the first big weekend of the summer

It’s nearly 1 am, and it’s the quietest it’s ever been in Oakland. All I can hear is the light sounds of my cat Stella Bean crunching on kibble, the metallic sound as the remnants drop back into her food dish. 
I’m thinking about the big knot in my stomach that is both butterflies and a tornado. 

How nearly 14 years ago, I was a sad kid listening to Fallen for the first time and I felt like every song was written for me; how I spent the subsequent summer smudging black eyeliner from my mom’s Clinique free gift bag under my eyes and wearing all black clothes that didn’t even fit right at summer camp, and about how this weekend I’m performing on stage alongside Amy Lee at one of the biggest venues in San Francisco. 

I haven’t seen my dad in almost one year, and I accidentally took a screenshot while on FaceTime with my mom this afternoon and I noticed all of the new wrinkles in her sweet face that weren’t there the last time I hugged her goodbye and got in a cab. I’ve never been inside my brother’s apartment, and I have never seen my aunt’s grave. 

Ryan is far away in a hotel lobby, the weight of the world on his shoulders as he deals with a sick parent who isn’t getting better, a job that sucks out his soul, and fires that threaten to consume his childhood home and seemingly the last bits of his innocence. 

But, I am still hopeful. I make the Christmas cookies and ornaments by myself, and count down the days until I can get on a plane and see snow, curl up by the fire with my family, and sit in the very room that was my hiding place from a world that didn’t understand weird girls with brown hair and smudged eyeliner who played classical music and didn’t know how to pluck their Arab eyebrows.

Stella is fed, and very soon the love of my life will return home to me, and I will be able to be the place for his weary heart to rest for a while, but where do I rest my weary heart in the meantime? 

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How do you avoid burnout during the school year? I always find myself doing really well the first semester than completely unmotivated during second semester. Also, I love your blog!!!💜💜


For me, it’s the exact opposite - I’m always doing way better in summer than in winter, haha. But ok, here we go: 

  • Always have something to look forward to. Every day, every week, every month, no matter how small. The big goal is the beginning of the holidays (presumably), but you need things to keep you going until then! A café visit on the weekend, a football match on TV, a new episode of your favourite show, a nice bath - whatever works for you. Also good as a reward for studying and work you’ve done that day. 
  • Don’t study every day. I always try to have one day off from studying each week. This doesn’t contradict the “no zero days” - principle - you can be productive every day, but that doesn’t have to mean studying! You can do laundry, you can work, you can clean, you can take care of correspondence - loads of possibilities. Also, one day off gives you an emergency time frame for assignments you forgot or unexpectedly need more time for. 
  • Make time for what you love. Even if it isn’t as much time as you’d like, it will help to not make you go crazy with all your studying. I play tennis once a week - I would love to play three or four times a week, but I can’t, at least not during the semester. Once a week isn’t much, but it’s enough to keep me going. You need a balance between school and other activities, especially exercise and arts - my piano teacher knows I can’t practice as much as I’d have to when I have exams, but I still go to my lessons even though I hardly make progress then. He’s fine with it and helps me improve during the little time I can spend on it - it makes a huge difference! Not playing piano at all would be much worse. 
  • Have someone keep watch. A friend, your parents, or someone else - tell them to pay attention to what you do, and tell you if they notice that you aren’t eating well, that you don’t sleep enough, that you don’t go outside enough etc. It’s easy to forget about those things, and if you have a lot of studying to do it’s faster to eat some biscuits than to cook a proper meal. 

Good luck in your next school year! If someone else has tips, please add them. :) 

Shades – Auston Matthews

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first ever imagine I’ve posted and I hope you like it! I need some ideas for more writing so feel free to submit me with any ideas or requests you might have!

Y/B/N –> your brothers name (if you don’t have a brother just improvise)

Characters: Auston Matthews

Words: 1,869

Warnings: n/a

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Our First Time Outside, 05/25/2017

Mommy had us go outside for the first time. It was a pretty scary place, we had never been.

Things smelled interesting so I decided to poke my head out after awhile.

She took us into the back yard to sit in the grass under a big tree after we were more comfortable.

We decided to sit in her lap because being outside is a scary thing right now.

She told us that we were going to be outside last weekend but she ended up getting really sick and we stayed home. We will be able to get out and about later this summer, though!

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Hi! So I'm moving in with my dad and stepmom in Arkansas from South Carolina for two year college, then transferring to a better college in NYC, do you have any tips on how to deal with such a big change and how to save money?

Moving Out of State/Across the Country

Whether you’re moving for school, work, or just for a change of pace, make sure you:

  • have at least 2 months rent saved up (might not apply if you’re living the dorms)
  • know about transportation— is there a bus or train? Will you be bringing your car? How’s the parking situation?
  • once you’ve found an apartment, set up electric service and internet service with the local companies
  • know where the safer and more dangerous areas of the new city are
  • have an idea of where the closest grocery store will be
  • have all your important documents— social security card, passport (just in case), banking info, checks, insurance info
  • tell your credit card companies that you’re going to be moving to a new state so they don’t question any new out-of-state charges
  • decide if you’re going to register to vote in your new state
  • decide if you’re going to update your driver’s license to your new state
  • be ready to file taxes in your new state

General Moving Far Away Tips

  • Take advantage of all modern technology! WhatsApp, Skype, other messaging apps. These will help you feel closer to home!
  • How will you be transporting your stuff? When I moved from California to NYC, I shipped my stuff in boxes from UPS. You can also hire a moving company (very expensive), drive it all yourself, or buy all new.
  • Take some time to explore your new home before diving into work and school!
  • Do things that remind you of home. Put up pictures, call your friends and parents, keep a favorite stuffed animal, make comfort foods
  • Arrange holiday visits and trips home early, before the prices rise!
  • If you’re going to go, go! Don’t leave yourself with too much baggage or emotional ties back home; you’re just going to make yourself homesick. Embrace being in a new place. Usually it takes about a year to adjust, but you’ll be just fine!

NYC Specific Tips

  • Which borough are you going to live in? I’m most familiar with Manhattan, but there are way cheaper and larger apartments further out. Just consider commute. How long are you willing you stand on a crowded subway in the sticky heat or summer or freezing cold of winter, with your big jacket and school bags?
  • Most people grocery shop every few days, rather than a few times a month since we don’t have cars or big fridges/freezers.
  • Good things to have: a drying rack for laundry, a portable pushable cart for groceries, a good umbrella, a good rain coat, good rain shoes/boots, fans and an A/C unit for the summer, a few cans of bug spray on hand so you’re ready before you see your first roach
  • Take time to explore the city!! There are so many things to do and so much good food!! There are free things happening every weekend, just get out and go!
  • See if your school offers discounts to events like theater, dance, other performance!

Please check out our Moving tags for more details about packing, finding apartments, living in dorms, and more!!!– Mimi

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the bad guy - peter hale

Prompt - after having a night with a stranger you find out it was Peter hale,
Pairing Peter hale x reader
Warnings swearing, small mention of sex

It was the first day of a new year, your final year. unlike most of the other kids in school you welcomed the first day, needing a big distraction. Your head was filled with the best mistake you had made but now you need to focus on the real world.

Summer had been pretty boring spending time at your grandmas was nice but after the last year fighting off a kanima and finally finding out about the supernatural, going back to a normal boring town life wasn’t so much fun especially in another town away from your friends for 4 weeks.

A girl who lived facing your Gran’s house was the only person you hung around with when you came here. Your last weekend she asked you to go out to a bar with her that’s when you met a handsome man, he was a lot older than you but it didn’t seem to matter the was a spark there you couldn’t explain. The only problem was that you didn’t know his number or where he was from, all you really knew was his name Peter. You spent the weekend with the charming stranger, then rest of your trip thinking about him. the way he made you smile the way he made your heart jump and beat harder with a look or a touch, the way he kissed you, it was magic, unlike any kiss you had with a boy your own age, but now you needed to forget him, being back at school was just how you planed on doing it.

