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Author’s note: Sorry this took so long. But it’s another long one. Two things: there’s a bout of menstrual sex at the beginning and lots of Frozen Jewel. Just so you know. Enjoy!

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Chapter Twenty

Emma woke with a start. “Ugh.” Her knees came up instinctively to combat the pain in her belly. She felt Killian nearby, warm and peaceful; it was very early. She tried to go back to sleep but it hurt too much. After a few minutes, she carefully crawled out of the bed, so as not to disturb him. Fortunately, Emma knew his room well by now and she made her way to the chamber pot. Her movements were pained and sluggish; it was disorienting.

It wasn’t until she was cleaning herself up that she realized what was wrong.

“Damn it,” she swore, scowling at the strained rag. Her courses had arrived.

She crumpled the rag in her hand; she couldn’t leave it in Killian’s room. He didn’t need to deal with this. She was naked, something that seemed foolish now. She glanced to Killian, gnawing on her lip. She didn’t want to wake him; it was far too early. Instead, she skimmed a light kiss to his brow and padded through the magic door between their rooms.

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