the first one came out really nice though

so i hear @enjoloras needs some positive parent headcanons so since i’m the self proclaimed parent au king, i decided to write some.

- so grantaire has always wanted kids, but he assumed enj just,,didn’t, so he never asked

- he got a job being a dance teacher for lil kids and sometimes enjolras comes to the classes and watch. eventually he found himself longing for kids, even though he never used to want them

- so one day he sat down and talked to grantaire and that conversation ended up with grantaire shrieking with excitement and plans for enjolras to carry their baby

- when enjolras found out he was pregnant, he cried. (but grantaire probably cried harder)

- it was a wild nine months and grantaire helped enjolras through dysphoria and enjolras helped grantaire to quit drinking (because he didn’t want to be an alcoholic in front of their child). they supported each other through the whole thing and it was a nice experience for the whole trio

- their friends came to the first ultrasound because they were all so proud of enjolras, and at least two of them came for every single appointment after that

- at one point it was difficult for enjolras to get around, and even though he really really wanted to go to meetings and rallies, he couldn’t. so grantaire began to organize meetings at their apartment and made sure enjolras did not go to rallies in case he got hurt

- enjolras probably figured out a way to go anyway but grantaire and combeferre caught him on the way out and made him rest

- despite all of this, enjolras still managed to enjoy his pregnancy a decent amount, and in fact was sort of disappointed when he went into labor

- it was less of a panicky moment and more of an inconvenience, because he had to pause his work every once and a while to breathe and time contractions and all that fun stuff

- grantaire came home from work and it was kinda “oh hey honey how was your day also i’m currently in labor so how are you” and then grantaire began to panic

- the overall labor took like three hours and pushing took like no time so everyone joked that enjolras was just excited for the rally that night

- they were right, though, because despite LITERALLY JUST GIVING BIRTH he insisted on having someone take him to the rally in a fucking wheelchair if he had to

- they didn’t let him go

- that night, they learned that grantaire can literally sleep through anything. they learned it the hard way.

- enjolras was too tired to be angry, though

- the two of them help their baby learn and grow and they try to get her into art and dance and reading and all of their hobbies

- she ends up multilingual because the pair combined know five languages (english, french, enj knows spanish and mandarin (because of his need to spread his speeches to more people), and grantaire knows italian as well (because it was his first language))

- essentially these boys end up with the cutest family with the smartest daughter and they love each other and it’s All Good

BTS Reaction To Being Your First Kiss

Uwah… Too much~! I’ve never kissed anyone and I don’t really plan on it… If I wasn’t 63204390334% soft for Bangtan I might still be alive. 

Notes: This is gender-neutral. Mentions kisses. (wow no really)



You had told Seokjin beforehand that you had never been kissed and he didn’t seem to mind. (Tbh this man is a bit traditional so I think he might like this a little too much-) However, when the time came to actually kiss you, he acted like it was his own first. He stuttered and eventually just pecked your cheek. 


But he saw your did-you-just-gyp-me-my-first-kiss glare, he finally gives you a real sweet one on the lips. 

“Did you like it?”

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Yoongi is very relaxed when it comes to this sort of thing. You could’ve kissed literally everybody or no one at all and it wouldn’t really matter to him. Although, I do see him being really excited and honored that you trusted him enough to entrust such an experience to him. He tried to kiss you on the lips before, figuring your innocence when you turned your head so he got your cheek instead. So, he sort of didn’t try again. Eventually:

“Yoongi, just kiss me.”

So he did. He didn’t do more than just press his lips to yours, as he didn’t want to rush you. 

“Thank you for that, chagiya. How was Oppa?”

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*this gif istg i hate u min yoongi jk ily also im so weak for suga calling himself oppa*


Hoseok wouldn’t really mind either as he has been in long term relationships himself. But, we know this boy is crazy, and he would be over the moon at how he’d get to kiss such a nice person/one that he really liked. The time came after a date, and he leaned in and sealed the deal. 

“Hobi…” You breathed out.


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Rap Monster

Namjoon, (in my shitty af opinion) would go for someone with more experience. Though, if you are with him he probably cares about you lots, so I can see him loving to steal some innocence as well. 

“I’ve never been kissed before, Namjoon.”

“D-do you want me to… uh… you know?” 


So he kissed you and he became more confident through it, almost getting riled up.

“So, if that’s a first, you must be new to some other things too then.”

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It’s hard to tell if Jimin has been kissed before. If he hasn’t, and it’s both of your firsts, he’d be super shy and wouldn’t want to mess up, but if he has, he’d be super flirty.

Version 1:

“Chagiya, I’m going to kiss you, okay? Let’s be each other’s firsts.”

Version 2:

“I’ll take good care of you.”

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Taehyung is also a traditional bun so I don’t see him being kissed yet either. So, after a date, you shyly asked if he’d kiss you before you went inside. 

“Only if we can be each other’s firsts.” 

You agreed, and he leaned in to kiss you. He didn’t seem to know what he was doing, but then again neither did you. And it was sweet. 

“Now, we’re both not so innocent anymore, yeah?”

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Guk is another one that can totally go either way. And he’d be exactly like Chim, shy on one end, flirty on the other. 

Version 1:

“Okay, well, I hope this is like the movies…”

Version 2:

“This will be worth the wait, trust me.”

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Gifs aren’t mine. They belong to their respective owners. I am deceased. I’ll try only to freak out under one gif per post today it was Yoongi. Okay. Welp. I hate this-

Bye bye!

Big Bang reactions when you are on WGM together and he has a crush on you & fans starts to ship you

[GIFs not mine][For everyone who doesn’t know what We Got married is- it’s a show were 2 celebrities get married (fake marriage) they have missions with other couples and buy a house… tbh I only watched 1st season because of Kim Hyunjoong bc he is my bae]

You were filming this morning and he texted you how are you and stuff like that early in the morning, which made you feel little awkward. You were forced to be on WGM and you didn’t really enjoy filming it. It was lucky you could act, but lately you noticed he is acting very nice to you even when you are not filming and sending you texts how are you feeling and what are you doing. On the filming today he invited you to a dinner, when you won’t be filming and told you fans are starting to ship you. He felt so happy he will finally confess, but he was lost on how he will do it, so he just thought dinner is a solution.

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You were really surprised when you saw he sent you invitation to a party, you thought you only had business relationship, but that wasn’t the case. He liked you even before WGM  When he got a chance to be your husband he couldn’t resist. He kept being a sweet-heart to you when you were filming, but he was even more friendly and flirty when the cameras were off.He doesn’t like to go out alone, so he invited you on a date at a party. He thought it was great idea and it’s good for publicity to show fans your relationship is real. 

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Ever since the filming started he couldn’t keep his feelings for himself and he confessed to you really soon. He couldn’t stop calling and texting you and he was very worried about you when you got sick. He was the most excited when you came to their tour concert and fans started screaming your ship name when you went on stage. He introduced you to the members and was super embarrassed when Seungri said “oh you are the one he’s always talking about”. He needed some time to get courage to invite you out on a real dinner tho.

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He loved your group and on the first day of filming he was very shy and polite to you, even though he was your senior , because you were 5 years younger than you. It scared you at first, but when you got closer he was always being really nice and friendly to you. He always bought you what you wanted and even texted you when you had concerts or fan meetings.He invited you out a lot and he was very happy if the fans screamed your ship name when you were on stage.

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He was flirty ever since you met him and you thought he was flirting with you as a joke or just to be funny or nice, but when he told you he was serious about going out, he kinda surprised you. You were happy to have a chance to date him. He was everything a girl would imagine. He always got you flowers or just food and he kept sending you memes to make you laugh.He took you to the most beautiful places in South Korea and you even went abroad together.

