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Finally back from AX! I’m excited to share a sneakpeak of the first full environment render paint over of my rebooted Knite comic. My team and I have been working for over a year on this project and the models are finally ready :D I’m really excited to share the results with everyone soon. This is actually just a small cropped version of the full image. I’ll be updating the rest and more teasers soon!

Thank you all for the support about the FLCL headphone issues. Luckily, the president of Production I.G. reached out to me and kindly offered to credit me for using the designs. I’m happy to see a resolution to all this :)

I think as a fandom we don’t talk enough about Bitty in the NHL.

I mean, I know he loves pies but he does love Hockey. There’s a lot of stuff in year one about how Jack plays better with Bittle on his line - the coaches say it and Bob suggests it on the parents weekend too. It seems like the kind of thing Georgia Martin might pick up on. And she’s a little hesitant because she KNOWS about Jack and Bitty and doesn’t want to mess with relationship dynamics but…

So Bitty gets drafted to the HNL. Or, rather, spends half a season playing for the AHL: raising his fitness levels and getting some help getting over the final bits of his checking fear. Then someone’s injured and he’s called up and when he gets on a line with Jack it’s just as magic as always.

They are amazing on the ice together. You can almost feel all the people who’ve inevitably criticise Bitty for being too small or too ‘delicate’ going quiet when they realise just how fucking good he and Jack are together on the ice.

And it’s great for Jack and Bitty. No Bitty at home alone for a lump of the season, when Jack’s off playing, Bitty’s right there with him. A five game roadie is still hell but it’s less hell when you’re boyfriend’s there every night to tell you hs loves you. They sit together on the plane and bus and room together (obviously) and it’s pretty awesome. And they bring a kind of stability to the team which really helps.

Then, in Bitty’s first full year of the NHL, they win the Stanley Cup.

Bitty gets the winning goal. With 30 seconds on the clock.

And he’s flashing back to the Yale game in their first year of college because he KNOWS how much winning means to Jack. So he turned to look for him on the ice when the wistle blows and Jack is just there grinning and lifting Bitty up into his arms and kissing him in front of the cameras and the Stanley Cup and everyone because he is so fucking proud of Bitty for that goal.

And then they’re basically like hockey royalty and super famous and in love and they have their cup day on their wedding day and then they have to win another cup together so they can put their baby in it and it’s awesome.

Since the trials end today, here’s my current Tempest Trials team! 

I don’t have any of the bonus units except for Sharena (and eventually on Tobin). And since I already had two blue units, I switched Azura for Olivia (she’s the only four star, the rest are five star).
And Reinhardt and Tharja are veterans from the last Tempest Trials, so they’re ready for anything :P

  • other team scores first: that's it. that's the game. my team is full of idiots and incompetent and will never score ever again.

a small family of criminals in their early days before their demolition man, golden boy, or jack of all trades

Emotional Imbalance

(Tell me if this has been done before)

Okay, if you guys haven’t get tired of my ideas (that again doesn’t makes sense) yet then here is another one!

> Never trust a 10,000 year old information. It is a sure a guarantee that it will be outdated.

> Roaming around the universe and answering distress signals, helping other aliens, and making alliances also means that they need to land on certain planets (obvious one if they needed to replenish their stocks)

> So! New planet means new explorations! Yay! But they don’t have any info to their latest planet. None at all. But hey, it has pretty gems on it as well as shiny fruits.

> The fruits are edible and safe for everyone. What they didn’t know is that certain gems has specific effects. And Lance happened to touch the rarer ones that absorbed negative emotions. Like literally absorb, it will left nothing inside the body.

> Lance is curious at first went he got back the castle. He feel lighter, much more happier, he feels that nothing can dampen his mood.

> His smiles and laughs for the next days is not forced unlike the past weeks. He never felt any of his usual insecurities. Everyday is full of sunshine and roses for him.

> At first the team is happy for this development. Hey, maybe Lance is the same with not being serious on battles and all but at least he is no longer egging Keith for competitions and that he is not rising up when someone bad mouthed him. They thought that Lance is learning to be mature now.

> Then as time passes it unnerved them.

> The team always see Lance smiling and happy. They should be happy too, right? Then why they feel that something is wrong?

> The first flag was when Pidge snapped at Lance at how he was not contributing at all. It was said out of anger due to stress and Pidge was horrified at what they said because deep down they know it was not true. Lance just stared at them with honest surprise written on his face. Then he smiled at Pidge and said that no feelings were harmed. That he understood and proceeded to ask if Pidge wanted to join him to lunch.

