the first looks weird it's ok

⊱simple introduction starters⊰
  • ❝what are you doing here?❞
  • ❝you're going to hurt yourself, let me help you.❞
  • ❝why are you staring at me?❞
  • ❝if you didn't want to talk to me, you could've just said so.❞
  • ❝i think you dropped this.❞
  • ❝here, i'll pay for that.❞
  • ❝so i assume you're the one everyone's talking about.❞
  • ❝that outfit looks nice on you, where'd you get it?❞
  • ❝why are you doing this?❞
  • ❝so that looks dangerous... want to try it?❞
  • ❝you're going to do WHAT with WHAT?❞
  • ❝can you help me grab this?❞
  • ❝don't talk to me until i've had my coffee. thanks.❞
  • ❝that was possibly the weirdest thing i've ever seen.❞
  • ❝you have the prettiest smile i've seen all day.❞
  • ❝do i have anything on my shirt?❞
  • ❝are you waiting for an interview too?❞
  • ❝is this seat saved for anyone?❞
  • ❝i've never been here before, it's beautiful.❞
  • ❝do you know the directions to (location)?❞
  • ❝so how long have you been working here?❞
  • ❝how many of those have you had?❞
  • ❝i'm not suppose to talk to strangers.❞
  • ❝you'll be ok, i promise.❞
  • ❝can you hear me?❞
  • ❝i think you're on my foot...❞
  • ❝i guess you're stuck with me 'til the elevator starts working.❞
  • ❝could you POSSIBLY get more annoying?❞
  • ❝i have several questions, first off WHY?❞
  • ❝why would you do that?"
  • ❝i think that guy is giving you a weird look.❞
  • ❝hey are you ok?❞
  • ❝do you live here?❞
  • ❝are you third-wheeling too?❞
  • ❝why are like this?❞
  • ❝who did this to you?❞
  • ❝who told you that?❞
  • ❝why are you following me?❞

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how would the chocobros react to seeing their and their s/o's baby all grown up who time traveled back to save their parents from dying? like the bros know it's their baby but are confused bc there's the baby version of them and the grown version existing in the same time. maybe some angst and cute family fluff? ❤

Ohoho I see we have a Fire Emblem fan in the house ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (or I could just be way off base here and now I look dumb ok I’ll stop now)

Ever since I played that game I’m not gunna lie, that trope has become delicious. (Delicious? Should I have used that word there? Does that make me weird? ok I’ll stop again thnx)

Okay, first: I took some liberties. I set this during the game’s timeline, so their hypothetical child isn’t born yet. Second, as I was writing this, I began with Noctis (because I always begin with Noctis lololol) and it got to be so long that I thought it would be a bit much to include all the bros. So, with that said, I’ll only be posting him atm. However, if you guys want this done with the other three then do let me know! Otherwise, I’ll probably stop it here. Sorry about that!

Now on to the writing!


{1,494 words}


When you meet her it’s at Hammerhead, just after you step outside of the diner, following behind the guys. You got the phone call from Prompto.

Noctis is awake. And he’ll be here soon.

When the guys finally part from the circle they had created, full of laughter and smiles, you see the man you had fallen in love with so long ago, and all you can think is that, he’s here. He’s here and awake and alive and you can’t contain the tears that are spilling from your eyes no matter how many times you wipe them away.

Noctis,” you choke out as you step forward, unstable as a newborn calf. The bright fluorescent stadium lights ensconcing Hammerhead illuminate him in a harsh glow. You see his unkempt and overgrown hair hang low in front of his eyes. You see the dirt on his rugged face, layered with facial hair you had never known him to have. You see the way his jawline has filled out, his eyes have sunken in, and what the burden of ten years has done with the boy you once knew.

It’s turned him into a king.

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I think I just noticed that...

Whenever the main characters of an anime

are two guys and two girls

and I first see all four of them in a poster

and after watching the first few episodes I’ve determined that

they are my favorite characters because I love them individually

and their interactions together as a team

I have this tendency

to ship them together.

Is it weird?

Sometimes these anime posters/promo images make these main characters look so damn good together and they trick me into thinking they’re romantic/canon I’m just saying.

The heartbroken Fuckmonster - Cassidy (Preacher) + Reader Insert

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ok ok ok this is not Gotham BUT I do know many of you, who could/would/should enjoy some Cassidy smut anyhow !

