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YOI - Barcelona

I know this has been done before, but I wanted to do it too. So here’s my pilgrimage to Barcelona. The trip was not without its hiccups, as you will see, but for the most part, I think I covered the hot spots: 

1. The hotel. By now, I think we all know which hotel they stayed at. Let’s start at the top. The pool had nice views at night, but was very cold.❄️☃️ I can only imagine what it was like in December. What were Viktor and Chris thinking???

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Saved By Vodka

How long has it been oh my lanta. 

I’m trying to catch up on some requests rn so here’s one I’ve recently finished. Again, I got carried away haha, but nonetheless I hope you enjoy. 

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Saved by Vodka 

(Pietro Cutie Tipsy NOT DEAD Maximoff x Cutie Angel Pie Reader) 

It was a quiet day at the tower. Yes, the windows were shattered and the floor as still littered with broken glass and fallen debris, but it was nothing but quiet. Y/N’s brother and his super-friends were out of town and she had the lab all to herself. Don’t get her wrong, she was worried about the battle in Sokovia, and was pretty pissed off at Tony for having created a megabot that wanted to destroy all mankind for this new “perfect” generation to reign, but she was requested by Tony and the rest of the team to stay put in the tower and wait until they got back. They made it pretty clear that she was much more useful here than there. So she obliged- she had her music plugged in, the speakers up in full blast as she worked on some apology notes and checks to the towns and cities the Avengers have recently destroyed. She was very known to the UN by her charm and her notes and donations were always greatly appreciated.

Her music was cut by a phone call… from Pepper.

“Oh shit,” she mumbled before answering the call and shutting her eyes, bracing herself just as Tony should be, “Hi, Pepper,”

“Y/N, where in hell is your brother?!” She screamed on the other end of the line. Y/N winced at her tone, proceeding with her work. Her voice came out casual but at the same time strained, as if she didn’t want to have the conversation, which is most definitely true, “He’s at Sokovia-,”

“Sokovia? Where’s Sokovia?!”

“Eastern Europe, if I’m right.”

“What? Did he really create that murder bot?! Patch me through to him, now!”

“Sorry, Pepper,” Y/N sighed, sliding her chair from one end of the room to another to retrieve her juice box, “I can’t,”

“What do you mean you can’t?”

“Pretty busy right now,”

“Ask Jarvis!”

“Jarvis isn’t available right now either.”

In the background from Pepper’s end of the phone call, the sound of the screams on television alerted Y/N that she was watching the news… which is probably what she should be doing too… “What’s that purple thing?!”

“That’s Vision,” Y/N informed her calmly, “Jarvis is kinda in him.”

“There’s another murder bot?!”

“Not really, he’s kind of the good guy… which Tony also kind of created.”

“Oh my-” Pepper’s volume was lowered just as she began her rant as another voice joined in on their conversation. “Hey, Y/N,”

“Hey, Tony,”

“Tony fucking Stark!” Pepper exclaimed and Tony’s face visibly scrunched up into a cringe, “Hey, honey, how’s Canada?”

“Don’t you how’s Canada me! I leave you alone for two minutes and-”

“Baby, look, I love you, okay? But we have a life on the line and I really have to go. Talk to you later, I’ll send you flowers, I miss you, I love you. Bye,” Tony ended her call from his suit and went back to talking with his sister. He quickly turned to her and glared, “Did you tell on me?”

Y/N shook her head, “Nope. What’s the sitch?”

“We have a fallen soldier. Need you to get to the medical bay ASAP. Don’t worry about the doors. I’ll be there with Helen and the body in ten.”

“The body?”

“Bye, Y/N, I love you, I miss you, I’ll send you flowers!” Tony smirked and hung up, leaving Y/N a confused heap.


Y/N watched as her brother walked on the launchpad, a jet following after him. He phased out of his armor and brought his sister into his arms for a hug. They acted so casual, as if there wasn’t just a worldwide threat going after their asses. The thing was, Y/N had been born into this life. Their father worked for SHIELD, so she knew the risks of losing a family member. She’s been more of a homebody- always tinkering in the labs and, more recently, the medical bay. Ever since she found out about her abilities, she’d spent more of her time in the clinic, helping out with injuries within the team.

Y/N had the power to heal any type of injury, although she hasn’t really explored them all that much. Only Tony knew about what she could do- she’d almost told Bruce once but she had second thoughts… So up until now, she was an inexperienced healer.

“I need you to revive a body,” Tony deadpanned, walking with her to the clinic.

“A body?! Like a-a dead body?!”

“His heart just stopped beating six minutes ago, there’s still time,” Tony shrugged and pushed her into the clinic where some agents had already carried a body in. She gaped at the dead man on the table and looked at Tony, “I can’t do this,”

“Yes, you can,” Tony said, his voice lowering, turning serious. “Look, this guy saved Clint’s and a kid’s life. He’s a good kid… And he has a sister.”

“Tony… I don’t…”

“I just thought that, if I’d lost you and I knew something could be done,” Tony frowned. He cared about his sister dearly, having been the only family left in his life, “I could never live with myself.” Tony put his hands on her shoulders and gave her an almost pleading look, “I know you can do this,”

That was enough to get her up and going, doing everything she could to fix up the dead man on her table. First, she healed his wounds, speeding up the process of the regeneration cradle, next she fixed all the internal bleeding, and then she started him up. She placed both her hands on his chest and took a deep breath. Tony was in the corner, watching out for her, ready to help her if it got too much for her to handle. Helen and a few more nurses who were in the room were asked to step aside as Y/N used her abilities. It was a sight to see for them- a “medical phenomenon”, Helen had muttered under her breath.

Y/N’s hands began to glow a misty gold as she gave everything in her to get his heart beating again. She felt the energy in her slowly starting to drain out. She didn’t notice Tony’s hands holding her upright.

“Okay, I think that’s enough,” Tony told her, yet doing nothing to pull her away. He knew better than that. Y/N shook her head, glancing at the heart monitor

“No, I almost got it,” Y/N slurred. Her vision getting increasingly blurry as she tried to focus on the man’s- Pietro’s- paling face. She’s never done anything to this extent with her powers before. It was draining her.

“Y/N! I said that’s enough!”

“Shh, Tony,” Y/N mumbled, exerting everything into the situation at hand until there was a beep and then there was a gasp and then there was nothing.


Y/N opened her eyes to her brother towering over her. She was on the couch, in the living room, surrounded by the Avengers. From the looks of it, they’d been watching the whole fiasco in the clinic and they wanted answers.

“Hey, Superstar,” Tony smiled once Y/N came to, “How you feeling?”

“Drained,” Y/N rasped, “Thirsty. Hot.”

“Got iced tea, extra ice and, um…” Steve frowned, looking into the glass he’d been holding, “No tea.”

“Water. Iced water.” Tony rolled his eyes and grabbed the glass from Steve to give to Y/N. With a little chuckle, she accepted the glass and sat upright. It was then that she noticed the new girl who was standing beside Clint by her feet.

The girl introduced herself as soon as she noticed Y/N’s attention had been directed to her, “Hello… I am Wanda Maximoff.”

“Hey,” she replied, reaching out to shake the girl’s hand. Wanda took a quick glance at Tony hesitantly before she looked back at Y/N, “You saved my brother. Thank you.”

Y/N let out a sigh of relief. So he was okay… so she did it.

“It’s not a problem,” she said and gave the dead man’s sister a soft smile. “I’m happy to help.”

“I was wrong about you, Mister Stark,” Wanda confessed, “Ever since I saw your name on the shell that killed my parents, I had thought you were the evilest thing the world could conjure up.”

Tony let out a puff.

“I thought that ending you would make things easier, save more lives; rid the world of such animosity… but I was wrong. I had never thought you and your family would bring me back my only family left. For this, Mister Stark, I humble myself. I’m deeply sorry for misjudging you.” At this, Tony smiled, and reached forward to shake Wanda’s hand.

“If it’s any consolation,” he said, looking around him, “It looks like you’ve gotten more than you’ve bargained for.”

Just as Wanda was to ask what he meant by that, Clint already had an arm around her, “Welcome to the family, kiddo! We have Taco Tuesdays and the rest we either get Chinese or pizza.”

It was no surprise that Tony threw a party a few weeks after that. In the span of that time, Y/N had only seen Pietro twice, only because she’d been busy going around to pay for things Tony broke. She has bonded with Wanda a few times though, when they would go out to shop for clothes.

That night would be the third time she would encounter Pietro.

She was sitting on the bar, having her third drink and chatting with Steve when Pietro saw her from across the room. Just as the other times he’d seen her, he felt a tug in his heart that made him want to get closer to her. Oh how he wanted to just talk to her, to be able to spend some time with her and show her how grateful he is to her for bringing him back.

“Party, drink, nice outfit,” Tony listed as he approached Pietro, eyeing him closely, “Eyes on my sister- something is bubbling in that little white skull of yours and I don’t think I like it.”

Pietro didn’t drop his gaze, “Hush, old man, I am thinking.”

Tony groaned, “If it’s about Y/N, I want you to stop.”

“How did you…”

“I already have Steve to worry about.” Tony explained. Upon realizing this, he chugs down his drink in distress. When he resurfaced to tell Pietro off about his little crush, the asshat was already gone. Tony looked around and then at his glass, “I need a bigger glass.”


“No way, so you’re telling me the boats were too heavy?” Y/N laughed at Steve’s story. He nodded and raised his drink in confirmation, “No one really understood what the beeping noise was all about until we all got off.”

Y/N laughed, “That’s amazing,”

“Yeah, well, it would have been much better if you were there.” Steve smiled, looking at her almost a little too flirtatiously, “Things are always better when you’re around.”

Y/N’s face flushed as she looked down to take a sip of her drink, “That’s so sweet of you, Steve.” Steve was a nice man, with an extremely amazing heart of gold. The world could only dream of having someone as amazing as he was, yet although he shows her a certain amount of interest- and she appreciates it- she doesn’t think she’s just the right person for him.

“Captain, hello.” Wanda suddenly was beside them. She gave Y/N a smile and addressed her before she gave Steve her attention once more, “Would you like to dance?”

Steve gave her a kind smile and accepted. Y/N laughed as she watched the two fumble around like idiots to the beat of the music, questioning herself whether or not she thinks any of these two can dance.

“Your laugh is just as beautiful as you are, draga,” a voice said from behind the counter. She turned to see Pietro pouring himself a drink of vodka. She clicked her tongue, “That’s a strong drink, Pietro,”

Pietro chuckled, “I think it is what I need right now.”

Y/N twisted in the swiveling chair she was sitting in to face Pietro who raised a glass of champagne. She allowed him to pour some more in her glass. Pietro took a moment to just stare at her, to just look into her eyes before she pulled her gaze away from him. Y/N couldn’t deny this connection she had to the dead man. As if after the day she’d healed him, all she wanted to do was be by his side. Although time and life said no, she’s now with him, right now, and maybe, just maybe, life was saying yes.

“Beautiful,” Pietro breathed once more, taking a large gulp of his vodka. She blushed and took a big gulp of her drink as well. She knew of Pietro’s reputation of being a flirt, but that didn’t exactly make her immune to it.

“You clean up pretty nice too,” she told him, gesturing to his button down shirt and slacks. “True bachelor get up,”

Pietro chuckled, “I try,” and again, another sip. He was getting tired of just drinking it all away. He needed to say it now, get it out his system. He promised himself he’d take it well, if she doesn’t feel the same, it would be no problem. It would suck, but he won’t make a fuss about it.

“Y/N,” he finally started, sounding a bit distressed as he did. He was caught off guard by her eyes on him. “I- I… Ever since you saved me that day, I have had this feeling…”

Y/N’s breath hitched. Pietro made no comment to that but proceeded to what he was saying, “That I wanted to just be with you. Be close to you, physically and e-emotionally, you know? And because of that, it has fueled me to get to know you more. From our brief encounters in the past, as quick as they were, I’ve… fallen… to,” Pietro cleared his throat, “to… like you a certain amount. A very big amount, actually,” he chuckled. Y/N giggled at his nervous tone, masking the fact that her heart was beating as fast as the man in front of her could run.

“With that,” he cleared his throat again, eyeing the drink in his hand, “I was wondering if you would allow me to better get to know you, so I may, finally admit to you how much… I do, truly…” He looked up at her, “Love you.” as soon as the words left his mouth, his one hand reached for the bottle of vodka to his left and took a big swig out of it. Oh how he loved the drink so much more now than he ever did in his life.

Y/N found this cute, and as he was speaking, she had already mulled over the fact that she too may share the same feelings he has for her. She had realized that she hadn’t said anything for about a minute which made Pietro very, very anxious.

Y/N glanced around, spotting Steve already by the pool table and Tony entertaining Pepper (whe was still fairly angry). She then gave Pietro a warm smile, “You want to get out of here?”

In a second, the two were already walking down the sidewalk outside the building. “I’ve always wanted to try that Shake Shack everyone has been talking about.”

“We have the whole night ahead of us,” Y/N told him. “Let’s have some fun.”

“I have approximately a full bottle of Vodka in me,” Pietro grinned, “I think fun I can guarantee.”

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Moar Fics by me (with love)

The Broken Family (addict!sister!reader x sherlock x mycroft)

A/N: Hey, so here it is! New fanfic! What? The request did say ’need the angst’ so here it is, also I’m a bit sorry for making Sherlock be such a dick in this, also Mycroft is a bit not good and reader as well. Greg on the other hand is love. Tell me if you need a sequel, if you’d want to see where reader goes, or request how it should end. Hopefully this doesn’t suck. I worked hard on this one, made three different stories, but this turned out as the winner.

Request: Hey, can I request something? Could you please write a Sherlock x addict reader to turn the tables? I love sister!Reader inserts because Sherlock is usually less empathic with his siblings but it could be a friend!reader or whatever pops in your mind, I just NEED the angst, haha! Thanks in advance!

Warnings: Lots of angst and drugs, emotionally incapable to manage family drama Holmes’, even the reader.