> Pidge observed Lance like hawk to see if the Blue Paladin was faking but through out the day Lance remained happy.

> The second flag was when Keith got angry at Lance during training. A lot of hurtful words were said that even Hunk was on the verge of crying for his best friend. Lance, on the other hand, just blinked at Keith then chuckled a bit and said that “Oh! so that is where I am wrong! Can you teach me how to do it?”. It threw Keith off guard and all his anger was forgotten.

> There were also times that Allura and Shiro snapped at Lance out of stress but the Blue Paladin always waved it off with a cheerful attitude.

> Everyone (except Hunk and Coran) felt bad that they always used Lance as an emotional punching bag and Lance was not even angry at them even for a little bit. He still cared for them in his usual way.

> The last flag though that made them think that something was really wrong was when a lot of aliens died during one of the battles where Voltron helped in order to win it. Lance clapped his hands and said that they should just do the burial rites in order to honor the dead. The Blue Paladin didn’t show any signs of mournings. It was as if the burial was just another form of joyful celebration.

> Lance received a punch from his comment and he was confused why everyone was angry at him. It was the only way to honor the dead, right?

> A lot of hurtful words were passed but one of them noticed that (maybe Hunk or Coran or even Pidge) Lance still kept his cheerful persona. Lance kept smiling and it only added fuel to the fire because the others thought they were being mocked.

> So the rest of the team investigated what was wrong with their Blue Paladin. With the help of their lions they finally figured out what was wrong. They looked for a way to reverse it and they did find a way.

> All’s well, end’s well? Nope! They didn’t account that the sudden rush of negativity and adding all the other negatives that was supposed to be felt during the past few weeks came all crashing down on Lance. It cause him to have an emotional breakdown to the point of needing him to be put in a healing pod (in reasons that I still don’t know what)

> When he came out of the pod, he no longer feels any emotions.

> Lance asked “what is the used of emotions? You don’t need it in war.”

Bad Match Pt. 6

Series Summary: Bucky and the Reader are set up on a date, but things don’t go as well as expected.  

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 3.2k+

Warnings: angst, swearing, slow burn, some fluff.

A/N: Here it is! I can’t believe the amazing reception for part. 5. Thank you so much, I wish I could write faster for you guys! I see this chapter more as a linking part for what’s to come! Excuse any mistakes and nonsenses please! Feedback? I live for it!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

While he was dragging the towel over his body to dry himself from the recently taken shower, Bucky realized that nightmares hadn’t visited him that night. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that he almost hadn’t slept at all, his mind invaded with thoughts…about Y/N. He questioned himself if she would come to him again if he had another nightmare…

He couldn’t stop the urge to try and make things better with her. Last night, he had listened in her voice how much he had been hurting her, ever since they first met, and that just didn’t work well in his head. He had to fix it. But how?

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ZOO | Chloe + Jackson

1.02 Vs. 1.09


my crew’s vampire the masquerade characters // nadine @mithingthepoint)

“We’re not alive, Cora.”

Nadine McGowan has been snatched out of her life twice. The first time: dancing at a Bowie concert miles from the farming town where she grew up, caught by a modeling scout and spirited away to the runway, the casting couch, heroin, and New York City. The second time: she was turned into a monster, and then acted like one.  

Years later, she has blood on her hands and her lips, and no matter how hard she tries, she can’t make herself forget it’s there. All she wants is to cling to the wall of her pit and finally climb, instead of falling endlessly. But goodness is a very distant light, and Nadine can’t entirely convince herself that it hasn’t already winked out. 

To the very lovely and adorable and intelligent @buttercup–bee​! Thank you, Averie, for continuing to be one of the greatest (and one of my favourite) presences in the Jonsa fandom. Thank you for all your wonderful metas <3 I hope you like this ficlet!! 

Title: A Sansa Stark Thing
Summary: Professional football player Jon Snow is asked to come onto Sansa Stark’s daytime talk show and more than one person notices the sparks immediately flying off between them. 

As soon as Jon started fidgeting with his suit, Melisandre slapped his hand away and fixed him with one of her legendary glares. He sighed in defeat. No matter how many times they put him in an expensive monkey suit, Jon would never get used to the feeling. It wasn’t him. None of it was him. When he first kicked a football at age five, Jon never thought in a million years that he would be forced to make talk show appearances and answer questions about his personal life.

