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my baby just smiled and felt happy about otabek’s performance. i mean, THIS IS YURI PLISETSKY, we are talking about. competitive behavior, thy name is yuri plistestky, we are talking about. He NEVER smiled during someone else’s performance . he wished someone good luck for the first time. THEY BRING OUT THE BEST IN EACH OTHER. DO YOU REALIZE HOW IMPORTANT THEY ARE TO EACH OTHER? if you dont think they are amazing, you are a monster.

Ok I don’t know if I’m being too overdramatic or anything but lOOK AT KYUNGSOO’S HAND AND CHANYEOL’S RESPONSE! I can’t believe how gently Soo slid his hand along chanyeol’s (kinda neck, kinda jaw) like it’s so sLOW and SOFT and TENDER AND LOVING IS2G I CANNOT GET OVER HIS HAND MOVEMENT. And then the way he (gently but firmly) turned chanyeol’s head towards the camera!? Ugh!?? And then there’s chanyeol. Like you can see how at first he was staring at someone and when Soo’s hand made contact and started moving, his eyes strayed a bit and looked somewhere else (a Distanced Look like he’s Thinking Something Important) and then when Soo turned his head he went all straight and proper I-!!!! Who’s the hyung here?!! I love this gif so much I love chansoo so much I love life chansoo is life

Ok Ladies, now let’s get ready to MARCH!

5 Tips on Preparing for the Women’s March in Washington DC

thousands of women all across the country will be working their way to D.C. on Jan. 21 to begin what many believe is the beginning of a revolutionary wave. Publicized as an all-inclusive march, vowing to help the voices of the minority prevail, is a moment we will witness only a few days before our newest president makes the oath to faithfully execute the laws of our land.

It is encouraging to know that so many individuals are going to trail across the country to stand up and voice what they believe in. Have you decided to make the trip? And if so, have you nailed down what your rights are? Anticipation for high numbers of law enforcement officers have made it very important to understand your rights while protesting or demonstrating.

Here are some items you should remember to ensure everything goes down smoothly:

1. The First Amendment.

You have a right to free speech; the First Amendment prohibits restrictions on free speech. That being said, respect for one another is highly encouraged as not to incite any violence.

2. Stay on public property.

The organizers of the march have worked with numerous law enforcement agencies and the Parks Department to ensure that permits for the march have been confirmed. It is important to understand that if you choose to veer off the marching path and go into a privately owned space, your rights may be compromised.


The owners of private property may set rules surrounding private property; if you choose not to comply, the are allowed to kick you off their property. Disorderly conduct on private property can also lead to an arrest.

3. If you are arrested:

Always remember you have the right to remain silent and anything you say or do can be used against you. Make sure you know the contact information for places like the National Lawyer’s Guild of D.C., the ACLU of D.C. or even the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

If an officer has arrested you and you do not believe that they have done so on constitutional grounds, it is best to comply at the place of the scene and find an attorney as soon as given the opportunity to do so. If you are arrested on terms found where your First Amendment rights were violated, you will be free to go.

4. Stay next to your closest friends.

In order to help reduce the chances of any mishaps happening. There is anticipation of a counter-protest forming. Remember to choose your position and to listen to the lead that march organizers will be taking. It is crucial, that the path of the march be as synced as possible, so that there is less of a possibility of having issues arise.


5. Don’t get violent.

That probably goes without being said, but if you see someone getting violent, it is in your best interest to stay back and not get involved. There will be numerous law enforcement officers to arrest anyone who may be acting disorderly.

With all of that said and done, I want you to write down five reasons as to why this march is important to you. Who do you represent? Who do you support? What steps are you going to take to ensure that there is no social injustice and that no one’s civil liberties are violated? It is an incredibly historic event that you’re giving yourself the opportunity to participate in, and share with so many other people.

Just remember that this fight is going to be an incredibly long one, that action must be taken every day after that march in order to ensure that no one is deprived of their rights or the opportunity to live a free life. You had enough passion to get there, and it is so important to keep that passion alive.

So, get out there, kick some butt, and stand up for your rights and your freedom. If you need one and have the opportunity to pick up a pocket constitution from your closest ACLU office, you should definitely do so. If not, just keep all that information in hand and fight to keep this Democracy alive.

Is That My Shirt? - Tony Stark Edition 

You hadn’t really thought about it the first time it happened. Almost every thing in the apartment was his. That was just a fact. It was his tech junk scattered all over the place from your bedroom to the lab, it was his furniture, his DVD collection, so really you should have known better. But it’s hard to think straight when you have an important meeting so early in the morning. You were in your office at Stark Industries hurriedly gathering your necessary paperwork when Mr. CEO himself walks in with a cartoonish grin on his face.  