During final lesson Scott sent you, and Lydia a message about meeting at the hale loft something bad was in town. When the bell rang you packed up your bag and went to the loft with your banshee best friend. When you walked in you saw Scott, stiles, Derek and Isaac already waiting. “how did you 3 get here before us?” Lydia asked stunned that the boys had been there first.
“well that’s because girls gossip about stupid things wasting time” a voice came from the staircase. A voice you knew the voice of the man you met during the summer. Your head whipped round to see him walking down the last few steps smiling at you.

The sight of him made you freeze on the spot, biting the inside of your lip thinking to your self why is he here. “Peter this is y/n, y/n this is Peter hale Derek’s uncle” Scott said snapping you out of your state of shock. Peter smirked and then rolled his eyes “so is anyone going to say why we’ve all been summoned here” Peter asked with a hint of arrogance in his voice as he sat down.

Derek and Scott explained about a new wolf in beacon hills who had already killed someone. During the meeting everyone gave in ideas and theories to who the new wolf could be and how to stop it. Well everyone but Peter instead he sat making mocking comments the packs plans, but you also felt his eyes on you the whole time. You tried your hardest not to look at him wanting to leave as soon as you could. You drifted out of the meeting into your own thoughts.
Peter hale was a monster from what you had been told. Although you hadn’t seen him in beacon hills everyone had told you the most horrific stories about him, he turned Scott and almost killed Lydia, he had killed Kate argent, killed is own family for power and most likely a lot more then you was aware of. How did you not know this when you met, why had you spent the weekend with a man with the reputation like his and not see though his charms. Then you started to think of that night, how he saw you standing alone watching your friend and others dancing how Peter joked bout you looking out of place if you’d let him buy you a drink he could help you feel better being out of your comfort zone. By the time closing time came your friend had already left without a word and you was about to leave alone when Peter offered to walk you. He was cocky, confident, also kind caring sweet with a hint of cheekiness he asked you did you want to go to his hotel for a drink smiling enjoying his company you agreed.

You could feel yourself smiling a little at the memory trying to push it out of your head you went back to listening to what Scott was saying. When they had finished you said you needed to get home grabbing your stuff you left the loft walking home. You hadn’t got far when you heard a voice call you. Peter was walking towards you making you freeze again, “you didn’t say goodbye or hello come to think about it. don’t say you have forgotten about me already” his tone was like velvet soft and smooth. “I’m trying to” you answered turning to walk away from him.

Peter grabbed your arm Turing you to face him “Aww why are you being like that sweetheart, I thought we had fun the other week” he tilted his slowly blinking capturing your gaze. You could feel your heart pounding though your chest looking into his ice blue eyes. “I didn’t know who you was then Peter” you said raising your eyebrows at him. He chucked “and who am I sweetheart?” he asked softly moving closer to you. You could feel your body shaking at his sudden closeness. “your a monster and a killer, the bad guy! the type of man I don’t need in my life” you answered back. Peter looked slightly hurt “oh is that really what YOU think of me or what you believe from others y/n” his face was now inches from yours, your mind clouded before you could speak Peter carried on “because I think the moment you saw me in there your heart stopped for a second, that you thought about me the whole meeting you could feel that spark, fire between us I feel” his arm snaked around the back of you pulling your body flush with his “and I think you want to kiss me now as much I want to kiss you” your stirred blanket at him hypnotised with his eyes and voice, Peter lent forward kissing your lips.

For a few seconds you melted into his lips before pulling back. “I can’t do this” you said stepping out of Peter’s hold “I can’t fall for the bad guy so I don’t want to fall for you or do any of this, I want you to go” you told him. He frowned his brows but also gave you a twisted smile “you know I can hear when you lie y/n and your lying to yourself, we both know it, but  the good girl falling for the bad guy is a classic love story and I think it could be us one day if you let it” he whispered then landed in again placing a small kiss on your cheek “but remember yes I’ve done bad things in my past I could do more in the future but don’t judge me on stories told by others your a smart girl sweetheart make up your own mind” with that he took a few steps backwards keeping his eyes on you until he quickly disappeared around the corner.

You turned leaning against the wall having mixed feelings about Peter. Your hand touched the spot on your cheek he’d kissed wishing for the contact again but your head told you Peter wasn’t right, he was evil a murder. You saw someone out the corner of your eye, looking you saw Lydia, you knew she seen your inaction with Peter. Groaning you walked to her, “I came out to see if you wanted a ride home what is going on with you and Peter I didn’t know you knew each other” she asked looking confused. “I don’t, well I do but didn’t really know who he was” you say confusing her more. “okay so I met him in a bar over the summer” you started in till Lydia gave you an accusing look “you went to a bar” she asked “yes I used my friends ID and got in then I met this guy now I know it was Peter hale. we got talking he was charming funny and nice really nice” you said still doubting the man you spent the the weekend with was the monster your friends hated or feared. “my friend left me and Peter was walking me home but we ended up going to his hotel room spending one of the most amazing nights together” Lydia ew'ed at the idea of you and Peter together but nodded still trying to understand what you yourself didn’t. 

“and now?” She asked “is there something still going on” you shrugged “I don’t know I do or did like him but I can’t I mean he’s older for a start, he’s evil and well he’s not right for me” you said convincing yourself more then her. Lydia dropped you off home, heading straight to your room  all you wanted to do is sleep and forget everything about today finally getting a shower you went to bed restless thinking about Peter.

The next morning you woke looking at your clock seeing you was late. Quickly getting dressed you ran out the door. Walking up the road you hear a car beep pulling up next to in an expensive silver car was Peter. “want a ride sweetheart” he called out of the window. Without stopping you looked at him annoyed “what are you doing here hale” you snarled trying to walk faster but Peter kept driving slow next to you “I’m here to see you and to offer you a lift” his voice was cheery. You was almost about to take his offer when you heard your name being called. Looking in front of you stiles walking out of his house “sorry Peter I have a ride” you say waving at stiles to wait. Waving bye to Peter you walk to stiles when Peter pulls the car over “she has a lift you can go” Peter says to the boy flashing his teeth “see you in school y/n” he said almost terrified before getting in his jeep.

You looked at Peter annoyed “what did you do that for” you shouted at him. Peter was taking back at first by your anger but laughed it off “I told you I wanted to see you” he said holding the car door open for you to get in. You got in the car sitting nervous watching as he walked round to the other side getting in too. You drove in silence for a little, Peter looked at the road smirking knowing you was looking up at him to speak then changing your mind staying silent.“ something you want to say sweetheart” he asked without looking. “how did you know where I lived” you asked him suspiciously. He snorted a chuckle finally looking at you, “I didn’t, I was on my way home when I came across your sent” he smirked at you. You laughed at him “like I’m gonna believe that” you said as Peter pulled over.

Looking round you saw he had parked at the beacon hills reserve. Peter shut the engine off and turned to face you. “your sent is unique, I smelt you a block away drove closer to it and there you was looking gorgeous I wanted to see you” he said reaching out touching your arm trailing his fingers down to your hand. “it’s the truth I don’t lie” now he looked at you accusingly “when did I lie?” you ask confused. Peter took his hand from yours to your cheerleader skirt playing with the hem between his fingers. “I didn’t know school girls where 21 years old” he smirked watching the realisation in your face. You knew he was talking about the bar, sitting forward closer to him “I don’t think I actually told you my age that night I’m 18 by the way” you smiled back at him. “you just ashamed my age from a friend’s id” Peter took his hand from your skirt tucking your hair behind your ear, “touche” he answered. 

