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I love and adore Finding Marley but I can't wait to see what you have thought of. I understand if you don't have time to write it, but I hope that you end up with it. You know I'm madly attached to your stories and I know anything you do or come up with will be incredibly amazing and I will be starstruck. Also, SIX PAGES OF NOTES?! That is impressive in ways I can't even describe. ♥ Love you boo.

I love and adore Finding Marley too! And don’t worry, I’m definitely going to finish it! But honestly, I am so incredibly excited to get started on my next story too! If I had more time on my hands I’d write them both simaltanously, but I just don’t 😞

Yes aha, I’ve already started planning my next story, and it really excites me! I will definitely be releasing some kind of teaser before Finding Marley is over! When I first started posting Finding Marley I was pretty inexperienced at this whole story telling thing! So, I’m excited to be able to start a new story from scratch, knowing everything I know now, if you know what I mean? 

Thank you so much, my love. I’m so glad to have friends and followers as wonderful as you!! You always give me far too much credit! I love you too boo! 

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I also really loved "The treasures along the shoes of Busan" (Not just because Hobi is my bias 😄) I had such a hard time picking between that and "one good purr (deserves another) ". Thank you so much for opening this poll and always posting your amazing writings. Congrats on 5k!!! You deserve it! 😆😆

Ah, thank you so much!!!    ㅠㅅㅠ   It’s so nice to hear that readers were looking forward to the sequel, I wish I had kept on myself more and finished it when I intended to. Thank you for participating!!!! So sweet to me, oh my gosh <3

I’m just bummed that I messed up the poll, but lesson learned X) it’s my first online poll, I’ll know better for next time <3

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(I’m all three of them, laughing at myself)


Another meme I won’t finish: [3/?] favorite outfits:

You look really nice.



3/12 illustration I did for Ghost Brewery for their canned beer as design, each flavor represented by a mysterious mythological creature!

This is what I was so busy since December and could not be that active as I was hoping for. I love working with them, they are supportive, kind and gave me amazing freedom how to portray their chosen critters and even gave me some freedom to pick some colours for them which I found more suiting for the theme. I had so much fun working with this project, I still need to finish some of these illustrations but have a good head start even if I only able to show them as the flavors being shelved first. 

Recently they discussing with possible American contacts so their beer in the future will be possible to order/buy there as well for the moment they primary selling in the UK and stretching out to reach other European countries!

Here’s my part on a collaborative effortthat I’ll share here soon!

Now for a quick update.
As you may have noticed I haven’t uploaded at all this year, Well there are 2 reasons:
1. I am working with the amazing studio Yotta. None of the stuff I’ve  done have been released so I can’t share stuff on any of it, but I can’t wait to show you all the cool stuff I’ve done with them this past 5 months,
2. I’m starting some very basic pre production for my thesis film. I want to graduate this year so next semester I’ll be doing my thesis film, and I want to start early to be able to finish it in time. So I have a bunch of messy sketches on paper that I dont feel like scanning cus they are more to organize my ideas, but when things get more forward, I think I’ll create a production blog if you are interested in that kind of things.

I want to thanks you all for sticking around, and I will try to upload more things to here, so do keep you eyes peeled out!


Frank Frink and Inspector Takeshi Kido // just wanted to sketch my faves from The Man in the High Castle


Send me quotes please!

I really want to continue this series :) So if you want, send me an ask with your favourite character and a quote of theirs that means something to you, and I’ll see if I can use it! I’m trying not to use romance-specific quotes so that everyone can identify themselves with them regardless of their personal playthrough.

The finished companions can be found here and are also available on Society6 by the way ;)

(Oh yeah, though they’re not technically companions I do intend to go with Josephine and Cullen as well because let’s face it they’re amazing. So if there’s any other non-companion characters you’d like to see, shoot me an ask!)

