the first drop of a roller coaster ride

my friends and i have this weird inside joke we do where if we go to an amusement park together and go on rollercoasters we have this game of “rollercoaster confessions” where you have to turn to the person next to you, right at the very top of the hill before the first big drop, and tell them a ~shocking confession~ e.g. “i am secretly an alien” “i killed mufasa” etc

this is best if you time it EXACTLY RIGHT so that you are turning to them and saying “i am the true author of my immortal” and then immediately before they have a chance to react the rollercoaster is falling and everyone is screaming as if in shocked response to your dramatic reveal

I am so many things that you wouldn’t want. Like the way I enjoy sitting in traffic, but I hate stopping at a stop sign. or the way i get really, really quiet when i’m scared- you’ll first notice that when we ride our first roller coaster with a big drop, but how i get really loud and talkative when i’m nervous. it’ll drive you crazy the way i insist that all pens face the same exact way inside of my mug, and how i always have to light two candles at a time because there is no better scent than “autumn night” and “sandalwood citrus” burning at the same time. you will get frustrated when i begin to cry as soon as you raise your voice- i’m a child, i know. you’ll want to yell when i become stubborn and insist on having the last word. you’ll hold my hand, pulling me back, as i tell you that i need to go visit someone even though it’s 2am and i haven’t slept in 3 days. you’ll get irritated at the size of my heart- it’s too big, too sensitive, too much to handle- to carry- to have. you will yawn at me when it is the 4th time that day that i have mentioned my dad and how great i think he is, you will think i am comparing, even though we both know that a father’s love + a husband’s love is far too different to compare. you will get tired of visiting the sunrise and the sunset and 12pm lunch breaks where i want you to just come look at the sky and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with me. 

i know that i am a lot of extremes and i can be extremely hard to handle and i will want to always hold your hand and entangle myself so that i will not know where i end and you begin. 

but i am hoping that there is someone that will not try to put me in a box. that will accept me for everything that i am, and everything that i fail to be. i am hoping that there is someone who will push me to be greater but never to be different than who i was meant to be. i’m hoping there is someone with a love as deep as mine.

—  it’s way too late.

oh god i can’t believe i forgot to tell you guys but i saw the cutest thing the other day! ok so i was at king’s island and i was riding in the second car of the roller coaster behind two guys and so, of course they put their arms up as we went down the HUGGEEE drop. but as we’re plummeting down all of a sudden one of the guys just twines their arms together and holds his friend’s hand as we went down the hill and then literally the second we leveled off (and we’re still like, flying on this thing) but you just hear the first guy going “SORRY BRO! SORRY!” and he seemed like he was just as surprised as i was about what had transpired but basically i’m pretty sure i just watched the first 30 seconds of a fanfic

Amusement Park Tales

Found on otpprompts​:


Imagine person A has never been on a roller coaster before and their friend(s) dare them to go on a pretty scary one alone. They quickly get uncomfortable and unintentionally grab the person next to them, person B, for comfort at the first big drop. Person B is surprised at first but let person A cling to them. By the end of the ride person A is close to a panic attack and person B helps them get off the ride and calm down (getting them water and telling them all kind of silly stories to distract them). When person A feels better they apologize for causing trouble, but person B brushes it off and asks if person A wants to go do some other attraction with them, person A agrees on the condition they stay far FAR away from the more extreme attractions.

Bonus: person A is very good at the shooting games and wins a very big stuffed duck for person B.

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