You looked into his eyes lost in them, Peter leaned into to kiss but you slightly turned your head out of reach. Peter sat back with his hands still lightly touching your arm. “you still think I’m the bad guy” he said hurt
You was mentally kicking yourself for rejecting his kiss, every part of you wanted him to kiss you, hold you but that was the Peter you met on the bar. Now all you could think and see was he is the Peter hale of horror stories. You looked at him sadly “you know you are Peter, and that’s why I can’t love you no matter hard it is not to” Peter nodded at the words I can’t sitting back in his seat properly and started the engine. The drive to your school was quick and quite, extremely quite Peter had a cold but blank look on his face while you argued with yourself over your feelings. Peter pulled up in the school car park. Peter looked over at you for the first time since he started the car “why do you keep pushing me away sweetheart at least give us a try, you can’t you didn’t enjoy it last time” he said smirking. Blushing biting your lip your head was a mess “you already know and I don’t think I can not yet Peter” looking down you hear him mumble something you couldn’t make out. As you open the door and get out the car he lent over the seat and grabbed your bag keeping you stood outside the door “you said you can’t fall in love with the bad guy but what if the bad guy has already fallen for you” his voice was strange, you wasn’t sure if his tone was full of hate or hurt. He let go of your bag shutting the door fast almost trapping the bag strap. It was twice now he’d said something to make you think and just left without letting you answer him. 

It was just before lunch as you finally arrived sitting at your normal table waiting for the pack to finish their classes Peter’s words repeating in your mind what if the bad guy has already fallen for you. It wasn’t long before Lydia came and sat with you “I didn’t see you in English where was you?” She asked, “Peter said he’d give me a lift to school and took a detour” you told her. Lydia frowned a little “no! its not like that we just talked” you told Lydia everything that had happened that morning and then every mixed feeling you felt for the Wolf. Once you finished you looked at Lydia “so what should I do” you asked her with your head in your hands. “well only you can answer that y/n but if you like him then you should give yourself a chance” you looked at her in shock “but remember he’s done some pretty awful things to me the pack but you should be happy and if that’s him I say go for it but be wary” she finished before you could ask anything else you heard stiles screaming “y/n, there you are I thought Peter had killed you or something” he panted out between breaths after running to you and Lydia.
“stiles I’m fine, really Peter didn’t hurt me” you said. “well you got in the car with Peter hale and haven’t been in morning classes i thought he’d done something to you” he said sitting down next to Lydia. Scott eyed you suspiciously “what was you doing getting a ride with Peter Hale?” he asked. 

You looked at Lydia who gave you half a smile “you might as well tell them it’s better you tell them then them hearing Peter’s version” she said. Scott and stiles looked at each other curious and unsure then back at you with the same expression worry. Taking a deep breath then mumbled “I may have had a one night stand with him” you said slightly embarrassed, they looked in shock and disgust at you. It wasn’t just the fact Peter was an evil man or just the age gap that stopped you but this the way your friends reacted and looked. they hated Peter, feared him from you had been told only put up with him to keep an eye on bad wolf. They wouldn’t except you and Peter and part of you didn’t blame them Peter had destroyed their life’s at some point.

“you slept with Satan in a v neck” stiles chocked out unsure if he should laugh or shout “yes stiles I didn’t know he was evil then” you say. After explaining what had happened during the summer you looked at them not wanting to answer any questions. The bell rang saving you from the list that was obviously building in his head. Lydia walked with you to class, she didn’t ask much about Peter which you was happy about but she didn’t have much to say altogether so it meant he was back in your head. On the way home Scott had texted again about another meeting at the loft later. “do you want to come with me I can pick you up on the way?” She asked shrugging your shoulders unsure you told her you’d text if you was going “I just wanna sort my head out with this Peter stuff and I don’t wanna see him until I have” Lydia agreed it was a good idea.

Your mom left you a note “I’ve gone away for the weekend with work the is money on the side for you love you see you Tuesday love mum x” you looked at the note laughing you mother had gone to see a new boyfriend not work, you didn’t mind she was dating just hated she lied about it. In your room you laid on the bed with your music on watching the clouds out the window.  Your phone bleeped a text from Lydia asking if you was going to come with her to the loft, Closing your eyes and blanking the message you think and mentally see Peter thinking about what he had said don’t listen to others, make up your own mind. You knew he was right he’d never given you reason not to trust him or reject him. The other thing playing on your mind was the last words he spoke what if the bad guy has already fallen for you. Doubting it you spoke a loud to yourself “he can’t mean it we’ve only known each other for a week” a small voice in your mind argued back “but the is a spark with him he’s right about that” you get you grabbing your mother’s car keys from her room . She was away she’d never know you’d taken the car, you went to the loft thinking of talking to peter and giving him a chance, maybe not a relationship but at lest to talk properly you felt you at lest owed him that.

You walked into the loft, everyone looked at you, Lydia gave you a smile “y/n, you came” you nodded sitting down next to her, you looked and smiled at Peter. You didn’t understand why you felt so nervous being around him. He didn’t return your smile instead he snarled and closed his eyes and looked the other way.  Scott nervously looked between you both feeling the same tension you could. “so now we know the is at least 3 of them, Derek Issac and I can chase them to the school or the high school we can trap them” Scott said explaining how the was proof the is more then one wolf in town. The new twin in the school was two of them and Derek believed the was a female wolf too. “and you honestly think this silly game of cat and mouse is going work” Peter said full of attitude rolling his eyes. “well it’s the only plan I have where one is killed” Scott answered making Peter tutted loudly “don’t you ever get bored of taking the moral high ground” full of Venom. He was only answered by eye roll from Derek “what is up with you today” Peter didn’t answer but for the first time since you walked in he looked at you. Derek carried on explaining Scott’s plan “we’ve borrowed a few things from Argent like Ultrasonic emitters, and flash bombs to drive them towards the school or vets” Peter starting laughing at his nephew’s words “you handing a bunch of kids weapons used against werewolf’s made by werewolf hunters” everyone was frustrated by his attitude although he did have a point you thought. “what is the point of him really! Can’t you just try and be helpful?” stiles said. This made peter quickly stand making half of the pack jump. “no I don’t think I can!” Peter said looking at you with hate mimicking your words from earlier.

You stood up looking at him “I can’t believe I came here to give you a chance like you asked” looking at the pack “you where right he is an arse if he’s not going to help I will just tell me what I can do” by the time you had finished talking Peter had gone to his room you rolled your eyes as Lydia asked if you was okay.
It had been an hour while Scott told everyone the roles in his plan and you and Liam was heading to the vets. The plan was to for Issac to drive chase or lore one if the wolfs there so you can trap him or her in the building with the back up of Liam and Issac. Everything had been going well. Derek and Scott had found the female and was making her go to the school Derek was annoyed he was hoping him and Scott found the twins but to you one werewolf off the street was a good start or at least that’s what you thought. You where sat bored watching Liam looking at the different bottles and jars around trying to pronounce the names, he stopped saying he could hear a noise outside. You grabbed the jar of mountain ash as youngest beta extended his claws walking to the door. The was another sound of metal clanking “stay here” Liam said as he went out the door you tried to call him back but he told you to shh leaving anyway.

Your heart was pounding with the mix of adrenaline and fear. You heard the door open whispering “Liam, Liam you there” you looked round the surgery room door almost jumping out your skin to see Peter stood right behind the door. “easy sweetheart it’s only me” he said “where’s Liam?” you asked looking behind him. “the pup is outside calling one of the others to see what’s going” he smiled. Within a few minutes he came back in saying no has heard from Isaac “I’m going to see if I can find him” Liam stated boldly, “you gonna be okay here?” He asked looking at Peter, “she’ll be fine with me” Peter answered then looked at you “it gives us a minute to talk don’t you think” he rises his eyebrow as he spoke. Nodding okay you sat on the metal table.

