the firebird and the gray wolf


Hunted is so perfect from the dedication at the beginning to the note from the author at the end. It’s a book that speaks to me in every way. I am the girl who reads by flashlight, who sees dragons in the clouds, who dreams of other worlds. I am Yeva, searching, “want(ing) not so much a thing as everything, something beyond naming, something more than”. I am the girl who grew up reading fairy tales and still yearns to see the magic in the world. 

So to Meagan Spooner, you wrote this for me and I thank you for it.

“Well, if you had just come and asked me, I would have given the horse to you! But now how will it look when I tell the whole kingdom what you’ve done? However, to get your honor back, there is something that you can do for me. Go to the Thrice Tenth Kingdom and bring back the princess Elena the Fair. I want her, but I have not found a way to get her here. If you do this, I will pardon you and will give you the golden bridle.” - The Tale of Ivan Tsarevich, the Firebird, and the Gray Wolf

Title: Like the Moon Chases the Sun [Fanart]
Artist: HeartOfAmethyst

Title: like the moon chases the sun
Author: boarsnsmores
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Words: 42818 
Mulan pinches the bridge of her nose, closes her eyes, and attempts to tamp down her- is it frustration? Bewilderment? Something along those lines. “Emma.” She begins slowly, willing herself to breathe, “When I told you not to get involved with magic, I did not mean ‘Emma, get involved with magic, use it to combat other forces of magic, while wielding a sword of legend, and then overthrow a monarchy.’”

Emma gives her a flippant shrug, “These things happen.”

(an AU of the Heroes & Villains AU inspired by the Russian fairy tale, “Tsarevitch Ivan, the Firebird and the Gray Wolf” featuring ominous prophecies, a myriad of collapsing architectural structures, and inexplicably, possibly a ficus.)

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