the first five look the same

“I wrote her the message while I was lying in my bed. It said: ‘I don’t want to go too fast, but will you be my girlfriend?’ After I hit ‘send,’ I was so nervous that I laid the phone down next to me. I couldn’t even look at the screen. My nose was sweating. After two minutes, I saw it vibrate. I picked it up, and it said: ‘Yes!’ I felt so good. It felt like killing five characters at one time in League of Legends. These last five days have been magic. I feel so happy and nervous at the same time. This is my first girlfriend so I don’t even know what to do. I don’t know what to talk about. I don’t even know how to sit.”

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

frankenstein poem

-playlist on shuffle

-make a free-verse poem using the first line of the first song, the second line of the second song, etc. etc. until you reach song five or six, that seems about long enough.

-alternately just take the first line of each song, whatever’s easier for you my dude

ex: “take me for a ride, I’m the one you pushed aside
it’s only in your head you feel left out or looked down on
she loves the sea and her people
at the same time, at the same time
the sun is down and we’re bound to get exhausted and so far from the shore”


-actually these could be interesting writing/art prompts

Bee Facts:

They do have favourite flowers! Each type of bee will have a favourite type of flower, so when there are different swarms of bees living in the same area, they don’t have to compete with each other. 

Bees can see every colour except red, but they can still visit red flowers, because they can see special ultraviolet patterns on them. They have five eyes to see with (it must be hard for them to buy glasses.)

When bees are young, the first job they do is cleaning up around the hive (even bees have to do chores) and once they’re older they start looking after the larvae. It’s the oldest bees who protect the hive and go looking for pollen. 

Bees do two different dances depending on whether the flowers are close to the hive or far away:

And the different moves tell the other bees all about it:

They also dance to tell everyone about a new nest spot they’ve found for the colony, and the better the new place is, the more enthusiastic the waggle dance is! Then they vote by joining in the dance if they like it - if enough of the bees start dancing, then the vote is settled and they move to their new home.

Yule Ball


Request: Hi! Could you write about how newt has a crush on a shy hufflepuff who’s also a writer at hogwarts? Lots of fluff please!

I don’t think I have a ton of fluff in here but I tried to put some in, I hope it’s still okay :)


Your glowing face was what newt loved to see, even when it was potions class and Galatea kept taking points away from hufflepuff.

You were a hufflepuff as well, it made newt happy that you both shared the same house colours.

You were a fifth year, you and newt had been in the same hogwarts journey since you started here.

He remembers when he first talked to you. You were both at in the great hall, you had sat alone, quietly writing in a book.

He remembered introducing himself, only gaining a small confused look from you.

You still hadn’t talked to him after five years. He’d always try and start up a conversation, but you would always reply with a short answer or none at all. You were always writing in that book of yours.

The Yule ball was coming up, and even though newt didn’t have many friends, (always being too fascinated with Care of Magical creatures Class) all of his friends had dates.

Now, newt is a very shy person himself, never really liked doing super social things.

But then again neither did you.

“Please turn, and read page 394” Professer Galatea droned on, peering over her glasses before returning to her book.

Newt sighed and looked over at you.

You had a piece of hair curled around your finger, part of your tongue stuck out of your mouth.

Newt smiled slightly at this little action, before being stared at by the professor, burying his face in the book.


By lunch time, newt almost felt like he was ready.

he was going to try to ask you to the Yule ball

The boys hair was very tangled after running his hand though it so much, debating whether he should go into the library or not.

Deciding that if he didn’t he’d probably regret it, he stepped in slowly, making sure to make little noise.

And there he saw you. You’re hair was now in a messy ponytail, but it still looked amazing to him.

He noticed however, that there were other students surrounding you? And they seemed to be laughing?

He walked up closer to you, and noticed someone had put a sleeping charm on you.


And as soon as newt noticed, all the younger years who castes the spell ran off.


He shook your right shoulder gently, pulling a strand of hair that was stuck on your eyelash.




You nose made a funny noise as your woke, and you scratched your head…

“What happened…”

You looked at newt for the first time in a while. His hair looked as fluffy as it did before, and his eyes sparkles as much as normal, but his tie was untucked, as if he was in a panic.

Newt saw the book you had been writing for five years on the ground. There was all kind of research of different creatures..

“Some third years put a sleeping charm on you” newt mumbles, getting nervous again.

“Mm…well thank you for helping m-”

Your eyes looked dull until you realized your book was gone.

“Oh my god.”

Heat raised an eyebrow and got the book with his wand.