The call Greg Lestrade had received brought havoc to the Scotland Yard. The detective inspector had not seen his men this active in months and a simple phone call had got all his subordinates on their toes and anxious. The said inspector had tried to find a drug den, the very heart of British paradise for drug addicts, but failed countless of times. This lead they had got though sounded very promising and matched to so many conclusions and other clues the Yard already had so Lestrade had no option but to check the place. He also wanted to see by his own eyes and be the one to finish this case if it was what they were looking for.

Lestrade arrived with numerous police cars as escort to an abandoned building. The sirens had been muted so the cops had an opportunity for an ambush, to catch as many druggies as possible and hopefully a dealer or two. That of course was mostly wishful thinking, but you never knew who would be in there. And that made the cases interesting, risky but very addicting to someone like Greg Lestrade who was desperate to solving cases. He already got questioned by almost everyone when he asked for a consulting detective’s help, that was he capable of doing his job, which he was, but to prove it to his colleagues constantly got to his nerves. This was the moment to shine.

The inspector went in with the first row of men, gun at hand, alert for what would be to come to him. He went up stairs with a quick pace, his men right behind him. He could hear his heart beat rise, so familiar and pleasing feeling of adrenaline pumping through his veins as he approached a wide messy room. The floor was filled with empty needles, plastic wraps and joints, companied with dirty clothes and mattresses. On those mattresses there were about seven young people, dozing off, hidden under their blankets, and hopefully all alive. It got depressing in matter of seconds when there would be a deceased kid’s body under the covers and to contact the parents was always something that took a high amount of pleasure points off of the accomplished case.

Lestrade howled the youngsters awake, lowered his gun, seeing the state they were in and informing his men to keep on searching from the other rooms. He waited until all the seven people got up, struggling to their feet, wobbling towards the door. An ambulance had been brought with the police cars as well and was ready to use. The nurses were ready to check on the zombified youngsters as they had been informed how many of them there were. Lestrade could be proud of himself now and he felt rather jolly, the emotion almost already reaching his face that he tried to contain to seem professional when his eyes landed on a figure, a familiar one that ran his blood cold.

”Oh, for the love of god.” He sighed, half grunted and knew this would make things much worse.

You were unaware of what was going on. You had no idea what had happened in the world that surrounded you, but then again how could you? You had shut out everything, creating this bubble that kept you in until all you had taken wore off and just then could you see the damage you caused. That of course happened much later from now, but you started to get the hang of it when you woke up to hear someone yelling the loud booming of the voice only became clearer as you came around. You were slightly dizzy, like half asleep but still aware of the surroundings, your eyes droopy and eye sight blurry, but your ears worked well enough for you to figure out what was to happen.

Your ears picked up with the shouting that became clearer and clearer, the loud mumble turning to muffled words and then loud muttering, until you were able to make out words. The first thing you were able to make out was your name, and the sound started getting closer. Your eyes couldn’t fix on the figure approaching you, but the blurry figure was something too familiar to you. The voice calling you cleared as well and you became certain who it belonged to.

When your eyesight came back to normal they met the inspector’s worried but angered eyes and you waved awkwardly back at him, a tired smile on your lips as you innocently greeted the man.

”(Y/n) Holmes.” Greg muttered in defeat. He had been a little doubtful that it really was you, since your hair was messy and your clothes nothing like the regular ones you wore. The high quality clothes that you dressed in, very Holmes kind of style, compared to the sweat pants and a big covering hoodie made you look unfamiliar, to you as well.

Greg was now just beside you, his hands on your shoulders, but they left your body just when you had started to feel them on you and he swirled around in frustration and then called for his men. This case would not see the headlines. and he took his phone out. Lestrade made a call that didn’t much please you. He knew he needed some help with hiding this said case from seeing the daylight and then there was you, then again it was only for you he had to do this in the first place. To your misfortune and fortune he ended up calling Mycroft.

You didn’t get much along with Sherlock. You didn’t know why, was it because he was as troubled as you, or that he was so concerned with his own life he couldn’t bother himself by adding you to it, not to mention even bothering to ask how you were doing which he did with Mycroft. Then there was Mycroft who seemed like he didn’t care about anyone, but it wasn’t true. He had always been the one behind the family, concerned of all of you being torn apart and getting separated. He held it together. Or tried to at least. That of course could be one of the reasons Sherlock couldn’t stand you. You got along with Mycroft so well and maybe Sherlock just wasn’t up for the task as to earn your trust? It didn’t matter though, you were old enough to make your own decisions and you had got this far without Sherlock’s care. You could do so for the rest of your life as well.

”I thought it’s better you clean this mess up and do me a favor, yeah? Try to get some sense in this ones head.” Greg glared at you. You had sat down at the end of the stairs right opposite the front door that had been pulled open. You had managed to get down stairs with Greg’s help and the house had been cleared from all the other users, only leaving you with Lestrade inside. The bright daylight cast it’s golden light on the floor in front of you and barely reaching the tip of your shoes. You kept your eyes on the floor for now, resembling of a misbehaved child while their guardian was figuring how to punish you.

”Is that really a good idea?” Greg worriedly furrowed his brows. This alarmed you. For a second you thought of running. If Mycroft would be to sent you to rehab, or worse, tell your parents about what you’ve been up to you would rather die. As panic reached your features Greg raised his hand in a supporting and calming gesture, signaling everything was alright. ”Okay, what ever you see fit.” Greg said back to Mycroft in a rush, clearly Mycroft had started threatening the inspector and Greg went to assure your older brother that there would be no need for that. He would let Mycroft deal with all this his way, not stopping him even by stating his own opinion.

Finally ending the call that felt like it had lasted for an hour, Lestrade approached you and took a stand a meter in between the two of you, he looked down for a second, his shadow that was cast upon the daylight reached your knees, then tried to reach your eye contact which you avoided with all cost. He let out a sigh, his hands stuffed in his pockets. ”You okay?” He decided to be gentle and even a bit understanding when he approached you, but you couldn’t actually say you were thankful of it. You really didn’t care what Greg said or thought. You were going to hear a lecture sooner or later anyways so there was no need for him to give you his sympathy if there were any in a sincere way.

”Well this wasn’t my first time if that’s what you’re asking.” You remarked and eyed the wall with narrowed eyes.

”Did your brothers even know about this?” Lestrade dismissed your comment, but you knew it made him think. Of course this would affect him in a distant way. He knew almost your whole family and their secrets and now would be to ad yours to top all your brothers. Most likely not so pleasant but he was just being human and doing his job.

You didn’t say anything for a minute. Your expression softened slightly, turning to sadness, but not leaving the wall you tried to find interesting. The dark wallpaper, almost molded green color, just brought even more negative thoughts to your mind and you couldn’t help but ask, ”What’d he say?”

Lestrade shifted uncomfortably and looked away. You turned to look at him, to question him what could be so bad, but your eyes wondered to the door way, over Greg’s shoulder and you saw a tall, lean figure making it’s way to the door. The sunlight blurred the vision for a good while, until the man was right at the door, his raged expression showing. You could feel your body being forced upwards and your scowl was replaced with panic, sadness and hurt. You wanted to flee from your spot right now, hoping for Mycroft to follow behind your other brother, but knew you would need to settle for Sherlock.

”You have any idea what you have done?” Sherlock fumed, his body swaying as he walked fast next to Lestrade. ”I have other problems to tend to and you decide to do this now?” You flinched at Sherlock’s hard words, your head had started aching just now, or you had just realized it, and your whole composure screamed how vulnerable you were as you lowered your head and brought your shoulders closer to each other.

”I was this close solving an important case when I get a call from Mycroft about your little misbehavior.” Sherlock had never looked so scary and angry, not when it was pointed to you and you couldn’t even do anything to protect yourself. You could barely stand on your own feet. It was overwhelming and even if you had never been in good terms with Sherlock he had never been this aggressive towards you and it only made you distance yourself further from him in a psychical level.

”What if you’d calm down a little?” Lestrade suggested but his eyes never left yours. He had seen your state and knew you were about to break. He could read you well, even if you had heard how much Sherlock looked down on him you knew Greg wasn’t stupid. He at least could sense your fear and unstable status unlike Sherlock.

Sherlock turned his head to the inspector in a sharp swish, glaring at the man and hissed, ”What are you even doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be out there, hurrying your men out of here while I have to clean this mess?” And with that Lestrade decided it was better to just scattle and not start an argument. He nodded towards you and left.

”Why didn’t Mycroft come?” You finally dared to talk back, not sure was it a good idea but did it anyway.

”He’s far too busy for this nonsense.” Sherlock rolled his eyes. ”Something of me giving you a big scare to wake you up.” He muttered.

”Why did you even come?” You whispered mostly to yourself. Your hands were balled in fists and your head hang low. You knew you were close to the breaking point and couldn’t keep yourself together any longer.

”You think he gave me a choice?” Sherlock mocked. ”I know you and Mycroft are best friends, but you do still have some sense in you, at least I hope you do. If he wants something to happen he will make sure it does.”

”You’re Sherlock Holmes, you could’ve found a way around it! You’ve avoided responsibility before so don’t blame me for being here! I’m sure Mycroft is just pissed that he has to deal with all the shit we cause to the family. And all the crap you make him go through.” You muttered the last part and crossed your arms. You didn’t care if you were now acting childish, Sherlock wouldn’t scold you for that unlike Mycroft and you were counting on it.

”I am causing trouble?” Sherlock snapped back.

”Yes, you!” You groaned.

Sherlock chuckled sarcastically and smiled doubtingly. ”I’m not the one with needle marks bruising my skin.”

”Not now.” You corrected. You looked at your brother, both of you glaring at each other like two kids having a stare contest. ”Isn’t this all too familiar to you?” You asked and tried to get him to see the situation how it was and how it all had happened before, but not this way.

”Hey, looks like we aren’t that different after all! We could even get high together some time! You probably know and even make better shit that I have ever dreamed of!” Shock took over Sherlock. You had just hit him under the belt but there was no going back now. You had witnessed Sherlock playing before and you would do the same. You could hurt him there where he hurt others by stating the obvious.

He looked back at you, eyes wide and puzzled by your sudden rage. ”I guess Mycroft sent you so you could see what he had to deal with when you were using. Oh how the tables turn.” You sassed and tried to keep the tears in. You tried to hide the pain with your sass and hurtful comments, but you had been through an awful night and it had started to come down on you. ”I hope Mycroft had come instead of you. If he cares about your wellbeing and comes for you when you need him, why didn’t he come for me?” You sobbed.

You looked down, unable to keep the tears away that now rolled down your cheeks and dropped to the floor. ”You both are so stupid.” You cried out with a soft and silent voice. ”You say Mycroft is my best friend, but what kind of friend sends someone as cruel and inhuman person to comfort the other, huh?” You could hear Sherlock take a step closer to you, but you backed away, he called your name softly. ”No!” You snapped. ”Leave me alone! I don’t ever want to see you or Mycroft! Ever again!” And with that you dashed out, past Sherlock and disappeared to the near woods.


Characters: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst, fluffy ending

When you catch your boyfriend Minsoo cheating on you one night, you find yourself in front of Jimin’s apartment door. But what you don’t know is Jimin has long awaited the day you and your boyfriend went your separate ways.

Originally posted by bwipsul

    Tears blurred your vision as the image of your now ex-boyfriend andsome tramp together at a bar haunted your mind. He had said he was out with his friends. You had gone for a quick trip to the store after he left, seeing as you were out of milk. Since your apartment was right in downtown, the store was within walking distance, so you headed out into the dark city streets. On your way back home, a bar on the side of the street had music echoing through from the glossy windows, the yells of intoxicated men and women flying through the air. You made your way past it hurriedly, but not before sparing a glance through the window to the inside.

    The carton of milk fell to the sidewalk at the sight before your eyes. There stood your boyfriend, standing by the edge of the crappy, worn down pool table, with a leggy, model-tan girl who couldn’t have been much older than you wrapped around his figure. She had an arm around his side, her gaze pointed straight at his face. You watched the scene unfold before you, frozen, hoping he would push her away, or at least show some sort of resistance. But that was not the case. A conniving smirk played on her lips as she seductively scooted herself onto the edge of the pool table, the other players letting out a complaint. But your boyfriend didn’t say anything, nor do anything in protest. He simply smirked back at her, his gaze wandering a little too far south than her face. Your feet stood still where they were on the sidewalk. It felt like all the blood in your body had drained out, your limbs no longer able to move. Not two hours ago the very same man had given you a kiss on the cheek, looking at you lovingly before leaving. You wanted to puke. The milk you had dropped on the sidewalk started to leak onto the cement, a puncture in its side. You stared at it for a moment before tears started rapidly building in your eyes. You turned away from the wretched window and away from that man you used to call your boyfriend and sprinted as hard as your legs were willing to.

    Now here you were, standing against the side of a brick building in an alleyway, tall buildings reaching up to the sky on either side of you. Your hands came up to cover your face as you finally let your feelings consume you, sobbing as you started to slide to the filthy ground. You couldn’t go back to your apartment. You didn’t know when your boyfriend would come back, and even if it wasn’t for a while, you weren’t ready to face him. So you let yourself cry in peace and privacy, thankful that you were in an area where not many people travelled through at this time of night. Eventually, the distant sounds of city life started to soothe your broken emotions. Car horns, the fading noises of dogs barking and the echoes of passing cars blasting music. You let yourself sit there for a few minutes, everything starting to numb over. You knew you couldn’t stay there all night. You had to find somewhere to go other than your apartment where you would be destined to see your boyfriends face again come a few hours. And all the money you had on you when you left, you had used to spend on your abandoned milk. Staying at a hotel was out the window.

    The only other option was to stay at someone else’s place for the time being. Someone you could trust. As quickly as you thought the words, an idea came to you. Standing up shakily from the dirty alleyway, you started walking down the sidewalk.

    The glowing light from the various bright lights on the side of the apartment building shined in your eyes, causing you to squint as you made your way to the entrance. The street you were on was silent, the gentle scuffs of your sneakers on the pavement the most prominent sound. Walking slowly underneath the light, you glanced to the wall on the left, various names with room numbers next to them lining a part on the wall. You already knew where you were going. Your hand twisted the cold metal doorknob to the building, allowing you to enter. Hastily, you made your way through the lobby and up the old, scuffed wooden staircase. Floor 3, room 13. You repeated the words in your head like a mantra as you continued travelling the familiar path.

