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Alec Lightwood. A lot od adjectives could be added in front of his name, but the one you liked to use the most is annoying. It wasn’t long ago that you were dragged into the whole supernatural world by your neighbour Clary and her best friend Simon. And right off the bat, Alec started a disagreement about what would be the best course of action for the mission they were on. It continued and often escalated every time you met, but there was undeniable sexual frustration bubbling underneath as well. Neither of you would admit to your feelings and both believed the other had no feelings at all.

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Dumpster Date

Summary: Based off this prompt, “I don’t know why you thought a dumpster would be a good place to take shelter from the rain but here we are I guess.”

Word Count: 1,090. 

A/N: Finally! It’s been way too long since I’ve last posted a Peter fic, but here at last is a new one after about two months. Hope you enjoy.

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Pool Day (Harry Styles x Reader)

Request: Pool day with Harry please

A/N: This is my first Harry imagine! I hope you guys like this and enjoy it as well! Feedbacks are appreciated, I also open for criticism! It’s the only way I can improve my writing! So have fun! xoxo

Word count: 1,306

“Finally.” I sighed I took place on my deck chair. The moment I sat down and leaned back, I instantly began to relax. The sun was shining very bright today, which was typical for L.A. and I enjoyed its warmth on my half naked body. It left a comfortable feeling on my skin. After a long time, I could finally relax and calm down for a while. The last months had been very tough though.

I had to struggle with college and work, at the same time I tried to keep balance between my private life and the spotlight. Dating a celebrity was definitely not easy. I knew that before I started to date Harry Styles. He told that we didn’t have to make our relationship official to the public, however I wanted him to. I wanted everybody to know that Harry Styles was taken, so nobody could hit on him anymore. He was mine, only mine and he always would be. I wouldn’t share him with another females.

Also our relationship suffered under the pressure of Harry’s comeback. He almost spent his whole day by giving interviews or promoting his new album. The lack of his presence made me very lonely. We were only able to communicate by sending text messages or having a phone call for five to ten minutes. Not that I wasn’t happy for him, no, I was very proud of him. “Sign of the times” was a great success in many countries and made its way up to 1st place in the charts. How could not I be proud of my boyfriend? I just missed him during that time. Some nights, I really needed his comfort because college was getting on my nerves and sleeping in his arms was the only thing that would lull me to sleep.

Luckily, the times of loneliness were over. Harry had time for me now and we decided to have a pool day outside his huge villa.

“You look damn hot in that bikini.” Someone whispered in my ear, making my whole body flinch. I opened my eyes and was greeted by the green orbs of my handsome boyfriend. He had a cheeky smile on his lips, which made me smile as well.

“You don’t look bad yourself.” I commented.  My eyes wandered down his whole body and I bit on my lip. I know the entire world is aware of how sexy Harry is, but I want to repeat that Harry fucking Styles looked extremely appetizing and handsome, especially the way he was standing in front of me.

He wore some tight swimming trunks that outlined the shape of his thighs and bum. And not to mention his very muscular and well-built chest.  Simply heavenly!  I could really consider myself as lucky. Out of millions of girls in this entire world, I was the only one who could gain Harry Styles’ attention. I still had no idea how, but nevertheless I was happy to be the only girl by his side.

“Easy there, darling. You’re practically devouring me with your eyes.” Harry remarked. I immediately tore my gaze away from him, feeling my cheeks getting slightly red.

“Sorry.” I murmured. Harry only laughed about it, giving me a gentle kiss on my forehead.

“Turn around, love.” He told me, grabbing the sun cream bottle and putting some lotion in his hands. Then, he began to rub the lotion on my exposed back, massaging it up to my shoulders and arms. I closed my eyes and enjoyed how his hands did their wonders.  

“I really missed this. “ I said. There was no chasing by paparazzi, no problems, no stress. Only me and Harry.  We could finally hang out without being disturbed by fans, and stupid photographers or Harry’s manager.  

“Me too. I missed being with you. You have no idea how much I missed us.” Harry said, after he finished sun creaming my back. He leaned forward, so I could feel his lips slightly touching my neck. The feeling of his soft lips on my tender skin left tingles behind in my belly. Only he would make me feel this way. I couldn’t describe my feelings for this young man. I just love him so much.

“I promise,” He whispered into my ear. “From now on, we’ll be spending much time together, like we used to do. We need to catch up after all.”

“Sounds fine to me.” I sighed. As Harry pulled back, a disappointed sound left escaped my lips.

“I’m going to swim a few rounds.” He said. “Care to join me?” I shook my head.

“I want to relax for a while.”

Harry pouted but nodded, took a start-up and run to the pool where he jumped into. I leaned back on my comfy deck chair. My eye s followed every move that Harry made. How he would swim six tracks and how he would dive into the water. I was mesmerized by his beauty. Not only that, Harry was such an amazing person with a wonderful heart. It bothered me how the media tried to destroy his reputation by spreading awful rumors about him. People once described him as a womanizer which was completely bullshit. Harry’s not the person who would treat women like trash, no he respected them with his whole heart. The media showed him the way they wanted him to be. Nobody would know the real Harry except for me, his family and closest friends.

I still do not understand how people would think badly about him. I mean just look at him and tell me that he’s the most innocent, gentle and kind person you have ever seen.

“Come on, love!” Harry shouted after a few minutes. “I’m getting bored without you. Swimming makes no fun when you’re not here!”

“I don’t want to now! Just let me relax!”

“Babe!” You could see that he was slightly frustrated about me not joining him yet.

“Give me a few more moments!”

I heard how he climbed out of the pool and how his footsteps came closer to me. Suddenly, his strong tattooed arms were wrapped around my body and I was lifted up, being pressed against his hard chest. A surprised scream left my mouth even though I should have seen this coming. “You’ve relaxed a lot!” Harry growled.

I tried to wiggle out of his grip however I couldn’t escape. Harry carried me closer to the pool and stopped at the edge of the basin. “Harry!” My voice trembled. “Let me down!” He only shook his head, looking mischievously into my eyes. His lips curled up to a cheeky grin.

“Harry, I swear if you-“

“One!” Harry started to count. I punched him slightly on his chest, hoping he would let me down. But he didn’t. “Harry no!”

He offered me a laugh. “Two!”

“Harry, you wouldn’t dare!”

“And three!”  I took a deep breath before Harry jumped into the pool with me in his arms. Cool water surrounded our bodies and I shuddered as my skin made contact with it. Soft lips were pressed against mine and Harry stole a kiss from my lips under the water. He also grabbed me on my hips and pushed me towards him, holding me tightly. He smiled into our kiss. As the lack of air threatened to leave our lungs, we swam back to the surface.  Even though I was lightly mad I couldn’t help but smile to his sweet intention.

“You’re an idiot, Harry Styles.” I laughed, boxing him slightly on his right arm.

“Yeah, but I’m your idiot, darling.” He said, and kissed me again.

We spent the whole sunny day with swimming and splashing water towards each other, laughing and having fun. Days like this, where we were care-free and happy, were definitely my favorites.

Monsta X reaction to seeing their s/o being flirted by two men who speaks their language during a date

cont: and while he’s away (like buying something or idk)

requested by anon~


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Shownu; Shownu couldn’t believe what he was seeing, especially when he just went to throw his bottle. There were two young men who were already closing in and it was completely written all over your face that you weren’t interested in them and was about to leave when one of the guys took a hold of your hand, which Shownu finally had enough of. Making his way towards you, he’d actually clear his throat and slap away the hands of the man, giving him that look on the gif. When the men didn’t seem to budge, Shownu would actually crack his knuckles and ask if they have any problem and when finally noticed that Shownu was serious, they’d run off and leave the two of you, leaving Shownu slightly pissed but in a happy mood since you’ve wrapped your arms around his waist and gave him a kiss on the cheek, thanking him for saving you from those creeps.

Oh, where are you going little kitty? *smirks at you while the grip around your wrists tightens, making you wince in pain*”

“Let go off me–” “*clears his throat and smacks the man’s hand away, making him remove his hands off of you* What the heck are you doing?”

“*scoffs and steps up, eyeing Shownu from head to toe* Who might you be–”

“*cracks his knuckles and glares at the man* Do you have any problem? I guess you want to take this problem outside– *the two men dashes away* Tss.”

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Wonho; The last thing Wonho would expect to see once he comes back from ordering both your drinks was seeing two men flirting with his girl. Wonho had already noticed these men before the two of you even chose your seats and he knew they were trouble. He would angrily chew on his gum with the number on his hands, making his way back to you with his eyes never leaving the men who were now trying to take hold of your hand. He would loom over the man who really tried to touch you and would literally speak up behind him, making the man jump and look back to see Wonho’s strong arms going past through his face as he places the number on the table. A smirk would be found on Wonho’s face as he brings his arms back, looking down at the man with an eyebrow raised. He may look friendly but the tone of his voice would be icy cold and he wouldn’t really think twice and let the men know that you’re his and they have to piss off before they could even regret walking up to you and flirt with you. And to your surprise, Wonho would be all smiles when the men bowed and apologized for what they’ve done and it’d be as if nothing really happened.

Excuse me, what the heck are you trying to do with my woman? *fake smile, eyes boring onto the man’s head*”

“What the heck— Oh…. *starts to sweat when he sees Wonho* U-uh, we’re just trying to make friends with her.”

“Oh? Really? You call ‘holding her hand’ as making friends? I don’t think so. I’ll count up to three, and if you’re still here, I wouldn’t hold back and break every single bone you have. 1….. 2…. *the two men starts to get up and bow, apologizing for ever going near you* How cute… *takes a seat right in front of you and smiles* I ordered your favorite.”

“What was that, Wonho?” “What’s what? *innocently blinks at you*”

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Minhyuk; It hasn’t been a minute when Minhyuk saw two men walking up to you while you waited for him as he volunteered to pay for both of your clothes. He wouldn’t be too happy when he sees the men closing up on you but he’d be pretty amused by how you flashed them your fakest smile and excused yourself, to which would have Minhyuk relieved and would turn his attention back to the line. But when it was already his turn, he took a quick glance at you and noticed how uncomfortable you’ve become when the two men decided to walk up to you again. Let’s just say Minhyuk quickly paid for the clothes and immediately slung an arm around your shoulder and smiled at you, acting like he doesn’t even notice the two men glaring at him. Minhyuk would also place emphasis on the endearments and would just pull you away from the boys and out of the place, only to have him whining the minute he steps foot out of the shop. Minhyuk would ramble about what happened and would ask you about it, like what did they tell you or did you know them and many more. But soon enough, he’d be distracted by the sight of puppies, asking you if you guys could adopt one.

Oh baby, I’m so sorry if it took me long enough to pay for our clothes for our honeymoon next week. *smiles lovingly at you and places an arm around your shoulder, pulling you close to him*”

“*glares at Minhyuk and eyes him from head to toe*”

“*purposely hits the man on the face when he slings the bag on his shoulder* Let’s go baby! *pulls you out of the shop and his smile would be replaced with a pout* Baby, what was that? The nerve of those men, didn’t they see how uncomfortable you were when they approached you or something? *sighs* Baby, what did they tell you? I bet they asked you for your number or something… *sees puppies* BABE! PUPPIESSSSS!!!! *drags you towards the puppies* Can we adopt one?”

“No, babe.”

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Kihyun; It was just another picnic day for you and Kihyun and you were busy munching on some of the kimbap he made when he kindly excused himself as he badly needed to go to the bathroom. When he’s finally relieved, he goes out of the bathroom and sees two men ogling over you and was trying to flirt with you. He knows that you’re beautiful but he’d be utterly surprised to see two men going up to you. He wouldn’t be too happy about it and would immediately make his way back to you and would actually ask them if they need something or if they’re lost or something. But when the men would just snicker and ignore him, he’d actually tell them to piss off before everything get’s bloody hell and he wouldn’t really sugarcoat the insults that would leave his mouth. Thankfully, the men left without even apologizing, which would leave Kihyun in an awful mood that he’d be stuff a couple of kimbaps in his mouth and would look like an angry hamster. When you tried to comfort him, he’d just look at you and would ask you why you have to be so beautiful to attract random men.

Baby, are you sulking or what? *looks at Kihyun and sees him stuffing his face with some kimbap*”

“*glances towards your direction and back on the kimbap in front of him*”

“*Aww, baby, what’s wrong? *coos at him and pulls him into a hug, only to be surprised by his questions*”

“Why do have to be so beautiful to the point that you attract random men? *pouts*”

“I don’t know, ask your future mom&dad-in-law.”

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Hyungwon; Hyungwon wouldn’t really mind at first since he was in the midst of ordering a couple of desserts and drinks for the two of you. But when he was waiting for the drinks and desserts at the counter, he wouldn’t be able to rip his eyes off of you and the two men, who were giving you such flirty smiles and stares, which kind of ticked Hyungwon off. When the orders were already complete, Hyungwon would be walking towards your table with an ominous aura emitting off from him and it’d only take the second guy to notice him and break into a cold sweat when he saw the look on Hyungwon’s face. He would actually be politely asking them if they have any problem or what not, and when they replied a no, he would actually directly ask them why were they there in the first place and the two men wouldn’t even bother responding as they’re already running away for their lives. Hyungwon would just place the desserts and drinks on the table and ask you if were you hurt or something.

Babe… thanks for shooing them away… *glances at Hyungwon’s expression than to the strawberry cake*”

“No worries. *takes his seat and looks at you with the same look on the gif* Did they touch you or hurt you? *takes a hold of your hand and stares directly into your eyes*”

“No…. but they were kinda creepy tho..”

“*sighs* I should’ve taught them a lesson or two..”

