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instant gratification 2.5 (m)

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➾ 10.6k 

➾warnings: smut, pregnancy mention (as applies to IG2)

➾jk’s POV of IG2 as heavily requested!

instant gratification 01 | 02

This party sucks. 

His phone screen is dark and it mocks him even as he pastes on a smile for the girl currently cuddling into his side. What was her name again? Ye Eun? Eunha? 

Fuck if he knows.

All he knows is that you’re not replying to his texts, and he needs to get drunk asap before he does something stupid like call you. The girl he currently has his arm around beckons to her friend from a distance away, and Jeongguk tries his best to keep his eyes off her tits in her low cut tube dress as she approaches with a giggle.

“Jeongguk, right?” Girl number 2 sidles up to his unoccupied side and he immediately feels her breasts against his arm. They’re firm to the touch, which either means that they’re entirely fake, or that there’s enough padding in her bra for it to be a bulletproof vest.

Either way, yours feel a million times better.

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Don’t Look Behind You - Part 2

Part 1/  Part 3

Summary: Stiles saw you the first time when he was void and became insatiable of you. Even when Stiles was free from him, he still found himself pining over you and wanting you to be his.

Prompt belongs to the greatest @sincerelystiles (Link to the prompt)

Warning: Contains smut and everything coming along

Pairing: Void!Stiles x Reader

Word count: 6854

A/N: It took way much time to finish this one!!! But I’m kinda proud? A lot of people asked for a part two so here it is! I’ll tag everyone that left a feedback on the first part, but sadly I can’t find the asks about it, so sorry I can’t tag everyone. If the notification of the tag only bothers you just tell me and I’ll remove it!! Thanks to @maddie110201 who’s always there to give me some motivation and awesome feedbacks! And help me. A lot. I love you.

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I didn’t know how it ended like that. How I ended up in such a situation and how this situation could have such a denouement. My breath had been lost in my lungs for a long time, unable to breathe normally, I had to bend over and put my hands on my knees. It was burning, my chest was burning, my whole body emitting the heat all over me. I was so hot and my legs were soft just to have him so close to me, in the other room. I wanted him, so much it was uncontrollable. I had to do everything to stay calm, stay sane. Because I knew, if my skin were to be in any contact with his, he wouldn’t be the only one insatiable. I was losing my mind, I was confused and my ideas were no longer clear.

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kara sevda (3) ↠ stilinski

author ; fessa

rating ; 18+ nsfw

pairing ; fuckboy!stiles X oc!reader

word count ; 3003

warnings ; angst

a/n ; u guys r making me cry with all your support, thank u for all the feedback, i really appreciate it and i love u guys :,) p.s. playlist coming soon

i. ii. - iv.

*not my gif*

kara sevda


1. blinding love;

literally translates as “black love”

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The Broken Family (addict!sister!reader x sherlock x mycroft)

A/N: Hey, so here it is! New fanfic! What? The request did say ’need the angst’ so here it is, also I’m a bit sorry for making Sherlock be such a dick in this, also Mycroft is a bit not good and reader as well. Greg on the other hand is love. Tell me if you need a sequel, if you’d want to see where reader goes, or request how it should end. Hopefully this doesn’t suck. I worked hard on this one, made three different stories, but this turned out as the winner.

Request: Hey, can I request something? Could you please write a Sherlock x addict reader to turn the tables? I love sister!Reader inserts because Sherlock is usually less empathic with his siblings but it could be a friend!reader or whatever pops in your mind, I just NEED the angst, haha! Thanks in advance!

Warnings: Lots of angst and drugs, emotionally incapable to manage family drama Holmes’, even the reader.

The call Greg Lestrade had received brought havoc to the Scotland Yard. The detective inspector had not seen his men this active in months and a simple phone call had got all his subordinates on their toes and anxious. The said inspector had tried to find a drug den, the very heart of British paradise for drug addicts, but failed countless of times. This lead they had got though sounded very promising and matched to so many conclusions and other clues the Yard already had so Lestrade had no option but to check the place. He also wanted to see by his own eyes and be the one to finish this case if it was what they were looking for.

Lestrade arrived with numerous police cars as escort to an abandoned building. The sirens had been muted so the cops had an opportunity for an ambush, to catch as many druggies as possible and hopefully a dealer or two. That of course was mostly wishful thinking, but you never knew who would be in there. And that made the cases interesting, risky but very addicting to someone like Greg Lestrade who was desperate to solving cases. He already got questioned by almost everyone when he asked for a consulting detective’s help, that was he capable of doing his job, which he was, but to prove it to his colleagues constantly got to his nerves. This was the moment to shine.

The inspector went in with the first row of men, gun at hand, alert for what would be to come to him. He went up stairs with a quick pace, his men right behind him. He could hear his heart beat rise, so familiar and pleasing feeling of adrenaline pumping through his veins as he approached a wide messy room. The floor was filled with empty needles, plastic wraps and joints, companied with dirty clothes and mattresses. On those mattresses there were about seven young people, dozing off, hidden under their blankets, and hopefully all alive. It got depressing in matter of seconds when there would be a deceased kid’s body under the covers and to contact the parents was always something that took a high amount of pleasure points off of the accomplished case.

Lestrade howled the youngsters awake, lowered his gun, seeing the state they were in and informing his men to keep on searching from the other rooms. He waited until all the seven people got up, struggling to their feet, wobbling towards the door. An ambulance had been brought with the police cars as well and was ready to use. The nurses were ready to check on the zombified youngsters as they had been informed how many of them there were. Lestrade could be proud of himself now and he felt rather jolly, the emotion almost already reaching his face that he tried to contain to seem professional when his eyes landed on a figure, a familiar one that ran his blood cold.

”Oh, for the love of god.” He sighed, half grunted and knew this would make things much worse.

You were unaware of what was going on. You had no idea what had happened in the world that surrounded you, but then again how could you? You had shut out everything, creating this bubble that kept you in until all you had taken wore off and just then could you see the damage you caused. That of course happened much later from now, but you started to get the hang of it when you woke up to hear someone yelling the loud booming of the voice only became clearer as you came around. You were slightly dizzy, like half asleep but still aware of the surroundings, your eyes droopy and eye sight blurry, but your ears worked well enough for you to figure out what was to happen.

Your ears picked up with the shouting that became clearer and clearer, the loud mumble turning to muffled words and then loud muttering, until you were able to make out words. The first thing you were able to make out was your name, and the sound started getting closer. Your eyes couldn’t fix on the figure approaching you, but the blurry figure was something too familiar to you. The voice calling you cleared as well and you became certain who it belonged to.

When your eyesight came back to normal they met the inspector’s worried but angered eyes and you waved awkwardly back at him, a tired smile on your lips as you innocently greeted the man.

”(Y/n) Holmes.” Greg muttered in defeat. He had been a little doubtful that it really was you, since your hair was messy and your clothes nothing like the regular ones you wore. The high quality clothes that you dressed in, very Holmes kind of style, compared to the sweat pants and a big covering hoodie made you look unfamiliar, to you as well.

Greg was now just beside you, his hands on your shoulders, but they left your body just when you had started to feel them on you and he swirled around in frustration and then called for his men. This case would not see the headlines. and he took his phone out. Lestrade made a call that didn’t much please you. He knew he needed some help with hiding this said case from seeing the daylight and then there was you, then again it was only for you he had to do this in the first place. To your misfortune and fortune he ended up calling Mycroft.

You didn’t get much along with Sherlock. You didn’t know why, was it because he was as troubled as you, or that he was so concerned with his own life he couldn’t bother himself by adding you to it, not to mention even bothering to ask how you were doing which he did with Mycroft. Then there was Mycroft who seemed like he didn’t care about anyone, but it wasn’t true. He had always been the one behind the family, concerned of all of you being torn apart and getting separated. He held it together. Or tried to at least. That of course could be one of the reasons Sherlock couldn’t stand you. You got along with Mycroft so well and maybe Sherlock just wasn’t up for the task as to earn your trust? It didn’t matter though, you were old enough to make your own decisions and you had got this far without Sherlock’s care. You could do so for the rest of your life as well.

”I thought it’s better you clean this mess up and do me a favor, yeah? Try to get some sense in this ones head.” Greg glared at you. You had sat down at the end of the stairs right opposite the front door that had been pulled open. You had managed to get down stairs with Greg’s help and the house had been cleared from all the other users, only leaving you with Lestrade inside. The bright daylight cast it’s golden light on the floor in front of you and barely reaching the tip of your shoes. You kept your eyes on the floor for now, resembling of a misbehaved child while their guardian was figuring how to punish you.

”Is that really a good idea?” Greg worriedly furrowed his brows. This alarmed you. For a second you thought of running. If Mycroft would be to sent you to rehab, or worse, tell your parents about what you’ve been up to you would rather die. As panic reached your features Greg raised his hand in a supporting and calming gesture, signaling everything was alright. ”Okay, what ever you see fit.” Greg said back to Mycroft in a rush, clearly Mycroft had started threatening the inspector and Greg went to assure your older brother that there would be no need for that. He would let Mycroft deal with all this his way, not stopping him even by stating his own opinion.

Finally ending the call that felt like it had lasted for an hour, Lestrade approached you and took a stand a meter in between the two of you, he looked down for a second, his shadow that was cast upon the daylight reached your knees, then tried to reach your eye contact which you avoided with all cost. He let out a sigh, his hands stuffed in his pockets. ”You okay?” He decided to be gentle and even a bit understanding when he approached you, but you couldn’t actually say you were thankful of it. You really didn’t care what Greg said or thought. You were going to hear a lecture sooner or later anyways so there was no need for him to give you his sympathy if there were any in a sincere way.

”Well this wasn’t my first time if that’s what you’re asking.” You remarked and eyed the wall with narrowed eyes.

”Did your brothers even know about this?” Lestrade dismissed your comment, but you knew it made him think. Of course this would affect him in a distant way. He knew almost your whole family and their secrets and now would be to ad yours to top all your brothers. Most likely not so pleasant but he was just being human and doing his job.

You didn’t say anything for a minute. Your expression softened slightly, turning to sadness, but not leaving the wall you tried to find interesting. The dark wallpaper, almost molded green color, just brought even more negative thoughts to your mind and you couldn’t help but ask, ”What’d he say?”

Lestrade shifted uncomfortably and looked away. You turned to look at him, to question him what could be so bad, but your eyes wondered to the door way, over Greg’s shoulder and you saw a tall, lean figure making it’s way to the door. The sunlight blurred the vision for a good while, until the man was right at the door, his raged expression showing. You could feel your body being forced upwards and your scowl was replaced with panic, sadness and hurt. You wanted to flee from your spot right now, hoping for Mycroft to follow behind your other brother, but knew you would need to settle for Sherlock.

”You have any idea what you have done?” Sherlock fumed, his body swaying as he walked fast next to Lestrade. ”I have other problems to tend to and you decide to do this now?” You flinched at Sherlock’s hard words, your head had started aching just now, or you had just realized it, and your whole composure screamed how vulnerable you were as you lowered your head and brought your shoulders closer to each other.

”I was this close solving an important case when I get a call from Mycroft about your little misbehavior.” Sherlock had never looked so scary and angry, not when it was pointed to you and you couldn’t even do anything to protect yourself. You could barely stand on your own feet. It was overwhelming and even if you had never been in good terms with Sherlock he had never been this aggressive towards you and it only made you distance yourself further from him in a psychical level.

”What if you’d calm down a little?” Lestrade suggested but his eyes never left yours. He had seen your state and knew you were about to break. He could read you well, even if you had heard how much Sherlock looked down on him you knew Greg wasn’t stupid. He at least could sense your fear and unstable status unlike Sherlock.

Sherlock turned his head to the inspector in a sharp swish, glaring at the man and hissed, ”What are you even doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be out there, hurrying your men out of here while I have to clean this mess?” And with that Lestrade decided it was better to just scattle and not start an argument. He nodded towards you and left.

”Why didn’t Mycroft come?” You finally dared to talk back, not sure was it a good idea but did it anyway.

”He’s far too busy for this nonsense.” Sherlock rolled his eyes. ”Something of me giving you a big scare to wake you up.” He muttered.

”Why did you even come?” You whispered mostly to yourself. Your hands were balled in fists and your head hang low. You knew you were close to the breaking point and couldn’t keep yourself together any longer.

”You think he gave me a choice?” Sherlock mocked. ”I know you and Mycroft are best friends, but you do still have some sense in you, at least I hope you do. If he wants something to happen he will make sure it does.”

