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Hi!! I was thinking about my favorite scenes/lines from my favorite fics and got to wondering what scenes/lines stood out to the people who wrote them. Lolol. What would you say are your top 10 favorite bits from your fics? ❤

This Ask is cruel and unusual! Which explains why it took me so long to do it. But thank you, Bix! It’s actually a really good question; it’s just not usually easy for creators to say nice things about their own work, so it’s good to be prompted to do exactly that on occasion. I will say though that I couldn’t keep this to ten. That’s not arrogance as much as the fact that I’ve written 180 stories for this fandom, and I found it difficult to narrow down that much just from the sheer volume. I got it to fifteen though! I had to break everything non-H/D down to one each in order to fit everything I wanted to, which means there’s not nearly enough femslash, Harry/Teddy, James/Al, or Sirius/Harry here, but they’re all there once at least. Anyway, enough preamble!

In no particular order, 15 favorite scenes/lines:

1. Touch Me Fall, Harry/Draco. There are two moments for me: Okay, well I’ll admit that the whole first scene still delights me. I rarely get into my own sex scenes as much as other people appear to (you know who you are too!), but this one… Boy howdy, I really really like it. Ahem. But even in just that one scene, it’s gotta be, “Let’s rattle the glass, shall we, Potter?” I’m so happy with that line, I can’t even tell you. :DDD

Also from TMF would be a line near the end at the ball when they’re dancing, and Draco says to Harry, “How did your heart grow so huge in that cupboard they kept you in?” I think I might have written ‘closet’ rather than ‘cupboard’ though, and if I could go back and reword then 'cupboard’ it would be. The sentiment doesn’t change of course. And I love how appreciative and in awe of Harry’s capacity to love and forgive and hope Draco is in that moment – and he’s feeling it directed at himself.

2. So I really love Daddy!kink when it’s done a certain way. And I really love Harry/Teddy. Put those two things together and you’ve got Simple as It Is, Complicated as You Need. I have to admit that I love that whole story and how it came out! But there’s this one moment (which I should probably warn for here – I mean don’t read this if either of the above two things squicks you and just skip on down to #3, k?) There’s this moment when they’re in role and Harry’s fucking him, and Teddy says, all innocent, “Is it going to spurt inside like last time?” And man, that line was so hot to me that I literally gave Harry my own exact reaction after having written it. His eyes roll shut and he groans, “God yes.” So yeah, in that moment, Harry was all me! Hahaha! :P

Honestly, I love Harry in this story: so in control, so Toppy and Dommy in his “bank shoes” (I love that detail), and I looooove that he uses Legilimency to plant Daddy scenes in Teddy’s head after Teddy is a bit of a shit and taunts him in a public place where Harry can’t properly chastise him. I’m super pleased with how the whole dynamic turned out and with the pacing of the piece.

3. Weeds or Wildflowers, Harry/Draco. I’m not sure I can pick a line or scene on this one. What I loved more was just bouncing back and forth between Shelly’s scenes and mine, especially with those first dates where she’s being really funny and then I got to play off her humor with my own, and we’d get on the phone after we’d read one another’s parts and just laugh our asses off and start planning the next scene. And ngl, it was pretty awesome writing the big sex scene and sending it to her and getting a puddle of nnnnggghhh in response. ;) ;) And while I’m referencing the sex, I do think I have a favorite line where that’s concerned: “You like me rough, Malfoy?“

Ahem, okay!

4. In the Shadow of Your Heart, Harry/Draco. I gotta go with Harry Apparating into Draco’s shower, naked with his wand. I agree with Draco: It’s a damned good look on him. ;) But I also love the scene when they wake in the middle of the night and talk about nightmares and the war and in the midst of all this angst and rising tension, they get the giggles.

5. Entropy to Ecstasy, Harry/Draco. Which is a second person POV story told almost entirely through rimming. \o/ I love that moment when Harry’s having his, what do you call, stag night? at the Hog’s Head, and Draco just happens to be there having a drink, and after Harry’s friends all leave, Harry just gives Draco this look and then goes upstairs to a room. Draco follows him, and I don’t even think there are any words; Harry has left the door ajar, and Draco just walks in and they go at it. I love that.

