the fire of drift wood

What if the road I’m on wandered till it’s dirt and met the tall grass of a summer field? Would you find me there? What if the sun fell below the swaying trees and the cold lifted from the stream across your fingers? Would you reach for me in the chill? What if I sparked a fire to rage through the night? Where the snapping of wood drifts off under warm covers made from the melody of you and I.
One Direction Preference- Teenage Dream by Katy Perry (Harry) (Request by Anon)

You tipped your head back, letting the last ounce of beer slip down your throat as Harry tugged at your hand. With a crunch, you crushed it, letting it drop to the pavement. Together you stumbled through the parking lot, sandals hanging from your free hand and his flannel wrapped around your waist.

It was too late in the year to go to the beach, but that didn’t keep you away. Louis had thrown together some Friday night bonfire and you’d tagged along, knowing the cool ocean air would give you an excuse to stay right by Harry’s side.

You could feel the sand between your toes and the buzz in your veins, all making your mind swirl with the perfection of your night. Like usual, you and Harry had been absorbed in each other, disregarding the party around you. You spent nearly three hours snuggled under a quilt, tossing drift wood into the fire and sharing drinks. You smiled at the memory of his mouth breathing warm air onto your frozen hands.

His pace slowed as he neared the car and you smiled lazily, “In case you were wondering, the party is that way, Haz.”

He turned, smiling, “I know. I just wanted a little alone time.”

You felt your stomach flutter just a little. 10 months together had done little to dissipate the excitement you had every time you heard his voice. You tilted your head a little, “Is that right?” you were struggling not to slur your words.

“Mhmm,” he grinned, moving his hands to slip around your waist, as he let his weight rest against the hood of his car.

“And why is that?” you flirted, brushing a curl from his forehead as he pulled you close to him.

“Because,” he mumbled, leaning in so his breath was on your neck, “It’s not really socially acceptable to makeout in the middle of a party,” he pressed a kiss behind your ear.

“Says who?” you giggled, sliding your arms up to rest over his shoulders.

His laugh was raspy as he blew a puff of air on your neck, kissing along your jawline, “You are very, very drunk.”

“And you are very, very cute,” you smiled, giving a him quick peck on the lips.

“Oh trust me, I know,” he smiled, pressing his forehead to yours.

You raised your eyebrows matter-of-factly, “You do know you’re supposed to call me cute back, right?”

“Oh am I?” he teased.

“Absolutely,” you nodded.

“Well in that case,” he pressed his lips to yours, mumbling, “You’re the cutest girl I know.”

“Better be,” you smiled against the kiss before falling into it completely, lips working against his as your bodies pressed against each other, “Should we like, get in the backseat?” you panted, breaking away for a moment.

He smiled, out of breath but still laughing a little bit, “As much as I’d love to…I’m not taking advantage of you while you’re drunk.”

“Well that’s a first,” you smiled.

“Shhh, I’m trying to be a good boyfriend,” he moved a hand up to brush a piece of hair from your face.

“That is also a first,” you giggled.

“Oh shut up.”

“Make me.”


I can already tell these are going to be so fun to write. I hope you enjoy this first piece & the other boys are here: Lo, N, Li & Z.

In the mean time…it's honesty hour!

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I love the way the moon and sun reflect of the water and how the stars never look the same and how the waves lift and fall as if they’re breathing and how the bright orange flames of the burning fire lick the faded drift wood and how you can only take so many pictures until the colors of the sunset fade into darkness.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #481 // @ijjarek on Instagram

driftingsamurai  asked:

About three feet of snow had fallen and covered up the earth around the cabin, and Drift had just gone out to get Fire wood. He hummed a bit as he walked through the snow, unaware he was being targetted.

A snowball shot out, nailing Daiki right in the back of the head.