After a long abstinence from SMUT (yeah you heard me right) I wrote this for @amandajuly81 and @muchsolo

I integrated some lyrics from “Flesh - Simon Curtis” - I simply had to !!!

Tagging: @penguinsweetest, @gothams-darkest-desires, @red-panda-on-the-loose @aya-fay and @queencobblefreezestuff <3

Warnings/TWs.: smutty mature content, rough sex, biting, blood

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College AU!Ravi

find leo (here)

  • major: marketing 
  • minor: music 
  • sports: part of the soccer team (mostly because leo signed up when they were freshman’s) 
  • clubs: one of the student organizer of the on campus concerts, also secretly part of ballroom dancing club
  • although he’s not interested heavily in the mathematics of running a business, he really likes thinking up creative designs for advertisment and keeps up with trending brands and things like that so in the end he decided that a job in a field where he could combine his knowledge of art and good products would be really fun!!
  • except he sorta regrets it and wishes he could have majored in music, especially lyrical writing, but for now it’s just his minor
  • he even has a part-time job as a DJ at a club in the college town and he’s always there on friday nights and everyone praises his original mashups and remixes and it makes him feel happy but then he’s like f rick i have a midterm in consumer finance on monday i should start on that
  • and ravi isn’t the best at keeping up with all his schoolwork because marketing is way more overwhelming than he expected and he’d rather spend hours hunched over his laptop editing songs but he knows that the reality is: getting a job in marketing is easier than getting a job in music
  • and also he needs to maintain a gpa of at least 3.0 to stay on the soccer team and he’s scared that if he gets anything lower leo will literally like eat him
  • but anyway he tries to study he really does but he can get kinda off track really easily which is why you are very very surprised when he comes to you very nervous
  • this six foot tall handsome soft nervous boy 
  • and he’s like “h h hi!!! im ravi!!! we have global marketing together and please help me i dont know what im doing for the presentation!!!!!!” 
  • and you’re kind of shocked but also wary because you know ravi’s a nice boy like he doesn’t talk much in class but when he does he jumbles easily over his words but like you notice that his entire notebook is scribbled with notes and he is trying but you’re still like,,,,,should i help him???
  • and ravi is standing there, probably looking way more stylish than any other college student in a five mile radius but that isn’t the point, and he’s like,,,, “sorry- i-just- you’re smart!!!! really smart in class you talk!!!! and you’re smart,,,,when you talk i mean so i thought??? you could help, but,,,,”
  • and he’s again stumbling over his words and you’re kinda like ok maybe he really just is this way naturally and really does need some help so you’re like “…..i can try,,,do you have any ideas of what you’re interested in?” 
  • and ravi kind of hesitates and like pulls the chair out next to you but then gets shy and moves so he’s sitting like one chair away and you’re like,,,,he reminds me of a puppy so cautious but you keep that to yourself and ravi’s like
  • well??? i wanna do something on the music industry and you’re like really?? that’s cool do you like music??
  • and ravi gets bright all of a sudden and is like i do!!! i put out some of my own stuff recently and i dj so!!! i know a bit about it !! and you’re impressed because wow that’s awesome!! and then ravi turns back into a little red ball of embarrassment from your praise and ok it’s cute you admit it ok ok
  • and so you and ravi get to brainstorming on what he could possibly do for his presentation and like at first he kind of seems so unsure of himself
  • but slowly as you get him to talk about what he’s really interested in you see him come to life and all his ideas are so creative
  • and basically at the end of your little session you’ve helped him map out some ideas and ravi is just like ,,,, wow i feel so much better and you’re like im glad!!! and for a second you swear you catch him like staring at you for a moment longer than usual but you push the feeling away
  • and ravi is like if it’s ok,,, can i talk to you more about it again?? and you’re like sure!! ill try to help and he just bows in appreciation and is like i gtg to ballroom dancing club wait no i didn’t say that
  • and you’re like ok by- ballroom dancing club??? and ravi is like lONg sTOry ByE
  • and so you see him in class and the teachers talking presentations and you notice for the first time how ravi starts nervously tapping his foot and he looks so scared and so you catch him outside of the room and you’re like hey,,,hows the presentation?? and he’s like its uh you know uhhh and you’re like dont be scared to ask for help. i want to help you
  • and you’re like good going genius why did u say that outloud he probably thinks ur weird but nope ravi starts glowing again and breathes a sigh of relief and he’s like thANK you i was worried about asking for more help,,,, 
  • and so these brainstorming sessions last for a couple of weeks until you can see ravi is super confident with where he’s going with his presentation and you’re just so happy to see him doing well and then ravi’s like you know??? i need to thank you somehow for your help
  • and you’re like oH no no it’s fine but he’s like here!!! this is a ticket for this concert im gonna be djing at on campus - you should um,,, come,,,,
  • and you want to kinda be like parties aren’t my scene but you’re also curious to see ravi in that kind of environment so you’re like ok-ok ill come!! and ravi leans in to hug you
  • and ok side note you’re like why is he so?? muscular he doesn’t look like the type??? and he’s like well i gtg to soccer see you there
  • and you’re like soccer??? ballroom dancing??? what is he
  • and so the night of the party you find something suitable to wear (more like you borrow it from  a friend because you were gonna go in just some jeans and she was like tHIS is a COLLEGE paRTY please put something …….hotter….on)