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do you have an trans connor hcs? your writing is really nice and ilu

I love you too :0 Though there isn’t much I can hc ^^;; Connor being trans adds to his development but doesn’t change his person, he’s still more or less Connor but here are some : 

  • Connor’s dad was (surprisingly) the first one on board, he didn’t think twice calling Connor son.
  • A lot of Connor’s outbursts was his dysmorphia and once he came out as a transMale everything seemed to fall into place
  • It took Zoe some time to get use to calling Connor a brother, but now she is very protective of Connor’s pronouns and takes it upon herself to correct people 
  • Connor still enjoys long hair and painting his nails
  • He’s a wonderful, valid, beautiful Trans Boy that Jared teases for his fashion sense but will protect with all he’s got
  • Evan is pretty intimidated by Connor but supports him to in his own Evan way
  • Evan finds him flowers that match the transgender flag and picks them for Connor
  • Connor is happy that’s all that matters
Not Love, But Comfort {Pt.1}

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Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Fluff (at the moment) college!AU

Word Count: 2.4k

A/N: IT’S BACK! Honestly, now that I’ve edited the story, I am satisfied with the progress and quality. I hope you guys enjoy this series.Sorry for the delay in my series, I just don’t want to compromise quality or anything. 

Ah, college. Perhaps the most exciting thing in a person’s life; or at least it should be. If you ask me, it’s another few years of school. And let’s be honest, school isn’t exactly the most fun place to be. However, there is a difference between college and grade school: 1. The friends you meet are supposed to be friends for life. 2. You can eat whatever the hell you want; bad or good or whatever. 3. THE ABSENCE OF PARENTS! These three things make the college experience, or at least what I’ve been.

The college campus was refreshing, I’ll admit that. No city landscape, an enormous quad in the middle of the grounds. Everything the campus was, the city wasn’t. My family didn’t understand why I wanted to move miles away from an environment unfamiliar to me. College is supposed to the time where you grow as a person, where you figure out who you are. It’s the time of rebirth for almost everyone here. A time of rediscovery; whether it’s falling in love with a long lost passion for something, or you embrace the unknown and accept the many changes, albeit changing your major, or just changing the way you look.

Ever since the seventh grade, I was met with nothing but change. If there is anything that is ever constant, it’s the change and adversities life seems to give me…and Mel of course. Mel and I have only known each other since the start of high school, but she know’s me better than any of my childhood friends. Maybe even better than my own sister. Luckily the two of us decided to attend the same college, and practically live together for the next few years.

My eyes began to wander the campus. The green scenery, a bell tower that was sky high, and the buildings made of bricks. “So, what do you think?” chirped a voice beside my ear, making me jump back a little. I swiftly turned to see the owner of the voice. I was met with eyes that were a dark brown, almost borderline black, cheekbones angled high, a jawline that could easily kill, and two small dimples besides his bright smile. In contrast to his dark eyes, his smile shined brightly…almost as bright as his orange colored hair in the sun.

“Excuse me?” I asked, taken aback.

“The campus. What do you think of it so far?” He further presses his question, apparently interested as to what I think.

“A college campus is perhaps the biggest variable in choosing where you go. So if you think it sucks, your experience will most likely suck.” I blatantly stated. As much as he tried to hide it, a frown crept onto his face.

“I’m just messing with you. If I didn’t like the campus, then why would I come? If anything, this college is actually my top choice.” I chuckled in hopes of seeing him smile again.  

“REALLY?!” He perked up.

“Yeah. I’ve heard this college is notorious for its dance program.” I added, hoping that he wouldn’t lose his precious smile.

“You’re here for the dance program too?” He exclaimed. Whoever this guy is, he’s clearly ecstatic about everything I have to say.

“Yeah…” I muttered.

“I’m Hos-” He was immediately interrupted by a loud, high pitched scream that could only be Mel. I quickly turn around and see a figure running towards me, getting ready to tackle me with a hug.

“Y/N!” Mel shouted. She embraced me the moment she could. I’m suddenly taken into her arms, helpless and restricted by her tight, confining hug. Right before she let me go, I saw the orange haired boy walk past me, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to talk me just as he was before.

“Wait!” I called out to him. He looked back at me, only to smile.

“Don’t worry, the first day is always like this. I just wanted to welcome you is all. But hey! There’s a party happening tonight in celebration of the incoming freshmen. You and your friend can come.” He says “Hopefully I’ll see you there,” smiling one last time before he walks to a bigger crowd of guys.

“Who was that?” Mel asked.

“I don’t know. He just came up to me. Really nice though.” I added.

“ARE YOU EXCITED FOR COLLEGE?!!!” At this point, Mel seems to be more enthusiastic about it than me. “We get to sleep in, not have parents on our backs, stay up all night…”

“Eat instant ramen whenever we want” I joined.

“That’s the spirit! But on another note, are we going to that party?” Mel raised her eyebrow.

“I don’t know. Why?” I asked

“So, remember way back last year when I was crushing on that senior?” Mel seemed excited about whatever news she had, based on her aggressively shaking my shoulders.

“Oh god…what about him?” I said.

“Well, he’s here. Apparently, he transferred mid year over, and I’m hoping he’ll be at the party.”

“Mel, there is no way in hell that Jungkook would be at that party.” I rolled my eyes.

“Y/N… you know the welcoming parties are always the most kick ass, which means a crap ton of people attend, therefore a very high possibility that Jungkook is totally going.” Mel stated as if her points were facts.

“Yeah right. Besides, you never even talked to him other than the electives you two shared.”

“That’s so untrue Y/N. You know we were getting closer towards the end of the year, but he graduated and left. We even flirted on some occasions” She argued.

“I’m sure, but if you want to go that badly, you could’ve just said so.” I teased.


I laughed, not expecting Mel to plead like that.

“Aright. Let’s go.” I said.


Mel and I got dressed for the party, and while Mel went full blown runway model look, I took an easier approach: t-shirt and jeans. This is the first time I’ll probably get to enjoy myself since the incident. I’m not sure if I’m ready. All the pleasant personalities, bubbly expressions. It wasn’t fair that everyone was allowed to be expressive about their happiness, while I had to suffer internally.

When we arrived, the house was more than just crowded. People were pouring out of the doors, large groups hanging out in the front yard, and the overall temperature seemed to increase due to many bodies in one place. We walked past the large crowds in the front and stepped in the house. You know, people don’t tell you how hard it is to breathe in a party. The clouds of smoke going around from people smoking, the hot, humid air from two sweaty bodies dancing if you would even call it that.

“Oh my god Y/N, there he is” Mel whispered gesturing her head towards a muscular guy who looked about 5 foot 10 inches and a coconut head for hair. “How am I going to play this? How do I wanna come across?” Mel was apparently swooning over Jungkook.

“Definitely not like a creep. Stop staring at him.” I scolded. She instantly snapped her head back, but by then it was too late. Jungkook had noticed and began walking towards us.

“Oh my god Y/N…he’s walking over here!” Whatever happened to the calm and confident Mel I always knew? Clearly, Jungkook is the only guy that affects Mel.

“Get a grip girl, you’ll figure it out.” I look up and see that Jungkook had finally reached us.

“I didn’t know you two would be coming here,” Jungkook said.

“It’d be quite creepy if you did.” Mel fired back, obviously taking the witty approach. From what I heard back in high school, if you ever gave a snarky remark to Jungkook, best be sure that he’ll roast you alive.

“As creepy as you staring at me back there?” Jungkook gave Mel a smug smile. I managed to stifle a chuckle, only to be glared at by Mel.

“I was not staring at you.” she said matter of factly.

“Yeah, you were” Jungkook mimicked.

“No, I wasn’t! What do you have that I would possibly stare at you for?”