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Jooheon; Well, actually, you and Jooheon were actually cross-dressing since the two of you lost a bet. The two of you were at Gongcha, and since you are the guy, you’re the one who’s ordering while Jooheon’s left outside, waiting for you with his silky hair flowing down his shoulder. Somehow, he would get really flustered when two men walked up to him and started flirting with him but in a different language. Jooheon wouldn’t know to react but would just laugh and speak out a word or two that he’d learned from you and would fiddle on his skirt. But when the men didn’t leave, Jooheon would immediately talk to them with his usual voice and would literally tell them that he’s a guy. And when they’ve finally left, you’d come back to see a blushing Jooheon, who immediately hugged you and told you what happened with the same expression on the gif. You wouldn’t understand at first but when you come across the two men, he’d point at them and tell you that they flirted with him, thinking that he was a girl.

Babe, are you alright? *walks up to him with worry, but only to be surprised by Jooheon’s sudden hug*”

“Babe babe babe, you wouldn’t believe what just happened.”

“What? *looks at him weirdly and pulls away from the hug to let him carry the other bag of drinks*”

“There were two men who flirted with me and they thought I was a girl!! *laughing* Man, am I that cute? *aegyo pose*”

“Babe, let’s just go home….”

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I.M; Changkyun was in the middle of choosing some cup ramyeon for the two of you to feast on when he caught a glimpse of two men walking up to you while giving you some flirty smile and wink. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from letting out an omg. It has actually been the nth time since you’ve flirted with men who spoke the same language with you. Grabbing two cup ramyeon, he would immediately pay for it and walk up to you, excusing the two of you from the two males and dragging you away from them. Changkyun wouldn’t really talk some senses into them since he would just drag you away and have the two of you eat some cup ramyeon at his studio. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from talking about how this is the 20th time you’ve been picked on and how this needs to stop and how he should buy some pepper spray for you next time and many more, and this will go on for 20 minutes, only to be silenced by you kissing him on the lips, making him grin widely.

What should I get for [y/n]? Hmm… *taps his lower lip and was about to get you some shin ramyeon when he catches a glimpse of the two men walking up to you* Oh my goodness… when will this stop?! *grabs two random ramyeon and pays for it; hurriedly walks out of the convenience store and takes a hold of your wrists and fake smiles* Excuse me, but I have to get my GIRLFRIEND away from the two of you. Okay? BYE. *drags you away from them*”

“That was fast… *looks at him and sees him with an exasperated look*”

“[y/n], this is the 20th time that you’ve been hit on! I guess we have to eat at my studio… Baby, this needs to stop. You’re getting prettier and prettier by the day and and… for sure you’re gonna get hit on the next time you go out… .Should I buy you some pepper spray? I heard that it’s– *silenced by your kiss, grins widely when you pull away*”

Jughead & Reader: Unintentional

Summary: You’re dating Archie so you spend most nights at his house. When Jughead moves in, the two of you become friends and you quickly realize that your feelings for Archie aren’t as strong as they once were.

Requested by: littledancersun

Listen to: I Belong To You - Muse

“I’m not really in the mood for a horror movie,” you told Archie as the two of you sat on his couch. His arm was around your shoulders and your legs were draped over his lap which was the usual movie night position for the two of you. The indecision and argumentative nature was also a usual for movie night.

Archie sighed. “You’re never in the movie for a horror movie,” he noted.

“Cause most of the ones on Netflix suck,” you pointed out before eating a handful of popcorn. 

“We watched The Babadook and you liked that. Why don’t you trust that I’ll pick another good movie?” He laughed. 

“Cause you won’t,” you teased.

Before the two of you kissed, the front door opened and in walked Jughead. You took your legs off of Archie’s lap and you sat up straight, wondering why you were suddenly so bothered by Jughead seeing you that way with your boyfriend. 

“Hey, Jug,” Archie greeted him. 

“Hey,” Jughead replied looking at the two of you. “Another movie night?” He asked. 

“Yeah.” Archie chuckled. “But we can’t decide on a movie. Want to join us?”

“No thanks.” He laughed. “I don’t want to disturb the two of you.”

You felt a little disappointed. You enjoyed Jughead’s company and you especially enjoyed his commentary through really bad movies. He was fun to be around and you found that you always hoped he was around when you visited Archie. It was becoming an issue, you thought. 

“Alright, see you later,” Archie said before looking back at the TV and putting his arm around your shoulder.

You and Jughead looked at each other and exchanged smiles before he walked up the stairs to Archie’s room. You sighed and resumed your previous position before arguing with Archie about the movie he started playing. 

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Joe Sugg - Darcy

AN: had to write this one all over again because I wasn’t happy with it at all. I hope you like it, bros.


You sighed as you looked up at the sky, so gray and so unfriendly looking. It was bound to start pouring rain any minute now. You lowered your head to look at Joe standing at the bottom of the slide, waiting for Darcy to climb up and then slide down her way to his arms, the cold winter breeze definitely not stopping her.

Your friend Louise had called you the week before, asking you for a huge favor. Her boyfriend Liam had booked them a romantic weekend in London, but they happened not to have any baby sitters available. So they thought, as you lived in London and Darcy loved you so much, that you wouldn’t mind staying with her just for a night. And you didn’t, really.

As for Joe…he just tagged along. He saw Darcy on your snapchat and wanted to come help you, so you actually had some adult company. Seeing that the little girl loved him as much as he loved you, you didn’t have a problem with it.

“Joe” you called him, getting closer to the two “I think Darcy and I should maybe head home. It’s quite cold and it looks like it’s about to rain”

Joe, who was holding the little girl’s hand, looked up at the sky “Looks pretty bad, yeah” he said, now looking at the 5-year-old “What do you say, munchkin? Shall we go home and prepare supper?”

“Yeah!” Darcy said excitedly. One of the things that you loved a lot about her was that she was always so cheery and lively.

But then you realized what your boyfriend had said “Oh, Joe, you can go home if you want to” you told him, a tiny part of you hoping he would rather keep you company. Maybe a not so tiny part.

“It’s fine, Y/N” he said “I’ll just tag along, maybe we can watch a movie later, huh, Darcy?” He placed a small kiss on your forehead. The little girl nodded as she grabbed your hand and started pulling both of you out of the park.

Once you got into your apartment, you told Darcy to go and get changed into her pajamas as she was a big girl now. Joe opened the fridge in the meantime “What should we make for supper?” He asked, looking at a few things he seemed quite interested in.

You blushed at his dedication “I can do it myself, Joe. It’s fine, you don’t have to do this” you smiled as you took his place in front of the fridge, placing your hand on top of his, which he kissed.

“Hey, I want to” he answered “Being with you and Darcy is fun, just let me enjoy it” he said with a funny accent, and you couldn’t help but laugh. Suddenly, you found yourself wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him closer for a hug. He instinctively wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed the side of your head. Joe put his hand on your chin and guided your lips to his, locking them in a sweet kiss, making you forget all around you.

“Y/N, Joe” you heard Darcy’s voice from the other side of the kitchen counter, and you broke your kiss, embarrassed “Are you a mummy and a daddy?” She asked innocently, making you smile in spite of the awkwardness of the situation.

“No, love” Joe spoke softly. You’d never heard that voice coming from him other than when he talked to children “We are just boyfriend and girlfriend”

“And when are you gonna be a mummy and a daddy?” She insisted.

“In a few years, love” he sounded so convinced, it made you blush. Even tho you knew he just was saying it so Darcy wouldn’t insist any more, you couldn’t help but imagine yourself being a mother to Joe’s children.

Darcy didn’t look convinced with his answer, but she let it go and she went running towards the sofa to cuddle with her toy.

An hour later, you had fed her dinner and you had had your own. Darcy was on the sofa on her own finishing off a movie she wanted so badly to watch while you and Joe were doing the dishes. He was doing them, anyway “Are you sure you’ll be alright on your own with her tonight?” He asked you for the eleventh time, passing you a plate for you to dry up.

You rolled your eyes “Yes, Joe” you repeated “She’s five, you know. And I’m great with kids” you said cockily, teasing him.

He made a buffing noise “She loves me way more” he said, and just then you felt a small tug on your sweatpants. You looked down to see Darcy with her eyes looking red, and injected in tears “Darcy, baby, what’s wrong?” You kneeled down in front of her, carefully drying her tears with your finger.

Joe immediately left the dishes and kneeled down besides you, pulling the little girl into a hug. You smiled at the sigh of them “Tell me what’s wrong, princess” he softly said to her.

“I miss my mummy” she sobbed, and your heart sunk. You had never seen Darcy like that before, and it reminded you of how you were as a child, always so homesick, always looking for someone who would hug you.

Joe kissed the top of her head “Your mummy will be back tomorrow, don’t worry love” he said “Do you wanna sleep with us tonight?”

You saw Darcy nodding and you rubbed her back. She responded to your touch by leaving Joe’s arms to jump to yours. You laughed as you hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek “You’re such a good grown up girl” you said, making her smile for the first time. Joe looked at you with a grin on his face, before, still on his knees, walking towards you and kissing your forehead.


The feeling of someone moving too much next to you made you open your eyes. 3:47 am. Great. You looked down next to you and saw the back of Darcy’s head, a familiar arm carefully wrapped around her tiny body, almost touching yours. You looked up and saw Joe staring right back at you. You jumped “Shit, Joe”

He laughed “Gee, nice to see you too” the darkness still allowed you to see his smirk “Can’t sleep?”

“I just woke up” you explained. He motioned for you to get closer, so you did. You had missed Joe’s arms way too much that night, but you understood that Darcy needed them way more.

He put his arm around your waist, holding it tightly, so now he was embracing both of you “Thanks for helping me today” you said as you noticed that your face was getting closer to Joe’s now. Darcy was still snoring peacefully on his chest.

“Hey, it was fun, actually” he said, and stopped himself before he said anything else. But you noticed “I…” he started “I mean, when Darcy cried earlier…I didn’t know I would handle it so naturally”

You smiled “You’re really good with kids, Joe” you said “See? You’ve got feelings!” You joked. His friends liked to tease him about how he was always so awkward while treating with emotional people, and you definitely loved to join the team.

He mocked a laugh “Not funny”

“Aw, I’m just joking” you said, reaching a piece of hair that had fallen on his eye with your hand and placing it away “You’ll be a great dad one day”

He smiled “With even better dad jokes” he said “Is it bad that I want kids now?”

“Don’t you dare, Sugg”

NewtXReader PART 2 -bitter sweet love


PART 1: here

PART 3: here

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PART 5: here

WORD COUNT 1 5 0 0 :
Info: Angst but fluff

As you prepares for a night at The Blind Pig Bar, you’ve has a bad feeling. As Newt and Tina grow closer, you and Newt feel further apart than ever.

What had you gotten yourself into?

“Come on out sweetie. Don’t be shy, you look beautiful”, Queenie edged you forward into the living room. Queenie was a glamorous girl you had to admit, but your styles didn’t quite match. While she wore glitter and gold, you opted for more simpler tastes in fashion. Eventually you had come to a compromise and settle for something both of you loved.

“Wait until Newt sees you !”

“Is it too much?”

“There’s no such thing honey”

Currently you stood in a knee length black dress, the thin material hugging your body perfectly, in all the right places. Littered up the front where some black jewels to add some glamour (Queenie insisted) . Silk black gloves reached up slightly above your elbow. Your lips were coloured naturally although your eyes smokey, a makeup choice which wasn’t normally worn in the 1920’s, although you were the image of class and elegance itself.

Self consciously you shuffled forward into the living room, not comfortable looking this made up. Observing your surroundings there was no sign of Newt or Tina but you did notice a man suspiciously hovering around. A pastry was lodged in his mouth and a very very guilty look on his face. Caught red-handed at stealing the pastries, he attempted to introduce himself.

“hwello- ytou- must-be- Y/N” crumbs flew at you from his mouth, while the pastry made it impossible to hear what he was saying. Looking at the confusion on your face, he quickly swallowed the treat and attempted again. “Ehem, sorry I couldn’t help myself could I? Don’t tell Queenie though, that girl got me on all crazy diets! Don’t worry though I’ll make up a fresh batch when we get back. A friend of Newts, is a friend of mine after all” he grinned “he’s told us so much about you. Seems like you’ve made quite the impression on him”.

Before questioning him on what exactly he meant, Queenie appeared. “Y/N have you seen Newt and ti… JACOB! You said you’d wait till later! They were for our guests"she whined, looking towards the empty plate of goods.

“Oh no it’s ok really don’t worry! I’m quite full anyways”, you insisted.

“Nonsense, you can’t drink on an empty stomach sugar, that’s not a good idea!”.

Increasing her voice this time she shouted “But at this rate it seems we’re not even gonna get out the door if newt and Tina don’t hurry up”.

As on queue Tina strutted into the room, wearing a low cut brown dress. She looked amazing compared to you, her glittery jewellery out shining you a million times. You looked to her right and saw that she had latched herself onto Newts arm. Oh how you wanted to hate her, think badly of her innocent flirting. But you just couldn’t bring yourself to do it. It just wasn’t in your sweet nature. She’d been nothing but kind since you had arrived her. Yes fair enough she didn’t notice your presence at first but she did welcome you into your home. You almost wished she would spit vile comments at you, at least then you’d have a valid reason to dislike her. But you couldn’t hate a woman who wanted a man….a man that you could never have. She had as much right as anyone.

Looking to Newt you observed the way he looked at her. Excitement bouncing in his eyes. You knew you had to suppress your thoughts. Newt deserved a night without you ruining it with your feelings. Stitching a smile on your face you looked up to him.

“It’s nice to see you’ve made an effort Newt” you playfully teased.

He stood dressed in the exact same clothes at earlier except he’d changed his bow tie and instead of his usual vibrant blue coat, he wore a similar (less battered) brown one. You didn’t complain though, he still looked as dashing as ever.

Upon hearing your voice his eyes widened, trailing up and down the curves of your body. Staring in awe at you, as though you were one of his creatures. His face becoming flustered his eyes directly met yours, “Y/N you look….”

What was it? Did he not like the way you had dressed, it was nothing compared to Tina’s extravagant outfit after all? Maybe your showing too much skin? You should go change. As you turned to go find something more ‘appropriate’, Queenie let out a squeal.

“Mr Scamander! That’s no way to think of a beautiful young lady like Y/N! Please at least attempt to cover your thoughts” she cheekily winked. Newts freckles disappeared under a deep blush as he mumbled something about bowtruckles to avert his dirty thoughts somewhere else.