”You’re Sherlock Holmes, you could’ve found a way around it! You’ve avoided responsibility before so don’t blame me for being here! I’m sure Mycroft is just pissed that he has to deal with all the shit we cause to the family. And all the crap you make him go through.” You muttered the last part and crossed your arms. You didn’t care if you were now acting childish, Sherlock wouldn’t scold you for that unlike Mycroft and you were counting on it.

”I am causing trouble?” Sherlock snapped back.

”Yes, you!” You groaned.

Sherlock chuckled sarcastically and smiled doubtingly. ”I’m not the one with needle marks bruising my skin.”

”Not now.” You corrected. You looked at your brother, both of you glaring at each other like two kids having a stare contest. ”Isn’t this all too familiar to you?” You asked and tried to get him to see the situation how it was and how it all had happened before, but not this way.

”Hey, looks like we aren’t that different after all! We could even get high together some time! You probably know and even make better shit that I have ever dreamed of!” Shock took over Sherlock. You had just hit him under the belt but there was no going back now. You had witnessed Sherlock playing before and you would do the same. You could hurt him there where he hurt others by stating the obvious.

He looked back at you, eyes wide and puzzled by your sudden rage. ”I guess Mycroft sent you so you could see what he had to deal with when you were using. Oh how the tables turn.” You sassed and tried to keep the tears in. You tried to hide the pain with your sass and hurtful comments, but you had been through an awful night and it had started to come down on you. ”I hope Mycroft had come instead of you. If he cares about your wellbeing and comes for you when you need him, why didn’t he come for me?” You sobbed.

You looked down, unable to keep the tears away that now rolled down your cheeks and dropped to the floor. ”You both are so stupid.” You cried out with a soft and silent voice. ”You say Mycroft is my best friend, but what kind of friend sends someone as cruel and inhuman person to comfort the other, huh?” You could hear Sherlock take a step closer to you, but you backed away, he called your name softly. ”No!” You snapped. ”Leave me alone! I don’t ever want to see you or Mycroft! Ever again!” And with that you dashed out, past Sherlock and disappeared to the near woods.

Mistake or not

Hi! This is the second part of Mistake. Hope you enjoy! There probably will be more parts than What I had originally thought so yeh. In this one there is:

Suicidal thoughts
Panic attack
Self harm

There might be more but these are what I could think of XD

Lance will admit he was not doing alright. He couldn’t find the energy to actually move or walk out of his room, to that adding that he didn’t want to face the other paladins. He did try to, its not like he didn’t, he would stand infront of his door where he knew the others were at the other side and contemplate if he should or shouldn’t go out and face them. He had decided that he wouldn’t, at least not until he felt better. There still was that fucking painful clench in his heart and he had already clawed at his chest so much that it had scratching wounds that had covered his hands, chest and abdomen with blood, which forced him to have to spend quite some time in the bathroom taking care if that.

He had lost track of time and hadn’t stopped crying. Whenever he though his body couldn’t create more tears he was proven wrong. Hunk’s words were in a loop in his mind. He just couldn’t believe that Hunk would think of him that way. The thought that now he didn’t have Hunk to rely on was too overwhelming.

He did ponder on using the pills to end his torture, but just when he was about to pop all of the pills into his mouth he had hesitated.

He started to think how would the others react to this. Allura, Coran and Hunk worried him the most.

Allura has already expressed her deep care for Lance. She had claimed that he was her little brother, and would drag him to her room so they had what she had called sibling time. That surely had helped him with his conflicts but didn’t exactly do the trick since she was usually busy with planning strategies and dealing with where to go next and all.

Coran was the uncle he didn’t really have. His Papa was an only child and his mother had two sisters. Just like how his mother treated him differently, they did as well. In all honesty he was under his mother’s care so she didn’t have problems with the law. Coran would actually guide him when he was stuck, no wonder he was a royal advisor. Whenever Lance needed to talk about his feelings and Hunk couldn’t help him Coran would always be willing to help him. Sometimes he even reminded Lance of his Papa because of how willing he was to leave everything he was doing to listen to Lance.

And Hunk. Honestly he worried Lance more than the others.

He remembers when he tried to kill himself after his father died. He had just started at the garrison and had fallen into what Hunk called a death pit, it was just like this one right now. Obviously it’s all foggy and blurry with missing pieces because he was dying, but one thing stood in his mind and has never left. It was Hunk. Hunk had been so scared and the way he begged and wailed for Lance to not die replayed fresh in his mind. That made him feel angry at himself. He had gotten so angry that he had thrown the pills across the room causing them to scatter everywhere.

Hunk hurt him yet he still cared. He wanted to hate Hunk, wanted to be angry at him, but he just couldn’t. Hunk was such an important person to him that Lance couldn’t help it. Who knows maybe he has a platonic crush on Hunk or something but he didn’t really care. Hunk has been a constant in his life, he was used to having him there to hold him and comfort him and now that Hunk was the one that hurt him he didn’t know how to deal with his emotions.

So he decided to atleast find comfort in Blue. He had decided to let Blue back into his mind after the commotion. She had turned into her organic form and had been begging and pleading at Lance to let her in for almost three days in a row, he knew she was scratching at his door to let him know she was there and wanted to go in so he let her in. When he opened the door just a little for her to slip in he was greeted by a glimpse of the others making him close the door again immediately after she slipped in.

He would snuggle in her warmth and love. He would take as much as he could even if that malicious thought that Blue was too good for him still bugged his mind. He decided to chase it off, for her.

He knew the others were outside his door, he also knew Pidge had hacked into his helmet giving he heard her cheering and wooping when she succeeded. He guessed it was to see what he was up to.

Lance had moved to sit against the door now, Blue bringing him his pillows and blankets and together they made their own den against the door. He would listen to all the others outside the door murmured to him through the door, he would listen to every single apology and attempt to get him to atleast speak. He didn’t answer though, he just leaned back against the door and listen while caressing Blue’s fur. He had decided to keep the helmet against his chest along with his jacket giving the slightest bit of comfort he could to the team through the hacked helmet. He knew already why Pidge Hacked it, they were using it as a stethoscope and were listening to his pulse. He didn’t mind as long as it brought them comfort.

Lance knew he shouldn’t be thinking for ways to comfort the rest of the team right outside the door when he couldn’t even breath without feeling like his ribs were going to crush his lungs and heart, when his head felt like it was being split open because of the raging head ache he had, when he had to breath through his mouth because his nose was clogged up, when his eyes were puffy and swollen, and his once smooth and healthy lips are now chapped from so much crying, but he couldn’t help feeling worst at the thought that they were hurting because of him, he hurt them. He hurt the people he has come to care the most in this fucking war.

He was leaning against the door once again staring at the wall infront of him while caressing Blue’s fur. He frowned when he felt something big and warm press against the door.

“Lance?” Came Hunk’s voice making him freeze in his spot and his breath get caught in his throat. Lance gulped trying to get rid of the lump forming in his throat and his eyes started to tear up instantly. He hugged the helmet and jacket tightly against his chest biting his chapped bottom lip harshly, starting to taste an irony flavor in his tongue, probably having just sunk his teeth into his lip.

“Lance… look… I know that I fucked it up I mean… I almost grew up with you and I know how much people have judged you and have compared you to others. I also know how much you’ve always been compared to Keith and always having been told mean things a-and I-I…” Lance gasped lightly as tears ran down his face. At this Blue snarled lowly before curling unto Lance’s lap.

“Shit, Hunk stop, I don’t think now is the time. Blue just snarled at us” came Pidge’s voice muffled by the door. “His heart rate is picking up a lot man”

“Hunk, wait for him to approach us, he might not be ready for this talk, and I doubt that you’re in any state to talk to him.You need to be patient Hunk.” Shiro added, his soothing voice helping Lance start to calm a little before Hunk started to talk again.

“No! I have waited But I need to try and fix this! I-I… Lance, I’m so fucking sorry. I have no excuse for what I did. You have no obligation of forgiving me. You don’t even have to! Just… Don’t fall back into that death pit please. W-When your father died I found you almost dead. I-I would never be able to live with your death in my conscience. Please Just… lets talk it out please Lance” At this point Hunk was sobbing against the door. Lance himself was sobbing uncontrollably using his hand to cover his mouth. He tried desperately to calm down because his breathing was too agitated. Lance knew he was not okay, and Hunk speaking so desperately was like the first day all over again.

“Hunk get away from there right now! Christ Listen to his heart beat! Get the fuck away!” Came Keith’s voice before there was struggling against the door. Lance couldn’t register anything else that was happening after that. He was too busy gasping for air as tears cascaded down his cheeks, his vision was tunneled, pulsing in and out with the rhythm of his heart beat which was blaring on his ears preventing him to listen anything else. His hands trembled where they gripped on the jacket and the helmet in his lap.

“My cub, you need to calm down, I am here for you. Please take deep breaths” came Blue’s soothing voice before her warm comforting presence flooded his mind, instantly starting to work on calming him down. He gasped for air, a ragged cry ripping through his throat before he felt himself be pulled into Blue’s soft fur by huge lion paws on his shoulders. He obeyed trying to take deep breaths, breathing in Blue’s comforting scent. He sobbed and burried his face into her fur as she kept reassuring him in his mind.

After what felt like an eternity he was slumped against Blue too exhausted to move. He felt completely drained in every single way, emotionally, mentally and physically. Blue had taken into her mission to lap at his cheeks trying to get rid of the tears that had slowed considerably, her purr rumbling through their bodies making his eyes get droppy.

“That’s it my cub. Rest. I will stay here by your side, I will shower you with my love. I will protect you and care for you” Blue said, sloftly and carefully pushing him back against the pillows and blankets.

“Blue?” He mumbled looking at the lioness who hummed looking at him with caring yellow eyes" why would you do so much for me? I do not deserve you. A mistake is never something worth caring for"

Blue sighed and laid down against him starting to softly lick his hair in an attempt to groom him even though she had already forced him to shower. She honestly made him feel like her cub sometimes"my cub, I will always love you. You are no mistake. Mistakes do not exist. Everything happens for a purpose.“ She purred carefully pulling a blanket to cover Lance.

“But… what purpose would I have? I mean, I have nothing to offer, I-” Lance started before Blue cut him off.

“Lance, my lovely cub, you have so much to offer yet you speak so lowly of yourself. You’re such an amazing being, so selfless and dedicated. Don’t believe what others say about you. I know my cub, it’s easier said than done, but now you have me by your side. I will help you forever, even if you ever stop being my paladin, you will always be my lovely cub” she purred laying her head on his chest with a lionish warm smile.

“But… Blue I-hmph!”

“None of that, don’t ruin this moment with words sweet cheeks” she said taking her paw from Lance’s face as she had silenced him with it. The genuine laugh that rumbled through Lance’s body made her swell with pride and happiness as she had successfully made her cub feel better.

“And that Blue?” He chuckled as she gave him a shrug

“Learned from the best, now rest my cub, I will be here with you” she purred happily curling against Lance and licking his cheek, softly humming on his mind a soothing lullaby to coax him to sleep. Maybe he could trust blue on this one. He smiled letting exhaustion take over his body and mind.

Mistake or not, he now knew that for Blue, he was more than just her paladin.

YOI - Barcelona

This is Part 1; Part 2 is here 

I know this has been done before, but I wanted to do it too. So here’s my pilgrimage to Barcelona. The trip was not without its hiccups, as you will see, but for the most part, I think I covered the hot spots: 

1. The hotel. By now, I think we all know which hotel they stayed at. Let’s start at the top. The pool had nice views at night, but was very cold.❄️☃️ I can only imagine what it was like in December. What were Viktor and Chris thinking???

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Gearheads pt.4

Pairings: readerxSweetpea

A/N: the final, heavy dialogued, part of Gearheads. Enjoy my angels!


I blinked my blurry world into lackluster focus. Oh fucking hell what happened. I couldn’t lift my head from the coarse pillow. Am I dead? Is this heaven? I moved my eyes slowly to see an angel balled up in a Serpent jacket on the couch, a pile of books along side her. I haven’t seen yn in so long. I tried to lift my head again and failed with a grunt, yns eyes flew open. I felt bad for waking her, she doesn’t look like she’s slept much.

“Sweet Pea…” she barely whispered, I was afraid to move just in case this was a dream. She stood and ran to my bedside, stumbling a little. Still a clumsy goddess ((ohh dat link to da first fic tho)).

“Oh my god thank God you’re awake!”

“How-” I coughed in attempt to clear my hoarse throat “-what happened?”

