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have you seen the yt video (watch?v=Rm2uMmj0LQM). vanessa is so adorable in it (from like 40:00 ish) talking about her first date with lin

I have, I have. For those who aren’t familiar with it, this is a video from a gathering held soon before Lin and Vanessa’s wedding. Vanessa tells the story of their first night together date and then the guys freestyle a roleplay of the entire thing. My favorite part is the shade Vanessa throws on Lin’s Grand Theft Auto playing. Vanessa is a queen throughout.   


“i like it here.”

a really sweet moment between our ocs from our grand theft auto v story! aubrey (left) belongs to me and sage (right) belongs to @itsthelastofus  ♡

we’ve had these characters for nearly 4 years now, and we’re planning on posting a story very soon that follows their adventures in los santos! 

you can read the one shot this drawing is based off of here, and if you have any questions about these characters, feel free to ask :)


First Look: Porsche Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo

The main focus for Porsche at Auto Shanghai 2017 is the Asian launch of the Panamera Sport Turismo. The new variant of the four-door sports car – which delivers up to 404 kW (550 hp) – brings greater versatility to the luxury segment with its unmistakable design and excellent day-to-day usability.

M1 Garand, Call of Duty: World at War

-Simple but effective reload. Sadly not having the sound hurts this reload. The ping that the M1 Garand makes when it has run out ammo is such a great noise. Well excpet for the fact that during WW2 Japanesse troops learned that this was the best time to strike, after the ping they would charge. So some US troops would use an empty clip and simulate the ping, tricking them into charging. 

Also, fun fact World at War was the last Call of Duty to be released on PS2. Weird. 

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If you feel like it, please respond with five things that make you happy when you get this. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity! ❤️

Hi anonymous Mary ;) hmmmm let’s see…

  1. free time
  2. good ideas AND time to turn them into reality
  3. warm sunny days with a breeze
  4. all the new music I bought thanks to @pandelabs ;)
  5. ts4 to ts3 conversions (I cried too many metaphorical tears about their absence lately)

Thank you for this! I mean, it’s cause I was in your activity but I was there because you been posting good stuff so…there’s that xD


Mission: VegasCon was a success!

Four days is a lot of con, like a lot, but it was a blast as always.  Got to hang with my ESB, @torn-and-frayed and got to see the fantabulous @mrsjohnsmith - who is an absolute delight in every possible way.  She hooked me up not once but twice with a better view of the con.

Once again, I come away with love for this cast and this SPN family.  It’s clear they love each other and they love us.

No major stories to report, just a few fun highlights.

Steph and I attended the first ever PJ Party with Kim and Brianna, it was a ton of fun.  I think the ladies weren’t quite sure what to do, but they definitely made time for each person at the party, made them feel included.  These ladies are amazing and I ADORE THEM SO MUCH.

My Jensen photo ops were awesome.  He smelled AMAZING.  He always smells good, but the musk was particularly potent this weekend.  I got my standard hug and a Charlie hug and I couldn’t be happier. (He’s even sticking his tongue out a little bit. Be still, my beating heart.)

My Mishalecki op was SO MUCH FUN.  Jared had a few drinks in him, and he gets super touchy feely after drinks.  I told Jared and Misha to do whatever they wanted…and this happened:

There was nothing innapropriate, but here were a lot of HANDS.  One of them was rubbing my back and Jared rubbed my arm for an extended length of time before giving me a hug and a “Thanks, darling.”  (’Darling” is his favorite word, I think.  He’s called me ‘doll’ before too.)

Last but not least was autos.  They took FOREVER and Steph and I were almost last in line.  I brought two boxed of Girl Scout cookies, one for each J2.  We had Jared’s auto first.  I said, “Hey, I brought you cookies.”  He proceeded to grab both and kind of smash the boxes while gripping them tightly to his chest.  I told him he could only have one, so he threw the Thin Mints at me and kept the Samoas.  Steph predicted accurately that this would happen.

Jensen was all smiles and the best part of his autos was watching him interact with a baby, giving her high fives and making her laugh with his over the top reaction.  She even tried to bust back into line to see him again!

Oh…and got a no-makeup selfie with Gil McKinney, who is a total sweetheart.

So all in all, great weekend.  I’ll be editing pictures a little later, after spending some time with my family, so keep an eye out for pics.


Endless List of Favorite Characters: Burt Gummer (Tremors series)

“Well… when the radios went out I decided to return to the refinery, but en route, I find I’m in an ambush situation! Must have been a couple of dozen of these things! Well, I dropped the first wave with semi-auto fire but they just kept coming! Sheer luck, most of them were in front of the truck so I just popped it into six-wheel and ran ‘em down. The ones that got on board I handled with a combination of small-arms fire and hand-to-hand techniques. I am completely out of ammo… that’s never happened to me before.”



