the first black president

Republicans had 7 years and 1 day to find an alternative to “Obamacare” and all they have to show for it is a failed, rushed bill that they pulled last minute.

It’s almost as if this wasn’t about Healthcare and more about … their vitriol towards the first black president having a legislative victory

Beyond the obvious beauty and grace of our First Lady, one must consider the historic importance of this photo. Our history books sweep under the rug the fact that the White House was built by African American slaves. For the next 150 years the majority of the serving staff of the so called “people’s house” were African American. In 1901 Booker T. Washington was the first African American to be received there as a guest by Theodore Roosevelt, to the horror of Washington society. They are all at last vindicated in our first African American first family. Note…It is my humble opinion that no matter what family should occupy the White House after January 2017, and the following generations for that matter, they will never equal the style, debonair, and class as that of the Obamas.


Imelme Umana becomes first black woman to serve as president of the Harvard Law Review

  • On Sunday, Harvard Law School’s black law students’ association announced that Imelme Umana, HLS ‘18, had become the first black woman to serve as president of the Harvard Law Review. 
  • Umana is most interested in exploring stereotypes of black women in American political discourse. 
  • Umana’s role as president of the Review puts her in some pretty great company. Former President Barack Obama was the first black American to serve as president of the Harvard Law Review. Read more

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The standards for Obama had to be exceptionally high for him to even be considered by all communities. Obama wasn’t the first Black person to run for President, but he was the first successful one because he managed to walk a tightrope of everyone’s expectations. Even his family must be perfect, which was easy since the kids were not at an age where they can be seen at a threat back then. His wife was pretty much, if we’re being real, a roadblock. One that was being ridiculed from the moment we knew of her existence.

In the meantime, the current President didn’t have to walk that same tightrope. His family doesn’t have the same expectations. Hell, even his wife is now a role model for feminism simply because she isn’t expected to do the roles of the first lady.

People were so easy to criticize Obama and all his flaws. I’m not saying he isn’t without problems, but when you have to take all that goes into consideration for him to even run, you have to wonder why wasn’t the same pressures placed on the current President. We know why, but we won’t be honest. To be honest is to admit something that you try to hide for centuries.


From top to bottom:

Ibtihaj Muhammad was the first U.S. Olympic athlete to compete while wearing a hijab. 

Serena Williams IS the world’s greatest living athlete.

In 1972, Shirley Chisholm became the first black major-party candidate to run for President of the United States. Her slogan: Unbought and Unbossed.