the firenation

You know, I do like the idea of kataraxzuko because, if they went with it that would have shown just how the world was changing. I feel that in some ways, zuko and katara did help each other to find peace and closure, and they were both on the same level mental and maturity wise.

And like, I think that Zuko would have done A LOT to make up for what the firenation did to the water tribe if his wife was of the water tribe. And that would have shown true progression. Not saying that Zuko wasn’t progressed or humbled, but I mean, we know that he feels guilty for the treatment of the water tribe, and I think he’d do all he can to give them rights and repay them, even if that meant integrating some of them into the fire nation.

And I’m pretty sure many of Katara’s people would follow her into the fire nation as well, and she could establish some rule and class along side Zuko, whom I believe would treat her equally because given he is fire nation, they are pretty much advocates for gender equality (more so now given the changing time).

And I think making two of the  main characters, who are from different and opposing cultures get together to try and ease all the tension and stuff that the 100rd year war brought would be efficient and would send a good message.


And just bcs she’s queen of the fire nation doesn’t mean she’d drop her water tribe culture. I think Zuko would try to preserve that, and would make sure that the fire nation never stepped on the water tribe culture again.

And it would be every empowering for a woman like Katara, to be in such a very high position but treated equally and held in reverence by the people who once opposed she and her people.

Like I am a little upset that there was a possibility zuko x katara could have been canon.

And it would have been made canon in a way where it wasn’t cliché at all.

Aang legit in the comic called Zuko “Your Fireiness” as a nickname. It’s not a stretch that one day the gaang all hang out and watch Aang and Zuko banter(flirt) and Aang calls Zuko “Your Hotness”. When Toph barks out a laugh all “Careful Twinkletoes, your wife can see you blushing.” And Katara goes “I like it when he’s blushing. Besides, who wouldn’t call Zuko Your Hotness?” To the left Sokka is dramatically gagging, but Aang and Katara laugh and take turns bowing and ushering Zuko across the courtyard “Your Hotness” “After you, Your Hotness” “Oh mighty and regal lord hotness of the firenation” “Hottest hotness of the firenation dynasty” “The hottiest” and Zuko gets all flustered and ends up laughing.

Aang and Zuko being friends once he is firelord would be the most unconventional and best thing ever. I can imagine the council trying to micromanage the firelord.
“A firelord does not walk sire, use the palanquin”
“A firelord does not serve tea in ba sing se, let the servants take care of that sire”
“A firelord does not disappear into the night for a field trip, your country needs you”
Then Aang flies in on his glider and swoops Zuko away “Zuko! I need to take you to this hot spring on a mountaintop right away! Pleaaaaase Zuko!”
And Zuko gets given this look by his advisors, all arms crossed and cranky and Zuko just side eyes at Aang. “Oh. You mean - that - mountaintop. For the important… spirit bridge… avatar mission you told me about?” and full steps on Aang’s foot all “subtle” like.
And Aang goes “OW! I mean hahah yes! Top secret spirity hotspring business. Needs the firelords immediate attention. Hahahah. Top secret. I’m the Avatar.”
And the advisors facepalm as Aang grins and tugs Zuko out of the palace by the hand like he was 12 years old all over again. The advisors make a note that when the Avatar makes doe eyes at the firelord and says please any resistance crumbles, and to schedule their meetings on days when the Avatar is far far away from the firenation.
(which becomes exceedingly difficult for them when Zuko invites Aang, Katara and the old gaang to stay in the royal wing of the palace for the summer. The advisors can tell the firelord til they’re blue in the face that it’s not appropriate for the firelord to share chambers with his old war buddies even if those buddies are the Avatar and his wife, but somehow Zuko never listens and no one ever peices together that with the fact that somehow Zuko can’t say no to the Avatar when he makes those doe eyes and says please hahaha)

                                            The Avatar Cycle Table

Here’s my newest piece. I carved the table top, burned some edges, sanded others, and finally painted the whole shebang with acrylic.  Looking to make a lot more tables like this. Varying themes, of course.

Took quite a while to finish. All in all, very happy with the product. Any fans out there interested in buying a functional piece of art?

Princess and Peasant: Azula and Katara are Perfect Literary Foils

I couldn’t decide if I should open with the quote “you rise with the moon, I rise with the sun,” or “I’m blue da ba dee da ba die,” so just keep both those concepts in the back of your head for this.

When discussing Azula, we are usually tempted to contrast her to Zuko. By her own assertion, their fight in the series finale was “the showdown that was always meant to be.” For that reason, there are some who felta bit let down that it wasn’t Zuko who delivered the “final blow” to his sister, but instead Katara, our story’s narrator. However, in my view, Katara taking down Azula was quite fulfilling for the very good reason that these two girls are absolutely perfect literary foils.

Both Katara and Azula were born in the same year, second siblings to an older brother. These older brothers came into a position of “authority” well into childhood: for Sokka it was when Hakota left the village and told his son to protect it, similar to how Zuko wasn’t the heir apparent until Lu Ten died and Ozai supplanted Iroh in succession. However, it’s Katara and Azula who were the “gifted” ones with their respective prodigious bending. As a result, Zuko and Azula have a largely competitive relationship.

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