    A large set of brown numbers reading 13 stood before your face now. Hand outstretched, you moved to knock on the door. But your hand froze just inches away from the wood. You were a mess, and looked it too. Baggy sweatpants hung around your waist, an old sweatshirt thrown on your shoulders. Your hair was unkempt and wild, and you realized your face was probably red, splotchy and tear-stained from the crying you had done earlier. What in the hell will he make of this? You thought to yourself.

    Suddenly, the entirety of the night crashed through you. The feeling of complete betrayal and despair ripping through your heart. Tears started building in your eyes once again as your breath shook, your hand flattening against the door in attempt for stability as you tried desperately to contain your sobs. What had I done to deserve this? You thought in the midst of your misery. Tears ran down your face and dripped down to the floor.

    Abruptly, the door shot open in front of you, causing you to jump back in order to avoid falling on your face from leaning on it. Through your blurry vision, you looked up to see the shocked expression of the only face you were willing to see at all right now.

“Y/N?” he exclaimed in shock as he pulled the door open further, clearly not expecting to see someone outside it. You lowered your head and stared at the ground. The palm of your hand shot up to wipe away your tears defensively. “Jimin…” was all you could croak out as your foot took a step back, reevaluating the situation. Maybe this was a mistake, you thought in your sudden panic at someone seeing this much vulnerability in you.

    “I-I’m sorry, I…” your broken voice mumbled hesitantly, taking another step back. But as you took a step back, he took a step forward. You looked up to see a concerned expression etched into his face. “Y/N, what’s going on? Are you okay?” he said softly. A part of you wanted to laugh, but instead you just sighed, your breath still shaky. “I should just go.” you said finally, turning back towards the stairs. But before you took a step, you felt a hand place gently on your shoulder. “Y/N,” he said, firmer than before. “Come inside. Please.”

    An ounce of the comfort you were longing for spread welcomingly through you. You turned your head to look into Jimin’s eyes, which looked straight back into yours. His eyebrows were pulled together slightly, his eyes the warm comforting chocolate brown that you had always been familiar with. Moving your gaze back at the ground, you nodded meekly. After all, there really was nowhere else you could go. You saw him visibly relax a little before stepping aside from the doorway so you could walk in.

    Jimin’s apartment was the definition of homelike. Not in a grandmother kind of way, but everywhere that you went inside let off a vibe that shouted, safe. It was the feeling one got when they arrived back home after taking a long vacation or something of the sort. You slowly made your way in, looking around everywhere your eyes could reach to take it all in. You gladly welcomed the feelings that accompanied Jimin’s apartment. He entered behind you and carefully sat down on one side of his couch in the middle of the living room, his body turned to face the other end. You shakily lowered yourself on the other end of the couch too, facing him, just like the two of you had done countless times before. Only it was different this time. You curled your legs up underneath you. Maybe if you could make yourself small enough you could disappear altogether. Jimin’s eyes were trained on you, and you could tell he was trying to figure out what to do. You sniffled, staring at your hands. Finally, Jimin spoke up.

“Do you want some water, or anything?” he said softly. You just shook your head, knowing he wasn’t going to squeeze information out of you without you talking to him first. In a weak voice, you simply stated, “Minsoo cheated on me.”

    There was a pause of deafening silence. You looked up to see Jimin tensed, staring at a fixed point on his carpeting. Like a recurring wave, your misery came impeding on you again, having said the words aloud. The tears pooled in your eyes again, already spilling onto your sleeves and the couch below. A sob lingered dangerously in your chest, held at bay by the fact that you didn’t want to lose this much control in front of Jimin, but your resistance was futile. You started crying, your body lurching forward, wrapping your arms tightly around your knees. Through the corner of your eye, you saw Jimin snap his head up from the ground, hurt flooding into his eyes as you cried.

    “Am I not good enough?” you said in a strained voice. You felt a sudden dip in the couch as Jimin crawled over to you, his arms gently wrappingaround your curled up figure as you completely winded out of control, crying into his chest. His arms held you tighter each time a sob wracked through your body. This lasted for what seemed like forever, and you felt the deep ache of emotional pain starting to slowly chip away as you cried yourself out. Even after you started to calm down Jimin’s arms stayed wrapped firmly around you.

    In a tired voice, you croaked out, “I’m sorry I’m such a mes-”

“You’re not.” Jimin shot out before you could finish, his voice low and comforting. “Don’t apologize.” he added softly.

    The two of you sat together in comfortable silence like that for a while, your body calming down after the violent episode. “…You’re perfect,” Jimin whispered so quietly that it was almost inaudible to you. You turned your head slightly to look at him. As your gaze met his, he looked down, and if it weren’t for the apparent darkness of the room you could have sworn he was blushing. Shifting out of his current position, he carefully unwrapped his arms from around you and sat next to you on the couch. You stretched out your legs, grateful for the relief. Though he wasn’t as close to you as before, he was still within an inches reach. You both turned toward each other.

    “I’m sorry…” he said quietly, though you weren’t sure what he was sorry for. Then, he quickly added, “I’m sorry that bastard…cheated on you.” He tensed on the word cheated. You continued looking at him, not sure what to say next.

    “But,” he began again. “I hope…”

You looked at him in question, waiting for him to continue. Then Jimin lifted his gaze straight into your eyes. In a quietly firm voice, he said, “I hope you can get over him.”

    You blinked at him, feeling hot blush start to creep into your face, and suddenly you were extremely grateful for the lack of light in the room. Why am I blushing? You screamed at yourself. You looked to the ground from his face, and back again, hoping Jimin couldn’t sense your sudden skittish behavior. But what you began to realize was his gaze had slowly travelled downwards from your eyes, resting on your mouth. You sat frozen as he slowly looked back up at you with a new look in his eyes. Instead of the warm comforting brown they used to be, they were now shadowed and burning, as if they were piercing into yours. All you could do was sit looking at him like a statue as he shifted, now fully facing you. Slowly butconfidently, he started leaning in to your face, his eyes boring into yours, waiting for you to protest. But you did nothing besides stare back at him, your body unwilling to move. He kept leaning in, as if in slow motion until his lips were close enough to yours that any slight move on your part would cause impact. Your eyes were still locked on his face. He paused for a moment, hesitating before connecting his lips with yours, his eyes closing. Your eyes widened a bit as you realized what was happening at this exact moment. The kiss was urgent, as if he expected you to fade away in any moment. Within seconds, you felt yourself melt into the kiss, your eyes easing closed as you realized how much you’ve wanted this. You’ve wanted it ever since the first time you two met. All of the times you two would hang out together, go out to eat with each other, did you both really think you would always be just friends? Why else would you come to him in your time of need? It all fit together now, as if the last piece in a giant jigsaw puzzle had just been placed.

    As he felt you begin to kiss him back, his confidence grew. His hand came up to gently caress your face as his lips moved languidly against yours. Your arms slowly reached up around his neck, deepening the kiss. This lasted for minutes, hours for all you cared. But it all felt so right. And you couldn’t help but think why you didn’t see that before.

    Eventually, Jimin pulled away from you, his gaze smoldering as he looked at you. You returned his gaze before leaning in and placing your forehead against his. A smile slowly spread its way onto your face. Jimin’s mouth grew into an affectionate smile, his eyes squinting together as both of your feelings for each other began to grow. All of the pain from earlier that day had melted away. Everything that had happened earlier meant close to nothing to you now. All you knew in that moment was that he was yours, and you were his.

t h y s í a - [#1]

Author: b0blegum

Pairing: Shin Ho Seok x Reader

Rating: NC-17 (violence, words)

Genre: Action / Crime / Thriller / Romance

Status: On Going

Part: #1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - …




Origin: Ancient Greek

Meaning: An act of slaughtering an animal or person or surrendering a possession as an offering to God or to a divine or supernatural figure.


This is my way to say sorry to all the readers of CODE 301. I had to took down the fic because i lost track of where should i take it. So, here’s another one. Not identical to CODE 301, but has the same genre (+ there’s romance). I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as you enjoy CODE 301 & my other fics xx

The lights went out. You could see nothing but the shadow of the furniture that were lit up by the moonlight. Your feet started to feel numb due to its position. You were curled under your bed, just like what your boyfriend told you to do when he heard footsteps coming closer to you and your boyfriend’s apartment.

Your boyfriend was there, outside your bedroom, most probably in the living room ‘dealing’ with the evil blonde man.

You heard a lot of thudding, slamming and groans every seconds as you kept yourself hidden and you were sure this 'deal’ involves a lot of blood, from both parties.

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Loving all of you (Jungkook) (Semi-M)

♢ Pairing:
Jungkook x Reader

♢ Word count: 2.1k

♢ Genre: Fluff, semi-smut but not completely

   ⌲ Description: Jungkook decided one morning to tell you how much he appreciates and love you. 


Brown eyes sprung open both in surprise and fright, at the bright and wincing sound of the alarm on her phone ringing. Groaning, Y/N stretched over towards the desk and tried to focus her blurry vision on the time.  

6 a.m. 

Trying not to groan again she still managed to throw off the warm comforter around her body, and quickly glanced to the right side of her bed, only to frown. It was empty. That was weird. Jungkook hadn’t told her about any early schedules today, so she expected to wake up in his strong embrace like normal. Shrugging off her confusion, Y/N picked up her thick morning robe from the floor, and wrapped it around her freezing body. Which was only clad in a short, silky night gown she usually slept in. The weather was still relatively hot around midday, but early in the morning it was way too cold. Shielding another yawn escaping from her mouth, she blinked tiredly and slipped on her fluffy slippers and made her way out of the bedroom and down the hallway. She heard some clinging from the kitchen and thought nothing of it. It was probably just one of her parents getting a glass of water or something, before going back to sleep. She was always the one first awake on weekdays. The courtesy of a high school senior.  Continuing into the bathroom and looking into the mirror, she grimaced.  

“Ew, I look like death,” she muttered in disgust and even wrinkled her nose at the morning breath coming out of her own mouth. 

Splashing some cold water over her face and drying off, Y/N brushed her teeth thoroughly, and rinsed before picking up the hairbrush and smoothing out the annoying knots that somehow magically appeared during the night. Satisfied with her look, she ran her fingers through her shoulder length hair one last time and walked back out and into the room. Shedding off her robe and nightgown, she didn’t waste to put on some underwear and a sports bra. Because Mondays sucked and she didn’t have the patience to wear a normal one. Standing in front of her vanity table, Y/N tilted her head to the side and contemplated between make-up or not. Quickly making up her mind, she shrugged casually and decided she was too lazy today. Not even thinking twice, had she picked out a pair of fitting sweatpants that were both comfortable and looked acceptable enough to use in public. As she pulled them up her legs, she felt eyes gazing to her form, and glanced to the doorway with the side of her mouth tilting up.  

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In Another Life - Secrets


summary: a chaptered fic made up of a series of smutty oneshots taking place in the pastel!dan and punk!phil alternate universe

genre: smut

warnings: in this particular oneshot - masturbation, toys, size!kink, dirty talk, spanking, slight praise!kink, double penetration

word count: 3490 ((ky is back ayOOOOOOOOO))

a/n: this was beta’ed by the lovely holly and i hope you all enjoy this! it was really fun writing this and i just hope you all like it because so much effort was put into this you have no idea. like literal research on aftercare because it’s important. okay yes i’m gonna go before this gets too long, but here here another continuation of my pastel/punk series! <3

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Scared To Be Lonely - D.H.

Pairing: Dan x reader

Summary: in which Dan and the reader have been fighting every night for months, and it’s finally time to sit down and re-evaluate their relationship. based on the song Scared To Be Lonely by Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa.

Requested: yes, see here

Warnings: angst, feels, mention of like pg-13 topics (like twice but), just a whole lot of everything

A/N: sorry this took super long but i wanted my first imagine in a while to be (objectively) good so please enjoy my first song imagine! if you have any other songs you think would make good imagines, let me know here. if you don’t know what i’m talking about, click here and finally, let me know what you think of this one/if you want me to do a part 2 bc that could be a thing

you can listen to the song here on youtube and here on spotify!


It was great at the very start, hands on each other; couldn’t stand to be far apart, closer the better.

In the beginning, everything had been great between you and Dan. The two of you were inseparable, unable to stand being far apart; so close that your friends joked you were more attached at the hip than Dan and Phil were, which seems pretty impossible.

Somewhere, somehow, in the past few months of your nearly 2 year relationship, loving words had turned into yelling, date night into falling asleep alone, and touches into slamming doors.

You flinch at the ever-recurring sound, body crumbling in on itself as you collapse onto the end of your bed for what felt like the hundredth time that week.

You and Dan had gotten into a fight, again. Recently, it seemed the only way you were communicating at all was through picking fights.

It had started out so stupidly, Dan had filmed a video but hadn’t cleaned anything up; his light and tripod still sitting in your bedroom a day later. You had asked him to put it away, commenting that he never seemed to clean up after himself when he filmed.

Now we’re picking fights, and slamming doors; magnifying all our flaws.

From there, it had escalated into magnifying each others’ flaws. You were too clingy, but he was too anti-social, and you were too loud, but he was too busy. It always seemed to come back to that, Dan being busy.

You understood how time-consuming what he did was, but recently, it felt like he didn’t have time for you; you couldn’t even remember the last time the two of you had done something together even as simple as eating breakfast at the same time. The only time you were spending doing anything as a couple was making up every night when Dan returned from god knows where; climbing into bed with an apology and a kiss that always led to something more.

You run your still trembling hands through your hair, eyes burning with unshed tears.

You couldn’t figure out how you’d let you relationship come to this. It wasn’t even really a relationship anymore. You felt as if maybe, it was time to really think about what you were doing. Maybe it was a healthier decision for both of you if you ended things.

You felt a single tear roll down your cheek as you came to the realization.

You lifted your hand to your face, wiping it away quickly before standing up and making your way into the lounge of your apartment.

