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@flareon Hey! Lots of folks were interested in my poke plush (and occasional hamtaro) collection lol. Quite a few of them are collected from childhood, but some of them are from conventions! The first flareon I got was from the Japan pavilion at Epcot in Disney World, and the other one I got at metrocon 2015 in Tampa. I’m pretty sure you can find the first one online at the Poke Center store tho.

Note 1: The large Raichu is not mine, I’m holding onto him for a friend. ✌️
Note 2: most of them are hidden but I have like 6 lapras plushies of varying quality. Lapras is my fav 💙

Thought You Forgot About Me

Title:  Thought You Forgot About Me

Author:  Emily

Pairing:  Thomas Shelby x Reader

Dates Written:  Thursday, July 14, 2016 - Friday, July 15, 2016

Date Posted:  Friday, July 15, 2016

Word Count:  2,067

Request:  Yes!  “Hiiiii I would like to request a Tommy Shelby (loooovvvee him soo much,so fucking fine lol) reader known the shelbys since she was a little girl,but got sent away,years later she’s back to visit them,reader capture Tommy attention cause how beautiful she grew up to be causing the Shelby boys to flirt with her,Tommy gets possessive and protective over her”

Author’s Note:  This is my first request and I have never been so excited and nervous!  I really hope that you guys and the anon who requested this enjoy!  I do feel though that this one is kind of a let down but hopefully not!  Feel free to request what you guys want to read!  And if there are any Supernatural fans, we have a SPN imagine coming soon from our amazing writer, Jordan!

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Picture Series: Quidditch Pitch

Marauders x Reader Imagine 

Authors Note: 

Second part of the polaroid picture series! I had a completely different idea for this one, but this turned out to be much better. I was surprised that the first part got so many notes compared to what I was expecting which was none or very little, so thanks for that. I do these mostly to try and improve my writing and I’m glad people like it. Hope you enjoy!


While James is at Quidditch practice, Y/N walked around the field with the camera she had forcibly gotten back form the boys. There were plenty of pictures but a certain one was her favorite. 

Since last time in the coomon romm the boys hadn’t given Y/N her camera back. James and Sirius would play pranks on other students and teachers and would photograph the results. Already they had gone through one packet of film and were bugging Y/N for some more. “Oh c'mon Y/N just a few more, please? We have this brilliant idea for a prank and we need your camera!” Sirius begged Y/N. Ever since the night before, he hadn’t stopped and when he wasn’t on her neck, James was.

“Just this once. We’ll give it back when we finish I pro…” James started again but Y/N cut him off. “Don’t you dare to even finish that sentence James. That’s what you said last time. So unless you’re going to use the film for something better I will not give you anymore!” she had had it already and yelled causing everyone in the hall to turn their heads to where she sat. 

Next time she talked it was soft and more patient, she didn’t like yelling at her friends but they where getting on her nerves. “Honestly James, I don’t mind that you borrow my camera, but really? Photographing the results of your pranks? That’s bloody stupid. What happens if someone finds them, eh? What are you going to do?" 

"No ones gonna find them Y/N, who do you think we are?” Sirius added, butting into the conversation. “I think… no, I know you’re the boys who land themselves in the detention two times a week! And I am not risking that you get expelled just for a silly photo. I’m sorry but I’m not lending you anything for that sort of purposes.” Said Y/N standing up from the table. “Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m off too the library. Remus should be there” and with that, she walked out of the Great Hall.

 "I’m not risking that you get expelled" Sirius mocked Y/N, making his voice higher to sound like hers once she was out of earshot. “She fancies Remus so much, she’s even started to sound like him!”

A week had passed and the boys hadn’t asked Y/N for some film. She had found it a little strange, but nonetheless was grateful for that. “Hello Remus, Y/N. Care to join us to the pitch? James is going to practice for the match against Ravenclaw this week.” Sirius asked the pair, sitting in between them. Y/N gave him a look that read "are you being serious?” But decided against it for obvious reasons. They agreed and were on the way.

While the group got to the pitch, Sirius and Remus where mocking James about his ability as a player. “I hear Ravenclaw’s new seeker is really good James” started Remus, he enjoyed annoying James the most. “They say his parents are friends with the seeker from the English National Quidditch team” continued Sirius. “They’ve trained together and everything!" 

