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I didn’t want you to find me. 

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[P], [Q], [V] and [Y] for Yoosung, please ♡

[P] Pace
He tries to keep a steady pace, from foreplay to sex, but he ends up stumbling with it the first few times, and he has a bad habit of rushing once its hard for him to hold back his orgasm. He tries to keep it sweet, but its difficult for him.
[Q] Quickie (where, how often, do they like them)
He’s too shy to have one a quickie in a semi-public place, no matter how hot the idea is. But around the house, a quickie when he’s annoyed with LOLOL or not understanding something in school? Calms his nerves instantly.
They usually happen against the back of the couch, after he’s hugged you from behind and teased your ear.
He does like them!
[V] Volume (how loud, what do they sound like, what sounds they make)
He makes a Lot of noise. Whiny moans, a few grunts, desperate panting- It’s hard to shut him up.
Sometimes, if he’s particularly loud, he’s shyly apologizes for it while cuddling.
[Y] Yearning (how often to they think of sex, how long can they go without it etc)
He thought he could go a while without it, especially since before you he went his whole life without it, but he ends up wanting it constantly. He won’t ever push you for it, but if you’re willing he’d do it multiple times during the week.
He thinks about it often, especially for the next couple of days after you two have had sex. Is he embarrassed he can’t stop? Hell yes. Does he linger on the thoughts anyway? Yeeep. Boring lecture? He’s thinking about all the sweet spots on your body. Having to read a boring passage? Eventually he’s staring at the words imagining you giving him a bj. It’s a constant on some days.


Hi! Just making a post to say that updates - of a polished nature - may be a bit sparse over the next few months as I’m working on my comic, Pelican Post! I’m planning to have the first book printed by mid-2017. Until then, I’ll be posting related concept stuff like this every now and then on twitter/tumblr :)

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hc about MC moving in with Saeran?? please?? (and is you're not lazy enough the RFA + V too??)

Slightly nsfw in like two parts 


  • He is so excited! 
  • you two had decided on waiting until he wasn’t living in a dorm room 
  • so both of you had been waiting for this for so long 
  • You started renting an apartment together 
  • decorating was so much fun 
  • he wanted to put LOLOL merchandise everywhere 
  • It’s a good thing he enjoys cooking 
  • you two share the chores and you both really hate doing them since its always a mess 


  • MC moves in pretty early in the relationship 
  • you get nothing done in the first few days 
  • too busy hanging out without any clothes tbh
  • Okay but there are so many boxes you have to get to this  
  • you take so long unpacking because you keep getting distracted 
  • Like he doesn’t want to just unpack when MC is living with him now 
  • He just wants to spend time with MC! 
  • But as soon as you’ve unpacked its time to relax
  • He aims to do all the couple stuff together right away  
  • Zen please calm down.
  • Like MC just moved in you have so much time to do couple stuff 


  • since you two saw each other everyday at the coffee shop you were pretty close to actually living together 
  • So you two weren’t nervous when you were talking about it 
  • but when the day came you were pretty nervous 
  • but it was so great 
  • you got everything unpacked pretty fast
  • and Jaehee had made a lot of space for your stuff 
  • after unpacking you two just relaxed
  • cuddling in the sofa
  • and watching Zens musical 
  • it was really nice


  • Okay but MC practically lived there already 
  • Like when was MC not there??? 
  • But Jumin did bring up that MC should move in with him 
  • “You mean I don’t already live here?” 
  • he brings up that MC should officially move in with him
  • all of MC’s stuff is there and unpacked in like an hour 
  • how is that even possible?? 
  • Your first day is so nice 
  • I mean so are the other days 
  • But you have a really nice dinner to celebrate 


  • MC didn’t realize how messy his apartment actually is until they had to find space for their stuff 
  • Where is the floor??? 
  • MC tries to clean up some stuff but the mess never ends? 
  • Seven stops them from cleaning because they are supposed to relax 
  • MC just moved in!! They should enjoy that! 
  • Seven bets they can have sex on pretty much every corner in the house on the first day 
  • Seven you just told MC to relax 
  • they do tho 

  • He had been so nervous about asking MC to move in 
  • He had asked MC over a nice dinner and ofc they said yes 
  • his apartment is so beautiful wth 
  • It’s just such a nice feeling to be there 
  • A lot of his photographs are on the walls 
  • he was embarrassed about it and suggested taking them down 
  • No!! Mc wants to keep them up! 
  • MC and V spend the day unpacking together 
  • then they spend the rest of the day cuddling 
  • its so nice to just cuddling him for hours 
  • MC and V don’t even need to say anything to each other while cuddling 
  • its just so nice 


