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50 Methods of Adab (Islamic Decorum) with Parents:


1) Prefer them over everyone and everything.

2) Anticipate how you can make their life more comfortable, especially in old age.

3) Offer them opportunities to come closer to Allah e.g. inform them of lectures & take them if they agree.

4) Remember them often in your supplications.

5) Praise their efforts & achievements. After all, you are one of them!

6) Always start with them, when serving food, giving gifts etc.

6) Visit them regularly & enquire about their health.

7) Dress well, smell good and stand up for them when they enter your presence.

8) Call them with the most respectable titles, never by their first name.

9) When you greet them, kiss their hand, head etc.

10) Never sit while they are standing.

11) Never sit on a higher level than them.

12) Listen respectfully & show interest in what they say.

13)Never stare them in the eyes, remain humble.

14) Choose your words well when speaking to them.

15) Never frown in front of them.

16) Never raise your voice over theirs, speak quietly & softly.

17) Never disagree with them, unless they state something contrary to the deen. If so, do it respectfully.

18) Smile/ laugh at their jokes even if you don’t get it due to generation gap etc.

19) Always give an ear to their advice (its coming from the heart)

20) Never outright reject their opinions.

21) Always show interest in their discussions.

22) In conversations, never cut them off or leave them while they are talking.

23) Never say “Ah”, “Uf” or other expressions that show your discomfort with them.

24) When in a gathering with them, give them the prime position.

25) Never fidget with phone/gadget when they address you.

26)Never extend your feet towards them.

27)Never hang up the phone, before they do. They may remember something while you are putting it down.

28) Never give them your back or shut a door on them

29) Never eat before them when sat together.

30) Never walk in front of them, except to clear the way or protect them.

31) Be quick off the foot, when they ask you to do something for them.

32) Never keep them waiting, especially in the sun or cold.

33) Never laugh at a mishap or accident they have in front of you.

34) Never spread what they share with you about a sibling or other parent etc.

35) Never let them carry or lift bags while you are empty-handed.

36) Share with them good news about your life.

37) Keep from them any bad news, that may hurt their feelings.

38) Respect their friends, both in their life and after they pass away.

39) Never mention them in a negative light to your friends etc.

40) Never tell them: “I wish I was not born” or “You were not my father”

41) Never discipline their grandchildren in front of them.

42) Never compare them with the parents of others.

43) Never dig up past incidents of negative consequences.

44) Always praise them in front of your friends and family.

45) Never bother them with ‘forced babysitting’ or chores.

46) Don’t sleep without checking on their needs first.

47) Never travel without their permission, other than to perform fardh.

48) Maintain your father’s self-respect & sense of “being the man of the house” until he passes away.

49) Never ask your father if he needs financial help, thus making him feel lowly, check this with your mother.

50) Respond to their call immediately, even if in voluntary prayer.
[From Shaykh Mohammed Daniel’s al-Adab al-Mufrad Course @ Cordoba Academy]

titaniumsun-deactivated20141112  asked:

ight fam this is a serious question,if the immaculate conception is just copied who's the original "Christ" I mean who are all these ppl really worshiping?

Christ is a consciousness, not a single person. Its a state of enlightenment in which the soul has ascended out of the egotistical Earth 3rd dimension into the unconditional love mental plane of the 5th dimension.  Ascended masters such as Gautama Buddha achieved this state and that's why when you see images of him or Yeshua (jesus) you see their a bright aura around their crest (meaning the head or the top) that’s represents the state of consciousness attained by those who reach the Mental Planes.

We all have the potential to reach this state.

Christ derrives from the 7 tone of creation KRYST-HLA (KA RA YA SA TA HA LA). Kryst is the orgin of the word Christ and HLA is the orgins of Allah.

Its also where I get the Kryst in my name from lol.

As far as who's being worshipped in the bible…. 

I first have to explain what the bible is which is based on the combination of many stories written from the ancient Kemet (Egypt) text to Sumerian and Greek & Roman text combined.

The Holy Bible is Helios Biblos. Helios means Sun and Biblos is derived from the ancient Egyptian word, papyrus, which means . It means record of SUN. 

Jesus represents the SUN, which is why he’s always referred to as the son/sun. 

He’s has 12 disciples which represents the 12 star constellations/ 12 zodiac signs that surround the sun. Look at a clock or watch, you see Jesus (the SUN) in the middle, surrounded by 12 hours. The 1 amongst 12 is SOLAR and is based on the SUN’S  travel thru the Heavens.

The SUN rises in the EAST…Jesus (the son/SUN) rose on EASTer. Easter = East Star.

and there’s much more the story but jesus is not actually a physical person.

The Yahweh in the bible that people are actually worshiping and sending their energy to are actually a group of reptilians who pretty much have control of the religious system today. Its who the popes and government hierarchy take their orders from. majority of the bible is flipped around so those who read is and preachs it don't understand it. The serpent in the bible gives the knowledge while the “god” in the bible keeps you blind. and the “god” of the bible actually kills more people than the so called devil in the book.

To achieve actual Christ Consciousness we must detach from the religious orders that are here to blind and control us. we must detach from all the bullshit and start from zero point and create our own way.

The bible is not bad if you understand it in the language it is written but it will only cause confusion to those who only think on a physical, 3rd dimensional level.

I hope this helps you on your journey !

13 love

- Kryst Vega