“I don’t know, but we can always find out together. ” Jungkook inched closer to Mel, trying to intimidate her

By now, Jungkook was pushing Mel’s buttons. The two were clearly into each other. Why they never acted on their attraction for one another will be a mystery to me. “And with that, I’ll take my leave.”

I began walking around the house when I noticed two guys roughhousing with each other. I watched the two from a distance pushing and laughing, both clearly having a great time, but as I paid more attention one of them seemed familiar to me. Just then the orange haired boy was able to get a silver haired boy into a headlock. Holding onto the forearm, and looking a bit shy, the silver haired boy began to laugh hysterically, and instead of fighting his way out of the firm grip of orange hair, he gave into it. There was something about the way these two were that made me laugh. Maybe it was just the fact that they didn’t care who in the world saw them acting like idiots.

“HEY!” shouted the orange haired boy. Now that I think about it, he’s the same guy who invited me here. “YOU CAME!” He quickly let go of his silver-haired friend, letting him fall to the floor and ran towards me with his bright smile on his face. Next thing I knew his standing right in front of me. His dark brown eyes were now in front of me, looking deep into mine. It felt a bit weird that a stranger could look deep within me. They almost made me want to run away from him, but something was telling me otherwise.

“Yeah…I did” I smiled.

“Is it just you or did your friend decide to come too?” he asked looking around me. Why was he curious if Mel came? Was he interested in her or what?

“, I came with my friend, but she’s hanging out with her boyfriend right now.” I lied. I didn’t want him thinking Mel was single, even though she’s out there trying to get with Jungkook. Good luck to Mel for trying to get that to happen.

“Ohhh…” he said.

“Yeah…” I’m not the greatest at making small talk. Never was, and probably never will. But there’s something about the bright orange haired boy that made me want to converse with him. “So, who’s that back there? Why did you have him in a headlock?” I tilted my head towards the shy boy who was keeping a small eye on us.

“Oh! That’s Jimin.” he smiled warmly when he mentioned his name. “See, the thing is…Jimin said that he could easily beat me in a dance battle. Now, usually I wouldn’t mind some taunting. BUT COME ON! Easily? I don’t think so.” he cocked an eyebrow.  “Even though I’ve only been here 1 year more than he has, here in this school, 1 year makes a difference. I will admit though, he’s extraordinary when it comes to contemporary,” he confessed.

“What’s your specialty then?” I asked. He opens his mouth, but rather than his chirpy, energetic voice, came a soft sweet voice from someone else.

“Ahhh…this hyung is amazing at hip-hop!” Who I assumed to be Jimin, now had his arm around his orange haired friend. “You should really see him one day” He seemed proud to brag about his friend’s abilities.

“Jimin this is…umm, what’s your name?” he chuckled.

“Y/N,” I said.

“Jimin, Y/N. Y/N, Jimin. He’s one of my best friends here.” he introduced us.

“We go way back, Hoseok hyung and I.” Jimin started.

So, that’s his name then; Hoseok He’s one of the most charismatic, energetic, hopeful, happiest, loudest person I’ve come to know. He’s perhaps my biggest fanboy.” Jimin chuckled.

“Could you not?” Hoseok laughed nervously.

“You know it’s true hyung, you just don’t want to be embarrassed in front of a girl” Jimin teased.

“My lovely friend…continue and you’ll see yourself in a headlock again.” Hoseok teased.

“Aww. You know it’s true though” Jimin nudged Hoseok.

“I know. Look at these cute fluffy cheeks of yours.” Hoseok said in a cutesy voice while pinching Jimin’s cheeks. The two were comfortable with each other. Enough to make their bromance visible to the entire world. Jimin tried hard to pry Hoseok’s hands off of his cheeks.

Once Jimin was able to escape Hoseok’s grasps, well his cheeks were looking plumper than before. Most likely swollen from that hard pinching. “Oh my gosh…” Jimin blushed, “If it’s not you, then it’s Jungkook, Namjoon, or Taehyung who make me feel like this small creature.” Jimin whined.

“Wait what?” I’m curious as to how they know Jungkook. “How do you know Jungkook?”

“Oh, he’s in our dance program as well. He’s wicked good! Actually, he’s great at everything, especially for someone who’s only 19!” I noticed how Jimin’s face practically lit up by bragging about Jungkook.

“I know! He’s 3 years younger than me, but he’s such a quick learner. I admire how hard he works too. Always perfecting every single thing that he can.” Hoseok added. “But how do you know him Y/N?”

“Well, we went to high school together. He was a senior when I was a junior. As a matter fact, he’s with my friend right now.” I completely forgot that I made that small lie about Mel hanging out with her “boyfriend” earlier in the conversation.


“He what?” Jimin and I said simultaneously. I was taken aback that Hoseok came to that conclusion.

“But the boy is shy! He’s quiet!.HE RUNS AWAY FROM GIRLS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!” yelled Jimin.

“Hang on a moment. Jungkook runs away from girls?” I laughed hysterically. To think that Jungkook used to flirt with all these girls back in high school, and now he runs away from them? That’s just mind boggling.

“Which is exactly why we have to meet your friend Y/N. ” Hoseok yelled. “It’s a must.”

“Wait hyung. Shouldn’t we tell the others first and then go surprise him?” Jimin suggested

“I like the way you think.” Hoseok patted Jimin on the back.

“This is going to be fun,” I smirked.

And the three of us set off to our mission: to embarrass Jungkook.

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Can you do hcs about the paladins + allura with a tall awkward (s/o)? Like a little taller than shiro.

Shiro : He doesn’t really care a whole lot. Its a strange but oddly nice change of pace for him. Though he hasn’t said it out loud, he does like the advantages that come with being the shorter partner for once. (Shiro likes being the little spoon 10000%)

Keith : He hates it initially, it was a bit of a turn off for him. Over time though it stopped bothering him, and he came to find how you’d put your arm over his shoulder very comforting. he refuses to admit he likes when you pick him up

Lance : Its one of the first things he talks about with you actually. He was careful to not makes jokes about  in case it struck a nerve. He actually found it kinda attractive, and he was honest about it. 

Hunk : Not really sure why, but because of your height over him, he would notice little things about you more. like he’d take note of your body language much more than he usually would. This would also strike up some cool conversation!

Pidge : It wasn’t anything knew to her, shes always been shorter than the average. It did somewhat bother her that she couldn’t be too close and look at your face at the same time without putting a krick in her neck.

Chris Colfer in Vancouver!

So Chris Colfer was in Vancouver, and let me tell you it was some experience.

Lets start by remembering that Chris wasnt scheduled to come until 3pm, but the doors were opening at 9am so that people could get wristbands as their tickets into the events.  I arrived at 9:20 and got a wristband by like 10:30, but I made a friend with a mom and her kid who were also waiting in line, so that was nice. It almost made me think that I could get away with small talk all the time.

There were so many people lined up, I thought I was early but nope ahhparently people came at fucking 5 in the morning??? They got “golden tickets” meaning they got to sit in chairs at the front, all 10 of them, while everyone else had to stand which i guess wasnt bad but my feet really hurt so there was that.  It was worth it!!

Anyways, wondered around the mall and then waited outside the Chapters (the bookstore where it was) at 1pm and the poor employees were working so hard to shuffle everyone in organized lines.  We had a line that snaked around the bookshelves like a really long letter S, ended up sitting and waiting, reading some books on the floor, the wifi was kinda terrible tbh but we did it!! And thank god i got in line at 1pm cuz I was right behind where the chairs were.  The event was in the middle of the Chapters,so literally anyone walking past the entrance would see something going on.  And the crowd went all the way back to the entrance (Chris joked that it went all the way back “to the Sears”)  So again, if I was late, id have been waaaaaay at the back.  