“Is that my shirt, Sweetheart?” You looked down to see that yes, you were about to go into a board meeting wearing Tony Stark’s favorite red silk button up shirt. You would have died then and there if you weren’t already ten minutes late for your meeting.


Thank you to everyone who voted for the ML Fandom Week prompts!! We received 2500+ votes which is incredible so thank you very much again.

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In less than a week, you made that VERY important first step possible. Thank you so much to all the 1216 backers so far.
It’s only the beginning, there is still a long way to go. But let’s show everyone that animation is a medium that can tell every kind of stories.
Thanks again.

Ok so at first when I saw Yang’s arm and saw that it was gold, I figured that that is just because man is made from dust in remnant and it follows their color. That it acts as their “blood”. However, just now i remembered back to when Jaune got cut on the cheek by the branch. It was red, like blood. And his Aura is white. So I have a feeling that Yang might not be entirely what we thought she was.

ALSO just a theory, but what if Jaune’s aura is healing? Or rather, restoring something to how it was previously before it was damaged. We’ve seen it with his cut, and forgive me if I’m wrong, but I heard at some point that Miles and Kerry said that we’ve already seen Jaune’s semblance. When his cut healed it healed in a swiping motion, rather than it just closing up. just like how the branch swiped against his cheek.

I guess what I’m saying is, Jaune can potentially bring back Yang’s arm! And Yang…isn’t human. Or at least, shes not made up of the same properties as everyone else. Unless that is her Aura and Jaune’s was only red because he hadn’t activated his yet.

It’s up to all of you with how you want to take this theory, but I think that these points seem like some pretty solid proof so far. Whether it actually happens rather than her getting a robotic arm, idk. 

Hello, everyone! I’ve decided to make a meme dedicated to Sansa Stark, so we can show our love and appreciation for her! You can post edits, gifs, fanart or whatever you want. Any creation is welcomed here.

These are the ones you will post:

1 episode/book/season.

2 relationships.


4 hairstyles.

5 outfits.

6 scenes.

and for the last one, anything you like.

I tried to keep it simple and easy since I don’t end up finishing most memes and I don’t want you to get bored with this one. Also, it’s important to know that is completely okay if you take your time to post your creations.

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“Andrew kissed him like this was a fight with their lives on the line, like his world stopped and started with Neil’s mouth.” 

Hey guys! So, because Andrew and Neil are consuming my soul right now and because their relations are just so beautiful and important, I thought it would be a great idea to make an Andreil week! You’re free to participate and change the subject of the day (for example, if you can’t do gifs, you can make one more graphic etc.) ♥

At first I wanted to make a timeline but then decided that it’s not necessary and you can start whenever you want!

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  • day one: a moodboard
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How did Ted Bundy kill his victims?

Once kidnapping a young woman, Ted Bundy would often drive for hours with her restrained in the passenger seat. When he arrived at his dump site, which was usually already pre-selected, he’d strike his victim over the head for a second time with a crowbar (if she had regained consciousness) and then strangle her with a ligature while raping her. He would know exactly when to loosen the ligature, so death wouldn’t be immediate and it would take several minute for her to die of asphyxia. Bundy told detectives that in his first murder, he strangled his victim manually, but later he most often used a ligature he had prepared solely for that purpose. Being voyeuristic, it was important to Bundy that he could see what he was doing. so he selected “murder sites” where either the moon shone brightly, or if there was no moon, he would carry out the brutal murder in front of the bright headlights of his car.

What’s really makes me sad is when Magnus says, “I wanted to see you again,” and Alec’s first response is “Why?” He really doesn’t see or understand what could possibly be special or interesting about him that could attract Magnus. This is Alec ‘We break rules and accept the consequences’ Lightwood, who’s never experienced any love in the manner of eros (besides his unrequited love for Jace). So Magnus telling him what Alec means to him in that moment is so important to both of them and that’s why this will always be one of my favorite Malec scenes in season 1 and I really hope the writers write more affectionate things for them in season 2.

I finished another power up earlier this week, a mirror that makes Carrie transparent for 11-13 seconds. In this state, she can safely pass through customers without needing to spin, making deliveries a lot easier. Make sure you mind when it starts to wear off!

I also managed to make a set of all character sprites for the game in a chibi-ish style. It’s not much, but I decided to update the Results menu with them

I think it’s cute.

Sorry for being slow and the lack of updates! I might not update next week actually… we’ll see. My classes this quarter actually have everything due a week before the quarter ends, so I’m trying to finish that first. It’s not something I can just bull either, both of them are fairly important. I might show at least one of them here… one pertains to my future project in fact! So look forward to that, at least.

Memory of a Memory is such a good episode. Not even just because of the ending (where everyone joins in beating Marceline’s awful ex Ash up) although that’s a reeeeally satisfying scene.

