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A few people wanted to see more of my blade of marmora AU so here’s part 2.

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Keith can you please stop moving for like literally a second???

Okay this took about 3 times longer than the first one, mostly due to Keith literally never being in the same place twice in that fight sequence. And knowing me with how I edit…it took like at least 3 hours despite it being such a simple edit. Yeesh. 

As for the last part, I wanted to do more, but I got lazy. Maybe next time. :X


All the little profile pics I’ve made for my bns characters over the course of however long I’ve been playing (a little over a year and a half now?), Miss Paprika my lyn sum, Riganis Mara my yun bd, and Makar my lyn fm. 

Order is when they were drawn, newest to oldest.

Real obvious who my main is. :3c


“I’m gonna miss you, buddy.”

My very first screencap redraw… ever I think.

I was trying to work on the stuff i need to get done but after watching season 3 I literally couldn’t function hahaha

This scene killed me.

Do you think Blue Lion ever sees the resemblance between Lance and Blaytz? Do you think maybe that’s part of how she chooses her Paladins?

I think about this a lot now

also i thought Blaytz’s name was Blades first and all i could think was “blue lion, do you have a thing for handsome flirty goofballs named after weapons?”

i hit post limit before i could post it so i’m just posting this now instead of yesterday morning, it was literally 10am when i hit post limit omfg

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Based of @bleusarcelle/@bleusarcellewrites‘s fic Knowledge or Death.

this takes place after. uh. ya know. s4. last ep. still crying over it hah. ha….

This one is slightly different from the fic cuz rea changed how it went when i was sketching this at school? and i told her and she was like “nah dood its ok” so check out her fic for context and ultimate feels!!!


9x21 “King of the Damned” // 12x12 “Stuck in the Middle (with You)”
“Oh hello, beautiful…”

This is really just a minor thing that I am surewas not meant to be seen as related, but I couldn’t help but feel really reminded of Dean in 9x21 “King of the Damned” when looking at the ending scene with Mary in this week’s episode. For one, it was because of how both the blade and the Colt were wrapped in what looks like almost the exact same piece of cloth. The other visual that had me thinking of S9 was Mary’s jacket, because it is a similar colour as the piece of cloth the Colt is wrapped up in. Likewise Dean also wore that jcket a lot towards the end of S9 when the mark and the blade really started to influence and change him. Now, this is all very unlikel to have been seen as related like I said before, but I do wonder if one could see Mary working with the BritMoL in a similar light as Dean working with Crowley after he got the mark. Basically, to me this seemed like a visua cue to mark Mary going down a rather dark path. Also, it is interesting how Ketch calls the Colt “beautiful”. It does feel almost similar to how the blade was framed as Dean’s and Cain’s “precious”…

Requested by anon :D

Here’s how the story plays out in my fanfiction!

 (which makes way more sense than I anticipated! Every time I find new clues, they all support my line of thought pretty well.)