“It was on the ground…”

Though you would never do this normally, you stretched out across the table and gave newt a little hug.

“Thank you” you mumble back to him.

You sat in silence for a little while after that.

“So…y/n…um…there’s the Yule ball coming up and….”

Newt had your focused completely on him, and he was amazed how he hadn’t melted away yet.

“I was just wondering…if you wanted to go?…’s okay if you don’t you’ve probably already gotten asked…”

You reached over the table again, giving an even tighter hugs, your hands brushing briefly.

“I’d love that”

haikyuuliberos  asked:

i know i just messaged you but can i humbly request OtaYuri and their daughter is going on out her first date and the parents READY TO SQUARE UP

Jillian I’ve been thinking about this a lot okay

Katya was just sixteen years old when she was asked out for the first time. She knew that she had no choice but to tell her fathers but oh, was she dreading it.

She chose the smart route and went to her Papa first. Otabek was grading papers in their study, glasses pushed up his nose. After he retired from skating he had gone back to school in order to become a teacher. Yuri supported him fully of course, in exchange for Otabek supporting him becoming a model when he retired five years later at twenty-eight years old.

“Papa?” Katya approached him with a knock on the door. She was the spitting image of Otabek, with thick dark hair and eyebrows, but she had fair features just like Yuri.

Otabek looked up, fringe falling into his eyes. He still had the same hair he had all those years ago, but little spots of gray were starting to grow in. It was most likely from having to deal with Yuri all these years, and their two children.

“What’s up, princessa?” The nickname had stuck even after all these years and it always brought a smile to Katya’s face.

“Um, well.” She traced figure-eights onto Otabek’s desk. “Mikhail, from my class, asked me to hang out with him this weekend. Is that okay?” She bit her lip and looked at him with the most innocent look she could muster.

Otabek blinked for a moment and took off his glasses with a sigh. “What would you guys be doing?”

Katya blinked. He had just invited her over to his house but she knew he wouldn’t let her go if she said that. “We were going to get a bite to eat.”

They stared at each other for a moment, Otabek’s dark eyes narrowing a bit in thought. Then he shrugged and put his glasses back on. “As long as you aren’t out too late.”

Katya perked up and beamed at him, coming around the desk to throw her arms tightly around his shoulders. “Thank you Papa! Love you.” She kissed his temple and then skipped off, almost knocking into her younger brother Nikolai. He was named after Yuri’s late grandfather yet he was Yuri’s spitting image.

Everything was fine after that except for one small detail.

Otabek and Katya failed to mention the date that Katya was going on to Yuri.

Katya was almost able to slip out the door too until Nikolai called. “Where are you going Katya?”

Katya turned around and glared at her younger brother, who was grinning at her sweetly. Nikolai was five years younger than Katya, having been born right after Yuri’s last season. 

“Shut up Nikolai.” She hissed at him. 

Nikolai’s grin didn’t let up but only grew wider when Yuri padded into the room, raising his eyebrow at her. “You’re going out?”

“Um, yeah.”

“With who?” Yuri asked curiously.

Katya mumbled the name and then said louder: “Mikhail.”

Yuri’s face fell. “You’re going out with a boy?”


“Beka!” Yuri screeched and both Katya and Nikolai flinched. This couldn’t be good.

Despite what everybody would have thought, Yuri was not a laid-back parent. He was very hands on and he was a bit of a worry wart. He was also very strict. Otabek was the more laid back one, letting his children get away with anything as long as there was a good reason. Yuri would freak out over every little thing.

Otabek entered the room then, running his fingers through his hair. “Yes, dear?” He teased.

“Did you know about this?” Yuri asked, motioning to their daughter.

Otabek’s eyebrow rose. “About what?” 

“She’s going on a date.”

“Oh. Yes.”

Yuri gaped. “And you let her go?!”

“Yura, she’s sixteen-”

“Don’t you remember what we were like when we were sixteen?”

“Well, you were a punk who hated everybody and went out of his way to piss people off. And you rebelled. I was well-behaved.” 

Yuri grit his teeth. “Yeah. Exactly. She’s not allowed to go.”

“Dad!” Katya protested.

Yuri turned back to him. “Absolutely not. All teenage boys are the same and I’m not going to let my daughter be taken advantage of!”

“It’s not like we’re going to have sex, we’re getting food and then going back to his house.” Katya exclaimed.

Otabek sighed and muttered to himself. “Oh no-”

“You bet your ass you’re not going to have sex you’re not going!” Yuri yelled.