Being the cinnamon roll you are, where oblivious to the whole situation. Shyly Newt tilted his head away from you, unable to look you straight in the eye.

“What he means to say is that you look beautiful dear”

“Now, now Queenie don’t embarrass the man. Let him keep some of his dignity” Tina exclaimed. Still linked with Newt she strutted towards the door, behind her Jacob and Queenie followed hand in hand. Meanwhile you trailed behind them. Alone.

You knew this wasn’t a good idea.

Currently the 5 of you were sitting around a table in the Blind Pig…or 4 of you were anyways. Queenie, was sitting on Jacob’s lap, both of them laughing drunkly. Giggling at one another about the daftest of things. “Your ma muggle muffin man” Queenie giggled, then squealed when Jacob gave her backside a cheeky pinch. You smiled at them wishing for love like that. Where you could share intimate moments about complete utter nonsense.

Looking towards Newt and Tina you listened into their conversation, sharing stories of past adventures with one another. Stories which he had only shared with you. Even their body contact was intimate, as Tina placed one hand on Newts arm and leaned close into him. Newt although nervous at first seemed to relax under her touch. Smiles gleaming on both of their faces.

“Oh my, Newt that’s incredible! How did you manage to tame it? You’ll have to teach me sometime”

“Of course, you could come back to London with Y/N and me! I’m sure there would be room in th….”

He was inviting her without even consulting you?

“Sorry it’s getting quite late. I’m afraid I’ll have to leave, I think I still have some travel sickness from the boat”, you cut Newt off. You were done.


You’d had enough of their flirting for one night, it was better that you just went home. This was too painful to watch.

“Are you sure?” Tina questioned, no undertones of concern in her voice.

“No, no it’s alright. Need to catch up on sleep anyways. It’s better that I’m refreshed anyways for the morning” you joked, “Newts promised me a tour of the city”.

Worry flashed through his face as he helplessly looked towards Tina, “Em…well you see”

“What is it Newt?” You wearily asked, although you had a feeling of what he was about to say.

“Tina’s asked me for coffee in the morning. Just a little catch up and that all. I’ll give you a tour in the afternoon?” Newt sheepishly confirmed your suspicions.

Why were you hurt? It’s not like you weren’t expecting this…

But you couldn’t help but feel.

“Oh. Ok. That’s fine” you replied monotone. The fake smile disappeared and your face displayed not a trace of emotion. There was no point pretending anymore.

Concerned by your sudden change of mood newt said “Here let me walk you back to the apartments Y/N”

“No Newt I insist you stay. I don’t want to ruin your ‘fun’. See you later ”

“Y/N please. Is this about the coffee? I can cancel it, really it’s-”

“See you later Newt”

Without even making eye contact you stood up from the table, your chair screeching against the floor. Queenie, sobering up slightly, looked intensely at you but remained quiet. Her words would offer no comfort. Nothing would. As the cold crisp air hit you, you finally allowed the tears to fall. The walk home was a lonely one. Why did you even ask to come? You should’ve just stayed at home, let Newt get on with his life.

Once inside you slid out of your dress and changed into you nightgown. Grabbing a fluffy blanket from Queenie’s room, you wrapped yourself up snug. Exhaustion hit you like a wave as you curled up in front of the fire.

Little did you know, the night was far from over.

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“I will always be here, for you. Always”

You’re in a bad mood and snap at Harry but he’s had an awful day and you don’t realize until after you’ve fought with him, so you go comfort him


Legs heavy as they’d ever been, eyes drooping and a slight crease on his forehead, Harry slowly unlocked and opened the front door, stepping into the living room of the apartment you both shared. Completely lacking energy and exhausted from a day he had no desire to remember, Harry took a deep breath before shutting the door and laying his coat on a chair. You always nagged him about hanging up his things but he just couldn’t right now, not tonight, not after the day he’d had. 

The looks on the faces of everyone in the recording studio when he’d tried to record, their eyebrows slightly raised and tongue between teeth as he failed to hit too many notes. He’d been worked so hard lately it seemed that he just wasn’t healthy for more than a week at a time before he became sick again. Voice cracking and lacking its usual magic, unable to reach the higher notes and having wasted most of a day, he felt bad enough. 

Physically, he felt awful. Head throbbing, congested, his voice leaving him when he really needed it, though he always did. He was just exhausted. And then he’d seen messages to him through social media later that day, informing him that one of the little girls he’d had the fortune of meeting through make-a-wish had passed away. Not that he’d never been informed of one of his fan’s passing before, but this one just really hit him hard. She hadn’t left his side the whole day he’d spent with fans of his whose dying wish was to meet him. Him. And she had been so sweet, so beautiful. This one just really hurt, more than usual. 

Finally getting in his car to drive home that evening, then, and the paparazzi came out of nowhere, hounding him. He imagined he must have looked awful in their precious photographs; ill and exhausted and sad. 

“Is this because Y/N left you, Harry? Finally get tired of dating a pop star?”

“Harry, is there a baby on the way? Not ready to leave the partying days behind and be a father, huh?” And they laughed. Harry did not. 

“Everyone has an off performance, man, don’t stress over it,” another pap had told him. Harry was reminded again of the gig he’d done a few days before in which his voice had been much like it was today, and which had been recorded and viewed by thousands now. Just fueled haters who were only waiting for moments like these to put him down. But Harry didn’t have it in him this time to think rationally and to ignore them like he often had to do. He just couldn’t do it today. 

So walking into the kitchen to find you standing at the counter, an annoyed expression on your face, really wasn’t what he was hoping to find when he arrived home that night. 

“’Ello, love.” Harry tiredly kissed you on the cheek before sitting at one of the chairs at the kitchen table, knowing he didn’t have to ask you what the matter was because you could never keep it to yourself for long.

“Can I just say, the people at my work are the fucking worst! Like how the hell do they expect me to do all this shit when they sit on their asses and, like, Harry are you even listening to me?!” You weren’t planning on taking out your day’s frustrations on your obviously very tired boyfriend, but the fact that he was nodding off first thing did not help with your bad mood.

“Sorry, m’just so tired, baby,” he murmured, forcing a slight small as he looked up at you before coughing a few times.

“Yeah well so am I, Harry. Just because I’m not a famous pop star like you doesn’t mean I don’t get tired. God, can’t you just listen to me, please, like you’re supposed to support me and say ‘yeah those people suck’ like come on Harry.” You knew he hadn’t done anything, you were just so fed up with work and with people and you couldn’t help it because he was the only one there you could vent to.

“M’ so sorry, I just need to go lie down upstairs, I really don’t feel good,” Harry responded, clearly not listening to and not interested in anything you were saying, so you thought. But he was just so down and felt so awful, he couldn’t do this right now. 

“Alright, that’s great. Awesome,” you murmured sarcastically as you were left alone in the kitchen, only wanting to rant about your awful day. But it was also obvious that Harry wasn’t feeling well, so you immediately felt a little bad for being so snappy, but you decided it was better for the two of you to be alone right now so you walked over to the table and opened your laptop.

You went straight to your social media, bored and out of instinct. And right away, there were pictures the paparazzi had just taken of Harry before he’d come home. His eyes were sagging, eyelids drooped, he was slightly hunched and it almost looked like his eyes were glistening? Your heart broke a little bit as you scrolled through the pictures. And then you saw all the comments from his fans.

“My friend took this video and the paps were saying all kinds of gross stuff trying to guess why he looked so sad and tired, like it was because Y/N is pregnant and he wants to keep partying or that Y/N left him. They’re pigs” and a link to a video that showed exactly what the fan was talking about. 

You sighed, starting to feel even more guilty for acting like that to Harry, and then you saw more comments. 

“Guys, the girl in this picture who was a huge Harry fan died today, and he’s obviously sick and over-worked. That’s probably why he looks like this? These paps are disgusting.” You clicked on the picture to see it more closely, and there she was, the little girl Harry had talked about on multiple occasions. She was squeezing Harry tightly in this picture and he had the hugest smile on his face, and so did she as she looked up at her hero. Harry had told you before that if you guys had a daughter, he hoped she would be like her. He was just so endeared by her and you found it adorable. 

You didn’t realize you were crying until the picture on the screen in front of you began to blur. You sniffled, wiped your eyes and stood up, heading straight towards your and Harry’s bedroom. 

Slowly pushing the closed door open, you felt yourself break when you saw Harry curled up in a ball in the middle of the bed, crying softly and sniffling, resembling a small child. He still had his shoes on, too exhausted even to take them off, and he hadn’t yet noticed that you’d entered the room. You felt like you were intruding, him so pure and innocent and unaware of your presence. But it only lasted a moment.

“Oh Haz, I’m so sorry,” you whispered as you laid down on the bed next to him, brushing the matted curls from his sweaty forehead. 

Harry hiccuped before looking into your eyes, his green ones full of tears.

“M’sorry, I’ve just had such a bad day, and I feel so sick and awful,” Harry blurted out all in one breath before burying his head against your chest.

“I know, baby, you have nothing to apologize for. I’m so so sorry. Come here,” you told him as you pulled him closer to you and wrapped your arms around him. He always seemed so much bigger than you but right now, he seemed so small. And this time, you felt such a need to protect him and keep him safe, and so you would. 

You didn’t know how many minutes had passed, the two of you just lying against each other, you holding Harry as he cried, until he finally pulled away from you a little bit to look at your face.

“Thank you.” Harry’s wide eyes and the pout on his face made him appear so vulnerable, so childlike and small. 

“I will always be here, for you. Always. I know I didn’t act like it earlier but I will make it up to you, Harry. I love you so much.” You couldn’t help the tears that had escaped your eyes at having seen your boyfriend in the state he was, so fragile and unlike his typical self. 

“I love you, little one,” Harry assured you as he, the one who needed comforting much more than you did right now, swiped at the tears falling from your eyes. “Always,” he whispered, before pulling you in for a hug that turned into both of you falling asleep, the two of you intertwined as Harry finally got the sleep that he’d needed so badly and felt the love only you could give. 

Imagine the world being overrun by the walking dead. Surviving in this new world is literal Hell on Earth, so imagine your surprise when you find a little girl all alone and doing her best to stay alive.

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Gen Fic X Reader

Hours.. was as long as it took for power to be cut.

Days.. was as long as it took for humanity to be overrun.

And weeks.. was as long as it took for those left living to lose their minds and their morals.

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Take It Off (M)

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» jimin x reader
» 2.3k
» requested
» warning: smut (hj, slight sub!jimin, kinda jimin’s pov)

Jimin quite enjoyed it when his hyungs appreciated him. Like when they’d chase him up on where he got some trainers or which brand of after shave his was wearing because he felt a bit more important. Like that one time Jin had commented on Jimin’s hair and said that it smelt like mint – Jimin was left with a cute blush and he made sure never to buy another brand of shampoo again.

But this was different. He liked sharing with his hyungs but his – almost – girlfriend was not something he wanted to give to them so easily. Maybe it was because he was a little insecure but he still didn’t like the way Yoongi was looking at his ‘date’, or whatever from the other side of the room.

But Jimin, being as bashful as he was, didn’t say anything in the hopes that the situation would sort itself out. He didn’t exactly want a confrontation with Yoongi right now, so a casual arm around your waist as you chatted with Jin was his slightly defensive warning sign for his hyung to kindly back off.  

“It’s almost dry, then I’ll be ready to go, yeah?”

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||Focus|| Joker X Reader

Joker X Reader

((A/N: 3 different anons wanted the same prompts! so i mushed it all into one! enjoy and don’t forget to request!))

you have ADD
these shouldn’t be surprising anymore, it’s J for cryin’ out loud!

Attention Deficit Disorder, a biologically based condition causing a persistent pattern of difficulties resulting in one or more of the the following behaviors:




To shorten it up, ADD.

J knew you had it the moment he met you. He watched as you stared in amazement at his club, your eyes darting to anything that glittered. The criminal snickered as you began to pickpocket people, stuffing whatever you grabbed into your bag. Your eyes met J’s and for once, you didn’t look away after you looked into them. His blue eyes were captivating. While you two stared at each other, your hands impulsively reached for something to steal but your wrist was roughly grabbed. You squeaked and dragged your eyes away from those gorgeous blue ones, to the face of the man who snatched your arm.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing bitch?!” A blonde haired fellow screamed at you. You looked down and noticed you were holding a watch. ‘Probably his,’ you thought. Thinking you could lie your way out of this, you began to speak with an innocent tone, “I’m so sorry, I thought-”

“Bitch, I don’t care what you thought! This is an $800 watch, worth way more then you!” He snarled. Your (e/c) eyes darkened, you should have kept your mouth shut but you wouldn’t take that awful comment.
“Did your mother ever teach you manners? I’m not a bitch. The only dog I see here is YOU” You growled. Snatching your hand back with more force, you threw his watch on the ground, it shattering to pieces immediately. You knew in the middle of your sentence that you had fucked up but you were in too deep now. The man raised his hand, now into a fist but you didn’t flinch. Your eyes lit up when you saw a pale, tattooed hand covered with rings grasp the man’s shoulder.
“Now, now..” His voice. You noticeably shivered which caused him to smirk. Your eyes couldn’t stop observing him. The hair, the tattoos, the jewelry, the outfit- HIM! He was simply overwhelming but your eyes trailed back to his. You were suddenly at peace.

Now here you were, watching your boyfriend as he barked orders. He was the only thing that could hold your attention for hours. Then behind him, four henchman carried a rather large machine gun. You began to get distracted as you looked around at all the henchman.

There was a heist today?

Why hadn’t J told you!

You stuck out your tongue in annoyance. Honestly, J probably had told you but you forgot. You slid off the counter you sat at and poured your boyfriend a cup of hot coffee with Jack Daniels and extra hazelnut creamer. You brought the mug over to the table your beloved psycho now sat at. J was rubbing his temples and growling as you set it down. You slid your warm hands down his neck and under his shirt, rubbing his shoulders. You felt him relax immediately at your touch and the growling quieted.