Frankly, he never thought he would be captain of Winterfell Football Club either, but here he was, standing in a cramped little dressing room with the club’s crazy superstitious publicist in some designer suit he forgot the name of already.

Jon opened his mouth to ask Melisandre if there was any chance he could cancel now when his phone beeped in his pocket. He pulled it out and quickly checked his messages.

[Group: The Brotherhood]

Edd: Try not to throw up on Sansa bloody Stark. She’s a national treasure.

Sam: You’ll do great, Jon! But yeah, try not to throw up on her.

Tormund: Are you kidding? She’s a beautiful redhead. Of course Jon’s gonna throw up on her.

A heavy sigh escaped his lips before he could stop himself, eliciting a sharp glance from Melisandre, who had been busy typing into her phone up until then. Jon offered her a half smile, but she knew him well enough now to see right through that.

“Stick to the plan and we can avoid another Good Morning Britain debacle,” she said icily.

Jon winced at the reminder. It hadn’t been his crowning moment, especially since it happened only a month after he was announced as Winterfell’s newest and youngest captain. That and Tormund and the boys being photographed getting into a bar brawl was what forced the club owners to hire Melisandre in the first place. Winterfell was a great team full of great players with incredible work ethic, but off of the pitch, they were all a bit of a nightmare. Jon readily admitted that. It was probably the only reason he was agreeing to all of these dumb interviews.

A knock on the door signaled the five minute warning, and Melisandre immediately ushered him out into the corridor towards the edge of the set. Jon hadn’t managed to meet Sansa Stark yet on account of him running straight from training to this interview, but watching her now sitting there in her element, he really wished he had. It might have stilled the nervous butterflies fluttering in his stomach; or maybe it would’ve made it worse. Jon couldn’t be sure, but all he knew was this woman was far more beautiful than she appeared on screen and every time she smiled, Jon kind of wanted to drown in her deep winter blue eyes.

“But enough of that, let’s welcome our next guest! The infamous Jon Snow, captain of Winterfell Football Club!”

The crowd roared and Jon let loose another soft sigh before plastering on a bright smile and stepping out onto the set. The bright lights blinded him momentarily, their heat already beginning to make him sweat through his suit, but somehow Jon found his way to the sofa without incident. His smile however turned genuine as soon as his eyes caught hers.

“It’s so nice to meet you, Jon,” Sansa said as she stuck out her hand.

His heart lodged itself in his throat the second he grasped on, the contact sending a jolt up his spine so shocking he nearly let go altogether, but Jon caught himself just in time to smile wider. “It’s a pleasure to meet you too.”

She looked just as startled as he felt. “Yes, please. Have a seat.”

Jon nodded, settling himself onto the sofa in front of her. God, she was even more beautiful up close with her long copper hair, beguiling smile and that sinful body wrapped in a tight burgundy dress. If he didn’t visibly drool over her like some kind of pathetic ape, he’d call that a win.

“I have to be honest, Jon,” she began, making him instantly think about how much he loved hearing his name on her lips and shamefully regretting it a second later. “I don’t know a thing about football. I could ask you the generic questions I was given here on my card.” She raised her hand to show him. “But that’s just boring, isn’t it?”

The audience murmured in agreement and Jon could practically hear Melisandre screaming in the background somewhere about how unprofessional this was. Determined to keep Sansa from getting into trouble with her producers, Jon gave her his most charming grin. If he could be entertaining for one afternoon without causing some sort of PR disaster then no one could blame Sansa for deviating from the script.

“If we’re being honest then I have to say I’m getting real bored of the generic questions as well,” he said.

Sansa laughed, bright and clear. Surprise flashed in her eyes for a brief moment, as if she hadn’t meant to do that and it made him feel rather smug for being the cause. “What kind of questions should I be asking you then?” She arched her brow; it was a challenge.

“That’s not my job, Miss Stark,” Jon said, chuckling. “I kick a ball around for a living. Why don’t you surprise me?”

“Call me Sansa.” Her voice was quiet, almost as if they were in a private conversation and not sitting in front of a live audience, being televised to all of Scotland. She crossed her legs and Jon had to physically force himself to keep his eyes on her face, but when she leaned forward, elbows pressed onto her knees, he couldn’t help glancing down. At least he was right about his first assessment of her: she had the most sinful body of any woman he’d ever met. But now he probably looked like Scotland’s biggest creep. He hoped no one noticed that.