The boys and Y/N would always do this before practice. It motivated James to do even better than he already was. "Oh c'mon guys, quit it. I mean it’s alright if James looses a match. Right James? You’ve won so many already!” Y/N added to their taunts. James was trying to ignore them, so he ran towards the field, Sirius and Remus following suit. Y/N stayed behind, taking the camera from her bag and snapping pictures. 

She got a few of the boys running around but her favorite was one of the rings from the Quidditch pitch behind three of the houses towers. When James had enough of flying around catching the snitch, which was more than few hours later, Y/N gave him the picture. “See James, that-” she pointed the photo with her finger “-is putting film to good use” she said smiling at him. He asked to keep it and she obliged. “I’ve thought about it, and I decided to let you guys use my camera again” Y/N added sitting next to him on the floor. “Only and only if, you don’t use if for your pranks, alright?”

“Yes, mum” said James pretending to act like a child who had just been scolded, causing Y/N to laugh. “Good boy” she patted him in the head and ran up the stairs of the girl dormitory to get her camera.

The Arrangement - Part 2

Title:  The Arrangement

Character(s): Actor Tom

Chapter Number/One Shot: Part 2 of 3

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Angst

Summary: The arrangement between them had been working just fine until Quinn realized she wanted more.

Warnings: Some minor swearing

Author Note: The second part in The Arrangement. You can check out the first here. It’s been forever, I know. And I did have nearly all of this finished for some time now. But things just got in the way. There WILL be a third part coming, and I don’t mean in another 9 months from now lol.

Quinn smiled politely up at her date as they stood in line at her favourite cafe. Those kind brown eyes met hers and a sweet grin crossed his lips. He was handsome, with his dark brown hair longer on top and shorter on the sides. The leather jacket and motorcycle boots was a stark comparison of the caring man that had picked up her groceries when she ran smack dab into him outside the store. She liked the edge, though, especially the motorcycle he promised to take her out on one day.

Of course, that would mean their first date went smoothly, and it had only just started. But she hoped it went well, hoped that she would fall for those warm eyes like she had the startling blue pair she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about.

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Omg my heart! The last panel "go ask the other BETTER papyruses" nooooooo XD you got a reaction from me realllyyy gooodddd T^Tb noice feels trip that i stumble upon

Ahahaha! I got myself with that one too! I usually forget my notes after I compile them xD, so after reading that particular line…

*Clutches heart* Gaahhh, angst’d by my past self.

Not the first time I’ve made myself sad lol, I doubt it will be the last either xD

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Lol I swear Kagami-sensei is a fangirl like all of us

#PreshKagami-sensei appreciation post!

Note: I’ll translate as closely as I can, but some things just don’t transfer language barriers, so don’t expect perfection here as I’m not professional and can miss some things when it comes to listening.

1. Have you seen the guy’s Twitter?! He’s so random and down to earth haha.

2.Actual fangirl Kagami-sensei example at the autograph event: So there was this little kid (maybe 10?) with his mom a few places ahead of me. She was obviously a Shinya fan (bag with pins on it and everything). Kagami noticed the little boy wearing a Guren pin and asked if he was the kid’s favorite. The boy was shy, but said yes. So Kagami went on while signing their card, talking about how cool and awesome and amazing Guren is. I honestly heard him say the words strong man 3, maybe even 5, times. 
“強い男, 男強いね!かっこいいやつだろう?!” (It’s hard to translate with the nuances, but something like “strong man, he’s a strong man, right? A cool guy, right?!”) If you speak Japanese, you’ll notice that the politeness level/conjugation he used in those sentences was not formal. (he spoke formally with myself and others) Which shows that he didn’t mind speaking at the level meant for the child, which I find adorable. It’s also a sign of his excitement. And the  だろう was so excited and looking for such approval about the concept (Guren) that it was obviously fangirl max haha XD
His level of excitement at receiving approval for his characters and work was palpable to say the least lol. 

3. Please never forget his entrance at Jump Fest 2015 (<-link)

4. At the same event, towards the end after Yuukyan complained about Guren’s constant state of injury, he said “Guren is the number 1 coolest, I think. Although he’s always wounded haha, I want him to be cool. He has a sad/sorrowful life, huh. (Yuukyan: Sorrowful, right~) But I think he’s the number 1 strongest.” (グレンは一番かっこいいと思っている. いつも傷がだけですけど、かっこいいなあって思っています. 悲しみを生をもってね. 一番強い男だと僕思っています. I paraphrased some bits that were redundant/trailed off)  He literally cannot go 2 sentences without saying how cool he thinks Guren is XD 

#PreshKagami-sensei is a fangirl and relatable af.