  • and so when you get to the place you can already hear really loud EDM and you’re like holy shit when you see how packed it is inside and when you finally manage to get inside you’re surprised to see ravi up on stage, jumping up and down and just looking so much more,,,,,,happy than usual
  • and he’s like got this cut up tank top on and he’s wearing like expensive jewelry and brands and you’re like is this the same clumsy flustered kid i know??
  • and you don’t know how but ravi spots you in the crowd and comes over with a huge smile on his face, sweat coming down his neck and he’s like you made it! he like lifts his shirt to wipe his face and you’re like dont look dont look fuck it im looking ok he’s got abs bye
  • and he’s like you should dance!! have fun!! drink!! and you’re like haha ahh im not really- and ravi like nudges you like come on!! one night wont kill you and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,well you’re like im already here so
  • and before he goes back up stage he’s like “you look really amazing by the way, sorry for staring” and you blush like what no i didnt notice you were and he smiles and your heartbeat gets quicker and you’re like oh no
  • and so you decide to order a drink and then everyone’s suddenly dancing around you so you’re like whatever ill do it too 
  • and before you know it a good two hours has passed when someones hand goes around your waist and you turn about to sock the person in the face but it’s ravi and he gives you a smile, this time a little more dorky and the one you’re use to, and he’s like wanna dance with me??
  • so you and ravi, instead of talking about global marketing, start straight up grinding on each other because it’s college it’s what happens
  • and from that point on it’s all very blurry but ravi is holding you close and you’re both like heY i kinda Wanna kiss you right now so you both just do it 
  • and things happen and when you wake up you are not in your dorm room nope and when you sit up in bed you are not in your bed nope and ravi is next to you sleeping (probably snoring a little) with nothing on and you’re like
  • oh
  • you find his shirt put it on and like try to find the bathroom but instead you find this tall, intimidating boy and a slightly taller, less intimidating boy 
  • and the less intimidating tallest one chuckles and is like “had a fun night with my hyung~~~~ look leo they’re blushing!!!” and the more intimidating one just eats his cereal and nods and you’re like uM … where is the bathroom….
  • and they point it out to you and once you’re in there you’re like ok what happened and you look in the mirror and you’ve got some teeth marks in places and perhaps other imprints on other parts of your body but you’re getting the picture yeah
  • and your hairs a mess but like you’re not freaking out, you’re actually smiling to yourself because its coming back what happened and you put your head in your hands like oh god,,,
  • and once you get back ravi’s awake by some miracle and he’s just got this panicked look on his face and your heart drops because oh no is he going to say he regrets it-
  • but no instead ravi just gets on his knees??? in front of you and is like “im sorry!!! im sorry!!! if you want to forget hooking up with me- if you want i will never bother you again!! you’ve just done so much for me and im in love i mean i like you alot ,,,, like a lot so-”
  • and you’re like rAVi what no i like you too also get up you’re naked please put something on 
  • and ravi gets up a little wobbly but he’s just all smiles and he reaches out to pull you into his arms but you’re like hey hey pants get your pants on
  • and from that night you and ravi are an official thing which is just wild to you for a couple of days but your so happy
  • because now you two sit next to each other in class and ravi holds your hand when he can and always has the dorky big smile when he looks at you (which he does a lot and you’re like ravi - pay attention in class and he’s like but you’re sooo much more interesting)
  • and when it’s his day to do his presentation and everything goes well you two start jumping up and down outside of the classroom when it’s over and ravi is like i dont care that there’s people in the hallway lets makeout
  • and you do except you both get shy like kids when you pull away
  • the tall not intimidating roommate of ravis, hyuk, teases the living shit out of you two 
  • leo just accepts it but he’s also secretly like “ravi, you’ve actually grown up wow” and ravi gets defensive like heY im ,,,,, an adult shuttup leo,,,,,,your face is dumb
  • and ravi insists that he should help you pick out clothes when you shop together because he knows all the good brands and you’re like ravi im ok with this ten dollar sweatshirt but he’s like no no you’re not we are getting you something from stussy righT noW
  • and you cheer him on during soccer which is funny because he kept waving and winking at you from the field so ken had to throw a ball at his head to get his attention 
  • ravi giving you shout outs when he’s djing and the whole crowd going ooooohhhhh~~~ and looking at you and youre like ravi pls 
  • you study a lot and really hard and ravi is so proud of you but he’s also the one to be like heY hey no it’s been three days of hitting the books we are going to the amusement park and you are having some fun and then we are going to my dorm to well you know “relieve stress” 
  • ravi walking around shirtless and you hide your face and he’s like ok but you’ve seen me naked 
  • perhaps if you ever want a tattoo ravi goes with you to get one??? f you dont you sit next to him when he’s getting another one and he’s like “thank god i live on campus or else my mom would murder me’”
  • ravi carrying you to and from places cuz he’s tall and muscles
  • ravi also falling asleep on your lap all the god damn time 
  • also you finally ask what the hell ballroom club is about and turns out ravi is in this program that goes around teaching the elderly how to ballroom it’s like a volunteer thing he does and you’re like holy shit ravi you’re the CUTEST PERson ALIVE
  • and he’s like no no im not i have a mixtape im tough
  • then you cover his face in kisses and he’s like ok fine i agree with you im cute and you’re cute too that’s why we are perfect 


