel.” And then, he was gone.

Damn him.

You and a couple of the guys were out to lunch a few days later. Race was standing close to you, an arm tossed lazily around your shoulder. He and Albert were laughing about something you didn’t understand, but they wouldn’t explain.

“You’re too innocent, angel.” Race smiled charmingly. You froze, staring at him. You weren’t offended by his words. Far from it, actually. But the way he was looking at you, and the way he spoke made you feel things you didn’t think you should be feeling for someone who’s ‘just a friend’.

“Race,” You murmur his name. As if some kind of miracle, Race removed the cigar from his mouth. Before he could say anything though, you grabbed him by his vest and pulled him towards you.

“Whoop! Told you!” Albert exclaimed moments after your lips met Race’s. The kiss only lasted a few moments, and when you pulled away Race stood there, open mouthed with wide eyes. You blushed, straightening out.

“Can I just say,” You laugh lightly, avoiding his eyes. “I… love when you call me angel.”

Dumpster Date

Summary: Based off this prompt, “I don’t know why you thought a dumpster would be a good place to take shelter from the rain but here we are I guess.”

Word Count: 1,090. 

A/N: Finally! It’s been way too long since I’ve last posted a Peter fic, but here at last is a new one after about two months. Hope you enjoy.

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Dedicated to my love: @baebae-goodnight ily boo <3

You’ve suspected for a while now that your boss is a chauvinistic ass clown, but here, now you’re certain of it. Two years at this company. Two years of busting your ass to get ahead and you find that the corner office you’ve had your eye on is occupied by a man who’s been here a fraction of the time you have.

Never mind that this particular man happens to be handsome, unbearably so, and smart too. Genius almost. Never mind that he tells fantastic stories, organizes happy hours and birthday outings for your co workers and is probably the most well liked person on this entire floor. You deserve that office after all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve given to this company.

You scowl at the embossed name placard that now hangs on the door. Kim Namjoon. Curse him and all his nauseating perfection.

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Pool Day (Harry Styles x Reader)

Request: Pool day with Harry please

A/N: This is my first Harry imagine! I hope you guys like this and enjoy it as well! Feedbacks are appreciated, I also open for criticism! It’s the only way I can improve my writing! So have fun! xoxo

Word count: 1,306

“Finally.” I sighed I took place on my deck chair. The moment I sat down and leaned back, I instantly began to relax. The sun was shining very bright today, which was typical for L.A. and I enjoyed its warmth on my half naked body. It left a comfortable feeling on my skin. After a long time, I could finally relax and calm down for a while. The last months had been very tough though.

I had to struggle with college and work, at the same time I tried to keep balance between my private life and the spotlight. Dating a celebrity was definitely not easy. I knew that before I started to date Harry Styles. He told that we didn’t have to make our relationship official to the public, however I wanted him to. I wanted everybody to know that Harry Styles was taken, so nobody could hit on him anymore. He was mine, only mine and he always would be. I wouldn’t share him with another females.

Also our relationship suffered under the pressure of Harry’s comeback. He almost spent his whole day by giving interviews or promoting his new album. The lack of his presence made me very lonely. We were only able to communicate by sending text messages or having a phone call for five to ten minutes. Not that I wasn’t happy for him, no, I was very proud of him. “Sign of the times” was a great success in many countries and made its way up to 1st place in the charts. How could not I be proud of my boyfriend? I just missed him during that time. Some nights, I really needed his comfort because college was getting on my nerves and sleeping in his arms was the only thing that would lull me to sleep.

Luckily, the times of loneliness were over. Harry had time for me now and we decided to have a pool day outside his huge villa.

“You look damn hot in that bikini.” Someone whispered in my ear, making my whole body flinch. I opened my eyes and was greeted by the green orbs of my handsome boyfriend. He had a cheeky smile on his lips, which made me smile as well.

“You don’t look bad yourself.” I commented.  My eyes wandered down his whole body and I bit on my lip. I know the entire world is aware of how sexy Harry is, but I want to repeat that Harry fucking Styles looked extremely appetizing and handsome, especially the way he was standing in front of me.

He wore some tight swimming trunks that outlined the shape of his thighs and bum. And not to mention his very muscular and well-built chest.  Simply heavenly!  I could really consider myself as lucky. Out of millions of girls in this entire world, I was the only one who could gain Harry Styles’ attention. I still had no idea how, but nevertheless I was happy to be the only girl by his side.

“Easy there, darling. You’re practically devouring me with your eyes.” Harry remarked. I immediately tore my gaze away from him, feeling my cheeks getting slightly red.

“Sorry.” I murmured. Harry only laughed about it, giving me a gentle kiss on my forehead.

“Turn around, love.” He told me, grabbing the sun cream bottle and putting some lotion in his hands. Then, he began to rub the lotion on my exposed back, massaging it up to my shoulders and arms. I closed my eyes and enjoyed how his hands did their wonders.  

“I really missed this. “ I said. There was no chasing by paparazzi, no problems, no stress. Only me and Harry.  We could finally hang out without being disturbed by fans, and stupid photographers or Harry’s manager.  

“Me too. I missed being with you. You have no idea how much I missed us.” Harry said, after he finished sun creaming my back. He leaned forward, so I could feel his lips slightly touching my neck. The feeling of his soft lips on my tender skin left tingles behind in my belly. Only he would make me feel this way. I couldn’t describe my feelings for this young man. I just love him so much.

“I promise,” He whispered into my ear. “From now on, we’ll be spending much time together, like we used to do. We need to catch up after all.”

“Sounds fine to me.” I sighed. As Harry pulled back, a disappointed sound left escaped my lips.

“I’m going to swim a few rounds.” He said. “Care to join me?” I shook my head.

“I want to relax for a while.”

Harry pouted but nodded, took a start-up and run to the pool where he jumped into. I leaned back on my comfy deck chair. My eye s followed every move that Harry made. How he would swim six tracks and how he would dive into the water. I was mesmerized by his beauty. Not only that, Harry was such an amazing person with a wonderful heart. It bothered me how the media tried to destroy his reputation by spreading awful rumors about him. People once described him as a womanizer which was completely bullshit. Harry’s not the person who would treat women like trash, no he respected them with his whole heart. The media showed him the way they wanted him to be. Nobody would know the real Harry except for me, his family and closest friends.

I still do not understand how people would think badly about him. I mean just look at him and tell me that he’s the most innocent, gentle and kind person you have ever seen.

“Come on, love!” Harry shouted after a few minutes. “I’m getting bored without you. Swimming makes no fun when you’re not here!”

“I don’t want to now! Just let me relax!”

“Babe!” You could see that he was slightly frustrated about me not joining him yet.

“Give me a few more moments!”

I heard how he climbed out of the pool and how his footsteps came closer to me. Suddenly, his strong tattooed arms were wrapped around my body and I was lifted up, being pressed against his hard chest. A surprised scream left my mouth even though I should have seen this coming. “You’ve relaxed a lot!” Harry growled.

I tried to wiggle out of his grip however I couldn’t escape. Harry carried me closer to the pool and stopped at the edge of the basin. “Harry!” My voice trembled. “Let me down!” He only shook his head, looking mischievously into my eyes. His lips curled up to a cheeky grin.

“Harry, I swear if you-“

“One!” Harry started to count. I punched him slightly on his chest, hoping he would let me down. But he didn’t. “Harry no!”

He offered me a laugh. “Two!”

“Harry, you wouldn’t dare!”

“And three!”  I took a deep breath before Harry jumped into the pool with me in his arms. Cool water surrounded our bodies and I shuddered as my skin made contact with it. Soft lips were pressed against mine and Harry stole a kiss from my lips under the water. He also grabbed me on my hips and pushed me towards him, holding me tightly. He smiled into our kiss. As the lack of air threatened to leave our lungs, we swam back to the surface.  Even though I was lightly mad I couldn’t help but smile to his sweet intention.

