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[Link to usual sign.] If a person would like to tell someone else that something is boring, but not in an obvious way, the sign can be done down by the waist. The dominant hand is in a 1 hand position with the index finger pointing upwards, and the hand twists slightly at the wrist. Non-manual markers may include a tongue in the cheek and general expressions of boredom. 

American Sign Language: Advanced Vocabulary 1.A



Spending your time hating others, spewing hate and ignorance all over the tag is fucking ruining the fandom.

I’m going to draw the boys and fucking watch and enjoy their videos, like everyone else should be doing!

I’m done with the fucking hypocracy and the finger pointing.

Shut the Fuck up, sit the Fuck down, it’s not about us, it’s about the boys and what they’ve done for us!

I HATE getting angry but Fuck guys…


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Hi! I sent you an ask a while ago about The Adventure Zone, and I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for replying, because I'm all caught up now and JUST A LITTLE IN LOVE (that's a lie I am a lot in love). I never knew I could like D&D this much... I am slowly creeping towards Critical Role, and I love hearing about Qilue! Thank you for encouraging a wonderful new interest! ^_^

@ferbieface said: im gonna start playing dnd. i joined a group and everything and it’s all your fault, you and your stupid pretty art and story stuff. /accusing finger point


Anonymous said: is qilue sensitive to sunlight as drow or being a half-drow compensates that?

qilue’s got lesser sunlight sensitivity, which still means disadvantage on perception checks in direct sunlight, and disadvantage on ranged attack rolls against targets > 60 feet away. which has been a pain in the ass when we’re trudging around on snowy peaks and everyone insists on traveling during the day, lemme tell ya


<<I mean, at least she’s beautiful>>, the male commentator commented. <<I’d put a ring on it too if I ended up with a girl like that>>.

The woman shrugged. <<I don’t know, Jason, I think you say that just because you are a man. I don’t think she’s anything special, really. Just another blonde, East European gold digger, if you ask me>>, she hissed.

Jason bursted out laughing. <<You are just jealous it’s not yourself, Giuliana>>. Then, he turned to face the camera. <<Emmett, I am talking for all men here when I say: job well done, friend>>, he said with a smile.

Giuliana rolled her eyes, hissing. She also turned to face the camera, pointing her finger at it. <<And Emmett, I tell you this: when you marriage bursts into flames and crashes down, don’t forget to give me a call, honey>>.

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hey. kudos to you for empathizing with people's struggles, yes women are important, yes people are important, but settle down and think about it. are your ideologies practical? are they logical and helpful to people, or they just noise and yelling at people? activism is powerful, but i feel like a lot of movements today just spew blind hate, finger-pointing and ignorance. peace.

ouch, but hey

are my attempts to influence my local reps w phone calls to repeal legislation that unfairly targets women and groups that have been marginalized logical? when i state facts about an unqualified man who has channeled privilege, white supremacy and hatred to get the most impt job in my country, is that spewing hate? if i go to a sign making event specifically created to make political art resisting the hurtful labels that i’ve been assigned, am i finger pointing? when i raise awareness about the microaggressions that my friends, followers, family and i must be exposed to, is that logical? is intersectional feminism a practical idealogy?

this was hard for me to respond to. i genuinely appreciate what ur trying to say and hope ur message is coming from a place of care and support but it just feels like ur gaslighting me – the vocabulary you’ve chosen is one of a devil’s advocate and it sounds like ur accusing me of some shitty things thru thinly veiled claims. i’ll be honest, i have no love for trump supporters, but it’s because their vote was a vote to tolerate acts that will directly and deeply harm the lives of me and my friends. i don’t necessarily think that not loving a future/potential abuser is ignorant; i simply believe it’s in the name of self-preservation. 

i’d like to address two specifically dangerous comments that u made. the generalization “yes people are impt” is a dangerous understatement that squashes and condenses the many layers of the resistance. the statement “settle down” is discouraging. i don’t have the privilege to not think about it: future infringements are in my mind constantly.

there are obviously extremists in every political movement and i acknowledge that there have been people who identify as anti-trump protesters that have twisted the movement’s call for solidarity and action into a way to unleash violence. here’s a link to the womens march’s unity principles – my beliefs are closely aligned with these. please consider ur implications. i don’t really think your critique of what i participate in is valid.

but u know what! discourse is important so i’d appreciate if we could talk more, on anon or privately. what have u seen me post that makes u think i may be “spewing blind hate” and ignorance?? i’ve worked hard to make this a space for education and acceptance so i’m open to hearing u if u genuinely believe i’m not bolstering those. 