  • MC and Saeran had been dating for a pretty long time before they decided on living together 
  • he was way more nervous than MC was 
  • Since Saeran lives with Seven it was practically like moving in with both of them 
  • But Seven went out for the day so you two could spend this day together 
  • you are both pretty quiet while unpacking at first 
  • like he is so nervous about this and has a hard time getting close to people 
  • but he really wants to be with MC all the time 
  • You two finish unpacking after a while and you were too tired to put it all away so you two sorta shoved it in a corner in his room for the time being 
  • You were gonna cook but there are no ingredients here??? 
  • what do they live on?
  • Saeran you can’t live on sweets 
  • MC and Saeran go grocery shopping! 
  • yay
  • MC cooks for the two of them and this is the best meal Saeran has ever had 
  • After they had dinner Saeran is no longer nervous at all tbh 
  • He could sooo get used to this 
  • and he will 
  • MC and Saeran chat on the sofa while eating 
  • they end up falling asleep there too 
  • and its really cute 
The duality of meaning in Victor’s reaction - a YOI ep 11 analysis

As you can remember, after Yuuri’s short program in ep 11, we’re shown a short flashback to Victor’s past and can hear a few lines of his thoughts. When I first watched that scene, its meaning seemed clear to me but after seeing it about three times I realized that it’s not actually as clear-cut as I thought and is actually quite ambiguous.

I’d like to use this post as an opportunity to explore both of the potential meanings hidden behind his words.

So let’s get to it:

Meaning: Having a new approach to every program allowed Victor to surprise everyone and succeed but it also made him feel like there was a shackle closed around his neck. (literal translation)

Interpretation 1: Victor’s entire skating career was based around surprising people and if he now feels bound and suffocated by it then it’s a sign that he wants to retire.

Interpretation 2: Victor felt suffocated by finding a new approach every season, but if he changed his attitude towards creating his programs he would return to loving skating and consequently his career.

Now that we’ve laid out the basics, this is where it gets interesting

Meaning: Victor always felt like he was fighting alone and had to create and polish his own strength on his own.

Interpretation 1: Victor bitterly reminisces about his struggle and the loneliness of his career, but is now positive about the future because he found someone whose strength he can find and help them improve, meaning he no longer has to be bound by his own limitations and can focus on someone else’s needs and weaknesses. He’s pleased to be able to leave his career behind and help someone else.

Interpretation 2: Victor bitterly reminisces about his struggle and the loneliness of his career, but is now positive about the future because he is no longer alone and now he will be able to find new strength with Yuuri’s help.

Meaning: self-explanatory or otherwise unclear.

Interpretation 1: The new emotions are the desire to help someone, to work with someone, to focus on someone else; essentially to become a coach and stay a coach - coaching being the thing Victor truly wants to do.

Interpretation 2: The new emotions are reignited love for figure skating and the motivation to return to the ice and his competitive career (regained thanks to Yuuri).

Meaning: self-explanatory or otherwise unclear.

Interpretation 1: Victor wonders what he can still do for Yuuri, how he can contribute to his career, how he can make him even more amazing; essentially, what more he can do for him as his coach.

Interpretation 2: Victor wonder what he can still do for Yuuri before he leaves him and returns to his career.

Personally? I’m a follower of interpretation 1. I have multiple reasons, but the simplest one is the “What should I give to Yuuri now?” line. Victor is focused entirely on Yuuri and how he can help him - he’s fully dedicated to his role as a coach (as also suggested in “I wish you’d never retire” from episode 9). He makes no reference at all to intending to return to his career (which is probably a good sign that he doesn’t intend to do that at all).

But at the same time these lines are undeniably ambiguous. Why?

I think it’s for the same reason as the rest of this anime and this episode in general - it’s a reflection of Yuuri’s feelings and his perspective, yes, even in Victor’s own narration. Yuuri dreads having to let Victor go but he also wants his happiness (and we all know how that culminates in this episode).

In any case, everything we are shown is meant to put us on a similar edge. We’re meant to be uncertain of Victor’s intentions the way Yuuri is, and we will only learn of Victor’s true feelings when he says them out loud - when Yuuri learns them alongside us. Hopefully, this will take place in episode 12 in the bedroom conversation.

