the first hug

@piligy’s Anti character is really cool just sayin

thank you for letting me draw him!!


hello, hey, what’s up👋🏾

i’ve made a sibling pose pack (children version) + a bonus

first pic: siblings hugging

  • * = in blender, i made the smaller sim 90% resized… so for the height sliders users, just set that sim at -0- (i believe) or use the omsp slot maker
  • codes: c_mental_bigsib || c_mental_lilsib

second pic: height comparison

  • you can use height sliders for this one. i used the original sized child rig for both
  • codes: c_mental_tallsib || c_mental_shortsib

third pic: lol naruto

  • i made for fun
  • code: c_naruto


  • just tag me bro, when you use them

download: SF 

the signs as hugs
  • Aries: arms around your waist
  • Taurus: head against your chest or on top of your head
  • Gemini: *pats back*
  • Cancer: melts into you
  • Leo: arms around you
  • Virgo: lol what
  • Libra: squeezes you awkwardly
  • Scorpio: grabs you and pulls you in first
  • Sagittarius: bro hug
  • Capricorn: long hugs
  • Aquarius: heart to heart
  • Pisces: slow and gentle

anonymous asked:

Could you do a Rose one to her best friend confessing to her

Rosé would find this really sweet. If she liked her best friend in a romantic way then she would be overjoyed and confess back to them straight away. Expect slight pouting because she wanted to confess first but loads of hugs and hearts thrown at you.

If she didn’t like her best friend like that, she would try to let them down as nicely as possible. She would tell you there was someone for everyone and you are bound to find your someone, it’s just not her. She also would not let this hurt your friendship.

(gif isn’t mine)

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What are the 4 hw doing in this town?

Becky runs the local bar/pub with Sheamus. What better people to have run it than the Irish? At least, that’s her way of thinking.
Bayley is a kindergarden teacher. She likes making sure her students see a big smile and get a hug first thing in the morning. Hugs make everything better.
Charlotte is from the town but moved away to follow in her father’s footsteps. She’s now a big time actress, but comes back every once in a while to remind everyone that her family lineage is better than theirs.
Sasha works at the bank. She’s the head of the town’s branch, and keeps a tight ship. The town bank is the most effective bank in the entire state. Or at least, that’s what the awards hanging all over her office walls say


it’s The Boys
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sometimes people leave you,
halfway through the wood.
others may deceive you,
you decide what’s good.
you decide alone.
but no one is alone.

Never ending list of favorite scenes  (8.20) 8/

In this hug there is everything; love and care, comfort and concern, there is ’I am just so happy you’re alive' and there is ’I just want to keep you safe' and then with the little smile, there is relief and warmth, family and solace. 

while it deeply pained me to see Luffy being reduced to such a state…

this once again demonstrates the extent of Luffy’s resolve and how far he would go simply for the sake of his nakama. but seriously, please don’t ever let this boy nearly starve himself to death again…