He looked you up and down in a flirtatious way. He walked over putting his hands ether side other your legs tripping you in place. “why are you here Peter, it’s not like your here to help” you say trying not to get sucked in by his eyes. “because certain banshee wouldn’t shut up and told me I need to come something about apologising for my attitude” Peter rolled his eyes acting like he had nothing to say sorry for. “attitude don’t you mean temper tantrum” you said just as sarcastic. Peter frowned his brows “okay I was angry,” his frown turned to a cocky smile “I’m not used to rejection.” “so you had a tantrum” you sing song back smirking  at him. For a minute you both laughed just stirring into each other’s eyes.

Peter’s head whipped just as you heard a loud bang “stay back or hidden” he said as his eyes went bright blue and flicked his claws out. Ducking behind the metal gurney you had just been sitting on you watch Peter leave the room. You could hear roars and growls coming from who ever Peter was fighting with, still crouched down you sneak to the door you saw the twins. They was both covered in blood and cuts from where Peter had clawed at them slightly healing already. You looked around trying to see Peter. He came in to view when he stood up from behind the reception desk. He had a big cut across his face, also healing, his shirt was ripped and bloody. “that all you’ve got” Peter said as he jumped onto the desk. You watched as the twins ran at him Peter drove his claws into on of their chests, the twin fell to the floor, you saw the other one come behind Peter you jumped up shouting his name when the other twin sticks his claws into Peter’s back lifting him off the the ground.

Peter had blood dripping from his mouth his legs shaking, you saw the twin drop Peter on the floor at the sound of your voice, Peter’s eyes were closed he wasn’t moving, looking back both twins were looking at you.  backing up in to the surgery room again you almost fall over the bag Liam brought. Poking out was the flash arrows Allison used to use, grabbing one, you threw it out the door watching the sparks. You grabbed another and went to the doorway the twins covered their eyes walking to the main door. Throwing another arrow they stepped outside. You smashed a jar of mountain ash at entrance watching it make a solid line. Dragging Peter was hard, he was solid pure muscle it took everything you had to pull his lifeless body. Grabbing your phone you text,
Help twins are here! Peter been attacked where trapped inside!

You sent it to everyone hoping someone would come and help. Looking towards the door you could see the large blood trail left from Peter, you ran to him he was still hardly breathing. Turning him on his side you see his wound still bleeding with no sign of healing. Starting to looked round the room you find bandages, running back to peter you hold them on the holes trying to stop the bleeding. Looking at him like this this you start to cry, he looked dead, “Peter, come on Peter wake up” you say shaking his shoulders, you watch his head wobble with your movements but no sign of life, “no come on Peter stay with me you can’t have the last word again” you started to shout at his unconscious body “okay you was right the is a spark and I wanna see what we can turn it into your right I like you a lot” your shaking was rougher as you desperately tried to wake him.

You finally started to realise how much liked and cared for the big bad wolf. Watching his blood and life drip though your fingers broke your heart, “please Peter don’t die, you can’t die not now.” your tears got worse the longer he was unresponsive. “and why is that sweetheart” he coughed and gasped slowly coming to stirring up at you with his ice blue eyes. Tears ran down your cheeks but a wide smile spread across your face. You throw your arms around his neck hugging him tight “I thought you was going to die” you happily sobbed. Peter hugged you back wincing at the pain he felt as you helped him to his feet.
Outside you could hear roars and growls that shook the windows “that’s the other’s” you said turning for the door Peter stood grabbing your arm with one hand his side with the other. “their okay out there,you didn’t answer me, why can’t I die now sweetheart” he asked again. You start to blush biting your lip. You had only just admitted your feelings to yourself “because I’m falling for the bad guy like a classic love story I’m falling for you” while you spoke Peter wrapped his arms around your waist. He whispered into your ear “I know” not admitting he’d heard everything you had said. He leaned down kissing you intensely. 

When you broke apart Peter’s cuts had healed leaving patches of dried blood. Even though you had seen it happen before it still amazed you how a kiss could help trigger a wolfs healing process. Peter learned down to kiss you again this time he more passionate and dominating lifting you sitting you on the metal table like you had been before. “so dose this mean your going to be my girl now” he asked in between small light kisses along your neck. When you didn’t answer he stopped looking at you, His eyes pleaded for you to speak. Smiling at the mix of sexiness and cuteness he showed “yes” you said finally putting him out if his misery. He looked at you shocked “really” he sad as he kissed you again. He quickly stopped turning to the door to see Scott, Derek and stiles there looked at you both. “what happened to the twins” you asked “they knew they was outnumbered at took off” Scott told you stiles and derek had a look of shock and confusion “your really dating Satan in a v-neck” stiles asked after hearing you say yes to peter. “yes Stilinski I am, I’m dating the bad guy” you smirk as Peter helped you off the table. Derek being the only one who didn’t know about your summer fling with Peter asked “did I miss something” Peter laughed putting his arm around you walking out “I’ll explain on the way home nephew” he said as you all left the vets.

t-serpillum-9  asked:

Mike and Nanaba for the ship thing, please. Thanks!

Who was the one to propose: 
Mike took weeks to plan out a really sweet proposal.

Who stressed more over wedding planning:
Mike, but thankfully Nanaba would be a boss at wedding planning.

Who decorated the house:
Nanaba. Mike thinks she does a good job of it.

Who does the cooking:
Mike, he loves to cook.

Who is more organized:

Who suggested kids first:
Probably Nanaba.

Who’s the cuddler:
Mike is super cuddly, but Nanaba loves it.

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:
Mike is the big spoon.

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:
Gardening. Mike would grow flowers and Nanaba would grow veggies.

Who comes home drunk at 3am:
Neither of them are big enough drinkers for that.

Who kills the spiders:
Mike mostly, because he can reach them all.

Who falls asleep first:
Mike, but Nanaba falls asleep pretty quickly too.

A headcanon:
Nanaba is the best smelling person Mike has ever met. He’s always burying his nose in her hair or her neck when they cuddle.

Their relationship summed up in a gif:

Do they have any “rituals”?
They would totally be the outdoorsy types and go out camping every weekend during the summer.

Who has the most patience?
Mike, Nanaba has no tolerance for bs.

Imagine: Family life with Jaime Lannister | MODERN AU

- You’re the ex wife of Oberyn Martell, now married to Jaime Lannister. Family life isn’t always that easy… - (The idea popped up in my head today at uni aaaand ya, that’s it, I don’t really like it buuuut it’s the first thing I wrote in like more than a year. I’m tryna be active again, lemme just raise from the dead) 😂😌❤️