But my FAVOURITE THING about Memory of a Memory is the really important lesson contained therein. Marceline doesn’t decide to beat Ash up straight away, you see. She spends a fair amount of time with him, because he seemed so nice (to the audience as well) at first. And there’s a scene of him being the perfect boyfriend to her, magic-ing up some flowers that say “I love you!” and so on.

But then there’s lines like the above, where you can see how Marceline - an incredibly powerful vampire chick who can shapeshift into a monster whenever she feels like it - is completely under the thumb of this guy. Who is actually an abusive misogynistic arsehole who sells Marcy’s most treasured possession and then wipes her memory of the resulting breakup. Marceline, daughter of the Nightosphere, survivor of the Mushroom War, ageless and mischievous vampire queen, acts totally out of character around Ash-

-and I think that’s a really good decision on the part of the writers? Because this episode showed that anyone can fall into an abusive relationship. It’s not a thing that ‘tough/strong/badass’ women are immune to, nor is it a character flaw. And it’s not a character flaw if you don’t instantly twig onto what’s happening, either. Finn and Jake clearly don’t think so at any point during the episode and neither should the audience, neither should anyone. It’s such a good lesson for kids to learn and it was executed so well.

mcu ladies week 2 | day 1
favorite character · daisy johnson

I’m like the most obvious person to be writing this and I want to make it short because I literally co-mod two blogs about the character but Daisy Johnson is so important to me. Not just ontologically important (she’s groundbreaking in that she embodies so many firsts for Marvel, and given the current mood in the MCU it’s practically a miracle this show could pull a woman of color as lead), but in how well she is written. Agents of SHIELD fucks up in a lot of things but Daisy is an exceptionally well-realized character. She’s allowed to be complex as well as inspiring. She is the bravest but you see her fear. She’s smart but she can be fooled and taken advantage of. She is a force of nature who could take continents apart with her superpowers yet she is defined by her compassion and her sense of justice. The narrative treats her with awe and adoration, the way we are normally used to seeing male protagonists treated (the way the Cap movies treat their lead). The writing of the character is just so impressive all around - and of course it builds on Chloe Bennet’s spectacular leading lady charisma and her subtle performance.

“being different can mean making a difference”

I fell in love with Daisy because she was impossible to classify. Right from the start she didn’t fit in any usual character trope. She was a hacker, but didn’t have the traditional looks or attitude of a hacker-character on tv; she was an orphan, she was kind of aloof and confident at the same time, she is smart as fuck yet she has little formal education, she is an outsider who has had to survive on her own yet she never falls into any odious “Not Like Other Girls” cliché. Her struggles and achievements are not gendered but she’s never just “one of the boys” nor does the show shy away from the specifics of her being a heroine (the component of sexual threat in her confrontations with the villain who stalks her). I personally like that (though it’s fair to disagree). Daisy is a woman of color in a show run and written by a woman of color and I suspect that has a lot to do with how brilliantly she is handled as a character. Daisy is someone with a background of being in a risk group and subtly the show addresses that: there’s a lot of classism thrown at Daisy’s face during the seasons and she takes it as someone who is used to being put down for being an uneducated young woman of color. Even from her vulnerable position Daisy is always speaking truth to power (”Nothing Personal” is one of the most powerful episodes of television I’ve ever watched and I can hardly believe it’s real) regardless of personal risk or consequences.

“We will rise against those who shield us from the truth.”

Daisy has survived childhood abuse, loneliness, homelessness and lack of resources and a support network, yet when we meet her in the pilot she was already fighting for justice and becoming a problem in the eyes of Hydra (we didn’t know that yet but her investigations into Centipede had made her a “good person to eliminate” in Hydra’s opinion). She made herself a hero on her own, but when she finally finds the support of friends and colleagues and a home to belong to she thrives on it. As soon as she is given a bit of trust and responsibility she proves she is a natural born leader. It’s not that common for female characters to get leadership arcs but that’s Daisy’s story, becoming not just the hero she always was, not the just the superhero she could always be, but the leader she was meant to be. We see what a great team captain she is in the first season and eventually we have multiple characters (friends and foes) commenting on her capacity to lead.

“someone with that much empathy being responsible for that much loss of life, she’s devastated”

One of the things I love the most about how Daisy is written is that there was no need to use the traumas she experiences during the show (and they are many, including murder attemps, betrayal, kidnapping, bodily trauma, losing friends, losing the family she had spent her life looking for) to harden her. Nothing can destroy her empathy and compassion. Daisy was a pretty tough woman when we met her and in some ways the show has toughened her up even more, but she has never lost her empathy for others, and she has never lost her warmth. Even in this third season, after everything that has happened, losing her family, the guilt of accidentally causing Inhumans to transform, the responsibility of leading her own team, Daisy still shows her caring side repeatedly: running to hug May, bringing Simmons flowers, trying to comfort Coulson, etc. Daisy Johnson proves you don’t have to be withdrawn or desensitized or outwardly tough to be strong and a hero. In fact none of the women of Agents of SHIELD are forced into any “strong female character” box, it’s one of my favorite things about this (problematic and brilliant) show.

