the first daybreak


Transition from Bucky to the Winter Soldier:

01. longing: first word. trigger of the process. he screams, not from pain, but horror because he is still aware of what’s happening to him and knows what comes next. 

02. rusted: sense of hopelessness kicks in. realization that he cannot escape the chains, knowing he will turn into a puppet, a monster.

03. seventeen: tries to breathe, to stay focused, calm, to slow down the process, but knows it’s inevitable.

04. daybreak: first painful trigger. word that can be connected to the torture he is enduring or painful memory from the long lost past. tries with everything he has to hold onto his soul.

05. furnace: the winter soldier is trying to come to the surface, we see last real struggle of bucky barnes to stay himself.

06. nine: takes five words to delete bucky barnes from existence, but the process is not over just yet. pain is gone, and so are memories, heart, soul of someone who was not so long ago kind and loyal. the winter soldier hasn’t shown his face yet, this is in between phase, where shell of a human being is full of rage. wrath is first emotion that leads to the winter soldier.

07. benign: slowly becomes blank piece of paper that is ready for the last words before turning into a weapon. doesn’t struggle any longer, hands are not trying to break free, he is where he belongs.

08. homecoming: body is giving its all not to become the other, more vindictive, vicious, dangerous person. there is no bucky, just one last piece of conscious human mind trying not to give into torture. first sighting of the winter soldier. ultimate trigger that pushes him to the surface.

09. one: next to last stage. no conscious mind left. shaking and trembling have stopped. breathing slows down. machine is born.

10. freight car: words attached to his death, symbolize death of a human being, friend, brother, loved one, and birth of the weapon. every emotion, memory, sense of being self aware is buried deep down and it will take a long time before any of those resurface again. breathes in new air. eyes become dead. the winter soldier is ready for orders.

Wednesday / Shigezane x MC

Week 1 


Lord Shigezane will think nothing of his cousin’s new cook until he finds himself face-to-face with her one night after their home has been blanketed in moonlight. He’ll be pacing in the gardens when she comes upon him, and they’ll stand gawking at each other, not quite sure what to make of the other’s presence, before she extends him the courtesy of joining her for tea. He’ll say, It’s a little late for that, isn’t it? to which she’ll reply, rather jovially, It’s never the wrong time for tea, and besides, she’ll admit after he sends her a pointed look, it seems I’m not the only one having trouble sleeping tonight, Lord Shigezane.

He can’t argue with this, and a little later, after the curiosity has worn off and the warmth in the hearth has built up enough to cocoon them in the safely of this makeshift kitchen, he’ll ask, rather suddenly, why she can’t sleep. Nightmares, doll? It will surprise him, the little snort she puffs out. Nothing so droll, milord. And you? Nightmares? He’ll answer just as swiftly and genially, with a wink meant to charm, Men like me don’t get nightmares.

They will be silent for a moment and it’s enough to make him uncomfortable. He thinks he’ll make a swift exit after downing her tea but she pipes up at that precise moment and says, You’re lying, calmly, sipping her cup, and the slight tremor at being caught makes his tea swish up and over onto his hands, scalding him.

It’ll anger him, how quickly she unfurls him, and while he is loathe to turn his irritation on a woman, there’ll be something about her that won’t make him care. So are you, doll, and it’s low, less charming, meant to warn her away from topics her little sensitive ears would shy away from. But she’s not afraid, and her entire posture will challenge him not to condescend to her. It’s unlike anything he’ll ever experience, being stared down by Masamune’s little cook with the little body and little hands, but as much as he wants to he will not find it humorous, because a spark of electricity will crackle between them and it will frazzle him — (like fluttering butterflies in his stomach) — to a point of bewilderment.

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Modern vampire au where vampire Satine is trying to seduce a mistaken for human vampire obiwan back to the alley where she can feed off of him.

He was a beautiful specimen, Satine decided without shame or jealously. It was rare these days that she was impressed by one human, she had lived for hundred of years and therefore seen a lot of things and people. But she could definitely say that this man was something else.

When she had finally made her moved and simply sat at his table, starting a conversation, she had found that he was a true gentleman. That was certainly rare in these modern days were everyone was selfish and only focused on oneself. Needless to say, the blonde felt immediately drawn to him and she had soon decided, that this delicious smelling exemplar would be her next victim.

