the first man in the moon

You’re an astronaut on the first mission to the moon since the 1970’s. You begin to dig for samples in the soft sentiment when your shovel hits something soft, yet tough. You brush the dirt away, revealing a dead man in a bloody spacesuit.
The First US Astronaut To Circle The Globe, John Glenn, Has Died
He was a space age hero turned US Senator.
By Dan Vergano

Godspeed, once more, John Glenn. The astronaut whose circling of the Earth restored US pride at the dawn of the moon race, has died at age 95, Ohio Governor John Kasich said.

He was the first American to orbit the Earth, in the Friendship 7 mission in 1962, and the oldest man to ever fly into space, aboard the the space shuttle Discovery in 1998, while still a US Senator.

“He was an American hero and a true public servant,” space historian John Logsdon of George Washington University told BuzzFeed News. “With John Glenn, what you saw was what you got.”

“Godspeed, John Glenn,” intoned astronaut Scott Carpenter as the Mercury 7 capsule ascended into the heavens on its historic 1962 launch, a signature moment of the space race.

The Signs According to Books 1-3 of the Zodiac series


Taurus: Is probably always right. The cool big sister of the zodiac. 

Gemini: 10/10 would invite to a party.

Cancer: Can’t catch a break. Ever. As in, the universe will probably implode before they catch a break. 

Leo: Cares too damn much. Biggest strength, bigger weakness. Impossible not to like; if they stabbed you, you’d apologize for getting blood on their knife-level likeable. 

Virgo: idk, man? Romina Russell was trying so hard not to self-insert, it’s almost painful. Probably 👍🏽 

Libra: A f*cking delight. Coolest people you will ever meet. Also kind, smart af, adventurous, kinda slutty (and soooo good at it 😉). Hands down the best.

Scorpio: Looks like it’s evil. Walks like it’s evil. Quacks like it’s evil. Shockingly un-evil. Low key badass who you probably want on your side when the going gets rough. 

Sagittarius: Pretty and popular, but has no filter. You will never have to question how they feel about you. 

Capricorn: The Gandalf of the zodiac. The Dumbledore books 1-6 of the zodiac. Listen for they are wise. Human personification of cuddling up next to a fireplace with a blanket and cocoa on a cold winter’s night. 

Aquarius: The root of all evil. Everything that has ever or will ever be seductive. A dream you could get lost in. Knows you better than you know yourself. 

Pisces: Kind. Selfless. Good. Cinnamon roll. Literally too pure for this world–it will probably get them killed. 

Ophiuchus: Oh, you poor thing

taz dating sim

• magnus is the easiest to talk to and get Right Answers with but he’s the hardest to actually romance. the boy has an angsty backstory and Layers
• taako has the hardest route. 17 bad endings 1 good ending. all 17 bad endings are variations of him just never calling you back because he forgot
• if you don’t mind coming second to plants merles ya guy. like you have to grow a flower in real time before he deems u worthy and even then he only has neutral endings plus one bad ending where he flirts with some vines
• avi is the buff jock man with a very deep and intricate backstory but you only unlock it if you throw your computer at moon cannonball velocity
• johan is really hard because u gotta befriend the voidfish first before he even Looks At You
• noelle… saddest most angsty route you’ve ever played in any game. teach this robot how to feel again. you’ll die in the process

unlockable routes:

• kravitz: there’s a setting where you can make it so he’s a skeleton all the time
• garfield the deals warlock. only bad endings


• angus is the guy who tells u who’s into who and who likes what. he’s your buddy on the inside. he has ur back. “what would magnus like as a gift” well the boy detective knows