I heard the doorbell ring, I groaned and got out of bed I heard a soft whimper and looked over to Y/N and smiled  seeing her hair sprawled across the pillow and he body wrapped in the blankets. I was brought back to reality by the doorbell ringing again. I slipped on some sweatpants and ran down stairs. I opened the door and saw Ronnie. it was really too early for this stress. not that I didn’t like Ronnie he was a great friend of mine but he is also my girlfriends brother and well he doesn’t know. all I wanted to do was drink my coffee, but I sucked it up and prayed to god that Y/N didn’t come downstairs. “hey man whats up” I said holding back a yawn. “nothing, but uh what about you” he said holding back a laugh “ long night” then he winked  ha he doesn’t know the half of it. “yeah I guess you could say that” we walked into the kitchen and I started to make some coffee. “ so what’s the real reason you came here ‘cause I know it’s not to chill” I said looking at him amused he smiled “ok so I’ve been working on this song and I wanted to know if you want in” he said taking a sip of his coffee  I was about to respond when….


I had woken up when andy got out of bed and I tried falling back asleep, but it didn’t work so I got up and grabbed Andys long sleeve shirt that went to my high thigh. I felt my legs wobble and ache a bit I giggled recalling last night with andy. I started to walk down I saw andy and smiled then laughed “ I can barely walk babe, you really did a number on-.” the stopped as I saw my brother my eyes went wide as did his. we looked at each other for a second and Andy  just stared at me, this went on for about 3 minutes. Then Ronnie said “ oh my lord really guys really.” he looked at Andy “ really my fucking sister, and you” he turned back to me “first of all since when did you have a tattoo and just ew. I mean its disgusting I mean you fucked andy and he fucked you just eggh eww” he shook his head. ” dude, it’s not a huge deal we’ve only been together for a month or so" andy said trying to calm down Ronnie “yeah Ronnie it’s ok” I said and walked over to and smiling at both of them and wrapped an arm around my waist. “ Ronnie there is no reason to feel weird and looked at my feet smiling as I saw my tattoo  "oh and my tattoo andy gave it to me” I smiled and andy gripped my side.

<<<<<<<<< 5 HOURS LATER >>>>>>>>>>>>

I layed in the bed with andy and he kissed my head “so he knows now” he said “ yeah so do you think other people should know” I asked cautiously, the last time andy and I talked about this we had a huge fight. “ yeah i think everyone should know about my very beautiful girlfriend.” I smiled at him and kissed him sweetly and he snapped a picture then tweeted this ‘ me and my beautiful, breathtaking gal’ “ andy I - I think I love you” andy smiled brightly and kissed my head. It was a big deal, it was the first time I had said I love you someone other then my family and andy knew that. “ baby I love you more than anything in this world.