I personally feel that it would make no sense for Victor to return to his career now, considering how everything has been presented so far. It would feel sudden and forced and untrue to his character. But those are my thoughts. What will the anime show us? The answer lies less than 48 hours away.

ok one of the fucking funniest childhood memories i have is this one time when i was around 7

me and my friend would collect webkinz and some of them dated each other. my pink pony, lollipop was dating her lil’kinz penguin, michael

a few months later, people were playing american idol karaoke at some guys birthday party (for wii i think?) and thats where i heard rihanna’s unfaithful for the first time. i was literally so entranced and inspired that when i got home that night i listened to it again on youtube and read every lyric carefully

i got so inspired that i had the sudden idea to make my pony write a break-up letter to michael, but the words were going to be the lyrics to unfaithful with some pronouns changed. the letter was literally like

Dear Michael,

Story of my life
Searching for the right
But it keeps avoiding me
Sorrow in my soul
Cause it seems that wrong
Really loves my company

He’s more than a man
And this is more than love
The reason that the sky is blue
The clouds are rolling in
Because I’m gone again
And to you I just can’t be true

And I know that you know I’m unfaithful
And it kills you inside
To know that I am happy with some other guy
I can see you dying

I don’t wanna do this anymore
I don’t wanna be the reason why
Every time I walk out the door
I see you die a little more inside
I don’t wanna hurt you anymore
I don’t wanna take away your life
I don’t wanna be
A murderer


i actually thought i was so poetic?? anyway the next day, my friend comes over as usual, and i say in the saddest and most sentimental voice, “um.. lollipop wanted me to give michael this letter… she couldn’t do it herself..” like i was really into this

so she opens the letter and after reading maybe 2 lines she just looks me dead in the eyes and says “these are the lyrics to unfaithful by rihanna” and i can still remember the blood draining from my face

.bad habits. a stream of consciousness?

its like when you take the first sip of tea, it painfully sizzles on your tongue
theres nothing you can do besides wait out the pain
you know the tea is still hot, yet you take another sip
this time the pain is more bearable
but now, you have two burnt patches on your tongue
these are going to take a few days to heal
each time you go to eat or drink something, you will be reminded of the two little burns
.an unpleasant sting.

this doesn’t stop you from sipping the tea
it tastes good therefore it must be finished, no matter how hot or cold it gets
determination to succeed such an insignificant task in the hope that the ego feels warm and accomplished
to prove a point?
i dont know

people seem to have a habit of going back to things that hurt them in the hope that the second,
third or forth time round
they will be stronger.
or possibly just more prepared.

the devil never sleeps when he is fuelled with the flames that ignite his fire.

—  Cartia Mallan
Lance AU

* Okay but like what if one day Lance crashes into an alien planet and for some reason Blue isnt working and communicators are down and he realizes that hes alone. (And for some reason Blue cant fix herself… pls bear with me.)
* The first few months Lance is barely getting by. He does some small jobs to get the food he needs and soma scrap parts for Blue. (He’s gotten skinnier and more cunning. He also sleeps in Blue bc he wants to remember NEEDS to remember that the other paladins are looking for him. He needs Blue to remind him.)
* But as time goes by he starts question whether the paladins are really looking for him. So Lance decides to just live there for the time being… he gets a military job, buys/rents a house, and starts making an image of himself. (He forgets to continue fixing Blue but still remembers her… She obviously told him that it was okay for him to do this.) He becomes well known and jumps up the ranks in the military. His skills improve, hes the best of the best, he has alot of power, he is a hero to some (But honestly hes just really lonely.)
* Then one day, on a patrol/battle, Lance comes across someone. (Someone who was taught to be a emotionless killing machine) (Im using they/them cuz who knows if its a girl or boy… who knows?) This person is captured and everyone wants to kill them but not Lance. He believes that they can become someone better.
* So Lance takes it upon himself to teach this person all about love and care. (Obviously it would take a long time. He gets hurt in the process. He sometimes almost dies. But other times, he laughs. He tells them all about his life, about his family in earth, about the paladins, and eventually about his insecurities. He jokes and they laugh. He feels like hes finally doing something good.)
* after a while he starts to see that they arent as aggressive and that they are more calm and he might even say trustworthy.(they just really love Lance. They would die for him. They really appreciate what Lance did for them and what better way to return the favor than to protect Lance?) So he decides to partner with them. They both work together. They fight together. They live together. (By this time, many years have passed) The person helps Lance get through his loneliness, his anxiety, his troubles. Lance helps them too. And so both of them heavily rely on each other that if they are separated they cant function normally.
* And then one day, Blue calls out to him. she tell him that she ready, shes fixed, they can go home. Lance doesnt know whether to be happy or sad. He doesnt want to leave but he knows he has to. He knows he has a bigger responsibility. (Voltron and saving the universe) but he doesnt want to leave his friend behind, doesnt want to leave the one person who made all these years better, doesnt want them to feel alone(like he always felt) So he decides to take them with him.
* they say their goodbyes to the planet and get inside Blue (who lets them get in cuz they have been taking such good care of Lance all this time) and leave of to space.

aaaannnddd thats all i have and i may or may not continue

who knows?

im already despising the white feminists that are gonna be like “girl power!!!” when clinton wins like nah im not acknowledging her watch me in a few years when we elect the next woman president ill be like “wow I Cant Believe its our first female president for the first time in american history ever”

Terajima’s comment on Miyuki & Sawamura’s first meeting scene

Here’s the infamous interview where Terajima-Sensei said that Miyuki & Sawamura’s first meeting scene was like a romantic manga.