“What’s eatin’ you?” You asked as you massaged his shoulders, “Is it the heist?”

J’s muscles tensed at the word. Then there was no response which worried you. Normally he would at least give you a grunt or some sort of noise for an answer. J’s hands gently took yours away from his shoulders, guiding you to be next to him. You sat and look at J with a tilted head, remaining silent.

“Babygirl, we gotta talk.” He said simply. J was never a man of many words. Still, you remained quiet until he spoke again. “You know I like bringing you with me, right?”

You nodded.

“Well I have to leave you home, tonight..” J grumbled. Your eyes widened slightly.
“But.. J, I-” You tried to interject but were cut off immediately.
“No. (Name). You’re staying home.”
“Cause I said so, damnit!” J growled.
“Give me a REAL reason!” You stood and slammed your hands on the table.
“You want a reason? Fine. For starters, you can’t compete a single fucking mission because you can’t fucking focus!” J shouted, slamming his hands down as well, “Your fucking ADHD gets in the way of the simplest of tasks! You’ve ruined all our past heists because. Of. YOU!”

Your eyes widened at his words. Deep down, you knew this would happen eventually. During a serious heist, you would get lost because you saw something shine in the opposite direction or would stare into space while J was talking. Those slip ups can’t happen in big jobs like this. At first J didn’t mind, he brought you along because he thought you were a spaz and your impulsive actions made him laugh. Then when it came to serious missions, it only annoyed him. The smile on your face when you tumbled out of a burning building though, he couldn’t help but smile too as he flicked your forehead. However now was the time to get serious. If J brought you to an important heist, he couldn’t babysit you and he didn’t want to think about what would happen if something went wrong with you there.

“Don’t say that.. Not you…” You whispered. J noticed tears welling up in your eyes. He sighed and stood up, “I’m not just gonna let you get yourself killed, (Name).”

The words meant to comfort you, came out harshly. You flinched as J said your name with guilt. Thoughts flooded into your head, swirling around and creating a headache.

You heard J say your name.

J.. If you couldn’t go with J, you were useless to him! He would spend less and less time with you. Soon he would forget you were even at the mansion, waiting for him to come back.

J said your name again.

Your thoughts became irrational and random but you couldn’t stop them! J would come home with some slut from his club and take them to the room you used to share. You would just sit in the living room as he walked right by-

“(NAME)!” J shouted, shaking your shoulders.

“SHUT UP A MINUTE AND LET ME THINK!” You screamed. The room went silent and eyes were on you. J’s blue ones were filled with nothing but concern. You had never snapped like that before. Or ever, to be exact.
Realizing you were about to cry, you turned on your heal and walked as fast as you could to your shared bedroom. As you quickened your pace to avoid being seen, though it was a little too late for that, you wiped your tears and replaced your sadness with anger. J knew how badly those words hurt you. Everyone used to tell you that; you fucked it all up. They all gave up on you! You though J was different. Ha! How stupid of you. You clenched your fist and sighed as you released it.

You would show them.

You would show J.

Damnit, he would not replace you with some bimbo!

Apparently while you put your plan into action, the men were still getting ready for their mission. It wasn’t a regular client, robbery or heist. It was personal this time. J had gotten word of a little mob that was staring up on his territory of Gotham. Everyone knew it was his, there was no mistake. The mob was given one chance to move locations but they returned the gesture by starting up an underground club. It was named the “Frown and Scowl”, two streets away from J’s very own “Smile and Grin” club. The clown immediately had the club burned, along with anyone inside of it.
Now, they were going to battle for J’s portion of Gotham City. Jonny had informed J that the mob they would be battling, didn’t know that they were after ‘The Joker’s’ territory. So J was confident that by just walking up on the scene would win him the battle. Little did he know you had a little plan of your own to win this victory for him!

J saw you walking down the stairs wearing a dark green button up, sleeves rolled to your elbows and black, high waisted, latex pants. You had mascara on your curled lashes, a little brown eyeshadow over your eyelids and a somewhat dark gloss coating your plump lips. The makeup went perfect with your (s/k) skin! Needless to say, you were proud of your appearance for such short time. You held your shoes and purse in one hand as you took your last step down the stairs. J tilted his head at you, clearly confused and slightly irritated, but looked you up and down.
“Don’t worry, I know I’m not coming with you.” You said, slipping on your black flats with a little green bow on the toes.
“Then where, my dear, are you going looking so delicious..?” J purred, circling you with a playful smile.
“Well I heard you were going to take your party to the docs,” You explained with your head down to fix your shoes, so he couldn’t see your lying eyes, “So~ I was gonna go to the club, y'know, make sure everything is smooth there for when you come back!”
You smiled innocently at J as you stood back up to look at him. He knew this was your was of asking for permission to go to the club. Instead of answering, J pulled you into a hug. You hugged him tightly, sliding your hands inside his purple, crocodile coat. It wasn’t often you would get hugs before he left so you wanted to make it last as long as possible.
“I do like taking you, doll-” He tried to explain himself but you put a finger gently to his lips.
“I’m sorry I yelled, J… Maybe trip someone, it’ll be like I’m there.” You joked half-heartedly. J kissed your lips to silence you this time.

“I’ll meet you at the club.” J instructed, holding your face in his hand. His blue eyes looked over every feature of your face in adoration. You gave a true smile and kissed J once more, letting him slap your butt as he walked away.

“Can I take the lambo!?” You shouted as he walked into the garage. You picked up your purse and smirked as you pulled J’s phone from your pocket. You had slipped from his back pocket while he hugged you. You prided yourself when it came to pick pocketing, no one in Gotham could be better then you!

“Absolutely not!” J shouted back at you, laughing as if it was a hilarious joke you had told him. J would be in the vans with his men but he still would never let you drive that beautiful, purple car.

“Ooookay!” You yelled back as you plucked the Lamborghini keys from the rack of other assorted keys. If you were going to disobey J, you might as well go all out. You popped open a new bottle of wine and drank it while the vans drove off.
The only tricky part of your plan would be to find a gun of some sort. J would never admit it but his plans were extremely strategical. He probably packed every single gun and ammo in this mansion to make sure there was 5 bullets for each opposing mob member. You remembered you had your guns J gave you for Christmas one year!
Once more glance at the text you sent and you quickly went to retrieve the twin revolvers.

'The Bat is out. Meet at Gotham Park in 20 instead unless you want to go to jail and leave me MY territory. - J’

'Go to hell. We’ll see you at the park. - Chris’


The clock is ticking. J’s patience is gone now, he’s about ready to go to their front door and throw a grenade inside. As the clown is there gritting his teeth, Jonny Frost runs to his side.

“Boss, someone changed the plans.” Frost explained.

J growled and went to grab his phone but his hand came to contact with nothing but the fabric of his pant’s pocket. His eyes widened in realization.

“Frost, track (Name)’s phone and then mine.”

J’s heart beat widely as he waited for the results. Johnny Frost showed the criminal his iPad, revealing the two phones were in the same place. His suspicions were confirmed. That sexy, deceiving little imp (Name) took his phone and was attempting to do this on her own. J had to admit he was almost proud she pulled it off. However rage consumed the pride for his girlfriend. That little shit was going to be in big trouble-

Suddenly J threw the iPad on the ground. Johnny simply pulled out a spare, this was clearly not unusual for him.

“Boss?” Frost asked, wanting to give an order.

“That.. little.. DEVIL!” J shouted, running to the drivers seat of the nearest van, “SHE TOOK MY LABO!”

Frost immediately shouted for everyone to get their asses to Gotham Park.


Chris was tapping his foot, looking around for the opposing mob. Suddenly, an eery voice echoed around them.

“Do you know who’s territory you’re in?”

“It don’t matter to me. I started here and I’ll finish here!” Chris shouted, his mob members joining in the cheers.

You smirked and giggled, the creepy laugh sending shivers down their spines. “Are you stupid?” You asked innocently and watched as they tried to locate where you were hiding, “You should do your research next time.”

You began to shoot, closing one eye and making sure not to miss. You hit 5 men, them falling to the ground immediately. One by one that’s how it went, they all dropped dead with shots in the head. You giggled at that rhyme you made up. Finally you came out of your hiding spot when Chris was alone. You made sure to save him for last.

“T-This is J-J-Jokers territory.” Chris realized, eyes wide.

“Mhm! You wanna know what that makes me!?” You asked all-too cheerfully. You held up your guns, words clearly engraved with your favorite colors and your favorite animal somewhere on each. Your smile darkened as you showed him your twin revolvers, “Property. Of. Joker.”

“(Name)!” A familiar voice comes closer.

“J!” You smile, turning to see your boyfriend. Unfortunately, he looks anything but happy to see you.

“What the hell are you doing?” J growls, glaring at Chris and then at you.

You gawk at him. “Excuse me? I just proved you wrong by completing and entire mission by myself! For you, by the way, and I don’t get a fucking thank you?!”


“Ow!” You screeched as your hand went to your stomach, blood quickly escaping. Chris had shot you in the back and it went straight through you, just missing J. Your knees felt weak but J caught you before you could fall. Johnny growled and shot Chris in the stomach, other henchman surrounding him and awaiting their boss’s orders.

“Make sure he dies painfully, drag it out as long as possible.” J says while glaring at Chris, his eyes as merciless as his words.
Johnny calls J’s regular doctor and they already know the drill. Frost drives as recklessly as his boss would in that cursed, purple car. The clown is in the passenger seat, paying to attention to his right hand man’s driving. The only thing he can do is look at you and whisper sweet nothings. At last he whispers as he looks in your (e/c) eyes,
“Don’t die on me, (Name)…”
You can hear him but the words don’t exactly register. You’re looking into his eyes and blocking everything out. He has a different emotion in his eyes, one you’ve never seen. Perking up at a thought you just had, you try to smile despite the pain, “I can focus.. I can focus on you, J…”
The criminal just grit his teeth and looked away from you. You frowned at this, it wasn’t the reaction you were hoping for. Your failed attempt to make him smile made you think more. You hated when J didn’t smile.






Or thinking. Those are when people tend not to smile, right? Your process of elimination was quick. J wasn’t angry or sad, he would be acting entirely different if he was. The pale man also wasn’t yelling at anyone so he probably wasn’t frustrated. That left worried and scared. Boy would that be a laugh! The most feared man in Gotham City, scared!
You looked up at J again. He was looking out the window, definitely in thought. So he couldn’t be scared.. right? J wouldn’t need to be worried about losing you. You exhaled a little sigh. The though saddened you. If you did die, J would move on. He could find someone to do heists with him. You closed your eyes and tried to ignore the pain in your stomach and your heart.
Suddenly you began to cough, warm blood oozing out of the bullet holes in your soft skin. J ripped his clothes off and tried to stop the bleeding, yelling at Frost to drive faster. There was that look in his eyes again as he frantically tied his shirt around you, putting pressure on the wounds to make the bleeding stop. You winced and let out a whimper of pain, gritting your teeth. This did not go unnoticed. J quickly sat you in a different position and started to kiss your neck. “I’m sorry it hurts, baby, I’m so sorry…” J whispered next to your ear. You kept your eyes closed but smiled. The fact that J said sorry completely slipped your mind. The criminal continued to whisper sweet nothings to you until you passed out.

You woke up to a loud snore beside you. At first you thought it would be J but it was only one of J’s men. He sat on a chair, obviously passed out. 'Oh, right, J never snores.’ You thought to yourself with an eye roll. If your boyfriend caught this man asleep on the job, he’d be put into a permanent rest!



Where was J?

You started to get up but yelped in pain, clutching your side and falling off the bed. The door to your bedroom was kicked in, an angry boyfriend storming inside. The man guarding you jumped at the sound of the door flying off its hinges. You realized you were partially naked except for the bandage wrapped around your stomach and one of J’s button up shirts.. that was unbuttoned. You immediately covered yourself, blushing in embarrassment.
J’s anger only increased at the man who was supposed to be guarding his princess. Obviously sleeping instead of doing his damn job and now staring at HIS girl. J growled and snapped his fingers. Two men behind the clown darted to get the henchman, dragging him out of the room. Your messy, (h/c) hair covered your face so J knew you wouldn’t see the blood that was about to be splattered. The pale man frowned at the henchman being held in place by two others. A soft whimper made J turn towards you, attempting to climb back into bed. Every bone in J’s body told him to go to you but the anger screamed for him to gouge the man’s eyes out for staring at his queen! “Remove his eyes and toss him on the highway.” J told the two with a smirk. That would be funny to watch on the news tonight. The two henchmen holding the pathetic man gave a 'yes, sir’ and took him away. J picked up the door he kicked down and rested it against the frame it used to sit in.

Good enough.

Once they had a bit of privacy, J ran to your side. He picked you up and rested you in his lap, pulling the sheets on top of you both.

“How do you feel?” J asked you, brushing your hair with his fingers.

“Like shit..” You whispered, hoarsely.

“You look like it too.” He joked. You weakly slapped his chest in response which made him chuckle.

“J?” The way you said his name always made him feel like a scolded child, no matter how gentle you would speak. The pale man kissed your forehead and made a grunting sound. You took that as a yes and continued, “Were you scared?”

“I don’t get scared.” J said simply, grateful you couldn’t see his smile fade. However you felt his body tense up at your question. You remained silent for a long time, not knowing whether or not to press the matter.
J growled, thinking you had spaced out like you always did. He flipped you onto your back as careful as he could but you still cried out in pain. He ignored you, resting both of his hands on either side of your head and looked into your eyes, knowing you would never look away.

“Tell me every single thought going on in that mess of a mind you have.” J demanded.

“I love you…” You blurted out, (e/c) eyes wide and watery. That emotion you saw last night returned.


“You do get scared. You’re scared of me loving you and you’re scared of losing me.” You said, neither of you breaking eye contact. J grit his teeth and was prepared to lash out.
Then you looked away from those piercing blue eyes, “It’s ok, J. I know you won’t love me…” You moved your head to the side.
J was shocked, his heart beating faster then ever before. You had never been able to look away from his eyes before, it was the one thing that could hold your attention for hours. J held himself up with one hand and used to other to grip your chin and force you to face him.

