the finale was a little meh

so dean and sam and cas go to this little diner while on a hunt and they have the best damn cherry pie dean has ever tasted (and he says so about a dozen times)

it’s so good he manages four pieces to himself before he feels like he’s gonna die and sam is utterly disgusted with him but cas is just watching him thoughtfully

when they finally head out to the car cas says he forgot something and goes back inside and dean can see him through the window talking to the waitress

and she’s smiling like cas is the cutest thing she’s ever seen and she’s giggling and then she’s writing something down on a napkin and slipping it into cas’ pocket with a wink

dean won’t even look at sam over in the passenger seat because he knows he’s giving him that sympathetic puppy look and he’s suddenly in a very bad mood and does not want to talk about this

cas disappears that night, says he has to do something and won’t say what, and dean sulks all evening

it happens again the next two nights, and dean gets more and more sullen and when the hunt is done dean drives in silence the whole way back to the bunker and stomps off to his room the second they get in the door

dean stays in his room for most of the next day and when he hears a knock at the door he assumes it’s sam there to talk about his feelings or something but when he opens the door it’s cas, huge smile on his face and covered in flour

he leads dean into the kitchen impatiently, tugging him by the hand, and the first thing dean sees is a plate set at the table with a thick slice of pie on it

“julie helped me convince the cook to teach me to make it,” cas says excitedly.

“julie?” dean asks faintly, still in shock.

“our waitress,” cas says with a frown before his expression brightens again. “i wanted to surprise you. are you surprised?”

dean laughs in disbelief and nods, says “so this is what you were doing when you snuck off every night?”

cas just grins and steers dean into the chair. the first bite is - well, it doesn’t taste like the diner’s pie, not even close, but it’s already overtaken every other pie he’s ever had, because no pie he’s ever had before has made his whole chest feel so light and warm, or made his stomach flutter like this. cas is just watching him, smiling, affection so bright in his eyes dean can’t believe he ever doubted it.

“do you like it?” cas asks eagerly.

“it’s perfect,” dean says, and it feels like the honest truth. and when he tries to say ‘i love it’ it comes out “i love you,” and hell, that’s the truth too.

their first kiss tastes like cherries.


The Strongest Mega Evolution Act IV: Steven Stone - 2/2


FUGITIVES  [a finale teaser fic]

Words: 2,162
Prompt: No prompt, just a little story to help you get through the next few days. Enjoy! Xx


Emma’s lungs felt as though they were about to burst. She couldn’t feel her legs beneath her, mindlessly driving her with him. But her hand; her hand was hot, and secure in his; he wasn’t going to let her go. Not again. 

“Here, love!” Hook suddenly pulled her through a secluded archway, where they came out amongst a hundred tethered horses, sporting various royal crests. Weaving through the animals, he warned her to slow – lest they scare the animals, and give themselves away. Following his lead, Emma murmured almost inaudibly, and ran her hand along the breast of the great steeds as they passed. When they’d reached the shadows, Hook untethered a dark bay gelding, and led him out.

“What are you doing?” Emma hissed in panic.

He mounted with ease, and extended his arm to her. Shaking a foot out of the stirrup, he responded hurriedly, “Get on!”

Her blue eyes met his wildly. “I don’t know how!”

“Take my arm, use the stirrup – just trust me–”

“In this dress–”

“Swan, now is not the time–

“Over there!” A guard shouted. “I see ‘em!”

Emma barely had no moment more to deliberate further. Shoving her foot into the metal, taking his arm – she sprung off the ground, and he hauled her up. 