Too much time, losing track of us, where was the real? Undefined, spiraling out of touch; forgot how it feels.

Next to the door Dan had just slammed, a picture frame was on the floor. You sighed, knowing it was the same picture that always fell; one of you and Dan from your first anniversary.

Picking it up, you stared at the photo, envious of the people staring back at you and how happy they were. You yearned for nothing more than to go back to how things were, when everything between you and Dan had been perfect.

Unfortunately, perfect didn’t seem to exist anymore when it came to you and Dan. You couldn’t even remember what it felt like anymore, to be like you were back then. The only thing you associated with Dan anymore being arguments and make-up sex.

You hung the picture back in it’s place before making your way back to your bedroom, falling asleep alone for another night.

time skip of a few hours:

You’re woken up by the sound of your bedroom door opening.

Turning to face that side of the room, you see Dan standing sheepishly by the door through your blurry vision. Rubbing your tired eyes, you sit up and watch as he makes his way towards the bed.

“I’m so sorry, love,” he begins the vicious cycle, leaning down to press a kiss to your lips; you responding before realizing what you were doing, quickly pulling away just as he tries to deepen the kiss.

Dan looks at you confused as you do so, trying to decipher your expression.

“We can’t keep doing this, Dan.”

“What d’you mean, [Y/N]?” he asks, moving to sit down next to you.

Are we both losing our minds? Is the only reason you’re holding me tonight cause we’re scared to be lonely? 

“This isn’t a relationship anymore, we’re just losing our minds… Is the only reason we come back every night because we’re scared to be lonely?” your voice shakes as you voice what had been in the back of your mind for weeks now.

“No, don’t say that.. I-I love you, it’s just a rough patch,” he stumbles over his words, rushing to get them out before he can lose the thought.

Even when we know it’s wrong, been somebody better for us all along, tell me how can we keep holding on? Holding on tonight cause we’re scared to be lonely.

“A rough patch? It’s been like this for the last 3 months, Dan… We can’t keep doing this, we both know that it’s wrong; what if there’s something better out there for us?”

“There’s no one out there better for me than you, I know you’re the one for me.”

“How do we know that Dan? How can we keep holding onto this when it’s doing nothing but hurting us… I think we need a break.”

There. You’d said it. The elephant that had been in the room since the second he’d walked in the door, you guys needed a break. Some kind of time to yourselves, to process and to think before you could come back to this.

“No, no, [Y/N], we don’t need a break, love. We can work this out, I promise I’ll try my harde-”

“Dan,” you cut him off, tears that had been building up for the last 15 minutes finally beginning to fall, “I love you, and that’s why I’m doing this. We need some time to figure out why we keep coming back, why we’re constantly fighting and making up.”

He nods his head in understanding but looks miserable. His face reflecting how your heart feels.

It kills you to have to do this, but you knew it was necessary for you guys to have a little bit of time to sort this out separately before you could come together and try to fix things.

He stands up next to you again, “Please don’t cry, love.. We’ll figure this out, I know we will,” he wipes tears from your face before continuing, “I’ll call Phil and see if I can stay with him for a few weeks, I- I want to fix this, fix us; however you think we need to do that.”

You nod, breathing deeply in an attempt to calm down as he slides his phone out of his pocket, dialing Phil.

You listen closely to Dan’s half of the conversation as tears continue falling down your cheeks, “Hey Phil.”

He pauses, likely waiting for Phil’s response, “Look, can I come and stay with you for a few weeks?”

Again, silence as Phil replies, “I know,” another pause, “Yeah,” one final pause, “Thanks mate, I’ll be over within the hour.”

This makes your tears fall faster. The break was your idea, and you knew it was necessary; but you also knew that watching Dan walk out the door, even though he would be returning, would shatter your heart into a million pieces.

Dan sighs as he hangs up the phone, noticing the increased speed of your crying, “[Y/N], love, please don’t cry, okay? This is only for a short while, alright? You’re right, we do need the time to think and that’s all we’re gonna get.. I’ll be back before you know it, I promise.”

You nod as he leans down and wipes tears from your cheeks again. He turns to begin packing some stuff but you grab his arm, “Wait.”

He stops, turning back and sitting beside you again as he pulls you into his chest, rubbing your back soothingly.

“Please, this is already breaking my heart, don’t make this harder, on either of us,” he pleads with you as your breathing begins to even out slightly.

“I’m sorry, Dan, it’s just-”

He cuts you off, understanding what you meant, “I know, [Y/N], I know.”

Dan pulls you back into his chest one last time, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.

“I love you,” you let out against him, allowing him to finally pull away from you.

“I love you too, now, it’s late, get some sleep, love.. I’ll lock up behind me, okay?”

You nod, laying back down like he had told you, biting your lip to keep from beginning to cry again; knowing it would only make it harder for both of you if Dan was forced to leave you like that.

You feel him press one last kiss to your forehead before hearing him step away, moving into the closet for a bag before rifling through his drawers for the things he’d need. After a few minutes, you hear him head into your bathroom, collecting some other stuff. By the time he’s back in your bedroom, you’ve fallen asleep; mentally and physically exhausted after the day you’d had.

Dan stands, watching you for a moment before smiling sadly at your sleeping figure, taking a deep breath in as he exits the bedroom and apartment.

dad nams

firstly i would like to say i have no personal experience with adoption, and i researched some of it, but that doesn’t mean this is 100% accurate. if you find this info incorrect or offensive in anyway, please tell me so i can fix it

also the baby has a name because they don’t just not give them names, and all the agencies i checked out gave them english names so