You were crying.

“Why are you crying now?!” J growled, sounding irritated. He didn’t understand what was going on which only frustrated him. His head was flooded with thoughts and his heart was heavy with worry.

“I can be better..” You whispered, “I can focus more so maybe.. maybe you would..”

You didn’t need to finish the sentence for J to catch on. If you could focus, maybe he would love you. J closed his eyes and sighed. When he opened them again, you were looking up at him with worry. Those soft, (e/c) eyes were still letting tears fall, makeup from yesterday’s adventure was smudged. J released your chin and gently wiped your tears away. You closed your eyes as J pressed his lips to you. He was being surprisingly gentle, which must have been hard for him, so you enjoyed the tender moment.

“I already do.” J whispered after he pulled away. You tilted your head in confusion then blushed, eyes wide. That was as close as you would ever get to an “I love you.” and yet you were completely satisfied. J nipped at your neck, letting you process his words. Suddenly you pulled his face towards you, crashing your lips onto his.
You kissed him hungrily, biting his lip gently every now and then. J growled slipped his tongue in your mouth, battling for dominance. His hands gripped your hips harshly and you yelped in pain. J immediately recoiled, looking over you and sighed at the sight of your bloody bandage.

“Doctor said no sex 'till your stitches heal.” J grumbled, moving off the bed to get you fresh gauze.

“Oh no!” You cried dramatically, “Whatever shall we do in the mean time?”

J rolled his eyes but you saw him smirk. He sat you up as you started to list of relaxing activities for you two to do. While you went off on a mindless rant of ideas, J gently cleaned around the stitches and rewrapped your stomach with a clean bandage.

“..Or we could-” You were still talking when J completed his task so he loosely gripped your throat.

“The doctor didn’t say anything about fucking that pretty mouth of yours to shut you up, though.” J smirked teasingly. He chuckled at your blushing face and kissed your forehead.

“Cuddles?” You asked while your boyfriend grabbed the remote to the tv. He flopped onto the bed as he looked for something to watch

“Cuddles will do.” J replied, opening his arms and pulling you close. You both smiled happily as you watched the news.

J started cracking up as the news anchors told a gruesome story of a blind man who was hit by cars on the freeway! You would think he had a sick sense of humor until he explained the story of the ex-henchman. As J told his story, you watched his every move and couldn’t help smiling at him. You weren’t paying attention to the words he was saying but you could listen to the man all day.
So maybe focusing wasn’t your strong suit, that’s ok, your attention would always be on the man you loved.

You could definitely focus on J.

Innocent. (Junhoe Smut)

soI feel like this is lacking but idk i kinda like it but then i kinda dont rdspdfdf feedback plss <33 enjoyyoy

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Paring: Junhoe x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1445

“Junhoe~” You called out to your boyfriend, skipping out of the bedroom you both shared to join your boyfriend in the living room.

Junhoe was laying down on the couch, lazily switching channels his feet hanging on the armrest, you were having a lazy day with your boyfriend and it was nice, it was once and a life time this ever happened until he had to go early in the next morning to attend to his schedule and not see him until a day or two, since you would always fall asleep before he came back and wake up after you left.

You climbed on top of him, one of your legs hanging off the couch. Junhoe set down the remote on the coffee table, intently staring at the TV, amused at what was going on, on the screen.

“Junhoe” You whined this time, wanting his attention after he completely ignored you the first time you said his name, you were feeling a little upset that he wasn’t paying attention to you, since you were really looking for this day.

“Hm?” He turned his head around, peering up at you raising his eyebrows in question. You smiled, leaning down to give him a light peck on his lips.

“I love you” You whispered against his lips.

You pulled away and watched a smile play on his lips, before whispering an ‘I love you too’. You watched his eyes slowly drag it’s way to your chest, making your cheeks heat up, knowing that the shirt you put on today was see-through making your nipples noticeable since you planned on not wearing a bra today.

His eyes clouded with lust, making you cock your head the side, biting down on your bottom lip, tugging on it gently.

“Baby~, I’m hungry” You tried acting cute, slightly bouncing up and down making your boobs jiggle a little. His hands were immediately at your hips, his fingertips digging in the skin of your hips and you knew that his prints would be marked on your skin from the amount of pressure he was putting on them.

“Stop” He demanded a low grunt following after, as you slowly grinded your hips against his making you moan quietly at the contact of his slightly growing erection in his sweatpants coming to contact with your clothed clit.

“Stop what?” You mumbled, continuing on with your teasing. While you teased him, you were teasing yourself too, you desperately wanted him. You wanted him to fuck you senselessly against the couch or anywhere to make up the nights you had to spend; horny and having to solve the problem for yourself. Your fingers weren’t good as his, as long and as thick as his.

You didn’t please yourself as much as he pleased you, and now you wanted him to please you.

“I want you so badly” You confessed, tired of the teasing he slid his hands up your shirt, cupping your breasts before taking off your shirt, you leaned closer to him wanting to kiss him but he switched the position you guys were now into him hovering over you.

You gazed at him, wondering what he would do next, it’s been awhile since you’ve done this with him, and you were would be lying if you said you felt like it was your first time, having sex with Junhoe always made you feel good right after and the next day, he made you feel safe and he made sure he didn’t hurt you, but was rough at the same time.

He brought his lips to one of your nipples, squeezing on the other while his tongue swirled around your nipple, making you shiver and buck your hips towards his. He groaned at the feeling, biting down harshly on your nipple and sucking on it to numb the pain he made you feel, making you moan and arching your chest, wanting to feel more.

“Junhoe, please” You whimpered, grabbing at the hem of his shirt tugging on it to signal for him to take it off. He pulled his mouth away from your now swollen nipple, he stared down at you, raising his eyebrows, making you take off his shirt and throwing it away as it landed on the tv, covering the screen.

“Aw, man I really wanted to watch that” Joked Junhoe, you playfully slapped his arm and connected your lips to his, your lips moving in sync with his as your tongues fought for dominance, you whined as he won, his fingers playing with your shorts, tugging them down slowly. Once he got your shorts off he discarded them the same way you discarded his shirt.

Junhoe pulled away from the kiss, leaving a trail of kisses down your neck to your thighs, and laid down between your legs, his face centimeters away from your already wet area, you grabbed a pillow hiding your face with it. He hoisted your legs over his shoulder, and pulled your glistening folds closer to his face his lips ghostly touching them.

It brought goosebumps all over your skin as you can feel every breath he made being blown on your folds.

“Jebal” You said a slight whimper leaving your lips, you bucked your hips up wanting to feel his tongue against you and he chuckled at your eagerness, pushing your hips down with his one hand, making you whine in protest. He attached his lips with your clit, sucking on it slightly.

“Oh god” You brought your hips again, your hands grabbing at his hair, pushing his face closer to your center. He hummed against your clit and vibrations radiated throughout your body. His mouth was soon replaced by his thumb, rubbing small circles on your clit to keep the same simulation as his mouth did, and he slowly inserted two fingers inside of you. You rocked your hips against his fingers showing how impatient you were for him.

He slowly pumped his fingers in and out of you, curling them every time he thrusted them in making you moan even louder and tug at his hair, Junhoe loved seeing you like this, he loved making you squirm from his fingers and have you moan from the pleasure he was giving you.

He sat up and pulled out once he felt your walls start clenching around him indicating that you were close, you whined at the loss of feeling and took the pillow away from your face, staring at him as he took off his pants along with his boxers tossing them away. You wrapped your legs around his waist and you grabbed his cock, pumping, twisting your hand around slightly squeezing on it to give more pleasure, he closed his eyes in pleasure, putting his hands at the either side of your head, your stomachs almost touching of how close he was. You let go of his cock, wrapping your arms around his neck.

He aligned his cock against your center, sliding his tip down your slit. You whined wanting him to just fuck you, he caught on your impatient actions and he slowly entered you. You moaned at the fullness slightly hurting you since it’s been a while and you could never get used to how large he was.

Junhoe slowly thrusted into you, you pulled him closer making him go deeper inside you and you moaned as his pace picked up, his hands on your waist. The living room was filled with skin slapping, loud moans coming from you and him and occasional whispers from him about how good you feel.

Junhoe brought his thumb to your clit, moving it in circular motions against your clit making you feel overwhelmed with pleasure, you moaned really loud once Junhoe found your g-spot making sure to repeatedly hit the same spot over and over until you came undone all over his cock, the sight of your body reacting to your orgasms and the feeling of your tight walls clenching around him, made Junhoe thrust into you quicker and sloppier as he came closer to his climax.

“Fuck” Junhoe said as he spilled his seed into you, laying down onto you, your sweaty bodies touching each other.

You both were breathing heavily and you giggled quietly to yourself, kissing Junehoe’s cheeks. He stared at you, slightly smiling.

“Don’t ever wear that shirt out in public, please” He begged, looking at you with puppy dog eyes.

“Why not?” You laughed, knowing the reason why.

“If you do, this will happen” Junhoe said referring to the actions that just took place.


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Septiplier - [Jacksepticeye x Markiplier]

Summary: Jack runs a tickle fanfic blog and Mark gets curious. [WARNING: THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! I’m happy with how this turned out. I’m not sure of the ending though. Eh. I think this is a good fic. Happy reading! And thanks again you guys! I might make this a series cause it has so much potential! Tell me if you guys wanna sequel!

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Ah so

I was watching the ML Orgins again, and you know how Adrien just fricken, runs in the locker room and transforms haphazardly? Well I suppose i wanted to try my hand at new dynamics if Marinette ran in looking for Alya.


Why did she run? Why did this girl just run into danger?? But this was why Alya would make a better Ladybug! she didn’t care she wasn’t scared! She wouldn’t mess everything up- Marinette caught movement in the locker room and she hoped beyond hope that Alya forgot something. 

Don’t worry Tikki…. Marinette was going to make this right and give you to a proper girl who could do the job of Ladybug better then screw up Marinette. The noirette pushed through the door and paused at voices…. She carefully walked over to see Chloe’s friend the model smiling into the locker. 

“Plagg! Claws out!” ….. No way…… She watched as the boy changed much like she did but green, the magic flowed around him and he looked so much more entusiastic about it… remembering back.. he was so ready to save people- how was he the same boy who stuck gum on her seat? The now Chat Noir smiled at the transformation and turned… green cat eyes catching Marinette and the girl froze…..

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Supernatural Masterlist-UPDATED!!

A/N: Thank you so much for waiting and I hope you enjoy the new Masterlist since a LOOOOOT of one shots are being added onto it! So sit back with some chocolate, kick your feet up and enjoy ;) <3 xxx

*=Smut /=Dad +=Sensitive viewing (e.g; Self harm, eating disorders, Suicide…) //= Gore/violence/death

Dean Winchester:

Forget me not- Dean’s gf get’s hurt on a hunt that leads to permanent amnesia 

Stone cold- Reader loves Dean but he doesn’t know and get’s married

Lay me down- Reader is Dean’s gf and recently dies on a hunt

The cure- Team free will call upon a myth to get rid of Dean’s mark

The cure part 2- Reader saves Adam from the cage

Doesn’t matter- Reader is confused when Dean goes for a plus sized, shy, awkward college student like herself.

Dragon talk- Dean finds out his daughter isn’t a virgin /

Apple pie life for me- Readers family disowns her for being with Dean when they have an arranged marriage for her with someone who won’t stop until he get’s what he came for. //

You and I- Dean makes the reader feel beautiful. 

Behind a smile-Winchester brothers go undercover at a school and Dean asks about his childhood best friend only to find out she committed suicide. +

Behind a smile Part 2-The brothers find out that (y/n)’s body didn’t have her birthmark. Dean tried to convince Sam the reader is still alive and that’s a shifter. 

Behind a smile Part 3-Dean finds a note from the reader.

Behind a smile Part 4- Dean and Sam know where to look for the reader.

Behind a smile part 5- Dean finally finds the reader

Go get him- Dean’s scared to date the reader until the reader breaks his walls down.

All in lyrics- Dean catches the reader dancing to ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’.

Blast from the past-Brothers meet another hunter who’s completely bad ass. Dean realizes that she was the girl he was dating in high school and left without saying a word

Blast from the past part 2- Reader is dared to perform a strip tease in front of Team free will *

Blast from the past Part 3- Dean and the reader finally act on how they feel *

Unexpected Surprises- a young girl calls Dean because that’s the number her mother told her to call in an emergency and tells him that he’s her dad. (Daddy Dean) /

Unexpected surprises Part 2- Dean forbids the reader to hunt so she sneaks out and Crowley sends a hell hound to protect her. /

Just perfect- Reader thinks she is to skinny so Dean shows her she’s perfect.+

Don’t push me away- Dean gets drunk and when the reader tries to help, Dean pushes her away before realising what he did.

Without you- Reader performs a song she made about Dean.

The good and the bad-the reader is a demon (a good one) and is dating Dean. they both love each other. one day the mark takes over him and he kills her.//

Forbidden memories- Dean tortures reader in hell only to find out she’s Cas’s daughter when Cas brings her out. (Daddy Cas) // /

The words I never said-Dean admits his feelings to the bad ass reader when he thinks he’s going to die.

In every situation (Dean version)- Reader is on her period and Dean helps her.

A perfect family-DeanxReader where they have a small child and the reader is also pregnant  /

I kissed a girl-Dean finds out the readers first kiss was a girl.

Chevy van- Dean and the reader go for a ride in the Impala.

Irresistible-Dean thinks the reader is irresistible.

Listen-Dean is in love with the reader, he keeps trying to tell her but something always get in the way of it. //

Clueless-Sam’s P.O.V on the reader and Dean. Moments he caught them doing stuff that made it obvious they belonged together, yet the remain clueless.//

Blind love-Dean bumps into reader and instantly connects with her and asks her to get a drink with him but she’s blind and insecure about it.+

Blind love Part 2-Dean meets the reader for a date.+

Blind love part 3- Reader joins the brothers. 

