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seeing all the photos from the yoi museum makes me want to cry and draw more yoi :’))) <3


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What's ur honest opinion about all of this Neymar talk

There’s a point where letting all of this drag out as long as it has and all the silence turns into disregard for the club, and nobody is bigger than the club. To a certain degree the media is playing a role in over-exaggerating these rumours, but he’s had several opportunities to speak about them and all we’ve been getting is silence.

Some people defend all of this by saying he has a right to do this because he’s “stuck in Messi’s shadow” - as if Messi hasn’t had to sacrifice certain things himself (ex: playing in midfield/as a winger) for the comfort of Ney and Suarez. As if Messi isn’t the one plastered on front covers and always given the blame for our losses when it’s really never his fault. As if Messi hasn’t rightfully built his legacy here and being recognized how he is here is in any way “unfair” to Neymar - in fact you can argue that Messi isn’t even appreciated enough here for all that he has done/does. If “being in Messi’s shadow” makes Neymar doubt playing for our colours or if he just wants to be the center of some other project, then he can go. And I do NOT say this out of animosity or disrespect toward him at all! We all know how much talent Neymar has and that he has even greater potential looking forward. We can all recognize the history he has made here (himself and with us as a team) and nobody can deny the impact he has on our team and as part of the best trio in the world. Obviously he is a huge part of this team and we count on him, but he also counts on us. I don’t want him to go, but the idea of the club and his teammates needing to “convince” him to stay at BARÇA is pretty ridiculous to me. 

On the other hand, if all this uncertainty and chaos he is letting carry on is about holding the board hostage for more money, this is also a problem. They just renegotiated his contract last year. And then even if he stays at the end of it all and maybe gets a new contract out of it, are we going to do this every summer?

Basically: if he’s going to stay, break the silence - nobody can really cut the rumours off except him. In my opinion, it shouldn’t even have been left to go on for this long. If he wants be the centre of another project and he’s going to go, then go. 

No needing to be “convinced” to stay, no cryptic posts on social media and letting chaos drag on for the club and the fans all summer. None of this drama is in the club’s best interest and, let’s say it again, nobody is bigger than the club.