Katya glared at him. “That’s not fair! You just don’t want to admit that I’m growing up! I’m not six anymore, I’m sixteen and I can do what I want! You can’t control me forever!”

“I’ll damn well try! Ekaterina Altin, you will go to your room.”

“No! I’m going out! Mikhail is already here.” Father and daughter glared each other down with identical pairs of eyes, jade green staring down jade green. And then Katya defied him, grabbing her jacket and storming out the door.

Yuri was ready to go after her but Otabek grabbed him around the waist, holding him back. 

“Beka!” Yuri looked at him incredulously.

“Just let her go and deal with her later.” Otabek said calmly. “It’s like when you went to Japan.”

Yuri’s eyes went comically wide. “This is nothing like when I went to Japan! This is WORSE!”

Otabek just hugged him close and tried to get him to calm down. Their daughter was right; Yuri was just afraid of her growing up. Otabek stroked Yuri’s hair, which fell halfway down his back still, until Yuri’s breathing returned to a normal pace. He would never admit that Otabek was right.

“Papa? Dad?” Nikolai asked from the couch.

Yuri and Otabek turned their heads to give him their attention. At least they had one obedient kid.

“What’s sex?” Nikolai asked.

Otabek and Yuri looked at each other. Shit.

More Otayuri parents!

“I’d take you on anytime on my own. Tonight if you want.” (SS)

“Harry and Malfoy barely inclined their heads, not taking their eyes off each other.” (CoS)

“…Everyone thinks he’s so smart, wonderful Potter with his scar and his broomstick” (CoS)

“As Malfoy sank to his knees” (CoS)

“Malfoy set up his cauldron right next to Harry” (PoA)

“Well, with feet that size…” (GoF)

“For a split second, they looked into each other’s eyes, then, at exactly the same time, both acted.” (GoF)

“Father and I have a bet, you see. I don’t think you’re gonna last ten minutes in this tournament. [jumps down from tree] He disagrees. He thinks you won’t last five.”

“You’ve picked the losing side, Potter! I warned you! I told you you ought to choose your company more carefully, remember? When we met on the train, first day at Hogwarts?” (GoF)

“Draco Malfoy shouted across the Great Hall from the Slytherin table. ‘Hey, Potter! Potter! How’s your head? You feeling all right? Sure you’re not going to go berserk on us?” (GoF)

“…Inquisitorial Squad do have the power to dock points… Five because I don’t like you, Potter.” (OotP)

“Manners, Potter, or I’ll have to give you a detention” (OotP)

“Well, just watch yourself, Potter, because I’ll be dogging your footsteps in case you step out of line.” (OotP)

“Did you like my lyrics Potter?” (OotP)

“Don’t kill him! DON’T KILL HIM!” (DH)

Dishwasher Safe - Five

Spencer x reader

The first four parts are in my Masterlist.

Spencer lay in bed the next morning. He’d slept surprisingly well for a few hours and then had woken up in a mad panic. What had he done? Things between him and Y/N would never be the same again. How was he even meant to look at her.

Yet when he thought back to the events of the previous evening he remembered how turned on he’d felt. How hearing Y/N speak to him the way she had and seeing her do the things she’d done had made him feel. And if he was honest with himself, it had felt amazing. He’d never felt like that before during sex.

She’d profiled him entirely correctly, picking up on his changes towards her and reading his nervousness but at the same time knowing that he was interested. He had questions he wanted answers to, he wanted to know more about this side of her that he never expected to see.

But how could he ask?

He could hear her moving around the apartment and he knew he was delaying getting out bed. Perhaps she’d go out, then he could have longer to work out what to say to her, how to act. This all felt so weird and new to him. Hearing his phone vibrate he picked it and opened the message.

“It’s nearly midday on a Sunday. You’re normally up and about by this time. You gonna come out of your room at all or you just gonna hide and make this awkward? Because it doesn’t have to be awkward Spencer.”

Well then.

He hauled himself out of bed and pulled on a fresh pair of pajama pants, wrapping his dressing gown around his body. Taking a deep breath he opened the door, the smell of bacon hitting him immediately and his tummy rumbling in response. Spencer followed the smell to the kitchen where Y/N was also dressed in her pajamas - the ones she’d been wearing before she’d gone to bed as opposed to the ones she’d been wearing, or rather not wearing last night - and was busy frying bacon and eggs.

“I see you decided to join the land of the living, although I suspect you’ve been awake for hours and just avoiding me. You want some?” she turned to look at Spencer as he pulled himself a stool at the breakfast bar.

