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No wonder why Mark never comes on, cuz when he does half the fandom isn’t happy with how he does thing and then someone ends up hospitalized because y’all can’t fucking control yourselves. Maybe instead of calling out Mark while he is driving you all can do some actual god damn good and comfort and support each other. You KNOW that Mark is gonna feel awful when he hears about that fan. And it’s gonna be all our faults

Spread some actual good and we might just be able to make things right

Im calling all of you out. Show everyone that you still care and please take care of each other


It’s ugly as hell. It’s a sign of weakness. It hurts, and it can make you hurt others.

Every sign gets jealous, but fixed signs experience jealousy to the extreme.

Fixed signs are used to being ‘the best’ without trying their best. When someone shows them up, the emotional turmoil can be devastating.

Fixed signs are stubborn, but not averse to changing themselves. Scorpio and Aquarius, especially, undergo frequent, drastic transformations.

However, for fixed signs, change is internally motivated.

Jealousy is challenging because it’s an external motivation for change; you see someone ‘better’ than you and you want to be more like them- but you’re a leader, not a follower. You want others to follow your example.

Reversing the natural order as you perceive it means that you have to set aside your pride.

Pride is the root of jealousy. Fixed signs have an abundance of pride masquerading as confidence.

To deal with jealousy, you have to set aside pride and admit that you actually have something to learn from other people; just because someone is better at something doesn’t make them better than you. (And vice-versa.)

Admit that you’re jealous. Compliment the person you’re jealous of. Learn from their example. This transforms pride -the true root of insecurity- into real confidence.

Guts ‘n Roses. lol.

I recently watched the Berserk anime (2016 & 2017) and despite the not-so-great animation, I still wanna see season 3. Thankfully the manga is absolutely gorgeous, my favourite being the detailed drawings of the armor and weapons. I also love Guts’ design in Berserk Musuo…. So handsome…


I wish I could put my fist through this whole lousy, beautiful town.

  • Finnrose Robin Hood AU

This is what I was going for last time…and ended up with a totally different feel. But they let me draw them how I wanted this time.

Tumble Dry

*Pynch Laundromat AU, Part 7

At some point Adam knows they’re going to have to get up and get dressed and hike out of the woods but right now he can’t even consider it. Ronan’s fingers tangle in his damp hair, massage his scalp, brush against his ear. Each touch is intentional and playful and good and Adam sinks into the feeling.

He had been hesitant about laying his head on Ronan’s thigh at first and he couldn’t relax for anything. This was totally foreign; he had never been so vulnerable with someone, not even Blue. But something about Ronan fluffing his hair and humming, his body at ease beneath Adam, had calmed him. They had eaten berries for a time, emptying the pails and staining their fingers with juice, and then Ronan went back to playing with his hair. Now Adam feels like he could fall asleep just like this, warmed by the sun, tired from a day of unexpected activity. It’s so restful and quiet…

A puff of air blows against his eyelids, surprising Adam enough to open them. Ronan’s face is bowed over his, vibrant blue eyes staring down at Adam with a look of contented wonder. Adam blinks rapidly, his face heating, pulse spiking in his throat.

“Ah…” Adam has no idea what to say.

“You had an eyelash,” Ronan says and points at his own eye, “right about there. Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you. I thought you were asleep.”

Ronan hasn’t moved away, he’s still poised over Adam, rubbing his thumbs in circular patterns over Adam’s temples. It’s incredibly soothing, or it would be if Adam wasn’t feeling all shook up over Ronan looking at him like that.

Adam reaches up and takes Ronan’s wrist, just so he can feel the steady patter of Ronan’s pulse.

“I wasn’t sleeping,” Adam murmurs. He draws Ronan’s wrist to his mouth and kisses it because, because… Ronan’s pulse races beneath Adam’s lips, and Adam wants to trace the beat to Ronan’s heart and neck.

Ronan sighs and his fingers caress the side of Adam’s face. He leans down until the tips of their noses brush, until his lips press against Adam’s brow for a long moment. Adam pulls Ronan’s hand down until his palm is touching Adam’s chest, resting over his heart.

“I wasn’t sleeping,” Adam whispers. “How could I sleep when my heart is pounding like this?”

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Why Aoyama is the traitor: his idea of being undercover is just being French

Why Aoyama isn’t the traitor: HE’S MY GOOD SPARKLY SON AND I LOVE HIM


today’s friday look feat. my new shirt from jordandené and the return of pigtail braids 🌸💫🌠