AUTHORS NOTE - hey guys I hope you like this because I had fun writing it even though it’s not my best. but seriously send in requests so I can write more. I love writing for you guys. so I write for most anime, teen wolf, black veil brides and other bands

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omg ok this is great so we have camilas rlly weird snap with someone's hand (that looks sm like Lauren's hand like just look at that 1 pic of lauren where she's on her laptop and looks kinda pissed off, it's legit the same hand position) and we have lauren reblogging romantic shit. so the question is why did camila even post that in the first place and wtf is she even saying

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Hey could you please do an au where Nico is an angel/has wings (bleugh i know but a girl has needs)?Thanks!

  • turns out nico is pretty much an angel of death and only finds out when he wakes up with wings one morning??? he goes to talk to his dad about it and hades is kinda like “what r u gonna do about it amiright” so nicos like “I just have to deal with having wings now???? thats it???????”
  • so he goes back to camp bc that was no help at all and shadow travels straight into the infirmary bc he needs wills help to figure out whats going on????
    • as soon as he’s in there he turns around and one of his wings sweeps an entire shelf and a whole bunch of things crash onto the ground and now everyones looking at nico great
  • will comes up to him and hes like “why do u have wings did someone play a prank on you??” and nico explains what little he knows and everyones still super confused but like theres nothing anyone can do about it????
  • they realize pretty quick that they just have to deal ok and nico just has to pretend that he doesnt see people giving him weird looks and he has to stop going into smaller spaces like the infirmary bc his wings take up too much space
  • his wings also get super dirty super easy and the feathers are white so its super noticeable but nico 1. cant really reach his wings to clean them and 2. has no idea how to clean wings in the first place so he asks will to help him out
    • which is possibly the best thing to come out of the whole wing thing bc will is super gentle and the wings are pretty sensitive and its a little bit like the world’s best back rub but 50 times better
  • nico also has to learn like a whole new way to fight bc its a lot harder to move with the added weight and they take a whole lot of time to get used to but he also learns pretty quick that he can use the wings to an advantage by like, blowing his opponent backwards with a gust of wind or jumping completely over his opponent and tbh it works out pretty well
  • nico learns to appreciate his wings after a little while and will thinks those wings are a pretty good look and tbh that definitely has a part in helping nico be more ok with it

its not much but i hope you liked it!!! thanks for the suggestion!!!!

drop an au in my ask and get a list of headcanons

no more please!


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Avengers x reader x avengers cast

Imagine: Loki causes chaos in your dimension and now the cast of the Avengers in a different dimension are stuck in your dimension until the Avengers can figure out how to send them home.

A/N: this is one of my ideas that I am absolutely in love with. BTW, Bucky and Sebastian will be included and you are dating Bucky. Wanda and Pietro are included; however Miss Olsen will not be in this a lot. Mr. Johnson will be though!!! You have a metal right arm and metal left leg from an accident with a train….lol

Genre: Humor, Adventure, Mystery

Rated: Everyone

Warning: swearing, different dimension

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagine

You were sitting in the middle of the two groups, face palming and sighing. Earlier, Loki had somehow opened a dimension and a few people were transported over.  You knew how he did it because you could do the same thing anytime you wanted. You were called a Portal Jumper, the fancy name Dimensionalist. You could jump into different dimensions and open doors that were originally closed. That was how you met the group to your left. The famous actors to a movie made in their dimension called The Avengers. You had stumbled upon them when you had passed out from your injuries you had got from an intergalactic Space explosion and Chris Evans had tended to your wounds. The group to your right is the group you originally lived with before you had stumbled upon the actors. You had known them all your life because Clint had taken you in when you were a baby when nobody wanted you and became your adoptive father. You have never called him dad but you knew you would one day. When the Avengers had found out about your abilities, you were immediately put under protection and recruited as an agent. You were friends with all of them, one way or another even though it was kind of weird to see two of everyone. You looked up at Pietro when he cleared his throat and Pietro asked.

“(y/n), I am confused. Who are these…people?”

You sighed and rubbed your cheek. Standing up, you stretched and crossed your arms, hissing slightly at the cold sensation or your right arm.

“These guys are different versions of you. However, you are called their alter egos. For example, Aaron is an actor and he portrays you in their movie about you guys. You are his alter ego.”

Steve asked, clutching his belt and cocking his head to the side.

“So they are our doppelgangers?’