“Yes please,” he croaked out, coughing slightly. Y/N reached into her fridge and pulled out a jug of orange juice, sliding it across the counter to him along with a glass.

“So were you? Avoiding me, I mean?” she asked as she turned back to the stove top.

Reid poured himself a glass and gulped it down. There was no way to avoid the inevitable conversation. “I guess I was.”

“Did you not enjoy last night?” said as if she was asking him whether or not he’d enjoyed a book rather than whether or not he’d enjoyed watching her pleasuring herself whilst commanding him to do the same.

“Spencer, did you enjoy it or not?” she asked again when he didn’t answer, still figuring out what exactly to say.

“I enjoyed it,” he finally managed to reply.

“So what’s the issue? Why were you avoiding me?” Y/N grabbed two plates and started scraping the egg onto them.

“We work together and I’m staying in your apartment. You’re my friend.”

She added the bacon and flicked the stove off, handing him a plate and silverware before hopping up on the other stool.

“It was just sex Spencer. And when you think about, it wasn’t even actual sex. We’re colleagues sure, but plenty of our other colleagues have had dalliances and its not affected their relationships. And like you said, we’re friends. I’m perfectly fine with what happened last night. So should you be.”

She munched on her bacon as Spencer thought about what she’d said. Maybe she was right and he should just be okay with it. He nodded slightly and started to eat.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to it happening again though, just so you know. And if you were interested in…..let’s just say exploring the contents of my bedside cabinet, then I wouldn’t be against doing that with you either.”

Spencer stopped eating, his knife and fork clattering to the table. He swallowed quickly, gulping down some more juice so that he didn’t choke.

“What are you saying exactly Y/N?” even though it was quite obvious what she was saying. He just didn’t know why.

She shrugged, swallowing down another mouthful of eggs. “Look, it’s quite obvious to me that you did enjoy last night and that you’re intrigued by certain things. You said it yourself. I’ve known you long enough so know that unless you’re doing an extremely good job of living a double life, you don’t exactly date much so don’t have the opportunity to explore anything that you might be interested in. God knows why you don’t date much because you could easily get women but that’s besides my point here. If there are certain things you’ve found have suddenly piqued your interest, that you wanted to try, then I’m offering to help you try them. It’s better to do those things with someone you’re comfortable with and trust so that if you suddenly decided it was too much, you’d feel able to say stop. Then when you know what you like, you can look for another partner or whatever. The offer is there. I can separate my sex life from work if you can. Or we can just pretend like last night never happened and just continue as we were before. It’s up to you.”

She continued eating whilst Spencer thought about what she was offering. Could he really do this? Did he really want to do this?

“You don’t have to decide now Reid. It’s Sunday, we’re back at work tomorrow. Think about it for today and give me an answer tonight. It’s no big deal for me either way and it’s not something I’ll be offended by if you say no. If you do wanna go through with it, then maybe we set a time limit. Like, until your apartment is ready again or something? Then when you move back home we can just go back to pretending like nothing ever happened. And if you don’t wanna go through with it, then we’ll just start pretending like nothing ever happened anyway. And I promise I’ll keep my bedroom door locked.”

She grinned and took a sip of juice.

“What….What exactly would you get out this?” Spencer was curious.

“Regular sex at least for a month or two. I haven’t had a partner to play with properly for a while now, and whilst I’m very well practised in the art of getting myself off, it’s fun to do it with someone else. You’re attractive, I’m comfortable with you and from what I saw last night, I reckon we could have a good time together.”

Spencer nodded, feeling his cheeks flush a little at her words. He needed to stop doing that around her.

“I’ll give you an answer by the end of the day,” he told her. He’d think very carefully about the things she was offering to do for him. “One more thing. You said that our other colleagues had had dalliances with each other. Who exactly?”

She smirked, and although she knew she probably shouldn’t be sharing this secret she also knew that there was no way Spencer would tell anyone else.

“Hotch and Prentiss.”

He very nearly spat out the mouthful of food he just taken.

The worst job I ever had was at a chain restaurant. My trial shift went fine and I felt okay but my actual first shift was a disaster. I started at five and by 6 the woman SUPPOSED to be training finished her shift. Everyone started to do the same and by 7:30 I was alone. This is my first real shift. I have no idea what sauces go with the meals and I’m having customers return food because it’s not warm enough. Thankfully a wonderful lady in bar came back to help and I left at 9 when I was supposed to. Got into my mum’s car and burst into tears. I was so stressed. Immediately left and have never looked back.