General Motors was the first U.S auto manufacturer to mass produce the pillar-less hardtop body style.  GM applied the moniker “Convertible Hardtop” to the 1949;  Buick Roadmaster Riviera, Cadillac Coupe de Ville, Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Holiday. The term “Convertible Hardtop” was derived from the concept that they would build a convertible and add a permanent hardtop that resembled a convertible with the top up.  The doors would dispense with the fixed metal framing around the door window glass.  This concept was first applied to two door cars and spread to four doors cars and some station wagons. The style became very popular and even struggling Independents had produced their own Hardtop models.  Almost all U.S. Auto Makers had a Hardtop  available by the mid-1950s.

The pillar-less hardtop was significant enough for most car brands to attach a corresponding name (in parenthesis in the image descriptions above) specifically for that body style or top tier model or trim level that was only available as a hardtop body.  Models that were aimed at the economy conscious often did not offer hardtop variants.  Conversely, upper market models would sometimes eliminate sedan versions from the line up.

Hardtop Brand Monikers:

Chevrolet –> Sport Coupe (2 door) Sport Sedan (4 door) confusing the issue since the term sedan was relegated mainly for traditional framed door glass cars. 

Pontiac —-> Catalina

Oldsmobile —-> Holiday

Buick   —-> Riviera

Cadillac  —-> de Ville & Seville

Ford  —-> Victoria

Mercury  —-> Phaeton

Lincoln —->  Landau 

Dodge  —-> Lancer

DeSoto  —-> Sportsman

Chrysler (& 1955 Imperial) —-> Newport

Imperial  —-> Southampton

Rambler  —-> Country Club

Hudson  —-> Hollywood

Studebaker  —-> Starliner

Willys  —-> Eagle

Notice that some of the names would be used again, becoming separate models of their own. (i.e. Catalina, Riviera, Lancer, Newport) or trim packages (i.e. Holiday, Landau)

Visual example of Sedan vs. Hardtop 

1956 Chevrolet 210 Two Door Sedan

1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Four Door Sedan

1956 Chevrolet Hardtops; Bel Air Sport Coupe & 210 Sport Sedan


Scott and Bailey and the Totally Serious Police Department


Ok, I am on my way home so I kind of have to make this quick.
But I have to tell you what happened. First off, my daughter and I had to stand for about 2 hours before Jeff came out, we did make a few friends, including a couple of John Winchester girls! 😊

Anyway, getting to the good stuff. 😂. I’m thanking my lucky stars for purchasing the JDM VIP package because once Jeff came out we were rushed to the front of the line

There was about 10 people in front of us. We were standing close enough to hear the guy working with Jeff (his assistant or publicist?) start screaming at the volunteer to make sure the hundred or so people waiting would not ask for a personalized auto. “We’ll be here till midnight!” That dude scared the shit out of me, I was waiting for him to bring out Lucille! 😂

We have to run what we are having signed by this dude, so I just gave him photo op, keeping the messages until Jeff was finishing up the auto. My daughter was excited because Millie Bobby Brown was signing next to him, and Jeff loves Stranger Things, so she asked him if he had met her. He goes, “I did! In fact, I guess we were on the same plane coming here!” 😊

So I took this as the chance to slip him the letters. He asked what it was and I said that a group of his biggest fans heard he was getting hate and we wanted him to know how much he is loved and appreciated. He said “Aww, no! I’m ok, I can take it!” He laughed, then said, “Wow, this is great!” And he leaned over the table and hugged me! Dear God, I nuzzled his freaking scruff! 😜😍
By now, I was on cloud 9, and started to walk away and he added “I’ll take this home!”

I am so so over the moon!

I also have to say what happened at my first auto with him. When I asked if he could sign “Look at my dirty girl!” nasty dude shot it down very quickly. Well while Jeff was signing his name, he said “what was it?” I repeated it and he started writing it! He then whispered “Don’t tell anyone!” So I got that and I’m getting it tattooed! 😊

God I love that man!

I Hurts to See You and Him

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Hook is pulled into a curse which sends him back in time, to when Neal and Emma are on their whirl-wind romance, robbing convenience stores, and squatting in hotel rooms. But what will Killian do when August comes into play and he has to watch Emma experience the heartbreak that built all of her walls? Will he change the past? Or let Emma down in her time of need?

beta’d by: @looselipswontsinkships

also read on: FFN

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