“You rolled the car…”

“Oh fuck how’s the car?”

“ Practically totalled” she laughed slightly

“Oh for fuck sake of course it is”

“Well I mean that’s what happens when you flip it over”

“Damn I knew I wasn’t supposed to do something” she laughed at me “at least your sense of humor is alright” she smirked down at me again. My eyes landed back on her books.

“What’s with the books?”

“Well you’ve been comatosed for a week and I had to go to school so I brought my work here for the evening”

“Oh…” that was incredibly sweet and unnecessary. “Are you alone?”

“Fangs came most days, he’s gone for food now. His mom was your emergency contact so she’s in and out but mostly it’s just me….”

“how are you feeling…” her smile.half disappeared, calm before a storm kind of situation.



“Not yet but I gues-” she then smacked me across the face abruptly and…kinda hard, giving me a fright.


“That’s for going all radio silence on me and then getting yourself in an accident!” she sounded beyond annoyed.

“I’m sorry I had to!”

“You had to nearly kill yourself?!”

“No! I had to shut you out, it was for your own good!”

“MY OWN GOOD?!” I think even if this wasn’t a private room she’d be screaming, she’s really angry… rightfully so.

“Yeah I swear”

“I was in an abusive fucking relationship with an absolute asshole for half a year and you hurt me more in the past 3 weeks than he ever did! SO TELL ME HOW THAT’S FOR MY OWN GOOD! TELL ME HOW THE BOY I LOVE IGNORING ME FOR TWO WEEKS THEN NEARLY DYING IS GOOD FOR ME!!!” She was half crying and the frustration and pain was dripping from her voice. Did she just say she loved me?

“Yn call the doctor” I felt like the air was fleeing my lungs, I was starting to hyperventilate slightly.

“Shh shh Sweet Pea calm down" she caught my hand but I couldn’t feel it, only see it.

“Yn I can’t feel your hand! Why can’t I feel your hand!?”

“It’s okay it’s okay please it’s okay Sweets” she was stroking my hair after pushing the call button. This is awful?! What is this?! Is like I’m drowning without water! Oh God oh god. A nurse ran in and then blurred out.


I woke again to the feeling of a weight in the bed alongside me. At least I could feel something this time. The cold air running over my face hummed from an oxygen tank. I stirred slightly and Yn sat up immediately.

“Sorry sorry” she moved to slide out for the hospital bed but I caught her wrist while shaking my head side to side. She cuddled back into me on her side while I lay flat on my back.

“You went into shock-” answering me before I ask “-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have shouted at you”

“It’s okay, I deserved it” I pulled the mask down from my face and she looked on worriedly.

“Yeah you did but maybe not right after you wake up from a minor coma” we both laugh lightly.  

“Minor coma? I’m sorry I’ll try harder next time” I smile at her alongside me.

“You…you just said you loved me and it threw me”

“So you decided to practically flat line on me?” She grinned.

“Yeah I mean that’s one way of getting out of saying it back” she hit me gently.

“I missed you yn and I know you don’t believe me but it was in your best interest and I’m sorry”

“Let me decide what’s best for me from now on okay?” She lightly kissed my cheek and wow I missed her.

“Knock knock” my dad walked in, hands on his pockets and Yn sat back up. See, he does show up at the most inconvenient time. Yn smiled her bright smile at him. If he hurts her I’ll strangle him with the oxygen wire because I love irony.

“How you doing yn?”

“I’m good Sir how are you?” She beamed, what is happening.

“Much better now my bike is fixed, thanks for the help-” what the hell is happening right now?!

“-You’ve got a keeper there Sweet Pea…I mean it-” i must be off my face on O2.

“-Well I just came in to say hello Sweet Pea, hope you feel better and I sent the remains of your car to the shop…might be fun and slightly impossible to fix but if anyone can, your girlfriend can” I could only just about manage a nod. He returned the same before giving a small wave to yn and leaving.

“Yn I love you” after witnessing practically the impossible, my dad liking my Northsider girlfriend, I felt I had nothing to lose.

She put her hand to her head and fell back in the bed “Quick Sweets! Call the doctor! I’m dyiiiinngggg” she mimicked me and I couldn’t help but laugh. I love this goofy, clutsy, gifted girl.

“I love you too, now don’t faint or anything”

“I change my mind, someone pull the life support Yn! Pull it!” I teased

“You’re such a giant nerd” she kissed my bruised head lightly.

“Will you help me fix the car?”

“if you promise not to destroy this one and give me my fucking note book maybe I will, it’s the only reason I’m here” she scrunched up her face after sticking her tongue out. I took a heavy arm and wrapped it around her, pulling her back into me.

“My Serpent jacket looked good on you by the way”

“Yours? Oh Sweets, that was mine” I glanced at her in shock and she winked. Serpent Gearheads


Much love Xx

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Saved By Vodka

How long has it been oh my lanta. 

I’m trying to catch up on some requests rn so here’s one I’ve recently finished. Again, I got carried away haha, but nonetheless I hope you enjoy. 

Yes, I can. I’m sorry if this is a mess huhu

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Saved by Vodka 

(Pietro Cutie Tipsy NOT DEAD Maximoff x Cutie Angel Pie Reader) 

It was a quiet day at the tower. Yes, the windows were shattered and the floor as still littered with broken glass and fallen debris, but it was nothing but quiet. Y/N’s brother and his super-friends were out of town and she had the lab all to herself. Don’t get her wrong, she was worried about the battle in Sokovia, and was pretty pissed off at Tony for having created a megabot that wanted to destroy all mankind for this new “perfect” generation to reign, but she was requested by Tony and the rest of the team to stay put in the tower and wait until they got back. They made it pretty clear that she was much more useful here than there. So she obliged- she had her music plugged in, the speakers up in full blast as she worked on some apology notes and checks to the towns and cities the Avengers have recently destroyed. She was very known to the UN by her charm and her notes and donations were always greatly appreciated.

Her music was cut by a phone call… from Pepper.

“Oh shit,” she mumbled before answering the call and shutting her eyes, bracing herself just as Tony should be, “Hi, Pepper,”

“Y/N, where in hell is your brother?!” She screamed on the other end of the line. Y/N winced at her tone, proceeding with her work. Her voice came out casual but at the same time strained, as if she didn’t want to have the conversation, which is most definitely true, “He’s at Sokovia-,”

“Sokovia? Where’s Sokovia?!”

“Eastern Europe, if I’m right.”

“What? Did he really create that murder bot?! Patch me through to him, now!”

“Sorry, Pepper,” Y/N sighed, sliding her chair from one end of the room to another to retrieve her juice box, “I can’t,”

“What do you mean you can’t?”

“Pretty busy right now,”

“Ask Jarvis!”

“Jarvis isn’t available right now either.”

In the background from Pepper’s end of the phone call, the sound of the screams on television alerted Y/N that she was watching the news… which is probably what she should be doing too… “What’s that purple thing?!”

“That’s Vision,” Y/N informed her calmly, “Jarvis is kinda in him.”

“There’s another murder bot?!”

“Not really, he’s kind of the good guy… which Tony also kind of created.”

“Oh my-” Pepper’s volume was lowered just as she began her rant as another voice joined in on their conversation. “Hey, Y/N,”

“Hey, Tony,”

“Tony fucking Stark!” Pepper exclaimed and Tony’s face visibly scrunched up into a cringe, “Hey, honey, how’s Canada?”

“Don’t you how’s Canada me! I leave you alone for two minutes and-”

“Baby, look, I love you, okay? But we have a life on the line and I really have to go. Talk to you later, I’ll send you flowers, I miss you, I love you. Bye,” Tony ended her call from his suit and went back to talking with his sister. He quickly turned to her and glared, “Did you tell on me?”

Y/N shook her head, “Nope. What’s the sitch?”

“We have a fallen soldier. Need you to get to the medical bay ASAP. Don’t worry about the doors. I’ll be there with Helen and the body in ten.”

“The body?”

“Bye, Y/N, I love you, I miss you, I’ll send you flowers!” Tony smirked and hung up, leaving Y/N a confused heap.


Y/N watched as her brother walked on the launchpad, a jet following after him. He phased out of his armor and brought his sister into his arms for a hug. They acted so casual, as if there wasn’t just a worldwide threat going after their asses. The thing was, Y/N had been born into this life. Their father worked for SHIELD, so she knew the risks of losing a family member. She’s been more of a homebody- always tinkering in the labs and, more recently, the medical bay. Ever since she found out about her abilities, she’d spent more of her time in the clinic, helping out with injuries within the team.

Y/N had the power to heal any type of injury, although she hasn’t really explored them all that much. Only Tony knew about what she could do- she’d almost told Bruce once but she had second thoughts… So up until now, she was an inexperienced healer.

“I need you to revive a body,” Tony deadpanned, walking with her to the clinic.

“A body?! Like a-a dead body?!”

“His heart just stopped beating six minutes ago, there’s still time,” Tony shrugged and pushed her into the clinic where some agents had already carried a body in. She gaped at the dead man on the table and looked at Tony, “I can’t do this,”

“Yes, you can,” Tony said, his voice lowering, turning serious. “Look, this guy saved Clint’s and a kid’s life. He’s a good kid… And he has a sister.”

“Tony… I don’t…”

“I just thought that, if I’d lost you and I knew something could be done,” Tony frowned. He cared about his sister dearly, having been the only family left in his life, “I could never live with myself.” Tony put his hands on her shoulders and gave her an almost pleading look, “I know you can do this,”

That was enough to get her up and going, doing everything she could to fix up the dead man on her table. First, she healed his wounds, speeding up the process of the regeneration cradle, next she fixed all the internal bleeding, and then she started him up. She placed both her hands on his chest and took a deep breath. Tony was in the corner, watching out for her, ready to help her if it got too much for her to handle. Helen and a few more nurses who were in the room were asked to step aside as Y/N used her abilities. It was a sight to see for them- a “medical phenomenon”, Helen had muttered under her breath.

Y/N’s hands began to glow a misty gold as she gave everything in her to get his heart beating again. She felt the energy in her slowly starting to drain out. She didn’t notice Tony’s hands holding her upright.

“Okay, I think that’s enough,” Tony told her, yet doing nothing to pull her away. He knew better than that. Y/N shook her head, glancing at the heart monitor

“No, I almost got it,” Y/N slurred. Her vision getting increasingly blurry as she tried to focus on the man’s- Pietro’s- paling face. She’s never done anything to this extent with her powers before. It was draining her.

“Y/N! I said that’s enough!”

“Shh, Tony,” Y/N mumbled, exerting everything into the situation at hand until there was a beep and then there was a gasp and then there was nothing.


Y/N opened her eyes to her brother towering over her. She was on the couch, in the living room, surrounded by the Avengers. From the looks of it, they’d been watching the whole fiasco in the clinic and they wanted answers.

“Hey, Superstar,” Tony smiled once Y/N came to, “How you feeling?”

“Drained,” Y/N rasped, “Thirsty. Hot.”

“Got iced tea, extra ice and, um…” Steve frowned, looking into the glass he’d been holding, “No tea.”

“Water. Iced water.” Tony rolled his eyes and grabbed the glass from Steve to give to Y/N. With a little chuckle, she accepted the glass and sat upright. It was then that she noticed the new girl who was standing beside Clint by her feet.

The girl introduced herself as soon as she noticed Y/N’s attention had been directed to her, “Hello… I am Wanda Maximoff.”

“Hey,” she replied, reaching out to shake the girl’s hand. Wanda took a quick glance at Tony hesitantly before she looked back at Y/N, “You saved my brother. Thank you.”

Y/N let out a sigh of relief. So he was okay… so she did it.

“It’s not a problem,” she said and gave the dead man’s sister a soft smile. “I’m happy to help.”

“I was wrong about you, Mister Stark,” Wanda confessed, “Ever since I saw your name on the shell that killed my parents, I had thought you were the evilest thing the world could conjure up.”

Tony let out a puff.

“I thought that ending you would make things easier, save more lives; rid the world of such animosity… but I was wrong. I had never thought you and your family would bring me back my only family left. For this, Mister Stark, I humble myself. I’m deeply sorry for misjudging you.” At this, Tony smiled, and reached forward to shake Wanda’s hand.

“If it’s any consolation,” he said, looking around him, “It looks like you’ve gotten more than you’ve bargained for.”

Just as Wanda was to ask what he meant by that, Clint already had an arm around her, “Welcome to the family, kiddo! We have Taco Tuesdays and the rest we either get Chinese or pizza.”