6. Get a Room, Harry/Draco, for drunk slow dancing with Harry’s hands in Draco’s back pockets and Harry flipping off Ron during for suggesting they need to get a room. Honestly, I’d been daydreaming about this scene for weeks prior to actually writing it. Oh plus, trying to have anal sex over the arm of the sofa and Harry explaining drunkenly to an unfortunate Pansy who walks in on it, that he couldn’t get his dick in. Hahaha!

7. High Heels (have got me falling down on my knees), Ginny/Millicent, for Ginny flicking open the buttons on Millicent’s blouse one by one with her wand, for the garter belts, the on-the-desk cunnilingus, the whole butch/femme dynamic. I’m just really enamored of this one.

8. nothing so ridiculously teenage and desperate,  Albus Severus/James Sirius. This was tough, because this list wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include at least one James/Al, but I literally could have picked any of them because I think I love them equally. Also, they tend to be one shots and so many of them *are* just one scene in the first place. I picked this one at random, but I really do like James being this unrepentant bottom and loving bottoming and loving doing it for his own brother. There are a couple lines that I especially love:

“Come up my arse, you sick little bastard,” James urged him, knowing it’s what his brother needed to hear. He needed to be forced to face their transgressions. He’d come harder this way. He’d fill James up.


He didn’t watch as Al prepared to sneak back out his own window.
But then Al called, “See you back out there.”
James lifted his gaze, saw his brother straddling the window sill, his Radiohead t-shirt slightly askew, and he said, “I’m so bloody sore, Albus.”

(Because I might have a thing for whoever bottoms liking being used, used well and often, and then being sore from it.)

Ahem! Moving on.

9. Right Hand Red, Harry/Draco: Harry in his big gay chair with what’s left of his throbbing gay erection. My heart! :D Also, just those moments when they’re on top of one another during the Twister and they realize they’re both hard. Then the scene with the kissing in Spinning the Bottle. I love that kiss! Then the shower when Draco runs the backs of his fingers over the trail of hair beneath Harry’s navel down to his crotch and says, “I like this.” I love the simplicity of that.

10. check this hand 'cause I’m marvelous, Harry/Draco: The lap dance. I mean, who doesn’t want to see a proud-to-be-super-gay Draco Malfoy lose a bet on purpose so he can give Harry a lap dance in front of everyone?! (Okay, well I do.)

11. Vocabulary, Harry/Draco. It’s only 365 words, but it’s one of those stories where I feel like every word is exactly how I want it, even still.

12. let me see you stripped (down to the bone), Harry/Draco: The over-the-pants blowjob that first time they actually have sex on stage. Gggguh!

13. Side-Along, Harry/Draco: “Fuck!” Draco spat, looking around himself in disbelief.
Potter turned to him and crossed his arms. “By any chance is your life malfunctioning?”

Still one of my favorite lines I’ve ever written! Plus, that sex scene with Draco draped over the bike…


14. Burning the Ground, Harry/Draco: Because all the motherfucking KNOTTING. And the rimming. And the circling they do before they get to it – unf!

15. Not Waving but Drowning, Sirius/Harry: “Sirius’ mouth was sooty and hot. Harry’s clothes rent in his hands, blistering the silence. Harry gasped into his mouth.” To be fair though, I really love how this entire thing turned out. It’s rare, I think, to feel like you get exactly what you wanted to say said in 1k, but this is one of those times.

16. I’m saving this slot for my Erised. So I’ll let you know after reveals. ;)

Thanks again for the Ask, Bix! I’m sorry it took me so long!

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MIR!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU, OMG!!!!!! This is like a dream and I'm so excited!!!! It would be nice to be able to read your manga one day (SOON) and for the world to see it as well!!!!

ngl tho I’m not sure if I’m allowed to even post my manga submission till I have permission or after the contest is over RIP ME… But it’ll definitely be awesome if I made it to second or first place so that it can get published in Shonen Jump… THAT’D BE THE TRU DREAM………………

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so i just wanted to thank you for dragging me into uliro bc wow your writing is awesome and so many of the uliro writers are so talented!! i didn’t ship anything in voltron before but... now i’m in rarepair hell 😅😅 but yeah thank u for causing and contributing to my addiction

thank you so much, dear anon. <3 ngl i had a weird day today so this was really nice to come home to. welcome to the rarepair hell :) have a complimentary pair of slippers?

do you need fic or art recs? there’s some greattttt people here…. 