“You’re an idiot, Harry Styles.” I laughed, boxing him slightly on his right arm.

“Yeah, but I’m your idiot, darling.” He said, and kissed me again.

We spent the whole sunny day with swimming and splashing water towards each other, laughing and having fun. Days like this, where we were care-free and happy, were definitely my favorites.

Oh My Baby - V

Oh My Baby Masterlist ||

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 1867

“What!?” bellowed Chanyeol in shock. “What do you mean you can’t find him!?”

Jongdae ran his hand through his hair, his eyes quickly scanning the room for any sign of Eunwoo. He looked back up at Chanyeol, “Someone came in here to check on him but he’s not here, they’ve been looking for him for about an hour.”

“Well where else would he be?!” breathed Chanyeol, panicked.

“I don’t know!” spluttered Jongdae.

Chanyeol felt his heartbeat quicken and his chest tighten. If something happened to Eunwoo, it would be his fault. He could never live with that, especially after how he had treated Eunwoo ever since he arrived on his doorstep.

Chanyeol needed to find him.

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Summary: After a failed mission an already torn y/n questions her place in the Avengers.


Pairing : Bucky x Reader

Warnings: self-loathing,self-doubt,mentions of injury and blood if you flinch,angst,mild cursing,a bit of fluff towards the end

A/n: This is my first time writing fanfiction as well as the first time writing a story in English. I’m sorry in advance for any grammar mistakes you incounter. I hope you’ll enjoy it. This is my entry for @tilltheendwilliwrite writing challenge with the prompt “I said no.”

Your problems, traumas and worries were placed in boxes beautifully arranged in the back of your brain. They looked like a wall but not really a sturdy one. When someone would try to peek into one of them the rest would start trembling and if they decided to pull it out then they would all fall. All at once. Together. And with them you would follow.

“Oh my God this is all my fault”, you muttered to yourself as you held onto an injured Peter. It was supposed to be an easy mission. In, erase the files and out. It was your first mission teaming up together and both of you were ecstatic about it.

You were fighting off a H.Y.D.R.A. agent and just when you were about to knock him out a second one snuck up on you ready to shoot you .You were so focused on fighting the agent in front of you that you didn’t hear the other one  coming. The sound of a gunshot took you by surprise. You froze and just when the bullet was about to pierce through your body someone pushed you way.

“Damn you Parker what have you done.” You carefully inspected the injury. “this is bad this is so bad, what the hell were you thinking you moron.” He was losing so much blood. You needed to get out of here immediately.

“Tony, Peter is down. You need to get as out of here, he needs medical attention” you said through the intercom.

“Define bad” said Tony, the anxiety clear in his voice.

“He got shot trying to save me. There is no exit wound and the bullet is stuck in his abdominal area. Tony he is losing so much blood and I can’t do anything to stop it.”

The team was on standby, carefully hidden in the thick forest waiting for you and Peter to come out of the H.Y.D.R.A. safe house any moment now. They were all pretty nervous as it was the first time they’ve let the two of you alone in a mission but there was a certain super soldier that had become a literal bundle of nerves.

Bucky had a sweet spot for you. You tried to see the best in each person, never judging them by their past. You were patient and always there to listen to everyone’s worries. They would confide in you and you would offer a kind word and a piece of advice. When one night you found him in an awful state while he was having a night terror you were quick to approach him. You talked to him with soothing words, tenderly caressing his cheek until you were able to wake him up. That was the moment he knew he’d never loved one like you. He had fallen deep, deeply in love with you and there was nothing he could do to stop himself from doing so.

Hearing your trembling voice through the intercom he felt his heart shutter. Something was wrong. Peter was injured and badly from what he could understand but there was something more than that.

When Tony and the rest of the Avengers emerged into the building Bucky was the first to approach to and you fell into his arms. He held you tightly, his head resting on top of yours. Violent sobs fell from your lips and you immediately regretted your decision to let Bucky see you like that. You let go of him and run to the quinjet. The ride back to the Compound was extremely quiet. While Helen attended Peter’s injuries you were looking at your shaking hands. They were covered in blood. Peter’s blood. Your thoughts were eating you up alive. This was your fault. Peter, sweet, innocent Peter almost died because of you. Because of your recklessness. This wouldn’t have happened if you had been more careful. Why do you always do that? How on earth do you manage to screw up every single time? You shouldn’t have joined the Avengers, you knew something like this would happen. You destroy everything you touch why the hell would anything be different this time? You needed to leave, right now, before anyone else gets hurt because of you.

The moment you’ve reached the compound you ran towards your room and locked your door. You quickly discarded the bloody clothes to the floor and jumped in the shower. The hot water on your skin felt like a touch of silk to your aching body. You stood there for what felt like hours until you’ve gotten rid of all the dried blood. Enveloping yourself with a fluffy towel you searched through your drawers for one specific t-shirt. Bucky’s T-shirt. You’ve stolen it over a week ago while he was away on a mission. You didn’t want to admit it but his smell always brought you comfort. He made you feel safe, loved even though you didn’t think you deserved either his love or his affection. He was the best person you’ve ever met. Strong, loyal and even after everything he’s been through he was still so loving. How could you not fall for him? You put on the t-shirt and a pair of sweaters and laid on your bed seeking some comfort from your fluffy duvet.

You needed to leave, pack your things and disappear off the face of earth. Even the thought of leaving them behind brought you to tears but deep down you knew it was for the best. What use could you ever be to them? They were heroes and you were just you. A broken girl with a shuttered soul and a crumbled mind. You would only slow them down, or even worse, get them killed. Look at what happened to Peter. If anyone else got hurt because of you, especially Bucky, you wouldn’t be able to forgive yourself.

You were quick to your feet and with tears streaming down your face you started emptying your belongings  into a duffle bag, unbeknownst to the fact that a certain super soldier who had heard all the fuss had come to check on you. Bucky reached for the doorknob to enter your room but found your door locked.

“Y/n, what’s going on doll? Is everything okay?

“I’m fine Buck, go back to sleep.” You stifled a sob and tried to make your voice sound as though you hadn’t been crying for over an hour.

“You don’t sound fine. Have you been crying? Y/n please let me in” he begged, a pained look painted in his face. “Open the door Y/n, please. Unlock the door or I’ll just break it.”

With a defeated look on your face you unlocked the door and Bucky entered the room. He scanned his surrounding and saw the mess that was your room. “Hey that’s my shirt. I’ve been looking everywhere for it. Wow doll it looks like a bomb went off in here. What happen-”.He stopped mid-sentence, the duffle bag full of your clothes drawing his attention.

“No” he said firmly.

“Whatever it is that you think you’re doing don’t do it” he murmured and quickly approached you.

Taking a step back, a step away from him you answered as calm as you could “I have to James, it’s for the best. Look what happened to Peter because of me, because I wasn’t careful enough. I only bring trouble and pain. The team will be better off without me. Everyone will be better off without me.”

With a step he closed the distance between you two and held you close. “You’re not going anywhere, do you hear me? You’re not leaving. We need you here even though you think otherwise.”

“Bucky let me go”


“Bucky let go off me. I’m leaving. I really am. It’s for the best.”

“I said no.” He almost yelled, holding you even closer than before , cupping the back of your head with his hands.