How did you come up with the other characters aside from Sawamura?

Miyuki is the character who made Sawamura think “I want to play baseball with him, even if that means being separated from my friends”. Miyuki has profound knowledge of baseball as well as the ability to bring out the pitcher’s talent. He’s supposed to be the type of guy Sawamura has never met in life before and thus makes him think “I somehow can’t get him out of my head…”. So if you think about it, it’s actually the same as the “first meeting” scenes in a romantic manga. (lol) […] - Terajima Yuji (Official DnA Guide Book)

So, may I introduce,

Miyuki “the type of guy Sawamura has never met in life before” Kazuya

and Sawamura “I somehow can’t get him out of my head… ” Eijun.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


The well-known “Ugh, he’s so mean, I hate him, but…. I love him” shojo manga trope.

God bless Miyusawa and Terajima-sensei ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Answering that anon made me remember how much insane variety there is in classic Who companions. Like, I’m not knocking new Who for its desire to ground the show through the companions. It’s probably necessary for making the show nowadays. But let’s take a second to appreciate how few fucks the classic Who producers gave. There was…

  • a genius astrophysicist from the future with perfect memory
  • a warrior from a primitive society that developed on another planet after the Doctor fucked up real bad one time
  • a stuck up time lady
  • a boy genius mathmetician from another reality
  • an alien aristocrat whose dad’s body was stolen by the Master in her first story and he. just. kept it?
  • an exiled political prisoner from another world pretending to be a school boy and who’s being manipulated by the avatar of all evil
  • a shape-shifting robot that the Master found on another planet that the Doctor reprograms and then everyone just forgets about until the Master shows up again (oh and the Master is still running around in that one girl’s dad’s body by the way)
  • an American
  • a perfectly ordinary teen who just happened to swept up in time storm and transported to another planet in the far future and starts waiting tables there all as part of the plan of yet another cosmic evil in its ongoing chess match with the Doctor

a little something i came up with a few nights ago while riding a bus


You are the only person like yourself on this planet
You are the color of your eyes glistening in the sunlight before the sun finally disappears beyond the horizon
You are the feeling of your hair with a spring’s wind whipping through it
You are the chill of the ocean water on your skin the first time going to the beach
You are the creamer invading your favorite coffee in the morning and leaving its milky trace along the brown
You are the darkness of your bedroom at night
You are your voice when caught off guard
You are your favorite nail polish
You are your very first favorite band
You are the guilty pleasure songs blaring through your radio that you refuse to like
You are the warmth of summer
You are the gentle drizzle of spring
You are the brisk breeze flowing through autumn
You are the cold chill of winter
You are the seat you sit in at your dinner table
You are your favorite pair of shoes
You are the sayings that you repeat each day
You are the feeling of being in a crowd of people
You are the rushing of a train passing by when on your way to somewhere in the city
You are the foods you know you can cook
You are the photos of items you find intriguing

You are you
Nothing can change that
And god dammit, if you cannot find anything positive about yourself please read this and remind yourself that self positivity is not only physical.

It comes from within,
From within you.

You’re all stanning the wrong person;

Lets get down to business!

I’m here, to tell you exactly why you’re stanning the wrong person. And even though you may be sat there thinking, ‘no, you’re wrong, my bias is my bias for a reason!’, let me just give you a few reasons why the real person you should be stanning, is the one and only Pyo Jihoon.

First up: That smile tho!

Second: His (airport) fashion is on point! O.O

Thirdly: He can work ANYTHING!

Also, did i mention how good he looks in leather? …No? …let me just-

And that time he had pink hair, AND he wore a black shirt? O.o (Me = DEAD)

But also whenever he goes natural its just…

Fourthly: How soft and adorable he is :’)

And how he looks like an angel when he sleeps: 

Fifthly: how damn relate-able he is!

Another point: his incredible dance moves…

And finally: ‘the hand thing’

So the question is…why isn’t he already your bias?

johnny: *breathin, being himself, doin his job, being cute n social*

y’all in the comments on youtube: OMG HE’S SO DADDY!! he needs to go back into the dungeon xD (for some reason these get hundreds of thumbs up and there’s at least 3 of them at the top saying the same thing)

me: … you know.. . i wish we weren’t behind a screen, because i got mad wedgies waiting for all you dipsticks, it’s like you got nothin better to say