Originally posted by baebsaes

  • i feel like an awful person because i have so many namjoon things that never get done because nobody ever requests namjoon ever like i’ve had like two for him but this is one i want to finish up and get to right away because namjoon is precious and perfect and i love namjoon and you all should too
  • okay so this was requested obv and your girl wants to stay true to the request and i’ve tried to make them all a little different and i want to include a variety of people and this one wasn’t an angle that came to mind immediately so thank you so much for suggesting it because it definitely could refer to a lot of people!! not so much the specifics, like the not having kids part anywAY
  • here we go
  • namjoon is running the “never having kids in my life” camp alone and he says he will do so for all eternity
  • like all the other boys have their lil tiny babies waddling around and while yes, namjoon agrees that they are absolutely adorable, he wants nothing to do with them
  • heck the other boys are a little wary of him having anything to do with their babies cause he’s clumsy and god knows what might happen when namjoon is holding a small delicate child
  • hoseok though is super trusting and he’s like namjoon you can hold my baby!!! hold him hold my small child and you’ll realize why children are so wonderful and beautiful and perfect!!
  • if you’ve read the other scenarios you know that jung junior had a complete meltdown when he’s not with hobi so namjoon takes the bean in his arms kinda like?? okay?? and then the kid starts to shriek and namjoon almost drops him he’s so startled
  • and that makes hoseok scream and soon him and his baby are screaming and namjoon is like hell naw there’s no way i’m having a kid!!
  • but there’s an issue with that
  • because you also, as namjoon’s babe, have been hanging around mini bangtan, and you’ve absolutely fallen for all the little kiddos
  • and you’re like i want a baby kinda…
  • but namjoon is adamant about NOT having a baby like he’s even more adamant than yoongi
  • “babe look i know that babies are cute and that they have chubby cheeks but uh, have you seen me, i almost dropped hoseok’s child,,, who knows what i would do around a child every single day like”
  • “honey i’m a rapper i don’t have time to raise a child maybe when we’re like forty”
  • “i have the entire world to travel and i can’t do that with a baby”
  • and he gives you all these douchey excuses tbh but they’re like actual excuses but still kinda douchey
  • namjoon is stubborn though and it’s such a lovable kind of stubborn he’s so determined but now it’s becoming upsetting
  • so you’re like bye nams i’m gonna go hang out with jimin and his babe and their kid and not you if you’re gonna be a jerK
  • although while you are really wanting a baby you’re also like… he’s happy right now and he’s really taking the time to producer more solo work and you’re happy as long as he’s happy you don’t want to stop him from living his dream ya know??
  • okay but then it happens
  • you have a dentist appointment one day and you haven’t been in a while because you hate the dentist because it’s painful
  • namjoon is at the studio when he gets the call
  • “excuse me is this kim namjoon?”
  • and he’s kinda like who the fu- “yah that’s me?”
  • “sir, your significant other came in for an appointment and while doing work, they began to bleed, as usual during a dentist visit. the issue is the bleeding wouldn’t stop and we had to call an ambulance”
  • and namjoon freaking loses it he freaking loses it his first instinct isn’t to be scared so much as to be angry because people don’t just bleed on like that what the hell did he miss is there something wrong with you, are you super sick??
  • he rushes down to the ER and he checks in and he gets to your room and you’re doing okay you’re laying on one of the beds and you’re chilling and you seem pretty good
  • they stopped most of the bleeding a while ago but still they want to run blood tests to make sure nothing is super wrong
  • namjoon sits in the edge of the bed and strokes the hair from your face and holds your hand and he’s such a panicky mess he keeps stammering and shaking and you tell him that you’re fine, if anything a little light headed
  • the doctor comes in and they’re holding a clipboard and some papers and namjoon is like plz tell me what’s wrong before i exploDE
  • “according to your blood results, you seem to have von willebrands disease”
  • and you and namjoon are like wth is that nobody even knows what that is
  • “it’s characterized by excessive bleeding, from the gums, from cuts, nosebleeds. things like that.”
  • and the doctor continues to talk to you right and they’re like in your case your blood seems to be too thin, so you’re going to have to be extra careful when it comes to surgeries because the chances of you bleeding out are insanely high
  • oh also don’t have children because there will be excessive bleeding during childbirth that could prove fatal for you
  • your entire world stops spinning
  • it’s like someone hit you with a car and knocked all the air from your lungs and you can’t breathe and suddenly your vision is blurry and you’re disassociating with reality for a second
  • the doctor tells you that you’re lucky that the caught it now before you had serious surgery or anything of that sorts but you can’t even find solace in that because your entire dream of having kids, having a family with namjoon? well so long to those dreams because they’re not going to happen now
  • your case isn’t super serious like some people experience random bleeding fits and your case is more like excessive bleeding with a razor cut or something but you just thought that was normal?
  • but like… you won’t have a child unless you seriously want to risk your health and that scares you more than anything that you would leave namjoon alone with a child or worse yet hurt the child in any sort of way
  • namjoon is so busy stressing over your physical health that he doesn’t realize the emotional toll that this it taking on you
  • he seems like someone who would really, despite being deep and philosophical all the time, would focus on the physical aspects of any situation, or what’s right in front of him
  • he attacks the obvious and works with what he has directly before him, and then tries to see things from a different angle if that makes sense
  • so to him, the obvious main concern of this situation is that if you ever end up injured or something, and you should need surgery, you have the high risk of oh, i dont know, bleeding out
  • and the fact your blood is too thin?? does he need to get you treated? do you need to take something for that? should you change your diet?
  • he’s so busy thinking in the here and the now that he doesn’t take the time to recognize the other problems that might arise
  • but you get home that night afterwards and he has you wrapped in like seven hundred blankets and he’s making you some hot chocolate (and doing his best not to burn himself on the stove in the process)
  • and you’ve been bottling up all your emotions about the situation and you just sit there and start to sniffle because how can life be so unfair, how can it be that the one thing you’ve wanted forever is suddenly taken away from you??
  • and you don’t want to be jealous but you suddenly you can’t help all the other bangtan parents like they don’t realize how much they take for granted that they can have their own babies that they can hold in their arms and kiss their little baby heads and hold them close when they’re crying and watch them grow up and before you know what’s happening you’ve burst into tears and you can’t stop now that you’ve started
  • namjoon comes running in (trips and nearly topples onto you in the process) and his first immediate fear is that you’re in pain or that you’re hurting or scared or something and he feels his heart plummet into the pits of his stomach because seeing you crying isn’t something he sees very often and when you do it absolutely shatters his heart into a million pieces because he feels so helpless and he feels like the smallest, most insignificant human being on the face of the planet
  • he takes you in his arms and he nearly crushes you to death and you can’t help but laugh at this because he’s smashing you and you’re so fed up and emotional that you just laugh because you don’t know what else to do?
  • “don’t worry babe if it comes down to it i will give you all the blood in my body” and he says this so seriously and he looks so like?? serious?? and you laugh more at this because your teddy bear boyfriend is actually deathly afraid of needles and here he is saying that he would give everything for you
  • but still no matter how much namjoon kisses your face and promises to bubble wrap you to make sure that you don’t bust open your knee (like yours truly) and bleed out that way or something, you still can’t get over the nagging feeling of despair
  • like just yesterday you were talking about having a family, with little kids that have namjoon’s dimples and his brains and passion for learning, and now that dream has been completely turned upside down into some sort of sick twisted nightmare
  • you don’t want to tell him that this is the main reason you’re upset because you know that he doesn’t even want kids and that this isn’t that big of a deal to him so you don’t want him to think that you’re overreacting or making a big deal out of nothing
  • it’s a totally irrational fear yet it still settles itself in the back of your mind
  • you don’t tell namjoon
  • and for a while he doesn’t seem to catch on
  • but one day tae gets everyone on the squad group call and from second one namjoon can sense you’re upset when hoseok’s kid starts creaming his hellos to all the other kids through the speaker
  • like the boys are trying to have a serious group discussion but there is major interruptions from small children (save mini min who is taking a nap on yoongi’s chest) and you’re growing more and more upset because it’s like a flood of hurt all at once, a reminder that you will never be able to experience this happiness
  • and then tae drops the bomb
  • “we’re having another baby!!”
  • you can’t even pretend to hide your emotions at that point
  • there’s always a breaking point and this happens to be yours
  • you excuse yourself from the couch where you were snuggled up to namjoon, and race upstairs to your room, where you fling yourself on the bed and immediately proceed to bawl
  • namjoon hadn’t really brought up the topic of your health with any of the other boys save yoongi, he’s more of a private person so he doesn’t blame anyone, save himself for not realizing this is what had upset you all this time
  • like it finally clicks with him why you’ve been upsetting and avoiding mini bangtan gatherings and he feels like shit realizing he spent so much time focusing on your physical health he didn’t even take the time to consider the emotional aspects of it
  • he comes upstairs to find you crying into his pillow
  • he comes and sits down beside you and starts to massage your shoulders and get you to calm down and he’s silent because he knows that sometimes people just need to cry it out before they spill what’s on their minds
  • after what seems like an eternity you whisper “i wanted a baby namjoon”
  • that’s when his heart really breaks
  • he knows in regards to the situation, he was pretty selfish, but he thought about it from your perspective? to be the only one without kids? to be the only one who never gets to experience what it’s like to have a mini you running around the house? what it’s like to be the only one who doesn’t have their own bundle of joy?
  • he secretly thanks the stars above that he was so !! about not having a kid because god knows what would have happened if you went through with it before being diagnosed, like you could have died
  • still, he hates seeing you so broken and so upset and so lifeless and he vows that he will whatever it takes to see the stars in your eyes again
  • the next few days, he seems distracted
  • like really distracted
  • always taking phone calls, always typing something away on his laptop, always checking the mail anxiously
  • won’t explain what’s up though, and you don’t ask
  • you’ve fallen into a fog, and you spend a lot of time laying on the couch, head in namjoon’s lap as he tangles his fingers in your hair, watching some trashy sitcom that neither of you really enjoy persay, save the stupidity of it
  • but then one day namjoon comes home, and he has the mail in his hands and he’s sorting through everything and one letter in particular catches his eye and his whole face lights up and he just screams and starts to flail around and you almost fall off the couch tbh you’re so startled
  • “namjoon did you subscription to bird watcher’s weekly get renewed or something?”
  • he doesn’t reply
  • instead he runs over to you and he snuggles up to your side and he’s holding the letter in his hands like it’s a hundred dollar bill or something and all the other mail lies on the floor in a heap
  • you’re so confused to what in the world would have him so excited
  • he rips it open and he scans over its contents and his breath hitches in his throat and you think oh my gOD IS IT THE DRAFT
  • or something dramatic like that
  • but he just hands you over the letter
  • “Dear Kims” it starts and your eyebrows furrow because we aren’t married (and namjoon is just low key thinking you just wait for it)
  • “We are happy to inform you that you preliminary application for adoption has been approved. We will be sending you the full application, and if that is also approved, we will schedule your in-agency visit right away”
  • you drop the letter
  • no words need to be exchanged
  • you stare up at namjoon and breathe a “thank you” before burying your face in the crook of his neck and beginning to cry softly
  • believe it or not your application does get approved!!
  • it’s the day of the visit and idk how adoption works, but for the sake of this you’re going to visit the agency and talk about all the details and they’re gonna meet you guys and make sure you’re actually ready to be parents
  • you’re really nervous, but namjoon is like twenty seven million times more nervous, like so nervous that you end up doing most of the talking while he just sits in the chair next to you and knocks his knees together
  • and you guys get approved!! and namjoon breathes this audible sigh of relief and he kisses you quickly because overwhelmed in the moment and they tell you guys that the in home inspection is next
  • the boys are so happy for you guys and they’re so ready to help coach you and namjoon okay they’re like we have all the low downs on how to raise a small child
  • because you and namjoon have decided that you want to adopt a baby, an infant, from korea because namjoon is so adamant about helping his home and helping kids find a home there, so the boys all definitely willing to help however they can
  • they throw a parents party for you two!! and it’s not a surprise but it is at jin’s house, because the two of you are trying to keep the house spotless for inspections and all, and having six kids run around the house is not the best way to handle that one
  • and so there’s the party, and namjoon does his best to hold as many kids as possible, and jimin’s little girl especially loves him and she just chills on his lap the entire party and sucks her thumb and watches the other kids crawl around and shriek
  • and namjoon, who never thought that he would ever be a father, finds himself counting down the days until he can hold his own child in his arms and he’s so excited but so nervous he will not stop asking questions and the other boys are laughing save yoongi who’s like lmao you think i actually figured this out yet
  • like seriously he’s trying to think how you guys should set up the baby room and he’s like “probably some gray, some white, really simple, really chic”
  • “namjoon this is a baby we’re talking about”
  • like he’s the same way about the clothes he’s picking out vests and jeans and little dresses with ruffles and everything and you have to again remind him that this is a baby
  • oh party anyway
  • you guys are chilling and playing with the kids and the boys are giving some god awful advice like don’t shampoo the baby if they don’t have hair (thanks jeongguk??)
  • namjoon’s phone rings and he excuses himself (and jimin’s kid who waddles on after him and jimin low key cries about it because his baby!!)
  • you sit and stuff your face with cake and share with princess kim cause she’s mooching off everyone
  • and namjoon comes back and he’s like “they want us to come in tomorrow. to go over final details and talk about taking our kid home”
  • everyone screams and cheers and the babies try to clap and namjoon comes over and sweeps you off your feet and kisses your face all over!!
  • and all the boys crowd namjoon and coo that their leader is finally gonna have a baby and now everyone will be complete
  • okay in a few days you go to the agency, you’ve sent your dossier over to korea and it’s been approved so now it’s just about choosing the child you want to adopt, though in a sudden change of heart namjoon wants to adopt all the kids
  • you didn’t care about gender, so there are more opportunities available to you
  • but something isn’t sitting right with namjoon and he says to wait just a bit for a miracle
  • they flip to the last picture and bio and it’s a little boy, probably four years old, standing there with the brightest smile and cute dimples in his cheeks
  • his hair is black as night and his eyes are dark too, and his skin is fairly tanned too
  • he looks pretty lanky too, save his chubby lil cheeks
  • “what’s his name?” namjoon can’t help but ask
  • you give him a look because the both of you were so keen on adopting a baby but you can’t deny the way this little boy causes your heart to stir and a smile to pull at your lips
  • “his name is aidan. he’s four years old, located in wonju. he’s still on the waiting list to be adopted because he is an older boy.”
  • she shows you some more pictures and talks about when he entered the agency and why
  • you and namjoon don’t even need to talk this one out, you know that you two are already in love with the child you’ve only seen a few pictures of
  • but you’re dead set on this
  • they send in the submission form
  • you two take back all the baby clothes and the crib (which never got built…) and baby toys in exchange for a cool race car bed and kid clothes and lincoln logs and scooters
  • the months count down until you meet him and take him home and you and namjoon have finished your parenting classes
  • you’ve child proofed the house
  • and before you know it the day comes and everything is a blur as you go through customs and as you step onto the plane
  • all you can think about is seeing your child for the first time and holding him in your arms and actually getting to be with your child, your baby
  • in your carry on bag is a stuffed teddy bear that namjoon’s mom sent over when she first heard about the adoption
  • when you guys get to korea you first visit his parents and stay with them for a while; they give you a crap ton of more advice but you can’t even contain it all because you’re so focused on your baby
  • after a few days there, it’s off to meet your little boy
  • you’re shaking walking into the building
  • namjoon is shaking too and both of your hands are clammy and your hearts are racing because this process has taken so long and you’ve waited what seems like ages to see your son
  • there’s a lot of kids around the place, but none of them are your baby and you’re getting this irrational fear that some other family has whisked him away
  • but after you two fill out the final paperwork and make everything absolutely official, an older woman comes up holding a little kid by the hand and you need point two seconds to realize this is your son in the living flesh
  • you tug on namjoon’s sleeve and he spins around and his breath hitches in his throat
  • aidan waves to you guys, like absolutely zero fear then hurried over to you guys and latches himself onto namjoon’s legs
  • tears are streaming down your face as namjoon picks up your kid and puts him on his hip
  • and soon namjoon is crying and the both can’t stop the happy tears from flowing
  • aidan adapts well to being home
  • he calls you mom and dad from day one
  • at home he usually ends up sleeping in your and namjoon’s bed
  • his favorite part of the day is when the three of you sprawl out on the living room carpet and play lincoln logs or building blocks
  • he speaks korean most of the time but slowly but surely he’s warming up to english
  • he and namjoon like to sit at the dinner table when you’re making dinner and bang their forks and spoons on the table, trying to get you to hurry up
  • he’s not very musically inclined but loves loves loves sitting with his dad and playing with the soundboard (namjoon and yoongi get into fights over whose kid is a better producer)
  • aidan claims to be the big brother of all of mini bangtan and he loves playing with them, especially the older two (who ironically are the other kims)
  • he loves to make you things okay like always draws and paints you pictures and they hang on the fridge and the mantel as well
  • he sleeps with his teddy bear every single night
  • after dinner, you guys religiously sit down and read story books together, snuggled up in bed
  • this kid has no fear and is wide open and blunt and always talking to everyone
  • not very graceful like you guys put bubble wrap on the railings because he has a habit of running into them or tripping and hitting them
  • he loves sports from a young age though and namjoon always takes him out and they play soccer or catch or something
  • he’s always wearing sunglasses too like the cute baby sunglasses with the hearts
  • all the other boys spoil him rotten okay he has every thing he could ever want plus unlimited attention from all his uncle’s
  • he’s the cutest kid and y'all are the happiest family in the world
  • part two to come eventually!!
All I Want • Obi-Wan Kenobi

Request 1: “could you do one where you’re badly injured, not near any med centers so Obi-Wan has to patch you up and ends up having sex with you”
Request 2: “do a cute little reader insert with obi wan . Where he visits the reader in hospital and cheers them up" 

I hope you don’t mind that I combined these two requests and also that I didn’t go too in to detail with the smut scene. In all honesty, I didn’t really want to focus on the smut in this one. Hope you guys like it !!


You were quite proud of yourself. You had just defeated a large group of commando droids and only suffered from a cut to your collarbone. There were six of them, you counted. Luckily, you were quite a skilled Jedi and you were able to defeat them all with no help at all. It was kinda your fault, however, for exploring a Separatist base while your mission partner, Obi-Wan Kenobi, was distracted. 

Obi-Wan was the type of Jedi you couldn’t stand. He was snarky, cocky, sarcastic, and uptight. If he knew what you had just done, he would not have commended you for your act of bravery, but would have most likely scolded you for sneaking off. "With great power comes great responsibility” you could hear him droning on and on. You rolled your eyes.

He didn’t like you much either. At least, that’s what you assumed. Ever since that mission with Obi-Wan and Quinlan, Obi-Wan didn’t seem to be thrilled when you were paired up. It wasn’t your fault you refused to follow the flawed Jedi Code. It wasn’t your fault you liked to have fun. It wasn’t your fault you knew what was best for the mission and Obi-Wan thought the same.

You were cut short from your rambling thoughts when the sound of blaster fire broke you out of them. You spun around, eyes widening at the sight. Five more commando droids came flipping down the long corridor. The blaster shots barely missed you as you ducked and twisted out of the way. You ignited your lightsaber and hoped you could fight off this wave of droids. 

First it was a shot to the upper thigh that slowed you down. The burning was almost unbearable, but you couldn’t stop fighting. The next one was a shot just below your rib cage which sent you to the ground. The final shot hit you somewhere near your hip, causing you to cry out. You couldn’t get up, you could barely move. Your vision was turning blurry when you saw the face of the commando droid and the barrel of its blaster inches from your face. This was it. 

That’s when his blue lightsaber cut through the droid’s neck, sending its head tumbling down next to you. Your breathing was erratic as the pain consumed you. You didn’t care that your least favorite Jedi had to come rescue you or that you were almost killed. All your thoughts could focus on was the furious burning of your wounds.

“What were you thinking, (y/n)?” you were surprised. You expected Obi-Wan to be angry at you for your stupid actions, but his voice did not hold anger. His voice was a mixture of pain and concern. “Where are you hit?” he asked frantically, glancing around to make sure there were no more commando droids on their way. You couldn’t speak in fear of just screaming. You hadn’t felt this much pain since Count Dooku sliced up your abdomen pretty good. 

Obi-Wan knew he wouldn’t get anything out of you immediately, so he had to make a quick decision. Before you could protest, he scooped you up into his arms. This caused your wounds to tear slightly and you cried out in agony. He hated the fact that there was nothing he could do for the pain. Obi-Wan muttered a string of apologies and tried to calm you with the force.

You clung to him as tightly as you could as he ran with you in his arms. You were coming in and out of consciousness, which terrified Obi-Wan beyond belief. He couldn’t lose you, not now. He had just lost Satine to Darth Maul because he wasn’t quick enough, wasn’t strong enough. He vowed he would not let the same happen to you. 

“I’m going to have to patch you up myself” he nodded to you, setting you down in his tent. He propped you up against his sleeping bag. You groaned at the stinging pain, hoping Obi-Wan would hurry it up with tending to your wounds. You knew you were losing blood and you knew you were minutes away from certain death.

Obi-Wan scrambled back into the tent, clutching gauze, burn cream, and peroxide. You let your head fall against the back of his sleeping bag as you sighed sharply. “It’s about damn time” you hissed, biting your lip to suppress the groan. Obi-Wan ignored you completely as he scanned your body to assess your injuries. His face turned a deep shade of pink before he spoke again.

“I’m going to take off your clothes” he told you. “In order to get to your wounds to cure them, you can’t have them in the way” he explained as he slowly and gently slid your tank top off of you. You wanted to make a remark, but when the wave of pain hit you again, all you could do was clamp your mouth and eyes shut and let it pass. 

Obi-Wan removed your pants as well so that he could get to the wound on your upper thigh. If you weren’t in so much pain, you would have been laughing heartily at the look on his face. You could tell his focus was faltering as he fixed you up, but you didn’t say anything. You were just relieved that you were not going to die at the hands of commando droids.

As odd as it sounds, you weren’t uncomfortable at all laying in front of Obi-Wan in just your undergarments. In fact, you felt at peace. Your smirk never left your face as Obi-Wan’s eyes kept ghosting over your exposed skin. The two of you had been sitting in silence for a few minutes now. You were fine with it, but apparently he was not. 

“(y/n)” he spoke urgently. Your gaze shifted to his eyes which were glazed over with something you’d never seen before. If you thought Obi-Wan was acting weird before, you didn’t know what to call this. “You’re…you’re very, um, beautiful” he stuttered, quickly glancing away from you as you tilted your head to the side in wonder. 