The executive of Indigo Events from Toronto played some games with us, he was actually pretty funny! Seemed like a nice guy. The event didn’t start at 3 but smth like 3:13?? Chris came out and my first thought was, omg he is real!! This is like the first famous  person I’ve ever seen.  Wow his hair was very slicked back, it was a great hairstyle.  During the whole event he was smiling and he was really polite and very efficient moving from one activity to the next. 

 He read a TLOS 6 passage from the book and did all the voices (he’s mastered them), everything was TLOS, though there was one question about Stranger than Fanfiction.  Luckily nothing about glee or his personal life.  

The costume contest was great, he called it a “costume parade” cuz the stage was so small no one could fit, the contestants all had to walk in front of him runway-style.  He said they needed some “Rupaul” music (LOL) There was one guy in an enchantress outfit i think it was that was super cool, and a little girl who was the golden harp and her harp nearly smacked Chris Colfer, “And thats how Chris Colfer dies” he joked, it was hilarious.  She won, the runner ups were two people dressed as books: the book huggers. A girl in a golden hat and a boa came on stage and Chris made a comment like “this isn’t the rocky horror show”

The whole event was shorter than the waiting time!! But it was amazing seeing him in person, i was so inspired to just follow my dreams.  And the kids loved the books, one asked which fairytale was the first ever mentioned and Chris got really stumped on that, but she said she was just asking to see if he knew, and he called her sneaky.

It was his first ever Canada event!! He told us all to see his TLOS movie about 15 times when it comes out, and to light a candle and pray that it goes well.

He said he was inspired to write about fairytales cuz he would always question the fairytales and his grandmother got so fed up she just told him to write one himself.

 i didn’t realize until seeing him live how often he says “oh gosh” lol

he said goodbye and he hopped off stage super fast, if you had blinked it would’ve looked like he had just disappeared into nowhere lol.  guess he’s a busy guy!! And I’m totally in the picture he posted on instagram so yesss (kinda wish it was color tho)

It all happened so fast and honestly it was kinda surreal.   Maybe I’ve forgotten something, if you were at Vancouver please add on to this post!!

Ive got some pictures coming up (when the wifi works), blurry but lets see!!  Positive experience, and I got a signed book :)

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Whatwhatwhat you opened prompts? *runs to your ask box* #40 for MadaTobi, super pretty please? :3

Merry Christmas, @redhothollyberries !  I hope you enjoy this fill.  @hiruma-musouka might remember this universe as the modern!AU where they’re all security contractors.

Trade shows were the absolute worst, and if Tobirama could foist the responsibility for attending every single of one of them onto his brother, he would - the Sage alone knew that Hashirama, despite everything, somehow managed to charm the socks off every damn client and sub-contractor this side of the Western Seas - but as the newly promoted COO of Senju Security, he had to make an appearance at this, the first conference of the season, and reassure the public that the company was in good hands with the recent change in leadership. Well, he’d come, he’d given a reasonably well-received speech on integrating traditional small troop formations with cyber support in retaking hostile urban areas, and if he managed to get through another six hours of this nonsense, he could slip away on “business” during the usual rounds of evening parties.  Hashirama wouldn’t notice for hours, and by then, Tobirama would be long gone, preferably joining Kawarama on a last minute reconnaissance mission in Rain’s borders.

“My, that’s an angry face,” a low, hoarse voice commented from his left.

“Hatake, always a pleasure,” Tobirama said steadily, not breaking pace.  As expected of the woman, she fell into step at his side, long rangy legs easily keeping pace.  Hatake Mitsuru had proven herself quite stubborn and almost supernaturally competent in the years he’d known her, especially given the aura of lackadaisical disinterest she aggressively projected.  She’d appeared at trade shows and conventions, gate-crashed at least three extremely private client meetings, and once, memorably enough, showed up in the middle of a mission gone terribly wrong on the always-fluid border between Fire and Lightning - and that wasn’t counting the dozen-and-a-half times he’d hired her for business reasons.  Tobirama was fond of her, as far as sub-contractors went, but sometimes she could be a bit much.   

“Now, now, I think we’re on familiar enough terms that you can call me by my first name, Tobirama,” she murmured, no louder than a whisper in the crowd.

He glanced at her between one step and the next, only to confirm she looked the same as she always did: a tall woman with fair hair worn loose and lazy dark eyes.  She was wearing a surgical mask, one of many odd affectations she’d had as long as he had known her.  She always wore casual clothing, and she was always soft-spoken, which was a pleasant change from most of the bounty hunters he’d hired over the years.  The Inuzuka couple, for instance, never seemed to change out of camo gear and always spoke at a volume only a little less than a full yell.

“Mmm,” Tobirama said, noncommittal. 

“Ah, so that’s how it’s going to be,” Mitsuru replied, a mocking lilt in her voice.

“Are you still upset I turned down the chance to go with your crew to the Canyonlands?  Because I told you at the time, I was busy with another job.  I know Settan and Taya are loud, but they’re better suited for rural tracking, anyway.”

Tobirama shrugged one shoulder minutely.  "Nothing of the kind, Mitsuru, it’s just been a long day and-”

“-and it’s about to get even longer!” another voice shouted from a corridor ahead of them.  "That’s right, Senju - you’ve heard the news by now, I’m sure: my company just won the contract on the President’s security detail.  Run back to Hashirama and perhaps reconsider your sales strategy in the future - the Sage knows you’ll need to, with all the business you’ve been losing, lately.“

This second interruption came from a man, one clearly used to having his way, at least judging from the strident tone of his voice.  Tobirama immediately lengthened his stride.  He recognized that voice too, and unlike Mitsuru, he had no desire to ever engage in conversation with the person currently speaking.  He’d long been familiar with Madara Uchiha - it was hard not to, when your companies were direct competitors and had been since their respective founders had suffered a falling-out decades before.  But even if that hadn’t been their shared history, Tobirama was sure he would have despised Madara anyway, for the other man was loud, abrasive, and honestly quite obnoxious.  Why Hashirama continued to insist the other man wasn’t so bad was quite beyond Tobirama’s faculties.

For a moment, Tobirama held out hope that Madara would leave well enough alone and ignore him after heckling him in passing, but no such luck.  Instead, as Tobirama and Mitsuru walked by the intersection, Madara intercepted them, walking backward in front of Tobirama, all the better to taunt him.  Of course, Madara couldn’t leave well enough alone; when had he ever?  Tobirama saw the other man looked the same as he always did: impeccably dressed in a gray suit, tie forsworn for an unbuttoned shirt collar and suit jacket thrown over his left shoulder.  His hair was even longer and more unruly than usual, falling over his right eye and cascading over his broad shoulders.

“What, cat got your tongue, Senju?” Madara taunted, visible eye narrowed in unholy glee.   “You know, I told your brother that you required more seasoning before he promoted you - it’s a shame he didn’t listen…" 

Tobirama considered three different ways of incapacitating Madara with his own hair before discarding them as too disruptive.  No, better to find some other way to rid himself of this pest-  

"Is it just me, or does this guy get even more ridiculous every time I see him?” Mitsuru wondered aloud, and Tobirama felt a tiny smile curl the corners of his mouth as Madara made a hilarious, put-upon face.  "I mean, what kind of idiot wears dress shoes without socks?“

"The kind of idiot who wants to look suave, but fails to see he comes off as a buffoon instead,” Tobirama responded slyly in turn, and Madara sputtered in rage.

“Oh, so he’s that kind of guy,” Mitsuru drawled, not bothering to keep her voice down.  Some of the passing crowd was beginning to slow and stop, always ready to see yet another verbal battle between Tobirama and Madara; Madara’s visible eye kept twitching away from Tobirama towards the crowd, always antsy at public attention he hadn’t carefully cultivated himself. “The dumb kind of guy.”

