the first jumper

Draco getting his first Weasley sweater
  • Harry: Hey babe, Mrs. Weasley sent you a sweater as a christmas gift.
  • Draco: I'm not really a sweater person.
  • Harry: Shall I return it then?
  • Draco: No, I'm going to wear it. Forever. Back off!

// 07.10.17 //

My dissertation work had an accidental colour scheme today - IPA limitations and integrating data, plus an ethics form and an interview schedule!

🌸🌷🌈 pastel promises

lets all collectively just imagine the aftermath of the pastel edits video for a moment.

- 🌈Dan giddy throughout the entirety of filming. Phil noticing the way Dan’s dimples seemed to sink even further with every absolutely ridiculous pastel item he continued to pull out. First the jumper then the flower crowns, every item had Dan softly giggling to himself and Phil was just glad to see him having fun with the video.  

- 🌈Every layer of all-black aesthetic Dan discarded, the closer to weightless he felt. The more Phil started to realize maybe this was no longer just a video. 

- 🌈At the end of the night, in the midst of a pj-cozy Phil stealing Dan’s cereal, Dan joins still in his pink jumper and coveralls. 

- 🌈”You going to go to bed in that?” Phil jokes, shovelling cereal into his mouth while he still can before Dan notices. 

- 🌈”I don’t know, I think I kind of like it-” Dan says pulling the soft pink sleeves over his knuckles. “It’s really-” Dan shrugs. “…happy,” he smiles. 

- 🌈Phil agreeing to buy Dan more pastel jumpers in the future so long as he promises to keep his hair curly. 


NCT when their gf gives back their sweater cuz it doesn’t smell like them anymore

Taeil: “Can you not just come see me instead. If you cannot smell me then you will have to come visit me every day and I would like that.” He would laugh. But would still give you another hoodie because he couldn’t say no to you easily.

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Johnny: “You’re so funny, babe. Do I even smell that good?” He would smile before taking the sweater from you. “You can have it back in a week once I have worn it again then,” He would say giving you a hug.

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Taeyong: “You can have all my clothes if you want y/n. I’m sorry I can’t be with you all the time so this will make the best replacement. But maybe not quite all my clothes. Pretty sure I can’t go on stage naked.”

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Yuta: He would be so happy you wanted something that smelt like him. “This has never happened before but I’m happy it has.”

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Doyoung: “Have this sweater then baby, you can have anything of mine you want.”

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Jaehyun: He would blush slightly and chuckle. “Didn’t realise you liked how I smelt so much. I guess I am pretty calming.”

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Winwin: “Do I smell that nice that you want the sweater to smell like me? And I thought being cute was my only talent.”

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Mark: Mark would smile and go red slightly embarrassed. He would take you to his room next time you were in the dorm and give you two more jumpers. “So you can smell me even when I can’t be here,” He would say smiling. 

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Haechan: "First you borrow my jumper and never give it back and now you complain it doesn’t smell like me. You are very lucky I love you very much y/n.” He would say jokingly.

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That's kinda funny that I used to follow you only for HP (and for YOU'RE gorgeous style, that also an important point) because now I have more feelings for Remington than for any other character, honestly.

Thank you! :D


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Prompt 9: Eric Coulter

“You can’t hate someone who know’s where they belong.”


Y/N- Your name

H/C- Hair color

G/N- Guy’s name

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Okay, this took a 180 on me and I hope you all like it because I still have no idea where this went. 

“Erudite!” Her heart dropped, when she saw her little brother choose something other than Dauntless. They were Dauntless born, yet she knew in her heart that he had never fit in, so it didn’t come as a complete shock. She watched him walk towards where the people in Erudite sat, avoiding looking in her direction.

She swallowed hard, looking forward hearing the whispers behind her. Since she was a leader, they had known that he was her little brother who always hung around her.

“Traitor.” She heard one of the girls behind her hiss out. Y/N found herself digging her nails into her palms trying to avoid turning and decking the girl behind her.