“Alright, first your reaction to me being injured, then your constant staring, now this? If I didn’t know any better, Master Kenobi, I would think you are starting to grow attached to me” you meant it as a joke, honestly. However, once you saw his eyes again, you knew you were onto something. He began ringing his hands nervously and expertly avoided your prying gaze. 

“Obi-Wan,” you began, scooting closer to him. It would have hurt a lot more if he hadn’t pumped you full of pain killers from the first aid kit. You rested your hand on his shoulder. “Look at me” you demanded. He hesitated for a moment before lifting his head to face you. His cheeks were inflamed and you could tell the embarrassment was consuming him. 

“Are you…do you feel that way for me?” you asked curiously. You always thought this man would never bat an eye at you for fear of breaking the Code. It always pissed you off for reasons unknown to you. His slight nod and sheepish half smile gave you the answer. There was always something about him. You never really hated him, quite the opposite actually. 

“I know you don’t feel the same and I won’t force you to. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable around me. That was actually the reason I hid it from you for so long” he sighed. “I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but I do. I can’t help it. You’re such an amazing person and you make me happy just by existing. I can’t get rid of these forbidden feelings and I-I just don’t know what to do..” he trailed off, looking away again.

Before you could stop yourself, you grabbed his face and forced him to stare into your eyes. “I feel the same” you whispered, a grin spreading across your pink cheeks. Obi-Wan let out a light chuckle before pressing his lips to yours hastily. 

Maybe you were being cliche, but kissing Obi-Wan felt like all the stars and the planets aligned. As if everything in the universe was perfect at that very moment. You assumed Obi felt it too, since his smile grew against your lips. His hands traveled down to your bare hips. He rubbed delicate circles onto them, pulling his lips away only for a moment before he surged forward again.

You hummed contently into his mouth and grabbed the back of his neck to pull him closer. Obi-Wan let out a groan when you nibbled on his bottom lip. He gently laid you down onto his sleeping bag and propped himself up on top of you. You knew exactly where this was headed, and you didn’t want it to stop. You wrapped your arms around Obi-Wan’s neck and brought him down onto you.

The tent was filled with your breathy moans and Obi-Wan’s deep groans as the air around you heated. Obi-Wan kissed and sucked in places that had you yearning for his touch even more, if that were possible. His thrusts were deep and quick, causing the utmost pleasure to erupt in the pit of your stomach. He found his release when you did, and the intimate moment shared between the two of you was filled with pure bliss.

“I’ve wanted to do that for so long” Obi-Wan murmured, wrapping you in his arms. Tomorrow the two of you would leave the planet and return to Coruscant so that you could visit the med bay. For now, you were content with laying in Obi’s arms and being lulled to sleep by his steady heartbeat and soft breathing. 

You sighed in annoyance as the healer left your med room. Four days in the same hospital bed was going to drive you insane, especially after yesterday’s events. Now, all you would have to think about was the way Obi-Wan held you. He said he felt very deeply for you, but maybe he wasn’t in his right mind. After all, you were nearly dying and he was very flustered. 

You closed your eyes and tried to meditate, hoping that maybe you would find answers. To your dismay, all of your thoughts were too scattered to be able to draw them to one place. You were frustrated and upset and in a bit of pain. Physical and emotional. That’s when you heard the light knock and felt the presence of the one you had recently discovered your feelings for, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

He cautiously stepped inside your room, instantly blushing when he saw you. You felt the heat rise to your face, but tried to put it off. He was probably here to apologize for yesterday’s events and inform you more on the Jedi Code. It seemed like a very Obi-Wan thing to do, so you mentally prepared yourself for the disappointment. 

“Hey, how are you feeling?” Obi-Wan asked softly as he approached your bed. You shifted to sit up slightly and winced. “I’m a little surprised that the painkillers you gave me yesterday were stronger than the ones they have me on now. Other than that, I’m fine” you shrugged. You felt the need to avoid his gaze and sink away from him from your embarrassment. Obi-Wan noticed this.

“You don’t have to tell me, I already know” he sighed, his eyes shifting to his feet. You gave him a confused look which caused him to elaborate. “You didn’t mean what you said yesterday. It was the heat of the moment. Now being around me makes you uncomfortable, just what I knew would happen. I just came to tell you that if you never want to see me again, I will do my best to stay out of your way” Obi-Wan nodded, biting his lip and turning away again.

Your heart clenched at the thought of saddening him. That most certainly wasn’t what you were going to say. “What are you talking about?” you laughed, grabbing his hand and squeezing it reassuringly. “Yesterday was amazing. I was afraid that you felt it was a mistake, but it seems we’ve both underestimated each other” you smiled up at him. 

Obi-Wan raised a brow at you as a grin appeared on his plump lips. “I…I guess so” he stammered. He sat down on the chair next to your bed and grabbed your hand to kiss your knuckles. His beard ticked the skin of your hand and made you laugh. “So, what are we going to do about all of this?” you finally asked him. Obi-Wan leaned over you and pressed a soft kiss to your lips.

“Well, my dear, as soon as you get better I will arrange for us to attend a mission on a planet in the Outer Rim. We’ll just have to see where it goes from there” he smirked. You felt your cheeks once again heat under his devious gaze. You leaned up and pecked his lips again. 

“I guess so” you mocked him, earning a playful scowl from Obi. It seemed the next four days wouldn’t be so bad after all….

It hurts

I have this idea for a little while. It is very sad, but I mean, I’m a writer, I need to write some sad stuff too. 

Warnings: Mentions of suicide, suicidal theme in the text

Tags: @fluffy-jack

Also, read the note at the end 

(the gif doesn’t fit in at all, but I couldn’t find anything more appropriate) 

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The first week after the incident, Ethan was in shock and denial. It felt like there was a barrier of fog in front of him, and there was no way out. Everything felt untouchable, as if he didn’t really exist. No matter what Mark, Amy, Kathryn, or Tyler tried; no one could reach him. He acted like a ghost, floating around. He was neither awake nor asleep. He just… was.

The second week after the incident, the fog seemed to lift. He was more responsive, but he still seemed shut off. More than not he was lost in thought, and he seemed apathetic to everyone around him. When Mark managed to cut his hand badly, Ethan didn’t even help. He just played his videogame, muttering “bummer” under his breath when Mark told him. It’s not like he meant to be so cold, but everything still seemed unreal. He built up walls of glass around him, muffling the noise. He didn’t want to feel, or think. He didn’t want people to worry, but a wall of glass is still see-through.  

The fifth week after the incident, the glass walls seemed to get thinner. Ethan started doing more. He made more videos, exercised more, and he even cleaned the apartment thrice a week. He was still loud and energetic in his videos, but it wasn’t hard to see that the light in his eyes were gone. His fans told him to take some time off, but he couldn’t. The walls were getting thinner, and he had to keep himself distracted. He had to keep himself from feeling. He went out running with Mark, pushing himself harder than he had ever done. He didn’t even notice Mark’s concerned looks.

The seventh week after the incident, the walls broke. He was at Mark’s house, going to fix some breakfast, and suddenly it all came crashing down. The pain grabbed a tight hold of his chest, and he couldn’t keep himself standing. Everything he was holding tumbled to the ground, along with him. The sorrow and pain started choking him, and he tried to fight it off. He screamed so loudly he couldn’t hear himself, and darkness surrounded him. The regret and blame was knocking him down with death threatening punches, making his ears ring. He saw everything from the night. He saw her. The jump. The lifeless body. The way he tried to wake her, as if she was just asleep. He remembered how she smiled at him from the top of the building, how her eyes were filled with tears. Everything he said, everything he did, nothing worked. The way her hand felt so cold and lifeless in his. Screaming, he hit the tiles on the floor, wanting to forget that night.

“Ethan, Ethan, what are you doing?” Mark yelled as he looked into the kitchen. Ethan sat crumbled on the floor, sitting amongst shards of broken glass and spilled juice. His arms were bloody, but he kept hitting the floor, the fridge, anything. Tyler rushed to his side, and the two men lifted him up. Ethan yelled at them to let him go, but they held onto him, no matter how much he kicked and yelled. Amy and Kathryn stood and watched, Amy hugging Kathryn tightly at the sight of the scene. Tyler held Ethan close to his chest, his arms wrapped around him in a protective manner. Ethan grew weak, finding it hard to stand up. He stopped fighting, and slowly, everything became blurry. He felt dizzy and nauseous, and suddenly his legs disappeared beneath him. Darkness took over him as loud, muffled voices shouted his name.



Ethan groaned.


He didn’t want to respond.

“Wake up.”

He opened his eyes and saw Amy smiling softly at him. Lifting his arms, he was going to rub the sleep out of his eyes, but he noticed the bandages over his hands. The memories came flooding back, and he had to shut his eyes tight, trying to block out the images of the lifeless body. Amy stroked him on the arm, but he swatted the hand away. She pulled up a little tray with food on it, placing it on Ethan’s lap. He looked at it confusedly, as if he had never seen food before.

“You’ve been asleep for about 36 hours… We thought we’d let you rest, but you need to eat.” Amy sat by the end of the bed, and Ethan looked blankly at her. “Thanks, but no thanks. I’m not hungry.” He looked away from the food, and a picture caught his eye. It was of him and his girl… ex- girlfriend, merely three weeks before the incident. She looked so happy. He hurriedly faced the picture down, and looked back at Amy. There was no pity in her eyes, but they were warm and filled with love.

“Ethan… We know you’re hurting. Everyone knows, even your fans. You’ve been in shock, alright, but you’ve also built up walls around you. We’re here for you. Her death affected all of us, and you most of all. Let us help,” Amy reached for his hand, but Ethan didn’t grab it. Chuckling, he put away the tray and stood up. He laughed loudly, worrying Amy. His eyes were blank and filled with tears, and still laughing, his voice started breaking.

“Amy, this is my fault. Everything of this is my fault-”

“This isn’t your fault. Nobody knew-”

“I should have known!” He pointed at himself, his voice booming and his body shaking. “I should have known, okay? I was her boyfriend. I was supposed to protect her, keep her happy. I was supposed to be there for her. But I didn’t know. I didn’t know, I wasn’t there and now she’s dead.” His voice was trembling with every word, tears spilling down his cheeks.

“You weren’t there. You weren’t there that night, but I was. I should have stopped her! I should have talked her out of it; it was my responsibility! What am I worth if I can’t stop someone from feeling like their life is worthless? What if any of you guys start feeling suicidal, and I’m not able to be there for you?” He stopped for a moment, trying to collect himself. “I saw her. I saw her the moment she went from alive to dead. And it hurts. The images haunt my mind and whenever I close my eyes, I see her lying there. Dead. I can’t help but feel like this is my fault. I should have known. I should have done… something. Anything. Instead, I’m alive, and she’s dead.”

Slowly, Amy stood up. She walked up to Ethan, and hugged him tightly. He let all his emotions spill, and cried into her shoulder. The knot in his chest loosened, and it felt a little easier to breathe. After a little while, he stood up straight, and Amy smiled at him. She dried his tears, and fixed his hair a little bit.

“Even if you don’t believe me right now, it was not your fault. In the end, it was her choice. You cannot keep blaming yourself. It is very hard. I understand that. I’m not going to say that your feelings will disappear overnight, or that you will be happy the next week. What I can say though, is that we’re here for you. We’re here if you need to cry, talk, or get your mind on something else. We will support you through the night and guide you to the day. You just have to be willing, okay? We love you Ethan,” she squeezed his hands gently, and he hugged her tightly thankful for his friend.

“I love you too, Amy.”

And things weren’t all right. He was definitely not all right.

But that day, a little bit of darkness disappeared in Ethan.

And that was a start.

So a lot of you might be wondering why I chose to write something like this. No, I don’t sit fantasizing about Ethan having a girlfriend, and her killing herself. There isn’t really any huge reason why this is a fanfic at all, I just like using youtubers for my characters. 

Anyway, many people blame themselves after incidents like these. I remember that my friend called me in the middle of the night,and I didn’t answer. He cut himself, and I blamed myself a lot after that. If only I hadn’t been asleep. If only I hadn’t had my phone on mute. 

Still, it was not my fault. And it is not your fault. 

You hear me?

It is not your fault. 

Still, be there for each other. Care for one another. If anyone need to talk about things that relate to this, just message me. 

And remember, it gets better. Even if it doesn’t seem like it will. 

Joker Imagine - Project 6277 PART 4

Originally posted by 666-thrones

Your P.O.V.

This was all too surreal. I was sitting next to Joker in his car and he was driving through Gotham. The ropes were around me tightly and it made my skin sore. The henchmen had put tape on my mouth, but they didn’t come in the car, so I was alone with Joker. My eyes hurt from crying and my makeup was probably all over my face. I was just watching the city as Joker drove me somewhere.

What made me feel sick was the fact that I had made out with him last night and now I was here. His hands that were now holding the fancy steering wheel had been on my boobs. Also he was driving closer to Daniel’s place, but that must have been a coincidence. My nose stung and I felt fresh tears escaping my eyes. I tried to hold a sob back by holding my breath, but it only came out louder. “Don’t cry pretty” Joker broke the silence in the car. I moved my eyes at him and stared. The tape didn’t allow me to speak. “Did they hurt you? Huh? Are you in pain?” He wanted to know as the drove. As he didn’t get an answer, he looked at me. “Oh” he rolled his eyes and then peeled off the grey tape. I bit my lips together and sniffled. “Answer me Y/N” He demanded me. I had nothing to say. For a tiny moment I thought I was on Joker’s good side but oh boy I was wrong. What the fuck was I thinking?!

Even tho I decided to shut up, I felt worried. It probably pissed him off. “Tell me ” Joker huffed and started to get annoyed. “I-It’s nothing” I barely managed to speak. “We’ll see about that” He told me mysteriously.  I moved my Y/E/C eyes from him to the window.  The sky was turning darker and I realized that we had driven past the rich area. We were in a more abandoned part of Gotham city full of factories and warehouses. “I would love to do this one thing today dollface, but the factory seems to be in use. Better luck next time” He sighed and suddenly took a U-turn. I squeezed my eyes shut because I startled. Also his words sounded so cold and pure evil.