Top 5 Times Emily was a BIG DAMN HERO

Look, I’ll just come right out and say it: Emily is Supergirl (Batgirl? Batwoman? Whoever the fuck). Heroics left and right, this girl will save ya’ damn life, if she hasn’t already. She’ll kick butt, take down villains, and slay the -A monster. So, here are my Top 5 Times of Emily doing just that:

5. The Original #SaveHanna: Remember that time the Kahn Kabin played games with the Liars? Emily & Hanna got trapped in it and then after Hanna injured herself, Emily had to #EMILYSMASH in order to get them out. I mean, homegirl went to town with that damn bat, breaking the whole place down. She got the girl and I hope the Kahns got insurance.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

4. Save the Shrimps: I don’t think we talk enough about the fact that Emily fucked up her swim career because she pushed Mona & Aria out of the way of a moving car. She saved their lives and in the progress ruined her’s. She shattered her shoulder and that resulted in the whole mess with Family Services because she couldn’t exactly explain why she was injured. It was tough times at Casa de Fields; Pam was counting pills and Emily was counting down the seconds until her dreams disappeared before her eyes.

3. TobiAs: Remember that time Toby was -A because he was a total dick? Yeah, me too! Remember how he terrorized Emily and Paige after the Halloween Train while Paige was still dealing with her PTSD? Yeah, me too! That fucker! And then when push came to shove, Emily chased his damn ass through the trees and would have caught up with him had Paige not asked her to pull back. Oh, how I wish she had caught up to him and whooped his ass. 

Honorable Mention: You may have heard, Emily killed a guy.

2. The First Fuck Him Up, Em Yaaas!: Okay, ngl “The First Secret” is probably my favorite episode for reasons. One of my favorite things about it is that, even though the girls are terrified, they regroup long enough to get out of the house and then prepare to storm back in to save Ali. On the way, Emily picks up a fucking weapon like a badass and is the first to lead the charge to fuck someone up and save her girl, duh. Ultimately, Ali was fucking with them, but that led to that awesome scene with Ali in the rocking chair licking blood off of a knife and without that hideous Gaga wig on, finally thank god.

Honorable Mention(s): The Time Almost The Exact Same Thing Happened In Another Halloween Episode & The Time Almost The Exact Same Thing Happened in Alison’s House But For Real This Time You Guys. 

1. Victor Fries’s Revenge: This might be one of my favorite moments in PLL, just on its own. The first time I watched this episode, I was genuinely freaked out by this trap. The way the scene was filmed, the cinematography when the cold air blasts Aria’s hair, was great. And the way the tension was built up as Emily hit and hit the thing until she was blown back by the explosion. I’ll admit, for a fraction of a second I genuinely thought we were about to see a Liar die. But then Emily remembered what a BIG DAMN HERO she is and smashed the other thing until the pressure on the door was relieved and she got the girls out. She pulled off her jacket like a total boss and placed it on Aria, because she’s tiny and chivalry isn’t dead, and then proceeded to use her body heat to help them out by covering them with her own body and rubbing their arms. What a moment. What a scene, you guys.

Hey there! If you made it to the end of this second installment in this small series I’m doing, thanks a bunches! You’re great! Another one is on its way, but in the mean time, you can hit me up with your favorite moments of Emily being a total hero. She’s just the best, isn’t she? :) #Biased #MyFave haha

guess who just hit 5k and is highkey unworthy of that number! this bitch!

i honestly can’t explain how happy this makes me. i started this blog in may of 2015 and though im not the most popular blog, i’ve made so many wonderful friends and have really gotten to express myself through my (smutty) writing. the writing community on this site is so kind and supportive, and it’s so nice to have people here that won’t judge me and are equally as thirsty as i am :) i’m just gonna leave it at that because i know that nobody actually reads this part lol. thank you again, and onto the main event (below the cut because it’s kinda long whoops)!!

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                                    HOLY SCHNITZEL - 400! 