Back on Russian Soil- Black Widow x Reader

 By request, my first Natasha Fic!! I know its long but I got really into it lol.

 NOTES/WARNINGS: Fighting and stabbing but hey Russian assasins…. whatcha gonna do?

FEATURING: Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark and Hawkeye.


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 You sat out on the balcony that overlooked the outdoor training facility. Falcon and Wanda were training evasive maneuvers, courtesy of one of Tony’s Iron Legion suits. You sipped your coffee and wiggled in your chair, burrowing into the huge blanket that engulfed you. Flying wasn’t your thing but you loved to watch.

 Living with the Avengers hadn’t been on your list of things to do in your lifetime but Clint made quite the argument when he was sent to recruit you and you figured you would at least give them a try. Not to mention, knowing Natasha was a plus. Your abilities were nothing super, you just happened to be one of the last assasins the Red Room produced. You remembered seeing Natasha when you were a child, you admired her then and you respected her now.

 Leaving a life in Russia came with its challenges, with baggage and nightmares. You never talked about it but Natasha knew. She could see it in your face when you came down for breakfast in the mornings. She could see the flashbacks you would have during training, of some past mission you were required to carry out. She was currently the only thing keeping you here. Her friendship and understanding kept you going. If she could move forward, so could you.

 “Hey,” You recognized Natasha’s faintly raspy voice and grinned over your shoulder. “Having fun?” She asked in Russian.

 “It’s always fun to watch Falcon try and impress Cap.” You spoke back.

 “Yeah, he’s got a little man crush, I think.” Nat curled up beside you on the patio couch and you offered her some of your blanket. “You ready for tomorrow?”

 You smirked and raised an eye brow. “As ready as I can be. Do we know where we’re going yet?”

 Nat frowned and looked down before she could look at you. “Home.”

 Your heart sank but you tried to hide it. “How close to home?”

 “There is a Hydra base somewhere outside of Dubna.”

 “That’s not far from Moscow.” You said plainly. You pretended to watch Sam flying around but really you just wanted to avoid looking Nat in the eyes.

 “I know it’s a little close for comfort but I need to know if you can handle it? Being that close could mean that we run into people from your past.” You could hear the sincerity in her voice. She knew the risk applied to her as well, but she only worried about you.

 You took a deep breath and grinned at her, “I can handle it.”

 She lifted her chin and nodded. “Okay. I’ll tell Tony you’re a go for tomorrow. Flight leaves at six a.m. Get some rest, friend.”

 “Peaceful sleep, friend.” You grinned. You waited until Nat was completely in the building before you let yourself drown in the anxiety that was bubbling up inside you. You stared out over the lawn and got lost in your thoughts. Memories of past missions and people you’d wronged flooded your mind. There wasn’t a single person from your past that you wanted to see again, some more so than others, and one in particular.

 You shrugged the blanket off of your shoulders and let the cold snap you out of your wallowing. You inhaled deep and and watched as your icy breath dissipated into the air. You. Can. Do. This. You repeated those words to yourself until you were finally able to sleep.


 “Morning, sunshine!” Clint called from the pilots seat inside the Quinjet.

 “I didn’t know you were coming along.” You grinned and tilted your head a little sideways.

 “I’m the only one who doesn’t mind being stuck in a plane with three Russians for several hours.” He chuckled.


 “Good Morning, (Y/N).” Bucky stepped out from the shadows cleaning his rifle. His Russian was so clear you’d have thought he was born there.

 “Good morning.” You shook your head and grinned. Nat put her hand on your back to let you know she was there and went directly to Clint to discuss the flight plans.

 “Who signed off on letting all of us go out alone?” You wondered out loud.

 “That would be me.” Tony took the credit with an obnoxious grin. “I can’t tell you how nice it’s going to be to have all of you out of the house for a while.”

 “Aww, we’ll miss you too, boss.” Nat smirked.

 “Still not the boss.” He reminded, wiggling a paper thin tablet in his fingers. “I’ve uploaded your mission details to your phones. Everything you need to know about anything is in there so, please, don’t call.” He smiled and his eye brows jumped up once, playfully. “Keep an eye on my little nesting doll will ya, Hawkeye. I don’t want another damaged one.” He sauntered down the back hatch and the large metal ramp lifted and then sealed shut.

 “Nesting doll?” You looked back at Clint. “Who’s that?”