shitpostgenerator sentence starters

  • ❝  please don’t feel the buttplug.  ❞
  • ❝  why are you screaming at pasta?  ❞
  • ❝  you can’t trust angry taxes.  ❞
  • ❝  where are the friends?  ❞
  • ❝  avoid father.  ❞
  • ❝  i fucked capitalism.  ❞
  • ❝  *punches your cops while i save me from kinkshaming evil cash*  ❞
  • ❝  buddy i aam afraid.  ❞
  • ❝  fucked up.  ❞
  • ❝  but can your wicked sick republican mail your friends my communist gender?  ❞
  • ❝  i can’t believe a sjw fucked the moon  ❞
  • ❝  judge the nut.  ❞
  • ❝  warning: controversial horses.  ❞
  • ❝  what is the ass man?  ❞
  • ❝  i need to know if i can suck your mozzarella stick.  ❞
  • ❝  destroy the moon.  ❞
  • ❝  you are rude and libertarian and can’t have your drugs dissapointed.  ❞
  • ❝  here we kinkshame worthless dead kinkshaming.  ❞
  • ❝  i will not suck a certain snowman.  ❞
  • ❝  i have become a fool.  ❞
  • ❝  my moms.  ❞
  • ❝  fuck you, tiffany.  ❞
  • ❝  do aliens eat ass?  ❞
  • ❝  i am the first werewolf to feel regrets.  ❞
  • ❝  can communists find me?  ❞
  • ❝  who put a fish on my kinky train?  ❞
  • ❝  who put shitty pizza on my miserable corpse?  ❞
  • ❝  why are tragedies so heterosexual?  ❞
  • ❝  can raccoons feel me?  ❞
  • ❝  bros.  ❞
  • ❝  here we bully the capitalist government.  ❞
  • ❝  i don’t want to suffer anymore.  ❞
  • ❝  suddenly children.  ❞
  • ❝  go on a date with bees.  ❞
  • ❝  half disappointment, half snowman.  ❞
  • ❝  how to prevent a husband.  ❞
  • ❝  please stop disappointing bees.  ❞
  • ❝  large dick ruined by blender.  ❞
  • ❝  fuck dudes who lie about bread.  ❞
  • ❝  i was aroused by my hat.  ❞
  • ❝  this fruit wants to be known as ‘the lord of weed’.  ❞
  • ❝  location: forest.  ❞
  • ❝  can i doxx a bear?  ❞
  • ❝  it’s okay to confess your feelings for garbage.  ❞
  • ❝  block jesus.  ❞
  • ❝  way too many spiders.  ❞
  • ❝  look at this incredibly naked man.  ❞
  • ❝  are we all a titty?  ❞
  • ❝  i will vore my way out of hell to fuck up the sentient god of cops.  ❞
  • ❝  burn in hell.  ❞
  • ❝  you need to not date trash.  ❞
  • ❝  my goal is to straight up suffer.  ❞
  • ❝  cock space. ❞

janxangel  asked:

I made a donation! Steve is really excited about space and the idea of exploring the universe.

(Setting this in the comic book universe, because it’s fun, but also moving it up a little timewise :D)

Two weeks after the Avengers pulled Steve out of the ice, he stormed into Tony Stark’s office.

“We went to SPACE?” Steve demanded.

Tony looked up, saw the expression on his face, and set his paperwork aside. 

“Yuri Gagarin, 1961, first man in space,” Steve read from the book in his hand. “1969, America lands a man on the moon. 1998, the International Space Station begins construction; the first residential crew arrives in 2000. 2004, Spirit Exploration Rover lands on Mars. We went to space?”  

“Sure. Are still going, though not at the rate we used to be,” Tony said, leaning back in his chair.

“Why didn’t you tell me this the minute I woke up?” Steve asked excitedly. 

“Captain, of the millions of wonders of the twentieth century, it didn’t occur to me that space is what you’d be a nerd about,” Tony replied.

“Have we met aliens yet?” Steve asked. “Google seems untrustworthy when it comes to aliens.”

“Not yet,” Tony allowed. 

“Is Stark Industries working on space exploration?”

Tony cocked his head. “Not directly. I’ve been thinking about it, but Elon Musk really wanted to take the first stab at private space tourism.”

“But what about Iron Man?”

“The suit’s not space-safe yet. Why? Want me to build you one?” Tony joked.

“Would you? A space suit that would take me to the moon?” Steve asked. “Or – or Mars?” 

“Calm down, Space Cowboy,” Tony said, laughing. “I can’t build you a suit that’ll get you to Mars, but I could build you a rocket. It’s a long journey, at least a year to get there and back, realistically more like two. But if you want to go, I can put R&D on it. You’re the most likely to survive, honestly.”

“You’d do that for me?” Steve asked.

“Well, for you and for the good of all mankind,” Tony said. 

“I – well, maybe let’s start with the ISS,” Steve replied. “If it’s not a bother.”

“I’ll call NASA,” Tony replied. “Can I tell them it’s a request from Captain America?”

Steve drew himself up, chest puffing out. “You can tell them I’d find it a personal honor to serve the space program.” 

“Nerd,” Tony said, holding the phone to his ear. “Stick around, they’ll probably want to ask you your measurements for a flight suit.” 


Pairing: Guzma/Reader
Plot: After interfering in official Team Skull business one too many times, the grunts take you back to their boss to see what he wants to do with you. He quickly figures it out, and sends the grunts on their way.
Warnings: Smut, rough sex, possible dubcon
Notes: More smut since ya’ll are so thirsty for this man lmao. Also Idk if it’s related or not but after I posted my first smut fic with Guzma I saw a ton of others posted on AO3 so God bless ya’ll, keep the porn coming

“Let go of me!” You snarl at the men holding your arms, trying to keep you from thrashing. A pink haired women in front of you only laughs, holding up your bag like a prize. “Whatever, bitch! You keep fuckin’ with us, now we gonna fuck with you,” she says, laughing and turning to walk down the dirt path, the two blue haired men dragging you after her.

