the first eviction notice

Help a starving artist pay her bills?

I’ve never done this print thing before, but I recently lost my job after fighting a losing battle with my dog’s cancer, and I’m struggling to find a new one. SO, I opened an Etsy.
And I’m debating taking requests if anyone is interested.

Not to beg, but if I can’t come up with a good $500+, I’ll be getting an eviction notice on the first, so please reblog. You might just save my life.


Lately + Goodies + We’re back?? (it’s a long one)

Phew, wow well I’m not sure where to start. These past months have been a crazy fiasco I tell you! From moving houses twice.. yes, you heard it, TWICE. That may not seem like many unless you have 6 kids and a shit load of belongings.. We wouldn’t have had to move if it weren’t for..

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Closed RP w/ gemma53

After a long day of work, the only thing Armin wanted was to eat a quiet dinner at home by himself after a quick visit to the grocery store. One would think that working in an office all day would be a quiet, peaceful job. Oh, how that was so very wrong. It was a far too noisy and laboring environment for Armin. It paid decently, though, and that was all that mattered to Armin. He just wished that he could find a job that he enjoyed that paid just as well.

As the man behind the counter in front of him finished ringing up his things, Armin handed him his credit card to cover the cost. Once the man swiped his card, the machine made a loud beeping sound. Armin rose an eyebrow as the man swiped the card once more. It beeped again, a red light flashing at the top.

“Sorry sir,” the man said. “Your card got declined.”

Armin’s look of confusion all but faded. “I… I don’t understand. It’s practically brand new. C-Could you swipe it again?”

The man sighed in frustration, but did as Armin said and swiped the card again. The same result. “Sorry.” the man apologized, though it wasn’t very genuine, as he handed Armin the card back. Armin only sighed as he shoved the card back in his pocket and paid the man with what little cash he had on him.

As he carried his bag of groceries out to his car, the thought crossed his mind. This wasn’t the only time this had happened. As a matter of fact, the same thing happened when he attempted to use it to get gas that morning. But why? Was it possible that he forgot to activate it? That had to have been it, he reassured himself as he got into the vehicle and began to drive home. There was no other explanation for it.

Walking up to his front door once he arrived at home, Armin nearly dropped the items in his arm when he stopped the note on his door, along with an angry signature at the bottom. Hesitantly ripping the note from the door, Armin’s heart seemed to stop when he read the first two words.

“An… Eviction notice…?” Armin read aloud, eye wide. How could this be? He had only paid his rent the day before! “I-I’m sorry for the inconvenience but… B-But I refuse to rent my home to a wanted criminal…?”

This time, Armin really did drop his groceries. This… This had to be some terrible misunderstanding. A wanted criminal? Armin actually found himself thinking back, retracing his steps searching for any crime he may have committed. But, of course, he hadn’t done anything of the sort. He knew that. So just what the hell was going on?

Top 10 Things NOT To Say To A Woman About To Give Birth:
  1. “Tell that little one to get out; I want to meet him/her already!” – Well no sh*t. However my guess is said pregnant lady would like that just a little bit more than you, and doesn’t need your inadvertent reminder that she has no choice but to stay in this continuous state of discomfort. 
  2. That leads us to the ever so popular, “Someone needs to  give that baby their eviction notice.” First of all lets not even talk about the irony of a eviction notice usually being for past due rent; when said pregnant person has probably paid around $3,000+ bucks to receive care for baby. Because once again said pregnant person does NOT need your reminder that they have NO CHOICE BUT TO STAY IN A CONTINUOUS STATE OF BIG, WADDLY, SWOLLEN DISCOMFORT. 
  3. “You look like you’re about to pop!” Yeah, no pregnant person needs to have it pointed out how big they are. They know. Furthermore the whole mental picture of POP-ing is disturbing on a-whole-nother level!
  4. “Have you had that baby yet?”-– Fool don’t you think in this modern age of technology and social media if they had, had that baby you would know? Unless you are just trying to purposely remind them of their continuous discomfort. In which case you can kindly go sit on a cactus. 
  5. “Sleep while you can!”– First of all on average newborns sleep 16-22 hours a day. So…. if this is a first child she’ll have time to sleep when the baby is born. Second (and my personal favorite retort to this) PEOPLE ARE NOT RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES. THEY CAN’T STORE UP SLEEP YOU IGNORAMUS. Lastly it is so hard to sleep when you are in the last phase of pregnancy; even when you are exhausted.
  6. “Are you sure you aren’t having twins?”-- Yeah she is. Once again pointing out how big said pregnant person has grown is a douche move. You stop that.
  7. “Just enjoy these last moments of silence.” You do realize your pregnant individual knows that kids are noisy, but (most likely) chose to bring this beautiful new light into the world? Implying that said child or experience is basically going to be negative and a awful juxtaposition to their current “peaceful” life is rude. 
  8. “Just have a C-Section; they are so much easier.” No. C-Sections are major surgeries, and if not necessary shouldn’t be encouraged.
  9. “Don’t let the doctor trick you into a emergency C-section.” First of all if your friend does end up having a emergency c-section this will make them feel guilty. Second despite what you’ve may heard, if a c-section is a emergency and the baby is in distress; said mother will do anything to make sure their baby is safe. They don’t need you making them second guess that decision when their baby’s life is in jeopardy.
  10. The rare, “Oh you are not even that big! There’s no way you are about to give birth.” Some women carry different. For instance I’m super tall and carried far back with my first. I looked 6 months pregnant when I gave birth the first time, and had a 9+ pound baby at 38 weeks. This may seem like a compliment, but really most of the time it’s going to come off as you disregarding how tough this time is on your pregnant person. 

Here’s Some Idea’s of What TO Say:

  • You have the perfect belly. 
  • Would you like some food? 
  • Can I help you pick that up?
  • What would you like to drink?
  • Is there anything you are nervous about?
  • Who do I need to kick in the shins for saying a insensitive comment today?
  • Can I clean anything for you?

You’re welcome. 

So uh, it seems that not only did I miscalculated my funds for the month but I didn’t receive the pay for my overtime either and now I’m 83$ short on rent. I really hate to ask but I didn’t really expect to get an eviction notice in the first month. If you could help me out via my donate button thing on my blog I’d really appreciate it