the first one is me everyday on college

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a / age - 18
b /biggest fear - Everyone I love/care about secretly hating me or finding me annoying; painful, agonizing failure
c /current time - 10:16 AM
d /drink you had last - Iced tea
e /everyday starts with - Waking up, either voluntarily or because something woke me up (it’s usually the later, especially on weekdays ‘cause college); on free days I usually just browse through my phone or prepare for the day.
f /favorite song- I don’t think I have only one favorite song, it mostly depends on my mood at the time, but let’s say I’m a mess by Ed Sheeran.
h / hometown - I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but now I live in Carolina, Puerto Rico.
j / jealous of - People who have all their lives/careers planned out, people who are not socially awkward and actually have friends, etc…
k /killed someone - I don’t think so…
l /last time you cried - Last Saturday I think… I’m not sure, maybe this morning when I woke up to realize I have to go to uni.
m / middle name - Rafael
n /number of siblings - I have 1 younger brother.
o /one wish - Hmmmm, does wishing for more wishes count? If not then maybe a steady income or protection from harm and bad luck for everyone I care about.
p / person you last called/texted - My friend Rocio.
q /questions you’re always asked - Did you draw that? *while I’m doodling in my sketchbook or a piece of loose paper, still working on it*
r / reasons to smile - I’m pretty sure my dogs love me. No but seriously I smile whenever I think of the friends that have sticked around me and help me out.
s /song last sang - I’m pretty sure it was How far I’ll go from Moana.
t / time you woke up - 5:45 AM
u / underwear color - Green.
v /vacation destination - I would love to go to Spain, Japan and Greece.
w / worst habit - Staring at people (wheter because I don’t notice or I’m admiring them aesthetically) OR cracking my neck OR being an anxious little shit while ordering food or socializing.
x /xrays you have had - When I broke my clavicle I got an xray to see the fracture.
y/your favorite food - Chicken nuggets.
z / zodiac sign - Aquarius.

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• After the help of my family, we’ve convinced my dad to let me stay here in MN for the summer to take classes. (YAY!)
• I’m also currently torn about choosing between two different lab assistant jobs as well.
• One is with the organ transplant clinic and another is in genetics and cell development.
• They both pay well but I’m not sure if I’m qualified enough and I’m scared of rejection.
• I’ll be staying busy with chemistry classes everyday and hopefully a part time lab assistant job.
• Everything’s been happening so quickly.
• My first year of college is nearly over and it’s so hard to believe.
• I’ve learned so much about myself this year.
• Though it’s been rough, this has been the best year of my life.
• Friday is mine and Nathan’s six month anniversary.
• We’re going back to the restaurant where we had our first ever date.
• Which happened spontaneously on a rainy Thursday because all the dining halls were closed.
• He’s been the best thing to ever happen to me in a very long time.
• I have so much to figure out yet but I’m excited to see where the rest of my life takes me.

A year ago if you asked me if I planned on running cross country I would’ve replied, “No way, they don’t even do 5ks anymore they do 6ks! That’s way too hard!” This weekend I finished my first collegiate cross country season at our regional championships. To think I’d be able to come this far in a year let alone even run cross country in college amazes me everyday. Sticking with it was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I can’t wait to see what’s in store the rest of this year. 😁❤️🐾💪🏼🏃🏼

**sorry in advance for the super long post and kudos to you if you read the whole thing also sorry for the lq pic but i love it and i look happy af in it**
Sometimes something comes along and makes you remember why you’re here. 1989 came out one year ago when I was in a position I had really never been in before. I was a freshman in college with not really any friends and I was experiencing my first real long distance relationship. I would wake up the morning wishing I didn’t. I hated what I saw in the mirror everyday and was trying to diet and work out which made me absolutely miserable. And on top of all of that, I was self harming nearly everyday or every other. I was in a position where I wanted to get better and recover from everything I had been through and was going through, but recovery is hard and was far too much work when I was trying to keep every other aspect of my life together. When I heard 1989 for the first time, I was inspired. Something about the powerful independent music made something inside of me made me want to get better. So that’s what I did. Taylor took charge of her life and made it her own instead of leaving it up to other people to decide for her. She inspired me to take charge of my own life too. I moved into my own dorm, which was a terrifying situation because I had never been completely on my own before, but I took advantage of the opportunity and started to take care of myself. I started to not want to change what I looked like, but learned to love what I am. I decided to venture outside my comfort zone. I learned that doing things alone is okay and sometimes, even good for you. I decided I didn’t want to be a “practical” major anymore and changed to being a Music Education major because if I’m going to spend 5 years at this school, I’m going to do it doing something I love to do. I dyed my hair the complete opposite color and had 9 inches of it cut off and donated. I started to not care what people said about me. I learned to be HAPPY. If you would have told me on this day last year that I would be happily living out my college years as a music major, with great friends and sorority sisters, that I wouldn’t care what I looked like, that I got rid of the long hair I would hide behind, that I would be nearly a year clean and wake up excited about life instead of wishing i didn’t wake up, I would have told you you were crazy. Incredible things can happen in a year and I’m so happy I have the music from 1989 and Taylor to thank for being where I am today. @taylorswift

Invisible, part one

Hi guys!

Okay so basically I decided to start a MCU fanfic. There will be a love interest, but the first part is only the introduction, so no fluff for the moment. My first language is not English, so please don’t judge if there are errors. You can always message me and I’ll try to fix them. Also, i’m in college, so i won’t be posting everyday but i’ll try posting a new fic each week. If you have any suggestions as for what i could add to the fanfic, please message me! I’m sorry for that awfully long intro, the fic is under that picture.

Word count: 3537

Warning: none, except maybe swearing.

Pairing: the reader X the Avengers 

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