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Some Boring Life Shit
  • Ordered my nephew’s birthday presents for this weekend. Arriving Wednesday. Hashtag cool aunt. (Nerf arsenal ftw. He picked them out.) 
  • He’s going to be 13, which, ugh, but he’s so kind, and funny. Hashtag proud aunt.
  • Ordered my mom’s Mother’s Day gifts way ahead of the game.
  • The only day I like more than the first day of spring is the first day of summer. It’s 83 degrees outside, and sunny. I’m the happiest person in America.
  • Jack is sometimes aggressive when he’s on his leash, especially if someone comes running over to him, or if he encounters a big dog. Today at the park, three separate dogs and one person came running up and he was so good. We’ve been working hard on training, and it’s paying off. My little monster made me very proud. Hashtag best dog ever.
  • I’m firmly Team Ultrasound Photos Don’t Belong on Facebook, but it’s so crazy how detailed they are these days. Science is fucking cool.
  • I’m also Team It’s Your Facebook, Do Whatever You Want With It, so.
  • I had an easy, relaxing weekend and it’s doing amazing things for my mood.
  • Donald Trump can get fucked.

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You're literally the only one I can turn to for Rin/Shiemi meta, so I was wondering: do you have any thoughts on their development so far, with chapters 82 and 83? :D Especially now that it's been implied that Shiemi has feelings for Rin, even though she's not ready for a relationship just yet.

Hey, anon! I’m so, so, so sorry for taking so long (4 months, according to the timestamp that XKit has placed) to reply to your message. Unfortunately, as you may have deduced from various posts that I’ve published, there has been a lot going on in my life, especially during the past few months, which has caused me to fall behind on all of the series that I’ve been following. I was able to catch up with a few of these series, including AoEx, only recently. Despite the delay and rushed response, I hope that you’ll find this post satisfactory! <3 Also, thank you very much for the kind words! *blushes* You really know how to feed a girl’s vanity. ^_^

Per usual, I’ve placed my response under the cut, not only so that the post won’t take up too much room on this site, but also so that anyone who’s not interested in this topic can easily skip over this post. 

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It’s In the Details

Levi and Mikasa’s relationship is one where the development was subtle but stable. It’s also a relationship that had yet to be tested. Up until now, there really wasn’t a conflict between the two, not a real one. Mikasa’s hostility towards Levi in the beginning was one-sided. The small arguments (for the lack of a better term) they had were over before they really started. They always had the same goals and only disagreed on the methods.

With chapter 83, that’s out of the window. For the first time in their relationship, their goals are not just different, they are completely opposite. What better crucible to test their bond?

Let’s all be grateful for the fact that Isayama’s drawing skills have improved as much as they did so we don’t need thought bubbles to interpret the characters’ thoughts and feelings. It’s important because a lot of what passes between Levi and Mikasa is unspoken.

There are so many fantastic details sprinkled throughout the chapter. When Eren asks for the serum for the first time, Levi freezes for a moment.

Why? Well, it’s obvious that he just realized he won’t be able to use this method to save Erwin. So when the chance comes, he seizes it with desperation.

Mikasa’s drawing of the sword is interesting as well. I believe it wasn’t purposeful on her part but rather instinctual. Mikasa (and Levi for that matter, too) tends to use violence as the first response to a threat. She is not angry, though. Eren’s stance and expression are angry - his eyes, his clenched teeth, his words. Levi’s reacting in the same way.

But Mikasa? Her expression isn’t angry. It’s pleading, it’s desperate. She’s crying. And Levi’s response is accordingly gentle. As other people pointed out, this is the first time Levi sees her crying. And this may be just a conjecture on my part but the only time Mikasa cried before when Eren was threatened (in Trost and when RB took Eren), Levi was not there. In the forest chasing Annie, she didn’t cry. When Rod Reiss had Eren and Historia kidnapped and the squad lost the track of them, she didn’t cry. She trusted Levi, in the first instance subconsciously, in the second consciously, to make things better.

Levi is the only person Mikasa acknowledges as her superior in skill. If he’s there, there’s nothing that can stop the two of them together. They will succeed. A lot of this is probably subconscious on Mikasa’s part but she could always rely on his help when she alone wouldn’t be enough.

That’s not the case here. They are on the opposite sides here. Levi won’t back her up this time. She drew her sword because that’s what she does when she’s threatened. But she’s also crying because her safety net is gone, the person she came to rely on to support her is the one facing her this time. And he’s not unaffected either.

Levi knows what Mikasa’s capable of. Seeing her crying throws him for the loop. Anger, he can deal with. He knows how to respond to that. But tears? Mikasa’s tears? With him being the reason for them? No fucking clue.

They both know they are stronger together but that’s not an option here. One of them will be hurt terribly at the end of this. The question is: will the relationship they managed to build survive the fallout? I guess we’ll find out next chapter.

TLDR: This chapter was absolutely crucial to RivaMika relationship and it demonstrated perfectly how far they have come.

Two things I love here: 1. For once, Zoro and Sanji are actually having a ‘civil’ conversation and 2. Zoro’s looking at Sanji as he speaks because only the two of them remember the fight with Hachi. 

In fact, Zoro and Sanji cooperated for the first time against the fishman pirates back in Arlong Park. Here, Nami hadn’t arrived on the scene yet, Luffy was trapped underwater, and Usopp was chased off by Chuu - so it was entirely upon their shoulders to defeat the fishmen and save their captain. This fight is a special memory only the two of them share, and I’m glad that Zoro shamelessly chose to converse with Sanji when he was reminded about it. 

Context: We’re traveling in a tower owned by a vampire, hired to obtain a powerful sword. I played a Druid. My only partner is a Cleric-Ranger. (I’m also certain we were playing 1st version D&D) Oh, and did I mention it was my very first D&D experience ever?

DM: You enter a room with several unlabelled bottles on a table. (some flavour text I don’t remember.)

CR: I drink a bottle.

DM: Roll percentage.

*Rolls a number in the high 70s*

DM: You drank really old, really bad tasting beer.

Druid: I’ll drink one as well.

*Rolls an 83*

DM: You drank vinegar.

Druid: I take the bottle with me. Now I just need baking soda, and I think I’ll be set.

CR: I drink another bottle.

*Rolls a 13*

DM: You drank Cow Urine.

CR: And I think we’re done here!

Druid: I’ll drink one more just to make it even. I can’t imagine getting anything worse than that.

*rolls the die*

Druid: That’s an 80…wait no, my bad, it’s an 8.

DM: You drank Cow Urine…laced with Cyanide.

They say you have to love yourself first. But I loved you so much with every goddamn bit of me there was nothing left for myself. Yet, still, it wasn’t enough to make you stay…maybe I should have listened.
—  MK Ireland #83 : you’re the only one who won’t leave