It was no surprise that Tony threw a party a few weeks after that. In the span of that time, Y/N had only seen Pietro twice, only because she’d been busy going around to pay for things Tony broke. She has bonded with Wanda a few times though, when they would go out to shop for clothes.

That night would be the third time she would encounter Pietro.

She was sitting on the bar, having her third drink and chatting with Steve when Pietro saw her from across the room. Just as the other times he’d seen her, he felt a tug in his heart that made him want to get closer to her. Oh how he wanted to just talk to her, to be able to spend some time with her and show her how grateful he is to her for bringing him back.

“Party, drink, nice outfit,” Tony listed as he approached Pietro, eyeing him closely, “Eyes on my sister- something is bubbling in that little white skull of yours and I don’t think I like it.”

Pietro didn’t drop his gaze, “Hush, old man, I am thinking.”

Tony groaned, “If it’s about Y/N, I want you to stop.”

“How did you…”

“I already have Steve to worry about.” Tony explained. Upon realizing this, he chugs down his drink in distress. When he resurfaced to tell Pietro off about his little crush, the asshat was already gone. Tony looked around and then at his glass, “I need a bigger glass.”


“No way, so you’re telling me the boats were too heavy?” Y/N laughed at Steve’s story. He nodded and raised his drink in confirmation, “No one really understood what the beeping noise was all about until we all got off.”

Y/N laughed, “That’s amazing,”

“Yeah, well, it would have been much better if you were there.” Steve smiled, looking at her almost a little too flirtatiously, “Things are always better when you’re around.”

Y/N’s face flushed as she looked down to take a sip of her drink, “That’s so sweet of you, Steve.” Steve was a nice man, with an extremely amazing heart of gold. The world could only dream of having someone as amazing as he was, yet although he shows her a certain amount of interest- and she appreciates it- she doesn’t think she’s just the right person for him.

“Captain, hello.” Wanda suddenly was beside them. She gave Y/N a smile and addressed her before she gave Steve her attention once more, “Would you like to dance?”

Steve gave her a kind smile and accepted. Y/N laughed as she watched the two fumble around like idiots to the beat of the music, questioning herself whether or not she thinks any of these two can dance.

“Your laugh is just as beautiful as you are, draga,” a voice said from behind the counter. She turned to see Pietro pouring himself a drink of vodka. She clicked her tongue, “That’s a strong drink, Pietro,”

Pietro chuckled, “I think it is what I need right now.”

Y/N twisted in the swiveling chair she was sitting in to face Pietro who raised a glass of champagne. She allowed him to pour some more in her glass. Pietro took a moment to just stare at her, to just look into her eyes before she pulled her gaze away from him. Y/N couldn’t deny this connection she had to the dead man. As if after the day she’d healed him, all she wanted to do was be by his side. Although time and life said no, she’s now with him, right now, and maybe, just maybe, life was saying yes.

“Beautiful,” Pietro breathed once more, taking a large gulp of his vodka. She blushed and took a big gulp of her drink as well. She knew of Pietro’s reputation of being a flirt, but that didn’t exactly make her immune to it.

“You clean up pretty nice too,” she told him, gesturing to his button down shirt and slacks. “True bachelor get up,”

Pietro chuckled, “I try,” and again, another sip. He was getting tired of just drinking it all away. He needed to say it now, get it out his system. He promised himself he’d take it well, if she doesn’t feel the same, it would be no problem. It would suck, but he won’t make a fuss about it.

“Y/N,” he finally started, sounding a bit distressed as he did. He was caught off guard by her eyes on him. “I- I… Ever since you saved me that day, I have had this feeling…”

Y/N’s breath hitched. Pietro made no comment to that but proceeded to what he was saying, “That I wanted to just be with you. Be close to you, physically and e-emotionally, you know? And because of that, it has fueled me to get to know you more. From our brief encounters in the past, as quick as they were, I’ve… fallen… to,” Pietro cleared his throat, “to… like you a certain amount. A very big amount, actually,” he chuckled. Y/N giggled at his nervous tone, masking the fact that her heart was beating as fast as the man in front of her could run.

“With that,” he cleared his throat again, eyeing the drink in his hand, “I was wondering if you would allow me to better get to know you, so I may, finally admit to you how much… I do, truly…” He looked up at her, “Love you.” as soon as the words left his mouth, his one hand reached for the bottle of vodka to his left and took a big swig out of it. Oh how he loved the drink so much more now than he ever did in his life.

Y/N found this cute, and as he was speaking, she had already mulled over the fact that she too may share the same feelings he has for her. She had realized that she hadn’t said anything for about a minute which made Pietro very, very anxious.

Y/N glanced around, spotting Steve already by the pool table and Tony entertaining Pepper (whe was still fairly angry). She then gave Pietro a warm smile, “You want to get out of here?”

In a second, the two were already walking down the sidewalk outside the building. “I’ve always wanted to try that Shake Shack everyone has been talking about.”

“We have the whole night ahead of us,” Y/N told him. “Let’s have some fun.”

“I have approximately a full bottle of Vodka in me,” Pietro grinned, “I think fun I can guarantee.”

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Moar Fics by me (with love)


Characters: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst, fluffy ending

When you catch your boyfriend Minsoo cheating on you one night, you find yourself in front of Jimin’s apartment door. But what you don’t know is Jimin has long awaited the day you and your boyfriend went your separate ways.

Originally posted by bwipsul

    Tears blurred your vision as the image of your now ex-boyfriend andsome tramp together at a bar haunted your mind. He had said he was out with his friends. You had gone for a quick trip to the store after he left, seeing as you were out of milk. Since your apartment was right in downtown, the store was within walking distance, so you headed out into the dark city streets. On your way back home, a bar on the side of the street had music echoing through from the glossy windows, the yells of intoxicated men and women flying through the air. You made your way past it hurriedly, but not before sparing a glance through the window to the inside.

    The carton of milk fell to the sidewalk at the sight before your eyes. There stood your boyfriend, standing by the edge of the crappy, worn down pool table, with a leggy, model-tan girl who couldn’t have been much older than you wrapped around his figure. She had an arm around his side, her gaze pointed straight at his face. You watched the scene unfold before you, frozen, hoping he would push her away, or at least show some sort of resistance. But that was not the case. A conniving smirk played on her lips as she seductively scooted herself onto the edge of the pool table, the other players letting out a complaint. But your boyfriend didn’t say anything, nor do anything in protest. He simply smirked back at her, his gaze wandering a little too far south than her face. Your feet stood still where they were on the sidewalk. It felt like all the blood in your body had drained out, your limbs no longer able to move. Not two hours ago the very same man had given you a kiss on the cheek, looking at you lovingly before leaving. You wanted to puke. The milk you had dropped on the sidewalk started to leak onto the cement, a puncture in its side. You stared at it for a moment before tears started rapidly building in your eyes. You turned away from the wretched window and away from that man you used to call your boyfriend and sprinted as hard as your legs were willing to.

    Now here you were, standing against the side of a brick building in an alleyway, tall buildings reaching up to the sky on either side of you. Your hands came up to cover your face as you finally let your feelings consume you, sobbing as you started to slide to the filthy ground. You couldn’t go back to your apartment. You didn’t know when your boyfriend would come back, and even if it wasn’t for a while, you weren’t ready to face him. So you let yourself cry in peace and privacy, thankful that you were in an area where not many people travelled through at this time of night. Eventually, the distant sounds of city life started to soothe your broken emotions. Car horns, the fading noises of dogs barking and the echoes of passing cars blasting music. You let yourself sit there for a few minutes, everything starting to numb over. You knew you couldn’t stay there all night. You had to find somewhere to go other than your apartment where you would be destined to see your boyfriends face again come a few hours. And all the money you had on you when you left, you had used to spend on your abandoned milk. Staying at a hotel was out the window.

    The only other option was to stay at someone else’s place for the time being. Someone you could trust. As quickly as you thought the words, an idea came to you. Standing up shakily from the dirty alleyway, you started walking down the sidewalk.

    The glowing light from the various bright lights on the side of the apartment building shined in your eyes, causing you to squint as you made your way to the entrance. The street you were on was silent, the gentle scuffs of your sneakers on the pavement the most prominent sound. Walking slowly underneath the light, you glanced to the wall on the left, various names with room numbers next to them lining a part on the wall. You already knew where you were going. Your hand twisted the cold metal doorknob to the building, allowing you to enter. Hastily, you made your way through the lobby and up the old, scuffed wooden staircase. Floor 3, room 13. You repeated the words in your head like a mantra as you continued travelling the familiar path.

    A large set of brown numbers reading 13 stood before your face now. Hand outstretched, you moved to knock on the door. But your hand froze just inches away from the wood. You were a mess, and looked it too. Baggy sweatpants hung around your waist, an old sweatshirt thrown on your shoulders. Your hair was unkempt and wild, and you realized your face was probably red, splotchy and tear-stained from the crying you had done earlier. What in the hell will he make of this? You thought to yourself.

    Suddenly, the entirety of the night crashed through you. The feeling of complete betrayal and despair ripping through your heart. Tears started building in your eyes once again as your breath shook, your hand flattening against the door in attempt for stability as you tried desperately to contain your sobs. What had I done to deserve this? You thought in the midst of your misery. Tears ran down your face and dripped down to the floor.

    Abruptly, the door shot open in front of you, causing you to jump back in order to avoid falling on your face from leaning on it. Through your blurry vision, you looked up to see the shocked expression of the only face you were willing to see at all right now.

“Y/N?” he exclaimed in shock as he pulled the door open further, clearly not expecting to see someone outside it. You lowered your head and stared at the ground. The palm of your hand shot up to wipe away your tears defensively. “Jimin…” was all you could croak out as your foot took a step back, reevaluating the situation. Maybe this was a mistake, you thought in your sudden panic at someone seeing this much vulnerability in you.

    “I-I’m sorry, I…” your broken voice mumbled hesitantly, taking another step back. But as you took a step back, he took a step forward. You looked up to see a concerned expression etched into his face. “Y/N, what’s going on? Are you okay?” he said softly. A part of you wanted to laugh, but instead you just sighed, your breath still shaky. “I should just go.” you said finally, turning back towards the stairs. But before you took a step, you felt a hand place gently on your shoulder. “Y/N,” he said, firmer than before. “Come inside. Please.”

    An ounce of the comfort you were longing for spread welcomingly through you. You turned your head to look into Jimin’s eyes, which looked straight back into yours. His eyebrows were pulled together slightly, his eyes the warm comforting chocolate brown that you had always been familiar with. Moving your gaze back at the ground, you nodded meekly. After all, there really was nowhere else you could go. You saw him visibly relax a little before stepping aside from the doorway so you could walk in.

    Jimin’s apartment was the definition of homelike. Not in a grandmother kind of way, but everywhere that you went inside let off a vibe that shouted, safe. It was the feeling one got when they arrived back home after taking a long vacation or something of the sort. You slowly made your way in, looking around everywhere your eyes could reach to take it all in. You gladly welcomed the feelings that accompanied Jimin’s apartment. He entered behind you and carefully sat down on one side of his couch in the middle of the living room, his body turned to face the other end. You shakily lowered yourself on the other end of the couch too, facing him, just like the two of you had done countless times before. Only it was different this time. You curled your legs up underneath you. Maybe if you could make yourself small enough you could disappear altogether. Jimin’s eyes were trained on you, and you could tell he was trying to figure out what to do. You sniffled, staring at your hands. Finally, Jimin spoke up.

“Do you want some water, or anything?” he said softly. You just shook your head, knowing he wasn’t going to squeeze information out of you without you talking to him first. In a weak voice, you simply stated, “Minsoo cheated on me.”

    There was a pause of deafening silence. You looked up to see Jimin tensed, staring at a fixed point on his carpeting. Like a recurring wave, your misery came impeding on you again, having said the words aloud. The tears pooled in your eyes again, already spilling onto your sleeves and the couch below. A sob lingered dangerously in your chest, held at bay by the fact that you didn’t want to lose this much control in front of Jimin, but your resistance was futile. You started crying, your body lurching forward, wrapping your arms tightly around your knees. Through the corner of your eye, you saw Jimin snap his head up from the ground, hurt flooding into his eyes as you cried.

    “Am I not good enough?” you said in a strained voice. You felt a sudden dip in the couch as Jimin crawled over to you, his arms gently wrappingaround your curled up figure as you completely winded out of control, crying into his chest. His arms held you tighter each time a sob wracked through your body. This lasted for what seemed like forever, and you felt the deep ache of emotional pain starting to slowly chip away as you cried yourself out. Even after you started to calm down Jimin’s arms stayed wrapped firmly around you.