“In a way, yes.”

Bucky pursed his lips and looked up at you. You looked at him and asked him quietly.

“Are you alright?”

Bucky shrugged and rubbed the back of his neck. Chris Hemsworth, Thor’s ego, asked.

“(Y/n), are you and…Bucky together?”

Sebastian looked at you and you blushed, nodding quietly. Bucky snarled out, clenching a fist.

“Yeah, you got a problem with it, asshole?”

You face palmed and Steve asserted.

“Bucky. Enough.”

“Thanks, Spangles.”

Steve nodded and Wanda asked, sitting beside you Indian style and levitating.

“So if everyone else has an ego, where’s mine?”

You observed.

“I guess Ms. Olsen was far enough from the extraction site to avoid it. However, I can guarantee she saw it all.”

Wanda nodded and Jeremy asked.

“How are we gonna get home?”

Tony walked in with Bruce, moving holograms away and explaining.

“You’re probably going to be stuck here until Reindeer Games is brought here and takes you home or Portal Pogo Stick over here takes you.”

You rolled your eyes and stated.

“I can’t take them home. There are too many risks. Loki probably rigged the portal. He’s not an idiot.”

Thor walked and stood beside you. He put his hands on your shoulders and asked.

“You know of the portal jumpers, yes?”

“Considering I am a dimensionalist, yes I do. Why?”

“There were old stories about the Portal Jumpers on Asgard that explained that if a Portal Jumper took more people than they were capable of, they got lost in the galaxies forever. Floating aimlessly until another portal Jumpers found them or they died.”

Thor turned and you bit your lips. Clint jumped up, looking at Tony when Tony said.

“She can take a couple trips.”

Clint yelled.

“You are not putting my daughter in danger, Stark! She’ll lose energy and if she tries to take more trips than she can manage, she’ll kill herself and everyone who is with her.”

Jeremy’s eyes widened and he asked you.

“Wait, you’re my daughter in this dimension?”

You grabbed your head, a pounding in it and you yelled, voice getting louder as you yelled.

“Everybody just shut the FUCK UP!”

You created a small shockwave and everyone stopped. Tears pricked your closed eyes and you covered your face. You turned and said before escaping to your room.

“I’m so sorry I’m weak.”


Clint growled and yelled at Tony.

“Good fuckin’ going, Stark!”

Tony rolled his eyes and Bucky looked after your form. He stood up slowly and the actors watched him. Bucky looked at Tony and said, lowly and pointing at Tony.

“You better fucking fix this before I fix your face.”

Tony turned and walked away. Bucky glared at his form and Steve put a hand on his shoulder.

“Come on, Bucky. It’s not worth it. The guy’s gonna be a tool either way.”

Natasha huffed and walked to your room, turning back to look at everyone and said.

“You guys’ are obviously too engrossed in being a bunch of whiney bitches. I’ll be with (Y/N).”

Clint looked at Natasha and asked.

“Tell her I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Got it.”

Natasha walked off and Scarlett asked.

“How are you her father, if I may ask?”

Clint looked at Scarlett and explained, sitting down.

“A long time ago, (Y/N) was left on the doorstep of my farm when she was a baby. No note, no nothing about why she was there. I took her in as my own and when I found out about her ability, I didn’t know what to do so I took her here to ask for help and now you can see what this job has done to my little bird.”

Chris Evans piped up.

“How come her alter ego isn’t with us?”

A voice made everyone jump.

“Because my alter ego is dead.”

You walked in and Clint walked to you, hugging you tightly. He asked in your hair as he kissed your head.

“Are you alright, little bird?”

You nodded and Natasha hugged your around your arms as you sat on the floor beside Clint’s leg, your head leaning on his knee. Clint started to caress your head as Natasha sat with you and Robert asked.


You nodded. Mark then asked.

“No offense but do you know how she died?”

You deadpanned as you looked at him.

“I killed her.”

Everyone got quiet and Steve looked at you with wide eyes.

“Why would you do that?”

You looked down at your hands.

“Because she would have to endure the same thing I go through now. She would be just like me.  Good thing I got her at such a young age.”

You stood up and ordered.

“If you have a problem with me preventing a life having to deal with a lifetime of misery, then go ahead and arrest me. Kill me even. If you don’t, then…yay. Whoop de doo. I wasn’t going to let my ego suffer like I have too. I’m going to find a way to get you guys home so please be patient with me.”

Thor looked over at you and you turned towards him. Thor held out a hand and asked.