“He is late.”, Jaime says and looks at you, giving you his look of ‘See, I told you’.
“Yes, he is.”, you say annoyed by both - your ex husband’s constant failure to arrive on time and your husband’s desperate need to have been right. “He is and I knew he would be, too. God, Jaime, you know how he is.”
“Yes, I know that too well.”, he replies, pointing at your son waiting for his father on the staircase. “Really, (Y/N), I can’t have it. I cannot look at this every weekend. It’s been hours already…”
“I don’t even know why it bothers you so much. You don’t have to like Oberyn, you don’t even have to share a table with him. He will come - that much we know.”, you whisper, looking at your little boy, feeling so sorry for him. It’s not that Oberyn isn’t a good father - he is the best father you could have wished for your boy when he’s with him but in moments like this you curse him. He has this laissez-faire attitude with himself so much that it comes over as if he didn’t care about his son when actually he cares a lot. He just lives his life with as little responsibility as possible, you think. He’s always up to an adventure, probably just forgetting about time.
“It bothers me because I see (Y/S/N) sitting on the staircase every Friday, being disappointed and sometimes crying because his dad says he picks him up at 12 when really he arrives at 8 in the evening. It bothers me because I love this boy as though he was my own and it hurts me to see him this way. Really, you know I respect Oberyn. He is (Y/S/N)’s dad and your ex husband but sometimes I want to - kick him in the throat.”, Jaime says and whispers the last part. You smile a little because he is being so sweet when it comes to your son.
“He’s always been like this. Always up to another adventure.”, you whisper.
“Ah. What kind of adventures are these if he cannot take his son with him?”, he asks.
You walk past your husband and go to your son.
“Hasn’t he called you, love?”, you ask him softly.
He shakes his head. You gasp.
“Maybe we should just go out and play some soccer, what do you think?”, Jaime asks him and actually gets him to go with him.
You always loved how both simply accepted the other right away.
While they played soccer, you caught yourself staring out of the window over and over again. You washed the vegetables you wanted to prepare for dinner and peeled some potatoes but still no sign of Oberyn until -
The doorbell rang. You dropped everything and rushed to open the door.
“You’re late.”, you say before either of you even say hello. “Three hours. (Y/S/N) was waiting for you.”
“First of all - hello (Y/N), lovely to see you.”, Oberyn says and comes in. “Second - I actually prepared a surprise for him. We’re going to see the summer islands this weekend.”
“You could have called.”, you say.
“That’s true, I could have. I’m sorry.”, he replies.
“Don’t tell that to me, tell it to him.”, you whisper.
“Where is he?”, Oberyn asks. Now in the light of your big kitchen you see how much he tanned again. He still is a handsome man. A handsome and well educated man. All women fall for him, including you once upon a time.
“In the garden playing soccer with Jaime.”, you answer his question and go to the garden with him.
Your son spots his dad before you can say a word and he immediately runs into his arms. Jaime and you give each other ‘the look’. You know he wants to talk as soon as the two of them leave.
Jaime and Oberyn shake hands as usual and (Y/S/N) goes to grab his bag for the weekend.
“We’ll be here Sunday at 5pm I think.”, Oberyn says.
“So we can say you’re coming at 9pm?”, Jaime says and smiles slightly.
Oberyn says nothing, he just smiles back and goes to help his son.
“Wait.”, Jaime calls after him and Oberyn turns around. “You did it again.”, he continues. “Like every Friday. (Y/S/N) has been waiting for hours, his eyes getting sadder and sadder - I cannot have this. See - sadly, you’re constantly in my life letting down the people I love and I have to tolerate it because you’re (Y/S/N)’s dad and he loves you. But I would politely ask you to take the time and make it here on time. For your son’s sake. I don’t understand why (Y/N) decided to marry you but I’m glad she did for otherwise we wouldn’t have this lovely boy who’s probably just changing his outfits a few times right now. See - I just want to ask you to consider that your boy is always waiting for you.”
“You’re trying to be a dad for him without trying to replace me and I respect and cherish that.”, Oberyn says. “But let me mind my business.”
“I do.”, Jaime says. “As long as it does not affect our boy.”
“Enough!”, you yell and stand between them. “It’s enough. Oberyn - it would be amazing if you could make it on time or at least call when you won’t for the sake of your son, I think we all got the message. Now we’ll stop discussing. I hope you’re bringing him back before 9pm since school’s on Monday, you know. Until then I simply want to wish you a good time and take good care of him.”
You say goodbye to your son and his father. Then you go to Jaime who’s waiting at the kitchen counter.
“You’re so sweet.”, you say to him and he smiles a little. “With (Y/S/N).”
“He’s my boy. I want to see him happy.”, Jaime whispers smiling. He’s so adorable, you think.
“Why did you marry him?”, he asks you quietly. “I mean - it’s obvious why you got a divorce but there must have been a reason to marry him, too.”
You sigh. “He is - charismatic. Electric. Magnetic. You see, all women fall to his feet as soon as he walks in. He is a great talker, emotionally intelligent, caring. I fell in love with him for the obvious and less obvious reasons. And I got a divorce because it didn’t work anymore. I’m glad it didn’t for otherwise I would not have met you, Jaime.”
He smiles. “But - but you still have his last name. (Y/N) Martell Lannister. It’s -”
“No, Jaime - no. Please do not tell me you’re jealous. Oh, love, why would you be?”
He stares at his feet, embarrassed. “Because he is handsome as hell, you were in love with him once and he’s always around -”
“You’re afraid I’m gonna fall for him again?”, you ask. “Oh, Jaime, no. No. He is (Y/S/N)’s dad, that’s all we share. Not more. I love you and I’ve never been happier than with you and (Y/S/N) by my side. And you know it’s irrational to be jealous. You have no reason to be. I know you’re possessive and protective and I promise you, I’m all yours.”
He kisses you.

“Mom! Mom! Dad said I could keep him!”, (Y/S/N) screams happily as he runs into the house. At first you do not understand but then -
“You did not get him a dog!”, you yell at Oberyn the moment the Golden Retriever starts licking your hands. “Maybe you should ask me first?”
“You would have said no.”, he says calm as he walks in. “Besides, I didn’t get him the dog. The dog found him. They were meant to meet, you see it in their eyes…”
“I swear to God, Oberyn -”
“What’s the matter?”, Jaime asks confused as he comes downstairs.
“This!”, you yell, pointing at your son and the dog.
“What?”, Jaime asks and stares at Oberyn. “Is that your -”
“No, it’s (Y/S/N)’s!”, you reply. “Apparently. I never agreed to this!”
“What are you going to do? Give him away?”, Oberyn asks.
“Why should we give him away - we love him. I thought this was about the dog?”, your husband says but gets quiet as he realizes. You roll your eyes.
You look at your son playing with the dog. He looks so happy.

“Can we keep him?”, you ask Jaime after you fell into the sheets next to him.
“Yes. I’ve grown quite used to him. His cookies are great.”, Jaime jokes and you laugh.
After all these years he can finally laugh about himself.
“No!”, you say laughing. “You know what I mean. The dog.”
“Would that be alright with you?”, he asks.
You nod. “(Y/S/N) is so happy. And it’s such a lovely dog. Such a good boy.”
“Oh, thank God, I wanted to keep it, too.”, Jaime says and smiles.
“Did you?”, you ask. “Because it’s matching your hair? You need a haircut…”
He laughs. “No, I just…I’d just like to keep him. For us. He’s going go Oberyn’s place with (Y/S/N) every weekend, though.”
“I can accept that.”, you say smiling.


Hi friends!!

I had a great weekend in Michigan with scott! Hope you all had good ones too!

Since I had my first summer Friday (I work 9 hour days and get every other Friday off in the summer) scott had the great idea of going to cedar point! We hadn’t been in years so we were really excited!!

It was a great day together! The weather was hot, but not unbearable. And the park was surprisingly empty (making the fast passes we bought not worth it haha but oh well!). We also realized that we are indeed getting older because some of this big coasters made us not feel the best haha. But we had a great all day date together and I’m glad we went :)

On Saturday we headed out for a bike ride, but it didn’t go the best. It was super hot that day and scott was just not feeling the greatest. We were hoping to have gone further, but I’m still happy with 30 miles :)

That evening we got dinner with Scott’s family for Father’s Day, which was nice! My parents were out of town this weekend, so I wasn’t able to see my dad. But I’ll be back in a couple weeks for the 4th! Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there :)

Sunday scott and I were pretty lazy. We had a busy weekend so we used Sunday to recharge! It was a great weekend with my love though! I love weekends when we get a lot of alone time after not seeing each other for a while :)

Last week ended up being a down week in terms of exercise for me, not really on purpose though. I didn’t run at all!! This week I plan to kick it back in gear. The temps are supposed to relax a bit so it should be good :)

Happy Monday!!