Lance / Keith / Pidge / Hunk / Shiro&Allura / Coran

“And the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we loved / Grey clouds roll over the hills bringing darkness from above”  Pompeii, Bastille

More dances from @wittyy-name and @wolfpainters fic Shut Up and Dance With Me! And right after their update, I’m so excited. I was finishing the colors for Anaconda!Keith while I was on the stream with them (which was a blast I’m so excited that I got the courage up to join them).

The videos for the dances are here, for Pompeii, and here, for Anaconda. Seriously, watch them they’re amazing!!! Pidge and Hunk are coming up next, along with Pidge and Lance dancing to Shakira! (I’m seriously having a blast can you tell?)

As promised bonus Keith dancing to Anaconda under the cut because I am nothing if not self indulgent:

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I’ve read some pretty amazing soulmate aus in the check please fandom, but all of them are getting together fics.

give me established relationship soulmate aus

give me bitty and jack using their soul bond to finish each other’s sentences, or to move effortlessly around each other both on the ice and in the kitchen

give me jack and bitty being out, give me the two of them (both famous in their own right) doing a black and white photoshoot for Out magazine, shirtless and each other’s soul marks proudly on display

give me jack and bitty being totally in love and having their bond be solidified daily by their soul mate connection! 

Houses as Halloween Things
  • HUFFLEPUFF- Baking Halloween goods for your parties such as spider cupcakes and ghost cookies with friends
  • RAVENCLAW- Carving intricate designs into pumpkins, making them either extremely scary and absolutely beautiful
  • SLYTHERIN- Coming up with the most unique and amazing Halloween costume. Spending hours working on and just admiring the finishing project.
  • GRYFFINDOR- Trying to be brave by having a huge horror movie marathon with a group of friends in the dark, proving you aren't scared

That feeling when, after reading hundreds of books, they still manage surprise you. They still pull twists and turns that take your breath away. They still leave you numb after finishing them. And I think that’s a testament to the amazing writers that bring these books and these stories out there. Of their infinite imagination and resilience in writing the stories they have in their heart. Keep doing that you’re doing, you’re amazing.

The stupendous Mcelroy brothers in all of their glory.

(A WIP, don’t worry, Griffin is in place-holder stage for now. I just rented a tablet for the first time and I’m slowly learning digital stuff, so I thought I’d doodle~)

Seriously though, these guys are amazing. I want to be friends with them, they make me laugh so incredibly hard and simultaneously wish that I could laugh and talk with my own siblings more. I hope that they keep on being happy and wonderful in the future! (Sorry again, Griffin, promise I’ll finish you soon, haha)

have a good one~

What to read after Throne of Glass

If you, like me, are still going through complete Sarah J Maas withdrawal, and can’t really stand to wait for her next books, check out the list below to tide you over! Each book has many of the things I adored about both ToG and ACOMAF: strong and interesting female characters, magic, deeply beautiful writing, love stories to cry about, and an all around sense of adventure. If you have any more recommendations to add, definitely let me know!

Black Jewels: Anne Bishop

I just finished this series, and I am still amazed by how masterfully Anne Bishop weaves her stories. Welcome to the Dark Kingdom, a matriarchal realm ruled by strong queens and the males that support and serve them (Rowan and Aedion anyone?). There is a prophecy fortelling the rise of a Queen with more power than even the High Lord of Hell himself, which gives us a wonderful story full of scheming, war, adventure, and a badass court I would kill to be a part of. Prepare your heart!

Graceling by Kristian Cashore

Graceling is the best series for all you folks who couldn’t get enough of badass assassin Celaena. Katsa is an assassin Celaena would be proud of, due to her rare ability as a Graceling. She is Graced with a killing power, and has spent her life as the king’s tool in doling out his reign of terror. In waltzes Po, Graced with fighting, and here to shake everything Katsa knows about her world. Cashore definitely gives us a twist Sarah would most certainly support!