Seriously, thank you all so much for following me. I cannot believe I’ve managed to reach this amount again so quickly! I know I did a lot of messing around, changing my blog a number of times a few months ago due to people I shouldn’t have let get to me, but I want to thank you all who have stuck by me since I first joined this community - you’re all amazing. 

Yes, I know I can post really depressing and personal posts at times, especially when I went through that period of the ‘Daily summary/current mood posts’ and I have been told by some that it looks attention seeking 😔 - I promise it’s not. I make those posts because I told my therapist about this blog. He told me that if I ever need to let anything out to just post it on here - specifically for his eyes. I did consider creating a separate blog for that but I kept forgetting which account to post it on so I just left it all on here. 

Thank you all for being my friends. You’re all seriously so amazing, I cannot stress that enough. Thank you all for being there for me and supporting during my dark days, thank you for smiling with me on my happiest, thank you for all the love you have given for my family too - Kellan and Molly. Especially with mine and Kellans recent engagement and Molly’s recent surgery - the love and support was honestly overwhelming ❤️

I see tumblr as my safe place to be. This is where I can express myself and be who I am. I honestly don’t have that many people in my life anymore - people just decided I’m not worth sticking around for - friendship, family or otherwise. So I guess I could say you all feel like family to me ❤️ 

So if you don’t follow anyone I list, then I strongly urge you to - because I promise they are all wonderful.

                                        LET’S GET STARTED:

@lovesoftsex/ @ch-elly : Kelly, you know you always say you’re always here for me and that you’ll always support me, and I say how grateful I am for it? Well I honestly don’t think you get just how much you mean to me. You’ve been my best friend for 4, almost 5 years. And it all started with a story which would lead to an even better one - our friendship. I love you so much, you’re honestly like the mother I never truly had. You mean everything to me and I am so grateful for you - NEVER FORGET THAT. I don’t know what I’d do without you. ❤️

@pexsilvia - I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you either, Silvia. We’ve both been through so much together, and I’m always here for you. I am so proud of you, everything you’ve achieved and accomplished - I know nothing but amazing things are heading your way! Keep doing what you’re doing, never forget that you are an amazing friend and an amazing girl ❤️

@ezriaisbaepll - LUCY! My twin, the other half to my favourite ship, my grease obsessed buddy, my eurovision pal, my fellow ezria/flaurel/jafael shipper 😊 I am so grateful to have made a friend like you on this crazy ass site. I’ve never made a friend who is so similar to myself it’s actually crazy. You are such an amazing, sweet, wonderful and supportive girl that I am so grateful to have in my life. I’ll always have your back girl, never forget that. Lugan is life. 💜 And gurl, you know I’m always gonna be brewing some tea 🐸☕️

@redcoatblackveil - Oh Mackenzie. You’re such a sweetheart it’s unreal! Thank you for being so caring, supportive and honestly, a shoulder to cry on i might have been upset during a few deep convos but just didn’t tell you 😂. But in all seriousness, I’m glad to have a friend like you on here :) Ngl, I did get crazy happy when you first followed me back in the good ol days of the fandom when everything was calm 😂 Keep doing what you do girl - cause you’re freaking awesome. 💗

@hedamontgomery - Em, I’m not sure if you knew this, but you were one of my first proper friends when I joined tumblr. Idk what drew us to each other - whether it’s because we’re Aria trash or our ezria souls, but I’m glad it happened because #Megily. You’re freaking awesome and I’m so glad to call you a friend 😊

@addictedtoprettylittleliars & @prettylittlekarrueche - I know I don’t talk to you two very often, but I honestly do consider you two as good friends. You’re both so kind, sweet, supportive and lovely. You’ve both been there for me and even occassionally drunk some tea too 🐸☕️. You both always seem to make me smile whenever I see you on my dash ❤️ You’re both amazing

@whodafuqisa​ - You’re the perfect amount of emison in my life 😂 You’re such a kind, sweet, lovely cinnamon roll that I made a meme for with my magnificent photo editing skills 😂 #EimilyisLife

@pretty-little-misery- I know we’ve only just started becoming closer from the brew, but you’re such an amazing, sweet, lovely and wonderful girl who is complete trash for Noel Kahn 😂 Always here for you girl 💓


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