    In a tired voice, you croaked out, “I’m sorry I’m such a mes-”

“You’re not.” Jimin shot out before you could finish, his voice low and comforting. “Don’t apologize.” he added softly.

    The two of you sat together in comfortable silence like that for a while, your body calming down after the violent episode. “…You’re perfect,” Jimin whispered so quietly that it was almost inaudible to you. You turned your head slightly to look at him. As your gaze met his, he looked down, and if it weren’t for the apparent darkness of the room you could have sworn he was blushing. Shifting out of his current position, he carefully unwrapped his arms from around you and sat next to you on the couch. You stretched out your legs, grateful for the relief. Though he wasn’t as close to you as before, he was still within an inches reach. You both turned toward each other.

    “I’m sorry…” he said quietly, though you weren’t sure what he was sorry for. Then, he quickly added, “I’m sorry that bastard…cheated on you.” He tensed on the word cheated. You continued looking at him, not sure what to say next.

    “But,” he began again. “I hope…”

You looked at him in question, waiting for him to continue. Then Jimin lifted his gaze straight into your eyes. In a quietly firm voice, he said, “I hope you can get over him.”

    You blinked at him, feeling hot blush start to creep into your face, and suddenly you were extremely grateful for the lack of light in the room. Why am I blushing? You screamed at yourself. You looked to the ground from his face, and back again, hoping Jimin couldn’t sense your sudden skittish behavior. But what you began to realize was his gaze had slowly travelled downwards from your eyes, resting on your mouth. You sat frozen as he slowly looked back up at you with a new look in his eyes. Instead of the warm comforting brown they used to be, they were now shadowed and burning, as if they were piercing into yours. All you could do was sit looking at him like a statue as he shifted, now fully facing you. Slowly butconfidently, he started leaning in to your face, his eyes boring into yours, waiting for you to protest. But you did nothing besides stare back at him, your body unwilling to move. He kept leaning in, as if in slow motion until his lips were close enough to yours that any slight move on your part would cause impact. Your eyes were still locked on his face. He paused for a moment, hesitating before connecting his lips with yours, his eyes closing. Your eyes widened a bit as you realized what was happening at this exact moment. The kiss was urgent, as if he expected you to fade away in any moment. Within seconds, you felt yourself melt into the kiss, your eyes easing closed as you realized how much you’ve wanted this. You’ve wanted it ever since the first time you two met. All of the times you two would hang out together, go out to eat with each other, did you both really think you would always be just friends? Why else would you come to him in your time of need? It all fit together now, as if the last piece in a giant jigsaw puzzle had just been placed.

    As he felt you begin to kiss him back, his confidence grew. His hand came up to gently caress your face as his lips moved languidly against yours. Your arms slowly reached up around his neck, deepening the kiss. This lasted for minutes, hours for all you cared. But it all felt so right. And you couldn’t help but think why you didn’t see that before.

    Eventually, Jimin pulled away from you, his gaze smoldering as he looked at you. You returned his gaze before leaning in and placing your forehead against his. A smile slowly spread its way onto your face. Jimin’s mouth grew into an affectionate smile, his eyes squinting together as both of your feelings for each other began to grow. All of the pain from earlier that day had melted away. Everything that had happened earlier meant close to nothing to you now. All you knew in that moment was that he was yours, and you were his.

In Another Life - Secrets


summary: a chaptered fic made up of a series of smutty oneshots taking place in the pastel!dan and punk!phil alternate universe

genre: smut

warnings: in this particular oneshot - masturbation, toys, size!kink, dirty talk, spanking, slight praise!kink, double penetration

word count: 3490 ((ky is back ayOOOOOOOOO))

a/n: this was beta’ed by the lovely holly and i hope you all enjoy this! it was really fun writing this and i just hope you all like it because so much effort was put into this you have no idea. like literal research on aftercare because it’s important. okay yes i’m gonna go before this gets too long, but here here another continuation of my pastel/punk series! <3

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Our End/E.D. Imagine

As soon as his eyes opened from their slumber, he clenched them shut, his nose, and eyebrows scrunching up in distaste. He breathed in and out, his bare chest moving up in down in a rhythm my eyes watched religiously. This would be the last time I could do this; Stare at him just to remember him.

His mouth set into a frown, as he swallowed, his throat bobbing up and down. His long, nimble, fingers scrubbed at his face, as he groaned into his hands, the raspy sound clinging to my ears, a sound I hoped I would never forget.

He dropped his hands onto the fluffy white duvet, his fingers twitching anxiously, until he finally looked my way.

“You don’t have to go, you know.” He whispered. “We can work this out, if you just give it a chance.” The shake of my head was a clear indication of what we both knew.

We were goners.

Last night was evidence enough.

We didn’t love each other like we used to. The feelings were vague, blurry, distant. A memory that was meant to be looked upon every once in awhile, and not one that we need to reenact. It wasn’t his fault. It wasn’t my fault. You can fall out of love just as easily as you can fall in it. That’s the scary part about loving someone. Not the fact that you’re literally giving a piece of yourself to someone else, in hopes of their trust and respect in return. No. It’s the fear that they won’t love you as much as they used to.

That they’ll look at you, at the flaws that they used to call unique, at you’re stubbornness that they used to find so damn attractive, but now they just see it as you being thick headed. That they’ll see you’re fears as pathetic instead of endearing like they used to.

Last night we tried to test it; to see if everything really was gone. All of my things were packed, ready to be put into a moving truck first thing in the morning, and I stood in the apartment that I shared-no longer after tonight-with Ethan. My original plan was to go back to my new apartment, and bring my stuff over tomorrow.

But as I packed up the last box, placing the tape gun on the counter, Ethan approached me, hands in his pockets, bottom lip between his teeth. “Can we at least see…” he trailed off quietly, shaking his head in dismissal.

“See what?” I asked, eyeing his burgundy SnapBack, his black v-neck shirt, and adidas sweatpants. He swallowed past the lump in his throat, his fingers trailing up my jaw, as he tucked my hair behind my ears.

“See if it’s still there?” His request was clear by the look in his dark eyes. The way they drooped sadly, his face blank of any expression. But his eyes said it all; he wanted to see if all feelings were lost by doing the most intimate, most thought consuming, thing.

At first I was hesitant. What if It didn’t work? Wouldn’t this just be getting our hopes up? But what if it did work. What if our feelings were blocked, and the only way to prove it was by showing each other in a way we haven’t in what felt like forever?

“Please?” He rested his forehead against mine, his dark eyes beaming. I used to look adoringly into his eyes, the same way he did too. But now, I looked away in embarrassment, in fear because it wasn’t the same.

“Say we do. So what? It won’t change anything.” I shook my head, knowing that my words were crushing him.

It’s not that he’s in love with me anymore. He’s just too scared to lose something that’s been such a constant in his life. Too scared that he won’t be the same once I’m gone. And I know I won’t be. Without him, I’m lost, and confused, but it’s the same way when I’m with him. I don’t know where we stand, both of us too scared to admit that we loved each other when we had the chance. Now we don’t, and we’re both holding onto a lifeline that was cut, with nothing holding onto it.

“Just…Try.” His lips hovered over mine, waiting for me to deny him, to crush him like I had countless times before when he offered to love me. When I didn’t push him away, he pressed his lips to mine, the lightest of kisses, gauging the waters before fully entering, deepening the kiss, and parting my lips with his.

I did feel something. But it wasn’t love. It was wanting, and probably lust. Wanting because I wanted to make this work. I wanted to be with him. But I couldn’t be with a memory. I couldn’t pretend like things were all peachy, when all o really wanted to do was to cry, and leave the room. My eyelids fluttered closed, the vaguely familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach was enough indication that even if I didn’t love him, my body sure did.

I had missed the way his breaths came out in little pants as he trailed kisses up my chin. I had missed the way his arms would lock around my waist, bringing me closer to his toned body. His touches lingered, soft and smooth, and I knew that just like me, he was trying to remember.

What the hell. One last time before I hit the road.

I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me to the bedroom, resting me on the edge of the bed, his fingers tugging the hen of my shirt up and over my head, throwing it somewhere in the room. His hat fell to the floor, as my fingers tangles in his dark locks, feeling the texture between my fingers.

I scooted to the headboard, watching as he slowly crawled towards me, a hungry glint in his eyes, one that I recognized, one that sent a chill down my spine, a chill that wasn’t at all due to the cold air around us. Ethan liked to keep the apartment at a cool temperature, something we used to argue about a lot.

His body melted against mine, our legs tangling together, getting into the rhythm that we had created back when we did these kinds of things religiously. Clothes were stripped away, revealing parts of me that I hadn’t shown him in a long time. Maybe this is part of the problem; we haven’t been this intimate with each other in who knows how long? Maybe this can fix everything.

The way we moved against each other was intoxicating, proving how much we craved the others touch. His strong arms cage me against the mattress, the golden light from the street lamp outside illuminating the sweat on his shoulder blades.

His hands gripped my thighs, motioning for me to open my legs wider, so he could bury himself in me further. My fists gripped the sheets tightly, head falling back onto the pillows, eyes clenched shut tightly to rid them of the thoughts in my head that were telling me that I shouldn’t be doing this, that I shouldn’t let him get my hopes up.

“Y/n,” he muttered my name against my skin, his thrusts getting sloppier, but not losing his momentum. I moaned loudly, feeling his skin move against mine, his fingers pushing against the soft flesh of my back.

Tears leaked from my eyes onto my cheeks as I realized that this wasn’t doing anything. All i felt at the moment was pure lost, ecstasy, and rage as he slowed his pace, noticing my angry tears.

“Hey, hey.” He wiped my tears, shushing me as he laid his forehead against mine. He lay between my knees, his stomach flexing as he sat up on his elbows that caged both sides of my head. “It’s okay…” he whispered.

“I don’t love you anymore, Ethan, it’s not okay!” I slapped my hands against the fluffy white duvet, staring at the ceiling intently, trying to calm myself.

I felt his hair brush against the skin of my collarbones as he laid his head onto my chest. “Do you want to stop?” He asked gently, his voice full of concern.

“No.” I shook my head. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted him. Physically, and emotionally. I wanted to feel him clenched around me, I wanted to hear him call me baby, I wanted him to collapse on top of me, muttering about how good it was, I wanted to dance with him in the kitchen, I wanted to make food with him, I wanted…

I wanted a memory.

We couldn’t keep doing this to each other; telling ourselves to hold on for just a little bit longer, because maybe it’ll get better soon, and we didn’t want it to end too soon. Those hopeful thoughts are long for now. All we wanted now was to feel each other, one last time before we had to say goodbye.

Ethan went slow, watching me carefully, making sure I didn’t change my mind. I kissed his shoulders, his neck, his jawline, and finally his lips, feeling them tremble against mine as he realized that this was it.

This was our end.

“I have to go,” I told him, the sunlight streaking in through the blinds, giving his dark hair a golden tint.

Ethan’s eyes searched my face, as he leaned in and kissed me once. Twice. A third time, lingering just a little bit longer, but there was no meaning behind it. No feelings, just a gesture that he was sad to see me go.

I untangled myself from the sheets, hiding my body self consciously, as I located my clothes. He didn’t look at me, giving me my privacy, as I quickly got dressed. He couldn’t look because it was too intimate, too sentimental of an action. Something he used to do, but couldn’t bow because the thought of looking at my naked body only saddened him more.

He sat up, the sheets wrapped around his waist, hiding his bottom half, as he ran a hand through his rumpled hair. Our eyes locked, a blush forming on my cheeks as I realized that we were looking at each other. Actually looking at each other for the first time in a long time.

“Bye, E.” I waved, looking over my shoulder as he clenched his jaw, and looked out the window. I saw a single tear roll down his cheek, but I didn’t acknowledge it. He didn’t need that right now.

“Bye.” I heard him mutter, after I had left the room. I gathered my belongings, and left my key on the counter, taking one last look in the direction of our-his- bedroom. His head lay in his hands, fingers pulling his hair, as he flopped back onto the mattress, long legs falling over the side.

This may be our end, but it was a new beginning for both of us. Something, I think, we both need, even if we don’t want it.

t h y s í a - [#1]

Author: b0blegum

Pairing: Shin Ho Seok x Reader

Rating: NC-17 (violence, words)

Genre: Action / Crime / Thriller / Romance

Status: On Going

Part: #1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - …




Origin: Ancient Greek

Meaning: An act of slaughtering an animal or person or surrendering a possession as an offering to God or to a divine or supernatural figure.