The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

This book aligns more with the romance and court mystique that Sarah presents so wonderfully in ToG and ACOMAF. Kestrel is the daughter of a general who helped the emperor conquer territory after territory. As she is faced with a choice, marry or join the military, Kestrel finds a friend in one of the slaves from the conquered people, and so begins one of the most interesting political schemes I have read in awhile! I haven’t finished the trilogy yet, because I am out of the country and can’t get my hands on the final book, but I would highly recommend it.

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Cue another really cool empire written by an author who isn’t afraid to be inventive or go beyond the normal realms of fantasy. Vin is another Celaena-esque character, as the abandoned street child who turned thief who struggles to stay alive. When a mentor takes her under his wing, she discovers that her luck on the streets might be more than she could ever explain. Magic, mystery, and of course, a few court balls thrown in make for a wonderful mix. Warning: the last book made me cry. Like really cry. But in a good, I’m-still-mad-at-you-but-I-understand-and-respect-your-story-line type of way.

Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima

Raisa is everything that I have ever wanted in a princess. She is intelligent, passionate, feisty, and super compassionate. So when a war arises between the clans and the wizards, you can bet she has goals to achieve and empires to shake up. Throw Han Alister into the mix, a street wise leader, and things get tricky and fireworks explode. One of my favorite love stories in a long time, because it isn’t a story about just romantic love, but also what the love of a princess for her country can do. 

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

Yelena is set for execution for murder, but is given the choice to be the next food taster of the Commander of Ixia. As if the threat of having poison in her system wasn’t enough, she is also given a dose of Butterfly’s Dust, which she needs every day to stay alive, and can of course only get from the chief of security. Fighting for her life soon becomes more than just guessing the right poison, but also a game of magic, love, and all out war. Best kind of combo out there!

Legend by Marie Lu

This is the only book in the list to be set in a dystopian universe as opposed to a kingdom, but with a prodigy like June, no one can make any complaints. After a war tore the country apart, the Western United States is under the martial rule of the Republic, and June is their perfectly groomed soldier golden child. Day, on the other hand, is a slums boy who has become the Republic’s most wanted criminal. What happens when their paths cross is enough to make any country tremble, and to keep me hanging on to every word!

And finally:

Literally anything by Tamora Pierce!

Tamora Pierce has been my favorite author since I was a little girl. Each of her series is set in the same universe, based around the story of an interesting and kickass female character, from the first female warrior to a wild-mage. I first found these stories when my mother decided my sister and I didn’t have enough strong women in our literature and Tamora really rose to the occasion. Start with the first series, Song of the Lioness, and work your way from there! I have reread her books at least once every year since I was a little girl and they get better every time. I cannot recommend these books enough!

If you read or have read any of these books, feel free to shoot me a message; I am always ready to geek out over them. 

Right (Daveed Diggs x Reader)

Word Count: 3076 (YES. BE PROUD OF ME. I know this is normal length for most authors, but it’s long for me. So just deal.)

Genre: Fluff

Request/Summary: “54 please with Daveed Diggs x reader where the reader is the hairdresser/makeup artist for the Hamilton cast and they start talking” -Anon

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: None, I think (:

A/N- This a/n’s a long one, sorry. Okay. So I know I said this is hella long, but really it’s a really tiny baby compared to 

The Greatest Gift (9279 words) by my friend @lookaroundlookaroundhowlucky

To name one and there are so many more that are amazing that are like twice as long as this. It’s really good, you should read it. All of Ell’s fics are great. You should read them. And another thing (mista age of enlightenment).  @nerdalicious24 asked me to let them know when I finished, so I figured I’d just tag them. That’s it! Enjoy all!

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“We haven’t talked much.” You jumped at a new voice and undid Lin’s ponytail as Daveed entered.

“Because you refuse to let me touch those curls of yours.” You responded coldly. “Sorry Lin, that one didn’t make the cut.”

“Jesus (Y/N), it doesn’t have to be perfect, I can do my own hair faster than this.” Lin groaned.

“Yeah.” Daveed said. “I can do my own hair.”