“Don’t you get it? You can’t leave me. I need you here. I need your corny jokes when I’m gloomy. I need to hear your laugh and see you smile because you brighten my days. I need your tender touch to calm me down after a nightmare. I need you Y/n because you make me want to be a better person. Because you make everything that has happened to me easier to deal with just by being you. By being that goofy and at the same time the most serious person I’ve ever met, the most loving, forgiving and caring creature I’ve ever had the pleasure to encounter. You are my anchor Y/n. And most of all I need you here because I love you. “his voice trembling while saying the last part, he himself not being able to believe he’d finally gathered the courage to admit out loud the fact that he loved you both to you and himself.

You stood there frozen, trying to comprehend what had just happened. Bucky, James Buchanan Barnes, just told you he loved you. You. And you could swear you’ve never felt happier in your lifetime.

“Bucky I-”

“Y/n you don’t have to say anything. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that. You certainly don’t feel the same wa-” he started rumbling but this was your turn to interrupt him. With a swift move you brought your hands to his cheeks and before he had time to register what was happening your lips were on his.

When You Least Expect It | 05

Warnings: tiny bit of angst

Word count: 6,603

A/N: Okay, this is the second part I extracted from that mammoth chapter. It’s a little shorter than normal as a result, but I hope you enjoy it.

Originally posted by jeonbase

The first date was supposed to be the most nerve-wracking one, right? And that’s why you couldn’t understand why choosing something to wear was even more of an insurmountable task than the last time. How even though your apartment was now meticulous, it still seemed unfit for Jungkook to see, and that was despite the fact you were still not planning on inviting him in. Oh, no, just because you didn’t put out on the first date, that didn’t mean you were reserving it for the second one in some half-assed attempt at sticking by these new values you had adopted.

So why had you, yet again, gone to town on grooming and dressing parts of yourself that he wouldn’t be seeing tonight? Surely you should have been going au naturel to guarantee that you wouldn’t dare let him in the vicinity of these areas?


He was disarmingly handsome, cute, and growing on you at an unnerving rate. Without being in the same room, even! It was mind-boggling. Perhaps the sheer fruitlessness of your love for Taehyung was beginning to dawn on you. Perhaps your outpouring to Hoseok had been a turning point.


Or perhaps you were fooling yourself into thinking that you enjoyed Jungkook’s attentions.

Time would tell.

And time was approaching fast. He was due to pick you up in another five minutes, and you couldn’t find your fucking keys! Typical.


Fuck. He was early. Good job you had pressured your lazy ass into cleaning up.

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Monsta X reaction to seeing their s/o being flirted by two men who speaks their language during a date

cont: and while he’s away (like buying something or idk)

requested by anon~


Originally posted by sonhyunwoomx

Shownu; Shownu couldn’t believe what he was seeing, especially when he just went to throw his bottle. There were two young men who were already closing in and it was completely written all over your face that you weren’t interested in them and was about to leave when one of the guys took a hold of your hand, which Shownu finally had enough of. Making his way towards you, he’d actually clear his throat and slap away the hands of the man, giving him that look on the gif. When the men didn’t seem to budge, Shownu would actually crack his knuckles and ask if they have any problem and when finally noticed that Shownu was serious, they’d run off and leave the two of you, leaving Shownu slightly pissed but in a happy mood since you’ve wrapped your arms around his waist and gave him a kiss on the cheek, thanking him for saving you from those creeps.

Oh, where are you going little kitty? *smirks at you while the grip around your wrists tightens, making you wince in pain*”

“Let go off me–” “*clears his throat and smacks the man’s hand away, making him remove his hands off of you* What the heck are you doing?”

“*scoffs and steps up, eyeing Shownu from head to toe* Who might you be–”

“*cracks his knuckles and glares at the man* Do you have any problem? I guess you want to take this problem outside– *the two men dashes away* Tss.”

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Wonho; The last thing Wonho would expect to see once he comes back from ordering both your drinks was seeing two men flirting with his girl. Wonho had already noticed these men before the two of you even chose your seats and he knew they were trouble. He would angrily chew on his gum with the number on his hands, making his way back to you with his eyes never leaving the men who were now trying to take hold of your hand. He would loom over the man who really tried to touch you and would literally speak up behind him, making the man jump and look back to see Wonho’s strong arms going past through his face as he places the number on the table. A smirk would be found on Wonho’s face as he brings his arms back, looking down at the man with an eyebrow raised. He may look friendly but the tone of his voice would be icy cold and he wouldn’t really think twice and let the men know that you’re his and they have to piss off before they could even regret walking up to you and flirt with you. And to your surprise, Wonho would be all smiles when the men bowed and apologized for what they’ve done and it’d be as if nothing really happened.

Excuse me, what the heck are you trying to do with my woman? *fake smile, eyes boring onto the man’s head*”

“What the heck— Oh…. *starts to sweat when he sees Wonho* U-uh, we’re just trying to make friends with her.”

“Oh? Really? You call ‘holding her hand’ as making friends? I don’t think so. I’ll count up to three, and if you’re still here, I wouldn’t hold back and break every single bone you have. 1….. 2…. *the two men starts to get up and bow, apologizing for ever going near you* How cute… *takes a seat right in front of you and smiles* I ordered your favorite.”

“What was that, Wonho?” “What’s what? *innocently blinks at you*”

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Minhyuk; It hasn’t been a minute when Minhyuk saw two men walking up to you while you waited for him as he volunteered to pay for both of your clothes. He wouldn’t be too happy when he sees the men closing up on you but he’d be pretty amused by how you flashed them your fakest smile and excused yourself, to which would have Minhyuk relieved and would turn his attention back to the line. But when it was already his turn, he took a quick glance at you and noticed how uncomfortable you’ve become when the two men decided to walk up to you again. Let’s just say Minhyuk quickly paid for the clothes and immediately slung an arm around your shoulder and smiled at you, acting like he doesn’t even notice the two men glaring at him. Minhyuk would also place emphasis on the endearments and would just pull you away from the boys and out of the place, only to have him whining the minute he steps foot out of the shop. Minhyuk would ramble about what happened and would ask you about it, like what did they tell you or did you know them and many more. But soon enough, he’d be distracted by the sight of puppies, asking you if you guys could adopt one.

Oh baby, I’m so sorry if it took me long enough to pay for our clothes for our honeymoon next week. *smiles lovingly at you and places an arm around your shoulder, pulling you close to him*”

“*glares at Minhyuk and eyes him from head to toe*”

“*purposely hits the man on the face when he slings the bag on his shoulder* Let’s go baby! *pulls you out of the shop and his smile would be replaced with a pout* Baby, what was that? The nerve of those men, didn’t they see how uncomfortable you were when they approached you or something? *sighs* Baby, what did they tell you? I bet they asked you for your number or something… *sees puppies* BABE! PUPPIESSSSS!!!! *drags you towards the puppies* Can we adopt one?”

“No, babe.”

Originally posted by wullahs

Kihyun; It was just another picnic day for you and Kihyun and you were busy munching on some of the kimbap he made when he kindly excused himself as he badly needed to go to the bathroom. When he’s finally relieved, he goes out of the bathroom and sees two men ogling over you and was trying to flirt with you. He knows that you’re beautiful but he’d be utterly surprised to see two men going up to you. He wouldn’t be too happy about it and would immediately make his way back to you and would actually ask them if they need something or if they’re lost or something. But when the men would just snicker and ignore him, he’d actually tell them to piss off before everything get’s bloody hell and he wouldn’t really sugarcoat the insults that would leave his mouth. Thankfully, the men left without even apologizing, which would leave Kihyun in an awful mood that he’d be stuff a couple of kimbaps in his mouth and would look like an angry hamster. When you tried to comfort him, he’d just look at you and would ask you why you have to be so beautiful to attract random men.

Baby, are you sulking or what? *looks at Kihyun and sees him stuffing his face with some kimbap*”

“*glances towards your direction and back on the kimbap in front of him*”

“*Aww, baby, what’s wrong? *coos at him and pulls him into a hug, only to be surprised by his questions*”

“Why do have to be so beautiful to the point that you attract random men? *pouts*”

“I don’t know, ask your future mom&dad-in-law.”

