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Book Review: Break Free by Don Soriano

Being financially stable is somewhat hard to achieve if we think about it, but Don Soriano, the author of the financial literacy book Break Free, proves to us that it is not and it is only a matter of discipline and change of perception.

I am personally not a reader of finance-related books. I like to read a lot but business and finance are the two topics that I do not enjoy the most and I find quite difficult to understand, but with Break Free, the reading experience is actually enjoyable. It is also true that this book takes just a short time to finish.

If I would be reviewing this in terms of grammar and structure, as a Journalism graduate, I can say that I am quite distracted with some of the grammar and sentence structure lapses but this is not much important now since the context of the content is very informative and reflects a lot of knowledge about being financially stable and literate, and more importantly, debt-free.

What attracted me most in this book is the first dimension of “breaking free” financially – the tip of not quitting your job… yet. This is something that rings a bell for me because I am currently having moments about thinking of giving up a job, even if it is not easy to do so. This book is actually a lifesaver because it has helped me to focus on my goals more.

Another thing that made me interested with this book is its purpose – to spread financial awareness in a way that the concept would be easier to grasp. Talking about money and numbers may not be for everyone but with Break Free, it became more possible.

Break Free is a highly recommended book for inspiring newbie entrepreneurs and for people who are struggling financially. Are you now prepared to take the challenge for financial freedom?

For the details about the availability of this book, you may contact Don Soriano, the author himself.

Hey folks, I was checking the “We’re His Problem Now” calling sheet today and noticed something new and time-sensitive:

Rep. Elijah Cummings (Maryland) wants the House Oversight Committee to review Trumps financial arrangements for potential conflicts of interest before he’s sworn in as president. 

With Thanksgiving looming, next week will be a short week so time is of the essence, here. 

Please please call  202-225-5074 and 801.851-2500 for HOC chairman Chaffetz and say:

I’m —- —– , a constituent calling to let the committee know that I support Rep. Elijah Cummings’s call for a bipartisan review of “financial arrangements” for potential conflicts of interest before he’s sworn in as president. Please ask Chairman Chaffetz to immediately begin conducting a review to ensure that President-elect Trump does not have any actual or perceived conflicts of interests. I want the Committee to make sure Trump and his advisors comply with all legal and regulatory ethical requirements.

alldrawnup2  asked:

Are artist allowed to share a table with other artist?

Yes, we definitely want this to be an option. 

However, please note: we are still working out how to go about offering this option. We want to do this in the most cost effective way that we can for the artists, while also being the most financially viable when reviewing the venue’s overall price.

In the end, it may not cost anything additional, or there may be a small fee. There may possibly be an option to only rent half a table and each artist has to purchase their half. We are still working these things out.

Elon Musk says he can fix Australia in 100 days. He might be telling the truth.
Elon Musk, the eccentric Silicon Valley billionaire who heads such companies as Tesla and SpaceX, has a plan to save Australia. On Thursday, Tesla’s vice president for energy products, Lyndon Rive, told the Australian Financial Review that he would “commit” to installing 100 to 300 megawatt-hours of batteries on the continent within 100 days. Then, asked by Australian billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes on Twitter how serious Rive’s guarantee was, Musk responded confidently: “Tesla will get the system installed and working 100 days from contract signature or it is free. Read more

There’s been some awesome meta about femslash floating around, and it’s made me think more about my own engagement with it, and how much more important it’s been to me than I’ve perhaps realised. I’ve read a lot about how femslash can help young fans come to terms with their queerness, but the truth is, it isn’t just them.

I was late, very late, coming to an acceptance of my own sexuality. Too much internalised homophobia, I guess. I’m still in the process of chipping away at it. But when I had my first inkling that I might be interested in other women, the first thing I did was read femslash.

I was a fanfic reader already - never m/m, always het. I just couldn’t get interested if there wasn’t a woman involved. In retrospect, that might have been my first clue. And so exploring my attraction to women through fan fiction felt natural. It felt safe. I could have read lesbian erotica of course, but there was a comfort in reading this stuff between characters I already knew, characters who’d all been living seemingly straight lives, just like me.

Look, these stories seemed to be saying, it worked out OK for them. It can work out fine for you too. Reading about lesbian relationships between characters I could see on my TV every week normalised them for me, in a way nothing else quite could. It made the desire I’d been so slow to acknowledge seem ordinary.

And, maybe even more importantly, it introduced me to a whole community of people just like me - not only queer women, but geeks, passionate about and playful with the same things I’d always cared about. Intellectually I knew those people existed. I knew what I felt wasn’t wrong and that I wasn’t alone. But femslash helped me to feel as well as know, and for that I’ll always be grateful.

October Forecast for Aquarius

Lessons Re-learned

If you’re involved in any legal situation and have experienced nothing but headaches, delays, and frustration concerning your court case, you can expect relief after October 9. Another possibility is that you’re enrolled in a certification program or have been studying for an advanced degree. Since mid-September you might have experienced trouble grasping key material and you might have decided to retake a course or hire a tutor. Now, you’ll see that it was all worth it. In fact, after October 12 you might begin a new course of study that is only possible because you took the time to master the topic you recently spent time reviewing.

Financial matters continue to look bright for you this month – particularly as they relate to money that comes to you from sources other than your direct paycheck. Between October 8 and November 8, you’ll be in an auspicious cycle to make a new investment or other financial move that can pay off quite well. Venus and Jupiter will both work on your behalf during this time to make magic happen – especially on October 25! Then, on the 27th, with the Full Moon happening in your 4th House of Family, you might hear emotionally-charged news from a relative. Expect it to be positive.

Love: Positive Change

Clarity is the keyword this month when it comes to love. Venus enters Virgo on October 8, and until November 8 romance becomes simple and understated. Mercury will turn direct in relationship-oriented Libra on October 9, helping to bring you some much needed perspective connected to a partnership matter. Then, a promising New Moon in Libra on October 12 will offer you and your mate a fresh start to implement whatever changes you knew were looming before you. Expect it to be positive!

Love is idealistic but hopeful on October 16 and intensely delicious on October 23 and October 25. Finally, a Full Moon in sultry Taurus on October 27, will leave you and your lover with the kind of romance you can certainly sink your teeth into. Yes!