“But…” You started. “The curls!” You shifted, staring longingly at Daveed’s hair as you spritzed Lin’s new ponytail with water, running a comb through it. As a hairdresser, it wasn’t hard to notice when someone had great hair. And Daveed… had great hair.

“You’re good Lin, go kick some redcoat ass.” You said, patting Lin’s shoulder as you finished his ponytail.

“Thanks.” He grumbled, standing up.

“You don’t sound very appreciative.” You called after him as he walked out of the room.

“You know I love you!” He responded from the hallway. Daveed combed his fingers through his hair and brought it up into a ponytail, taunting you with a smirk on his face. You stuck your tongue out at him childishly before walking off to find Renee.


“Your favorite color is yellow?!” You asked in disbelief as you situated Jonathan’s wig.

“What’s wrong with yellow?” Diggs asked.

“It’s so… bright.” You said.

“Yeah…” Daveed dragged out the word, prompting for you to come up with another reason.

“Yellow’s not a bad color.” Jonathan piped up.

“You’re not a part of this Groff.” You shushed him.

“Your songs and stuff are so… dark.” You told Daveed. He leaned against the doorframe, his arms crossed across his chest.

“You listen to my other stuff?” He asked, raising his eyebrows.

“I mean, it’s not bad. I’d say it’s worth an occasional listen. When there’s nothing else.” You shrugged.

“When there’s nothing else?” He questioned with a low chuckle.

“When there’s nothing else.” You repeated, raising your shoulders again. “Anyway. That’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about your strange affinity for the color yellow.” You said.

“Strange affinity?” He asked incredulously. “I don’t have a strange affinity for it, it’s just my favorite.”

“Yellow, huh?” You asked.

“Yellow.” He nodded. You shook your head in disbelief. Yellow.


You ran your hands over Lin’s ponytail, smoothing it out as you let your mind wander. Mid-thought, your eyes caught on Daveed through the open doorway. You let your gaze stay there, watching as he laughed at a joke Oak had made. You smiled as his familiar laugh made it’s way to your ears. You had to admit, you could stare at that man for ages, he was anything but unattractive.

“Don’t you think you’ve messed with my ponytail enough?” Lin asked, interrupting your thoughts.

“What? Uhh… yeah.” You shook your head, letting your hands drop to your sides. Lin stood up and grinned at you.

“What?” You asked suspiciously.

“‘What’ what?” Lin replied nonchalantly.

“Why are you smiling at me like that?” You pushed for an answer. Lin just kept smiling. “What are you doing?” You tried again.

“Have you told him you like him?” He asked. You blushed, you knew who he was talking about but asked him who anyway.

“Seriously?” He raised his eyebrows. “You know who.”

“Not a clue.” You shrugged, shaking your head.

“Diggs! You like Diggs!” He finally said.

“I don’t.”

“You do.”

“I don’t!”

“You do!”

“I don’t!”

“(Y/N) likes Da-” He began singing loudly before you slapped a hand over his mouth.

“Shhh!” You scolded. “Shut up!”

“I’ll shut up if you admit that you like him.” He bargained, his words muffled beneath your hand.

“Okay fine. I like him. But how could I not. He’s the sexiest man on broadway.” You answered rolling your eyes and letting your hand drop from Lin’s face.

“Who’s the sexiest man on broadway?” The very subject of your conversation asked, poking his through the doorway.

“You.” Lin answered.

“No one! Go away!” You responded at the same time, making sure your voice  was heard over Lin’s.

“Okay.” Daveed held up his hands in surrender, backing away. You covered your flushed face with your hands.

“I hate you.” You told Lin from behind your palms.

“You’re the sexiest person on broadway!” You heard Daveed call from down the hall.

“On not on broadway!” You yelled back.

“You’re still the sexiest!” He responded before disappearing behind a door.


“Happy holidays!” You grinned, running up and shoving a box wrapped in blue and white striped wrapping paper into Daveed’s hand.