Madara flushed, from the bridge of his nose all the way down his neck.  Tobirama eyed that unbuttoned collar for one long moment, idly wondering exactly how far down his chest the other man was flushing, before tipping his eyes back up and meeting Madara’s infuriated gaze.  Then, he smiled.

Madara blanched as he came to a sudden halt, blinking once, twice, thrice in surprise.  Tobirama simply smiled wider.  It was a nice smile - at least, Mother had always told him so.  No one had ever run screaming from it.  Well, no one had ever run screaming from it yet - it looked as though Madara might be the first.

“Have I entered an alternate universe, or did you really just crack a smile for me?” Madara asked, totally unnerved.  At Tobirama’s side, Mitsuru broke out into wild, unrefined guffaws, forcing Tobirama to stop and support her before she fell over.

“Oh, not for you, Madara,” Tobirama chided mildly.  "Never that.“

And then Tobirama serenely walked away, Mitsuru half hanging off his shoulder as they went.  Tobirama kept half an eye out, just in case Madara decided to try his luck again, but apparently, the other man was sufficiently discombobulated by the whole experience that wasn’t willing to dare Tobirama’s smile again.  Either that, or he was still puzzling through the insult Tobirama had offered him.  It might take him awhile to figure it out.  Madara, after all, was stubborn, but not exactly clever.

"So what, exactly, are you planning?” Mitsuru asked in her raspy low voice, still bursting out into chuckles every moment or two.  "Because I’ve seen that look on your face before, and it’s usually a prelude to a good time for all.“

"You’re the only person in the world who would say that,” Tobirama said dryly, directing the woman through the crowd towards the street exit.  Come to think of it, a tracker would be useful out in the bush, and Tobirama knew from previous experience that Mitsuru and Kawarama got on well.  

“Most people don’t know how to have a good time,” she agreed wryly, raking her hair off her face.  "Aren’t you lucky you know me?“

"Kawarama says that all the time,” Tobirama agreed with no small degree of sarcasm in his voice.  "As for the party I’m planning… are you aware that Uchiha Surveillance Services were terminated from their contract with Uzumaki Corporation three weeks ago?“

"No, I wasn’t,” Mitsuru murmured, eyebrows raised.  "Although it doesn’t surprise me.  Madara has such a nice personality, after all.“

Tobirama laughed once before stifling it. "Then you probably won’t be surprised to hear that the source of the breach was reportedly deep, irreconcilable personal differences between Madara and the Uzumaki heir?”

“It wouldn’t surprise me,” Mitsuru said with a diffident shrug of her shoulders.

“Lastly, were you aware that I managed to finagle an invitation for Hashirama to attend the Uzumaki holiday party three weeks from now?”

Underneath the mask, Mitsuru was grinning so widely her eyes were half closed.  A full, rich laugh erupted from her throat.

“Oh, Tobirama, you really are a bastard in all the best ways!”

Two months later…

“…Uzumaki Corporation’s share price just surged today after word leaked that Senju Security would begin augmenting the corporation’s already formidable internal security.  This comes just weeks after the former chairman’s daughter took control of the company after her father’s unexpected retire-”

The television abruptly turned off, leaving Madara brooding in silence.

“Madara, why do you even care about this?” Izuna asked in aggravation, and Madara just grunted at him in response.  "Our margins were always pretty slim on that contract - if the Senju want to deal with her royal highness, let them!“

"It’s not that,” Madara said impatiently, raking his hair back into a messy ponytail before pinching the bridge of his nose.  "It’s the fact that Tobirama has won that irritates me.“

"Oh, god,” Izuna murmurs with dread.  "Please tell me you aren’t going to try and get back at him for some kind of imagined slight.“

"It’s not an imagined slight!” Madara snapped on reflex.  "And there is no way in hell I’m letting that albino bastard get the better of me.  Find out when he gets back in country…and get Harogomo on the line, I’m gonna need his help.“

Izuna just signed heavily and rubbed his face with his palms.  "Oh, Sage save us all from dumbass brothers with a grudge…”

(“You know, I’m not sure I’d qualify Madara’s feelings as a ‘grudge” as this point,“ Saburo said, sotto voce, to his brother, careful not to draw Izuna or Madara’s attention.

"Ugh, I really don’t want to think about it,” Shiro complained, a frown creasing his brow.  "And Goro is way too young to hear this.“

"Too young to hear about what?” Goro asked, lifting his eyes away from his phone for the first time in an hour.  Saburo and Shiro looked at Goro, then at each other, then back to Goro.

“Adult stuff,” Shiro advised.

“Worse,” Saburo drawled.  ”Madara stuff.“

“Oh, never mind then,” Goro muttered in disgust, looking back at his phone.  

Saburo and Shiro surreptitiously traded high-fives.  The Talk: successfully averted until Madara’s next crisis!)


Request: Could you do a Cameron imagine where you get to go on the magcon tour 2015-2016 and he always compliments you and is flirting so you guys are kind of close and the fans ship you and you guys always take snapchats and pics together? Sorry if it’s not too specific I would just like a really fluffy one thanks 

AN:  I really enjoyed writing this imagine, I hope you like it! I pictured Magcon as the original nine boys and the italicized is like a flashbacks of Magcons events. So each different italicized part is a different event/venue, except for the last one. (I added a bit to the ending too, hope you don’t mind!)

Being the best friend of the Nash Grier did have its perks at times. For the simple fact being that when Magcon had its first event back together, I was invited in support. AND I guess the fact that Nash was the reason I met Cam. Nash and I had clicked when he first moved to California and we were pretty much inseparable for a while which is how I met Cameron, our flirtatious relationship evolving from there.

“Aren’t you looking gorgeous, as always.” Cameron smiled at me once I stepped into the boy filled dressing room as he blocked any movement from me walking in any further.

“Oh shut up Cam.” I smirked at him attempting to move to the side before he moved with me,

“Make me.” He whispered low enough for only me to hear. I grinned before a dark figure soon stepped beside us, looming over.

“Are we talking about anything interesting guys?” Nash smiled innocently to us. He knew he was interrupting our moment and it happened all too often. Nash of course was somewhat overprotective over me AND Cameron; he never wanted us to take the flirting farther than what it already was.

However, currently here I was at Nash’s house; I spent the night last night, crashing in Nash’s bed as he slept downstairs, bathing in the sun in his tennis court while I scrolled through various social media since Nash hadn’t woken up yet. Pictures of Cameron and I flooded my timeline once I clicked on twitter, some of them being recent with a lot of them being from when the boys would Snapchat and sneak attack pictures of us. Of course me and Cam had slipped a few pictures of us on each of our Instagram’s but nothing to the point of where we were always over each other. The most where we posted was Snapchat, and it was mainly making fun of one another.  

“Is Y/N here?” I heard my name echo through the venue, a fan Q&A finally jumping into gear. I smiled at the thought in the darkness of side stage. When I first was introduced to the scene, I was expecting hate or snide commentary about me being a girl with all the guys, however to my surprise though everyone was really nice to me. Even to the point where people would be dying for me and Cameron to finally date or go out with each other.

“Of course she is! She’s one of my best friends, she came in support.” I saw Nash reply into his mic; merriment filling his voice while he smiled into the crowd.

“Or or, she’s actually here for me.” Cam stated proudly peeking my way to send me a quick wink while the crowd erupted into Oooo’s and Awh’s.

“You wish!” Nash retorted back, giving Cam a quick punch to the arm, only causing Cam to hit him back.

“Aye! Now’s not the time to fight.” Johnson jokingly stepped between them.

I retweeted a couple pictures of us causing my mentions to fill with excited and questions. As much as I hated it, I never did reply to them; I’ve always told their fans that were Just. Friends. For now anyway; which is what I was hoping. Viewing the fans ship us and make edits of us was really sweet in general for me to see, and I almost longed for them to see that I wanted just what they did with Cameron. An that was why my favorites were mainly filled with the two of us.