“All this for nothing” He muttered under his breath and hit the gas pedal. I just shook my head and tried to think of happy things. But under all this pressure and fear, it was impossible. What the hell did Joker want to do in a factory?“Maybe we could go there tonight” He suggested and looked at me again. I just shrugged since I had no fucking clue of his messed up ideas. “We’ll do that then. You have work to do” He chuckled and so turned his eyes back to the road.

                                                                                                             ’‘Plans are moved! We’re going there later tonight’’ Joker yelled as soon as the elevator doors opened. We were back at the club and he took me to the highest level. Since I was tied with ropes, he had to carry me up.  The henchmen nodded and muttered something to each other. Some of them looked at me angrily and I wasn’t sure why. But on the other hand I didn’t care.

I was still in Joker’s strong arms. He kicked his office door open with his leg and walked inside. Then he shut it and put me down on a grey chair.  Silently he started to untie me from all these ropes. As the rope moved, I whined in pain. I felt blood flowing through my veins again, but my skin was sore around my wrists and my ankles. Joker stopped untying me. I noticed that he was staring at my hand. That was when I saw that I had red circles around my wrists. My skin was torn off and I had dried blood there. It was really rough then. Joker looked angry as he examined my hurt hands. Then he growled and hurried to rip the rope off from my ankles. I couldn’t do anything because he grabbed my leg and lifted my jeans only to see similar wounds.

“Fucking hell” He hissed under his breath and stood up. I watched as he grabbed his gun and walked out of his office. All I heard was an angry growl. “John move your sorry ass here right now!” Joker yelled at one of his henchmen angrily. My heart jumped to my throat as I listened to this angered psychopath. “What did I tell you about tying her?” He hissed so angrily it made me scared.

“N-Not to tie her so tight it would leave marks” The henchman repeated Joker’s words. “Exactly. Then would you like to tell why her skin is literally torn off ?” Joker’s voice was scary. It reminded me of fire for some reason. He was powerful. No words were changed. I heard a click and then a loud bang. My eyes shut tightly and I covered my ears. A loud thud made me flinch in fear. Joker had shot the guy! “If any of you screw up, you’ll end up like him” Joker warned his henchmen darkly. “Now get rid of the body” He hissed and slammed the office door shut. I bit my bottom lip and held my breath as Joker walked back to me.

He just killed a man!

My heart skipped a beat and now my chest hurt. Panic was kicking in, but I tried to calm myself. I didn’t want to get a panic attack in front of Mr. J. “Does it hurt?” He asked me rather calmly and looked at my wrists. He moved them away from my ears and that’s when I realized how tense I was. “J-Just a..” I started, but I couldn’t finish my sentence. I gasped for breath a couple times and then started trembling. At first Joker didn’t realize what was happening. My vision got blurry and I felt lightheaded. I couldn’t control my breath at all. This was just too much..

I literally witnessed someone being killed. Also the reason was me!

“Take a deep breath Y/N” Joker told me somewhat calmly. Oh I wish I could. I bit my bottom lip so hard that I could taste blood. My chest was moving harshly, but I couldn’t breathe. “Y/N..Y/N listen to me” He demanded with a steady voice. I felt his hands on my shoulders. I bet he hadn’t dealt with panic attacks before and I was afraid he’d shoot me too. “I need you to look at me” He let me know. I forced myself to look into his cold and murderous eyes. He had fresh blood on his cheek that was partly wiped off.

“I..I-I’m sorry” I told him as I gasped for breath. Joker looked kind of nervous now. He obviously needed me for something so that’s why he hadn’t killed me yet. Instead of trying to talk to me, he wrapped his arms around me and wrapped me into a warm hug. My eyes widened because it came out of the blue.His hands patted my back and slowly I came more into my senses. My chest stopped rising quickly. My eyes fell shut and I could breathe again. “It’s okay..He wasn’t worth living anyway” Joker tried to talk to me. The thing is I had never been so close to such a crime.

He pulled away just so he could face my red and glossy eyes. “I need you to be in tip top shape for tonight darling. We don’t want anyone to hurt you now do we?” He tilted his head and offered me a small smile. He reminded me more of the Joker I talked to last night. I just sniffled and tried to smile back at him. It was obvious that he wasn’t going to hurt me as long as I listened to him. But I couldn’t deny that he scared the crap out of me.

“Now how about we wash that pretty face of yours so you don’t have black lines on your face and then you could down and work with your friends? I’ll get you at midnight so we can drive. We don’t have to use ropes this time, right?” He tried to make deal. I just nodded a small nod to him. “Good” He purred and then stood up.

                                                    Ten minutes later I had fixed my face and I rode the elevator down with a henchman, Joker’s most trusted one. He walked me all the way back to the bar and that’s when I noticed how full this place was. Music was blasting just like last night and I didn’t even notice that he turned back. Rick was serving a group of young men at the bar and I decided to join him.

Yes what had happened to me was still bothering me, but I had to work. I couldn’t just leave and start crying or screaming again. Rick saw me coming and he walked towards me. “Oh my gosh..I thought you were dead” He gasped as he faced me. The word death just made me think of the henchman that died. “I’m good Rick” I lied and offered him a smile. His eyebrows puckered as he examined my face. “Have you been crying?” He asked me.

“No” I muttered coldly and avoided eye contact. “Hey Y/N..Please tell me what happened” Rick begged and pouted. I shook my head. “It’s really nothing” I tried to make him believe me, but it was useless. “Y/’re dealing with the most dangerous criminal in all Gotham and probably one of scariest on earth and you’re telling me it’s nothing” He whispered and kept gazing around us so he could be sure no one was listening. His words made me feel small. He was right.“Are you sleeping with him?” He suddenly asked me. “Wow..Rick that’s not happening” I chuckled and then walked past him to the bar. I didn’t want to get him in trouble. Before Rick could follow me, some customers wanted him and he had to leave me behind.

A couple minutes passed calmly as I served customers drinks and counted their money, making sure they gave me enough. As I did my work that I was happy doing, I saw a man dressed in black with a black hoodie on his head. He seemed familiar, but I was unable to see his face since he had a hoodie on. I ignored him and then decided to pick up empty glasses from around the place.

I managed to walk outside where we had a few tables. One was full of glasses and smoked cigars. So I was about to grab them, until someone wrapped their arm around me and started walking away. I tried to stop, but I felt a strong grip on my waist. “You’re in so much trouble” A very familiar voice told me. My eyes widened and I tried to run off, but I felt him yanking my hair. “Ouch.Daniel! Let me go” I screamed, but he didn’t. I heard a car door opening and the next thing I knew, he pushed me inside. My head hit the seats and I groaned in pain.

Daniel got seated in the car and within ten seconds he was speeding on the road. Tears stung my eyes and I realized what happened. Daniel took me away from fucking work! I was supposed to meet Joker at midnight.

“You’re such a fucking slut!” He yelled and I knew he was angry. I bit my bottom lip and shut up. Daniel scared me the most in the world. He had hurt me so much. “Out of all people you decided it would be good to cheat on me with a fucking clown?” He chuckled angrily. “We’re not together Daniel. Also Joker is my boss” I tried to speak some  clear sense into his empty head, but it was useless. “You’re so dumb Y/N! You really deserve to get beaten up and punished tonight” Daniel growled as angrily as a bear. I gasped in fear. I really didn’t want him to beat me. I swear I would have rather jumped out of the car, but he had locked the doors so I couldn’t escape..


*Trigger Warning* Not Again

Summary: You feel hopeless after harsh words are thrown at you from your boyfriend.
Members: Sehun x Reader
Type: *Trigger warning* Angst/ Fluff
Length: 1,528 Words

 Please don’t ever let someone make you feel this bad. Your life is worth more than anything, and you should never throw it away because someone is cruel to you. You deserve better no matter what people tell you <3

-Admin Kat

Originally posted by wooyoung

“Fuck off!” You yelled at Sehun as you threw the necklace at him. You could feel your blood boiling as you stared at your boyfriend from across the room. He stared at you with just as much intensity. Your heart was racing in your chest; pounding in your ears and deafening you. You were so mad. You didn’t want to be this mad at him. You never did. But you couldn’t help it. He knew what he had done when he started flirting with the other girls, but he never seemed to care. Listen, I’m sorry. He would continuously say until you dropped the conversation.

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Title: by any means necessary

Rating: M

Word count: 3,040

Warnings: angst, nalu, angst, blood, gore, violence, one-sided marandi(?)

Summary: “Do you know how it feels to watch the one you love die?”


Lucy’s awakening was slow.

Her consciousness dragged itself to the forefront of her mind, its feet hesitant as if it knew that something bad was going to happened. It was so tempting to slip back into the comfortable, black nothingness and just…float there. But Lucy couldn’t do that, even though the rest of her body protested.

Gradually she became aware of the sound of footsteps and the chill of dank air brushing across her exposed skin. Each one of her cuts and bruises came alive with bursts of pain that had her wincing, feeling sinking back into her hands and feet and face.

Her ankles and wrists were trapped by something cold and hard, maybe metal, and something coarse was biting into her ribs and upper arms. Splintering wood dug into her back and underneath her thighs and Lucy realized, as her bleary eyes opened, that she was bound by rope and cuffs to a chair.

She was in a dark, stone-walled cell, her toes pressing into the cold floor.

And though that was unnerving in and of itself, it was the sight before her that had her heart stopping.

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Isabelles Easter: Part One

A small scene from 4-year-old Isabelle Wildes Easter, though this is rather late better late than never! Please be advised that this is only a side project I have been working on and that this has nothing to do with the actual Isabelle story (in other words you wont find this in a later chapter of Its called a baby sweetheart! Please enjoy, more parts will come soon!

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Just Sorry? (Chapter 2/??) (M)

Summary: The Seven Boys throw a party to welcome back Jackson and Jaebum to the Mansion. You decide to tease both boys by flirting with their guests but neither of them are too please

Chapter 1: (x)

Warning: Smut ahead, Daddy Kink, Rough Sex, Explicit Language, Threesome later on.

Word Count: 2044 

Your nails dug into the soft threads of the carpet beneath you. Hearing Jackson’s question, you already knew the activities planned for you were not going to be for your benefit tonight. Then again, to go against the Seven Boy’s rules would always end up with a punishment. No excuses were allowed. Either you obeyed or they’d find another way to make you regret your decisions. Nodding your head at Jackson’s request, you kept your gaze on Jaebum, once again thanking the heavens the younger was doing the reprimands instead of him.

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Can you write one were the reader has an abusive boyfriend and when he finally finds out he gets super mad and beats him up? That would be great.

So this is my very first JokerXReader in english, I hope you like it Anon and of course all my other supporters! <3 Requests are now open, leave them all at my old blog, to be sure I will get them! 


„What’s this?! Hey! I’m talking to you, you little slut!“

Your eyes were filled with tears as you looked up to your boyfriend.

He was in a rage, like everyday when you came home from work and you were fucking sick of it.

„This is not mine“, you said quietly.

„Not yours? Okay …“, he said, suddenly very calm.

He turns his back at you and right after you wanted to stand up from the floor, -where you laid since he has beaten you down-, he comes back and kicked you in the stomach.

You cried out in pain.

„DON’T FUCKING LIE TO ME!“, he screamed as he holds the black dress infront of your nose.

„Who gave you this? Come on, tell me, who did it? I will beat the fuck out of this freak!“

You asshole, you thought, HE will beat the fuck out of you, if he sees the bruises on my body tomorrow.

„Haven’t you heared me, slut? I asked you something.“

„Fuck off, Cole“, you hissed with the last power you had in your body after this nightmare.

„Well, good. I hope you have nice and long dreams, because you will not get out of this apartment until you told me which bastard gave this to you.“

And with those words, your boyfriend leaved you alone on the cold kitchen floor.

Your body ached and you felt so alone and stupid again.

How did you got into this?

How did you deserve this?

Cole wasn’t the abusive boyfriend from the beginning.

When you two first met, he was caring and just lovely to you.

But then things changed.

As soon as you started living togehter in your apartment, he became more and more jealous when he sees you talking to other men, even if it just was your neighbour or something.

It was ridiculous.

A few months later everything you were in, was a total mess.

Cole lost his job, so you decided to go searching for work by yourself, even if you had to go to college besides.

You didn’t told him about your job.

You knew he would lock you away forever, if he finds out, that you’re working at a nightclub as a singer and dancer.

Ever since he began to ask, where you have been all the night, you always said you were with your best friend and studied for several exams or just college work.

Of course he did not believe you anymore as he heared this excuse a little to often from you.

So that’s how it happened.

How you get beaten up from your boyfriend, the one who always said he would be there for you, if the times become hard.

You don’t even know, why he stays here with you any longer, when everything he says about you, is what a little slut you are and that he knows, about all the man you had behind his back; what clearly wasn’t true at all.

He was sick and all you wanted was to get away from this man.

But how could you, when you were lying here on the cold floor and can’t even move because the pain in your body was too much.

If you could only stand up …

Maybe you could call for help, was the next thought you had.

But what help?

Your best friend wasn’t in town at the moment, visiting her parents because of spring break.

The police, would arrest you.

At the first look you seem to be an innocent little girl, but if they would take a closer look at your life, ooh they would find something that no one ever would’ve expected from you.

But what if …

Your head (still in pain, from the hard hit on the ground), turns to the kitchen counter.

Your phone … if you could only reach it.

Carefully you tried to pull you up at the ankle of the fridge.

„Fuck …“, you whispered as you came up on your legs again.

You prop yourself with your arms at the kitchen counter as you try to write a message, at the only person that could get you out of this hell.

Mr J I’m sorry to hit you up at this time, but I’m in a very bad situation and please could yo help me?

I wouldn’t ask you if I could ask someone else, but this is an emergancy, I need help, right now. And I will never ever ask you for anything again, if you help me. I’m in my apartment and can not open the door, ‘cause my boyfriend literally has beaten the fuck out of me. Please …



The moment when you click at the send button on your phone, the lights in the apartment turned on again and your boyfriend was standing right infront of you.