You have to be careful with her sometimes, because she trusts you so much that you have to watch what you say or else she’ll believe every word. You can’t play mind games with her because she doesn’t like competition—and she doesn’t easily give up. You’re looking for a five month long match. She doesn’t like it when you say “nevermind” because she wants to know everything you think when you’re with her; despite how irrelevant or stupid it might be. She loves waking up early, so send her morning texts and remind her you love her so she can start her day feeling confident. Don’t forget about goodnight texts though, those are just as important. You are her last thought before she falls asleep and her first thought when she wakes up. Show her that she’s the same for you. She loves listening to her music and she blacks out when she does; she loves getting so lost in the words and the solos of the guitars that she feels as if she’ll never be found. She also loves it when her hair is played with, so make sure you know how to braid it. The next time you hold her hand, make sure you gently rub her thumb with yours. That’ll make her heart pound. The thing is, she loves all of these things. And she loves you. So by you doing these things, she’ll fall more in love with you every time you do them. Just make sure you show her how important she is to you. Because like all, we want to feel important and loved. So don’t forget what she tells you at two in the morning and what she thought in the shower, and which flavor ice cream she prefers and remember the difference between beige, brown and taupe. Embrace and engrave every one of her thoughts.

Every time the cast is asked to describe Season 2 in one or a couple of words the first thing Matt always says is “sexy” and every time a new interview comes out and he keeps giving the same answer every single time and like in one of the most recent ones the interviewer asked something like, “Oh, way more sexier than Season 1?” and Matt kinda scoffed and was like “Oh yeah” and had this knowing look on his face and I feel like I need to lie down and stare at the ceiling for five years because I don’t know how to process this information without combusting

Are We Watching the Same Show?
  • I keep seeing posts complaining that Lance and Hunk never get any focus, and referring to Keith and Shiro as 'the main characters' and 'the only characters the writers care about'. Are we watching the same show? Voltron Legendary Defender has an ENSEMBLE cast, which means that instead of one main character, the story has several. So let's take a closer look at the amount of focus given to each character in each season and see just how accurate these claims are.
  • VLD Season One: Pidge's arc spans the first five episodes, and culminates in her trusting the rest of the team enough to reveal her secret to them. It also shows her resourcefulness when she alone can defend the castle. Hunk's arc spans four episodes, with him aiming to get back to the Balmera as quickly as possible so that he can help the people there. It shows that he's kind and loyal, but also very single-minded as Shay, who he knew, came before what could've been a genuine distress call. Said distress call also proves how good his instincts are. Shiro gets some character focus during Pidge's arc, and again towards the end. Lance is placed as the focal character in the first episode, and gets some focus in episodes four and six. In comparison to the other characters, Keith gets very little focus until the final two episodes. Allura's major character focus comes in episode nine, but she is also important in episodes two and eight. Coran plays off Allura in episode two, being the nicer of the two of them when it comes to training the paladins, and gets some character focus when he's helping Lance with his homesickness in episode four too. Overall, all of the main seven get their moments in the spotlight, but the major character arcs go to Pidge and Hunk.
  • VLD Season Two: Massive focus on Keith. His character arc plays a major role in episodes three, six, and eight, and he also gets significant focus in episodes one, nine, and twelve. Shiro also gets a lot of focus in this season, playing an important role in Keith's arc as well as having his own arc playing Black Lion tug-of-war with Zarkon. Allura's arc tied into Keith's as of episode six, but actually started earlier. With Ulaz. Episode four is undeniably Pidge's episode, and she also has a major breakthrough in her own personal mission later in the season. Contrary to popular opinion, Hunk and Lance DID recieve some character focus this season. Arguably more than Keith did last season. They were the only main characters who appeared in episode two, in which Lance was the focus. Hunk also recieved varying amounts of focus in episodes five, six, and nine. Lance definitely recieved the least amount of character focus this season, but he played a major role in episode ten, and the insecurities touched upon in that episode are clearly going to be important next season. Coran had a good portion of episodes five and seven dedicated to him. Again, the main seven characters all had their moments. The major arcs this season just happened to go to Keith, Shiro, and Allura, none of whom had a major arc in the previous season.
  • In conclusion, Voltron Legendary Defender has an ENSEMBLE cast. Not everybody can be the main focus every season, but I personally think the writers do a damn good job at giving everyone a decent amount of focus. Keith had little focus in season one, but lots in season two. Hunk had his own arc in season one, and less focus in season two. It. All. Balances. Out.

anonymous asked:

I have only worked ONE day in the past two months, last week I had 2 shifts. The first one I missed because they changed the day without notifying my, the second I called off because of chronic pain which my manager said was fine because they were going to shave my hours anyways. On a FIVE hour shift

I would start looking for a new job. It definitely sounds like they’re trying to get rid of you and no one can survive on five hours a month. I’m petty enough to go in as a customer and make a complaint about the same manager to corporate though. I hate that tactic they use to get people to quit. -Abby

Okay, but imagine a Trollhunters AU where everything is the same, except Jim does gymnastics.