“What? Oh. Thanks.” He responded, smiling sheepishly at the box in his hand, “C’mon. I got something for you too.” He took your hand, causing an electricity to jolt up your arm and course through your body. He began dragging you to his dressing room before you could even react to the contact. He flipped on the light and pushed a chair aside, reaching under the couch.

“Under the couch?” You asked incredulously, raising your eyebrows.

“Yes. I wanted to make sure you wouldn’t see it.” He explained.

“Why would I be in your dressing room anyway?” You asked.

“Reasons.” He shrugged, handing you the small square shaped package.

“Open it!” He demanded excitedly.

“You have to open yours first.” You countered. He sighed and tore the wrapping paper away from the box.

“Ooh. Vanilla oat granola clusters.” He raised his eyebrows and grinned, clearly faking being impressed. I held up the cereal box you’d used to package what was inside.

“It’s inside.” You giggled. He opened the box and pulled out the yellow fabric that was shoved inside. He chuckled as he unfurled the t-shirt from its haphazard folds.

“A yellow Oakland t-shirt. You know me so well.” He chuckled bringing you into his arms. You could die right there, right then, leaning into his chest and you’d be happy as hell.

“Now open yours!” He urged, letting go of you. You still felt dizzy from the warmth of him surrounding you. You stared down at the package in your hands before tearing through the wrapping paper. In your hands was a clipping. CD entitled ‘CLPPNG’, not one to lie unless you really needed to, you looked up at him,

“You know I already have this digitally, right?” You asked.

“Yes but the CD is cooler.” He insisted childishly.

“Well thanks.” You laughed.

“Open it up!” He pushed, gesturing hurriedly for you to open the CD case. You pried it open and looked inside. The CD was there sure, but so was a plastic card. You examined it,

“Aw fifty bucks! Diggs, I’m not even sure you can afford this!” You told him excitedly, staring at the fifty dollar Barnes & Noble gift card he’d placed inside with the CD.

“You’re right. I am very broke.” He nodded with a laugh. “But fifty dollars isn’t that much.”

“You like?” He asked.

“I love!” You responded immediately. He pulled you into another hug and you felt like you’d floated out of your body and went straight up to heaven in his warm embrace.

“Now we have to go to the bookstore!” You told him enthusiastically with your face still buried in his shirt.

“It looks like I made a good choice.” Daveed said, watching you examine the spines of books in the fantasy section. You pulled one out and read the back.

“Yes. Yes you did.” You smiled, placing the book under your arm.

“How did you buy your own CD?” You asked, the question occurring to you only seconds before you voiced it.

“What do you mean? I found it in the CD section and paid with cash.” He shrugged.

“But it was your CD.” You said.

“I think the checkout girl vaguely knew it was mine. She was a little confused.” He chuckled.

“Coffee?” You suggested, putting another book under your arm and mentally adding up the prices. He nodded and followed you to the Starbucks inside of your local Barnes & Noble. After sitting down at a table for two with your coffees, you made small talk, listening to the music that was playing quietly through speakers you couldn’t see. That is, until the song changed. Your face lit up as the familiar opening filled your ears (insp.). Daveed hid his face with his hands, as if knowing what you planned to do next.

“Showtime!” You called in response to the previous line that was rapped through the speakers, cupping your hands around your mouth to amplify your voice. Whoever was controlling the music raised its volume as they noticed your actions.

“Ey, oui, oui, mon ami je m’apelle Lafayette!” You belted, giggling as you rapped with your best impression of a french accent, which was better than Daveed’s to be honest. “The Lancelot of the revolutionary set!” You continued, resting your elbow on the table and flexing your bicep. “I came from afar just to say bonsoir, tell the king casse-toi!” You flipped off the wall next to you as if it was ‘the king’.

“Shh!” Daveed hissed through his own laughter. “You’re attracting the fangirls!”

“Who’s the best? C’est moi!” You finished anyway. The song continued to play through and you came in at Lafayette’s other parts. Your ridiculous additions to the choreography of the song caused a small group of hamilfans to surround you. Lafayette’s rap in ‘My Shot’ drew nearer and you turned to Daveed.