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Hyungwon; Hyungwon wouldn’t really mind at first since he was in the midst of ordering a couple of desserts and drinks for the two of you. But when he was waiting for the drinks and desserts at the counter, he wouldn’t be able to rip his eyes off of you and the two men, who were giving you such flirty smiles and stares, which kind of ticked Hyungwon off. When the orders were already complete, Hyungwon would be walking towards your table with an ominous aura emitting off from him and it’d only take the second guy to notice him and break into a cold sweat when he saw the look on Hyungwon’s face. He would actually be politely asking them if they have any problem or what not, and when they replied a no, he would actually directly ask them why were they there in the first place and the two men wouldn’t even bother responding as they’re already running away for their lives. Hyungwon would just place the desserts and drinks on the table and ask you if were you hurt or something.

Babe… thanks for shooing them away… *glances at Hyungwon’s expression than to the strawberry cake*”

“No worries. *takes his seat and looks at you with the same look on the gif* Did they touch you or hurt you? *takes a hold of your hand and stares directly into your eyes*”

“No…. but they were kinda creepy tho..”

“*sighs* I should’ve taught them a lesson or two..”

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Jooheon; Well, actually, you and Jooheon were actually cross-dressing since the two of you lost a bet. The two of you were at Gongcha, and since you are the guy, you’re the one who’s ordering while Jooheon’s left outside, waiting for you with his silky hair flowing down his shoulder. Somehow, he would get really flustered when two men walked up to him and started flirting with him but in a different language. Jooheon wouldn’t know to react but would just laugh and speak out a word or two that he’d learned from you and would fiddle on his skirt. But when the men didn’t leave, Jooheon would immediately talk to them with his usual voice and would literally tell them that he’s a guy. And when they’ve finally left, you’d come back to see a blushing Jooheon, who immediately hugged you and told you what happened with the same expression on the gif. You wouldn’t understand at first but when you come across the two men, he’d point at them and tell you that they flirted with him, thinking that he was a girl.

Babe, are you alright? *walks up to him with worry, but only to be surprised by Jooheon’s sudden hug*”

“Babe babe babe, you wouldn’t believe what just happened.”

“What? *looks at him weirdly and pulls away from the hug to let him carry the other bag of drinks*”

“There were two men who flirted with me and they thought I was a girl!! *laughing* Man, am I that cute? *aegyo pose*”

“Babe, let’s just go home….”

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I.M; Changkyun was in the middle of choosing some cup ramyeon for the two of you to feast on when he caught a glimpse of two men walking up to you while giving you some flirty smile and wink. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from letting out an omg. It has actually been the nth time since you’ve flirted with men who spoke the same language with you. Grabbing two cup ramyeon, he would immediately pay for it and walk up to you, excusing the two of you from the two males and dragging you away from them. Changkyun wouldn’t really talk some senses into them since he would just drag you away and have the two of you eat some cup ramyeon at his studio. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from talking about how this is the 20th time you’ve been picked on and how this needs to stop and how he should buy some pepper spray for you next time and many more, and this will go on for 20 minutes, only to be silenced by you kissing him on the lips, making him grin widely.

What should I get for [y/n]? Hmm… *taps his lower lip and was about to get you some shin ramyeon when he catches a glimpse of the two men walking up to you* Oh my goodness… when will this stop?! *grabs two random ramyeon and pays for it; hurriedly walks out of the convenience store and takes a hold of your wrists and fake smiles* Excuse me, but I have to get my GIRLFRIEND away from the two of you. Okay? BYE. *drags you away from them*”

“That was fast… *looks at him and sees him with an exasperated look*”

“[y/n], this is the 20th time that you’ve been hit on! I guess we have to eat at my studio… Baby, this needs to stop. You’re getting prettier and prettier by the day and and… for sure you’re gonna get hit on the next time you go out… .Should I buy you some pepper spray? I heard that it’s– *silenced by your kiss, grins widely when you pull away*”

Wrong Place Wrong Time- Requital (8)

Do not reuse, edit or copy any of my work(s). ©

Part 8 of an ongoing series enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: Wrong Place Wrong Time trilogy. 14 years later and…
Word Count: 2,240

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

“My wife.” Kyungsoo panicked. “And the baby…she’s pregnant.”
You looked over as you heard Yixing scoff from beside you. You shook your head in his direction, what had gotten into him and why was he being so insensitive?

“Kyungsoo calm down, we’ll get some of the boys to go and deal with this.” Junmyeon raised his arm in the air demanding some silence. “Yixing, Tao, Jongin…can you sort this out? I don’t think Kyungsoo is capable…” He looked down at Kyungsoo’s wheelchair and pulled a face. Tao nodded slowly. Fine we’ll—”

“No.” Yixing butted in. “I’m not able to.”

“Yixing what the heck is wrong with you? Why are you being like this?”

“I’m not going. Someone else can take my place.” He frowned as he dropped himself down on the sofa. He was clearly in no hurry to go anywhere.

“Fine. I’ll go shall I?” Chanyeol huffed as he shook his head at Yixing.

“What about weapons? You can’t just go in empty handed, can you? You’ve no idea what you’re walking in to.” Baekhyun frowned as he kept his eyes glued onto Seojun’s phone. You began to feel uneasy, previously the boys had always been prepared for such attacks, but now you were all so vulnerable.

“Wait…” Minseok breathed shakily as he looked at you and then disappeared into your room. He returned moments later with a small handgun. You gasped as you stared at it in horror.

“Minseok!?” You felt sick. He promised that he would get rid of all weapons that he had owned, they weren’t safe especially when you had a child running around. Besides, a fresh start meant getting rid of everything toxic. “You promised me—”

“I know.” He said quickly and closed his eyes. “I know what I promised.”

“So what the—”

“Listen, this isn’t the time to badger him about this. In fact, thank God he didn’t throw it away because this may save a life tonight. Yes it may end another’s, but it will save one of us as ironic as that sounds. Did you really think we could through life without being paranoid Y/N? Without us thinking we’d ever be attacked again. Did you really think it was possible to live without any protection? You’d be stupid to think that all of us didn’t keep at least one weapon tucked under our beds.” Junmyeon shook his head at you.

“Chanyeol?” You whispered.

He shrugged his shoulders at you as he looked up with pity in his eyes.
“I’m sorry Y/N, Junmyeon’s right.”
You let out a breath as you looked at all of the men in the room and suddenly they were all monsters again. Exactly like when you first met them. Of course they hadn’t changed. Once a monster, always a monster. Their hands would be stained with the blood of each and every life they took for eternity; innocent or guilty. You were stupid for thinking that life could change.

Minseok let out a breath as he gave the gun to Jongin.
“I hope you’re still a sharp shooter Jongin. There’s only 1 bullet left, make sure you get them this time. We don’t need another Luhan repeat.”

“Hey I thought we stopped blaming that on me. I feel awful for what I let happen to Sehun—”

“Jongin stop. You didn’t let anything happen to Sehun. His death wasn’t your fault, how were you to know about Luhan’s surgery? It was Luhan’s fault, he was the one that pulled the trigger not you. Okay?” Baekhyun said sternly as he frowned at Minseok. “But you guys need to go. Quickly.”

Jongin wrapped his long fingers around the gun and tucked it into his trouser pocket.
“Yeah we’ll try and be back.” He sighed as he made his way to the door. “And don’t tell Seojun about this, it will only scare the boy some more. He won’t sleep otherwise.”

“Then we should tell him.” Yixing mumbled under his breath as he smirked.