- Barbara signing little five year old Jim up for gymnastics as a birthday present and a distraction from the father that isn’t there anymore
- Little Jim being shy around the other kids and wary of everything at first
- Then one day Barbara arrives to pick him up and he’s smiling up at his teacher and bouncing on his feet and is super happy and proud and “Mom!! Look what I can do!”
- Jim staying in gymnastics as he gets older and competing in tournaments that his mom always makes room in her schedule for
- Toby also goes to the tournaments and sits right next to Barbara, clapping as loudly as he possibly can for Jim
- Toby meeting up with Jim after lessons and providing snacks and drinks for both of them
- Toby dares Jim to do a split
- Then Toby tries to do a split
- He doesn’t try that again
- Then the amulet chooses Jim and all that craziness gets thrown at him
- When Blinky starts training Jim he’s happily surprised to see the teenager flipping and tumbling out of the way of things
- It’s harder to do with the armor on since it’s heavier than Jim is used to
- When he’s not learning how to use a sword or running from sharp things in Hero’s Forge, he’s practicing flipping and moving around with the armor on
- It takes some time to get used to
- Toby makes sure there’s a mat Jim can put out when he practices that stuff
- It’s partially for Blinky
- The troll had a mini heart attack when Jim didn’t stick a landing right
- Jim incorporating his gymnast skills into his fighting style like he did with his chef skills
- Arrrgh gets used as a springboard sometimes
- Between the school play, Spring Fling, trollhunting, and gymnastics, Jim’s life is a wreck

This is 100% inspired by the dodgeball scene in episode 5 when I thought “hey, you know what’d be cool?”

Things I adore about Jooheon
  • Dimples omg x x x
  • Rap king tbh x
  • Any hair colour fits him, literally any. Black, brown, red - all hair colours look good on him x x x
  • How in No Mercy he made it so clear he wouldn’t ever be friends with Changkyun and then he ended up being the first to warm up to him and now they’re best friends and basically one and the same x x x
  • His visuals seriously are a++ x x
  • He’s the literal king of being multitalented. Not only can he SING too, he can play the drums, dance, play the piano. Like give him five seconds of trying something and he’ll probably be a pro at it. x x
  • He calls Shownu ‘appa’ any chance he gets x x x
  • He is such a respectful person to everyone
  • King of aegyo x
  • From the way he raps on stage, you’d think he was a tough, scary guy but he’s really a small child who’s afraid of everything x
  • He got scared of a sponge x
  • Also got scared of a butterfly x
  • He invented hats and snapbacks x x
  • If you thought he couldn’t get any better, he also writes amazing songs too
  • Okay he’s usually cute af, but those times he’s sexy omg x x x
  • So full of energy, happiness and just such a pleasant person no wonder everyone loves him
  • He’s the reason people thought of flower crowns x
  • Got so happy after a fan gave him ‘joohoney butter chips’ x
  • Okay but leak his skin routine he has the best skin
  • Look I don’t even ship him and minhyuk because Jookyun duh, but him and Minhyuk are two balls of sunshine and Minhyuk has a thing with invading his personal space x x x 
  • Often the target of little shit Kihyun, but he still trusts Kihyun 100% x x
  • Okay but his sense of style is amazing I love it x
  • This choreo x
  • Apparently denies things offered to him by Shownu before even tasting it idk x
  • Exposed Wonho for teaching him about how to be cheesy asf x
  • His double dab in Stuck
  • His aegyo version of Monsta X’s greeting got me deceased x
  • Once almost broke his neck trying to do a backflip because the others asked him to. They didn’t care x
  • His version of the Amen special clip x
  • This performance got me so hyped x

A thought came to me about the “ugh there are gonna be five fantastic beasts movies why cant they let harry potter lie” mindset that I was on too when I first heard that fact.

JK is writing the screenplays so its all her ideas and her canon for her universe. Ans it’s like…ridiculously common for authors, especially fantasy authors, to keep writing different stories for the same universe. World building, showing different people with different challenges in the same universe. Look at Tolkein and Anne McAfferey and about any other prolific fantasy author.

Idk what my point is I just had the realization that this isn’t really different, Rowling is just using a different medium for it.

