the fire of drift wood

What if the road I’m on wandered till it’s dirt and met the tall grass of a summer field? Would you find me there? What if the sun fell below the swaying trees and the cold lifted from the stream across your fingers? Would you reach for me in the chill? What if I sparked a fire to rage through the night? Where the snapping of wood drifts off under warm covers made from the melody of you and I.

simplymoemega  asked:

I want a continuation to the Ace 'dying' instead of Sabo plz!

When Ace died Sabo’s dream of being a pirate died with him.

 He hadn’t wanted to be a pirate until Ace mentioned it when they were younger- he was content being one of the men sitting around the giant fires in the Gray Terminal. 

He used to sneak out to hear those men tell their stories of freedom. Though they had nothing but the clothes on their backs most of the men were friendlier than all the nobles he interacted with. 

Sabo wanted that. He wanted to be able to laugh when a strange boy came back night after night to hear a tale and sit under the stars while doing so. It was far warmer than the marble floors and high ceilings. 

A life as a trash digger didn’t sound too bad to him back then. 

Then Ace told him about pirates.  Told him what it meant to be a pirate. To not take orders from anyone, go anywhere his heart wanted and most of all to live as free as possible.

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I love the way the moon and sun reflect of the water and how the stars never look the same and how the waves lift and fall as if they’re breathing and how the bright orange flames of the burning fire lick the faded drift wood and how you can only take so many pictures until the colors of the sunset fade into darkness.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #481 // @ijjarek on Instagram

driftingsamurai  asked:

About three feet of snow had fallen and covered up the earth around the cabin, and Drift had just gone out to get Fire wood. He hummed a bit as he walked through the snow, unaware he was being targetted.

A snowball shot out, nailing Daiki right in the back of the head.