It was rare for a child born from Dauntless to leave, but it was always a possibility. “Coward.” She heard another call out, her rage seeped through and she turned glaring at the two Dauntless born initiates.   

They froze slightly, before their faces turned blank. She memorized their faces ready to put them through hell since she was apart of their training. She turned back, waiting for the ceremony to be over.

“Y/N,” She glanced at Four, seeing his worrisome brown eyes. “It’s time to go.”

She nodded standing up, catching her brothers eyes. She placed her hand over her heart, managing a small smile. He blinked a few times, sending her the boyish grin that she loved so well. Y/N turned, following after the initiates starting into a low jog, before she started sprinting, catching up to Four and the other leaders.

Y/N found herself smirking slightly when all of the Dauntless initiates and the Dauntless born hesitated at the wall, each of them looking at Eric confused. She moved to stand next to Eric, smirking at them. “Seem’s like all of the initiates are cowards.” She held out her hand, while he angrily slapped money into her hand when an initiate from Candor stepped up. The initiate hesitated before closing his eyes, falling into the hole. She patted Eric’s shoulder before she let herself fall backward. She hit the net, bouncing up before rolling to the side, allowing Four to help her down. “Who’s the first jumper?”

“Eli,” Four gestured to the dark haired male behind her. “You leaving?” She nodded not caring to see the initiates. She wasn’t interested, and she wanted to lay down. In her heart she knew that it was going to be hard, to go back to an empty home but she needed to get used to the loneliness.

She laid back on the couch, clutching the letter in her hand. She didn’t bother getting up, when she heard the door bang against the wall.

“Y/N!” Eric’s voice boomed throughout her home. She sat up, quirking an eyebrow at him while he glared at her. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“I think it’s pretty obvious.. The welcome doesn’t start for another forty-five minutes,” She laid back hiding the letter behind her back.

He moved pushing her legs down, so he could sit. She rolled her eyes, moving her legs so that they rested on top of his. “You’re brother-”

“Say some shit about him Eric, I dare you.” She hissed, moving her legs sitting up.

“Why are you so defensive for him. Faction before blood.” Eric growled out, crossing his arms. “He’s a traitor to his own faction.”

“That’s funny coming from you. Did you do the same to Erudite?” She got up, folding the letter placing it in her back pocket. The last thing she wanted to do was fight a friend but he was the known asshole who loved to kick people when they were down.

“Aren’t you angry? He deserted you, he’s a coward. Who the hell are you to bring up my old faction?” Eric stood up, towering over her his face angry.

She laughed, “I thought you of all people that you might understand, you goddamn hypocrite. You may not have been scared, but the type of person he is; is totally different from you. He may have grew up here, but he didn’t have a sense of belonging here. It takes courage…” She stopped feeling her voice crack, she held her hand up at him trying to find the courage and strength not to cry. “You can’t hate someone who knows where they belong.” She moved away from him, walking towards her room. “You can show yourself out.”

She held a grin over her face, trying to seem excited when she felt anything but. She watched the initiates marvel at everything around them. She leaned against the railing, standing next to Four. “I would give anything to leave right now.”

“Let’s go for a run then,” Four rolled his eyes down at the screaming initiates.  

“I can’t. Leadership duties.” She sighed, pushing Eric off when he stood next to her, slinging his arm over her shoulder. “Get off Eric before I push you over the railing.”

“Ouch. What are you doing up here Stiff? This is where leaders stay,” Eric glared over at Four, while she rolled her eyes pushing his arm off her again.

“First off it’s Four, not stiff. Secondly, I invited him.” She replied dryly waving at one of her friends below. “You wanna create a problem?” Four grinned, offering her a beer. She grinned back taking the beer, clinking her bottle to his. Eric glared down at her, bumping her shoulder as he walked away.

“You know you don’t have to defend me. What he said doesn’t bother me,” Four offered his cake to her. “Here, it’s too sweet.”

“It bothers me. Being Dauntless doesn’t give you a right to be an asshole.” She sighed taking his cake, relishing in the sweetness. “Are you training the initiates this year? Or are you going to take a break?”

