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Character Habits:

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nail biting | throat clearing | lying | interrupting | chewing the ends of pens | smoking |swearing | knuckle cracking | thumb sucking | muttering under their breath | talking to themselves | nose picking | binge drinking | oversleeping | snacking between meals |skipping meals | picking at skin | impulse buying | talking with their mouth full |humming/singing to themselves | chewing gum | leg jiggling | foot tapping | hair twirling | whistling | eye rolling | licking lips | sniffing | squinting | rubbing hands together | jaw clenching | gesturing while talking | putting feet up on tables | tucking hair behind ears | chewing lips |crossing arms over chest | putting hands on hips | rubbing the back or their neck | being late | procrastinating | doodling | shredding paper | peeling off bottle labels | forgetfulness | running hands through hair | overreacting | teeth grinding | nostril flaring | slouching | pacing | drumming fingers | fist clenching | pinching bridge of nose | rubbing temples | rolling shoulders

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Let’s talk about the EOS chapter set during Heir of Fire

No, I don’t want to talk about Remelle. I want to talk about how protective Rowan is, not only of Aelin, but of innocents.

If you haven’t read the story, there’s one part where Rowan’s former lover Remelle suggests that Aelin could warm Benson’s bed (he’s a Fae lord sent by Maeve).

Maeve explicitly told Lord Benson that he could take Aelin to bed if he wanted. That bitch. She didn’t know if Aelin and Rowan had mated yet so she found a way to make Rowan jealous in order to make the bond snap into place. 

But Rowan, beautiful Rowan, who is jealous, because whether he knows it or not, Aelin is his mate, and the thought of her with another “makes his blood boil”, takes the opportunity to make a much different statement: 

If Benson lays one finger on her, he’s going to find himself without his insides. Benson looks twice at her and he dies. He looks twice at any of the females in this fortress and he dies.


And I think that says a lot about his character. To me, this proves that he is not ‘possessive’ of Aelin. He is very, very protecting. Of everybody. Whether they need his protection or not, he will offer his help. The woman he thought was his mate was slaughtered while pregnant because he had been careless in his protection. Of course he’s going to jump at the throat of everybody who threatens an innocent.

Sure, y’all may point out that he’s also leveled entire cities with Lorcan, but a) even as he regrets it, he admits that the people of those cities were “wicked”, and b) he was ordered to do so by Maeve’s blood oath that he could not go against. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Rowan Whitethorn has always had so much potential to be good. To be a genuinely caring person. He only needed to remember what caring about someone felt like. He only needed reminding that he could be good and loyal and loving.

Some People Just Don't Understand
  • Friend: Why are you smiling so big?
  • Me: This damn book.
  • *five minutes later*
  • Friend: Holy shit, why are you crying?
  • Me: This damn book.
  • *five minutes later*
  • Me: *screams in horror*
  • Friend: What? What's wrong?
  • Me: This damn book.
  • Me: *turns the page*
  • Me: *laughs hysterically*
  • Friend: GOD FUCKING--