Mistakes-reader is dating Dean and after getting drunk she sleeps with his brother.

Mistakes Part 2-Reader can’t bare to be around Dean because of guilt.

Mistakes Part 3-Dean tries to convince reader to come back.

Mistakes Part 4-Reader tries to end her life.  +

Mistakes Part 5- Reader is in hospital.+

True Love-witch puts a spell on Sam and dean so they both fall in love with the reader.

not alone-reader cries a lot due to depression/things she’s been through in her lifetime.+

Perfect for me-reader is an only child and she brings her boyfriend dean and his brother Sam home for a weekend

To break a heart-Reader tells Dean she loves him only that Dean doesn’t share the same feelings until she leaves.

Innocently badass-reader is so badass, more badass than him and he is just in awe with her.

No one’s to old for fairytales-Dean and the reader get cursed into different fairytales.

The diary of a lost girl-Dean finds the readers diary +

Bubblegum bitch-Reader is confident and gets stares from every guy especially a certain Winchester.

Beastly-The reader gets cursed to look hideous and can only be turned back if she finds someone who will truly love her.+

Jump the shark-Episode jump the shark, Dean get’s upset and the reader comforts him.

Reunited-reader is reunited with dean after not seeing him since high school and him discovering that your also a hunter

My bloody valentine-the bloody valentine episode where everyone craves something.  Dean and reader crave each other.*

Darkness within-Reader tells Dean they’re a supernatural being.

Part of me-Winchester brothers go to Bobby’s only to find another hunter that Dean takes a interest in.

To help the pain- Reader (Dean’s girlfriend) gets wisdom teeth out, so Dean and TFW look after her.

Dreams can come true-Reader get’s married to Dean, they go on a honeymoon and have children. * /

I love you too-reader gets taken by demons for information on the Winchesters but she won’t tell them anything.+

Sam Winchester one shots:

The hands of a loved one-The reader knows she’s going to die soon since she’s a hunter but she didn’t expect it to be today and by the hands of her boyfriend.

Words- Sam writes a love letter to the reader

Imperfections- Moments where the reader has done something that would be counted as a imperfection or embarrassing, but Sam finds it adorable.

Kill Sam Winchester- Sam sacrifices the reader in hope to get Dean back but ends badly when the reader comes back 

You lost me- Sam tries to get the reader back after cheating

stop hiding- Reader loves Sam but is too insecure to let him touch her *

Stop hiding Part 2- Sam finally convinces the reader *

To share the devils blood- Sam meets Lucifers sister

Heartbeat- Sam keeps wondering why the reader only sleeps on the left side of his chest

Normal couple things?- Sam wants to do normal couple things with the reader but she’s afraid hunting will ruin it

Accents- Sam finds the readers accent adorable

Winchesters don’t do tents- Reader convinces Sam to go camping

Best friends sister- Castiel’s sister is left in Sam’s care *

Too young- Bonding between Sam and baby sister

Too young part 2- Sam finds a hand print bruise on reader 

Too young part 3- Reader is hiding nightmares from Sam

Angel code- Gadreel falls in love with the reader whilst in Sam’s body and keeps switching whenever Sam kisses her

A thing for Winchesters- Reader is possessed and lets slip to her bf Sam that she previously dated the other Winchester. 

Just a child- Sam finds out his daughter is hiding a huge secret from him. /

Just a child Part 2- Reader can’t sleep so she goes to Sam who helps pick out baby names /

Wedding from hell- Sam marries Becky leaving the reader alone who leaves and when Sam is back to normal he finds it’s to late for him to get the reader back. +

Wedding from hell Part 2- Reader is given a target to kill which so happens to be her beloved ex. 

Wedding from hell Part 3- Sam tries to change the reader back.

Karma- Reader can’t cope when she finds Sam asleep in bed with Ruby.+

Happy Birthday- Sam give the reader a surprise on her birthday.

Doll faces-Winchester brothers owe a friend a favour and babysit the reader and their sister, only that Sam can see the reader isn’t how a child such be.

Doll faces Part 2- Sam takes care of the readers wounds and hopes to bond.

Doll faces Part 3- Sam comforts reader

The coffee shop girl- Sam is awe struck by the girl he see’s in the coffee shop but she turns out to be insecure and shy.

Mixed up love- Sam likes the reader and asks her friend to help him practice asking her out, reader mishears and thinks Sam loves her.

Where are the muffins- Reader and Sam cooking dinner for Dean and Cas in the kitchen.

Not all stories have a happy ending-After dating the reader in college, Sam leaves the reader with no explanation. Years later he finds out she’s become a demon.//

Not all stories have a happy ending Part 2- Sam tries to bring back his old girlfriend.//

Not all stories have a happy ending Part 3- Reader won’t go near Sam

Trouble in tattoo’s-The boys bump into another hunter at Bobby’s, but this time Sam is the one who takes an interest to the cheeky hunter.

Trouble in tattoo’s Part 2- Sam’s starts to ignore the reader.

Trouble in tattoo’s Part 3- Sam gets jealous when the reader gets close to someone else.

Trouble in tattoo’s Part 4- Sam finally gets the reader *

Trouble in tattoo’s Part 5- Sam continues his affection on the reader *

In another life-Sam and Dean get sent into the ‘real world’ Sam find out’s that his wife is Ruby, but that’s not all he finds out. /

In another life Part 2- Sam finds the reader in his world. /

Attached-Sam goes to Bobby’s house who is currently looking after a little girl who had lost her parents and gets attached to Sam.

Attached Part 2-After leaving the reader, The brothers bump into her a few years later.

Attached Part 3- Sam finally gets the reader to open up.

People change-Sam realises the innocent girl in college is now cold hearted.

People change part 2-Sam tries to get reader to stay with him and Dean.

Baby on board-Sam oneshot where the reader gets turned into a baby.

Smother-Reader refuses to let Sam love her. +

Scars-Reader is insecure and Sam coax’s her into showing him her true emotions that she’s buried all these years. + *

In every situation-Sam helps the reader on her period

Suicide-Reader pushes everyone away but Sam’s determined to stay +

Beastly-the reader was born with a strange face and hides her face from everyone accepting she’ll always be alone until Sam Winchester turns up.+

Here for you-Sam helps the reader when she has a panic attack.+

Till death do us part-Sam’s wedding night with his virgin wife! *

Daydreamin’-Reader see’s Sam ‘Agent Smith’ and immediately develops a crush

Daydreamin’ Part 2- Sam finds out the reader he saved is now a hunter.

Perfect for me-Reader is shorter than Sam and he finds it adorable.

Speak now-Reader is in love with Sam but she finds out he’s getting married.(Not the Becky episode)

Smitten-On a hunt Sam gets hit by a love spell which makes him fall for the first person he see’s.

To build a bridge-Reader is in love with Sam so when their on a hunt they each have to reveal a secret.

Let me show you-Sam and the reader are dating but the reader always feels to insecure. *

Shy Lovin’-Reader is Sam’s girlfriend, who’s very shy.

Soulless Sam:

Dream nightmares for me-Readers view on soulless Sam.

Stubborn- Soulless Sam doesn’t like when he doesn’t get what he wants.

Demon Dean:

Fallen Angel- Reader is a fallen angel dating Dean before he turned, Dean turns and says hurtful things. 

Black eyed beauty-Dean gets possessed on a hunt and hurts the reader. +

Adam Milligan:

Newbie- Adam has a crush on the reader who hunts alongside the brothers *

Old flames- Reader hears her old high school flames Adam is back in town.*

Kevin Tran:

Motivation- Reader is tortured to motivate Kevin to work faster for Crowley


You have my word- Brothers find out about your secret relationship with Cas.

Rules of Christmas- Reader and Cas celebrate their first Christmas

Innocently beautiful- Castiel is forced to watch Claire tourtured who later mistakes him for Jimmy

The blue eyed man- reader is homeless and helps cas when he first became homeless

The blue eyed man part 2- Cas bumps into reader again.

Cry to me-Castiel catches reader dancing to Cry to me so she teaches him how to dance

In every situation (Cas version)- Reader is on her period and Cas helps her.

Angel in a trench coat- Reader puts up walls but Castiel broke through them.

Starring role- Castiel and reader find a baby and have to take care of it while the Winchesters are away.

Just one yesterday- Castiel mishears the reader and mistakes love for hatred


A twist of fate-Fallen!Gabriel shows up at readers doorstep

In every situation (Gabriel Version)- Reader gets her period and Gabriel helps out.

This means war- Gabriel and the reader always have prank wars and over time he falls in love with her

Jealousy- Gabriel dies the reader goes to stay with TFW but some how he isn’t dead and comes back because he is a little jealous.


Angel code- Gadreel falls in love with the reader whilst in Sam’s body and keeps switching whenever Sam kisses her


Queen of hell- Crowley makes reader queen of hell but finds out his demons have been hurting her

How to love-Crowley saves Winchesters little sister from getting attacked.

Monopoly- Castiel and Crowley play Monopoly with the reader. The reader loses and Sam walks in hearing her yells, thinking she’s hurt.


The missing piece- Lucifer uses the reader as a vessel as a deal

Night time cries-Lucifer is invading readers dreams to get information out of her. //

Night time cries Part 2-Lucifer invades readers dreams to find information //

Stockholm Syndrome- Reader travels with Lucifer but when the angels find them Lucifer tells them she has Stockholm syndrome to stop her being imprisoned.

Stockholm Syndrome Part 2- Reader travels with the brothers and mid hunt has ptsd but Lucifer comforts her. 

Winchester brothers:

For family- Reader lies about being a hunter so she can stay with the brothers

It’s okay-Reader runs away from an abused home and breaks into the bunker looking for food and shelter, unaware that two very large hunters live there. 

Birthday wishes- Brothers celebrate readers birthday

Revenge- Charlie’s sister comes seeking revenge on Sam

Operation- Brothers have to perform a openration on reader in middle of the woods after a bad hunt

Mermaid tales- Reader is secretly a mermaid

Never judge a book by it’s cover- Readers family are killed by the spn and is taken in by the brothers

Never judge a book by it’s cover Part 2-Brothers comfort the reader

Never judge a book by it’s cover Part 3- Reader has to make a choice whether to stay or go.

Wild- Brothers find a feral teen and take care of her.

Wild Part 2- Cas meets the reader

Wild Part 3- Reader falls asleep on Balthazar 

Wild Part 4- Reader gers hurt and lashes out.

Take my hand, Brother- Sam and Dean are searching for a cure for the mark. And dean breaks down, asking why Sam even cares (No reader).

The sweetest killer- reader use to be a mercenary, she is pretty bad ass and they both love the way she fights. She’s also sweet and Awkward.

Remain calm-Sam and Dean calming down the reader after s/he just had a panic attack followed by a nightmare. +

My boys-the reader is cranky and on her period and Sam and Dean lovingly take care of her

Shorty-Reader is short but clever and the boys always tease her.

British chippy-Reader is from England so the boys make fun of her accent.

To capture hearts-Both Sam and Dean admit their in love with the reader.

Monster-Reader comes back from Hell a changed person.

Monster Part 2-Reader comes back from Hell a changed person.

Hidden talents-When the brothers and the reader end up in a club and have to act normal they find out the reader has been hiding a secret talent.

Winchester sister:

Baby sister- All the times the reader has been referred to as Baby sis.

One of us- Reader finds out she’s adopted

Anything-Reader is dealing with a woman issue but the problem is… she has two very awkward, manly big brothers.

Woops?…- Reader has to explain to her brothers that she might be pregnant after a one night stand

Change- Reader confesses her sexuality to her brothers

L.A Dreams- Reader falls for an actor on a case but has to leave

Talk to us- Brothers catch the reader doing harmful things +

Magic brownies- Reader eats brownies that has weed in them and accidently get’s high

Corrupted- Sister dies and is brought back as an angel

Corrupted part 2- Reader goes missing when her brothers try to turn her back

Bad little sis- Reader is more bad ass than her brothers

EUGH!- Reader is caught making out with a boy after school

Self esteem- Reader has low self esteem issues

Self esteem Part 2- Readers gains confidence and also feelings towards Cas.

Don’t separate us- Reader has separation anxiety and get’s separated by the authorities +

Words unspoken- Mute reader is taken by demons.

Silence is the loudest cry- Reader stops talking and her brothers can’t figure out why.

Look after you- Reader is only a baby and the brothers take care of her.

Ferrets are cute!- Readers tries to persuade her brothers to get her a ferret.

Wait what?- Reader isn’t as innocent as her brothers think. 

Secrets- Reader is hiding her ADHD from her brothers +

busted- reader is Sam and deans 13 year old sister and she goes out on a hunt by herself

Busted part 2- Brothers find the reader just in time. 

Biological- Brothers ‘’sister’’ is sucked into the dream world were she meets her real sister

Torture- Brothers are forced to watch the reader being tortured. //

My funny teddy bear- Readers teddy bear comes to life and doesn’t like the brothers.

Panic room- Brothers have to listen to the reader scream after locking her in the panic room +

Panic room Part 2- Reader somehow escapes the panic room.

Panic room Part 3- Sam and the reader get sucked into the hunger games.

Rock, Paper, Scissors- Brothers fight over who get’s to spend time with the reader 

Those moments- Cute snipets of brother/sister moments.

Laughing gas-Reader is Sam and Dean’s little sister and has to have laughing gas.

Pet names- Moments where the brothers have used different pet names on their sister.

Silently mad-Sam leaves his sister after Dean goes to hell, when Dean returns and they go to get her back, they find out she’s not the same. +

Silently mad Part 2- Sam finds out his sisters mental health isn’t all it seemed to be. +

Cry to big brothers- Sister has been hit with a spell that makes her finally show her emotions. +

The sad kind- reader is Sam and Deans younger sister (around 15-17) and Dean is drunk. But not the goofy kind of drunk, the sad kind. +

A sisters pain-The brothers sister gets hurt on a hunt after training to hard.

A sister?-The boys meet their sister on a hunt and take her back to Bobby’s, only to find out Bobby already knew who she was.