After the show was over Cameron gripped my hand tightly while he sneakily slipped us away from the boys. We climbed the steps of the venue in a rush before we reached the top where there was a door beholding the rooftop. Cam looked back at me one time, reaching forward and pushing the door open, keeping me in tow. It was dark while the stars cloaking the sky were the source of most of the light, emitting to illuminate his beautiful features. The town had seemed so far away. Cameron dragged us out farther to the edge, before I gazed over to see a few fans in front of the venue. Cam pulled me back to him, embracing me in his warm arms causing me to tear my gaze to look at him eyeing me with a sweet smile.

“Scared I’m going to float away?” I teased, placing my hands on his sturdy chest.

“Maybe.” He looked toward the right quickly before looking back at me. I traced one of my hands up his chest, crossing his jawline gently,

“That’s cute.” I replied while bumping his nose with my finger, him scrunching it up in a cutesy way. I softly smiled up at him; everything else seeming to drown out besides us. Instantaneously he tenderly brought a palm to caress my face causing me to lean into him more. He began to slowly bring his head down before our lips caught up with each other, moving with such an intimacy with which we had been hiding.

I blushed at the thought, smiling into my phone again. Even with shared kisses here and there none of us made an advancement towards something else more. Which I’m sure both of us wanted; even if Nash didn’t approve of all the way, maybe we were just scared of everything else. I sighed in content; locking the phone in my palm and leaning back to look up at the beaming blue sky. Maybe soon enough one of us would make a move, maybe not. As much as I wanted something more, I’d never regret being just friends with Cameron.

He pulled away quietly while I still kept my eyes closed, half expecting more. I felt him rest his forehead on mine before I allowed my eyes to flutter open, meeting his closed ones. My rapidly beating heart wanted to slow down before the feel moved to my ears. Both still silent; I closed my eyes again, and at a leisurely pace brought my hand to connect with Cameron’s again.

“That one’s going on my Instagram.” Cameron’s voice sounded through my ears; startling me as I was brought out of my trance, speedily turning around to glance at him. He held onto his phone cheekily smiling at me before I straightened my legs getting up off the tennis court’s warm surface.

“What are you doing here?” I questioned before smiling and walking over to him. He tapped at his phone, shoving it to his back pocket before I reached him. I instantly wrapped my arms around his neck, standing on my tippy toes to do so while he winding his arms around my waist.

“Because I knew you’d be here.” He mumbled into my hair that he had nuzzled himself into, making me grin with blissfulness. I kept holding onto him while we lightly swayed side to side enjoying the shivers our bodies gave to each other. “I wanted to ask you something, actually.” He whispered, pulling away from me enough to still hold me close to him, but enough to make eye contact.

“Consisting of?” I questioned, draping one my hands of his shoulder, the other playing with his hair at the nape of his neck.

“Us.” He replied making my stomach turn in anticipation to what he wanted to ask. I nodded my head unsurely urging him to further go on. He cleared his throat, looking down at our feet before looking back up. “Well I mean I’ve always thought this,” He grinned handsomely “That maybe we could… I don’t know… Become a real couple.” His face flushing pink as he finished his sentence nervously. I bowed my head; biting my lip to keep from smiling too hard. “I know your Nash’s best friend, and well I mean mine too, but maybe we could just try being more than that.” He finished, whispering the last bit. I brought my head up again; beaming at him brightly while he nervously shot me back a grin. Boldly I tugged his head down to, attaching his moist lips to mine. He smiled into the kiss before I pulled away softly.

“I would love that.”

anonymous asked:

youtuber!markjin au where they do the boyfriend tag, please? thank you for all you do! much love to you all, admins ヽ(*≧ω≦)/

Warning: Horrible fluff.
Words: 5.5K
Author: Chandler

So much fluff someone help me.
This prompt just popped out at me and I had to write it.
I did not do all the questions, just the ones I thought would be fun.

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BTS REACTION - When you fart in front of them for the first time.

Ahahahaha I’m so sorry this is so awkward.
I hope you find this cute though!! ♥♥

~ Admin W ♥

Jin: “Jagiya… *chuckles* did you just fart? That was so cute. *continues to smile to himself while thinking about how cute your fart was*

Suga: “… What did you eat ?? …” *judging you*

J Hope: *really shocked* “That came out of you?!” 

Rap Monster: *laughing* “We’re all human, aren’t we?”

Jimin: “Ya! You finally farted! *smirks* Now we’re even”

V: “My jagi even farts cute? Hmm. Nicee. ♥”

Jungkook: “Noona, you just farted?” *laughs like a grade schooler*

(Kookie’s gif was the only one in colour.. Lmao whoops. He really is the Golden Maknae)


Redid Finn… less thrilled with how he came out.  Mixed feelings about the underlying sculpt - on one hand, the sculpt is pretty solid… but they sculpted REALLY HUGE eyebrows on him.  If I ever repaint another one (or if I decide to do this one over), I’m sanding those off first because they make it hard to do a realistic repaint.

He was an uncooperative model, but there are some cool things in his repaint.  His mouth is particularly nice - a lot of people with dark skin have a really gorgeous deeper pigmentation just outside of their lips, and I worked really hard on getting that here.  I think it came out really nice in person, though it just didn’t photograph well.  The jacket is also pretty nicely shaded, and then I gave it a semi-gloss finish to make it look more like leather… and in person, it really kind of does. :D

Now if I could just find a Rey. :/


For a couple years now, Lyla and Brad had been on-again-off-again. They were most definitely off now, since she’d caught him fucking the head cheerleader in the girls locker room before practice the other week. She’d heard plenty of rumors about his infidelity in the past, but that was the first time she’d actually caught him in the act. The nerve of that asshole. After everything he’d convinced her to do for him over the years…

She was fuming mad, and Jax Teller was a very nice distraction. They’d met last month when she came to TM for an oil change, and he’d happened to be the one to check her car in. She’d noticed him then - the bad boy vibe, the smirk and the strut - but he’d dropped out of high school or something, so she didn’t really see him around. She made sure to give him her pager number though… for her car of course.

And then after that, she kept seeing him around town, so he was constantly on her mind. And then the thing with Brad happened, and she could really use a distraction. So when Jax had sent her a page tonight about the party at the clubhouse… well of course she said yes.

She’d heard rumors about parties at the Sons’ clubhouse, and she knew not to dress like a cheerleader. She’d pulled out her high heeled boots and her shortest skirt - black, falling halfway down her thighs - and her smallest shirt - cornflower blue with a deep v neck - and then grabbed a jacket to cover herself up so she could sneak past her parents. She left that in the car though, when she got to the clubhouse.

Okay so SAMCRO parties were just as wild as everyone said they were. Whenever she was in situations like that, Lyla just drank until she didn’t feel nervous. Still, she was happy to get out of there when Jax suggested they head up to the roof. One of the guys with wild brown hair and a beard was about to start fucking one of the girls on the pool table, and she just didn’t want to watch.

Up on the roof, she stretched out beside Jax and turned to look at him. “You think so? All the other guys seemed to like them.” Then, because she was drunk and couldn’t stop herself, she leaned closer and muttered, “Can I kiss you?”

And the next thing she knew, his lips were on hers and her arms were winding around his neck, pulling him closer to her as her lips opened beneath his.

Jax had nights that he gave a shit about fucking the croweaters, but then he had nights that he didn’t. He had just recently made full patch. It had taken time, and he knew that he was still on Clay’s bad side a lot of the time. Okay, so he tended to do some dumb shit, but still.

But, he’d been spending some time with Lyla, well they more tended to run into each other. But she’d given him her number, so he figured he could call her. He had been glad when they’d headed up to roof really.  He wasn’t in the mood for all the craziness. Sometimes, watching his mom with Clay, even though it’d been a couple years now, still made him want to punch someone and he was trying not to do that.