Dear Tumblr,

It’s been so long since I last wrote on here, I low-key feel guilty yet giddy at the same time. Guilty because I feel like I’ve been neglectful with my tumblr (and in turn, you guys SOrrrYYYyy) and giddy because of the hopeful thought of starting (and continuing) a journal. I mean I gotta have something to do when I’m 70 years old, so what better thing to read than my twenty-something self’s musing? :D

A quick update, I’m currently a 3L (third and final year of law school!) Before I get into that, let me share a quick paragraph from the last “revival journal entry” I did, which ironically was also at the beginning of a new law school year LOL

Hello guys! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve wrote, I missed you all. I think that the second year of law school poses a different kind of challenge than the first year did, in a way where you are a lot busier, but the amount of work you have to do is less. For examples, during the first year (1L), there are on average about 5 hours of reading per day, but as a 2L, I have about 30 minutes of reading to do daily. However, the hours I used to spend crouching over books at the library are now substituted for meetings after meetings, which I consider a pleasant change because I love interacting with people, but it definitely has its own……

So in a similar sense, 3L is definitely easier than 2L (or maybe because it was chillabus week the first week and the second week was kind of an easy transition?!) but so far so good. I got a research assistant position for the semester, am continuing my summer employment, and teaching on the weekends. 

Also, as you can probably see from my pictures, I got a bit more fit and learned how to do home decor better (is this what adulting is?!) 

All in all, my life seems to be going according to plan, but I still feel a bit hesitant when thinking about the big life after law school, maybe because I still don’t know if I have fully grasped the fact that I’m going to be a lawyer in a bit over a year.

I don’t know if I have anything particular to update on today, but I even this jumbled rambling to you guys made me feel weirdly better. I’ll do my best to update on a daily basis, I hope I can keep it up T^T 

It’s good to be back, and for the love of god(s) please let this be the last revival post ♥


From The Whirlwind Weekend

18-19 November 2017

I’ve had these photos from my whirlwind weekend sitting in Drafts since Sunday night. One of Rob’s brothers and his saloon car racer girlfriend overnighted with us on Saturday, so it was a good excuse to invite over more family and crank up the first barbecue of the summer season. Being driven by prednisolone mania at the moment, I was up at 4.00am on Saturday getting stuff done and kept going until 1.00am on Sunday morning. But I had a grand fine time doing it all!

The gave myself a pass-card from the #temperancetrail and allowed myself two (restaurant-sized) glasses of wine. Was it nice? Yes. Was it fabulous? Not really.

I got much more enjoyment out of the beautiful bunch of peonies I bought myself as a reward for 30 days #alcoholfree. These gorgeous blooms are briefly available in November. I love them. They just keep opening and opening! As I type I am up to 32 booze-free days out of 35.

The Husb and I have been taking advantage of the on-line sales and getting ourselves some pre-Christmas goodies: a Garmin Forerunner 235 for him and FlipBelts for the two of us. We’re going to look so cute with our matching calf sleeves lol!

The Girl at the Rock Show

Originally posted by hardyness

Summary: Modern College AU where Kylo is a shy starving artist and student in a rock band with his best friends and roommates Hux and Phasma. They decide to perform a gig at a local club to hopefully muster up enough cash to go to the Warped Tour over the summer together. As he goes into the audience to watch the other band he gets distracted and falls head over heels in love with a girl next to him in the crowd.

Warning: Cursing, if you’re not into that.

A/N: I decided to try doing a fic based on a song! So I thought a little Blink-182 and punk Kylo would suffice. Only thing I changed from the song was them being 17, cause I’m not about to advocate 17 year olds running off to Vegas to get married, Lol. Hope you guys like it!

Hanging out behind the club on the weekend, 

Acting stupid getting drunk with my best friends

I couldn’t wait for the summer at the Warped Tour,

It was a crisp spring Friday night downtown, the night life slowly lighting up as the streets took on a different scene. Neon signs buzzing to life as the bars started opening their doors, the clubs turning up the music. 

Stumbling out from one of the bars, the trio emerged, laughing and cheering with drinks in their hands. With their first big gig in the bag it was time to let loose and celebrate. Being students didn’t make being in a band, let alone living away from home, easy. The money was scarce, as well as the gigs and time to practice or come up with new music. The fiery red haired man, and lead guitarist Hux took a sip of his dark pint as he let out a chuckle. 

“What a night man, and I thought we’d lose it." 

The statuesque platinum blonde, and lead vocals Phasma patted Hux’s back as she held her smaller glass. 

"Think about the money boys! We’ll be at that concert this summer without a doubt!" 

The tall and broad man with ink black hair pulled into a sloppy bun, the drummer Kylo, held up his pint. 

"To having a kick ass summer! We sure as fuck earned it." 

All their glasses joined together for a quick clink as they brought them back to their lips, taking big gulps. This was definitely a night for celebration, and therefore this was only the start of their cheers. As Hux swallowed he held his pint up again with a cheeky smirk. 

"And to all the ass we’re going to get telling people we’re in a band! It’s definitely going to be a hot summer." 

Phasma laughed as she clinked glasses with him again, finishing her drink with one throw back. Kylo uncomfortably held his glass up, taking a sip. Hux shook his shoulder with his free hand. 

"Ah come on Kylo, you’ll get some game eventually." 

“Piss off Gingersnap.”

Phasma rolled her eyes as she set her glass down on a nearby stool, rubbing Kylos back.

"Leave him alone Huxxy, he has plenty game. He doesn’t need a hoard of groupies following him to be happy like you do.”  

Hux snickered, “Kylo doesn’t have game. He has the looks and the skills, but absolu-”

“Okay can we talk about something else?!”

Taking another big chug Kylo tried to ignore Hux’s chuckling as Phasma turned to face him with a nurturing look of concern. Internally he laughed, she lived up to her nickname of Phasmom almost too well sometimes.

“I’m sorry, ignore him. Do you want me to get you another beer?”

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simblreen replies and happy news

took me long enough! you all are so sweet! A huge THANK YOU who everyone who left me notes. Deep apologies to anyone I missed! All notes are appreciated :)

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The Bench by LittleRose13

(really very late tbh) 100 Follower celebration fic!

Every summer, the Weasley/Potter family get together to see the kids off to Hogwarts. Every summer, Molly insists on taking a photograph of all the children. Seventeen years pass and she is still taking the photo.

Words: 1,666
Characters: literally ALL the kids (I wish I could draw fan art for this story but I can’t draw at all)
Read it on AO3 

It all started the summer before Teddy set off for his first year at Hogwarts. The family had decided to have a big get together to see him off and it just sort of became an annual event. No one had ever said it was; everyone just knew that on the last weekend of the summer holidays, the whole Weasley/Potter family (plus Teddy) would descend on The Burrow.

Molly of course, loved it. Having her now slightly empty house bustling with so many children at once made her swell with pride at the grandchildren her children had given her. It was her who had first whipped out a camera and insisted on an entire group shot. In the end, she’d been backed all the way down the garden trying to fit everyone in so it was decided that just the children should gather for a photograph first.

James, who was only just five, sat proudly next to his favourite cousin Freddy, aged almost six. Three-year-old Albus sat next to his brother at the end of the bench, gazing at baby Lily who rested in James’ arms. James looked delighted at being allowed to hold his baby sister.

“Look, Fwed. Dis is my baby sister,” Albus explained proudly.