obligatory follow up in the middle of the night: ofc it isn’t Zack’s fault, I ain’t pointing fingers at no one in particular, save I guess whoever’s responsible for it being set at 0.9, it was unfortunate and I’ll bet pretty much everyone felt bad

Still though, knowing what went down I’m not sure how Zack like…even expected to get a handshake. like let him cool down. In that moment he had every reason to be furious. this was a big tourney and it got mad fucked with and there wasn’t the time for him to get the proper runback. I mean I get that people want to see good sportsmanship regardless, but it’s not like he flipped Zack off or anything. I don’t feel like not shaking the dude’s hand in that situation was a big deal

Saying that not wanting to see shit about menstruation is normal because “periods are gross, nobody wants to hear about poop or saliva either, it’s not misogyny” isn’t even a real argument. You don’t need to feel particularly enticed by a subject to be mature enough to discuss it. I think pregnancy and surgeries are unbelievably disgusting but I’ll not shut other people up because that would be childish and entitled of me. And women (yes, women! The ones who have uteri!) are the only ones being silenced when they dare speak about their periods in a society that tells them it’s a dirty thing, barely talked about even in sex ed. If your reaction to women opening up about their own biology is pointing a finger and yelling “YUCK, gross!”, you’re a immature child and we’ll treat you as such.

#han solo #has been an iconic staple of childhood #for 38 years #when his bitch ass son #who we’d known for >2 hours #killed him #why the fuck #why the actual fuck #would anyone #find sympathy for kyle ron #in that scenario #rather than sympathy for han or leia or luke or rey or finn #han solo was a lot of things to a lot of people #and harrison ford was our grumpy finger pointing #my wife my son #punching nazis pop culture hot dad since then #why the hell would any of us like his murderer more than him #and that’s the crux of it for me #i’m sure kyle will get a redemption arc of some kind #tho i don’t want him to #because fuck that #but it’s going to have no emotional resonance for me #because fuck the guy who killed han solo #star wars #anti kylo ren#kyle ron

this is such a self own, you’re 38 years old AT LEAST and don’t know how movies work. Han Solo’s not real. 

               when MULTI-MUSE ACCOUNTS ask to SPECIFY A MUSE       ;        it’s NOT because they want to be ANNOYING.          it’s to make it EASIER FOR THEM           but also EASIER FOR YOU.          by SPECIFYING A MUSE,            you will AUTOMATICALLY help them think of AN ANSWER   //     STARTER    //      IDEA on how to say certain things INSTEAD of having them think CONTINUOUSLY on who they should pick OR if they picked the right muse.             A MULTI-MUSE BLOG isn’t easy maintenance             &             sometimes THE MUN behind ALL THE CHARACTERS  needs a LITTLE BIT OF HELP  with choosing who to pick.           so BE HELPFUL        &          SPECIFY A MUSE WHEN ASKED.

OKAY but real talk I love how extra dan is with everything. when he wins, he celebrates by shouting and pointing finger guns and doesn’t drop it for 10 minutes. when he loses, he pouts and rolls his eyes and grumbles. when he’s intrigued he questions it for half an hour and goes on a wikipedia spree. when he’s disgusted he flips his hands up and yells and scrunches his face while shrieking. when he’s happy he grins using his whole face and he laughs loudly and claps his hands together. when he’s embarrassed he covers his face and curls into a ball and wails loudly. when he’s angry he yells and points his finger and furrows his eyebrows and steams abt it for several hours. when he’s entranced he stares for several seconds and takes it all in, appreciating every detail. he just expresses his emotions so unapologetically and I’m so happy for him and I love his unashamed way of showing emotion.


RebelCaptain  -  One scene - “Welcome Home”.

“I’m not sure four of us is quite enough,” she said. Baze grunted dismissively and looked to Bodhi. “How many do we need?” “What are you talking about?” Jyn asked. Baze jutted a finger, pointing behind Jyn.

So there you got Abby and Erin, the core relationship of the movie with Erin literally jumping on the other side for Abby. But you also have Holtz and Abby who’ve known each other for a while and worked together all these years and Abby was Holtz’s family as stated in her final speech. BUT you also got Patty and Holtz, always being the dynamic and fun duo, the Baby™ petnames and having each other’s backs. BUT ALSO you got the heavy gay subtext on literally every scenes with Holtz and Erin, The Wink ™, The Dance™, The Bickering™, The Swiss Army Knife™   and so on..

SO what I mean to say here is: every ships in Ghostbusters (2016) are wonderful and whatever pairing you’re shipping, it is good and pure so please enjoy