“No, I’m still training. Are you doing Dauntless born or the transfers?” Four asked, while she met some guy’s eye below.

“I’m not sure. Depends if I want to deal with Eric,” She grinned, seeing the guy below sending her a grin. “Hey do you know who that is?”

Four glanced down at the H/C guy, Four smirked. “That’s G/N. He guards the fence.” She hummed in agreement downing the beer.

“I’m going to get a new tattoo,” She set the bottle down, ignoring Four’s grin. Screw leadership duties right now. She threw her leg over the railing, climbing down, purposefully walking past G/N, smiling slyly. She pushed past Eric and his newest conquest.

“Where’s your new tattoo,” Four teased while they surveyed the initiates work out.

She smirked, shoving him slightly. She moved forward frowning, when Eric kicked an initiate’s hand out from underneath them. “You call that a push up?”

Her heart went out to the young girl, but the physical aspect was part of Dauntless and if she couldn’t cut it then she would become Factionless. Y/N kneeled down getting in push up position, while the girl watched her. “You’re new, so we are going to do this together today. But it’s just for today.” The girl nodded getting back up, with her arms shaking badly. “Don’t focus on the burning in your arms, focus on your breathing.”

“Like that’s gonna help,” Eric called, squatting down watching Y/N move stronger than the girl.

“Tell me Eric…” Y/N smiled holding herself up with ease. “Does a good leader help build someone up, or bring them down?”

She watched Four take the initiates on a run, while she and Eric planned who would fight who. “Why are you such an ass to the initiates?”

“They need to get their shit together.” Eric placed the weakest of the bunch with the strongest.

“You’re already designing them to fail,” She commented, popping her neck. He glanced at her, while his eyes were glued to a place on her neck. “What the hell’s so interesting on my neck?”

He rolled his eyes going back to the plan out in front of them. “Who cares if they fail? Leader’s shouldn’t show weakness. It’s pathetic.”

“You wanna know what’s pathetic Eric? Building yourself up on the backs of others, that’s not a leader.” She placed her hand on his shoulder, shoving him slightly so his attention was brought back to her.

He turned so quickly grasping her neck, shoving her up against the wall. She held his gaze, unafraid of him. His fingers brushed over the mark G/N left last night. “I didn’t see you as the type to allow other men to mark you unless things were serious.”

She let out an awkward cough, still holding his gaze. “Yeah, well the heat of the moment things happen I suppose.” She fidgeted as his fingers traced over it. “Eric, what are you doing?”

“How many months has it been, since we-” Eric started while she pushed him away slightly.

“Don’t. We both agreed that whatever we did was best left in the past,” She sighed rubbing her hand over the mark. “Wait.. hold up. You think because I allowed you to mark me then things were automatically serious.”

“Well I wasn’t sleeping with anyone else when we started,” He countered, while she went back to the plan, not wanting to get any more in depth of what they had. “We left it? You made the decision to stop.” He grasped her arm, pulling her to look at him.

“Then why did you agree,” She glared up at him, hating that she had to stare up. “Why do you care Eric?”

Eric trailed his hand down her neck, back to the mark. “I’ll see you at your place tonight.” He smirked walking towards the door.

“I’m busy,” She called after him, but he didn’t acknowledge her.

She stared at him debating on whether or not to let him in, but she glanced down at the beer and chocolate cake decided to let him in. She closed her door, turning to look at the man before her. “Now what did you want?”

“You wanna know why I care?” He stretched out her couch, looking at her expectantly. “Then let’s talk.”

“You hate talking,” she pointed out, sitting beside him grabbing a beer.

“I’m trying here Y/N,” He grunted, grabbing the beer from her hands. “That’s for me not you.” She rolled her eyes grabbing another one, before signaling for him to continue. “I care because, you’re not bad company Y/N. I don’t mind after we had sex… I didn’t mind waking up with you in the morning or having you in my arms.” She bit her lip, looking down at her beer. “What mainly draws me to you is, how unafraid you are to challenge me-,”

“You can find a lot of Dauntless women like that,” She cut him off, pulling her legs up to her chest.