You Belong With Me

destiel fic, PG, 3.5k

Summary: Dean couldn’t stop thinking about Taylor Swift. Her various hits started blaring inside his head on repeat at random times, and it was slowly driving him insane. He knew whose fault it was, though. Knew exactly whom to blame for his descent into insanity by earworm.

Sex Hair Guy on the subway. Damn him.

A/N: Written for @angvlicmish September writing challenge, but I missed the deadline and went over the word count limit. *shrugs* oops.
Prompt: Taylor Swift

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He’d first seen the guy two months ago on his daily commute to work, on the same A line he’d been taking for the last five years working as an engineer at Sandover Corp. After about the third time he’d noticed the guy, he started looking for him on the platform, trying to figure out what route he took. The guy was a creature of habit: as far as Dean could tell, he always got the 8.02 AM train at 125th St, and remained until after Dean had to get off at 14th St. This left Dean with fifteen glorious minutes to sneak glances at the object of his quickly growing obsession. It also made Dean more punctual than he’d ever been in his entire life, as he knew that if he was even a few minutes late or early, he would not be on the same train as him. It would rob him of the chance to see the guy that day, because for some reason Dean never saw him in the evening on his commute back home.

The guy always wore the same basic outfit: a suit and tie that managed to look artfully rumpled and a tan trench coat. The ensemble would surely look pretty ridiculous on anyone else, but damn it if he didn’t manage to pull it off, even though he did kind of look like a tax accountant. Maybe he was one. Dean figured it was the hair. He was one of those guys who had absolutely perfected the “rolled out of bed after a night of truly spectacular sex” look. Couple that with a pair of stunning blue eyes, and Dean was pretty much done for from the get-go.

Dean tried to find ways to get closer to him without being noticed and called out as the creep he was. He started looking forward to busier days on the subways, when people would have to cram together like sardines in a can. He used to hate those days, but now it was a way for him to get close to the guy without being suspected of anything. He’d already figured out the guy favoured the next to last subway car – likely because it stopped near the exit he would eventually need to take. So he made sure to always be waiting in that car when they came up to the guy’s stop.

The first few times, the guy unfortunately picked a different door to enter, and Dean wasn’t able to make his way through the dense crowd without drawing too much attention to himself. The Monday of the third week, however…the guy ended up standing right before him, crushed between Dean, who was pressed against the doors on the opposite end of the platform, and a businessman who was talking loudly on his phone and making hand gestures despite the lack of space.

The gesticulating man elbowed the guy even further into Dean’s personal space, putting pretty much his entire upper body into direct contact with Dean, who was trying very hard not to get aroused. The guy would surely feel his…excitement and then he’d be forever branded as “that perv on the train”. So he forced himself to think of anything else than the enticing man pressed up against him: Alastair from R&D who always leered at him in a super creepy way, or Janet from accounting who for some reason always looked at him like Dean had tortured and killed one of her many cats.

Thankfully it worked, and Dean was able to calm down enough to actually enjoy the closeness. Dean’s nose was close enough to the nape of the guy’s neck to smell him, and he couldn’t resist taking a surreptitious sniff. The guy smelled like freshly ground coffee beans mixed with a hint of cinnamon and other spices that reminded Dean of autumn. It was intoxicating, and Dean had to use all his self-restraint to keep a soft moan from spilling from his lips, especially when – purely by accident – his fingers brushed against the guy’s.

Dean didn’t really remember how he managed to get to the office that day.

Unfortunately, he was never able to stand quite that close to the guy again, always thwarted at the last second by another person shoving their way between them. That didn’t stop him from trying, though.

He also started noticing different things about the guy: the way he always rubbed his eyes tiredly at least once – a clear sign that he didn’t get enough sleep on a regular base. The way he tended to absently fiddle with the hem of his trench coat. The way his eyes tracked the words on the newspaper he sometimes read on less busy days when there was enough space to allow it.

But then, three weeks ago, something changed. Dean immediately noticed it as soon as the guy boarded the subway car. In his ears were bright blue earbuds that were connected to what looked like an iPod. Huh, that was new. He really seemed into whatever he was listening to, because he was smiling faintly and actually started mouthing the lyrics after a few minutes. It was subtle, and Dean doubted that anyone but him would’ve noticed; but it was inevitable he would, seeing as his eyes were magnetically drawn to those lips more often than not.

It was incredibly endearing, and it made Dean realize that whatever this was, it had now progressed further than simple physical attraction; it had blossomed into a full-blown crush.