This is my way to say sorry to all the readers of CODE 301. I had to took down the fic because i lost track of where should i take it. So, here’s another one. Not identical to CODE 301, but has the same genre (+ there’s romance). I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as you enjoy CODE 301 & my other fics xx

The lights went out. You could see nothing but the shadow of the furniture that were lit up by the moonlight. Your feet started to feel numb due to its position. You were curled under your bed, just like what your boyfriend told you to do when he heard footsteps coming closer to you and your boyfriend’s apartment.

Your boyfriend was there, outside your bedroom, most probably in the living room ‘dealing’ with the evil blonde man.

You heard a lot of thudding, slamming and groans every seconds as you kept yourself hidden and you were sure this 'deal’ involves a lot of blood, from both parties.

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Loving all of you (Jungkook) (Semi-M)

♢ Pairing:
Jungkook x Reader

♢ Word count: 2.1k

♢ Genre: Fluff, semi-smut but not completely

   ⌲ Description: Jungkook decided one morning to tell you how much he appreciates and love you. 


Brown eyes sprung open both in surprise and fright, at the bright and wincing sound of the alarm on her phone ringing. Groaning, Y/N stretched over towards the desk and tried to focus her blurry vision on the time.  

6 a.m. 

Trying not to groan again she still managed to throw off the warm comforter around her body, and quickly glanced to the right side of her bed, only to frown. It was empty. That was weird. Jungkook hadn’t told her about any early schedules today, so she expected to wake up in his strong embrace like normal. Shrugging off her confusion, Y/N picked up her thick morning robe from the floor, and wrapped it around her freezing body. Which was only clad in a short, silky night gown she usually slept in. The weather was still relatively hot around midday, but early in the morning it was way too cold. Shielding another yawn escaping from her mouth, she blinked tiredly and slipped on her fluffy slippers and made her way out of the bedroom and down the hallway. She heard some clinging from the kitchen and thought nothing of it. It was probably just one of her parents getting a glass of water or something, before going back to sleep. She was always the one first awake on weekdays. The courtesy of a high school senior.  Continuing into the bathroom and looking into the mirror, she grimaced.  

“Ew, I look like death,” she muttered in disgust and even wrinkled her nose at the morning breath coming out of her own mouth. 

Splashing some cold water over her face and drying off, Y/N brushed her teeth thoroughly, and rinsed before picking up the hairbrush and smoothing out the annoying knots that somehow magically appeared during the night. Satisfied with her look, she ran her fingers through her shoulder length hair one last time and walked back out and into the room. Shedding off her robe and nightgown, she didn’t waste to put on some underwear and a sports bra. Because Mondays sucked and she didn’t have the patience to wear a normal one. Standing in front of her vanity table, Y/N tilted her head to the side and contemplated between make-up or not. Quickly making up her mind, she shrugged casually and decided she was too lazy today. Not even thinking twice, had she picked out a pair of fitting sweatpants that were both comfortable and looked acceptable enough to use in public. As she pulled them up her legs, she felt eyes gazing to her form, and glanced to the doorway with the side of her mouth tilting up.  

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Bittersweet ft. Peter Pan

pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

request: yes

warning: like one swear word

word count: 1.7k+

You’d been hurt countless of times over the course of your life. When you scraped your knees against wood when you were just a toddler it had felt as if the world was ending or the time when your very first boyfriend broke your heart by kissing an other girl. The countless scars decorating your skin were prove, but looking back at, you hadn’t known real pain. 

As you stood with your feet buried in the sand with the Jolly Roger on the horizon everything in your body started to ache. A strangled cry left your body as you collapsed onto the sand, they had left you behind. Two strong arms wrapped around you, but you didn’t acknowledge them or the person they belonged to, your gaze was fixed on the Jolly Roger, slowly sailing away from Neverland. How could they?

You didn’t understand, had you done something wrong? They were like your adoptive family, but apparently they didn’t feel the same way. Everything hurt as if you were slowly bleeding out and you were doubled over as if you’d just been stabbed. If someone asked what betrayal felt like you’d say it hurts like hell. Tears sprung free from your eyes, making you vision blurry. No one had hesitated to jump into the deep end and save Henry, but were you really that unimportant that they felt the need to leave the island without you? 

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Tennessee Whiskey

Originally posted by kareligomleeek

Requested @mckaylaxdirk2000: If you can, can you please make a plus size reader oneshot with Brett…

A/N: This so happened to be one of my favorite teen wolf imagines/oneshots that I’ve written. I’m so glad I was asked to do this, it was certainly an honor. You should definitely listen to this song while reading

Warnings: Smut, unclear timeline, cute reader, curse words, weight shaming

Song Inspiration: Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton

I used to spend my nights out in a barroom

Liquor was the only love I’ve known

But you rescued me from reachin’ for the bottom

And brought me back from being too far gone

You’re as smooth as Tennessee whiskey

You’re as sweet as strawberry wine

You’re as warm as a glass of brandy

And honey, I stay stoned on your love all the time

Teen Wolf Masterlist

This was his eighth shot in the last three hours. Most of the bar was cleared out but he was one of the only ones drinking away. The other three guys were finishing up a game of pool. Brett could barely sit on the stool without leaning on the counter. He was falling into a deep pit of depression. His alpha dying made a huge impact. She was the only one who truly cared for him.

Brett was never bathed in his parents’ love. They were too busy worrying about work that he had nannies all his life. The bartender was cleaning the glasses with a rag. She assumed the blond wasn’t leaving until the sun was up. Unfortunately, the bar was closing in five minutes. She maneuvered from behind the counter and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“We’re closing soon, sweetheart”

Brett nodded and threw back his drink.

“One more”

The bartender gave him a sweet smile, “okay, but only one then you have to promise to leave”

He drunkenly rose a pinky and laughed. The three guys paid for their drinks and made their way out. She tidied up the place and gave him his last drink. She took the glass and bottle away so he wouldn’t be tempted to ask for more. Brett slid off the stool and reached in his pockets to place money on the counter. He frantically searched for his wallet but couldn’t find it. His blood began to boil as he grew frustrated. The bartender put her hand on top of his, making him relax.

“It’s okay. I’ll put it on your tab”

“B-But I don’t have money to pay you”

“You’ll pay me back one day. Just promise me you’ll get home safely”

Brett nodded and walked away three steps before walking into a stool the falling head first on the corner of a table.

The Next Day

Soft music flooded Brett’s ears. He remembered drinking and walking out of the bar then darkness. His eyes fluttered opened. He looked around to find himself in a dimly lit room, twinkling lights around the ceiling, a sheer beige curtain and a thick blanket covering his torso. The bed was so soft that it felt like he was sinking in a cloud. It was safe to say that he didn’t know where he was. Brett swung his legs over the edge only to feel fur cushioning his toes. Clearly, this was a girl’s room. He got up and carefully opened the door.

On the other side, was a girl swaying from left to right while over the stove. It was faint but he could hear her voice over the music as she sang.

“If I risk it all, would you break my fall?”

She turned around to catch Brett leaning against the doorframe with his eyes closed.

“Thank goodness you’re alive”

He opened his eyes to look at her. It was the bartender from last night. Aside from the overbearing liquor, she had a nice face—that’s all he could come up with at the moment.

“I figured you might want some food after that nasty fall plus the really bad hangover you must be having right now”

When the blond didn’t respond, she fixed him a plate and turned off the stove.

“You know what? This music is probably too much—”


“Why what?”

“Why did you bring me here?”

“I couldn’t just leave you out on the street,” she nervously chuckled.

“Yes, you could’ve. I deserve it anyway”

The bartender crossed her arms and shook her head.

“Why can’t you just say thank? It’s not that hard. You’re right, I didn’t have to have a nurse check you out or give you a warm bed or offer you a hot meal. Quit being such a dick”

Brett, although he didn’t show it, was stunned by her response. He loved it when people were feisty toward him and didn’t walk around him like he was made of glass. He sniffled and took a seat at the little table. They ate in silence, the music playing in the background.

Two Nights Later

Brett walked into the bar when the sun was out. As usual, he was one of the only ones left. He only ordered dark liquor so it could burn through him. The bartender tonight was way slimmer than the other one and got the attention of a lot of guys in the bar. Y/N was her name. She was also nicer than this one. Brett downed his last drink and tossed the money on the counter. While he walked down the street, he saw someone familiar. Y/N was walking side by side with a guy. A strange feeling of emptiness widened inside of him. She was laughing when she saw Brett.

“Hey there stranger”

“Hi,” he grumpily muttered.

“Samuel this is Brett, Brett this is my trainer, Samuel. We just came back from the gym”

For some reason, Brett felt better knowing that this guy wasn’t her significant other. It’s not like he liked Y/N.

“Nice meeting you Brett. Y/N, see you on Thursday. Today was a good workout, keep up the nice work”

Y/N waved him goodbye then looked at Brett.

“Need a ride home?”

The car ride was silent. Brett stared at the blurry lights passing by. Being a werewolf was tough. He would be drunk for an hour until his liver healed and the intoxicated feeling was gone. That’s why he drank so much. It was a few hours of peace in his mind. His trick was a few drops of pure wolfsbane every four drinks so he could weaken the healing process. Being so caught up in his thought, Brett fell asleep to the sound of Y/N’s soft voice singing along to the radio.

A light shake stirred him awake.

“We’re here”

Brett sat up in the passenger seat and fumbled for the door. Remembering her words, Brett looked to the side, “thanks”

Y/N smiled, “if you ever need me, you know where to find me. I’ll always be there”

He closed the door and walked up to the front door, trying not to take her words to heart. People always say they’ll be there but it’s not true.

Two Weeks Later

That wasn’t the case.

Brett was so trashed that he got into a fight and nearly killed the kid he was fighting. The cops took hold of him and threw him in the backseat of a squad car. His life was officially in shambles. Because he was drunk they set the bail to $800. Brett was too proud to let his parents know about his arrest. He stared up at the little window in the stone wall. It was his third day there when a song came into his head.

“How do I live? How do I breathe? When you’re not here I’m suffocating…the writings on the wall”

He laid his head on the futon of a bed and tried to sleep through the moans and groans of the other jail mates. The next morning, the door buzzed, a key turned into a lock, the metal gate creaked as it slid open.
“Talbot, you’re free to go”

Brett opened his eyes and jumped down from the top bunk.

He was given a fresh pair of clothes. Who would bail him out? His question was answered when he saw her radiant and beautiful skin.

“You didn’t have to do that”

Y/N scoffed and shook her head.

“I know I didn’t. I figured you couldn’t exactly pay me back behind bars”

“Fine, how much money do I—”

“That’s not how you’re going to pay me back”

“Then how?”

“By getting your shit together”

Y/N reached in her drawer and handed him a brochure.

“Honor your promise. I told you I’d always be here for you so now it’s your part of the deal”

Four Months After

Brett had a rocky start but he did his best to go to meetings. He still drank but it wasn’t as much as before. He would occasionally drop by the bar to see Y/N. They didn’t talk much but after she closed shop they would have a glass of wine then part ways. She helped him get a job so he wouldn’t dwell on the next time he could get his hands on the next drink that came his way.

As he predicted, Y/N started dating some guy she met at the gym. His name was Tyler and Brett hated his guts. Every time he was around, he got a bad taste in his mouth. One night when she got stuck working a shift, Brett sat a few stools away, reading a book to calm his mind. Tyler and his friends were being obnoxiously loud and downright rude. Maybe they thought they weren’t being loud but one of them made a nasty comment.

“Yo, you’re dating that?”

“I thought you went for total babes, not cookie dough”

“She’s not even that attractive, maybe a few salads and she could be cute”

Brett homed in on Y/N’s heart. She was angry but she did her absolute best of holding it in.

“Excuse me, miss, may I have olives?”

“I’m sorry, hun. We ran out”

This is what brought the wolf out in Brett.

Tyler had the audacity to laugh with his friend as he said, “they didn’t run out, I bet you she got hungry and ate them all”

Brett hopped off his stool, walking over to the disrespectful bunch with clenched fists.

“I think you assholes need to apologize to my friend here”

“Or what? She knows we’re just joking, calm down guy,” Tyler scoffed.

Brett snatched him by the shirt and dragged him toward the exit. His friends tried to back him up but were held by the regulars playing pool. They too like Y/N and were ready to defend her. Since Brett started talking to them, he was on their good side. The whole bar cheered when the trio was kicked out for good.