  1. Byrgenwerth is founded. Willem’s teachings attract brilliant thinkers and scientists like him. Students flock to the college.
  2. The Old Labyrinth is discovered (its main physical entrance is located in the Forbidden Woods, in the Forbidden Grave aka Shadows of Yharnam’s Arena) and the first Chalice is brought back to the surface.
  3. Willem hires Gehrman, a commoner with a special talent for disposing of beasts. He refines his combat techniques and develops special weapons that allow him and his students to fight their way through the Chalice Dungeons.
  4. The Old Blood is found in the Chalice Dungeons. Different types of Blood are discovered but one in particular interests a scholar named Laurence. This special ‘branch’ of the Old Blood is the one taken from Queen Yharnam, (who according to this timeline, was shackled by the scholars so that they could experiment on her) and her closest descendants. Yharnam’s Blood possess 2 major qualities: is poisonous and burns the flesh of most people like acid. Laurence suspects that only those somehow linked to the Pthumerians can inject it into their veins and survive.
  5. Caryll, one of the youngest students of the college develops the ability to hear the voices of the Great Ones and transcribe them into symbols.
  6. Laurence, helped by his two classmates Micolash and Rom, pushes his research too far despite Willem’s protests. The three of them travel to the lowest layer of the Pthumeru Chalice to experiment on Queen Yharnam’s unborn baby, the half-Great One Mergo. Things go horribly wrong. After this ‘accident’, Laurence takes all the blame on himself and he and Master Willem part ways. Micolash and Rom stay at the college.
  7. Laurence is able to continue his research thanks to Queen Annalise’s patronage. It was the Queen who contacted Laurence in the first place, impressed by the progress of his studies and the spreading rumor that a ‘healer’ was able to cure a little girl affected by a terrible illness. The girl in question is obviously young Amelia.
  8. Ludwig, a former apprentice of Gehrman, follows Laurence to Cainhurst.
  9. Lady Maria, one of Annalise’s faithful royal guards, is sent to Byrgenwerth  to become Gehrman’s apprentice: Laurence needed fresh supplies of the Old Blood for his experiments and Annalise’s plan was to have her guards trained by Maria in order to be able to explore the Chalice Dungeons just like Byrgenwerth was doing thanks to Gehrman’s hunters.
  10. Two years pass and so many things change, both for the Byrgenwerth hunters and behind the castle walls:

> Gehrman and his hunters find out that Caryll’s runes possess a mysterious but undeniable power and began to etch them on their bodies to gain special abilities. The use of runes combined with their increasing dependence from the Old Blood turns the hunters into almost super-human individuals capable of feats of strength and endurance no common man could perform.

> Laurence manages to purify Yharnam’s blood enough for it to be safely injected into people. The results are mediocre at best when used on common people, but when the transfusion is performed on a member of the Cainhurst nobility, their dormant Pthumerian heritage awakes. The Vilebloods are born.

> Lady Maria becomes a permantent member of the Byrgenwerth Hunters (aka the ‘Old Hunters’). She doesn’t really cut all the ties with her family but still expresses her disapproval for their questionable practices. Despite her doubts, Laurence persuades her to receive an infusion of Queen Yharnam’s blood and the results are, in a word, spectacular. She is the only Cainhurst noble to inherit the Pthumerian Descendant’s ability of manipulating fire.

> *insert a large chunk of Gehrmaria shipping fluff here*

> Micolash and Rom’s research brings them closer and closer to locating Fishing Hamlet.

11. More years pass. At some point, Laurence becomes so influent and powerful that he doesn’t need Annalise’s approval and/or help anymore. The population of Yharnam hails him like a saint and a savior. The use of the Old Blood becomes common practice and the Healing Church is born.

12. Rom and Micolash’s research drives the scholars and the hunters to the Fishing Hamlet. Master Willem is extremely pleased by the results obtained by the two students that became his favorite pupils after Laurence’s leaving. Here, the villagers are slaughtered and Gehrman is the one who strikes the killing blow to the poor Orphan, reason why the two are linked by the curse. (Kos is already dead when they arrive.)

13. The Curse of Kos falls upon them all, all hunters from now on are doomed to wander in the Hunter’s Nightmare after their deaths as if it was some sort of hell.

14. Lady Maria leaves the Old Hunters to join the Healing Church, hoping to redeem herself by acting as a caretaker for the patients of the Research Hall. To her discomfort, she finds out that the Church is not any better than Byrgenweth and in fact, Choir members follow Willem’s teaching way closer than Laurence himself does.

> Not unlike Maria, Rom too has a change of heart after witnessing the horrors of the Fishing Hamlet and steals the Umbilical cord of Kos from the scholars. The remaining hunters chase her down and corner her. Determined not to let the powerful relic fall into their hands, Rom consumes it, beginning her transformation into a ‘failed’ Great One.

15. After the events of Fishing Hamlet, the Old Hunters disband. Some of them join the Church, others became Hunters of Hunters, some, like Gehrman, retire.