 Clint began to chuckle as he flipped switch after switch, preparing the jet for take-off. “That’s you, kid.” He laughed.


 The flight wasn’t as long as you had anticipated and before you knew it you were back on Russian soil. Each of you parachuted down into the thick forest outside of the small city. You were doing surprisingly well for yourself, being this close to The Red Room.

 Breaking into the Hydra base was easy with Natasha and Bucky by your side. You savored every punch and kick you landed on the enemy, mentally giving your past the butt kicking it needed.

 “(Y/N),” Nat shouted over her shoulder as she shot two more Hydra thugs. “I need you on intel! The last door down this hall should be their HQ. Download everything they’ve got then fry the system!” She tossed you a flash drive and you jumped up to catch it.

 “On it!” You shouted back. You turned and came face to face with the red star on Bucky’s soulder. At the end of his arm he gripped one of the Hydra soldiers by the throat before throwing him into a wall. “Thanks.” You told him, knowing that the thug had been after you.

 “Intel,” He reminded. “I’ll cover you to the door!”

 You took off running down the hall and could hear grunting and huffing behind you. You knew the Winter Soldier had your back and was fighting off men who tried to take you out. You flung open the dark wooden door and held your knife out in front of you. Guns were great but you prefered a blade, especially your throwing knives.

 Bucky pushed the door shut behind you and you were finally on your own. You worked better solo, anyways. You took a moment and examined the shadowed room before you. The only light came from the dozens of computer screens. You scanned the room several times before you finally decided it was empty. You hurried to a computer and inserted the drive. Your eyes danced across the screen and you began downloading all of the base’s intel, wiping it from the system as you went.

 “(Y/N)?” You jumped up at the sound of your name and gripped a knife in each hand. You had to squint but you quickly knew who stood before you.

 “Hello, Demitri.” Your lip twitched after speaking his name. Of all the people to run into, it had to be the one you never wanted to see again.

 “I’m surprised to see you here.” His thick Russian accent made his words feel heavy in your ears. He put his hands up in surrender. “Please, I’m not going to hurt you.”

 “I’ve heard that before.” You clenched your jaw.

 He sighed and gave you the look, the look that made you melt. “I know, (Y/N) I swear it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I had to, it was a mission.” He stepped closer and in a moment of weakness, you let him.

 “I was a mission.” You corrected.

 “At first, yes, but things changed and I fell in love with you.”

 “Don’t,” You pleaded. “Don’t you say that to me.”

 “(Y/N), I’m so glad you came. Now, we can both get out of here, together.”

 “Stop.” You whispered. Your arms were slowly making their way back down to your sides.

 “I promised you that I would leave the KGB and now I can. If you help me.” He was only a foot away from you now, with his hands on the sides of your face. You didn’t remember him getting so close but there he was.

 “Please,” He kissed your forehead. “Come with me.”

 You sighed and closed your eyes, his lips feeling so familiar and warm on your skin. It would be so easy. To disappear with him to leave and never look back.

 *Ping* The computer notified you that the download and wipe was complete.

 You both looked down at the small flash drive that was inserted in the desktop.

 “Leave it,” He whispered into your ear. “Come with me and be mine.”

 You placed your hand on his hip and looked up at him. “Demitri,”

 He smiled and leaned in to kiss you. As soon as his eyes closed you flicked your wrist and a blade, that was hidden in your sleve, slipped into your hand. You drew back and forced the blade into his thigh. He cried out in agony and grabbed his leg. When he looked up at you you kicked him in the chest sending him flying back into a table and eventually, onto the ground.

 You drew another blade and gently pressed the sharpened tip into his skin, ripping a small hole into his shirt and drawing just enough blood to scare him. You sucked your teeth and grinned. “I belong to no one but myself.” You whispered in his ear.

 Bucky kicked open the door and ran over to you, followed by Natasha. Bucky hauled Demitri to his feet and he hissed at the pain standing caused him. He bared his teeth and almost growled at you.

 “Hail Hydra.” He spit. You smiled and punched him in the jaw so hard that Bucky almost lost his grip on him.

 Bucky excorted the limping and moaning prisoner out of the room. You sauntered over and pulled the flash drive from the computer and wiggled it in front of Nat.

 “Mission accomplished.” You beamed.

 “I’m proud of you, (Y/N). I really am.” She took the flash drive from you and tucked it into the belt on her suit.

 You gave a twisted grin and winked at her. “I’m proud of me, too.”