“Oh dear, look at that. How fast the time flies by, when you are in nice company.” She smiled seductively at him. In truth, the evening had barely arrived and it was only starting to get dark. Usually this was her hunting time, but she had begun a lot sooner today. 

“Indeed,” he looked thoughtful at the sky and the few stars that were already appearing. “Shall I accompany you home?”

Satine internally screamed in delight. This was going way better then she had expected. “That would be very nice of you, Obi-Wan.” She strummed with her eyelashes.

A warm smile appeared on his bearded features and without making a big deal out of it, he put money on the table, including what Satine had drunk and of course a tip for their patient waiter. 

Then he stood up, helping his female companion up and with her light coat, before putting on his own jacket. Satine gladly took the arm that was offered her.

“I do not live far from here,” she informed her partner, Obi-Wan simply nodded.

She lead her next meal into a dark alley, it was truly the way to her home, but she was not stupid enough to feed of him there. It could lead to unpleasant discoveries and attention from society that the female vampire did not need.

“It has been a lovely day,” said the blonde.

“Indeed, I enjoyed it too, my darling.” This was another aspect of her ginger haired companion that the female vampire really liked. He was a gentleman, yet he could and would flirt almost shamelessly. At first she had believed him to be gay, somehow all nice men were nowadays, but he had soon shown interest in her.

Her mouth twitched in a small smile and the female vampire pretended to stumble, she was barely caught by her companion and pressed into his muscular chest.

“Easy there,” Obi-Wan said. Satine pretended to be embarrassed. “Are you alright.”

“Yes,” she mumbled and moved her head so that her breath was tickling his neck. Obi-Wan did not seem to think any of it.

“Are you sure?” her concern was genuine and touching. 

Satine almost regretted to feed of such a man, but her vampire nature was stronger. A pity, if she were human she would have loved getting to know him better, all the way better.

“You shouldn’t do that, my darling. I do not taste as good as you might think.” This comment startled the blonde, who had been about to bite into his neck. She gazed up and gasped at what she saw.

His formerly warm blue-green eyes were suddenly a cold blood red and his sclera had turned from white into a light consuming black. Abruptly she tried to pull away, but he wouldn’t let her. 

“Now don’t be shy,” he cooed and truly, Satine could not detect any ill intention. 

Still, she was unsure. Those eyes were highly troubling. Every vampire had red eyes, but only the vampires of the first generation had black sclera and they were thought to be long extinguished. Sudden fear gripped the female’s heart. The first generation was known to be ruthless hunters, they even hunted and drank from their own kind. While usually a vampire got sick from drinking another vampire’s blood, the first generation seemed to get stronger with it.

“Please,” she could not form more words.

There was a smile on his bearded features, it was almost sad. Satine found herself pulled closer again, but to her surprise, she did not feel the pain of breaking skin, nor teeth being rammed into her body. Instead the other vampire was holding her close.

“Don’t be afraid, my darling,” he whispered into her ears and she couldn’t help herself but to believe him. Surely, if he really meant her harm, he would have killed her by now. With a sigh she finally relaxed against him. 

“That’s it,” he praised and a moment silence settled between the two vampires. And in a way, it was almost romantic, they were they were standing in each other’s embrace under the light of a blood moon. 

“I’m hungry,” the blonde female suddenly said, not knowing were that thought had come from.

A rich chuckle sounded above her, “Well then, let’s hunt.” It sounded like a promise for more and she did not let go of the ginger haired male’s hand, while he lead back into the hurly-burly of the mortals.