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Difficulty: 7/10

Material: Shannon Cuddle 3 Minky; Partially marked

Colors: Snow white, Ash Grey, Silver, Grey

Wow, I finally got to try my fabric marker out a little more than just a tiny spot! The results: I have mixed feelings about it. It looks nice, in my opinion, but it the residue it leaves behind is…. meh. :c  It almost feels similar to the residue of airbrushing; kind of clumpy. And if brushed the wrong way, you can see that the bottom layer is still white. I do greatly appreciate that I was able to work with the seams though! The marker was able to squeeze down into the seams so there wouldn’t be random little white lines where the seams are! :D And it doesn’t stain or rub off! ^u ^ I’d love to try and test out machine washing next time i get the chance…

Besides the stripes, this was a very easy pony, with a LOT of mane! xD The accessories are removeable, and I even got to abuse my button foot on my sewing machine, ehehehe~ eu e Yes, there are actual buttons on his little shirt~ His Glasses are held up by nothing but his mane; I wanted to stick with something simple with the glasses design so I wasn’t attaching random magnets in his head x. x

I wanted to do something a little different since I finally have a break before Bronycon, sooooo I decided to doodle some anthro pones, featuring Twi, Spike, and Rarity (the one with the wings was just me playing with their body type; I prefer my anthros with digigrade feet ‘cause it’s cooler o3o). Please forgive the messiness and wonkiness in the anatomy. As always, I’m half-sleep, but I didn’t really try all that hard with these. They’re kinda… meh. But whatevs. I’ll draw more of the characters and with better anatomy and such later. :/

Anyway! This is another AU I had lurking around in my head for a while. I freakin’ LOVE zombie/infected apocalyptic stories, but specifically, how The Walking Dead and The Last of Us told their stories.  I love how the stories are more about how the infected are pretty much a background danger instead of being the driving threat of the story. Instead, it’s survival, interaction with other characters, how they react to a situation, and how it’s usually more dangerous to deal with the unpredictable living. At least, with the dead, they are predictable and you pretty much know what you expect. o3o I also like how they both take place after the outbreak instead of right at the very beginning, where zombies/infected are pretty much a part of everyday life now, even though it’s crappy.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this AU is basically that. And because I freakin’ love RariTwi, let’s throw that into the mix! 8D So the basic idea here is that the MLP world has been in a zombie/infected apocalypse for the last few years. And Twi here, having been able to survive all of those years of living hell (let’s say it’s about… 6+ years), is now an expert survivor. I made her look scruffy, scarred, and tired because, let’s be real, living in such a world would take quite a toll on you. She is not cold-hearted or anything like that, however her experiences in this world has taught her to be cautious of the dead and even more cautious of the living. This is why she prefers to remain alone, however she has Spike to keep her company.

Spike wouldn’t be as worn down to the world as Twilight is, mainly because I’m toying with the idea that he was too young to actually remember much from when the outbreak happened. He’s the little ray of sunshine in the otherwise lonely world of Twilight, telling jokes and keeping a rather upbeat outlook despite everything. He knows his way around a gun quite well and can fend for himself if need be (thanks to Twilight’s teachings), and Twilight sees him more as a partner, an equal, than a child to coddle and shelter.

And of course, good ol’ Rarity! 8D Still quite the fab gal we know and love, but I think she’d be a bit more hardcore due to the circumstances.  Thanks to her excellent eyesight and her eye for detail, I’d think that Rarity has impressive aim, to the point that she rarely misses. She’d be the primary caretaker of Sweetie Belle in this AU because their parents died, probably some point after the initial outbreak started. I’m toying with the idea that she and Sweetie traveled with a group but were separated when ambushed, which would lead to her and Sweetie meeting up with Twi and Spike. Eventually they’ll meet up with the rest of the Mane 6 to form their own little survival group, possibly on the road to find some safe haven. 8O

Again, my favorite pairings are in this AU (RariTwi, PinkieShy, AppleDash), but play with it however you guys like (**COUGHtotallywritesomethignCOUGH**). I’ll eventually draw more stuff for this AU too,  alongside Bodyguard!Verse AU, amongst other things… hell, at this rate, I think I should just go ahead and make a blog specifically for these AUs so I don’t flood you guys with nonsense. o.o

But yeah. Enough of my rambly shenanigans. As always, feel free to ask any questions you have. And if you do write something, I’d love to read it! 8D

Thoughts on the Powerpuff Girls Reboot
  • Theme song 👎🏽
  • Animation is 👌🏽
  • The hotline can't be a cell phone, I'm sorry
  • The one-off jokes are pretty hilarious
  • Pretty subpar first episode though
  • Buttercup is a little too butch
  • Voices are WRONG
  • I can't get invested...
  • Really, Princess Morebucks is the first villain from the old series we see?? Not Mojo Jojo, The Gang Green Gang, or even HIM??
  • Maybe it'll grow on me
  • So much meh
  • Final Thoughts:The episodes focus too much on the drama outside of the actual villains. I want crime-fighting, not emotional subplots on what's going on in the girls' lives. The old series seemed to weave and balance these two elements well, but it feels forced in the reboot. I'll watch it to see if it gets better, but right now I give it a 6.5/10.
On Wednesdays, we...