His look straight at your phone that you were holding in your hands.

„Please … don’t …“, you whispered as he took a big step towards you and whacks your phone out of your hands.

„What are you doing, sweetheart? Are you texting for help? One of your lovers, maybe? DO YOU?“, he asks aggressiv.

„No, I just …“, you couldn’t speak further, because he grabbed you by your neck.

He was choking you and you tried to pull his hand away.

His grasp hurts and your air was getting thinner and thinner.

„L-leet go … off me …“, you begged with a chocking voice.

„Come on you slut, tell me the fucking truth!“

Tears ran down your cheeks again.

„It’s not true, I did not cheat on you“, you said whining.

„Liar!“, he spits out and throws you against the next wall.

You feel warm blood running down from your forehead, as you hit on the ground again.

Everything seems so blurry, the room was circling around in your eyes.

You couldn’t even scream, you were too weak, your body had to deal with too much damage.

„I loved you, (Y/N). I really loved you. But you don’t even care.“

That’s it.

This is how your life should end up?

You’re nineteen years old, not even finished college and-

Suddenly a loud bang hits you out of your blurry mind.

You turn your head a little, but what you see there in the hallway must be an hallucination.

Three really big hechman were standing there and in front of them you saw your boss, green slicked back hair, a half unbuttoned shirt what makes you see his chiselled and also tattoed chest and a baseball bat in his hands.

The Jokers look was murderous, as he saw you lying on the ground, your boyfriend still obove you and ready to bring it to an end.

„So“, the Joker starts swinging his baseball bat.

„You must be the little fucker, (Y/N) told me about.“

„W-what … I-I don’t understand, t-this must b-be an misunderstanding …“, Cole stuttered.

His eyes were wide in fear and you could almost feel how scared he was.

No one, really no one, wants to mess with the Joker, when he’s mad.

„Really? Than you should tell me, why your now ex- girlfriend, lies on the floor bleeding and damaged as hell“, Joker said through squinted eyes.

With every word he said, he came in closer to Cole, while Cole just wanted to have more space between him and  Joker.

„She … she …“, Cole started searching for an explanation that sounds reasonable.

„WHAT?“, Joker growled and seized Cole by his neck.

„I’m sorry“, Cole whispered.

Now it was his turn to cry out in pain, ‘cause the next thing that happened, was that Joker slammed his baseball bat in Coles face.

„Murphy, would you please be so kind and help (Y/N) to stand up and lie down on the couch, while I have a little chat with this young man?“, Joker asks almost calm.

One of his henchman, -you know him from some business meetings at Jokers club, yes the one you were working at-, carries you to the couch and helps you to get comfortable with all your injuries.

In the background you could still hear Cole’s whining.

„That doesn’t feel nice, right?“, you hear Joker saying.

„Get up!“

„Bob would you help him get up“, Joker said in a very pissed off inflection.

The second henchman, -a real life Godzilla, if you want- brings Cole back on his feet.

He was crying and beggin‘ for mercy.

„Ooh, Cole your such a filthy little bastard.“

Cole cries out in pain again, after Joker hits him in the stomache several times.

„Look at me. Look at me!“, you hear his rough voice saying.

„Now tell me, does it feel nice to get beaten up like that?“

Actually Cole couldn’t say anything, except for a quiet moan.

His whole face was bloody and his nose looked like Joker broke it a few times.

He couldn’t even stand without Bob‘s help.

„Bruce, the hammer, please“, Joker said smiling at his third goon.

The man handles him an old carpenter’s hammer, with a wooden helve in which the words HAHA were engraved.

„NO PLEASE!“, Cole screams in panic.

„I’m sorry! I’m sorry for everything! (Y/N), please I know I hurt you and that was totaly wrong, but please don’t let him do this!“

You turn your head as far as you can, after Murphy fixed your neck a little to make help the pain more bearable.

Joker looked down at you, holding the hammer casual in his right hand.

He was waiting for your opinion, what surprised you more than a little bit.

„What do you say, doll? Do I have to let him go?“, he asks, his voice now a little more soft, as he stroke your cheek.

„Beat him up“, you said without any emotion in your voice as your eyes glanced at Cole.


„Mr J?“

„Yes, doll?“

„Thank you“, you smiled at him.

He smiled back at you.

„Thanks for the present“, he said and give an evil smirk to Cole.

„And (Y/N).“


„Don’t call me Mr J.“

„Why?“, you asked a little confused.

„‘Cause you’re mine now and I don’t want you to treat me like your boss any longer“, he said.

You opened your mouth in surprise, but Mr J just lays his finger onto your lips and shoke his head.

„Later“, he said.

„This work has to be done.“

He swings the hammer in his hand and started laughing as soon, as he hits Cole’s face again and again, and again.

Until you can’t hear any sign of life from Cole anymore.

You did not look up, you know what Joker has done and that was enough for you tonight.


Echo by thatsmistertoyou

Pairing: Phan (danisnotonfire x AmazingPhil)

Genre: angst

Warnings: alcohol

Words: 2060

Summary: In the aftermath of their breakup, Phil presents Dan with a choice.

A/N: Thanks to silverluminosity, hearteyeshowell, and mnmminifunsized for their help <3 [Read on AO3 if you prefer.]

Phil had always thought that the multiverse theory, in all of its majesty and complexity, could offer one thing to the average person: hope. Hope that everything and anything was possible, and even if something didn’t turn out as one planned, it had turned out alright for someone.

It was a mind-boggling concept, really, and not one that ought be thought about when one was staring down the bottle of their third or fourth Smirnoff Ice - but there Phil was, slumped over on the floor of the kitchen. He finished the bottle off, set it down on the floor a bit harder than he should have, and rested his head back against the fridge.

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Battle Scarred- Fred Weasley Imagine

Anonymous said: Fred imagine where you save him at the battle of Hogwarts and he gets scared because you get hurt pretty bad, like lots of blood of such, and he acts all protective until you get safely in the Burrow and it gets all fluffy then? Thanks x

A/N: I’m sorry for the inactivity! I’ve been looking forward to writing this request since the day I got it, but some stuff came up.

There’ll be mentions of blood and injuries in this one. also the Percy/Fred conversation + some of the descriptions from that part came straight from the book so that’s not mine, it’s Jo’s.

Y/N/N= your nickname

When you first started out the night, you had been in charge of casting defensive spells and setting traps and obstacles for the Death Eaters. With Fred and George by your side, you had almost managed to forget the looming threat of the destruction of your old school and home for the best part of seven years.

But now, the situation was very different. It was well past midnight now, and curses, hexes, and shouts bounced off the crumbling corridor walls. The castle was barely recognisable. You and the twins raced through the hallways, always taking a moment to peek around corners before continuing your search for the rest of the Weasley family. As far as you knew, Ron was with Harry and Hermione, and Ginny was meant to be at the Room of Requirement (knowing her, you figured she’d run off to fight long ago). That just left Charlie, Bill, Percy, Molly, and Arthur.

Not before long though, you recognised Percy’s shouts. You stalled for a moment, unsure as to whether it was a cruel trick or not. Fred grabbed your hand and pulled you along beside him. You twisted your hand free and slowed down to a fast walk.

“Oi! Wait! Don’t forget to-” You yelled after them

“-check.” You finished lamely as they rounded the corner. You ran after them and poked your head around the wall. Fred and George were running towards the pair of Death Eaters Percy was dueling. The closest hooded figure seemed taken aback by the sudden appearance of the twins, so you took the chance and ran to stand by them. The twins had their wands out faster than the Death Eater could gather his wits, and he fell face-first to the ground under the weight of two stunning spells.

“You’re welcome, Perce!” George grinned.

You took out your wand you’d been concealing in the sleeve of your robes, and shot a well-aimed hex at Percy’s Death Eater. His hood fell back from his face, exposing a high forehead and streaked hair.

“Hello, Minister!” Percy bellowed, sending a neat jinx straight at Thickesse, who dropped his wand and clawed at the front of his robes, apparently in awful discomfort.

“Did I mention I’m resigning?”

“You’re joking, Perce!” shouted Fred. Thickesse collapsed on the stone floor, tiny spikes erupting all over him. He seemed to be turning into some form of sea urchin. Other than that, everything was very abruptly calm.

The sudden safety was making you uneasy. All three Wealsey’s were distracted by Percy’s surprising resignation and Thickesse’s transformation, which was making you feel rather repulsed. You turned your head away, just in time to see a shadow on the wall behind you, raising their arm and stepping quietly.

“You actually are joking, Perce… I don’t think I’ve ever heard you joke since you were -”

You whipped around, and in your panic, shot the first spell that came to mind.

“Stupefy!” The spell wasn’t strong enough to stun the Death Eater, only push him back a few paces. At least now everyone was focused on the threat at hand. Fred made to disarm him, but the Death Eater cast a shield charm and the spell simply bounced off and hit the wall. The Death Eater’s mouth curved into a cruel grin, before he raised his wand again and shouted:

“Avada kedavra!”

You ducked, George pulled Fred down with him.

“Reducto!” You roared with new-found fury. Again, the Death Eater deflected the spell. It whistled past your ear and slammed into the wall beside you, exploding it and littering the floor with brick and dust.

You heard Percy roar “Petrificus Totalus!” followed by a thud, then several coughs.

You tried to get to your feet to make sure everyone was ok, but fell back immediately. The side of your head was stinging and pounding, everything was blurry, and the room was spinning. You squeezed your eyes shut.

“Y/N?” Fred called.

“Yea-oww.” You replied, feeling the side of your head where your pain had flared up once you spoke. Your hand came away red and sticky. From what you could tell, your legs, shoulder, and head were all bleeding.

“Oh, Merlin! George go find someone to fix Y/N!”

“You both better stay here.” George warned before running off.

Fred rushed to your side and kicked away the bricks around you.

“Are you alright?”

“I-I think so? It’s just a bit of blood.”

“More than a bit, Y/N/N”

You tried to laugh, but it turned into a wince.

“Hey hey hey, what hurts?” Fred asked.

“Head, legs, shoulder, my chest feels funny too.” You groaned.

Fred looked you up and down and ran a hand through his hair. “We need to get you somewhere safe.” Fred said. This was the most serious you’d seen him in quite some time.

“No. I need to stay and fight.” You challenged. Fred opened his mouth, but seemed to think better of it, and closed it again.

“Where’s Percy?” You asked, changing the subject.

“Percy? He’s…” Fred trailed off, looking around for his brother.

“Oh for fucks sake.” He sighed.

Percy was striding towards an approaching pair of Death Eaters.

“I’ll be right back, ok?” Fred muttered, before getting up to join the duel.

Your sight was starting to clear now, and you could make out vague features as well as shapes. You watched the coloured jets of light jump around in front of the fighters. Both Death Eaters were pushing Fred and Percy backwards, closer to you. You held your wand tightly in front of you and willed your head to stop pounding for just a moment. Fred shot a hex at his opposition, making her fall to her knees and retch. He quickly turned his head to check on you, and his Death Eater took this opportunity to aim a jet of what you assumed to be fire at Fred.

Frantically, you waved your wand, jerking Fred out of the way. He yelped, then screamed, when the fire caught him on his wand arm. It started to wind around his forearm. You stumbled to your feet and yelled “Expelliarmus!”

The Death Eater’s wand flew out of her hand and the fire went out.

“Reducto!” Fred said in a strangled cry. You limped towards him, firing spells at Percy’s Death Eater with him. With a precise flick of his wand, Percy finished the Death Eater off.

“Find George, tell him to meet us at the Great Hall. I’ll take care of Fred.” You told Percy. He nodded and ran off.

You kneeled next to Fred. He was cradling his arm and murmuring swears. You reached out and eased his sleeve up his arm, wincing at the sight of the angry and blistered red skin.

“That’s gonna leave a cool scar.” Fred mumbled. You smiled and rolled your eyes.

“Your head’s stopped bleeding too. This really is our lucky day.” He deadpanned.

“Your jokes are hurting my head.”


He stood slowly, pulling you up with his good arm.

“I’m taking you to the Great Hall.” You said. He put his arm around your waist, supporting some of your weight while you limped.

“Sure doesn’t feel like it.”

“Shut it, you.” You said with a pained gasp when you started walking.

“But seriously, stay with me until we get back home, alright?”

“Same goes for you.”

“Promise me you will. I don’t want you to get any more hurt.”

“I promise, Freddy boy.”

“You’re going to want to go back out and fight again, aren’t you?” Fred said knowingly.  

“And you’re not?” You asked, already predicting the answer.

“Couldn’t keep me away.”

“Let’s get you patched up first, handsome.”


The battle was finally over. Voldemort was finally gone. And you could finally go home. You had escaped with only a few injuries, compared to what others had gotten. Just a bit of a concussion, a swollen and aching leg and shoulder, a broken wrist, lots of cuts and bruises, and strict instructions to go home and rest. Fred had gotten away much the same. Burns up his arm, a broken nose, and plenty of cuts and bruises. Although you were safe at The Burrow, you couldn’t shake the feeling that something else was still to come.

Fred was in the kitchen making cups of tea for you both. He’d been at it for a while now so you went in to check on him. He was standing with his back to the door, staring out the window at the moonlit grass. He rested his hands on the bench top, holding onto a teaspoon very tightly.

“Hey, you alright Freddie?” You murmured. He gave a start, but relaxed when he realised it was you. 

“Yeah, I just- I just can’t believe its all over now. I’m not complaining though.” He forced a weak laugh.

“Me too, I’m glad most of us made it out though.”

Fred nodded and gave you a sad smile. You got two mugs out of the cupboard and gave them to him. 

“You’re meant to be resting.” Fred said, pouring hot water into the cups

“So are you.” You shrugged, reaching across him to drop a teabag in each. You kissed his cheek and took a sip. 

“How’re you feeling now?” You asked.

“Sore and relieved.” He said with a soft laugh. You smiled and nodded, set your cup down and wrapped your arms around his waist. He kissed the top of your head, careful to avoid the injured area, and pulled you closer to him. 

“I love you.” He whispered. You smiled and kissed him.