“I guess we can start with something easy,” she said, smiling. “Is it true you broke up with Ygritte Campbell over a text?”

“What?” He couldn’t help the laughter from bubbling up. “This is your ‘easy’ question?” Sansa shrugged, her smile turning wicked and mischievous. Jon shook his head. “I’m not looking forward to what your hard questions will be. But no. That’s not what happened.”

He might be imagining it but Sansa almost looked relieved at his answer. He probably was imagining it. Why would she be relieved?

“Would you care to elaborate then?”

“Ygritte and I were together a long time, but towards the end, we realised we were going weeks then months without really speaking. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. We’re both professional athletes and our schedules are hectic.” Jon shrugged a little. “But eventually, we realised we’d broken up without ever saying the words, so I did text her but to say that…” He paused, suddenly realising this wasn’t a private conversation. He glanced out towards the audience and laughed awkwardly. “Actually, I’ll keep that to myself. I think Ygritte might kill me if I told all of Scotland.”

Sansa chuckled and followed his gaze towards the hundred odd people sitting there watching them. “I think that’s the first time I forgot you guys were there. I’ve never seen the audience so quiet.” The audience laughed, and it was so clear they adored her.

“Maybe your easy question bored them,” Jon teased, unable to help himself. Sansa’s eyes snapped back to his; the mirth dancing in them made his heart constrict so painfully he wanted to cry out.

“Is that so?” Sansa grinned. “Okay, tough guy. You want a hard question?”

Jon crossed his arms over his chest, trying to look as at ease as he could despite the ramming of his heart against his ribcage. “Try me, Stark.”

“What really happened on Good Morning Britain?”

The audience ooh’ed loudly and Jon let out a bark of laughter. He had predicted she’d ask him that just as he could predict Melisandre’s likely breakdown right at this moment, but he only leaned back, keeping his eyes focused on Sansa. She returned his gaze with that wicked smile of hers and it made him want her all that much more.

“You really want to know?” Jon asked her, and she nodded in response. “It’s not that exciting of a story.”

“You’re deflecting, Snow,” she said. “Answer the question.”

He laughed again. “It really isn’t that exciting. They were hedging for gossip on Jeor Mormont as if the man hadn’t passed away a few months ago and I refused to be needled into saying anything. The man was a legend. Whether the accusations were true or not, it wasn’t anyone’s right to talk about it but the authorities.” Jon felt his body tense just thinking about it; he clenched and unclenched his fists. “And those accusations have all been proven false now anyway. Mormont lived and breathed Winterfell; he would never embezzle from the club.”

“My father knew Jeor Mormont,” Sansa said quietly, as she inched closer to him. “He was a great man. We never believed the accusations either.”

Jon looked up at that and the soft smile on her face soothed the tenseness from his shoulders. He wondered if it was possible to fall in love with someone in a manner of minutes.

“So is that why you –”

“No,” he said and then amended, “sort of. There’s no love lost between Alliser Thorne and I. The man fought me at every turn and hated that Mormont placed so much trust in me. When they brought Thorne on as a surprise guest, I had it. I knew what Thorne would say. I knew he’d defile Mormont’s name and so I told him to go screw himself and left.”

Sansa laughed and shook her head. “Honourable and brave. A far cry from the reckless caveman the media tries to paint you as, Jon Snow.”

He wanted to say something sarcastic and teasing, but he found himself blushing at her words. “No, anyone who knew Mormont would’ve done what I did.”

She abruptly gripped onto his hand, sending another jolt of electricity up his spine. “That’s not true. You put your reputation on the line. That’s brave. I don’t think I would’ve done the same.”

“You would’ve,” Jon replied earnestly.

“You’re a flatterer,” she mumbled, and turned away so she could face the camera. “We’re due for a break. Join us after for more candid talks with Winterfell’s Jon Snow, where he’ll be answering your questions. Tweet us with the hashtag ‘Ask Jon Snow.”

As soon as they cut for commercials, Jon felt the nervous tension swelling up again like it had done only moments before. Sansa appeared to feel the same if her shy smile was anything to go by.

“I’m sorry if the questions got a bit personal,” she said quietly. “I just…” Sansa glanced around them and seemingly satisfied that they weren’t the sole focus anymore, she moved to sit beside him on his side of the sofa. “The truth is I got into a fight with my prick of a producer. He wanted me to ask you all these questions and try to manipulate you in outing which of your teammates was involved in the bar brawl.” Sansa sighed. “So… I guess I just wanted to spite him.”