“That they do.”  But that was the last word before she had moved to kiss him back, and his arms pulled her closer, deepening the kiss, before he muttered against them. “I’ve wanted to do that for weeks.” 


Hi lovelies,

As some of you may know (I’ve whined my fear share about it - sorry!), I’ve been working on a fic for a while that I’ve gotten quite stuck on. Inspiration has, so to speak, left me. So, I’m gonna try something new, and post this sneak peak for you - it’s the first 4,7k of chapter one of what is known as ‘The Vegas Fic’ and which will probably be titled ‘The Greatest Thing’ unless I come up with something better. I’m hoping that the fic will be something you’d like to read (?) and that posting this sneak peak will sort of obligate me to finish it! Hopefully, knowing that there are people out there waiting will work as motivation for me. I hope you enjoy? And please let me know what you think - whether it’s even worth finishing and all. x
(Oh, by the way, I copied this from google docs, so all the italics and such disappeared, soz!) 

CHAPTER ONE (or half of it, anyway):

If Harry had to describe Vegas with one word, it would be ostentatious. He’s never cared much for the city to be honest, all the flashing lights, the partying, the gambling, the countless amount of strippers, the sense that you could just throw away all your inhibitions and let go… yeah, he appreciates the quiet life nowadays.

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lost in vienna

genre: kim namjoon x reader |  fluff

word count: 2.6k

summary: yes, it was the best idea you’ve ever had to walk around the maze that is Venice late at night.

a/n: suddenly had the inspiration to write after so long (when I should be studying ofc). feels long overdue but the comeback (and exams and assignments and horirble real life stuff) have been wrecking me. Unedited for now (as always sighs - going over my stuff makes me cringe a lil).

You literally had no idea where you should even be facing. Not wanting to seem like a total tourist, you had initially squinted at the tiny map on your phone, zooming in as much as you could without seeming too obvious. You had tried to turn on navigation, but even your phone was confused and you’d more often than not look up to find yourself facing a solid wall where your phone insisted there was a route.

The streets were dimly lit with the golden glow of the street lamps, and thankfully the weather wasn’t too cold, but it was late. You cursed yourself more than ever for thinking it would be a good idea to just ‘take a walk’ at this time of night.

‘San Marco’s is just a twenty minute walk,’ the owner of your hostel had easily said, ‘just turn right as soon as you head out, cross a bridge and follow the signs.’

It had taken you an hour to figure out that the dark alleyways were actually streets, and there were so many small streets in Vienna that the map he gave you missed the majority of them out. When you finally got to the square, it was fairly dark already but there were still a fair number of tourists and locals alike wandering the area.

You walked along the pier for a while before deciding to double back.

I’ll take a different route back, you had bravely decided, clearly ignoring the fact that you had absolutely no sense of direction.

You’ve already been wandering around for the last hour, completely lost and starting to think you’ll never make your way back to the hostel. Even though it seemed fairly safe, you just wanted a decent night’s sleep. You stood under the dim street lamp, unashamedly with your nose stuck to the giant map in your hand.

You had tentatively asked for directions from a few people, but they always seemed to say the same thing with such ease, ‘Cross the bridge and then – ’

You caught a figure in the corner of your eye. He was wearing a black cap and a black facemask, a large hoodie and some torn jeans. He had his hands in his pockets as he slowly walked towards you.

Should you ask? You hesitated. No matter what, it was a stranger in the middle of the night. You glanced at the map and the time blinking 10.39 pm in a foreign country. You looked at him carefully again, he walked with his eyes occasionally pointed up at the sky, as if it soak in all the sights before him.

Deciding he seemed harmless, you cleared your throat gently a few times before waving a hand slowly, ‘Excuse me,’ you croaked out. Alarmed at your weak voice and his lack of reaction, you tried again in a stronger tone, ‘Excuse me!’

Namjoon looked down, jolting a little to suddenly see a stranger looking at him. Your mouth was moving but he couldn’t hear what you were saying. He decided to make an educated guess as you seemed to be waiting for some sort of reply, blindly stuttering as he hung his earphones around his neck.

‘Uh, sorry, no photos.’ He said automatically. Had he been recognised already?

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▏If You're Watching ... ▏Taehyung ▏✸

Request: hi! :) Happy birthday! :) thanks for opening the box even on your special day. :) can you please write a BTS scenario where Taehyung (V) is on tv and they interview him about his ideal type and he says his ideal type is me? thanks! :)

Comments: Whether you noticed or not, I’m kinda supposed to be on hiatus because I have school work to get done. Buuttt, who am I to not post BTS scenarios on the day of their comeback? Psshhh, screw hiatus, enjoy this Taehyung scenario~ :P

         “Hana!” you screeched, grabbing the remote from your younger sister just as soon as she snatched it from you. “I’m trying to watch the drama!”

         “Bangtan’s interview is going to air in ten minutes!” she whined, putting up a fight for the remote. “You and I both know you want to watch that as much as I do. So, let go!”

         As much as you wanted to see the rest of the drama, you had to admit that what she said was true. Not only were you a huge fan of Bangtan, but you had also gotten the chance to meet the members backstage numerous times at music shows, and your relationship with all of them was slowly growing.

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Two Drinks In

Prompted by onceuponaluke with “i’m at my ex’s wedding and i’m miserable idk why i came but i did and it was a bad idea so i’m dwelling at the bar in my sorrows planning on getting very drunk and u are the really good looking bartender that i end up talking to and you are really nice and it turns out the wedding wasn’t that bad after all considering once it was over you were driving me home”

Clarke was two drinks in when the bartender came back from his break, eyeing her sitting behind the bar with a raised eyebrow and a slow-stretching smirk. No one else was sitting around the bar, most of the guests out on the dance floor, and that left the two of them staring at each other, Clarke suddenly having no way of escape. Though, where she would want to escape to in the first place she couldn’t really tell you.

“What are you doing behind the bar?”

Clarke shrugged. “The bartender left and I needed to get drunk. Don’t worry, I’ve been filling in for you the whole time.”

“I’m sure you’re a great bartender,” he replied sarcastically, leaning himself against the bar after bringing himself a few steps closer.

“I tended bar during college,” she responded, narrowing her eyes.

He raised his arms up as if in surrender, the smirk never leaving his face. Clarke eyed him appreciatively, noticing the bulge of his arms underneath his collared shirt and the way his hair seemed to fly uninhibited even though he had clearly tried to tame it back. A laugh floated from the dance floor over to Clarke’s ears, clear and recognizable, and she reached for the nearest bottle of alcohol and chugged.

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Ok imma poop on the whole “sick Cloud feels” party a little..

Like I dunno.. I think Cloud was always kinda on the skinny, pale, not so strong looking side? And it didn’t bother anyone beside some fanboys who thought he was some buff dude with stubble.. So I dun think people are complaining about him being skinny really..

Also no one complained about his design when the first trailer came out. And why? cause it looked good. His arms looked good, his hair looked good. It all kinda fit nicely together, even though he still clearly had a very slender physique. 

The design in this trailer looks bad. His hair looks ridiculous, his body is kinda disproportioned, they gave him this weird muscle definition on those skinny arms (which is what makes em look weird, not the skinny part, but the muscle) like he looks like an 11 year old kid on steroids. 

And everyone can see it looks bad but for some reason some chose to explain it as intentional.. which makes no sense.

Actually you know what Cloud’s new design looks like, like this:

A draft, an unfinished scene that still needs work done on.