It’s been nearly a year. The past is exactly that, unchangeable. I have accepted things about her, about me, that I never wanted to, and never thought I could. I am better than the girl that sobbed at the edge of her bed begging her not to leave. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt sometimes when I think about it too much.
It’s painful isn’t it? The healing. It isn’t predictable, you can’t prepare for what it does to you. Days pass so slowly but in the end, if there is one, it feels like a blur. Nights weren’t as bad as the mornings. I’d wake up with the sun aggressively peaking through my blinds to an empty side of the bed where she used to lay, and the pain would resurface. If I’m being honest, I still feel that way sometimes. Not because I miss her, but I miss the company of someone. There was always so much beauty in the silence of the first minutes of daybreak. Rolling over to the comfort of another warm body, so easily wrapping my arms around her, the way she’d squeeze tighter once she felt my skin on hers. It was like reassurance she loved me back without even opening her mouth.
I look in your direction from time to time, and I don’t see the home that you once were to me. It’s a strange feeling really, knowing so much about you, seeing what others don’t, but being reminded that you ruined me. If it wasn’t you, maybe it was us, how toxic we were but how I couldn’t bare to let you go. I don’t think I could have even if I tried.
The healing has been painful. I am subtly reminded of it during lonely mornings or the seconds where you glance in my direction.
I made the mistake of putting so much of me into you, that when you left I didn’t feel whole. You still have a few pieces of me, things you know and have seen about me that no one else will. I’ve decided to find comfort rather than anger in the idea that we both know each other in a way that only we understand. I hope you know there will always be a part of me that still sees you lightly, no matter how dark you made my world when you left.
—  the truth about healing

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I'm not sure if any one's ever figured it out but what do the WS trigger words actually mean. I doubt they would just choose random words without any sort of hidden message. Has anyone discovered if there is one?

There’s no official answer to this, just a bunch of theories, here is my personal theory, which is that all the words are linked to Bucky and they use them to put the Bucky part of TWS to sleep. So okay: 

Longing: Connect to the flashes of memories that Bucky still has, his longing to hold on to them, his desire to get back to them. 
Rusted: Symbolic of the parts of Bucky that are broken down, so out of use because of Hydra that they’re falling into disarray, so without care that they’re beginning to decay. 
Seventeen: So Bucky is a year older than Steve. In Civil War, Steve says “He said Bucky’s name and suddenly I was a 16 year old kid in Brooklyn” and 16 is pretty specific an age to be taken back to - Theory that Steve was 16 and Bucky was 17 when they first got together. 
Daybreak: The start of something new, indicates a whole bunch of ways to begin again. Perhaps linked to Hydra’s desire to use TWS to create a new world order. 
Furnace: Probably related to the thawing process he has to go through every time they take him out of cryo - could also be related to the way in which he first escaped from Hydra with the help of Steve. 
Nine: I don’t really have a theory on the significance on nine, if you’ve got one, please add. 
Benign: If something is benign it can be either a. gentle and kind or b. not harmful in effect. Bucky is definitely definition a, and by removing his ability to make choices or voice opinions or function, Bucky’s brain becomes definition b, in relation to Hydra’s plans. 
Homecoming: Probably a little Easter Egg bc Spiderman. But I like to think that the writers chose it to hint at Bucky finally coming home from the clutches of Hydra. 
One: Bucky was their first successful soldier. He was Soldier 1, Fist of Hydra Number 1. 
Freight Car: The final word in the sequence to deactivate any of Bucky that may have been there and activate TWS being the same thing he fell from to end up at Hydra, is not a coincidence. 

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Do you ship Gula/Ava? If so, do you have any headcanons for them?

I think they’d be ADORABLE together!!!! I definitely ship them, but given that we have so little canon to work with, I have yet to really formulate my thoughts for it and how they’d get together.  But I do have headcanons!  Could be platonic or romantic but i just love them