“Would you like to take a walk with me so you can hold in your anger?”

You smiled softly at him and replied.

“Thank you but I’ll refuse. I’ll be ok.”

“Well, at least take a drink to cool yourself.”

Bucky said from behind you. You turned and grabbed the water.

“Thank you, James.”

He smiled a bit and Evans asked.

“(y/n), is there more than one dimension?”

“Oh yeah. Hundreds upon thousands.”

Mark asked.

“How do you choose which dimension you want to g to?”

You smiled and asked, gesturing to Sebastian.

“Well you know how in Once Upon A Time, Jefferson has his hat that had different doors? Well, it’s kind of like that. However, I don’t have a hat though that would be so cool.”

You laughed and Sebastian smiled. You continued.

“I travel through any kind of elevator. Kind of like the phone booth in Doctor Who. I type in a certain number pattern into the elevator and when the door closes, I’m in the dimension. “

Jeremy asked.

“Are there any side effects?”

You shrugged and nodded.

“If you are a beginner, you will get nauseous, dizzy, a pounding migraine and sometimes blurry vision. “

Hemsworth asked.

“Is there certain ranks, so to speak, for a Portal Jumper?”

“Yes. Beginner, Novice, Apprentice, Master, and then you earn the title Dimensionalist.”

Robert asked you.

“What is your rank?”

You gave a triumphant smile.

“I am Dimensionalist.”

Thor added.

“It takes years of jumping to attain that status. Lady (Y/n) is a very skilled Jumper. It is not uncommon for other jumpers to come to her for advice.”

You smiled and Sebastian asked.

“How long have you been…jumping?”

“Since I found out I had my ability. Translation: 9 years. Now, it does take longer for someone to attain that status. However, if you do jump like there’s no tomorrow then you’ll be like me.”

Evans then asked you.

“How…how did you lose your arm and leg?”

You looked down at your said limbs and chuckled darkly.

“Ironically, train accident. Fell off like Bucky did but I hit the side of the mountain before I hit the rock at the bottom…my leg went first.”

The room was quiet and Evans said.

“I’m so sorry-“

“-Nah, its ok. You were curious.”

You stretched again and jumped when a familiar voice stated.

“Well, this is weird.”

You looked over and got up, smiling.

“Jefferson, hey! Didn’t know you were gonna stop by.”

Jefferson gave you a smile and tipped his hat. You rolled your eyes and he explained.

“I was coming to ask you a favor but it…seems you have your hands full. Uh. Why is there two of everyone and three of me?”

You rubbed the back of your neck and simply said.


Jefferson nodded and you asked.

“What is it that you needed?”

Jefferson cleared his throat and took your arm, turning and walking away from the group.

“I need a favor, obviously.”

You asked him when he got farther away from the group.

“What is it?”

Jefferson asked.

“I was wondering if you could tell me which dimension has my female counterpart.”

You frowned and asked.


Jefferson looked to the left and then back at you and stated bluntly.

“Because I need to kill her. She stole from me, humiliated me in front of everyone, and hurt Grace.”

You got a deadly look on your face and Jefferson took a step back in caution.

“She hurt grace? Dimension 37, gateway 23154, code 23154. Since you’re probably gonna use your hat, doorway 33.”

Jefferson smiled and thanked you, kissing your cheek and walking you back to the group.

“You never cease to please me, darling.”

You shrugged and Jefferson pulled out a suitcase made specially for hats. He opened it and took out a beautiful hat that looked like his.

“For a beautiful and trustworthy person.”

Jefferson set the hat upon your head and you smiled.

“Thank you, madman.”

Jefferson shrugged and tipped his hat.

“I must be going.”

You smiled and waved and turned back to everyone. Sebastian was looking at you with wide eyes and you smiled at him, tipping your hat. Chris E laughed and shook his head.

“Sebastian has been so tense since Jefferson walked in. He fuckin turned to me and whispered ‘I’m starting to feel like I’ve gone mad.’ When Jefferson walked in.”

You laughed and hugged Sebastian, patting his back and whispering.

“Don’t worry, Sebby. I’m gonna get you home somehow.”

You pulled back and Sebastian nodded, offering you a small smile. Tony walked in and handed you a smoothie, saying.

“Come on, Portal Pogo Stick. We got work to do. Plus I wanna test out this new skin synthetic that I made on your arm and leg.”

You beamed and then touched Tony’s neck with your metal hand, asking.