Go for a run in the morning! Oh happy happy day.  I ran 5.2k slow to the ly, but whatever, I got out there and moved my posterior. The sun was shining, the first signs of Spring were finally showing, and I was in a great mood.  I broke to a walk way too many times, but meh, it was so lovely out, so I didn’t really care. 

After a shower, and a little jeesh-liz-do-your-dishes action, I made myself quite the yummy brunch. 

Spinach, two eggs, tomato, avocado, and feta. Yes, I read some of the comments, yes I am not the world’s best cook, but I can’t say I care that much. I have my go-to meals, I think they’re yummy, and that’s all that really matters. (Plus, because why not, I genuinely have never found great satisfaction from cooking…. especially when it’s just for one.). 

I had a meeting at 1, so I was in the office with bells n’ whistles on by then, despite the great out doors of Toronto looking mighty tempting to enjoy. 

A few minutes before five I spontaneously emailed a few folks, “beeeers?” because the day called for a patio and sunshine. 

I ended up getting a virgin ceasar, because LOL, despite two hours on a patio, it was back to work I go after the spontaneous rendez-vous.

Wa-hooo for work. I shifted my hours today for several reasons I won’t bore you with, but working late when the sun is shining, succccccks. Oh well, at least I got my run in this morning. 

When I did finally get home I watched Survivor (I know, what is this? 1999?), and made myself a yummy hamburger for dinner. 

And then a few minutes ago I skyped my sister and Lily, who are in Mexico! The photos my sister keeps sending me melt my heart. Apparently all the servers there keep calling her grande baby. We all know who she takes after in this family… Ha :)

Too cool for school, that little girl is. 

Oh! And then somewhere in there today, I also bought an orchid. 

Orchids are my favourite flower by far, but then again, I’d assume they’re everybody’s. 

So yup, that was my day. A pretty normal Wednesday, I must admit, and probably not worthy of a blog post, but oh look, here I am. 

ps. I had no idea Drop Box took up space on your computer… I deleted it today, and feel like I bought a new computer… suddenly it’s so, so speedy.

pss. My skin, which is usually really good pimple-wise, has been soooo bad since I started running and going to Body Pump. As soon as I finish working out, I wash it with soap and water, but still… zits! UGH. Suggestions welcome. 

psss. I started a “walking group” at work last week. So tomorrow a big crew of us are going to walk 3km at lunch. Will report back if this was genius, or… not-so-much.

Service with a Smile CH 12

A/N: IT’S HERE. It’s here, and I apologize for the wait, but I think I’ve finally gotten over my stupid writer’s block!!! This, however, is probably a little meh, because said writer’s block still more or less lingers. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this chapter!!! <3

(( Sorry for posting fics twice today, btw!!! Asdfg. ))

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 He just really needed a way- a way to leave, a way to get out of having to speak about his parents in front of all of these people.


She was staring at him in shock, seeing as he closed his hand over hers. Hiccup was doing his best to recover from his automatic reaction to hearing his father’s voice roll throughout the room as he welcomed the guests. His expression was pleading and apologetic as he muttered something to her, though he knew that he must have sounded ridiculous. He was just hoping that the others at the table didn’t notice.

“We- ah, uh, I mean, I- need to go,” he stammered, impulsively squeezing her hand in a shamelessly desperate manner. “I… Cover for me? Please?

What are you–” she began to demand, glaring at him.

“Toothless!” he blurted, leaning forward. He was, quite honestly, surprised that she hadn’t ripped her hand away, considering how he rudely slapped his palm atop it. “I have to find Toothless.”

