the fire fighters


SHOCKING! Senator McCain Sold Out His Fellow POW’s   

That’s why they call this traitor Songbird McCain.  Not to mention that he screwed up 4-5 jets, but they allowed him to stay in the military because his daddy was an Admiral.  Nepotism at it’s finest.

Songbird McCain sold out his fellow POWs in Vietnam and caused an aircraft fire that got over 100 soldiers killed because he was showing off and goofing around in his jet.

Songbird McCain is not a hero, and this snake keeps running around behind President Trump’s back, acting as if HE was the president.  He was BEGGING Donald Trump for an endorsement when his Senate seat was up for reelection.  And now that McCain won his Senate seat again, he’s stabbing President Trump in the back every chance he gets.  Arizona why do you keep electing this POS??

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