 Nat scoffed. “You’ve been hanging around Tony too long.“

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Part 1

kikwanq  asked:

lol hold up, someone out there is actually salty enough towards Taeil to say he's not attractive??? and boring???. When I first got into NCT he was the one I always went towards cause he was so attractive, and those high notes LORD DON'T GET ME STARTED. I'm sorry to that person that just because he doesn't shove himself in everyones face or is overly talkative that makes someone 'boring' to them. they should really look up what introvert means.

“[…] but he is the least attractive member in NCT. Unfortunately, he is very shy and seems really nervous on cam compared to others. He doesn’t talk much. Basically he’s no fun and honestly he looked a bit down.”

i know??? and what’s the worst part is that this is in a member profile that people look up to get to know a person. like????????? this makes me so frustrated idk what to say honestly ;; i know he’s shy, but why is that a bad thing? why does he have to be the funny, or loud, or cool one to be appreciated and loved? why can’t he be lowkey? and how come you consider it necessary to state that he is the least attractive when it’s so evidently a subjective matter that has no business being in a member profile? ahhhhhhhhhh. so many questions. as an introvert i’m just. hurt honestly.

“Happy birthday, Zuko!”

Zutara week is already over! And here, to end on a happy note, a birthday kiss.

While I was around to witness the first Zutara week, I never really participated, so this was in a way my first, which I enjoyed immensely! I’ve always loved the creativity in the ZK fandom. I’d also like to thank @zutaraweek‘s admin for not only making this week possible, but also for all the sweet comments in the tags (of every single reblogged piece!). Thank you.

@zutaraweek 2016, day 7: Candles


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Peach: any piercings or tattoos?

Both lol. I have double ear piercings, and 3 tattoos.

The first tattoo I got for my 18th birthday, it’s a rose surrounded with music notes and my best friend designed it for me.

My second is a heart made of lilac flowers and my mother has a matching one lol

And my third of a forest scene with a half hidden unicorn named Walter

I realized after the fact that all of them are floral or foresty and it was not intentional 😂

dailydoseofscenarios  asked:

I finally had some time to read today and decided to read through 101 Kisses so far and omg my heart! I thought they were great, especially how simple yet wonderfully written they were. I was smiling so hard by the time I got to the first one. Loved it!!!😁 (And on a random side note: I could have sworn up, down, left, and right that I was following you because I definitely read your work but apparently I wasn't. Or maybe I am on my main but I am now here too lol 😂)

i’ve been gushing hardcore since i saw the notification earlier today bc not only is one of my favorite writers reading my work but is following my scenario blog too ??!! (๑→‿←๑) thank you so much for this kind message sweetie~ yes i was definitely going for the sweet and simple vibe for those kisses drabbles so yay~  (・◡・) 

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Time to get emotional. You’re more than welcome to stop reading lol.

I’ve had terrible generalized anxiety my whole life but I hit a point recently where I felt beyond hopeless and like I couldn’t handle it anymore and I was depressed and t e r r i f i e d. So I started (seriously) drawing literally like a month ago? because I saw the Hallelujah drawing of Avi that @sexy-bass-man-kaplan did and I was like hey that’s amazing I wanna do that. I picked up some pencils one night and gave it my best shot. I was proud of it and I posted it and it got like 2 notes but damn I was happy for the first time in a long time? LOL I HATE THAT PORTRAIT NOW but looking at it now, it’s proof that I’ve come a very long way in such a short time, both with drawing AND my anxiety.

And now I have this blog and my drawings are getting way more love than I ever imagined just about everywhere and I’m just so content with life. 😭😭 (now if Avi saw them I’d be even happier but we’ll work on that.)

In my endeavors of drawing Avi Kaplan a million times, I stumbled upon @sexy-bass-man-kaplan and @avikidnaplan and they are literally my people when it comes to staying sane during the drawing process when I want to cry and break all of my pencils because it’s just not coming out the way it’s supposed to (we’ve all been there.) I cannot even begin to thank them enough for their constant support and ugh, everything they do? During a VERY rough time when I didn’t have any friends to lean on, I made internet friends? And they’re super great and better than the people I actually have around me? This got too mushy, I’m not a mushy person so I’m uncomfortable. 👌🏻

And I’m 100% not crying right now, okay.