Jon chuckled, angling his body towards her. “My publicist warned me about your producer. Petyr, right? He sounds like a piece of work. You could be putting your job at risk doing this.” She shrugged, staring down at her hands. “And you said you couldn’t be as brave and honourable as you think I am,” he teased. “I think you’ve got plenty of both.”

Sansa looked up; her smile was so bright and so breathtaking he nearly leaned forward to kiss her right then and there. “Thank you. I – Oh, we’re back soon!” She jumped over to her side just as they counted the studio down.

“Welcome back! For those of you just tuning in, we’re here with Winterfell’s captain Jon Snow,” Sansa said and gestured towards him. “Over the break, you’ve been tweeting us some of your most pressing questions so without further ado, let’s get to it.”

They both turned towards the large screen behind them and waited for the first tweet to come in.

Dayna Birch ‏@mizdaynaSoooo… when exactly is Jon going to ask out Sansa? #askjonsnow #crazysexualtensionright

Sansa spluttered and Jon turned a bright red. He looked to her, but she was too busy glaring at someone else.

“Um… let’s move on, okay?” Sansa said with an awkward laugh. “Next question!”

Tom Woods @twoods27Jon mate do u have a thing 4 redheads or something? #askjonsnow #firstygrittenowsansa

“Okay, who is in charge of this?” Sansa looked furious, and Jon would have to be lying if it didn’t turn him on a little to see her so fired up on his behalf.

“It’s okay,” he said, surprising both himself and her. “I can answer this.” If he was a more confident man, he’d wink, but Jon just rubbed the back of his neck and hoped he didn’t sound like a total idiot. “I have a thing for beautiful intelligent women and Ygritte and Sansa are both those things.”

Sansa’s cheeks turned a pretty shade of pink. “Um… thank you.” She averted her gaze and looked back at the screen. “Let’s have the next question.”

Tormund Giantsbane Verified Account @tormthegiant

Jon, if you don’t ask her out, me and the lads are going to kidnap Ghost and shave all his fur off. #askjonsnow

“That’s not even a question!” Sansa cried out.

Jon dropped his face into his hands and groaned. “I’m going to kill them. I really am.”

“One more question,” he heard her say. “And that’s it. We’re scrapping this segment forever.”

Reluctantly, he looked up and watched as the screen fade to black before another tweet popped up on screen. This one didn’t nearly make him want to fling himself off of a cliff as much as the others.

Anna Lee ‏@leeanna

I love you two together so much. Can u please come back on the show, Jon? #askjonsnow #teamjonsa

“As long as Sansa will have me,” Jon answered immediately, turning to look at the host in question. Somehow the words felt more important than just simply asking to come back on the show and Sansa seemed to recognise that as well.

She smiled softly. “Any time you’re free.”

By the time the show wrapped up and Jon had psyched himself up enough to go wait in the corridor outside of Sansa’s dressing room, most of the crew had gone home. Apparently Sansa liked to stay late to review footage of the show. It had become tradition for her now and everyone knew not to bother her after, or so her personal assistant had told him, but Jon waited anyways. There was just something he had to do, and maybe blurting it out as soon as the door opened wasn’t his best move, but Jon didn’t have the most tact when it came to charming women.

“I’m free now.”

Sansa’s eyes widened in surprise. “What?”

“I’m…” Jon cleared his throat and chuckled. “I’m free now. And apparently if I don’t ask you out, they’re going to shave my very furry dog.”

Realisation dawned in her blue eyes and she smiled. “Well, we can’t have that.”

“No,” he agreed as he stepped closer. “Definitely not.” He could feel her breath on his lips and the sensation nearly drove him mad, but he kept himself contained long enough to ask. “So will you go out with me, Sansa Stark?”

“Only for your dog, Jon Snow.”

“Thank god,” he exhaled, and chuckling, he cradled her cheeks in between his hands and kissed her soundly on the lips. To his great pleasure, she reciprocated immediately, wrapping her own arms around his neck, and pressed her body up against his.