A sister? Part 2- Brothers take their sister with them.

A sister? Part 3-Reader goes missing.

A sister? part 4- Brothers find the reader but not all of her is there

Invisible-Reader is the sister of Sam and Dean, she constantly feels left out as they ignore her without realizing they are. 

Invisible part 2-Reader finally leaves her brothers.

Invisible Part 3-Boys persuade sister to come back.

Invisible Part 4- Sam and Dean realise something has the reader in her mind.

Invisible Part 5-Bobby and the brothers go into the readers dreams to find out what’s hurting her.

Invisible Part 6- The brothers and Bobby see what’s in the readers head.

Invisible part 7- Reader has been hiding something from the brothers.

Invisible Part 8- Reader is safe with the brothers…but not for long.

Here to help-Sister has a stutter that she hid from the boys but had now come back and needs her brothers help to get rid of.

How to love-Crowley saves Winchesters little sister from getting attacked.

Slowly breaking-Everyone notices how the brothers feel, but no one stops to see how the reader feels about everything. +

Slowly breaking Part 2- Reader gets rushed into hospital. +

Slowly breaking Part 3- Brothers don’t like it when they find their sister talking to a boy.

Sketches-Reader is Sam and Dean’s sister and they find out she’s been hiding talents from them.

Always here-Sam refuses to let sister go when Lucifer makes him see her death.

Protective brothers-Lot’s of moments showing where the Reader (sister) is in trouble and big brothers come to the rescue.

Dad’s on a hunting trip-Episode 1 of Dean bringing Sam back just in a version where they have a sister. (not reader)

Dad’s on a hunting trip Part 2- Continuing on from Part 1 (not reader)

Until proven- Sister reader has appendicitis, but Dean doesn’t believe her until they have to rush her into hospital.

Have a merry christmas- Reader is Winchester brothers little sister and they decide to celebrate Christmas for her.

Protecting you-Dean has to leave to help a friend and leaves Sam in charge of their sister. //

You’re safe now- Brothers sister has been acting weird.+

You’re safe now Part 2- Brothers try to help the reader

You’re safe now Part 3- Reader tells tfw what happened to her.

You’re safe now Part 4- Reader runs away

Team Free will:

Promise me, Cas- Reader (sister) gets raped and makes Cas promise not to tell her brothers.

Promise me, Cas Part 2- Cas tells the brothers

Family doesn’t end in bloodReader is Bobby’s adopted daughter and team free will find out she’s been visited by a demon

Don’t mess with a Winchester- Team free will find out reader is being bullied at school

Rumours- Team free will help the reader feel confident and beautiful +

Heart of Gold-reader is homeless, and bumps into one of the boys from tfw.

Heart of Gold Part 2- Reader stays with the brother.

Heart of gold Part 3- Brothers find out about readers past.

Heart of Gold part 4- Readers bonds with team free will.

Heart of Gold Part 5- Reader is almost taken away from the brothers by social services

Heart of gold part 6- Brothers take care of sick reader

Heart of gold Part 7- Reader is still sick but tries to convince the brothers she’s fine.

Monopoly- Castiel and Crowley play Monopoly with the reader. The reader loses and Sam walks in hearing her yells, thinking she’s hurt.

I don’t think so-Team free will gets really over protective of the reader when she brings her boyfriend home.

Girls?-Team free will get turned into girls

The bird and the bee’s-Brothers have to explain to Cas the birds and the bee’s when Cas ask’s if the reader could demonstrate for him.

Make it stop-Bloody valentine episode where the reader craves her old self harm addiction. +

Make it stop Part 2- Team free will go back in time to find out what reader was hiding. +

Make it stop Part 3- Reader has to play bait on a hunt.+

Leather baby-Reader has had a few stares from wearing her leather jacket.

Twister-Reader plays twister with Team free will

Together- reader is pregnant and going into labor and team free will has to take care of her during an at home birth

Together Part 2- Readers baby get’s taken by demons. //

The shadow:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

 Chapter 11

 Chapter 12


Rules of Christmas- Reader and Cas celebrate their first Christmas

Have a merry christmas- Reader is Winchester brothers little sister and they decide to celebrate Christmas for her.

Alone for Christmas- Reader (little sister) invites everyone for a Christmas meal even the bad guys. 

Come Back To Me

@abaddonwithyall wanted some feelsy Cas smut, and my Mishka gets what she wants.

Summary: Set in late season 7, when Cas wakes up after curing Sam. He and the reader were in a relationship that he doesn’t remember. The reader is heartbroken until he finally remembers her.

Warnings: Smut, some angst

Word Count: 1900ish

“Hey, Cas.” You hesitantly entered the room, unsure of what awaited you. Meg had warned you that he was different now, but you still weren’t sure what to expect. Taking Sam’s burden on himself, letting the damage done to Sam’s soul in Hell damage him instead, had to have taken a toll on him, even if he was an angel.

Cas, your beautiful Castiel, looked over at you with a pleasant, but totally blank expression. He smiled politely, but didn’t speak.

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Naughty Boys (The Dollhouse SubChapter - JackBamBum?)

A/N: Hello cherubs, I guess you all wanted to know what happened to Jackson and BamBam for their so called punishment? Well I do know a few of you here and on AFF and AO3 wanted to know. So here it is…the JackBamBum? x Airlina smut. I hope you like it cause’ I finished this at like 2am. And I’m super tired. 

@bangtan-fuck-me-up for you Mitch ;)

This is some sinful shit, so grab yourself another pair of panties (or boxers I don’t discriminate). And if you’re going commando I pray that you have a fresh pair of pants. If you’re naked then great! You’ve got a head start. Cause it’s about to get real saucy.

All chapters of The Dollhouse if you’re not a reader and stumble upon this here smut.

Ch. 1 Porcelain | Ch. 2 Lace Dresses | Ch. 3 Black Pumps | Ch. 4 Rosy Cheeks | Ch. 5 Red Lips | Ch. 6 Pink Ribbons | Ch. 7 Suede Boots|Ch. 8 Smokey Eyes | Ch. 9 Silk Robes | Ch. 10 Lavender Perfume | Ch. 11 Diamonds | Ch. 12 Pearl Earrings | Ch. 13 Roses 

~Admin ChaCha~

SUMMARY: Jackson and BamBam broke the rules and breaking the rules means you get punished.

GENRE: Well Smut of course. Sinful, sinful, ungodly smut which I cannot believe I wrote.

WORD COUNT: 3,976 words of pure smut

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anonymous asked:

please make a super fluffy harry x fem reader imagine where they're already dating and it's just super cute xx love your writing btw!

AN: Hey, hope this is okay!! thank you for requesting :)) xx

“For the umpteenth time, Harry, I can’t dedicate a fraction of my time to you, let alone kiss you right now. I’ve got to study. You know, open a book or two, and read the words of text on each line? It’s a hell of a strategy - maybe you or Ron could test it out sometime.”

For the last hour, you’d been sitting on your bed trying to focus, while Harry was spread out beside you, flicking the pages of your book with annoying incessancy. You wanted to slap him. You loved him, but you were beyond ready to slap him. Oh dear god, he deserved to be slapped.

“It must’ve been easy, right? Easiest decision you’ve ever made?” Harry continued to bug you, jabbing his index finger into your hip, wandering his way to your thigh, trying to coup a feel.

He wanted to throw you off your game so badly - sick of the Hermione games you were playing. It was nice that you were studying; he found it undeniably attractive when you bit your lower lip in concentration, and the like. But it was Christmas break - you had all the time in the world to study, except for Christmas break. That’s when he was supposed to get you, not the books.

“What?” You answered monotonously, before flicking his hand away without so much as a glance up at him. “Was what easy?”

“Saying yes to going out with me. Easy, huh, love?” He stretched his legs out to play footsie with you under the comforter, but given that you were waist-deep in your herbology textbook, it was rather one-sided for him.

You loved Harry -you swore, you loved Harry Potter more than life itself- but good Godric, he was such a little shit sometimes. “And just why do you assume it was so simple and easy?” Although, H and you both knew it was anything but easy.

Much like James had with Lily, Harry fell into a hopeless, desperate sort of love with you. Being a fellow Gryffindor, you had each and every class with him, and a few weeks into first year, you caught him making constant googly eyes at you. More than twice a class period, there was practical drool running from his mouth. You had to admit, he was cute, but you guys were eleven. What were you going to do - hug?

Over time, it didn’t get much better. With him veering off course to fight the Dark Side, girls started lining up to date him. Despite his woefully awkward ways, he was the talk of your year.

The chameleon green-orange eyes, the scar, the cheeky grin, and innocent complexion. He’d always been adorable, but the older he got, the more attractive he grew. It wasn’t just a cute face sort of thing anymore, it was everything about him. You were such a sucker for his half-mature, mostly-boyish humor in class, and whenever you worked on a project with him, you went weak at the knees.

But, of course, you would never admit that to him.

For the first four years at Hogwarts, he pined for you. Finally, when you returned for the fifth year, you approached him in the Gryffindor common room. Gathering all your moxie, you strutted toward the fireplace where he sat by himself, deep in the middle of the night, and told him in as serious a tone as possible, “You mustn’t tell these delusional lies about Cedric. It’s in your best interest to listen to Professor Umbridge - she’s such a wise woman.”

He sat there in silence for a solid ten seconds, surveying your lips and eyes and every last inch. Eventually, Harry blinked. “What the fuck rubbish did you jus-”

“I’m kidding, Potter. Apparently you’re choosing not to get jokes, Chosen One.”

“I only choose to get jokes that are actually funny, Y/L/N.” But he said it with such a wicked grin.

It had been history ever since.

Back in present day, he continued to fuss about studying. “Y/N, do you not love me anymore?”

You inhaled; counted to five. He was right - even if you didn’t want to admit it. You needed to stop studying. It was Christmas break, and knowing him, sometime during the second semester, he’d run off and do something ridiculously preposterous to fight the Death Eaters. Time with Harry (especially time where he wasn’t gabbing about Malfoy) was precious. It needed to be cherished while it lasted.

“I love you more than you’ll ever know, my Green-Eyed Dearest,” you sighed, tucked your quill inside your book to page mark it, then closed the cover. In one motion, you collected all your books and parchment, then set them to the floor. “You want to cuddle?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” Harry erupted into his notorious fit of laughter, tugging at your shirt to pull you closer to his body. Now that he had you away from your studies, all he wanted was you you you. Your skin, your touch, your body. You. His. His. His. “C'mere, I just want you against me.”

Obliging, you allowed him to draw you as close as he wanted, but to tease him, you slipped his glasses down the bridge of his nose, then put them on yourself. “Lookie, I’m Harry Potter! The Chosen One! Dumbledore and McGonagall’s favorite!”

With all the sunshine in the world in each eye, Harry glimmered and gleamed and looked at you more lovingly than a boy had looked at a girl before - even more loving than the way James had looked at Lily. He laid in awe of you for a minute, chewing his lower lip, with deep imprints of where the nosepiece of his glasses usually sat.

“I am so in love with you, Y/N Y/L/N, it’s sickening.”

“And to think,” gently as possible, you returned the glasses to your boyfriend. “I didn’t even have to slip you amortentia.”

“Or so you say.” Harry bantered back.

And as the castle lights twinkled, the garland hung, and the halls ran quiet, you felt all the compassion a girl could feel, from the fluttering-heart and sugary-smiling love of your life snuggled beside you.

Good Girl

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A/N: *Laughs evilly* I love me some Malum…a song that could go with this imagine (x)

Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

     The upper half of your body was rested against Calum’s lap, your legs tucked under you as you tried to get to sleep; face nuzzled into his stomach. Sleep was hard with how much Calum was moving, the vibrations of his laughter, and the guys conversation. They were always rowdy after performing, lounging out in the back of the bus and just winding down from the day. It had become quiet all of a sudden and you finally thought you’d get some sleep. Except a question Luke had asked caught your attention. The question left his lips lightening fast, “What’s Y/N like in bed?” Luke’s words being cut off with Calum hushing him harshly and pointing down to you.

“She’s asleep right?” Ashton asked, also wanting to hear Calum’s answer. Most of the time he was secretive about what happened in your sex life. The guys practically begging him to spill the deats about your all night sessions. Each time Calum would shake his head, telling them it was something private. Something had changed though, the question actually made Calum smirk, and he looked down to make sure you were truly asleep before answering. 

“Want my honest opinion?” Calum mumbled, chewing on his bottom lip, earning eager nods from all the guys. Your eyes stayed closed, focusing on keeping your breathing slow as you waited for him to say something. “Four words: freak in the sheets,” he grinned, “Can’t get enough of her and last week…” Calum had paused for dramatic effect, watching the boys lean forward in their seats with wide eyes. Something similar to a toddler seeing bubbles for the first time ever. They were hanging onto every word he was saying, eyes dilated. “Last week we tried anal,” he finished, watching each one of the guys reaction. Michael dropping the water bottle from his hands, Ashton’s mouth hanging wide open, and Luke looking at him dumbfounded. 

“Was it as good as porn made it out to be!?!” Michael questioned, eyes glancing down to your form. He couldn’t lie, Michael had always imagined what it would be like to see you naked. Now with Calum’s confession, he had more masturbation material. Picturing your ass bare and waiting to be filled to the brim. 

“Not really, those girls are faking it with all the moaning,” you chimed in, scaring the shit out of them all. Calum leaned back, watching with wide eyes as you sat up. “I’m not going to lie it was slightly pleasurable, but not enough to send me over the edge,” you said, “Also next time you want to discuss our sex life make sure I’m fully asleep or out of the room.” Calum scratched at the back of his neck, letting out a nervous chuckle at your words. His face dropped when he realized what you had said.

“Wait it wasn’t pleasurable? For me it was…” he said, eyeing you carefully. You rolled your eyes at his words, leaning back into Calum’s arms and placing your attention on the boys. 

“Anyway, if you ever do try anal at least bring a vibrator or dildo into the mix,” you finished off. You didn’t know why you were comfortable talking about this with them, but the guys didn’t seem to mind at all. The atmosphere in the room shifted and questions came at you in every which way. Are you a squirter? How long can you go in one whole night? What kinks are Calum into? Do you like being spanked?