Good night. 🌙


@suzannart made a series of wonderful Senator Amidala AU instragram themed posts and it totally inspired me to make this. Finally – This has literally been months in the making. lol

It’s call ‘firstagram’ a new program that lets cadets in the first order socialize and share information. It’s was originally created for sharing important notes, and messages across the first order but … well things got a little out of hand. 

I just wanna add two little notes:

One: @hux-you-up I hope you don’t mind I totally stole your tumblr name for Hux’s user name. Idk I always liked the way your tumblr name sounded so I took it for Hux. lol 

Two: If you guys really want the layered PSD file, send me a note and I’ll upload it somewhere where you guys can download it. You’re free to use it to make your own FO instagrams, a little note with a credit is all I ask in return. :)

Sweet Tooth

Bucky x Reader | AU One Shot

Requested by @scarlett-nutshello

Summary: As a dental assistant, nothing exciting ever goes on. That is, until someone new comes in.

Word Count:  1,874 i got carried away hah

Warnings: Uh, slight language?

Notes: I enjoy going to the dentist haha only because of the way my teeth feel afterwards. They feel so slick and smooth. Also, does the title even fit? Idek. I enjoyed writing this cute fluff! Also, I’m sorry if it seems slow at first. I just really like details lol but I hope you enjoy reading it babe :)
btw, if theres any mistakes, let me know and i’ll fix them asap

“Do I really have to come in today, Nat?”

You were laying on your left side, with your phone against your right ear. It was barely 9:00 am, and you specifically planned on sleeping in. Today was supposed to be your day off, but here you were, listening to your co-workers voice.

“Please, Y/N? I know this was your day off….”

Hah. I love how she uses the word “was”

“…but I really need you to cover for me today. Remember Clint? He got into some kind of accident and he might’ve broken his arm. I know it’s last minute, but pretty please, Y/N?”

You couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle.

“Is the all mighty Natasha really begging? Should I record this once in a lifetime moment?” you teased back. Everyone back at the dentist office steered clear of Nat, solely because she was a force to be reckoned with. She wasn’t one to start fights, but rather finish them. Nonetheless, she was good at her job and got things done.

“If you record this, does that mean you’ll come in today?”

“Mmmmmmm, alright. I’ll come in today, only because I know you have a crush on Clint and want to spend more time with him”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Y/N! I owe you, I promise”

Usually, she gets at you for teasing her about Clint but not this time. You could hear her shuffling around in the background, grabbing keys and some other stuff. In the back of your mind, you were kind of worried for Clint. You had only met the guy twice, and you’d be a liar if you said he wasn’t cool.

“Wait, Nat! What time do I have to clock in??” you stammered out, before she hung up on you.

“Oh shit! I almost forgot, my shift starts at 9:30.”

“Alrighty then, have fun at the hospital.”

With that, you hung up and placed your phone on your nightstand. Yawning, you snuggled back into your sheets and began drifting off.

Wait… What time is it?

You twisted your body so hard, you ended up falling out of bed. Quickly, you stood up, grabbing for your phone and pressed the button to illuminate the screen.


“Damn it Nat”

By the time 9:26 rolled around, you managed to pull into the parking lot and “calmly” walk inside the dentist office. As you looked around the empty waiting room, you managed to knock over the small fern by the window, causing a domino effect and knocking over a couple picture frames on the table.

“Y/N? Is that you?” a voice called out from the back.

“You know it Wanda” you shouted back, bending over to pick the plant up and standing the photos once again. As you brushed your hands off on your scrubs, you looked up in time to see Wanda poke her head through the little front desk window, where people sign in.

“The moment I heard that fern fall over, I knew it was you” she laughed out, “You’ve been working here for like, half a year and still manage to knock that thing over every week.”

“You know, I’m starting to think you and Natasha move the damn plant an inch closer to the front door each day. I’m still surprised it’s alive by now.”

Wanda laughed once again, and shook her head. You kicked the plant aside a bit more, and walked up to the door that leads to the back of the office. A muffled buzz signaled the door was unlocked, and you opened the door and headed in. After you put your stuff away, you sat down at the front desk and checked the agenda to see what you had in store.

Hmph. Look’s like it’s going to be slow. Only two check ups are scheduled today.

“See you next check up, Sam! Take it easy on that smile, don’t want to blind any girls” you called out, waving at your long time client.

Opening up the agenda again, you crossed out “Sam Wilson: 2:00 pm″ and sat back with content. It was slow days like these, that made you feel at peace. Sometimes, it was boring not having any clients come in, but if you were being honest, you preferred that over the busy days where clients flooded the waiting room.