“The cafe has it’s eyyeees ooonnn yoooouuuuu!” You sang to him. He rolled his eyes but quickly stood up, placing his foot on the chair he was sitting in previously.

“I dream of life without the monarchy, the unrest in France will lead to onarchy- onarchy- how you say?” He winked at you as he continued his part with a grin. “Oh! Anarchy! When I fight I make the other side panicky with my shot!” He sat down and laughed with you as the song continued. Daveed was approached by a few fans before you could finish your conversation.

“Okay that was fun.” Diggs admitted after talking to a teenage girl who’d said her name was Nikki and giving her a hug, she couldn’t stop smiling, they took a selfie and she walked off.

“It was, wasn’t it?” You grinned.

“To be honest, I think you’re a better Lafayette then I am.” He said.

“I try.” You shrugged.


“Guess what Diggs!” You sang, approaching his dressing room.

“What?” He questioned from inside.

“Today,” You stuck your head into the doorway but immediately grew silent when you saw him. You felt your entire face burn red as you struggled to finish his sentence while maintaining eye contact with him. “T-t-today i-is your b-birthday.” You sputtered finally. You felt like each of your insides were exploding one by one at the sight of his bare chest, everything you had planned to say to him had slipped your mind as you gawked at his extremely toned six pack.

“You okay?” He snickered, slipping on the yellow t-shirt you had given to him in December.

“Mm hmm.” You responded, lying entirely. You still felt the heat on your cheeks, there was no forgetting that. Walking in on Daveed completely shirtless had to have been a dream. You blinked hard, positive you would wake up with the action. You didn’t.

“You sure?” He chuckled, noting your extended silence.

“Yeah.” You nodded. “We gotta do something!”

“What kinda somethin’ darling?” He winked and smirked.

“A something for your birthday!” You clarified, as if it was obvious. His face fell as yet another attempt at flirting flew right over your head. “C’mon!” You waved for him to follow you.

“I love your smile.” He nudged you, his voice low and, let’s be honest, extremely sexy. You blushed and looked up at him uneasily. Shit Diggs. Quit leading me on. You wanted to scream your thoughts at him.

“Where are you going?” Jazzy asked, walking up next to you before you could reply to daveed’s compliment.

“I’m taking Diggs somewhere for his birthday.” You stated.

“Ooh! Can I come?” She asked excitedly.

“No!” Lin said, pulling her away from you.

“Why?” She queried, her brow furrowed. You pulled Daveed along before he could hear Lin’s answer.

“Why is everyone here so early?” You grumbled to yourself.

“C’Mon!” You urged, beckoning for Diggs to follow you.

“Why do I get the sense that this little field trip is more for you than it is for me?” He laughed, weaving around a group of school children to catch up to you.

“Look.” You breathed, coming to a stop in front of a large circular tank that reached the ceiling.

“Wow.” He commented, setting his chin on top of your head. “I’m hungry.” He informed as you watched the fish glide through the tank in front of you.

“That sucks.” You deadpanned absently. “This is my favorite place here.” You told him.

“How often do you go to the aquarium?” He questioned incredulously, staring at your reflection in the glass ahead of you. You felt his arms go around your waist and pull you into his chest, QUIT (clapping emoji) LEADING (clapping emoji) ME (clapping emoji) ON (clapping emoji) you thought at him before gaining just enough clarity in your brain to answer.

“Often.” You said simply.

“Let’s get food!” He whined, letting go of your waist to tug on your wrist. You took one last glance at the fish before letting him drag you to the aquarium’s (ridiculously expensive) restaurant.

“Something feels wrong about eating clam chowder here.” You commented taking a spoonful of your soup after finding a table at ‘the Seaside Cafe’ with Daveed.

“You chose to eat it.” He chuckled.

“There wasn’t anything else that looked good!” You defended, eyeing his salad as though it would attack you at any minute.