“You took your cat to your parents’ wedding?” she whispered incredulously, narrowing her eyes at him.

“In my defense, I take him everywhere.”

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She is finally done! The Lizard Pirate Lady is now complete. Her name is a little difficult to pronounce, but I’ll try to spell it out as simply as possible. The pronunciation should go as follows: shoo-oal-neel-zeuk

I’ll also be making a shirt for her and probably make some poster in the future with the Cosmic Terror Pup. (btw his name is Tenalach) So look forward to that ^u^ Also her arm hairs are probably gonna get moved to her elbows because that will defs look nicer than wrist tufts, but we’ll see what happens in the future.

okay, yes, there’s been tons and tons of implications and images of Stan burning or copies of Stan killed killed that would make us think that one of the Stan twins is gonna die in the finale.

But think about this: Alex is GREAT at misleading us. He implies one thing and then something completely different happens (the most famous example I can think of would be the fake leak revealing McGucket as the author). But of course, he has to do a LITTLE bit of implying the correct information, otherwise that would just be bad storytelling.

Now, whose a main character

lovable enough for their death to crush the hearts of viwers everywhere

and has been the only character thus far to be shown “dead” on screen?


Service with a Smile CH 7

A/N: Finally! It’s been a week- way too long since I’ve updated. I’m sorry if this chapter is a little meh, because I wrote it over the span of seven days, solely due to the fact that I couldn’t find the time to sit down and finish it in one go! Especially because I started like, three other projects? I’m a mess.

I know that not much is happening plot-wise, buuut… Well, let’s see: the rehearsal is over, the dinner that follows the rehearsal is taking place- all that’s left is the getting ready for the ceremony, the ceremony, reception, and brunch! Of course, I have many chapters to write before I can conclude this story. And even then, I’ll probably do a little epilogue thing. :)

Again, my apologies for the super late update! Please enjoy, and look forward to more things happening in the next installment. <3

CH 1 | CH 2 | CH 3 | CH 4 | CH 5 | CH 6

Next: CH 8

The sweet melody of an enchanting piano filled the room, along with the indistinct idle chatter of patrons.

“Hah!” Astrid laughed dryly- quietly, as if speaking too loud would shatter the ambiance of the dimly lit, palace-like building. “Oh, definitely. I can definitely see you as Thor incarnate,” she shook her head incredulously as she and Hiccup strolled back into the restaurant. Toothless was perched on the Haddock’s shoulder; with a bit of negotiating, the two managed to get permission for the cat to be allowed indoors. (Astrid would like to say that it was thanks to her wonderful people skills, but she was pretty sure that Hiccup just had to say his last name and they were in. Talk about ‘mayor’s son privileges,’ yeesh.)

“I’m serious, Astrid. All of this muscle? It has to scream ‘Norse God’ to you,” Hiccup protested with a grin on his lips as he mock flexed an arm. Astrid cast him a skeptical smile over her shoulder, though she made sure to roll her eyes as well.

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I finally drew Raph and April to scale! Awwww…. look at the little shorty. I’m kinda diggin’ the fact that she’s taller than him….. And God, look at those handsssss! O____o Love those giant turtle hands…..

This beautiful little moment is from chapter 7 of from Gladrial’s beautiful fict, Northampton Echoes, which can be found on and archive of our own as well as the link to chapter 7 above.

I can’t gush enough about this fict that is like a beacon of light to the weary Raphril shipper’s soul….. *melancholy sigh* There is not nearly enough 2k12 Raphril or just Raphril in general…..

In other news, I have loved the progression of this fict and how freakin’ beautiful she’s able to portray the story while keeping April, Raph, and the rest of the gang in character. I’m in love with this fict and can’t wait to see where it goes next! Thought I should show her a little bit of love for her contribution to the Raphril 2k12 fandom by doing a little doodle. (What are backgrounds, anyway?) Hope you like it and keep being awesome, Gladrial! xoxo



I’m disappointed that they censored it though, but meh. On the upside, I’ve finally caught up with the series!

((Also…Natsu, is that the *only* reason you wanted her to stop squirming?? I have to be a little suspicious with that blushing face of yours….and you did try to peep at her at the hot spring…))