The next week on his day off, Brett dropped by her apartment to check up on her. He made his way toward the kitchen with a bag of groceries. He suggested they make dinner and hang out for the night.

“I’ll be back, I need to pee”

Brett zipped up his pants and washed his hands in the sink. It wasn’t until he noticed he had something in his teeth that he opened the medicine cabinet for a toothpick. Inside was a brand new bottle of weight-loss pills. He shook his head and ran his hand through his hair.

After dinner, Y/N got up to wash the plates. Brett pulled out the bottle of pills, giving it a shake.

“What’s this?”

Y/N turned around and reached for the bottle but he pulled them back away from her.

“That’s none of your business”

“You don’t need this shit”

“Yes I do!”

Tears streamed down her smooth face.

“Didn’t you hear the other night? I’m fat”

Brett came up and grasped her face in his hands.

“You don’t need to lose weight, Y/N. You’re already beautiful, why mess that up?”

She pushed him away and said what she thought was the truth.

“Because no one wants to love a fat girl”

The silence between them was unnerving, she wiped her tears and prepared to leave the kitchen when Brett’s hand closed around her wrist. He pulled her in for a long, deserving kiss. He panted slightly as he pulled back to meet her eyes.

“I didn’t think someone would love me but here we are”

“What are you saying?”

“I’d rather show you”

Brett kissed her again but this time, it was intense and passionate. His tongue explored the corners of her mouth in a way that Y/N never experienced. She wasn’t a virgin but she felt like it was her first time. His hand slid past her curves and tightened around her love handles. Y/N let out a moan of appreciation. Brett led her back to the room so she could push her on the bed and worship her body.

He left nothing untouched or kissed. She had an impulse to turn the lights off but Brett insisted on having them on.

“I want to see everything”

He removed the last pieces of clothing on her body and dipped his head in-between her thick thighs. He loved how soft her flesh was. Brett would honestly trade all the skinny girls he ever boned for Y/N. She had this tenderness about her nature. In fact, he generally hated cunnilingus because of the taste but right here, in her deep pool, Brett felt like he could drink her precious nectar forever.

Y/N tasted how sweet she was on his velvety tongue. Now that he was done preparing her body for him, he slid on a condom and eased his way in.

The whole night was filled with the sound of her moans, his satisfaction, and the headboard hitting the wall, pissing off the neighbors.

Two Years and a Half

The dining knife tapped on the glass. Everyone perked up and withdrew from their conversations. It wasn’t huge, maybe a party of one hundred. Brett stood up with a wide smile on his face.

“I want to thank everyone for coming out here on this wonderful day. Three years ago, I was a complete mess. I would waltz into the bar during the day and leave stinking drunk. This beautiful woman that you see next to me, stuck by my side through the bad and the ugly. Surely, as time passed I fell for her and I fell hard. I knew the day she confessed that no one would love a fat girl, I was deeply in love. So, imagine my surprise when my gorgeous queen told me she was pregnant. Not only am I a father, I get to wake up to the woman I love”

Everyone cheered as he pulled Y/N for a kiss. Fireworks went off overhead. He interlaced his arm with hers and they both sipped sparkling apple cider.

Three Months Before

Brett hung his head in shame. He was prepared for Y/N to scream or run away. He didn’t expect her to kiss him with a smile on her face.

“If you can love me for me then this is no different”

“What are you saying?”

“I love you, Brett”

“I love you too”

He attacked her neck and ripped off her shirt, fondling with her chest. Y/N giggled and moaned at the same. That night they made love and would be surprised in the next three months.

Bangtan Inc. 01

Originally posted by sugamysavagebaby

Group: BTS
Pairing: Min Yoongi X Reader | appearances by the rest of BTS
Rating: Fluff | Angst
Prompt: You’re working as a production department manager of a marketing agency, called Bangtan Incorporated. With a new project coming your way, you’ll have to work together more closely with the new CEO, Min Yoongi. And as if the tension between you two wasn’t enough, a scandal occurs.
AU: Business!AU
Word count: 3,7K

Warnings: swearing | implied smut

A/N: This is the first part of my BTS Business!AU series! Every member will have their own series. For now, I only have Yoongi’s and Jungkook’s stories planned out within the same kind of storyline. I don’t know if I will be going on with this prompt for all of the members since the element of surprise will be gone, but we’ll see what other storylines I can come up with. :) 

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

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Fire & Ice | Stiles Stilinski

From: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles x reader
Prompt: “I thought you said you knew ice skating?”
Word count: 3,034
Warnings: just pure fluff, tiny mention of sex and Christmas stuff (is that even a warning?)

A/N: So, this is my entry for @all-alone-he-turns-to-stone’s writing challenge. I don’t usually enter them because of my slight anxiety, but this prompt was too cute not to. This was super fun to write and I hope you like it as much as me. Enjoy xoxo
And let me know if you want to be added to my forever tag!


“Do you have a reservation?” the waiter politely asked with a small hint of an Italian accent. Wow, so posh.

“Yes, under Stilinski,” Stiles replied as he strengthened his grip around my waist.

“Perfect. Please follow me.” Both Stiles and I nodded and were escorted to our candle lit table right in the middle of the restaurant. “I’ll be back with the menus in a couple minutes. Would you like to order something to drink in the meantime?”

“A bottle of Vermetino would be great, thank you,” Stiles requested, trying to pull off his best Italian accent as he named the wine. The waiter nodded and disappeared shortly after, leaving my handsome boyfriend and I on our own.

I adjusted myself in my seat, careful not to ruin the long black dress I was wearing and, as I admired the elegant place where Stiles had brought me, I stated, “This is truly amazing. I’m very glad we could finally find a moment to spend by ourselves, without our jobs getting in the way. I mean, they’re both really important, but it’s nice to have a night out every now and then, just the two of us.”

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Ahhhhhhh!!! Would you pretty please write a one shot with Draco!!!?!? Where the reader is on the quidditch team with Draco and her broom is bewitched, just like Harry’s was in the first one, but hers is to the point where it throws her off and she hurt pretty badly. Maybe in Draco’s point of view but he kinda freak over it and doesn’t leave her side until she’s all better.

Hey! :D I have actually stumbled upon a scenario similar to that before, so I tried changing your idea a bit. I hope you enjoy!

           You ran your fingers through your hair nervously as Marcus Flint walked past you, stopping in front of the gate separating you from the pitch.

“Now listen here. I do not care what Madam Hooch says about fair play, we must win this game at all costs!” Flint instigated as all the players of your team cheered. You, on the other side, stood silently, nibbling on your nails. It was your first Quidditch match. Of course, you had trained hard – you had made the team by hard work, not luck – but you had a nauseating feeling you just couldn’t shake off.

“Are you alright?” You turned to find your team’s seeker looking at you with a concerned look on his face.

“I-I’m fine.” You lied through your teeth, forcing a reassuring smile his way. Draco Malfoy gave you a questioning look, before taking a step sideways, closer to you.

“Don’t be nervous.” He said, this time looking straight forward, towards the opening doors. “If it counts for anything, nobody’s counting on you to win this game anyways.”

           You looked at him dumbfounded, your mouth opened disgracefully. You had never spoken to Malfoy before, but you had heard a few things about him – he was always the school’s hot topic when Harry Potter did not do something amazing. People were talking about how he had only made the team because his father bought each player the fastest broom model there was. He was a terrible seeker, only going for the team to piss of Harry Potter – the Gryffindor seeker, so he did a terrible job. He rarely attended practice too, so how dared he say anything like that to you?!

           You simply could not let it go; you knew better than to mess with Malfoy, but you had your Slytherin pride, so you opened your mouth and inhaled deeply, but before you could say anything, he had mounted on his broom and was flying towards the center of the field, leaving you behind. You caught up quickly and took your place as Lee Jordan introduced the teams, your eyes not leaving Draco once.

“Hello! Welcome to the last Quidditch game of this season! The teams competing for the house cup are Gryffindor and Slytherin!” Flint gave Wood a nasty glare as Malfoy had his stare fixed on Potter. You rolled your eyes when the crowed started to boo your team, but seemed to be the only one bothered; Jordan continued. “Madam Hooch makes her way towards the center of the pitch and releases the Bludgers!” You dodged an angry Bludger that charged right at you as the Golden Snitch circled around the two Seekers as if teasing them. By the look on his face, you could tell that Draco was completely oblivious of that fact. Your thoughts were disrupted by the Quaffle emerging into the air and captivating your whole attention. You launched forward and kicked it right before Angelina Johnson got to touch it and Flint caught it, going straight for the goal posts. You followed closely, blocking anyone who tried to get in his way.

           Almost an hour later, the match was tight – 200 points to 190 for Slytherin - and you were already feeling tired. You supposed that the wind was starting to get to you, because your head had begun to hurt and your cheeks had started burning up. You stopped for a second and checked your temperature - you were burning up, which was unlike you, who had an iron immune system. You looked around the pitch, blurry eyed, trying to spot someone to ask for a timeout and as you did so, you noticed Draco’s grey eyes fixed on you.

           He pulled his broom upwards and made his way towards you when you noticed something gold pass right by his left ear. Gripping your broom tightly with your legs, you took your hand off for one second to point it out to him and that was when your broom started getting out of control. It started shaking uncontrollably and violently with you holding on for dear life. Already dizzy and weak, you were not doing too good of a job so your broom started getting further away from the field.

           You looked down, too weak to fight it and realized that your broom was being jinxed – and so were you, as a matter of fact. Having reached a dangerously high distance from the ground, the broom began its mad bull dance once more, as if trying to throw you off – which you would have gladly done if you were not 100 m away from the ground. You fought as much as you could to hold on, but in the end, your hands and legs simply gave up and you felt yourself free falling rapidly towards the ground. The crowd began muttering, that was all you could hear over the loud wind blowing through your robe. You closed your eyes and tried reaching for your wand, but figured that you were not allowed to have it during the games so you waited for the impact, but it never came. Instead, you felt someone grab your arm tightly and yank you so hard that your arm had been close to dislocated.

“I got you.” A familiar voice spoke as you looked up, trying to make something up from your blurred vision. “Who…” You began, but the words never came. The impact you had thought to have avoided came in the end, right after the whistling sound of an approaching bludger, knocking you out.

           You woke up, after what felt like hours later, in the hospital wing of the school with a cast around your neck and excruciating pain in your back, left arm and hip. Looking around, you met a familiar face in the doorway. You closed your eyes again and tried to find a position that did not hurt, but had to settle for one that hurt the least.

“Wh… what happened?” You managed to mutter in a hoarse voice, making the blonde boy shift his glare towards you.

“You were… someone jinxed you and your broom during the game. You fell and got hurt pretty badly.” He explained, now looking at you from the corner of his eye as if he had not been there, looking at you the whole time.

“I meant the game. Did we win it?” You added, giving him a hopeful look.

“You’re in the hospital with loads of fractured bones and you still care about a stupid game?!” Draco responded angrily, trying to lift his arm, but giving up with a painful groan. Taking a better look at him, you noticed that he had a broken arm as well.

“Why are you yelling at me? I thought it was important for everyone…” You sulked before frowning at him again, “And what happened to you?”

“I got hit by a bludger…”

“You had the Golden Snitch right under your nose, did you know?” You said, frustration obvious in your voice, “You were…”

“I saw it.” Draco cut you off, making your frown turn confused.

“What do… then why didn’t you go for it?!” You were now yelling, trying to get up despite your pain.

“Because then you would have died!” He yelled back, visibly irritated by something you were saying or doing.

“I did not.”

“Do you think it was a cloud that broke your landing?” His grey eyes were now burning with anger. “And here I was, thinking it impossible to be dumber than Goyle!” You were now feeling your blood burning up as well. That boy was rude and obnoxious and you had had it.

“Why are you so mean all the time?!” You reproached angrily, throwing a box of candy at him, which he dodged, before looking at you in disbelief.

“I broke my arm trying to save you and you blame me for losing a bloody game – only because I thought that your life was more important that the Snitch!” Draco snapped back, shutting you up for a moment there.

“Wait you…” It was all starting to come back to you in pieces. You were falling off of your broom when you felt pain in your arm from someone catching you mid-air. You looked up and through your blurry vision you could make out a green robe, platinum blond hair and a familiar voice…

“I got you…” The next thing you remembered was the howling of the wind as a loud bludger approached quickly – then you woke up in the hospital, with bruises all over. The bludger had not hit you, but Draco.

“It was you!” You mumbled half lost into your thoughts. “But why…?”

