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Taylor Swift, I noticed through the years, she’s the first to throw herself right into any good cause. Any time anything happens, Taylor’s there to make big donations and offer time and money. I’m so thankful to her. I just think she’s precious.
—  Dolly Parton to ET on Taylor Swift’s generation donation for the Smoky Mountain fires
On Rowan punching Aelin in HoF

I’m in no way advocating for violence here, but honestly I’m not surprised at Rowan having punched Aelin in Heir of Fire. She was being a huge bitch to him their entire trip, antagonizing him on purpose, and then basically said the equivalent of “Jewish people deserved the holocaust,” so fuck yeah Rowan hit her. If someone said that to me (and I’m not even Jewish, or in this instance, Fae) I’d probably be tempted to slap them silly.
Obviously Rowan is larger and stronger than Aelin in every way, and probably wouldn’t have hit her if she hadn’t said that.
But let’s not forget this is a fictional world where Fae and humans interact and are treated quite differently, and Rowan, despite his disliking of Aelin initially, has always treated her as an equal, despite her sex/powers/stature, etc.
Again, not saying anyone deserves violence but I can understand why he was so emotionally upset that his instinct was to hit her.
Not to mention the fact that with whatever weird headspace Celaena was in, she wanted him to CONTINUE to be violent towards her just so she could feel something. She was egging him on until he broke, knowing he’d snap eventually, definitely knowing what the outcome would be.
I don’t think this makes Rowan abusive. Celaena pushed him towards the outcome she wanted. He doesn’t display a pattern of abusive behavior. He may be a hard ass, all stoic and indifferent, but he doesn’t delight in harming her because he’s some sadistic women-beater.
I know this has all been said before but I’m re-reading HoF again and honestly sometimes Aelin’s blasé attitude and overall aggressive and brash behavior gets on my nerves. I love Rowaelin with every fiber of my being, but damn girl gets annoying sometimes.
Okay, rant over.


2017 is kicking off with some excitement at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. Last week a 22-acre section of a lava delta broke apart and sank into the ocean causing the closing of a viewing area. Now, from the new viewing area, visitors can witness a “fire hose” of lava streaming into the ocean. The molten rock sends huge clouds of steam and gas into the air as it hits the Pacific. It’s a sight you’ll never forget. Photos by National Park Service.

Mick is being an ass as always but I want a moment in one of the later episodes where he uses his gun and Kara uses freeze breath and she isn’t dumb about it like Ray was and for a second he feels, just a bit, what it felt like to work with Snart and from then on he will aggressively protect her and side with her on everything.

1058. In an alternate universe, the Triwizard Tournament was brought back two years earlier. Gilderoy Lockhart realized there is no age maximum on the Goblet of Fire. He made a huge show of putting his name in, and then sulked like crazy when Percy Weasley is chosen instead.