“What the heck is wrong with you Zhang Yixing?” Jongin called before shutting the door.

“What if they’ve already got to her?” Kyungsoo panicked as he rushed a hand through his hair.

“Stop it Kyungsoo. I’m sure she’s fine, they’d want Jun to panic for a while anyway so they wouldn’t have touched her yet.” Minseok sighed as he turned his attention over to you. “Y/N…babe—”

“I’m going to sleep. I’ll sleep with the boys tonight.” You said in a monotone voice whilst avoiding his gaze and walking to Sehun’s room. Your eyes widened when you saw Seojun crying quietly in a corner.

“Jun, sweetheart…what’s wrong?” You cooed.

“Are they going to kill my mum?” You wiped his tears away with the pad of your thumbs and shook your head. “It’s okay Jun, your mum will be okay. Your uncles have gone to deal with the situation now.”

“They’re not my uncles, they’re all monsters.”

“Jun don’t say that. Let me make the bed. Your mum will be fine okay.” You walked over to the cupboard opposite from where you were stood and began to pick out some old blanket that you bought when Sehun was a baby.


You jumped as you heard Sehun’s voice croak from behind you.

“Hun? Sweetie, I thought you were asleep, why are you awake?”

“Mum…I’m scared.” The tone of his voice broke your heart into thousands of pieces. You knew there wasn’t much you could do to console him but you tried your hardest regardless.

“It’s okay Sehun, we’ll be fine it’s being taken care of.”

“But dad’s got a gun.”

Your face went blank as you heard the words quietly slip out of his mouth, why had he been awake at the wrong time?
“I know.” You breathed. “I know and I’ll have a word with him about that, but right now we all need some beauty sleep alright.” You smiled nervously as you placed a hand lightly on your son’s cheek.

“I used to think it was a toy.”

You frowned as you paused in your spot at Sehun’s words. “What do you mean you thought it was a toy Sehun?…”

“I’ve seen it before. When I was younger. I was playing with my remote control car and drove it under your bed, I went to go find it but I found the gun instead. I held it against my head and pretended to shoot myself, just as a joke. I never pulled the trigger though…I’m glad I didn’t now.”
Your eyes widened as you began to sob uncontrollably. The fact that your son had even held a gun in his beautiful delicate hands and the fact that he held it against his head and nearly killed himself was sickening. You were so overwhelmed and angry, a hatred for Minseok began to slowly bubble up inside of you. How could he be so careless? You could have lost another Sehun. You could have lost your son.

“I hear crying. Is everything okay? What’s happening?” Minseok’s worried face stepped through the door.

“Get out.” You hissed.

“What’s going—”


Jongin’s P.O.V.

He frowned as they walked silently around the house, it felt weird holding a gun in his hands again and to be honest he hated the fact that it felt so familiar. He wanted to be rid of everything and he had worked so hard to reach his goals and make a decent life that he was content with living. God only knew how horrible life had been for him after the death of Sehun, but he had managed to drag himself back together and patch together all of the gaping holes in his life. He wanted so badly to be rid of the dangerous lifestyle, but if he learnt anything in life it was that luck was a myth.

He nodded as Tao pointed to the bedroom. The 3 of them slowly filing in. He frowned; he was confused. Sara was there sleeping peacefully, untouched and definitely unscathed. Nobody else was present either. Chanyeol slowly began to lift the duvet off of Sara’s body and pulled her dress up just enough to see her underwear.

“She doesn’t seem as though she’s been assaulted sexually either. She’s not been touched by the looks of things.” He whispered and looked about the room puzzled, his eyes widened when they finally rested upon the dressing table on the right side of the room. “Look.” He pointed. There was a small red and white parcel there. He walked over and opened the box.

This Genesis household has been informally warned.

Tao shook his head as he looked at Sara’s sleeping body.
“We must’ve missed them.”

Suddenly a loud clattering was heard from the kitchen area, the boys began to sprint to the kitchen and saw a black hooded figure trying to escape from the ground-level window upon their arrival.

“I don’t think so!” Jongin shouted as he reached his hand out and pulled the figure backwards. He frowned at how miniature the person was, the oversized hood dragging on the floor as it engulfed their body whole. He held the gun up to the person’s head and spun them around pulling the hood down so they could identify the face properly. “What the fuck?” Jongin breathed as his eyes widened in shock. “It’s…it’s just a little kid.” He stared down at the small innocent face that couldn’t have been any older than 6. “I—I can’t shoot. How can I shoot?” He turned to face Chanyeol and Tao. Chanyeol held his arm up in the air signalling for Jongin to lower the gun.

“Please don’t hurt me.” The little child cried as she stared up at the 3 giants towering over her, her eyes were red and puffy and she had minor cuts and abrasions on her palms and knees. She looked no bigger than an ant in comparison to the 3 tall men.

“Why the heck do her features look so familiar? She looks like someone but… wait I…”
Tao squinted his eyes and peered closely at the small body in front of his.

“Mmm, that’s what I was thinking.” Chanyeol mumbled.

They all continued to stare at her.

“Oh my goodness.” Chanyeol’s eyes widened to double their size. “She looks like—”

“What the fuck is going on in here?! Who are you?! I’m calling the police!” They all turned to look up at Sara, who was standing at the door frame looking petrified and dishevelled; armed with a bat in one hand and a phone in the other.

“Sara. Wait, it’s me.” Chanyeol said as he stepped out from behind Tao.

“Chanyeol?” Her eyes widened. “What are you doing here? Why have you got…”

“It’s okay you’re safe don’t worry. It’s a long story but someone tried to break into your home. We found this little kid here though, so nevermind.”
She let out a breath as she stared at the child.

“Where’s Kyungsoo and Seojun?” She asked nervously as she bit her bottom lip, her eyes darting nervously backwards and forwards.

“Don’t worry, they’re with Minseok.”

“Oh goodness, then he’s still mad at me. I said something stupid to him, I shouldn’t have.”

“I see. Look Sara we need to go. I’ll tell Kyungsoo to call or something.”

“Is something going on? Is this to do with Seojun and Sehun?”

Chanyeol breathed in deeply before speaking.
“Yes. I think it might be. But they’re all safe so don’t worry.” He bowed at her politely as he signalled for the other men to leave. “Bring the kid.”

 They waited impatiently at Minseok’s front door in the cold. Jongin had one hand occupied with a gun whilst the other was holding the small parcel. He continued to steal glances at the little girl who continued to cry behind him. He wondered what his life had actually amounted to, when he was out here capturing little kids.

“Is Sara alive?” The door opened suddenly, Baekhyun popped his head round beckoning them inside and shut the door behind them.

“Yes Baek, we’re okay thanks for asking.” Jongin sneered sarcastically throwing the parcel to Junmyeon. “Another one.”

“Jongin please…” Kyungsoo’s eyes were desperate as he wheeled himself forward.

“Yeah, she’s perfectly fine, but call her. She’s worried.”

“So did you find anyone then?” Kris asked impatiently as he cleared his throat and stepped forward closer to the men.

“No… well yes. But not what we expected.” Jongin frowned.

“But you shot to kill right?”


“Jongin what the fuck.” Kris hissed. “Why not?! You were given specific orders.”

“It wasn’t a shoot to kill circumstance Kris.” Tao sighed “We couldn’t shoot this…” He stepped aside revealing the body of the sobbing little girl standing behind him.

“What the fuck?…” Baekhyun whispered. They all looked puzzled, apart from Jongdae who looked more so alarmed.


The little girl blinked as she looked up with her mouth agape and began to run to Jongdae with her arms wide open.
“Daddy!” She cried as he scooped her up and held her close to his chest bouncing her up and down. “Please don’t let the bad men hurt me.”