“No one else could have – the Slytherins couldn’t care less about you and all the Gryffindors were too far away.” He answered, turning his back towards you, ready to leave.

“But you cared…” You said almost inaudibly, feeling your mouth drier than a desert. You reached for the glass of water by your bed and drank it thirstily, then set it back with a loud noise. “Draco… I am sorry. I really misunderstood you.” He did not respond, but did not leave either. “It’s just that… people talk about you and it’s not nice things that they say. And then, the first thing you ever said to me was that nobody was counting on me to win the game anyways, as if my presence was useless so I thought…”

“I know what people say about me…” He broke you off mid-sentence. “But that was not what I meant…” He finally spoke after a few seconds of silence. “I was trying to tell you to not put that much pressure on yourself, because, being your first game, people did not know what to expect. So if you messed up, nobody would have cared, but you would have definitely impressed everyone anyways.” You sat in your bed, surprised and once more at a loss of words - embarrassed by how gullible and easily influenced you had been.

“Then why did you not just say so…?” He sighed and turned to face you again, his grey eyes beaming at you, glowing in the dark room. You spotted a black bruise on the side of his face – where the bludger must have hit.

“I… am not good with words.” You smiled widely as he pulled and arranged his robe.

“I think that you just need practice.” He laughed at your words and for the first time, you saw Draco Malfoy smile and on Merlin’s beard, was his smile precious. “For instance, I think that you have a beautiful smile.” You could feel your face burn up again, except this time, you were blushing. He was right: saying what you think is no easy business. He laughed and despite the dark, you could tell that he was blushing too.

“Thank you,” he laughed shyly. “I… think that your whole face is beautiful…” He mumbled. “…along with everything else about you.” You felt your eyes widen in shock, your mouth agape, your face redder than ever. You knew that with the moonlight on your face, he could see it better than ever, so you turned your back towards him abruptly, twitching with pain. It took you some good seconds before you could calm your racing heart and articulate any other word. In the silence, you heard him walk away slowly so you forced the words out of your mouth.

“Draco… thank you.” You whispered, but he did not reply.

           You finally turned around to find that Draco had left. How was it that you had never noticed how handsome he was before?

“No matter what anybody says… you are brave and kind, Draco Malfoy.” You whispered to yourself. “And one of these days, I will gather up the courage to ask you out.” You concluded, closing your eyes and shuffling into bed one last time.

“How about Saturday?” The cunning, grey eyed Slytherin prince replied out of the blue, making you jump in surprise. You did not turn around to face him, instead smiled to yourself and nodded as he looked at you through the cracked door.

“Saturday sounds wonderful.”

Finn x Poe | Have you ever been in love?

This is my first Stormpilot writing, I hope you will like it!

// Poe comes back hurt from a mission and Finn sits by his side as he recovers. They talk about both of their pasts and Finn tells him he’s in love with a certain pilot. Little does Poe know, Finn’s talking about him.//

Finn was watching Poe’s X-Wing through the window of the star cruiser. The stars surounding the explosions made everything look less morbid and sad. Finn’s eyes were glued to Poe’s engine, hoping and praying that it wouldn’t transform into ashes in the next minutes. He was listening to General Organa’s orders to the pilot, hoping that Poe would quit being the hero for once and come back to the base. He nervously played with the hem of the pilot’s jacket that was laying on his shoulders.

“Please just come back.” Finn would whisper to himself.

He felt his heart come back to it’s normal beating rate when he saw Poe’s X-Wing turn and fly back to the base. He smiled and ran to the hangar, knowing that Poe would have a lot to tell him. He was always feeling Proud of himself after a mission and Finn loved listening to every detail of his best friend’s story. The hangar was full of people running around like always. Finn thought it would be better to search for BB-8, knowing that Poe wouldn’t be too far from his droid. Plus, looking for the iconic orange suit would just confuse him since each pilot had the same uniform. He heared a familiar beeping noise behind him. BB-8. He turned and instantly saw Poe removing his helmet, his sweaty hair sticking to his forehead. It would’ve looked disgusting to anyone else but it didn’t matter to Finn. He watched Poe step out of his X-Wing, a smile forming on his lips as he saw his friend. Finn ran to him and gave him and hug. It was a much longer one than everyone else’s around them. But they didn’t care. Poe loved coming home to Finn. Before him, he came home to no one. He had never felt the need to come home to someone before, until he met Finn. He loved telling his best friend all the adventures he had just gone through. Was it too impress him? Maybe. When Finn pulled away, Poe felt his vision get blurry and a sudden pain stroke his leg. He looked down and his orange suit was cut open and stained with a red-ish color.

“You’re bleeding..” Finn said.

The adrenaline must’ve made him not realize that he had been hurt during the mission. Poe never really liked seeing blood. Sure he was okay with it in small doses, like when he had a small cut and such but seeing too much of it made him feel a bit weird. But this wasn’t a little scratch, he could amost see the bone. He gripped the front of Finn’s jacket to hold himself up. Everything around him was spinong and he heared Finn call for help. He really felt like he was going to faint. Not drinking a lot of water probably made things worse. Poe could hear General Organa’s voice in the back of his mind. “Have you had enough water today just like I told you?” She was always right after all. He felt himself fall in Finn’s arms and it was pitch black.

A pilot and an A-Wing repairer ran in with a stretcher. Finn layed him on the white medbay stretcher and followed them close. BB-8 was rolling next to him. Sure it was a droid but Finn for sure saw that it was worried. Finn wasn’t allowed in Poe’s medbay room just yet. They had to fix his leg and only a family member or a partener was allowed in the room, which he wasn’t. Deep inside him, something told him to say that he was his boyfriend, just so he could stay by Poe’s side. He wished it was true. He had feelings for the pilot and as much as he tried denying it, he couldn’t lie to himself. He sat on the floor in the corridor, BB-8 by his side.

“He’ll be okay BB-8.. it’s just a scratch..” He said to the droid. He waited for about an hour before someone let him in. It was a small woman wearing a white uniform.

“Is he okay?” Finn asked, worried.

“It’s just a matter of a few stitches, sir. Your friend will be just fine. He was a bit dehydrated and very exhausted but he will wake up soon.” The woman said.

Finn walked into the room. The lights were dimmed and the big window was letting some stars glow in the distance. Poe looked like and angel. His eyes were closed and his long eyelashes were softly brushing on his red cheeks. Finn sat on the stool next to his bed. He looked at Poe’s leg to see it wrapped in a white gauze. He’d probably have to take a small break from flying and Finn knew that Poe wouldn’t be happy with that. He was wearing the white shirt he always wears under his orange suit. It was a simple white shirt with a tiny resistance patch on it. His eyes then trailed to Poe’s neck and he frowned. He wasn’t wearing his necklace with his mother’s ring. Finn looked around, scared that Poe had lost it on his way to the medbay. He would be devastated if it had gotten lost. Finn looked around and spotted it siting on Poe’s suit. He took it in his hands and smiled to himself. He imagined a teenage Poe with his mother’s ring on a chain around his neck, holding it dearly as if it was the only thing he needed to survive the war.


He was taken back to reality as he heared Poe say his name.

“Hey buddy.. How are you feeling?” Finn asked, the necklace still in his warm hands.

“Like I’ve just kicked some first order ass.” Poe said, chuckling lightly.

Finn helped him sit up and handed him some water.

“The nurse said you were dehydrated.. You really need to take care of yourself. Heroes like you need to drink enough water.”

“I know.. I need BB-8 to remind me more often.” Poe joked, reaching for his necklace.

He always played with it when he was nervous or needed concentration. Finn noticed these little things about him. When Poe couldn’t find his mothers ring, he panicked and looked around.

“Hey it’s okay.. It’s right here.” Finn said.

Poe let out a sigh of relief as Finn layed it in his hands, making sure they touched.

“The Doctor must’ve removed it. I was just looking at it when you woke up. It’s really beautiful.”

“Thank you. I feel like she’s with me in some way when I have it on.” Poe said, a small smile on his lips.

“I’m sure she’s proud of you.”

Poe felt something in his stomach when Finn said that. He didn’t say it in the past tense, he said it as if she was still there, watching over her son.

“Did you have anyone that you cared for… when you were a stormtrooper?” Poe asked.

They had never talked about this. Finn was a new person now, he blocled everything about that part of his life.

“Not really.. Everyone was barking orders and we didn’t have time to socialize..”

“Oh.. so you’ve.. you’ve never been in love?” Poe asked.

Finn felt his heart beat faster. He couldn’t lie to Poe, he knew him too well. He bit his lip and tried to hide his smile.

“You are in love!” Poe said, knowing what love looked like.

Poe felt happy for his friend. He knew that Finn had had a rough time in the past and he deserved someone special. But deep down he felt heart broken. He had feelings for Finn. He had felt something ever since he saw him for the first time.

“So who is it?” Poe asked, faking a smile.

“It’s hum.. It’s a boy. No one ever told me that boys were supposed to love girls so I-I guess I..”

“No it’s okay, Finn. If you like boys more it’s totaly fine.” Poe said to him, a hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“Oh.. okay.” Finn said, shyly.

“So.. Who is it?”

Finn wanted to kiss him. He had never kissed anyone before but he really wanted to at that moment.

“He’s handsome, inteligent, caring, courageous.. oh and he’s also a pilot!” Finn said, hoping he would take the hint.

But Poe didn’t seem to realize that Finn was talking about him. He looked innocent and Finn could see a sad expression on his face. Poe looked down at his fingers and felt his heart break into pieces. But Finn knew just the thing to say.

“He gave me his jacket once.” Finn whispered, smiling.

Poe looked up with a confused face. It took him a few seconds to realize that it was him. Finn was in love with him. He layed both of his hands on Finn’s cheeks and pulled him into a kiss. Finn never knew lips could be so soft. He pulled away to look into the pilot’s eyes. Poe had the biggest smile on his face. He pulled him for another kiss when the door slid open, making them pull away quickly.

It was General Organa.

“You finaly kissed him. See, I told you he liked you back.” She said looking straight at Poe. “And I also told you to drink your water and you didn’t listen again.” She added.

Poe bit his lip with a “oops” expression on his face, which made Finn laugh.

“I’m always right.” She said, leaving the room with a smile on her lips.

& Poe pulled Finn in for another kiss.

“I’m Here” - Oneshot

“I’m Here” - Oneshot

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Jim Kirk x Reader

Word Count: 1,535

Key: Y/N = Your Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Injuries, Feels

Summary: You are captured with the others thanks to Krall and his men. You are injured badly, but your knight in shining armor comes riding in on a… motorcycle?

Originally posted by star-trek-world

Author’s Note: So apparently I started this fic over a month and a half ago, but I forgot about it or got invested in another story. I found it when going through my Google Docs files and decided to pick it back up. It’s a really simple piece, but I like it. I hope you do too!

Always thank you to @the-witching-hours12-3 for being a my beta-reader! 

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces, check out my tag list above and let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

It was no secret that you and Jim Kirk were together. While you kept it professional when working, it did slip out every once in awhile. Most of the time, it came out when one of you were in danger. This was one of those times.

The Enterprise was attacked by what seemed like an endless stream of ships. Jim had literally shoved you in an escape pod, but you got captured by one of the enemy ships. Luckily, you were put in a cell with some of your other crew members. No one knew what was going on or how long you would be there.

That was a few days ago. In the span of those few days, you have seen members of your crew die in front of you and come face to face with the one known as Krall. You were trying to stand up in front of your friend, Sharon, and save her. But one of Krall’s meatheads easily shoved you to the ground. While two of them held Sharon steady, Krall loomed over you.

You waited for death to take you, but instead, Krall decided to stomp on your leg in two places: your right ankle and your right knee. You instantly screamed and cried in excruciating pain. No one dared to move though, not with Krall still in the room.

“Let this be a warning to you. Anyone else who tries to stand in the way will get much worse.” Krall threatened before walking out with his men and Sharon. 

As soon as he left, Sulu was by your side. He reached to help you lay on your back, but you were still scared and ended up trying to swing at him, causing another tsunami of pain to radiate through your leg.

“Hey! (Y/N)! It’s me! They’re gone!” Realizing you weren’t in immediate danger, you broke down crying and reached for Sulu.

He got another crew member and tried to move you against the wall as gently as possible. As soon as you started moving, you screamed out in pain again, but you were glad to sit along the wall and have that back support. Sulu sat down next to you and pulled you into a protective hold. You leaned into his shoulder and cried until you felt your ears ringing and started getting tunnel vision.

“We need Jim.” Was the last thing you squeaked out before fainting.

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