  • Gula: “I don’t have the energy for this” Ava: “For what?” Gula: /gestures vaguely/
    • the response: “Yes you do, we’re going,” and Ava drags him with minimal effort out of his study
  • The Short Team™.  Have probably sat on Aced’s shoulders more than once to gloat at the other.
    • I bet they teamed up once or twice to take down Ira or Aced in sparring, just for the sake of beating the Talls™.  Vicious attacks to the knees are very effective.
  • Gula isn’t openly affectionate in public, but he doesn’t have a concept of personal space when they’re alone so the amount of times Ira has walked in on them reading together with Gula on Ava’s lap is in double digits.
  • So Gula gets stressed out really easily by deadlines and there’s been more than one night where he’s been up even later than Invi in the library, studying for some test, and Ava sometimes drags a blanket in there to sleep near him (she does this often, actually, because the best armchairs are in the library) but just having her in the room makes him relax 
  • Ava probably checks on her Keykids a lot on their missions–Union Mom–and Gula often joins her to spy on the kids.  She just gushes about how well they’re doing.  He listens.
    • “His form has gotten better.” “Oh I know! He’s been practicing so much, and when he started he could barely cast Fire and now look!  His friend helped him.” “Mhm.” “And the other day, they went to the store and helped the owner and got a moogle seed but didn’t keep it because Liria needed one–” “Mhm.” “–and they were sharing tips!  And maps!  Orin made a map of the mines and made copies!  None of my kids have gotten lost down there since.” “Nice.” “Oh and–”
  • I’ve heard it’s a pretty popular headcanon that Gula was an orphan and grew up on the streets and I. LOVE. this idea.  I can SO see that in his character, in how he could distance himself from the others during Back Cover in order to obey MoM’s orders… but i’m getting off track
  • So when Master first brought him to Daybreak Town, he was really distrustful of everyone and didn’t open up to anyone.  He was just there to learn to swing a Keyblade, he wasn’t going to trust any of them.  
  • but Ava was the first one to break through his shell and kind of get him to open up, just because her smile was so wide and sweet 
  • and he kind of learned how to relate to people in a nice way by watching her (not that he always does, but he just didn’t have any friends before this, so… He got sucked into her friendliness and learned how to trust because of her)
  • No, Gula doesn’t /approve/ of Ava’s habit of picking up strays everywhere, but… if he /happens/ to catch sight of a poor, bedraggled-looking little cat somewhere on a mission he… /might/ just pick it up and drop it off with her because she knows how to take care of them really well and it’s not like I could just /leave/ it there, Master, stop laughing.
  • Related to this, if Ava manages to sneak a pet onto the castle grounds she always hides it in Gula’s room because he doesn’t have the heart to throw it out and no one will dare go in there.  He secretly likes finding random puppies sitting on his bed and will hide them for as long as he can.
  • Ava is the only person who can ask to have one of Gula’s secret stash of chocolates and actually get one.
  • They like holding hands.  Not even necessarily romantically.  Gula just likes knowing someone’s there, and Ava is a very physical person so sometimes when Gula gets on edge during a meeting Ava just takes his hand, and sometimes when Ava doubts herself Gula sneaks up beside her and grabs her hand
  • Gula, during a pep talk to the Keykids: “Someone is going to die.” Ava, subtly elbowing him offstage: “Of fun!”
  • She is the only one he goes to after he gets into a scrape (not a frequent occurrence, but he does anger people a lot and sometimes that bites him back), even though Invi is better with Cure magic.  Ava has a special stash of potions just for those days.
  • “Hey Ava, Master’s kind of mad at me, could you go ask him about his new project or something before he comes out here he always cheers up after you talk to him.” (it works)

anon, thank you SOOOOO much for your ask!! it is super encouraging that people like my headcanons and I lovE talking about the foretellers and shipping them even though I really don’t write romance that well or that often.


A fic about: Meeting Van McCann as a fan of Catfish, and telling him all the things he needs to know. 

The hotel had put a barricade around the entrance. Maybe it was because of how many people showed up to meet Catfish the night before, but maybe it was because there were a lot of bands staying there for the festival. Either way, it was clear the crowd that had formed were all there to meet Van and his band. Bob had come out first, and people were in love with his softness, and his unassuming joy whenever someone genuinely wanted to meet him. Everyone did genuinely want to meet him though; so he was all smiles. Next, a drunk Bondy fell through the door. Benji followed close by, holding him up for the entire time. People wanted to feel the red velvet shirt, and get Snapchat filtered selfies with Benji. Once they left, it was quiet. Minutes turned into two hours, and people left, sure Van wouldn’t make an appearance.

There were only a handful of people left standing when Larry popped his head out, then signalled at someone inside. Van strolled out and walked directly to you. You looked at him and everything you expected the moment to be crashed and burned in the wake of seeing him in person. You had anticipated crying and forgetting your own name; lost for words and shaky. However, as he looked at you and tilted his head to the side, you knew what you needed him to know.