Everyone in the room let out a gasp as they watched Jongdae rubbing the hooded child’s back.

“Oh right that’s it, her features looked familiar.” Tao mumbled. “They look like Jongdae’s.”

Joe Sugg - Darcy

AN: had to write this one all over again because I wasn’t happy with it at all. I hope you like it, bros.


You sighed as you looked up at the sky, so gray and so unfriendly looking. It was bound to start pouring rain any minute now. You lowered your head to look at Joe standing at the bottom of the slide, waiting for Darcy to climb up and then slide down her way to his arms, the cold winter breeze definitely not stopping her.

Your friend Louise had called you the week before, asking you for a huge favor. Her boyfriend Liam had booked them a romantic weekend in London, but they happened not to have any baby sitters available. So they thought, as you lived in London and Darcy loved you so much, that you wouldn’t mind staying with her just for a night. And you didn’t, really.

As for Joe…he just tagged along. He saw Darcy on your snapchat and wanted to come help you, so you actually had some adult company. Seeing that the little girl loved him as much as he loved you, you didn’t have a problem with it.

“Joe” you called him, getting closer to the two “I think Darcy and I should maybe head home. It’s quite cold and it looks like it’s about to rain”

Joe, who was holding the little girl’s hand, looked up at the sky “Looks pretty bad, yeah” he said, now looking at the 5-year-old “What do you say, munchkin? Shall we go home and prepare supper?”

“Yeah!” Darcy said excitedly. One of the things that you loved a lot about her was that she was always so cheery and lively.

But then you realized what your boyfriend had said “Oh, Joe, you can go home if you want to” you told him, a tiny part of you hoping he would rather keep you company. Maybe a not so tiny part.

“It’s fine, Y/N” he said “I’ll just tag along, maybe we can watch a movie later, huh, Darcy?” He placed a small kiss on your forehead. The little girl nodded as she grabbed your hand and started pulling both of you out of the park.

Once you got into your apartment, you told Darcy to go and get changed into her pajamas as she was a big girl now. Joe opened the fridge in the meantime “What should we make for supper?” He asked, looking at a few things he seemed quite interested in.

You blushed at his dedication “I can do it myself, Joe. It’s fine, you don’t have to do this” you smiled as you took his place in front of the fridge, placing your hand on top of his, which he kissed.

“Hey, I want to” he answered “Being with you and Darcy is fun, just let me enjoy it” he said with a funny accent, and you couldn’t help but laugh. Suddenly, you found yourself wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him closer for a hug. He instinctively wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed the side of your head. Joe put his hand on your chin and guided your lips to his, locking them in a sweet kiss, making you forget all around you.

“Y/N, Joe” you heard Darcy’s voice from the other side of the kitchen counter, and you broke your kiss, embarrassed “Are you a mummy and a daddy?” She asked innocently, making you smile in spite of the awkwardness of the situation.

“No, love” Joe spoke softly. You’d never heard that voice coming from him other than when he talked to children “We are just boyfriend and girlfriend”

“And when are you gonna be a mummy and a daddy?” She insisted.

“In a few years, love” he sounded so convinced, it made you blush. Even tho you knew he just was saying it so Darcy wouldn’t insist any more, you couldn’t help but imagine yourself being a mother to Joe’s children.

Darcy didn’t look convinced with his answer, but she let it go and she went running towards the sofa to cuddle with her toy.

An hour later, you had fed her dinner and you had had your own. Darcy was on the sofa on her own finishing off a movie she wanted so badly to watch while you and Joe were doing the dishes. He was doing them, anyway “Are you sure you’ll be alright on your own with her tonight?” He asked you for the eleventh time, passing you a plate for you to dry up.

You rolled your eyes “Yes, Joe” you repeated “She’s five, you know. And I’m great with kids” you said cockily, teasing him.

He made a buffing noise “She loves me way more” he said, and just then you felt a small tug on your sweatpants. You looked down to see Darcy with her eyes looking red, and injected in tears “Darcy, baby, what’s wrong?” You kneeled down in front of her, carefully drying her tears with your finger.

Joe immediately left the dishes and kneeled down besides you, pulling the little girl into a hug. You smiled at the sigh of them “Tell me what’s wrong, princess” he softly said to her.

“I miss my mummy” she sobbed, and your heart sunk. You had never seen Darcy like that before, and it reminded you of how you were as a child, always so homesick, always looking for someone who would hug you.

Joe kissed the top of her head “Your mummy will be back tomorrow, don’t worry love” he said “Do you wanna sleep with us tonight?”

You saw Darcy nodding and you rubbed her back. She responded to your touch by leaving Joe’s arms to jump to yours. You laughed as you hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek “You’re such a good grown up girl” you said, making her smile for the first time. Joe looked at you with a grin on his face, before, still on his knees, walking towards you and kissing your forehead.


The feeling of someone moving too much next to you made you open your eyes. 3:47 am. Great. You looked down next to you and saw the back of Darcy’s head, a familiar arm carefully wrapped around her tiny body, almost touching yours. You looked up and saw Joe staring right back at you. You jumped “Shit, Joe”

He laughed “Gee, nice to see you too” the darkness still allowed you to see his smirk “Can’t sleep?”

“I just woke up” you explained. He motioned for you to get closer, so you did. You had missed Joe’s arms way too much that night, but you understood that Darcy needed them way more.

He put his arm around your waist, holding it tightly, so now he was embracing both of you “Thanks for helping me today” you said as you noticed that your face was getting closer to Joe’s now. Darcy was still snoring peacefully on his chest.

“Hey, it was fun, actually” he said, and stopped himself before he said anything else. But you noticed “I…” he started “I mean, when Darcy cried earlier…I didn’t know I would handle it so naturally”

You smiled “You’re really good with kids, Joe” you said “See? You’ve got feelings!” You joked. His friends liked to tease him about how he was always so awkward while treating with emotional people, and you definitely loved to join the team.

He mocked a laugh “Not funny”

“Aw, I’m just joking” you said, reaching a piece of hair that had fallen on his eye with your hand and placing it away “You’ll be a great dad one day”

He smiled “With even better dad jokes” he said “Is it bad that I want kids now?”

“Don’t you dare, Sugg”

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#22 with link and zelda?

thank you so much for sending me a zelink prompt! this is officially my first loz fanfic! because there was no specific game requested, i decided to go with my faves and write a bit of ss!zelink (skyward sword)~ i hope you enjoy!!

22. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

title: Searching for You
words: 3.5k
game: Skyward Sword

send me a number and a pairing and i’ll write up a drabble!
prompt list can be found here

can also be read on ao3 here!

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the storm in the distance | oneshot

Originally posted by rapdaegu

❮ a oneshot from the all you’d never see series ❯

pairing: seokjin x siren!reader | fluff & angst
word count: 7k
warning(s): mentions of blood & death

Sirens were infamous for their dulcet voices, enticing in all its honeyed tones, laced with the intent of beguiling innocents into the treacherous waters; for no reason in particular, other than the cruelty and mischief that had seized their hearts ever since the beginning of time.

Only, your exception came in the form of Kim Seokjin, and suddenly you couldn’t keep yourself away.

Sirens were beautiful creatures, of course they were; seemingly ethereal with orbs that reflect the depths of the sea, and smiles that were undoubtedly stunning, yet wickedly so, because the most charming of appearances ensconced the emptiest of hearts.

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since u asked; wanda maximoff

summary: wanda makes a new friend months after having no one. romance ensues.

word count: 1,960

warnings: i didn’t edit this (do i edit anything?) and this probably isnt my best fic ahhh. 

a/n: as much as i love peter parker, i still need to satisfy my own gay needs. i love wanda. she’s cute. i listened to/loosely based this off of since u asked by swim good x merival. anyways back to peter after this y'all dont worry

Your name: submit What is this?

