the first jumper

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That's kinda funny that I used to follow you only for HP (and for YOU'RE gorgeous style, that also an important point) because now I have more feelings for Remington than for any other character, honestly.

Thank you! :D


“It’s totally possible Matt can see up my shorts.” (start reading)

“Once upon a time there were nine unlikely heroes…” (start reading)

“Mix. Mingle. Try to look like you’re having fun.” (start reading)

“Will ran. He ran and ran.” (start reading)

so i changed my mind about knitting a jumper and am instead going for a cardigan!! it’s going to be big and comfy and a lovely shade of rich, dark orange with some white and black fairisle going on along the bottom and the cuffs, and i am thinking of doing a bit of seed stitch somewhere in there for good measure (possibly, anyway). i am SO excited and have bought the needles i need and am going home at the weekend so i can rush to my local yarn shop to buy more of the orange wool i need!! life is good

🌸🌷🌈 pastel promises

lets all collectively just imagine the aftermath of the pastel edits video for a moment.

- 🌈Dan giddy throughout the entirety of filming. Phil noticing the way Dan’s dimples seemed to sink even further with every absolutely ridiculous pastel item he continued to pull out. First the jumper then the flower crowns, every item had Dan softly giggling to himself and Phil was just glad to see him having fun with the video.  

- 🌈Every layer of all-black aesthetic Dan discarded, the closer to weightless he felt. The more Phil started to realize maybe this was no longer just a video. 

- 🌈At the end of the night, in the midst of a pj-cozy Phil stealing Dan’s cereal, Dan joins still in his pink jumper and coveralls. 

- 🌈”You going to go to bed in that?” Phil jokes, shovelling cereal into his mouth while he still can before Dan notices. 

- 🌈”I don’t know, I think I kind of like it-” Dan says pulling the soft pink sleeves over his knuckles. “It’s really-” Dan shrugs. “…happy,” he smiles. 

- 🌈Phil agreeing to buy Dan more pastel jumpers in the future so long as he promises to keep his hair curly. 


started knitting my first jumper!! i’m starting by knitting a sleeve in the round and i’m sooo confused, i’m just trying to find a good (and free) pattern that shows you how to knit sleeves in the round rather than just flat, does anyone know of any good ones? i think i’ve increased too many stitches too quickly bc i don’t understand the pattern i’m working from?? although it may be good because i do want it to be really big? but yeah this has just been a long rambling update post of my First Jumper Attempt!


Best Athletes of 2016: Peter Prevc

.One of the most successful contemporary athletes in the sport, he is the:

  • winner of the 2016 Ski Jumping World Cup
  • winner of the 2016 Four Hills Tournament (3 wins in 4 stage)
  • winner of the 2016 ski flying world champ

He also win 12 WC individual competition, with a total of 15 podiums.

Prevc broke several statistical records:

  • He won the highest number of points, victories, and podium finishes in a single season.
  • records include the point difference between the first and the second in the overall standings (813), 
  • the highest number of points in the Four Hills Tournament (1139.4). 
  • By winning the ski flying title, Prevc became the first ski jumper to win the title for three years in a row