the first one i uploaded has typo

Part 2 of my series that marks the 40th anniversary of Black Monday in the Steel Valley. I will upload a few photos from today’s shoot. Take notice of the signs. They are actual signs that came from the Campbell works. They were hand painted, and in one there is a typo. This has been a learning experience. I knew the date, but I didn’t know the time. I was at the Museum of Labor and Industry and struck up a conversation with a member. I asked if he knew the time. It is interesting to find out, that the first shift worked that day, and it happened at the end of the shift at 3:00pm. The workers who were coming in for the second shift were told they were done. 5000 people lost their jobs, and that was just at the Campbell works; the economic impact was devastating. More than 5000 people were impacted that day; the entire Mahoning Valley was devastated!