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Twenty Six Words

A little something with one paragraph/sentence prompting. Take it as practice? I dunno actually. Will eventually post on ao3. c:

A: adequate

Todoroki Shouto had everything one would require: money, status and power. However, despite the familial love he received and the friendships he earned, he always felt a lack of something within him. There was a missing part in him, and nothing was enough to fill it in; yet during the day he held Yaoyorozu Momo’s hand, he knew the puzzle he longed to complete will finally be.

B: beacon

Through all the clouds of insecurities and doubts Momo’s life ever had, Todoroki Shouto somehow became her torch that enabled her to navigate through the thick forest inside her mind.

C: clarity

Nothing was ever obscure and ill-defined between their relationship, they took solace in this and treasured that fact.

D: dwindle

By times and times that passed, the misconceptions, prejudice and the negative impressions faded and diminished, only leaving the blinding radiance of their connection and the memories of the times they shared with one another.

E: erudite

Momo was such the genius in many ways, definitely one of a kind. Shouto was captivated by that fact, again and again, no matter how many times they have crossed each other’s paths.

F: flee

He wanted to flee from everything. The pressure, the pain, and the suffering. His companions showed that there was no escape. But Momo bent every belief said companions ever told him, and she was confident despite the opinions against her. If you wanted to escape, then do. Escape is not negative, it is a foundation. Because escapes do not last forever, someday they fade and you are forced to stand again. And one day, he had realized something… she was the escape he fled to that time.

G: grandeur

Even the most littlest things possess heroism and can be as grand as high-class anythings. Such as the time he uttered her first name with grace and sincerity, and that itself, is already in the sense, the most august of what she has received in her life so far.

H: harlequin (not)

Their relationship was never built on hate, it was never fleeting, and it was never a joke. That on its own, is brilliance.

I: interstellar

Stares in the distance felt like andromedas longing for one another whilst the dark matter kept expanding. Hands entwined felt like replays of the big bang a thousand times per second upon their palms. Bodies joined in an embrace felt like a million galaxies exploded into existence between them. And, kisses… they felt like constantly erupting supernovas that caused vehement and distant shockwaves inside their bodies. Their love felt like the universe. Interstellar light years of beauty, solitude and radiance.

J: just

Even Momo and Shouto’s wrongs were rights, because eventually they become lessons learned rather than diamonds left in the dust.

K: kinetic

Her smile was like an energy bar, a blast of adrenaline runs through his blood in a matter of seconds. Withal, that energy bar had a lifelong aftereffect, but Shouto didn’t mind that one bit.

L: love luminescent

His turquoise eye stood out rather vividly among the crowd. It stands out among his facial features, too. But if you ask Yaoyorozu Momo, the time it stands out the most is under the light of the moon. Where the gentle light of the sun is reflected on the rock made from earth, and makes him glow like a ever-picturesque firefly.

M: matrimony

Vows were exchanged and rings were worn. In a moment of truth, affection and hope, only they existed in that world. The lands were serene, the sky was unclouded, and never had the light ever been so lustrous. She, was a product of the lovemaking of every beautiful entity that existed, and He, was a personification of Eden in a sense. When hands joined and lips clashed, the entire world felt like it collapsed on their feet. It wasn’t simply a wedding anymore. It was bliss.

N: nigh

There were yesses(does this even exist), yeahs, okays, sures and alrights. But even so, also in between them were noes, nevers, nots, nopes and nighs.

O: orphic

Yaoyorozu Momo was once a cryptic and mysterious individual in his life. An undecipherable code. A language discovered anew. A story forgotten. A case left unsolved. Yet Todoroki Shouto didn’t really pay any attention to that, he didn’t mind solving mysteries anyway.

P: perseverance

It doesn’t take only words to endure through the most horrible ordeals. Sometimes, it takes action itself, its effect more lasting than just speech. And when he began to push her to her limits, and when she, began to take his problems as her own, surviving through the insufferable was insufferable no longer.

Q: quiescent

The world was always overpowered by noise. The noise of mystery. The noise of doubt. The noise of everything else deemed negative. The noise of life. Her world was overpowered by the noise. She was overpowered by the noise. Yet when he set his shoes upon the doorstep of her life, that was the time when she has experienced the joys of silence firsthand.

R: reconstruct

Everything that is created, is eventually destroyed. Everything she stood for, was eventually crushed. But then there was he, who showed her, that even what is beyond repair, can be created again.