“You are leading them into a war! If they need protection, it is from you!”

But my favorite thing about Daisy is that for her moral values trump all. She will put what’s right above her safety, her boyfriend of years, her friends, even above the family she had spent her whole life searching for. She will cast aside other loyalties if they interfere with doing what’s right. She will side with the victims and the innocent even if it means aiming a gun at her father, or vibrating her mother apart to stop her from hurting people. She’s the Steve Rogers figure of the show, the world has to accommodate to her morality, not the other way around. From the social justice warrior who was living in her van to the SHIELD agent standing up for her Inhuman kind Daisy Johnson’s defining feature has always been her uncompromising integrity. She has been the moral compass of the show from the beginning, inspiring many others to do the right thing.

“Sorry. I don’t buy into the whole this is your destiny thing.”

The show was quite ambitious by taking its time in presenting Daisy’s origin story - unlike other superhero shows that start later into the development of their heroes. We got to know Daisy the heroine before we even learned she had a mysterious past and how her heritage played a part in her future superpowers. The show’s overarching theme has always been about choice - we see it in another ambitious character arc, that of the bad guy, who comes from a similar background to Daisy’s. A lot of the things that have happened to Daisy have been forced upon her - being abandoned as a child, almost getting killed so that Hydra could get intel from Coulson, being forced to go through her Inhuman transformation, having kinda-evil parents - but she always chooses what to take from those experiences. She never lets these things shape her into someone she is not. She chooses to become a hero in the face of pain and heartbreak. Every step of the way she symbolizes choice and that’s why I love her.

Sorry about the word vomit, even though there a million other things that are awesome about her (I could go on for thousands of words but you get the idea), it’s just, Daisy Johnson is my favorite character. Not just in the MCU. My favorite character period.

- mod becketted

If angels are real, Aaliyah is one of mine.

No words can truly express the deep and profound impact Aaliyah has had on my life. She was and is such an icon to me. I’ll never forget watching her ‘Are You That Somebody’ video on MTV and telling my Mom I wanted to do that. By which I meant back-up dancing. I was in dance classes my whole life, and my mother was a dance teacher so she immediately responded, “You CAN do that… You could learn that choreography.”

That’s when I first knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I never really thought I would fulfill that dream, but I have many times over.

I am so thankful for miss Aaliyah’s inspiration in my life. Her death was the first death anyone I didn’t know to impact me on a real level. I was in shock for weeks and could hardly believe it was real. My father called me the day Princess Diana die to talk about how important of a role model she was… But he should have called me the day Aaliyah died.

HBD to my fav female vocalist of all time. I promise to try to channel you every time I am lucky enough to perform.


Hey guys!

So… here’s my first ever try at coding a theme. Hopefully it’s not too bad, but this one’s for @arielrpt because if I’m not wrong it’s her birthday today so happy birthday!!:)

This theme includes:

  1. Built-in tabs for navi, blogroll, faq/ask and about/rules page.
  2. Header with hover for description

Important stuff:

  1. The first thing you must do when you paste the code into your theme is to look for {INSERTBLOGURL} and, well, insert your blog url.
  2. The header is 554px width, 150px height. The icon is 120px. The navi bars are 517px width, 70px height.
  3. Remember, if you mess up,
  4. And if even that doesn’t work, feel free to ask me.

And terms and conditions:

  1. You can do whatever you want with this code, and release an edited version. However, please do not remove the credit. You can move it, so long as it stays visible on the main page. Also, please make sure it’s heavily edited before you release it.

(Credit to @neonbikethemes for the base code.)


12 Things You Didn’t Realize You’ll Learn From Your First Relationship

Some people say that your first love is your most important love, and maybe that’s true… to an extent. Your first real relationship (and no, I’m not talking about the guy you held hands with once in sixth grade) is so, so important. That’s the time you learn how to be a girlfriend, it’s when you learn what love really means, and it helps you figure out what you really want. Even if things ended badly, there are still lessons you can take from that first relationship.

Even Selena Gomez gets it. In her recent interview with V magazine, Selena discussed her relationship with Justin Bieber – they were each other’s first real relationship, and like most people’s experience, it was messy, confusing, and very passionate. The nice thing is that Selena gets that her relationship taught her something even if it left her heartbroken. She said, “I was 18-years-old, and it was my first love. The older I get, I’m guarding certain things more… When you’re young and you’re being told so many different things… It almost felt like all we had was each other, like the world was against us, in a way. It was really weird but it was incredible… I would never take it back in a million years. You live and you learn, you know?”