“Hey Y/N, you can catch a break right now since we finished with our only appointments today” Dr. Banner mentioned, as he patted you on the back. You smiled and nodded, leaning back in the swivel chair even more. The room filled with the sound of his foot steps as he left the front room, and then quiet again. Normally there was music playing low in the background, but Nat was the only one who was able to figure out the stereo. You, Wanda and Dr. Banner didn’t dare touch it, in fear that one of you would mess it up, or worse, break it.

About ten minutes later, you heard the front door open. You kept your position in the chair, expecting to hear someone. Instead, there was silence. Opening your eyes, you noticed a man standing at the front desk window staring at you. Startled, you nearly fall out of the chair only to grab the desk and regain balance.

“Oh, hello. How can I help you?” you asked him. You took a second to take in his appearance. He seemed almost 6′ft, shoulder length brunette hair that was wrapped in a sloppy bun, stunning blue glacier eyes, and some slight scruff. A new face, no doubt. You would’ve remember those features.

“Hi.. I’m here to see Bruce? Dr. Banner? I don’t have an appointment, I, um… Can you just let him know Bucky is here?” he asked you, maintaining eye contact with you.

Nodding, you got up and headed to Dr. Banner’s office. You knocked on the door, despite it being open.

“Hey, doc? There’s a handsome guy at the desk named Bucky?”

“Bucky?? Is James really here?” he looked up at you, with a slight surprised expression.

“Uh, I’m not sure. He just said ‘let him know Bucky is here’ and that’s it.”

And with that, your boss got up from his chair and headed to the front desk, with you following behind.

The room was flooded with the sound of memories being reminisced, and laughter. You haven’t heard Dr. Banner laugh so hard before, nor smile as much. According to him, Bucky is a long time friend of his. Before he opened up his own business, he would practice on two kids. Bucky being one of them, while the other was named Steven.

“So what brings you here, Buck?” Bruce asked Bucky, wiping the tears from his face.

“Well, you have to promise not to get mad, alright? Ever since you moved out of town, I haven’t actually… Uh, gotten a check up” Bucky admitted, looking down at the floor.

“You’re kidding?” Bruce replied, “Jesus, this kid is going to be the death of me one day, Y/N. Mind getting a room set up real quick?”

“No problem, boss” you answered gladly, looking back at Bucky only to meet with his eyes.

As you were getting the sterile tools out, you noticed a change in the room. You turned around to see Bucky leaning against the doorframe, smiling. Without saying a word, you simply raised an eyebrow only for him to reply back with a shrug, clueing that he meant no harm. You turned back around to finish setting everything up, still feeling his eyes watch your every move.

“Alrighty,” you stated, patting the chair. “You can take a seat now. While we wait for my boss, let’s take some x-rays.”

“Whatever you say, doll” Bucky replied, giving you a innocent smile.

Carefully, you placed the pieced the holders in his mouth.

“Bite down, but not too hard and don’t move at all” you told him, as you walked around and positioned the machine to the side of his mouth. Just before you pushed the button he winked, making you playfully roll your eyes.

Moving the machine back against the wall, you walked back over to Bucky and retrieved the holders from his mouth.

“You have an amazing smile, you know that?”

Blushing, you gently shook your head at him. You placed the wire around his neck and clamped the paper down.

“I actually do. Being a dental assistant does have its perks, you know” you said, moving back from the chair only to hit the tray and knock off a couple tools. “Shit” you mumbled. Bucky chuckled, leaning off the chair to help pick up the tools, handing them to you.

“Sorry about that, I’m a bit… Clumsy” you muttered under your breath.

“No harm done, love” Buck reassured, handing you the tool.

“Ouch!” you retracted your hand quickly, looking over it closely.

“Oh.. My God! I-I am so sorry, are you okay? I swe-” Bucky stammered out, grabbing the tools and putting them on the tray again.

Gently, you grabbed the bottom of the glove and lifted it over and off your right hand. Right away, you noticed a small red bead form in your palm. As you flexed your hand a bit, the bead grew bigger.

“I’m so sorry” Bucky said, looking at your hand. He seemed to be turning red, clearly embarrassed for basically stabbing you with a dental tool.

“Hah, it’s fine Bucky. I mean, James. I’ll survive”

His eyes perked up, connecting with yours. The ends of his lips slowly curved outward, giving you a comforting smile.

“Call me Bucky”

The both of you didn’t move from your position, but then came in your boss.

