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YouTube Rewind 2016

I just found out that YouTube rewind is coming out tomorrow!!! (December 7th). For all of you who don’t know, it’ll be coming out 10 am PST (Pacific Standard Time). There will be multiple YouTubers from previous years such as The Fine Brothers, Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil. New YouTubers are making their first appearance like Jacksepticeye. I’m really excited and will be constant checking to watch it!!!! Just wanted to let everyone else know who was wondering. Or who was or is clueless like I was!

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Concept: One of Otabek's "mischievous friends" takes an interest in Yuri. Otabek can't for the life of him figure out why it bothers him so much, and then one day it hits him.


  • so disclaimer that just like otabek himself, his friends only look intimidating and scary in reality theyre all just dumb nerds who laugh at fart jokes and otabek is their Mom Friend
  • when yuri visits him in almaty he demands that he meets otabek’s friends asap bc he talks abt them often and hes totally not jealous of them shut up
  • so otabek complies and the next time he and The Squad meet up, he brings yuri along
  • they hang out together for the rest of the day and otabek notices that one of them (the one closest to yuris age, he notices) keeps staring at yuri with the most infatuated gaze he’s ever seen, excluding the stares Viktor always throws at Katsuki
  • if heart eyes emojis existed irl it would be that friend
  • and for some reason whenever he sees it, it feels like an actual hit to his heart??? why is he so bothered??? why does he feel strangely betrayed by his friend??????
  • it gets even worse when he actually pulls otabek aside and goes “yo…. bro…….. yuri is, like, extremely beautiful??? holy shit……….. i think im in love…………….”
  • and that honestly made him feel furious??? he just nods and the friend is satisfied with that bc hes used to otabek not speaking much but yall,, beka’s pissed
  • AND HE DOESNT? ? ? KNOW ? ? ? WHY ? ? ? ?
  • it isnt until after the hang out and he and yuri decide to stop by a cafe before going home and yuri laughs genuinely at him after he says something funny that he realized. oh. his friend isnt the only one in love.

This friendly moment between Isak and Magnus! Right after Isak downright burns him for the ‘who is the man and who is the woman’ question, Magnus instantly looks at Isak to see if he didn’t really upset him. And Isak just smiles at him in the ‘it’s fine, bro’ fashion. It’s a tiny glimpse at their friendship and it also highlights Magnus’ thoughtfulness and Isak’s understanding of Magnus’ curious personality.