the first lantern

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lmao fair point okay how bout… like I just watched TIP/TSP today and my personal headcanon is that first kiss happened after idiot’s lantern and first shag was on the sanctuary base or immediately afterward just like… the way their relationship developed and how Ten got over the fears that had held him back… the whole “I believe in her” monologue… I dunno I’m gushing now was there any direction in there at all?

oKAY so TIP/TSP always feels so pivotal to me in terms of their relationship. like everyone always focuses on the Big Moments which are obviously important. Like the “I believe in her” monologue which is Ten talking his way through his emotions which is something he needed to do. Then there’s the conversation with the “stuck with you” where they are testing the waters, making sure that they are still going to be okay together without all of time and space at their fingertips. they are so scared and lost but they are together and throughout the episode they reaffirm that, staying close and reaching for each other and bouncing ideas off each other. top form really.

and those are some of the small moments. the hug underneath the black hole. rose saying that she’s scared so he will hold her and give them both the comfort they desperately need. (he needed that hug too, he just wasn’t going to ask for it) there’s the helmet kiss and the unspoken agreement and trust they have that he’s going to come back, that he’ll always come back to her. 

and that leads me into my favorite bit that is SO underappreciated. the doctor has his big “i believe in her” moment and speech but Rose had one too and it’s overlooked so often because it’s not nearly as dramatic but it’s just as heartfelt. when they’re telling her there’s an extra space on the rocket and trying to convince her to come with them she just goes “no, i’m going to stay” and talks about how she can’t leave him, how she knows he’s okay despite every sign saying that he’s not, despite all the odds, she is sure that he is going to come back and so she’s not going to leave him. she believes in him. it’s a mirror to the doctor’s speech and goes to show how in sync their feelings are, how everything is very requited. the only reason she was on that rocket instead of waiting where she thought the doctor would look for her is because they knocked her out and took away her choice.

anyways, i haven’t watched this in so long at this point but i still have Feelings about it.

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Klance in your lantern au or just klance, thanks and happy Valentine's day!!!!💖💗💖💜💛❤️💓💕💗💙💙💙

Here’s Lance trying to convince Keith to step away from his rage and come back with him to the GL corp  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ᕕ( ᐕ )ᕗ

I always tell myself that I’m just gonna do quick sketches but then I end up line arting and coloring _(:3」∠)_

Anyways.. continuing on from this idea. I thought it’d be cool to draw all the Paladins as Lanterns. At first I debated on whether or not to make them all Green Lanterns but then I decided otherwise so here are some head canons I came up with while I was drawing

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In my dream, you said if I came here I’d find a beacon of hope for the galaxy. Who is the savior, and where do I find him or her?


Ok DC, you need to release something. Marvel be getting all these headlines with those good GotG Vol 2 critic reviews, and the Marvel Studios behind the scenes press junket, then the Captain Marvel directors announcement, now the trailer for ‘Cloak and Dagger’. They’re stealing all the glory. Can’t let them overshadow you now. Give us something great!

i’m really not sure what inspired this but supercorp tangled au???

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  • lena has been locked up in the tower for as long as she can remember. it is lonely in there, and with each year that passes, the walls seem to squeeze a little tighter. the light seems to dim a little more. she has read every book a hundred times, drawn over ever inch of empty wall
  • she wants to be free, wants to explore and wander and see the lanterns that rise once every year–(they rise on her birthday, a flurry of light in the sky like someone out there cares about her. she knows better than to truly believe it, truly believe that she is wanted, missed. it doesn’t stop her from hoping)–but lillian will never let her. she will never leave
  • so lena resigns herself to a life in the bleak tower with only her chameleon jess to keep her company
  • things change a week before the lanterns rise for the twenty-fourth time. things change when a girl comes flying through the window, runs straight into lena
  • lena, in fear, smacks her right in the face with the book she is holding
  • when the girl comes to, she is tied to a chair, lena standing nervously before her. wh–who are you? how did you know where to find me?
  • the girl strains against the bindings and sighs. look, i don’t know why you’re in this tower, but i definitely didn’t mean to find you, okay? i’m—kinda hiding from the guard here. i might have stolen a piece of gold or two. but! i’m not bad, okay? i’m– i’m like robin hood. steal from the rich, give to the poor. but, well. uh. see— the police don’t always agree with me.
  • they stare at each other. kara continues, i’m kara, by the way. and i kind of need to get out of here and my horse, krypto, is tied up down below, so if you could let me go—
  • jess the chameleon squeaks from the other side of the room: don’t you dare, lena. 
  • lena dares
  • you have a horse? you have… a way to leave? it is shocking, somehow, this chance for freedom. she has to take it. she has to, she has to: can i come with you?

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