“Have you ever had a sex dream about one of us?” The question lingered in the air and Calum shifted to look at you. He knew the answer. Your sleep talking always giving you away. He never took the sex dreams you had about his band mates to heart. Mainly because even with you moaning one of the guys names, Calum’s name always showed up. No, you never dreamed of having sex alone with one of them. It was always a threesome sex dream; Calum included. He knew you’d stay loyal. Your love for each other triumphing anything that got in the way. Your lips parted, mouth going dry as you didn’t know how to answer the question. Smirks making its way onto all four of the guys’ faces. Now their gaze turned to Calum, the look in their eyes asking the question no one wanted to verbally express. 

“She’s not wearing any underwear,” Calum announced, making you choke on the water you were drinking to shoot him a glare. It was something you had told him earlier that day. Teasing him and whispering all the things he could do to you after the show. Now it seemed like Calum was getting revenge for your teasing words. There was no doubt that he loved to show you off and though he had been secretive about your sex life before, the conversation before elicited a spark within him. You didn’t even protest when he pulled you to stand up, biting onto your bottom lip as you looked down at him with lust filled eyes. Calum’s eyes stayed locked on yours, the smirk on his face growing as he unbuttoned your shorts, and pulled down the zipper. He was really going to show you off now. Your eyes closed shut when you felt his fingers tug down your shorts, revealing your naked ass to the guys. They all stared in part awe and part shock at what Calum was doing. The sound of your shorts dropping to the floor was loud. Almost like a bowl of pens falling onto a quiet library floor. “Y/N doesn’t wear panties often,” Calum explained, looking around your body and at the boys. One hand reached around to grip at one of your ass cheeks, squeezing and massaging the plush skin. 

“Am I dreaming…is this actually happening right now?” Ashton whispered, earning nods from Luke and Michael. Their eyes locked on your round butt. You swallowed hard, already feeling your clit throb; ready to be played with. Both of Calum’s hands rested on your ass now, poking and playing with it. He turned your body to the side, giving Luke a view of your front side. A moan leaving his lips at the sight. Calum leaned down, nipping at your soft skin. You being the one to moan now. The sound was like music to the boys ears. Sounding sweeter than anything they’ve ever heard. 

“She’s always a good girl for me,” Calum said. His voice had dropped to a low octave, laced with hunger and lust. A smile broke out on his face when you pushed your ass back into his face, wanting another bite. “She likes the pain,” he chuckled, biting you once more. “She loves to be spanked…you like to be spanked don’t you?” You nodded vigorously, feeling the wetness grow between your legs. When you didn’t give a verbal answer he gave you a harsh slap against your backside. “I can’t hear you,” Calum growled.

“Y-Yes!” you exclaimed, “I love it when you spank me.” Your teeth sunk into your bottom lip, breath becoming labored at the next words that left his lips. 

“That’s a good girl. Who wants to spank her first?” This caught their attention, eyes removing from your bare ass and looking at Calum like he was crazy. “This is the only time I’m in the mood to share, so make the most of it,” he announced, already knowing the question they were going to ask. Michael was was the first to stand. His length already rock hard and pressing up against his jeans. You were still facing the wall, eyes closed as you waited patiently. All eyes now on Michael as he inched closer to you. He licked his lips, hand hesitantly raising. Calum moved you around so that you were laid across his lap, ass high in the air. “Don’t be afraid to spank her hard,” he instructed, “Shit makes her wetter than Niagara Falls.” Michael took that as his cue to fully spank you. Hand winding back and coming down hard against your ass. You jolted forward, a squeal of pleasure leaving your lips. Michael felt giddy at the reaction he got, sending three more slaps down on you. 

“Fuck, I want a turn!” Luke exclaimed, hopping up from his spot and moving closer to where you were laid out across Calum. Calum was sat back against the couch, arms resting behind his head as he watched them spank you. It was when you felt Ashton’s large hands slide over your ass, cooling the burning skin that you let out a really obscene moan. This sound made Calum raised an eyebrow, curiosity flooding his facial features. His hand dipped down, taking his index finger and running it between your folds as Ashton spanked your with full force. Sure enough you were dripping wet, your juices coating your inner thighs. The feeling of his finger running over your swollen clit made you moan even louder. You came for the first time that night, all just from the spanking and a simple touch to your clit. Calum’s hand raised, stopping them from spanking you even more. He wanted so badly to be in your soaking heat, but stopped himself. This interaction with boys had been something you’ve longed for and he wasn’t going to ruin it. “Luke, you want to know a secret?” Calum asked, earning a nod from the blonde haired boy. “Y/N’s always wanted to suck you off,” he said. You sat up at the words, looking at Luke like a lioness looked at its prey. Luke grinned at the words, watching you look at Calum for permission. “Go and show him how much of a good girl you are,” Calum nodded. You pulled off your shirt, hands going behind your back to unclasp your bra. 

You were fully exposed to them now, standing up and walking to Luke. Your hands reached out, yanking him closer by his belt loops. “Can I kiss him?” you asked, looking back to Calum with an innocent look. When you got the okay signal, you stood up on your tiptoes, lips connecting with Luke’s in a sweet kiss. It quickly grew, his hands landing on your hips and pulling you closer. You felt another pair of hands on your body, their lips trailing across your neck. It wasn’t Calum. You unzipped Luke’s pants, pulling them down in haste. Wanting so badly to have him in your mouth. The need was strong as you felt your mouth water at the sight of his pulsating length showing up. Your head turned to the side as the second pair of lips reached your jawline. It was Ashton, his golden locks tickling your skin. This could have practically been an orgy if more girls were in the mix. You pulled away from the kiss, lips back on Luke as your scattered hickies across his skin. Your mouth moved down and you sunk onto your knees. Calum couldn’t deny that he loved the sight in front of him. You down on your knees, giving pleasure to one of his best friends. After all of this was over he was going to fuck you into oblivion, making sure your lust for them was gone for sure. 

You hand grasped Luke’s length, starting off with slow strokes. Grunts came from him in return, eyes shutting close in bliss. The strokes sped up and your tongue came out, taking a long lick at the underside of his length. All three of the guys were surrounding you now, Ashton sending kisses down your spine and Michael playing between your legs. You took the head of Luke’s length into your mouth. Tongue swirling over the red tip, collecting his salty precum and moaning around him. The reverberations made Luke moan loudly, involuntarily bucking his hips and sending his length down your throat. You gagged, choking and pulling back for air. “Easy man!” Calum shouted, standing up to come to your side. He needed to instruct them on how to handle you during sex. You weren’t that skilled with giving blowjobs, but still like to give them. “Ashton, she’s always wanted to ride your face,” Calum said. He was just telling all the guys the dark fantasies you had about them. You had already came a second time from Michael’s fingering and you knew by the end of this night you were going to be spent. Before you went back to sucking Luke off, you let Ashton slide between your legs. His hands rested on your hips, lowering your soaking wet cunt onto his face. Ashton moaned at the aroma, taking a tentative lick up your slit. You continued the blowjob, head bobbing at a steady pace. You stroked the parts that wasn’t in your mouth, hand twisting with each movement from your mouth. Ashton gave your clit a wet kiss, making your thighs shake. “Such a good girl,” Luke whimpered, fingers collecting your hair up into a ponytail. You were used to Calum saying those words, but hearing it come from Luke made you feel a new sense of pride. Slowly he rocked his hips into your mouth, letting you take him as far down your throat as you could go. Someone was missing and your hand reached out in search for Michael. You moaned around Luke’s length, feeling Ashton’’s tongue dip into your entrance. You began to ride his tongue, hips swirling down on him. Calum was kissing along your neck, whispering filthy words into your ear. 

“Michael,” you tried to mumble around Luke’s length. You pulled up, taking in a breath of air. “I need Michael,” you repeated, he was the one you wanted to fuck the most. Your riding picking up as you felt Ashton give your ass a slap. Calum’s fingers inched towards your no longer forbidden zone, massaging the entrance before sticking a finger inside. A pornographic moan sounded out around the back area of the bus and you came hard. Eyes squeezing shut as you felt your whole body tingle. Ashton didn’t let up, still sucking and biting at your clit. He was determined to get another orgasm out of you. Fingers plunging deep inside of your cunt. “Shitshitshit,” the words coming out in a jumble. Luke tugged at your hair, whining at the loss of no longer being inside your warm mouth. You grabbed his balls, massaging the sensitive sacks and taking him all the way down your throat. This threw Luke over the edge and pushed your head back, spurting his load over your chest. Turning your head to the side, you captured Calum’s lips with yours, tongue sliding into his mouth. He could taste Luke’s cum in your mouth, adding another finger into your back side, letting Ashton milk another orgasm from you. Your hips slowed and Calum pulled you off of Ashton. Luke was satisfied for the night, giving you a sloppy kiss and leaving the group for bed. You were dazed, four orgasms in and they still weren’t finished with you. Calum was giving you everything you dreamed of tonight and you were going to repay him for it. 

“I’m good for the night,” Ashton hummed, hands tracing over your skin and sliding between your legs. He slowly massaged your clit, his other hand doing the same to your left breast. You shuddered in his touch, “Calum’s right, you are a good girl,” he whispered in your ear. Ashton pecked at your hairline, the pleasure leaving as he left. You lazily grinned, waving goodbye before turning to face Michael and Calum. 

“I get Malum all to myself,” you purred, eyeing Michael with dark eyes. He shifted at your stare, looking at Calum for guidance. He wasn’t going to touch you without permission. Both from you and Calum. 

“Michael,” Calum started, ready to give away your last dark desire. “Y/N’s reserved a special place for you in her dreams,” he began, pulling you onto his lap. Calum looked between the two of you, hands cupping your breasts and playing with them. “You see, this is when you become a bad girl…wanting both of us at the same time,” Calum playfully scolded. His lips pouting at you, watching as you cooled down from the previous orgasms. Michael watched confusedly, Calum’s words washing over him. Realization struck and he began to stutter. 

“She wants to-can I-am I allowed?” Michael questioned, broken sentences leaving his lips. The two words entered his mind in big LED lights, spelling out: Double penetration

“She’s such a good girl,” Calum hummed, sucking on your sweet spot. “I don’t mind her becoming bad for just a moment. You want him in that way don’t you baby?” You moaned at his words, eagerly nodding. 

“So bad,” you whimpered. You couldn’t have planned it more perfectly. Letting Calum be the first inside your backdoor. He was always going to be the one to take that away. Always going to be the one you loved and cared for. Just this once. Just once did you want one of the guys to be in that place. The only one you knew deserved it besides Calum was Michael. Knowing he’s dreamed of it too. “Go easy on me,” you softly said, standing up to rid Michael of his clothes. 

“Just this once Michael,” Calum said, “You’re dreams of fucking her ass are coming true tonight.” Calum left the back area in search of a condom and lube. When he came back Michael was undressed, his length ready to enter the one place he’s wanted to be ever since Calum told them about your anal adventure. Calum took off his pants, picking you up, and scooting underneath you so that you were straddling him and lining the head of his length at your entrance. He pushed in, a low moan erupting from deep within his throat. You sank down more, letting him fill you up. Foreheads resting against each other, Calum smiled up at you, pecking your forehead and throwing the condom to Michael. “Don’t hurt her,” Calum demanded, eyes still locked on you. Your body shook as you waited for Michael to enter you. He grabbed the lube, squirting some in his hand and coating his length and your asshole. 

“Just relax,” Michael mumbled, massaging the lubed around the hole and sticking a finger in to prepare you. You were already clenching around Calum’s length and he bucked up out of habit; moans coming from both of you. Finally, you felt the head of Michael’s length sink in; inch by agonizing inch. You let out a cry mixed with pain and pleasure. Face falling between the crook of Calum’s neck. One last push in and Michael was fully inside of you, resting to let you adjust to his size. Your senses were on high, never having this feeling of two people filling you up before. They began to thrust in and out of you, alternating. Each time Michael was in, Calum pulled out to the tip. Michael pulled you up against his chest, your back pressing flush against him. They were really working into you. Hands gripping any part of flesh they saw. Spanks being sent to your ass. You were seeing stars, trying hard to keep your moans quiet. Your body was going into overdrive, becoming sensitive to everything that was happening. 

“Oh fuck, don’t stop,” you whined out, pushing back into Michael and bouncing on Calum.

“Keep clenching like that and I’m going to fucking burst,” Calum breathed, face red as his eyes locked on where you two were connected. All night he had been waiting to be inside you. Your warm cunt feeling like Christmas morning. Michael nodded in agreement, fingers digging into your skin. You weren’t going to last long. Crying out at the over stimulation, and coating Calum’s length with your juices. The clenching around Michael’s length sent him over the edge. Back arching and load spilling into the condom. He pulled out, falling back against the couch spent. Calum wasn’t letting up though, the tiny bit of jealousy coming out. The images of all the boys touching you flooding his mind. He flipped the two of you over, beginning to drill into you. Going in deep and strokes becoming long. The head of his length hitting against your g-spot expertly. The sounds of his hips snapping against yours sounded out around the room. Calum’s thrusts becoming sloppy as he chased his orgasm. 

“C-Calum t-too much,” you whined, being pushed into yet another orgasm.

“Oh fuck-s-so good,” Calum grunted, hunching over and releasing. Strokes slowing to a halt. He rested on top of you, length going soft in your pulsating core. Seconds later Calum pulled out and you could feel your mixed juices leak out of you. It was quiet and you could hear soft snoring come from somewhere in the room, assuming Michael had fallen asleep. “Are your sexual fantasies about the guys satisfied?” Calum asked after some time, he was still laying on top of you, half his weight on your body. 

“Very satisfied. Thank you,” you replied, fingers running through his now wet hair. Sweat glistening over both your skin. “I’m always your good girl, remember that,” you whispered, pecking his head. Calum nodded, pinching your side before closing his eyes. Exhaustion overtaking you also.