And after the violence against Ultron that had resulted in her dear brother’s death, Wanda had decided that maybe shutting out others would be the best way to cope with that. It was awfully lonely but she’d rather sew her own heart back together than have Steve lay his hands all over it, where he’d surely expose her raw emotions to whoever asked him. As much as she appreciated him, he was terribly pushy.

Really, everyone of the Avengers had their own traits of pushiness. It made the compound feel incredibly smaller than it was. Despite how much her privacy was respected, when she emerged she felt emotionally violated. It was unclear to her how no one, not even Natasha, who didn’t even let herself witness her own true feelings, understood that she’d like to keep her trauma to herself.

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anonymous asked:

Would you pretty pretty please write Dickon courting Sansa and having to face all of her protective male family members (everyone lives because this is Denial Town)

Denial Town AU

Standing in the courtyard once again waiting for their southroun visitors just as they did many moons ago when King Robert came along with Queen Cersei and Prince Joffrey…how Sansa had admired him! She had fancied herself in love with him, had thought he would be her Prince Aemon the Dragonknight or the Florian to her Jonquil, soon enough she started to see that wasn’t the case (Lady) and still she tried so hard to be like all the ladies from the songs, wanted to be as beautiful and just as queen Alyssane…

She wouldn’t.

Lord Baelish had warned her life wasn’t a song, and now she understood, father had explained the Queen’s treachery and Joffrey’s baseborn nature, the Kingslayer incestuous relationship with Queen Cersei… She had been so horrified at first she thought them to be lies, but her father would never say anything but the truth, worst of all had been King Robert’s wrath, she could still hear the screams and the thunderous sound of the warhammer against the bodies of the Queen and her children . Life wasn’t a song alright, life was a horror tale like the ones Old Nan used to tell during the stormy nights.

Truth to be told she wasn’t specially looking forward to meet her possible bethroted, as far as she knew he was the heir and her Lord father said he got the highest praises from his elder brother at the Wall (why would an heir leave his home for the Wall she could not fathom) but then again everyone had said the most wondrous things about Joffrey, and while he showed himself charming and gallant at the start he lied to the King and did nothing when Queen Cersei had Lady killed.

The Tarly’s seat (that Dickon would inherit someday) was Hornhill said to be a beautiful keep in the Reach. The South had always been her dream, and Hornhill was surely lovely, full of flowers and frutal trees of all kinds but, at the same time she felt weary, the South wasn’t kind to the Starks it hadn’t been kind to her gentle and beautiful Lady.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of the horses’ hoots thuding against the fresh summer snow that coated lightly the soil of the King’s Road. Her lady mother instructed Rickon to stand straight and checked once more Arya was in her proper place beside her. Strangely enough her usually unruly sister had dressed without making a fuss and was in her very best behavior.

Two guards entered the courtyard carrying the banner with a red hunter against the green field that was the Tarly’s sigil, right behind him a giant of a man (though definetly shorter than Ser Gregor Clegane) with a balding head, close trimmed beard and stern square face rode a magnificent black stallion, she guessed he was Lord Randyll Tarly.

Beside him a tall and handsome boy of golden hair and blue eyes, a shade or two darker than her own riding a dark brown horse. That was him, her stomach knotted, that was Dickon Tarly.

The golden hair reminded her of Joffrey for a moment, but the two boys had nothing else in common, where Joffrey had been lean and delicate Dickon was broad and strong looking, his face was square like his Lord’s father but without the sterness, he lacked completely the easy charm and authority Joffrey had displayed, Dickon had an aura of awkwardness around him… but he also looked surprisingly gentle.

Her eyes met with his for a moment, and she almost giggles at the expression in his face (mouth agape, blue eyes open wide and color rising in his cheeks) she lowered her eyes to prevent in but still a smile broke into her face. He, this possible new bethroted of hers, was strangely endearing.



Robb didn’t like this boy, he was blond like a Lannister and that foolish expression he made at the sight of his sister! He was most probably as craven as that bastard prince Joffrey.

His Lord father had told him about Joffrey’s supposed cruelty and how badly he would have treated his sweet sister, and asked him to keep and observant eye on the Tarly boy, his first impression of the blond boy had been completely unflattering, but that didn’t mean he was opposed to a more through inspection in the courtyard, if the boy wasn’t at least passable with the sword then he was not deserving of Sansa, she needed someone strong enough to protect her.

After the small feast his father had thrown in the honor of the Tarlys, during which Robb had to escort Lady Talla Tarly, a sweet little girl as timid as princess Myrcella had been. Robb asked Lord Dickon to spar with him in the courtyard, his mother had shot him a disapproving glare but Lord Tarly had seemed eager for his son to accept, and when Dickon finally did Lord Tarly insisted on watching.

“I’ll fetch the padded armors” Ser Rodrick said.

“There’s no need for that” Lord Tarly stepped out blocking Winterfell’s Maester at Arms way “My heir knows well the blows of the wooden sword, he is a Tarly of Hornhill and needs padded armors as much as Winterfell’s heir”

Robb nodded “We’ll do it the way Lord Tarly desires Ser Rodrick” he took one of the wooden swords in the rack and swung it with ease from side to side “‘Tis are but wooden swords, no real harm can be done with them”

Blond haired Dickon took a sword of his own and they began at Ser Rodrick’s comand. Robb’s first blow was packed with as much strenght as he could muster but the Tarly boy stopped it easily with his own shield and gave his own blow, Robb barely avoided to take it in full force, begrudgingly he admited the hit would have probably made him drop his sword, the boy two years his junior was taller than him and now that he was really looking at him Robb realised he and the bastard Lannister had nothing in common but the hair color, the Tarly had strong arms and broad shoulders.

Both had taken numerous blows, but now the sun was setting and soon they would be called for supper, Robb was sure his Lady mother wouldn’t take kindly to ther future Warden of the North supping with sweat deipping down the table, much less in font of guests. And even if Lord Tarly ad been very insistent, his father had insisted both of them needed food and some rest, at the end he had to admit the boy was very good, Robb had still won most of the matches but in a few years maybe the lad will give him a run for his money.

“Your swordmanship is very good” Robb said while both, he and Dickon put their swords in their rack.

The boy looked surprised and almost bashful before his face split in a grin “Thank you! I– I mean thank you m'lord, it was an honor”

He shook his head “It’s fine you needn’t be so formal, I had a very good time” then feeling mischevious leaned closed so only Dickon could hear “but if you ever harm my sister I’m afraid the next time our swords cross it won’t be fun…well at least for you” The boy nodded fervently, he wasn’t scared as Robb was aiming, he seemed almost solemn “I would never dare m'lord” And that’s the moment Robb thought mayhaps the boy would make him a fine goodbrother.



Arya glared at the blond haired prick sitted beside her sister, he was such a ridiculous fool, all stamering and blushing like a maid. Not for the first time she wished Jon was here so they could both laugh at the fool.

Robb seemed to like him well enough, but then again Robb had never dealt with Joffrey, he didn’t know how those kind of monsters would act all sweet and knightly with Sansa and then sent someone to murder common boys like her friend Mycah.

She rememberd how her father had talked with her after she had screamed at Sansa on their way back home because her sister ever the perfect lady had insisted on praying for the souls of the Lannisters.

“He is a liar, and so was the Queen and her brother! Why waste her tears and prayers on them? They also killed Lady!”