“Fwed knows that Al,” James said exasperatedly, patting Lily’s hair in what he obviously thought was a cute, older-brotherly way. “Fwed’s got a baby sister too.”

“My baby sister’s more bigger than a baby though,” Fred explained to the younger boys as Dominique (aged seven) sat on his other side. Four-year-old Roxanne was placed across both of their laps.

“I’m not a baby! I’m not am I Domi?” she whined.

“Not a baby,” said Dominique pointedly to Fred.

Rose sat down next, with her legs dangling from the bench, her one year old brother Hugo perched on her knee as Lily was perched on James. Victoire, who was nine, leant against the bench on Albus’ other side, struggling to hold her toddler brother Louis and grinning at eleven year old Teddy.

“Want me to hold Louis?” Teddy offered in his ‘mature’ voice, holding his arms out to take the squirming two-year-old.

“No Teddy, he’s my brother, I can do it.” Victoire retorted and Teddy smirked but stood a bit closer to her.

“Everybody say kneazles!” Grandma Molly ordered and there was an adorable chorus from most of the children, in which the adults watching could faintly hear a confused James shout ‘knees up!’.

From then on, it became a tradition that the picture be taken with near enough the same line up (with Percy’s two girls joining the group when they came along) and Grandma Molly had every single one arranged along her mantelpiece. It was amusing to look through them and see how much the kids had changed.

For example, in the photo taken in 2013, five-year-old Lily had refused to sit on James’ lap and insisted on sitting with Teddy instead. This wouldn’t have been a problem if she hadn’t decided this as the photo was being taken. Therefore that year’s picture shows Lily falling off James in her attempt to dive for Teddy while all the other kids smile, oblivious and Albus attempts to catch her.

Then the following year, Albus and James had had a falling out over whose turn it had been on their shared toy broomstick (Harry now wishes they had thought to bring both of their brooms to The Burrow). They are both glaring fiercely at each other in the photo, and Albus gives James a frustrated shove, slightly spoiling the serene smiles of their cousins.

Another year, Hugo had decided to display his first signs of magic by managing to turn his own hair blue. He wouldn’t allow his mother to fix it, insisting he was like Teddy and loved it. It eventually wore off but not before the annual photo had been taken depicting eight-year-old Hugo with bright blue hair; which slightly stole the focus from the rest of the picture. Harry and Ginny took some comfort from this as, for once, it hadn’t been one of their children.

But every single member of the family says their favourite is the one which was taken just before Lily and Hugo were about to go into their seventh year at Hogwarts. The kids had decided it would be fun to try and recreate exactly the original photo.

Al, James and Freddy squeezed onto the end of the bench they always took the photo on while Lily, laughing hysterically, balanced herself onto James’ lap.

“Oof, bloody hell Lily!” he complained, nursing his most recent Quidditch injury.

“Now you have to do the faces,” she insisted, still laughing. “James, you have to look really pleased to be holding me and Al, you have to look like you’ve never seen me before now.” There was no doubt that Lily had inherited her mother’s sass and she naturally took charge of the others. Her twenty-one-year-old brother looked bemused as he watched his little sister ordering everyone around from his lap.

“I always read my expression in that photo as more of a has my big brother James always had such scrawny arms?,” Albus replied with a smirk.

“Shut it, you,” James responded with a grin. “League-winning scrawny arms.”

“Still saved your goal in the final your seventh year,” Albus muttered, earning himself a kick from his older brother.

“Still didn’t put me on the team that year, captain,” Freddy added, with a playful expression.

“You were injured.” James was struggling to get his point across with Lily on top of him. “Are we still on this four years on?”

Dominique followed Lily’s order and took the remaining space on the bench with Roxanne on top of her, Dominique and Freddy deliberately making it clear that they had to peer round Roxanne’s head to be seen by the camera. Thirteen-year-old Molly, who hadn’t been there for the original photo, perched beside her.

Technically, Molly shouldn’t be in the photo,” Lily began and Molly scowled. “But I like her, so we’ll make an exception. And I suppose, as she’s about to leave for Hogwarts, Lucy can too.” Realising there was no room left on the bench, Rose, joined by Lucy, sat gently on the arm of the bench.

Victoire followed their lead and sat on the opposite arm of the bench, beside Albus; Teddy was beaming on her other side with his arm round his wife. Until Lily told him off for not being authentic to the original picture and he reluctantly removed it, settling for standing beside her with a dopey expression the original eleven-year-old Teddy definitely hadn’t been showing Victoire. Albus shared a look with James and they both shook their heads at their surrogate brother’s soppiness.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to hold Louis in this one.” Victoire said, looking doubtfully at her eighteen-year-old brother. He and Hugo caught each others’ eyes and grinned, settling for standing next to their sisters rather than on top of them.

“Everyone say ‘Knees Up!” Lily commanded, laughing loudly as her grandmother took several pictures, tears of laughter running down her face. The adults all looked on fondly at their children, smiling proudly around at each other.

Then, before anyone knew what was happening, the bench leg closest to Rose and Hugo collapsed just as Grandma Molly clicked the shutter. After dusting themselves off and a lot of laughing, Molly presented them with the last photo she had taken, smiling broadly.

The family crowded round to see it and there were shouts of laughter as it was passed round.

In it, Rose was on the floor laughing where Hugo had managed to catch her. Lucy and Roxanne had simply stood up when the bench broke, leaving poor Dominique to slide down the now-diagonal bench to the grass below, Freddy right behind her. He had thrown an arm out to prevent himself crushing his cousin, who was in fits of laughter beneath him.

Albus had grabbed Victoire’s arm (the nearest thing presumably) and gripped it tightly, a shocked look on his face. Louis, unaffected because of his location, looked on at the scene laughing while Teddy instinctively pulled Victoire away.

But James and Lily were the funniest sight. Lily had sat bolt upright on top of James and grabbed her older brother round his neck, looking absolutely terrified and staring straight at the camera. James was also clinging to Lily, obviously unaware of his expression, which was a mixture of shock and fear. Compared to everyone else, who had managed to remain relatively calm, they looked as if they were deliberately being dramatic which James tried to insist for a bit before giving in.

The picture had been seen by everyone and Mrs Weasley had taken it back to show to the other adults. She glanced at it again fondly, noting as she did the giveaway behaviour of her eldest granddaughter and her husband. When the photo had been passed on, she sought them out and placed an arm around Victoire’s shoulders.

“How long have you known?” she said quietly into her ear, loud enough so the only person who could hear was Teddy, who gave her an incredulous look.

“How did you know?” he spluttered, placing a hand on the small of Victoire’s back.

“The photograph. You both went straight here.” She placed a hand gently over Victoire’s stomach. “I know that look.”

Her granddaughter smiled warmly and accepted the pair of arms her husband wrapped around her from behind. She held onto them while she spoke. “We only found out a few days ago, we want to wait before we tell everyone.” Teddy nodded behind her.

“I won’t tell,” Molly smiled kindly. “When?”

“March,” Teddy told her proudly. “The seventeenth if we’re being precise.”

Later on, when Molly placed the photo onto the mantelpiece and compared it to the first ever picture of her grandchildren, she smiled sadly at how quickly the years had gone.

This week was pretty bananas.

Television: Some shows are like a fine wine. 

⬆ A new Crystal Gem puts Steven Universe in the coveted No. 1 spot.
Outlander is no longer an outsider, coming back in strong at a respectable No. 12.
Game of Thrones (No. 5) starts its fall as we settle in for a long summer without winter.

Movies: Ghostbusters tickets are gonna sell like hot cakes.

