the first book is 'storm front'

I wish they’d release the extended cut of Skin Deep

Apparently the original running length for the Once upon a Time episode Skin Deep was a full eighteen minutes longer than they were allowed.  The choice was either pad it out into two episodes or cut it down.  Due to the length of the season they chose to cut it down.  

I wish they would release the extended cut as a DVD bonus.  It is a very popular episode.  The filming script for it was leaked online, which is a rarity.

Back in 2008, when The Scifi channel (now Syfy) made its short lived Dresden Files TV series, the eighth episode was Storm Front, based on the first book of the Dresden Files Book series and was actually the show’s original pilot cut down.  When cut down to episode length and squeezed in at episode eight it didn’t really work.  Later an extended version was shown just once (in the middle of the night) as a Scifi channel original movie. Since then bootlegs of the longer cut have surfaced online and it’s become the most sought after relic from the short lived TV series.

They should consider releasing the extended Skin Deep in some form.


Cafe Pista

Location:  500 Rue Beaubien E

Metro Station: Beaubien

Hello hello! It is finally the holidays. No more finals. No more school. 3 weeks - free. I am very excited to have so much free time to go to more cafes and talk about all of them on this blog! 

My first morning off from school was spent at this gorgeous location. I had heard so much about Pista from so many different people that it was on top of my list of “cafes to try asap”. Now that I did try it, it’s on top of my coffee list. It won first ranking. Congratulations, Pista. I’m in love. 

I went here with a book instead of my usual laptop, because hey - no school. I can read voluntarily and not solve endless/impossible discrete math exercises from my teacher’s website. 

I should also mention there was a snow storm on this day, but luckily, Pista  is right in front of Beaubien metro station. So convenient. My book didn’t get wet.

However, my body almost completely froze thanks to our amazing, -16°C,   Montreal weather - even if I was outside for only 2 minutes. But after confronting such intense weather, coming into Pista was like walking into heaven after visiting an icy version of hell. Lovely music, warm ambiance, clients laughing, staff smiling, delicious smelling food baking and… COFFEE. I forgot about the snow almost instantly.

I ordered a latte, because let’s be honest, I deserve a pretty heart on my coffee after being hated from all my exams. I needed that latte art. 

I sat down, opened the first page of my book and started to read. I was so relaxed. And it felt good to be in such a cozy place as an escape from the chaos outside. The coffee was delicious too - they use Pilot coffee beans.

As time went by, I observed the cafe in between my mini pauses from reading. I noticed a few original points. First of all, the decor - on point. When you go here, check out the details on the ceiling, the floor, the green/grey/gold color scheme and even the counter was intricately designed. Beautiful interior design. 

Second, almost everyone who walked in (and there were a lot of people) knew the workers and were probably regulars. The barista was super friendly and seemed like she was best friends with almost everyone there. Very cute. 

I also noticed a little note on the table that said “no laptop zone”. Good thing I hadn’t brought my laptop. You actually cannot use your device in this cafe EXCEPT for a table they made laptop friendly in the back. But I don’t like sitting in the back. Team window seating! Keep that in mind before you make your trip here with your heavy laptop. 

I hope you guys come here. You won’t be sorry! Everything about Pista is perfect. So grab your book and grab a nice latte at this beautiful location. Relaxation guaranteed.

4 Books for the Supernatural Hiatus

Supernatural is on hiatus… again. Here’s some reading material that will get you through it.

1. The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

It’s sort of like what would happen if Dean embraced magic. Harry Dresden is Chicago’s only wizard-for-hire (he put an ad in the phone book and everything, bless him). Despite being a wizard, he has a tendency to solve his problems with sheer power (less of a Hermione, more of a Simon Snow, if you will). While he does work with the things that go bump in the night often enough, he also does his share of hunting. Storm Front is the first book in the series. Give it a go.

2. Night Owls by Lauren M. Roy

One of our main characters is a hunter while the other is a vamp, and plenty of monsters are part of the team on this one - but you’ll find your share of wicked beasties in need of slaying as well. Also, there’s a pair of hunter siblings in this book that could give Sam and Dean a run for their money as far as family drama and devotion to each other go, and did we mention that one of the main characters runs an all-night bookstore? Icing on the cake.

3. Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

There’s a demon named Crowley and he’s teamed up with a conservatively-dressed angel to prevent the higher powers of Heaven and Hell from unleashing the apocalypse. I really shouldn’t have to say any more.

4. American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Is it cheating to have two Neil Gaimans on this list? No? Good. Because American Gods is the road-trip book *shoves On the Road into a cupboard* THE ROAD TRIP BOOK… for fans of paranormal fiction (though, you might give Cormac McCarthy’s The Road a look, too). If the frequently eerie glimpses of small-town Americana are part of what you like about Supernatural, you’ll have a good time with American Gods.

int the ‘Before the Awakening’ book it talks about how the storm troopers have to eat their bland meals quickly, or else go hungry due to their fast pace training schedule. 

So I was thinking what if the first time Poe sat down with Finn to eat lunch or whatever, Finn starts scarfing his food down in front of Poe because thats how hes been taught to eat. This surprises Poe and hes just like 

“Woah there buddy, you might want to slow down there. You might accidentally choke on something, and we cant have you dying to some food after surviving all that you have so far.”

Finn just freezes and looks at Poe embarrassed, like maybe he had done something wrong. He swallowed the renaming food in his mouth and wiped away any crumbs on his face. “Oh, uh… I didn’t mean to…”

But Poe waves him off telling him not to take it too seriously. He helps him slow down and enjoy the little things

Loving you was like being a kid on christmas morning.
Do you remember that feeling of unadulterated happiness you used to get when you would wake up on the morning of December 25th?
Loving you was like sitting in front of a fireplace in the middle of a snow storm.
The rest of the world was chaos and unforgiving cold, but I felt sheltered and safe and warm. 
Loving you was like the first day of summer vacation.
When you’re filled with anticipation and excitement for all the adventures that await you, all the stories you’ll be able to tell once the leaves start to fall. 
You were everything I ever wanted and everything I never knew I needed.
And I know forgetting you is going to be like that first time you wake up on christmas morning and you don’t get that feeling of overwhelming joy and it suddenly hits you that you’ve grown up and December 25th is no longer magical and your heart sinks.
Forgetting you is going to be like that night in the dead of winter when my heat went off and there was nothing I could do to stave off the cold.
Forgetting you is going to be like your last summer vacation before college when you realise that you’re about the enter the real world and you fill with dread and unease.
Forgetting you is going to be everything I never wanted and everything I never knew I feared.
—  f.a.w