the first daybreak


Transition from Bucky to the Winter Soldier:

01. longing: first word. trigger of the process. he screams, not from pain, but horror because he is still aware of what’s happening to him and knows what comes next. 

02. rusted: sense of hopelessness kicks in. realization that he cannot escape the chains, knowing he will turn into a puppet, a monster. 

03. seventeen: tries to breathe, to stay focused, calm, to slow down the process, but knows it’s inevitable.

04. daybreak: first painful trigger. word that can be connected to the torture he is enduring or painful memory from the long lost past. tries with everything he has to hold onto his soul.

05. furnace: the winter soldier is trying to come to the surface, we see last real struggle of bucky barnes to stay himself.

06. nine: takes five words to delete bucky barnes from existence, but the process is not over just yet. pain is gone, and so are memories, heart, soul of someone who was not so long ago kind and loyal. the winter soldier hasn’t shown his face yet, this is in between phase, where shell of a human being is full of rage. wrath is first emotion that leads to the winter soldier.

07. benign: slowly becomes blank piece of paper that is ready for the last words before turning into a weapon. doesn’t struggle any longer, hands are not trying to break free, he is where he belongs.

08. homecoming: body is giving its all not to become the other, more vindictive, vicious, dangerous person. there is no bucky, just one last piece of conscious human mind trying not to give into torture. first sighting of the winter soldier. ultimate trigger that pushes him to the surface.

09. one: next to last stage. no conscious mind left. shaking and trembling have stopped. breathing slows down. machine is born.

10. freight car: words attached to his death, symbolize death of a human being, friend, brother, loved one, and birth of the weapon. every emotion, memory, sense of being self aware is buried deep down and it will take a long time before any of those resurface again. breathes in new air. eyes become dead. the winter soldier is ready for orders.

Sleep Aid - Iron Bull/Inquisitor

The Inquisitor can’t sleep.


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Sleep was eluding her, as sleep often did. She had drifted off a few times, but always woke with a gasp, a thousand different outcomes at the Winter Palace haunting her dreams.

She was Maker-damned awful at the whole political aspect of the Inquisition, so in response, they’re sending her into the den of snakes and telling her to play nicely.

The Empress was doomed.

She sighed and rolled over to face Bull, barely visible through the first red rays of daybreak; he was lying on his back, snoring quietly but contently, his chest rising and falling rhythmically. He had a wondrous habit of always sleeping in the nude – regardless of whether they were in their shared tent or in Skyhold, the man truly had no modesty – but she never complained. On the contrary, she was grateful when he slept in the nude. She needed rest, and few things exhausted her more than rolling in the sheets with him.

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Jeez, he’s still yawning…part of Noctis wants to just turn around and go back to sleep, but that would kind of require a hotel, and he has no idea where he is in the first place. It’s not Daybreak Town, first off, and second off, it’s not any other place he’s been. And it’s sure as heck not Insomnia, because the Heartless already got there ages ago. But the problem here now is that finding out where he is means he has to talk to someone, and he’s never been any good at that.

But Ignis isn’t here, so he has to suck it up, he figures. So he picks someone at random that looks like they know things and walks over. “Uh, hey,” he says awkwardly. “Mind answering a really dumb question?” There’s a pause, before he just goes ahead and asks anyway. “Where am I?”

Found something interesting in the Dalamadur gear

Was checking out some of the late game weapons and stumbled upon this little gem. Each line belongs to one of the final Shah Dalamadur weapons.

With the first daybreak, Shah Dalamadur defined the earth by drawing the horizon.
As sunshine came a second time, Shah Dalamadur created the fields with its feathery rays.
Third came twilight, and Shah Dalamadur parted the golden waves and created land.
With the fourth celestial glow, Shah Dalamadur bared his fangs and called it the wind.
At the fifth evening glow, Shah Dalamadur created time and its coils of memory.
With the sixth fall of darkness, Shah Dalamadur wrote joyous songs to heal our hearts.
With the seventh deep night, Shah Dalamadur hewed mountains out of the darkness.
With the eighth full moon, Shah Dalamadur created pillars upon which the earth would shake.
Ninth came sunset, and Shah Dalamadur created heaven to catch the earth below.
With the tenth heat haze, Shah Dalamadur invented fantasy, to help us find reason.
With the eleventh night mist, Shah Dalamadur created the crucible of life.
With the twelfth midnight, Shah Dalamadur created a river of stars for the earth to admire.
With the thirteenth shooting stars, Shah Dalamadur gouged out caverns with his tail.
With the fourteenth sunrise, Shah Dalamadur created the light that begins everything.