Her father had looked her in the eye and said very patiently “That may be so, but Tommen and Myrcella were completely innocent, your sister has a good soul if she can forgive them for the harm they caused her”

“I know she does” she sighed “It’s just irritating how blind she was! Joffrey would have been awful to her and then I would have killed him, I was going to anyway”

“You musn’t speak like that, taking a life is no easy matter and should not be taking lightly. Instead of thinking such a things you should try to help your sister like I told you before you need each other, if your sister is blind to other’s faults then be her eyes”

And that’s what she was doing, Sansa sometimes irritated her to no end, but there were times she was pretty funny, and even if they fought constantly Arya still loved her, and she would ever allow her sister to marry a prick like Joffrey so she was using the abilities Syrio had taught her, she observed and waited, she even dressed in that stupid uncomfortable wool dress she hated and behave the best she could just so she wouldn’t draw attention to herself. She had watched him in the courtyard with Robb, he was awfully clumsy but also strong, nothing impressing for strenght was nothing against tha dance of swords Syrio was teaching her.

So after supper she followed him silent as a cat, like she did back in the Red Keep, and followed the blond Tarly to his chambers.

Swiftly she cornered him agaist the door pressing the tip of Needle to his doublet.

“M'Lady!” he squealed surprised and frightened in equal meassures.

She glared at him “ I just want you to know I’ll be watching you, and if you are anything like Joffrey or make Sansa cry you’ll end up full of holes, I may not be strong like you but I’m quicker”

“I would never do any harm to Lady Sansa” he said “but if I do you have my permission to do as you please m'lady”

She drew back Needle “I don’t need your permission”

“I-I know” and then added with a timid smile “That’s a nice sword, did your Lord father gave it to you?”

She shook her head “My brother Jon, he is at the Wall”

“My older brother Sam– I mean Samwell is at the Wall as well though he didn’t left me such a nice gift, he didn’t even said goodbye”

The sadness in his face and voice made Arya feel uncomfortable, she knew what it was like to miss a brother but if Jon hadn’t even said goodbye… It wasn’t fair! He was supposed to be awful but he was not, he was actually pretty likeable, irritatingly nice just like Sansa.

“I think you should ask my father about him, he went at the Wall to see Jon”

His stupid face cheered up instantly “I will, thank you m'lady”

And with a groan Arya left.



After breaking their fast on the morrow Robb took the Tarly oy to the kennels were their direwolves were kept, their mother had instructed them to leave them there as to not to starttle the Tarlys, but Dickon had showed a lot of interest in seeing them and Robb really enjoyed the boy’s company, besides it would be amusing if he got scared.

Figures Rickon and Bran had beat them there and were feeding their pups.

“Why did you come here?” asked little Rickon as the young Tarly had at least reached out to pet Greywind.

Dickon blushed “ I– w-well, m-my Lord father–”

Taking pity on him Robb answered “Father is seeking to make a match between him and Sansa”

“What does that mean Bran?” he asked turning to his brother who was sitting in a chair beside him.

“Father wants Sansa to marry them when they are older, and Sansa will become the lady of Hornhill.” Bran explained.

“And where is that?”

“In the Reach, very far away in the south”

Rickon furrowed his brow and turned towards Dickon.

“You can’t take my sister to the South!” he threw himself at Dickon and began to hit him where he could reach “she just came back, you can’t!”

Luckily Robb intervened before Shaggydog could involve himself on that fight. But now Rickon was trashing and crying in Robb’s arms.

“I’m afraid I don’t really have a say in that, but if LadySansa goes with me back to Hornhill I promise we’ll come visit as often as possible, and if your Lord father allows it maybe you cam visit as well m'lord, Hornhill has big forests and lots of hills I am sure your direwolves would like them very much.”

Rickon looked at him distrustfully “You would?”

“Yes m'lord”

“See Rickon?” said Bran ruffled his little brother’s hair “There’s nothing to worry about, and if there was well even if I can’t promise I could be of any use Summer could”

Even though Bran was smiling Robb shuddered a little, well better for the lad to be warned.



That evening Dickon would spend some time in the company of Lady Sansa, his father had pressed him to behave as the heir of Hornhill would (he still wasn’t really sure what that meant, he knew his obligations and tried his very best to be as strong as his father wanted but what did an heir exactly meant?) and his mother told him to be charming and gallant (he also didn’t know exactly how to be those, specially around pretty Lady Sansa, he could barely speak a word to her without blushing!) she even had him wear his finest doublet the emerald silk one with his house’s huntsman embroidered in small rubies on the left side of his chest.

When he entered Lady Stark’s solar she was already there with her Septa that was to chaperone them, her direwolf the smallest and prettiest of the pack in his opinion at her feet, she was singing and sewing. The song was not familiar to him– but then again he didn’t knew a lot of songs, his father said the heir of Hornhill had no time for songs and stupid stories– but he liked the sound of it.

“Sansa” the Septa called “Lord Tarly has arrived”

The girl raised her beautiful clear blue eyes at him and smiled. Dickon’s cheeks grew warm.

She stood and curtisied prettily at him “Good evening m'lord, you must forgive my rudeness”

He bowed, damning his clumsiness and lack of grace “N-no– I mean it’s fine. You-you did nothing wrong m'lady”

She smiled and prompted him to sit in front of her.

“Er- you have a lovely voice, what song were you singing m'lady?”

“Thank you m'lord, it was “The Winter Maid” is not a very popular song so maybe that is why you didn’t knew of it” “I really don’t know much about songs”

She stared at him very solemnly “Do they displease you?”

“No” he rushed to say “They please me well enough, it’s just that my Lord father doesn’t think I should spend a lot of time with songs and stories, I liked when my brother read them to me though” he said wistfully.

“If you want I could sing them for you” she offered timidly, her cheeks flushed.

He nodded dumbly, now he understood why the Starks were so protective over Lady Sansa she was so sweet and pretty surely no treasure in the North could compare to her. And really what were a few threats (that he himself would do when the time came for his father to seek matches for his little sisters) if he could have that smile and bright blue eyes?


So basically Ned got out of KL with Arya and Sansa after Robert muredred Cersei and her children, Robb never called the bannerman,Cat is back in WF, Bran and Rickon are alive and well and safe in WF. Ned went to the wall and told Jon about R+L=J but he still decided to stay in the wall, Ned meets Sam who talks great stuff about lil’ bro Dickon, and as Sansa is still sad about all the awful stuff that happened and wants to look for a good match for her as he promised he decides to invite the Tarly to WF. WW are not a thing cuz everyone lives happily ever after, and I know this doesn’t make any political sense and Randyll wouldn’t go all the way to WF (or maybe he would? i mean is a very good match and Sansa is a highborn lady of a very old and respectable house so Idk?) but politics and that stuff don’t matter in Denial Town.

Homesick (Part 3)

Prompt: The reader has amnesia and meets a nice man in the park…but can’t shake the feeling like she’s missing something from her past.

Word Count: 2507

Warnings: language, amnesia, nightmares (maybe), this is going to be fluff/angst the entire time

Notes: Beta’d by the fabulous @like-a-bag-of-potatoes, hope you all like it as much as I did! Thank you all so much for being so excited for this story, I hope I don’t let you down! Feel free to asks for tagging at any point in this series.

Tags: @girl-next-door-writes @katalina-from-hellbound @diana-daydreamer @buckybarnesisalittleshit

Faces were in your face, shouting, a burning, electric sensation through your body and you were jolted awake with a scream. The nightmares were getting more vivid now and you weren’t sure why. Some faces were becoming more clear…and at one point you were being tortured, but why? What could you possibly know?

Running your hands through your sweat soaked hair, you texted Bucky. You weren’t sure why. Guilt gripped you for waking your friend but you were almost afraid to go back to sleep. Guilt also gripped you because you wondered if you should be with Steve’s friend in the middle of the night…

Brushing away the thought because you were too unnerved to care, you texted him, apologizing for the time, but wanted to see if he would want to go come by to keep you company.

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