So maybe he did have a thing for redheads, but after that first kiss, Jon would bet that Sansa could dye her hair bright green and he’d still fall head over heels for her. It was simply a Sansa Stark thing.

ungrateful-sinner  asked:

So, I play Mercy with a bunch of twelve year-olds. Not in the sense that they're rude, but that they're literally twelve. Anyways, I'm their only healer. They're all super understanding when I get killed, and always upvote me when I get the card. I got POTG for the first time (as Mercy) with a full team rez, and the voice chat was flooded with cheers. They're great players who are actually decent at staying alive while I heal others. I'm incredibly grateful that I have this team.

tbh i’m always thinking about neil and matts friendship but here i am at 12:30 getting too emotional

☆ matt is a year younger than the girls but a year older than the monsters
☆this means there is a year where the girls are gone but matt is still playing
☆ and it’s his last year with the foxes so he really wants to make it count
☆ not only is he going to be done playing with his family, he still has to be working hard to get scouted by a pro team
☆ but the foxes aren’t great, they aren’t the fantastic winners they used to be
☆ (thanks to the newbies that don’t have the murder and kidnapping as a shared life experience with the rest of the team)
☆ it’s safe to say matts stressed
☆ he wants to win to secure a good team but more so that he wants to win because it’s his last year
☆ all the stress he’s felt is built up into their games and explodes on the court
☆ he’s being reckless and jittery but managing to channel his energy and be and amazing player
☆ (it’s one of the only times kevin will admit to his face that he is deserving of court)
☆ but it isn’t enough
☆ the foxes lose and matt is devastated
☆ they didn’t even make it to the final showdown
☆ and no one seems to notice the spiral he goes into
☆ he doesn’t turn back to drugs but he stops reaching out to dan for small things
☆ he stops trying to see if nicky wants to take a break from studying and play some mario kart
☆ he stops asking neil to meet up for lunch
☆ in a move reminiscent of andrew minyard, matt find himself on the roof
☆ he doesn’t have a mob boss looming over his head demanding he play exy like kevin or neil
☆ he doesn’t need to play to make his livelihood, dans salary will eventually provide for the both of them
☆ so he sits on the roof and looks out over the smallish campus he’s know for the past 5 years
☆ and wonders how things could have gone differently
☆ he sneaks away when he knows no one will follow him
☆ when he knows he won’t be a bother to anyone
☆ but neil isn’t harry potter, he’s actually perceptive and uses his observations to help
☆ he noticed matt withdrawing himself from his friends
☆ initially, neil was too caught up in his on worry from losing to notice what was happening
☆ it was his first year as full captain, and he wasn’t taking care of his team
☆ he wasn’t sure how he knew where matt would be, but he felt drawn to the roof
☆ when he showed up, matt was immodestly shutting down
☆"ah, hey neil! how are you doing?“
☆"just checking in. seeing what you’re up to.”
☆"just enjoying the weather, hah. didn’t mean to pull you away"
☆"what’s going on, matt?“
☆ he tried to keep it in, he really did
☆ but there was something about neil that just made matt spill everything that had been going on
☆ all of his nerves and stress was laid out onto the table for neil to see
☆ he didn’t want to burden neil with his problems but once he started he couldn’t stop
☆ he talked in circles until he felt there was not more that could be said
☆"so that’s where i’m at.”
☆ neil didn’t laugh at him
☆ or tell him his problems were inconsequential
☆ he wrapped his arms around matt and pulled him back down to matt’s suite
☆ he rounded up the remaining original foxes
☆ (including aaron to everyone’s surprise)
☆ together they watched exy highlights (for kevin), some movies (for andrew), played some video games (for nicky), and spent a couple hours in each other’s company
☆ in the morning matt called dan and talked to her about all the things he was going through
☆ as they headed back to practice the next week, matt stopped neil with a hand on his shoulder
☆ neil motioned andrew to head out without him
☆"neil, i just want to say thank you for everything you did. for listening to my problems and not laughing at me.“
☆"of course, matt. you’re my best friend, i’ll always be here for you.”
☆"same goes for you man.“
☆they were silent for a moment that was slightly awkward as they shared small smiles
☆ matt clasped his hand on neil’s shoulder
☆"lets go play some exy”

Downfall [19]

Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 8,784

Genre: Assassin AU

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20 | Part 21

The week following the disappointing outcome of the Gimpo Airport mission passes by in a blur. The days elapse in a jumbled mess as if you’re watching scenery shoot by from within a speeding vehicle, but once the brakes are applied and the dust settles behind you, you’re able to organize your thoughts on the events that have occurred.

The first few days were utilized to their full potential as your team vigorously flushed out the rest of the points of interest that Taehyung had marked on the map. The locations were scoped out with the utmost speed since you only had a limited time frame to act. You knew it wouldn’t take long for the enemy to catch on, but you didn’t expect to have already exhausted your upper hand so early in the game.

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