Now I’m guessing if everyone saw this scene before AC came out, everyone would go “Why the hell Cloud looks like shit??” and then you’d have people go “How dare?! ofcourse he looks like shit! he’s got PTSD!!  and his arms are so skinny cuz of geostigma!! And his face is swollen from all the crying, cuz he’s suuufeeering" and everyone would cry and write sad fics, cause this is what I feel like is going on right now pretty much… 

BUT, as we see in AC, he’s got PTSD and a deadly disease and he still manages to look hella fine in every single shot and make all the fangirls drool..(and I think people underestimate how much of SE’s goal that actually is..)

And they definitely had the graphics to portray how bad Cloud feels in his appearance back then…

And if they wanted to portray Cloud’s body in a more realistic way, true to what he’s been through, then he wouldn’t have any muscle definition at all! And probably had a small gut too. Cause being stuck in a tube for 4 years without moving doesn’t give you this kind of dense “I’ve been doing martial arts since I was 3″ muscles. And I think even with mako magics you gotta actually move to build muscle? And unlike society, the body values fat more than muscle. So muscle tissue is usually the first to go. Not fat.

Cloud should have no muscle mass and be kinda flabby.. So yeah saying he should be skinny cause he was stuck in a tube for a few years and then catatonic for another year, doesn’t makes sense. Yeah he should be skinny but definitely not muscular. (Unless he built it all with mako and Jenova magics during the short time before they blow up the first reactor..)

Besides he looks pretty ok when he gets out, and we all know Zack never lost his hot SOLDIER body after Nibelheim, even if he clearly does suffer from muscle atrophy.. But like he’s Zack.. his hotness defies logic and laws of nature and everything..

Anyway I think that just kinda shows you what SE really cares about.. So I think accurately portraying his physical and mental state wasn’t their intention.. (and if it was, it was still badly done.)

And if anything, Cloud shouldn’t look so freaking weak and fake SOLDIER like at the start of FFVII… Like he had some time to recover, he doesn’t remember any of the shit that happened to him..

And when Cloud is introduced we are supposed to think he’s some super-soldier hot-shot special-snowflake hero, like all rpg protagonists are, he thinks he’s all this and that, and we think he’s all this and that, and then gradually during the game we all kinda go “wait something is very off about this “hero”” until the big lifestream revelation when we gasp in shock like “omfg he was just a Shinra trooper loser all along!”

It kinda ruins the surprise and the whole nice “typical hero” deconstruction SE had going on there there when he actually looks like a loser and a fake SOLDIER from the very beginning…

And I mean look at SOLDIER. These guys are beasts! (Genesis not included) Like I mean Cloud’s already gonna have a hard time passing for a first class, since they were all kinda famous. But why the hell would anyone think Cloud is a first class SOLDIER or even ever was in SOLDIER if he doesn’t even look fit? Why would Barret waste his money on someone who looks like he just crawled out of a grave and is about to go back any second? Is that the reason he’s wearing shades underground? So he won’t see that Cloud is pulling his leg there with his ex SOLDIER act?

I mean not even Cloud gonna believe it when he looks at himself in the mirror and sees how awful he looks and be like “omfg wth happened to me? I look like I’ve been stuck in a tube for 5 years.. “ *war flashbacks* *end of game*

Like I dunno, since FFVII been around for almost 20 years and alot of people were introduced to it through AC or CC, everyone already know Cloud is full of shit so SE was like “yeah we can’t fool them lets just make Cloud look like the loser he really is…”

But I doubt it..

Cloud probably just looks bad because this is just an early half assed model and SE didn’t even start actually working on his design. And btw Barret’s shades might mean the same. ( Like you know when you can’t be bothered to draw the hands so you put em in the pockets…)

I dunno the CGI scenes in this trailer look ps2 not ps4.. They can and probably will do better.

And I mean I’m not a big fan of how SE tries to make Cloud the prettiest of all the pretty boys with every rendering of his design.. But really, there’s no way in hell they gonna make Cloud unattractive and not cool looking. No way.

As nice as it would be for the people who already know Cloud and his story to see these kind of things like Cloud looking bad and kinda sick, there gonna be hella alot of people introduced to FFVII with this game. And I think SE really dun have the guts to go with an unattractive protagonist. I wish they did, but I highly doubt they will. Besides the Final Fantasy pretty boys and girls are pretty much the trademark of these series by now. Dun get me wrong I’d love to see them change that with FFVII and kinda give it a darker more realistic tone, I just don’t think it’s gonna happen. Like atleast not in the way people think they did in this trailer anyway.

And besides, Cloud is a good looking guy! He’s supposed to be a good looking guy, since pretty much every female in the game has a crush on him. And you know his looks are probably the only thing working for him cause he’s either a dickhead or uses Zack’s dumb pick up lines.

haha jk, everyone knows girls like Cloud only out of pity. (word of god, can’t argue.)

Anyway, Cloud is probably gonna be prettied up and his hair and arms are gonna be fixed. And the fact he looks like shit probably only means SE got like 000000.01 of the remake done. 

I think I’ve figured out why I ship Lucaya - aside from the obvious chemistry and cute banter. 

So I’m a hardcore Maya stan, and she is by far the most important thing on the show to me. Maya is generally a pretty confident person. She’s not insecure at all. But she does have a relatively low sense of self-worth, and she does consider herself to be broken. Her mother is a total sweetheart, but is absent, and of course her father left years ago. So the only people she has who are telling her that she’s talented and beautiful and good, the only people reminding her of her potential, are Riley and Corpanga (and Shawn, when he’s around). But at this point, they’re like a family to her, and even though she’s immensely grateful and all, them telling her that she’s talented and wonderful and all of that kind of feels like something a family member would say - as if they’re saying it just because they want her to feel good about herself. 

(of course, she values Riley’s opinions more than anyone else’s, but she kind of expects Riley to support her and compliment her at this point.)

When Shawn showed up, and he was exactly like her, he was what Maya wanted in a father. She was desperate for his approval because he felt like a father. And when she got it, their relationship became immensely important to her. 

Now let’s talk about Lucas. At the beginning, Maya obviously sees him as being very good and very prince charming-ish, which is probably the reason that she’s been pushing him and Riley together since episode one (her girl deserves the perfect prince, doesn’t she?). Of course, he was attractive, but he couldn’t have been for her when he and Riley were so obviously perfect for each other. So they banter and she calls him names and he lets her, of course he lets her, because she was the first of the girls that he saw and she was tiny and gorgeous and full of fire (and it was never really Riley he liked to begin with, it was just that it seemed like he should like her). If Riley hadn’t been a complication, if it had just been Lucas and Maya, they probably would’ve gone out sometime mid season one. 

Things change when Maya discovers that Lucas was kicked out of his old school. They change again when she sees him get really, really angry. Suddenly, he’s not mr. perfect, destined to ride off into the sunset with Riley. He’s just a cute boy with a really nice torso and serious anger issues. He has flaws too. Suddenly, he seems to be something attainable for Maya (subconsciously, of course), because he’s no longer perfect and he’s more like Maya than she previously thought. Even though she may not have realized it, when the first part of Lucas’ secret came out in Secret of Life, it kind of knocked down an internal barrier that Maya had set up between them. 

And things change for the third time in Creativity, when he tells her that she’s talented and he wants her to be happy - and when she discovers that he thinks she’s beautiful. Because suddenly, the kind of affirmation and approval that she’s previously only gotten from the Matthews family (and briefly, Shawn) is coming from a very different and very unexpected source. Maya isn’t insecure, but she doesn’t tend to think that people will care about her. And when Lucas basically told her that he did, it shocked her. 

Basically what I’m saying is that Lucas makes Maya feel valued in a different way than Riley does because Riley is basically Maya’s other half, while Lucas still feels like something fully outside of Maya. Lucas makes her feel beautiful. He makes her feel like she’s worth something. His compliments feel like they can’t be anything but genuine. And that is why I ship them.