Suicide Squad moves up to No. 3 after the latest trailer was released. Quite vexing. Just forewarning you.
Ghostbusters returns at No. 7 despite claims it’s ruining the childhood of fully grown adult men.
⬇︎ Is the search party over? Finding Dory falls two to No. 5.

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Music: There’s plenty of fish in the sea, but there’s only one Frank Ocean.

Five Seconds of Summer have their moment in the sun at No. 1.
☆ Where’s Frank Ocean? No. 20.
⬇︎ Demi Lovato starts to fall off the list, but catches herself at No. 17. Close call.

Celebrities: No bad eggs here.

Lin-Manuel Miranda (No. 4) finished his Hamilton run and cut off that long, beautiful hair. New beginnings.
Aubrey Plaza (No. 18) is back on the list for the first time since April 2015. Nice.
⬆ Tumblr favorite Jensen Ackles moves up to No. 3 after a big weekend at #Pittcon.

Games: Lots of fresh meat this week.

Pokémon Go debuts at No. 1. Did you expect anything else?
☆ The nearly indescribable My Candy Love finds itself on the list at No. 9.
☆ There is a game called Furvilla that is at No. 11. Okay, good-bye.

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Web stuff:  Hot potatoes, straight outta the internet oven.

Jacksepticeye hits his personal best at No. 2 after rocking a leotard in a recent video.
MatPat makes debuts at No. 16 after inexplicably giving a copy of Undertale to the Pope.
Red vs. Blue returns at No. 12. Let’s stop this battle and call it Purple, yeah?

some of us have to grow up sometimes: a playlist for summer

after midnight // blink 182 ☀ arabella // arctic monkeys ☀ white coats // foxes ☀ chelsea dagger // the fratellis ☀ worship you // vampire weekend ☀ anna sun // walk the moon ☀small  cuts // the brobecks ☀ sowing season (yeah)  // brand new ☀ better than me // the brobecks ☀ behind the sea (alternative version) // panic! at the disco ☀ girls // the 1975 ☀ fancy (feat. charli xcx) // iggy azalea ☀ twin size mattress // the front bottoms ☀ hollaback boy // cobra starship ☀ the archers bows have broken // brand new ☀ when the day met the night // panic! at the disco ☀ let go for tonight // foxes ☀ hannah hunt // vampire weekend ☀ the piano knows something i don’t know // panic! at the disco ☀ kill all your friends // my chemical romance ☀ everybody wants somebody // patrick stump ☀ obvious bicycle // vampire weekend ☀ peaches // in the valley below ☀ the light behind your eyes // my chemical romance ☀ still sane // lorde ☀ love at first sight // the brobecks ☀ walcott // vampire weekend ☀ burn bright // my chemical romance ☀ not the sun // brand new ☀ bad side of 25 // patrick stump ☀ big brat // phantom planet ☀ coast (it’s gonna get better) // patrick stump ☀ millstone // brand new ☀ heaven help us // my chemical romance ☀ boom clap // charli xcx ☀ hit and run // lolo ☀ weighted // frnkiero andthe cellabration ☀ anklebiters // paramore ☀ last hope // paramore ☀ finger back // vampire weekend ☀ tomorrow never dies // 5 seconds of summer ☀ wild heart // the vamps ☀ tiptoe // imagine dragons ☀ don’t stop // 5 seconds of summer ☀ salt // bad suns ☀ proof // paramore ☀ action cat // gerard way ☀ daydreaming // paramore ☀ flaws // bastille ☀ allie // patrick stump ☀ grow up // paramore

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AU where Stiles and Derek are both high school teachers and coaches who have mutual crushes on each other that manifest in the most awkward and sometimes childish ways. 

Stiles is the young, energetic history teacher who talks about his travels around Europe and Asia to historical places and his excitement gets everyone excited. He’s also the assistant coach on the lacrosse team.  He was one the team back when he was in high school and he road the bench until his senior year, something Finstock loves to remind him even though it was almost 10 years ago.

Derek is the hot teacher that everyone flirts with at the start of the year and he puts up with exactly none of it.  He’s got a broody face but he smiles a lot once he establishes that he’s not interested in being hit on by high school kids.  Everyone wants into Mr. Hale’s English classes because they’re insightful and he gives great feedback on his papers.  He’s also the basketball coach of the three time State Champ Cyclones. 

Though they haven’t seen each other in years, Stiles knows exactly who Derek is when he walks into his first teacher in service.  He had just gotten back from a trip to Boston where he walked the Freedom Trail in preparation for his U.S. history class and he was exhausted, but he’d know Derek Hale’s face anywhere, he had had a crush on him when he was a little freshman and Derek was a senior.

Derek recognized Stiles too.  Stiles had hung around with Cora, his younger sister, all through her high school years.  Back then Stiles had looked like an alien with his buzzcut, big eyes, and boned body, but now Stiles looked like the kind of guy Derek would pick up at the Jungle on a weekend. 

Stiles’ first year at BHHS is mostly Derek glaring at him because he’s trying to avoid flirting with another teach in front of the students.  The sexual tension is pretty obvious to anyone with eyes except Stiles, who thinks Derek is just a grumpy asshole. 

Stiles’ second year at BHHS finds them on much better terms after having spent summer teaching summer school and commiserating about it together. They have a friendly bet about whose team will win more games (Derek wins the bet and the most games, Stiles has to buy him a beer, so he thinks he’s the real winner in the end)

It’s during Stiles’ third year that things finally take a turn toward the romantic.  He and Derek are both forced into supervising all of the planning of all school dances because both of them got out of teaching summer school. 

The fall fling is easy, even winter formal isn’t that bad, but by the time prom rolls around Stiles is going to lose his mind.  Derek is perfect, with his bunny teeth, his excitement about literature, his ability to deliver a joke with a completely deadpan face, the fact that he has three rescue dogs and loves watching his nieces and nephews, how much he cares about his team and players wellbeing.  Stiles isn’t going to survive the end of the school year and he kind of wishes Derek would go back to being a dick (he doesn’t wish that at all).

And Derek is also going out of his mind because Stiles is so sharp, he’s well read and well traveled, he spends his spare time with his goddaughter, he had two cats named Luke and Han, his dogs name is Chewy, he can talk to Derek about classic literature without missing a beat, he spent thirty minutes helping a student come down from a panic attack, he’s everything Derek wants.

Prom is the breaking point.  Stiles shows up in a perfectly fitting tux and his hair looking artfully messy.  Derek shows up in a gray suit that makes his ass look like it’s made of steel. 

And at the dance Stiles makes an offhand comment about how he didn’t have a great time at prom because his date ditched him for her ex-boyfriend, so Derek tells him that he didn’t go to prom because his ex-girlfriend was going with her new boyfriend and he didn’t want to see them together. 

So Stiles makes a joke about having their chance to have a makeup prom right now and Derek takes his hand and starts dancing to some terrible slow pop song.

At the end of the night they get caught in the coat closet by a couple students who were clearly there to do the same thing that Derek and Stiles were doing. 

And it’s all over the school on Monday.  No one is surprised, in fact a lot of money changes hands that day.  Principle Smith gets $100 from Coach Finstock while Coach mutters about the bet being rigged.

They ignore all the talk and end up making out in the locker room after lacrosse practice ends. It’s the perfect ending to the school year and the perfect beginning to their forever. 

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Heyyy ❤❤ 15, 17, 148 for the ask thingie :D

Sonja, hey ♥♥

15. What good thing happened this summer?

… Comic Con Germany. That was the perfect weekend.

17. Do you think there is life on other planets?

Yes! Space is big and vast and endless; and life always finds a way.

148. What’s your favourite quote?

“I’m not going to die,“ she said. "Not till I’ve seen it.”
“Seen what?”
Her smile widened. “Everything.”