“Buck, you distracting my assistant now?” Dr. Banner questioned.

“It’s more like the other way around, Bruce” Bucky said back, “I’m surprised you don’t have a line of people waiting outside, with her working here.”

Although you didn’t have a mirror, you already knew your face was redder than the bead of blood on your palm. You got up carefully, and rinsed your hand in the sink. The bleeding seemed to stopped, so you put another glove on, grabbed the tools from the tray and replaced them.

“Can I make a deal with you Bruce?” Bucky asked Dr. Banner while he looked around his mouth.

“What is it that you want Buck” Dr. Banner replied in a flat tone. He was too busy focusing on Bucky’s teeth.

“If you give Y/N a day off Friday, I promise to come back for a checkup from now on”

Dr. Banner stopped poking around Bucky’s mouth, furrowing his brows at him. Bucky smiled, and shrugged. You could feel your cheeks getting warm all over again. You boss turned to look at you, back to Bucky, and back to you.

“Well, Y/N, enjoy your Friday. I’ll have Natasha cover for you, considering that you took her shift today” Dr. Banner stated, giving you a friendly smile.

Bucky turned his gaze towards you, already beaming. 

“Is this a date?” you asked him, giving him a smirk.

Before he could answer, Dr. Banner stuck his tools in Bucky’s mouth and started cleaning.

“It’sth dethinately a date’th” he managed.

Surprising Dylan

Anon Requested: hey can you do a sprayberry imagine where the reader surprises him on set? :)

Author’s Note: Of course! I’m sorry this took so long :(. I’m glad i finally got to this one.

Warning: Slight cursing. Lol oops.

You pulled into Teen Wolf’s recording building and got out of your car. This is the first time you’ve ever been here and you’re kinda excited. You were going to surprise your boyfriend Dylan Sprayberry while he was working since it was your guys 1 year. Since he was working on Teen Wolf and you were working on your upcoming movie it’s been very hard for you two to get a moment alone.

You waited outside the backdoor for your best friend Holland Roden to let you in. After a couple of minutes of shivering outside she finally came out. “God sorry, we were in the middle of a scene,” She rambled. She quickly hugged you before you two walked inside. You noticed how different their set was from yours. The whole building was dark and gloomy unlike your bright and vibrant set. “So how’s your movie going?” Holland asked, making small talk.

“Pretty good, we’re almost done,” You said, giving her a “thank god” hand gesture. She just laughed and led you into Dylan’s dressing room. “SURPRISE BA- Holy shit it smells bad in here,” You said opening his dressing room’s door and getting a hint of the foul aroma. Dylan just jumped, and looked over at you frightened. Once he saw you instant relief swept over his face.

“God you scared me, I thought they were calling me to do another scene,” He grumbled while walking over to me. He kissed me on the forehead and grabbed my waist pulling me into a hug.

“You have no idea what today is,” I laughed at the pouting boy. He just gave me a confused look. “Oh my god Dyl, you have no idea it’s our one year,” I said, lightly punching him in the arm. He then overdramatically acted like that was the hardest punch in the world and stumbled on the ground.

“[Y/N], our anniversary is tomorrow,” Dylan said while standing back up and wiping the dirt off this clothes. I got out my phone and went into the calendar to prove him wrong, because that’s what i do best. I looked at the calendar and noticed that our anniversary was indeed tomorrow.

“Um wow, love you babe,” I said, while kissing him on the cheek. He just chuckled to himself and stared at me,

“Love you too babe,” He added, before i awkwardly left his dressing room.

“Good job [Y/N],” Holland said while patting me on the back.

A/N: Okay honestly I really like the imagine. This has been one of the best one’s I’ve done recently.


Our costumed ops with Richard featuring me as Sparkle, @ihaveallthesefeelsokay as Sully, @verathegun as Nikki, and @reallyscj as Weems!

I’m almost certain that Rich was more excited about this op than we were, considering Susan and I told him about it at our autos.
When we came in, he was just getting finished with his op with Matt and so he bragged to Matt about how amazing we looked and that we were dressed as the characters from the episode he directed. We told him to direct us for the first pic, and he was more than happy to. Rich was actually the one to ask for the second pic, so I’m almost positive he got a copy of it from Chris lol
Afterward, he asked how we did in the costume contest and was legit upset when we said we got third, frowning and asking “HOW???” He then said that we were definitely first in his book and we said goodbye on that note. :)