S: salvation

She was his escape. But she, was his freedom as well.

T: tempest

She was the calm, and he was the storm. One cannot happen, without the other.

U: unfazed

People are driven by crippling anxiety, unreachable expectations and broken dreams*. But them? He and she, were driven by the ability to succeed, and the ability to think that they can.

V: valiant

She was hurt, she was damaged, and she lost all hope. Stepping on what made up the being people have come to know as ‘Yaoyorozu Momo’, she was was anything but herself. But in times like these, at when despair judges its time to creep into one’s soul, it is best to stand on one’s broken feet, on an unstable ground, and to ignite the ashes of bravery inside. Because to save what was left of him, she needed to be brave to lose all of herself. Because in the end, things can always start anew.

W: wanton

It’s not like that he wanted to do those things. Maybe… just a tiny, tiny bit.

X: xyst

The trees lined up symmetrically, and the scent of flowers accompanied their journey along the paseo. The gentle morning breeze and its companion, the sun rays, beautifully setting the walkway aflame with the beautiful shades of the first lights of daybreak. But whatever made this walk a whole lot more mesmerizing and worthwhile, it still has nothing that can compare to the beauty of her.

Y: you

“Too often, when I’m with you, minutes alone feel like an eternity.”

Z: zucara

She takes a grain of sugar every time she says a word, and he takes a grain of salt every time he answers back.

Okay that’s it. Bye. Imma go cry in the corner of shame for the meantime. Also, (*) in letter U is a citation to Lou’s quote.

Sleep Aid - Iron Bull/Inquisitor

The Inquisitor can’t sleep.


Also over on AO3.

Sleep was eluding her, as sleep often did. She had drifted off a few times, but always woke with a gasp, a thousand different outcomes at the Winter Palace haunting her dreams.

She was Maker-damned awful at the whole political aspect of the Inquisition, so in response, they’re sending her into the den of snakes and telling her to play nicely.

The Empress was doomed.

She sighed and rolled over to face Bull, barely visible through the first red rays of daybreak; he was lying on his back, snoring quietly but contently, his chest rising and falling rhythmically. He had a wondrous habit of always sleeping in the nude – regardless of whether they were in their shared tent or in Skyhold, the man truly had no modesty – but she never complained. On the contrary, she was grateful when he slept in the nude. She needed rest, and few things exhausted her more than rolling in the sheets with him.

(NSFW below cut.)

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燃える布告者ジョウ様 「Daybreak]

上品な捨て犬ジョウ様 「JUDEA」
軍事シック大佐ジョウ様 「VANGUARD」
暗い王子ジョウ様 「RESONANCE」
キラキラ山賊ジョウ様 「GINGER」
輝くダイヤモンドジョウ様 [DIAMOND]
発光性のエンターテイナージョウ様 [Spiral Daisakusen]
夢のライダージョウ様 「DREAM RIDER]

Found something interesting in the Dalamadur gear

Was checking out some of the late game weapons and stumbled upon this little gem. Each line belongs to one of the final Shah Dalamadur weapons.

With the first daybreak, Shah Dalamadur defined the earth by drawing the horizon.
As sunshine came a second time, Shah Dalamadur created the fields with its feathery rays.
Third came twilight, and Shah Dalamadur parted the golden waves and created land.
With the fourth celestial glow, Shah Dalamadur bared his fangs and called it the wind.
At the fifth evening glow, Shah Dalamadur created time and its coils of memory.
With the sixth fall of darkness, Shah Dalamadur wrote joyous songs to heal our hearts.
With the seventh deep night, Shah Dalamadur hewed mountains out of the darkness.
With the eighth full moon, Shah Dalamadur created pillars upon which the earth would shake.
Ninth came sunset, and Shah Dalamadur created heaven to catch the earth below.
With the tenth heat haze, Shah Dalamadur invented fantasy, to help us find reason.
With the eleventh night mist, Shah Dalamadur created the crucible of life.
With the twelfth midnight, Shah Dalamadur created a river of stars for the earth to admire.
With the thirteenth shooting stars, Shah Dalamadur gouged out caverns with his tail.
With the fourteenth sunrise, Shah Dalamadur created the light that begins everything.