And wasn’t that pathetic? Having a crush on someone he hadn’t talked to once. He hadn’t even heard the guy’s voice yet. He imagined what it would sound like, sometimes, when he was in the shower in the morning.

Those were the mornings he had to rush to make sure he caught the right train.

The guy had been listening faithfully to his iPod every day since then, and Dean was content to just watch him enjoy his music, even though he was curious about what kind of music he liked. Did he, like Dean, have a preference for classic rock? Or maybe classical music? He looked like the type. Dean was hoping he’d find a way to get close to the guy again, not just for the joy of the physical closeness, but also because maybe he’d be able to hear some music drift from the earbuds. He was hungry for the insight into his personality. He wanted to know what made him tick - made him smile. He wanted to know him. But it was an idle hope.

Until last Friday, when everything changed.

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My dudes, can you imagine how cringe Yoosung and MC would be at the Xmas DLC event if they were in an established relationship tho? I mean with Jaehee, she and MC would be be patient and sensible enough to be lowkey, but like… MC’s personality changes subtly depending on who she’s with. Yoosung is so extra with MC and she usually is too in dialogue options with him?

  • MC canonically calls him star prince in one chat (I’ve seen a screenshot… though I haven’t gotten it myself (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)
  • “omg we totally match aaaaa I knew it even if we don’t say we understand each other!”
  • “can you please be a little professional and not refer to each other by pet names?”
    • No.
  • Yoosung says how he couldn’t help but stop to look at her once she was there and they were both working
    • MC is probably doing the same thing
    • they catch each other looking at the same time and kinda giggle and wave
    • it’s cute the first five times time but they keep doing it
  • MC rubbing Yoosung’s hands together because he keeps complaining about how cold they are
    • “hey my nose is cold too!” — eskimo kisses
    • keep cuddling on breaks ““““for warmth”“““
  • They’re alone at the end because Jaehee and the hired hands leave their vicinity ASAP like “gross bye im not getting paid to watch this shit anymore”
McGenji Week: Day 4: Reunion

Every year, all Overwatch Agents, current and former, are invited to a reunion. The location changes, but the people are often the same.

Or so Genji hears. He has attended only one. This one; his first despite five years in the organization, and he already regrets it.

After weeks of debating how ridiculous it would look, he even purchased a suit for the occasion. He had seen it before, in Numbani, where omnics liked to challenge humans to see them as any different. And after a few quiet and cruel remarks in the back of his mind, he’d come to admire it. Some robots out there looked pretty damn good. But on his own inhuman frame, the same expensive fabrics and tailored cuts he had once worn felt like an ill-fitting costume.

He wonders again why he had even come.

And receives an answer when he spots a cowboy hat bobbing over the heads of unfamiliar faces, a tall man making his way around the crowd rather than through it. Genji can make out the jangle of spurs from across the room, and spares a moment to feel charmed that Agent McCree had also arrived in costume.

Genji expects to spend the better part of the night working up the courage to approach the cowboy, but finds it takes only fifteen anxious minutes for McCree to spot him loitering on the outskirts of the bustle and call out to him in a cheerful greeting. Howdy.

In the three months since they had met in a medbay, nothing more interested had happened to distract Genji from the memory of a grinning stranger who had casually declared the last four years of Genji’s life pretty fucked up.

He hadn’t appreciated the observation at the time, but sentiment had echoed in his mind on an almost daily basis in the intervening weeks.Pretty fucked up, as he passed as an omnic, infiltrating Numbani’s black market. Pretty fucked up as he stayed awake three days without sleep, just to be contrary to a casual order from the Commander to get some rest. Pretty fucked up when he finally sleeps anyway, and wakes from dreams of sex and dragons feeling nothing at all.

Pretty fucked up when despite the many kind and patient gestures McCree had made while they shared a room together, it was one moment of casual criticism that resonated, unforgotten, in Genji’s head.

They catch up. McCree shares stories about past reunions, almost all of which involve drunken fights and drunker apologies, like any family. When he mentions the time Dr. Ziegler had slapped he Commander full in the face, only to set the entire audience into hysterical giggles, Genji actually regrets never having come sooner.

When the McCree wants to get a smoke, Genji follows him out into the night air where it is calmer. He does not talk much, but the American readily fills in the silence for both of them.

It’s nice. Or, he thinks it must be nice. He struggles to remember if this is what contentment feels like. But Genji finds himself focusing on the easy drawl in McCree’s accent. Asking just enough questions to keep the man talking. Somehow, they pass much of the night that way.

(canon to truce)