16. Tension grows between the Healing Church and the Cainhurst nobility. The most zealotry fraction of the Church, the Executioners, led by a half-Pthumerian general named Logarius, openly declares war to the Castle. Skirmishes become extremely common.

17. The uncontrolled use of Blood among the population forces Ludwig, Captain of the newborn Church Hunters, to recruit Yharnamites to replenish the ranks. Still, it’s not enough and the only way to contain the spreading of the plague of the beasts is to burn Old Yharnam to the ground.

18. The Executioners raid Cainhurst, slaughtering the nobles and imprisoning Queen Annalise.

19. The terrible news is too much for Maria to bear. Not only her actions stained her conscience, but now she was also the last survivor of her family. Overwhelmed by grief, she commits suicide.

20. Gehrman finds out about her passing and breaks down, secluding himself in the workshop where he crafts the Doll in her image.

21. Meanwhile, another faction of the Healing Church rises to power. The School of Mensis, led by Micolash and a bunch of ex Byrgenwerth scholars are allowed to further their research under the watchful eye of the Choir. But the apparent cooperation between the two groups doesn’t last for long.

22. Aware that he won’t be able to keep the city under control for much longer, Laurence swallows his pride and goes back to Byrgenwerth, now abandoned, seeking Master Willem’s advice.

23. Willem suggests the beckoning of a sympathetic yet mysterious Great One called Moon Presence. (I like to think that Willem knew of MP because he somehow managed to commune with Rom at some point. And the secret that Rom protects is the Blood Moon itself.)

24. Laurence, Willem and Gehrman (and a bunch of Choir guys, probably) perform a ritual on the memory altar of the hunter’s workshop. Moon Presence is summoned and she takes Gehrman as her prisoner and host of the Dream. Laurence promises Gehrman that he will come back to free him from her grasp at some point.

25. Plain Doll is brought to life by Moon Presence’s will. Since she’s casted from Gehrman’s memories just like the entire Dream is, something of the real Maria is now alive inside her.

26. The cycle of the night of the hunt begins. The Red Moon appears in the skies of Yharnam, unseen by most thanks to Rom’s concealing powers.

27. The influence of the School of Mensis becomes too huge to be ignored. With an army of Pthumerian snatchers at their disposal and with their headquarters located in the unseen village of Yahar’gul ( a portion of the long abandoned Old Yharnam ) the School of Mensis is in fact the only branch of the Healing Church still standing.

> Laurence and the Choir have their own problems to solve. He needs to conceal all signs of his incoming transformation and the Choir scholars, once enlightened by the benevolent Ebrietas, are now torn between her influence and that of Moon Presence (as hinted by the statues of MP in UCW).

28. The Red Moon causes the whole town to sink into further madness but at the same time, undying hunters are allowed by the Dream to roam the streets and clear them from the biggest and most dangerous beasts.

29. Laurence turns into the first Cleric Beast and is swiftly killed by what remained of the Church Hunters and the members of the League.

30. The School of Mensis performs the ritual in Yahar’gul. Micolash, as the last surviving member of the trio that originally experimented on Queen Yharnam and her baby, is the conductor and master of ceremonies of such a horrifying event. Hundreds and hundreds of civilians are slaughtered and frozen in stone as they try to escape from the Unseen Village. In one shockwave, all the scholars in the ritual chamber are killed, Micolash included, but his conscience is projected into the Nightmare realm where Mergo’s Wet Nurse takes him as the host of the Nightmare just like MP did with Gehrman.

31. On the outside tho, the ritual apparently is still going. Just like Rom’s powers keep the sky clear from the Red Moon, they also halted the ritual preventing the School of Mensis from re-creating their ‘surrogate’ of Mother Kos and the Orphan, aka: the One Reborn, which is allowed to come into existence only once Rom is killed.

32. The city remains in this state of apparent “””calm””” and stillness for the gods know how long.

33. An outsider, you, arrives.


“I wish we had more time. I love you.”

Wonder!Keith AU ‘cuz I’m horrible like that. The parallels of the movie and Sheith in general was killing me so I did this instead of studying for exams.