Tony immediately bent his neck back and fell over. You laughed hard and Steve chuckled, shaking his head.



20 questions tag 🌹

tagged by the lovely @anna-something !!! (:

Rules: Answer 20 questions and then tag 20 people.

Nickname: well my name’s yulin & I feel like thats a weird enough name in itself, its quite asian and most people cant even remember that to start with haha.
Zodiac: Aries, & just to throw it out there, i’m an infp!!!
Height: 160cm?
Last thing I googled: party baby bap dress code LMAO just to remind myself for taipei boom in a few days. 
Favorite music artist:  not counting b.a.p/kpop.. theres so many… owl city, years and years, stromae, troye, melanie, lana…. etc
Song stuck in my head: the title song of the film ‘our times’ (cutest movie)
Last movie I saw: Your Name (i love all things anime hmu to chat about anime all day everyday)
What am I wearing right now: a pink shirt with the word ‘pink’ on it i love clothing that states itself
Why did I choose my url: i LOVE the rose concept and jongup… and I can totally imagine myself aggressively but lovingly throwing all the roses at jongup 
Any other blogs: yes I was SO active on tumblr when I was 13-16 ish I had a soft grudge(still don’t know what that is tbh), pastel, pale, writing, kawaii/japan/cute, and even a gore blog (yes I was very emo) 
What did your last relationship teach you: N/A since I never told my crushes how I feel lmao!!! esp since my last crush already had a gf haha I hate my feelings
Religious or spiritual: can’t I choose both? my family is hardcore buddhist and I guess I am too. I used to meditate and I really should continue, haha.
Favourite coloUr: I study in the UK now so this is the correct spelling yesss, and its pink and black, blackpink. 
Average hours of sleep: I mean in art uni you really get inspiration at like 4am so usually I don’t sleep until 3,4am which is so bad but, if I have anything on the next day (like actual life) then maybe 1, 2 am.
Lucky number: I don’t understand the concept of a lucky number like?? how do I even choose a number in all the numbers of the universe? 
Favourite character: any fictional character? from my favourite ghibl film, San from Princess Mononoke, or, in an anime, the pink-haired girl from Future Diary just bc she has pink hair (I cut my pink hair recently;;cries) and is super sadistic. from books there’s too many aahh.
How many blankets I sleep with: just my one pink duvet. and 10 cute plushies, they dominate my bed. I sleep in the corner.
Dream job: a free-lance artist that makes enough money to support my family who gave up so much $ for me to send me to art uni aaaaaa, realistically its hard, but I hope I can get there one day!

Tagging (you in no way have to do it!) (I’m quite a new BABY blog so I don’t know many blogs on here so I’m sorry if you’ve been tagged 100 times already): @junhongiee @jion-a @daestopiaa @tigerbaby @fluffybbang @ribbon-in-the-rose @b-ap @bap-chalddeok @bangxster @stanbap @happy-daes @daeumie @baphae @s-kydive @siriuslyjongup @damatoki @daehyuns-beautiful-golden-skin @daehnii ♥

Okay, there's art coming soon but first I need to be emotional (Long post, but important. You have been warned)

LAST FRIDAY WAS THE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF MY BLOG???? WHAAAAAT?! August 4th, 2016, I created this blog just cause I thought it looked fun! I thought I’d be lucky if I got 5 followers and now there’s 19 people following me?! I’m so thankful for the support, honestly. And I had no idea that making this tumblr account would allow me to make some of my best friends. Because really, whether we met over shamchat, on tumblr, or wherever else, I’ve been able to keep contact with and give support to and get support from some of the people I’m closest to now.

I considered putting off this post until I reached 20 followers but then I was like “No, that’s dumb. What even are milestones, I WANT TO APPRECIATE EVERYONE NOW, DANG IT!!!” I’m putting things under the cut because this post is so long. I’m not kidding, I have a problem; I write so dang much when I could probably be less ramble-y but EY, IT’S JUST WHAT I DO! :D

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anonymous asked:

olivia / liv

omg ok so in my grade at school there’s these two girls named olivia and they became best friends like the first day of school…… they know like everybody and i dont rly talk to them except for at parties and even then….. not rly. olivia 2 posts pics on her finsta asking what her brand new range rover should b named and doesnt understand why ppl give her a look when she says her new coat was $2k like its nbd. they call everybody weird and im pretty sure they have no interests other than gossip girl, drinking, and talking abt ppl behind their backs