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Neil Armstrong, pictured moments after stepping back into the lunar module on Apollo 11, having just become the first human being to walk on the moon.

His face betrays a man who doesn’t know if he wants to laugh or cry having just been at the forefront of one of humanity’s greatest achievements.

Sun letters and Moon letters in Arabic 

In the Arabic alphabet, there are 28 letters; 14 of them are the so called Sun Letters (حُرُوف شَمْسِيّة), the other 14 are the Moon Letters (حُرُوف قَمَرِيّة). Depending on whether a word starts with a Sun Letter or a Moon Letter, the article ال is pronounced differently. 
The rules for this are quite simple: 

If a word starts with a Moon Letter, ال is pronounced al. 
If a word starts with a Sun Letter, you do not pronounce the ل (lam; like the english letter l) in the article ال. What happens here is that the ل is assimilated. Instead, you pronounce the first letter of the word, the Sun Letter, with a ّ - a shadda; that means it’s pronounced twice, like in the word الشَّمْس (ash-shams; the sun) for example or in الرَّجُل (ar-rajul; the man). 

These are the Moon Letters: 

أ ب ج ح خ ع غ ف ق ك م ه و ي

And these are the Sun Letters: 

ت ث د ذ ر ز س ش ص ض ط ظ ل ن

Now, technically speaking, you have to memorize them. There’s not really a way around it; but maybe you can make out some patterns as to which letters are Sun Letters and which ones are Moon Letters. For example, you might notice that a lot of Moon Letters tend to be pronounced in the back of your mouth or your throat whereas your tongue plays a more important role in pronouncing the Sun Letters. They’re pronounced in a way that would make it difficult for you to pronounce them together with the letter ل. Try saying al-schams (الشَّمْس; the sun) instead of saying ash-shams or al-rajul (الرَّجُل; the man) instead of ar-rajul and you might realize it’s more difficult than saying for example al-qamar (القَمَر; the moon) or al-bait (لبَيت; the house). 

I do recommend you practice these if memorizing things isn’t for you. To help you, I have compiled a list with words that start with Sun Letters and words that start with Moon Letters. Knowing example-words that start with the letters in question helps me personally remember which ones are Sun Letters and which ones are Moon Letters the best so maybe it’ll help you too! 
(Feel free to point out mistakes or suggest corrections and bear with me because of the transliteration. I’ve only ever learnt how to do it in German.)

Edit: it’s الْفيلم, I forgot the ي! Sorry :)
The Shield of Achilles

Homer, Iliad 18.478-489

And first he crafted a shield, both great and sturdy,
And added ornaments on every side,
And around the edge he fashioned a triple rim
Shiny and flashing; and onto it he fastened
A silver shield-strap.  The shield itself had five
Layers in all; and onto it he worked
Many adornments, with all his clever craft.
He fashioned on it the Earth, and Heaven too,
Along with the sea, the Sun that never tires,
And the full Moon, plus all the constellations
That Heaven is crowned with: the Pleiades, the Hyades,
Mighty Orion, and the Bear, which men
Also call the Wagon; it turns forever
In the same place and keeps its eye on Orion,
And it alone has no share in the baths of Ocean.
Ποίει δὲ πρώτιστα σάκος μέγα τε στιβαρόν τε
πάντοσε δαιδάλλων, περὶ δ’ ἄντυγα βάλλε φαεινὴν
τρίπλακα μαρμαρέην, ἐκ δ’ ἀργύρεον τελαμῶνα.
πέντε δ’ ἄρ’ αὐτοῦ ἔσαν σάκεος πτύχες· αὐτὰρ ἐν αὐτῷ
ποίει δαίδαλα πολλὰ ἰδυίῃσι πραπίδεσσιν.
    Ἐν μὲν γαῖαν ἔτευξ’, ἐν δ’ οὐρανόν, ἐν δὲ θάλασσαν,
ἠέλιόν τ’ ἀκάμαντα σελήνην τε πλήθουσαν,
ἐν δὲ τὰ τείρεα πάντα, τά τ’ οὐρανὸς ἐστεφάνωται,
Πληϊάδας θ’ Ὑάδας τε τό τε σθένος Ὠρίωνος
Ἄρκτόν θ’, ἣν καὶ Ἄμαξαν ἐπίκλησιν καλέουσιν,
ἥ τ’ αὐτοῦ στρέφεται καί τ’ Ὠρίωνα δοκεύει,
οἴη δ’ ἄμμορός ἐστι λοετρῶν Ὠκεανοῖο.

Thetis waits while Hephaestus prepares new arms for Achilles.  Fresco from triclinium E of House IX.1.7, Pompeii; now in the National Archaeological Museum, Naples.