“But they refuse to show weakness or show their fears,” He murmured taking another bottle. “You remember the sixth night I stayed over?” She nodded glancing down at her hands.



She was running, the men behind her yelled out in excitement when her foot caught on the loose sidewalk sending her tumbling down. She scrambled to get up but the men were already on her, she thrashed violently against their hands, but she remained pinned.

“Get off of me,” she hissed still trying to get free. She yelled out when fumbling hands groped her body. “Don’t! Stop it!” For the first time in a long time, she was afraid and useless. Her mind was begging her to scream out but her mouth was covered.

She woke up with a yell, falling off of her bed reaching under to grasp her knife. She pointed it at the shadow, she didn’t notice her trembling hands.

“Y/N, relax…” A familiar voice made her almost drop the knife. “Babe seriously? Stop pointing the goddamn knife at me.”

She blinked a few times recognizing Eric’s voice. The knife fell from her hands, while she pulled her legs into her. She hid her face, once she realized that she had a nightmare in front of Eric. “I..I”

He kicked the knife away looking down at her expectantly. He kneeled down his eyes roaming over her face. “What the hell’s your problem?”

She stood up, turning her back to him, unable to handle showing her weakness to him. “It’s nothing.” She murmured exiting the room, heading towards her small kitchen.

“It’s not nothing. You held a goddamn knife at me,” He hissed trailing after her. “What the hell happened?”

She grabbed a beer, before hailing herself up on the counter. “I had a nightmare. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

Eric rolled his eyes moving towards her, pushing her legs apart to stand in between them. “What happened?”

She played with the bottle avoiding looking at him. “I wasn’t strong enough to stop then men that attacked me. Unfortunately not everyone can be you and not show your fears.”

“I guess I’m just better at it.” He grinned at her, trailing his hands on top of her thighs. “How many times do you have that dream?”

She still couldn’t make herself look into his eyes. “A few times a week.” She took a sip of her beer, sighing heavily. “It’s whatever,” She set the beer down trying to get down, but he blocked her. “Eric, I need to get started on work.”

“It’s two in the morning, we are going back to bed.” He stepped back offering his hand, while she stared at it blankly. “We can do this the hard way or the easy way, you choose.”

“Is it wrong that I’m intrigued what the hard way is,” She questioned while he rolled his eyes at her again. She set the beer to the side, smacking his hand away. She laughed when he grabbed her waist, hauling her over his shoulder. She got a full view of his back, wincing but also grinning internally at the scratch marks that she had made along his back. “Where are we going?”

“To sleep,” He swatted her behind, before he threw her on the bed. He laid down next to her, grasping her into his warm arms holding her close, while she felt oddly protected. “I got you, no one’s gonna get you. Go back to sleep.”

“What of it?” She mumbled looking away from him. He made her feel safe, and she didn’t want to admit that when he was with her after that she didn’t have any nightmares.

“You trusted me enough to show me your weakness, knowing what I do to people. If I didn’t care about you then I would’ve used it against you.” He trailed his fingers over her arm making her shiver slightly. “I miss you.”

“Are you only saying that because I slept with someone else,” She trailed her fingers along the mark on her neck.

“No, I was going to say it but you were with the Stiff,” Eric rolled his eyes, his eyes trailing over the mark again. “I hate this mark on you.” She sighed shrugging, there was nothing that she could do about it. “I want us to be an us.”

“Which means what,” She looked at him confused. “We’re friends-”

“I want you to be mine and only mine.” He moved so he was kneeling in front of her, his hands resting on her thighs. “I want to wake up with you, I want to fall asleep with you. I want you.”

She reached out touching his face. “Who knew that you could be sweet.” She smiled, running her fingers across his jaw. “I know that this was hard for you and it means the world to me.” Y/N moved towards him, putting her forehead against his. “I missed you, so I’m yours, only if your mine.”

He grinned, pulling her into his arms crashing his lips to her’s. He whispered against her lips, “Yours.”