“Don’t give it that look! It never did anything to you!” Diggs joked, noticing your wary gaze toward his meal.

“So how’s your day been? Have I successfully made you happy on your birthday?” You asked.

“You make me happy everyday.” He smiled.

“That’s what friends are for.” You beamed. Daveed began to groan frustratedly but covered up the action with a fit of faux coughs. What the hell was keeping you from catching on?

“You okay?” You asked, furrowing your brow and cocking your head.

“Mmhmm.” He nodded.

“Best birthday ever. I haven’t been to the aquarium in ages.” Daveed laughed as you arrived back at his dressing room.

“I’m glad you enjoyed.” You let a small smile curve your lips. You just stared at each other for a few seconds. As if on auto-pilot, you stepped toward him. Only inches away now. You felt his hand slide into yours, your fingers intertwining. It felt right. There was no other way to explain it. It just felt right to be so close. It felt right to have have his hand in yours. It just felt right. His eyes left yours for just a moment to drop to your lips.

You caught movement out of the corner of your eye and instinctively turned your head to see Lin dancing excitedly down the hall at the sight of you before quickly hiding behind a door as you saw him. Reality crashed down on you and you quickly released Daveed’s hand, jumping backward, away from him.

“I’m glad you enjoyed.” You repeated, the nerves causing your voice to be far too high pitched. You began to walk away but he caught your wrist and pulled you back, bringing his arms around you. You melted into his chest and pulled him into your arms in return.

“Thank you.” He whispered into your ear. Before you could think about it, you turned your head and pressed a kiss to his scruff.

“Anytime.” You grinned, stepping out of his arms and skipping down the hall.


“Ugh. Again?” Lin groaned.

“I’m sorry. It’s just not right.” You shrugged.

“You have a problem.” He shook his head.

“Oy! Don’t move, I’ll have to do it again.” You scolded. “And what’s my problem?”

“You’re a perfectionist.” Daveed told you, entering the room.

“And what’s wrong with that?” You asked, mildly offended.

“A lot.” They answered simultaneously.

“I feel so unloved.” You joked.

“Aww c’mon, there are plenty of people that love you.” Diggs argued.

“Yeah? Name one.” You challenged, amused. Daveed thought for a moment before taking a shaky breath. He seemed almost nervous. Daveed Diggs nervous, you never thought you’d live to see the day.

“Me.” He finally said. You promptly dropped the comb in your hands as Lin gasped dramatically from the chair beneath you. The tool clattered against the floor, inciting a deafening silence.

“Y-You know, we can forget I said that.” Daveed stuttered, ending the stillness in the air.

“Diggs-” You began.

“No, we’ve been friends for a while now. It was way weird of me to say that.” He rambled on.

“Davee-” You tried again.

“It’s just that. I kind of. Well. I do. But we’re friends.” He shook his head.

“Listen to them.” Lin finally shut him up. “You talk too fast for your own good Diggs.”

“I think…” You trailed of, your confliction clearly showing on your face. Now was the time. But somehow you still felt that rejection was to come. “I think I love you too.” He grinned at you as the words left your mouth. You walked briskly over to him and brought your arm around his neck, bringing your lips to his. He smiled into the kiss. God, you didn’t even know how long you’d wanted that. But while you were at it… You buried your fingers in his curly tresses.

“Wait are you just kissing me so that you can touch my hair?” He raised his eyebrows after pulling away.

“…No.” You replied hesitantly.

“You don’t even know how long I’ve been trying to flirt with you.” He told you, chuckling at your previous answer.

“What?” You raised your eyebrows in surprise.

“Everything I said flew right over your head. It was extremely frustrating.” He told you.

“Nothing flies over my head.” You whispered. Taking the lapels of his Lafayette jacket in your hands and bringing your face close to his, your noses touching. “I catch it first.”

“You think you’re funny.” He chuckled, his lips grazing yours with the words.

“I do.” You grinned, pressing your lips to his. Damn. Now that felt right.