I can’t help but feel that Charlie Swan doesn’t get enough credit for being a good dad. Especially in the fandom.

Like… the first thing that comes to mind, is in New Moon, when Bella goes into that deep depression stage after Edward leaves.

Charlie didn’t yell at her. He didn’t force her to get outside (although he suggested it). He tried to help her in small ways, and although they didn’t work, he tried, and didn’t get angry. 

This is a man who had never been allowed to be a dad. Not really. And yet he became a damn good one within the year he had her with him.

World War 3 came and decimated the entire population and all records. Centuries later people don’t know about the Apollo missions and are eager to send the “first” man the moon. When they get there, they find the American flag and realize that someone, or something, has beat them to it.

You’ll need a flow chart!

Radio Times Flow Chart of River Song


1. A Good Man Goes to War (2011) – Melody Pond is born

2. The Impossible Astronaut (2011) – young Melody is raised in an orphanage

3. Day of the Moon (2011) – Melody regenerates into Mels

4. Let’s Kill Hitler (2011) – Mels regenerates into River

5. Closing Time (2011) – River gets her doctorate, is kidnapped by the Silence

6. The Wedding of River Song/The Impossible Astronaut (2011)– River breaks time, marries the Doctor and then helps heal it for the events of The Impossible Astronaut

7. First Night (minisode, 2011) – River is incarcerated for the murder of the Doctor, but goes on her first evening trip with him

8. Last Night (minisode, 2011) – a version of River from five years in the future interacts with her younger self

9. A Good Man Goes to War (2011)

10. The Impossible Astronaut (2011)

11. Day of the Moon (2011)

12. The Pandorica Opens (2010)

13. The Big Bang (2010) – River helps the Doctor save the universe

14. Time of the Angels (2010)

15. Flesh and Stone (2010)

16. Wedding of River Song (2011) – River visits her parents Amy and Rory in their garden

17. Last Night (minisode, 2011) – an older version of River is heading to the towers of Darillium with the Doctor, but he apparently later backs out

18. The Angels Take Manhattan (2012) – River sees her parents trapped in the past

19. The Husbands of River Song (2015) – River teams up with the Twelfth Doctor but doesn’t recognise him

20. Silence in the Library (2008) – River meets the Tenth Doctor, who hasn’t met her yet

21. Forest of the Dead (2008) – River dies, but the Tenth Doctor “saves” her as a data ghost

22. The Name of the Doctor (2013) – River’s data ghost finally says goodbye to the Eleventh Doctor

glassofwhiskey: Just ran across this shot of this beautiful man and I and I had to share it. There’s a story behind this shot. This day. I remember it like it was yesterday. Memories are funny that way. This was the first day back to work after falling head first in love with my wife. Feeling the heat of the Albuquerque sky as I told him about what had happened to me that past weekend. I went on and on about what I was feeling and he interrupted me and asked me a question. He said “Do you put the moon and the stars in the sky for her”? I said I hope so. You don’t know?!? You must know. I called her and he asked her himself and then he sang to her. It was incredible. That’s the type of man that he is. Loud bark and no bite who wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s also a huge romantic so that’s why he wanted to put us on the spot. A couple of years later I asked him to read a poem at our wedding. He asked me if I had one in mind and I said that I wanted him to choose one. I know it will be perfect. And it was. I love this picture. I love this man. Jonathan Banks you beautiful beast you, I miss you every single day

  • Take her to the moon for me. Okay?
  • C'mon! Think positive!
  • I’m positive that you’ll get lost in there!
  • Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life’s problems.
  • Congratulations San Francisco, you’ve ruined pizza! First the Hawaiians, and now YOU!
  • What was that? I though you said we were gonna “act casual”.
  • Oh, I show you attitude, old man!
  • What is your problem? Just leave me alone!
  • Well, that was a disaster.
  • I saw a really hairy guy, he looked like a bear.
  • I’m too sad to walk. Just give me a few… hours.
  • All right! We did not die today, I call that an unqualified success.
  • Six years of drama school… for this.
  • Well, what would you do if you’re so smart?
  • Of course your tiny brain is confused. Guess I’LL just have to dumb it down to your level!
  • Sorry I don’t speak moron as well as you, but lemme try! Duuuuuhhhhhh!
  • Well, I just saved our lives. Yeah, you’re welcome.
  • I say we lock ourselves in our room and use that one swear word we know. It’s a good one!
  • What’s “poo-ber-tee”?
  • Remember the funny movie where the dog died?
  • Oh nothing. Just the best idea ever!
  • Hey! Hey, look at me. Did you mean what you said before?
  • This is ridiculous! We can’t even get a good night’s sleep anymore.
  • These are my kind of people!
  • Being cool is exhausting.