the finale next week no i'm not ready

your honor/the slaughterhouse

ok! okokkokokkkkkkkk! i just finished watching & i decided to just bullet-point the parts i loved most so enjoy!

your honor:

  • jake looked so 👀 good 🔥 in the cold open
  • can u believe amy wrote the wikipedia page for holt’s mom she’s SO EXTRA
  • “jam on, jam on”
  • why is holt’s mom literally an older female version of holt
  • wine club sounds like something i’d be so down for
  • “yes and i would say teenily-weenily, we all know words”
  • #KeepPuttingJakeInSuits2k17
  • rosa’s hair is so!!! fluffy!!!!!!
  • “i call this the jack of all trades!”
  • holt deadass stopped is car and left it on the street because he found out his mom had a boyfriend i
  • OK NO that stool charles was trying to sit on, those things are IMPOSSIBLE and i HATE THEM they’re also highly uncomfortable
  • amy tried so hard in this episode to show gina how to change a tyre and in the end she slashed a random person’s tyre and was left to deal with the hot mess on her own car poor bby
  • rosa and charles and terry’s breakroom was so un-99 i was not a fan but i’m happy they let hitchcock and scully…well…hitchcock-and-scully it up

the slaughterhouse:

  • “there’s little pools of water on pizza” “ that’s grease, jake” “well it’s wet isn’t it?!
  • melanie hawkins is so badass she makes rosa look like a fairy
  • “ignacious pennyfeather the ninth” jake STOP
  • hitchcock and scully fighting is such an odd experience to watch but i love that they mentioned scully dating cindy from cop con like how sweet
  • amy’s favourite pen…is her best friend…she said it herself…oh man…
  • “well, off to death”
  • “i don’t think water makes you jittery” “it does if it’s laced with caffeine”
  • charles calling terry papa bear awngkshkjghrjkdsf
  • “i dosed that half & half with caffeine”
  • yes amy get legitimately angry at holt U GO GIRL U DID IT
  • “i spiked your gum with caffeine”
  • “god i’m gonna make a great dad someday”
  • ROSA!!! AND!!! JAKE!!! HUGGING!!!!!!

bonus! i can’t believe they didn’t really even try to hide chelsea’s pregnancy like it was so half-assed whereas when melissa was pregnant they strategically placed her in front of computer screens or books and gave her a storyline where she was a pregnant inmate. also i love how the slaughterhouse ended i’m really excited and nervous and sad for next week because it’s finale time and i‘m not ready to say bye again yet 

small snippet for next week:

Hey Remus I just wanted to apologise for last night I know I shouldn’t have called you at all and I’m absolutely sorry for waking you up at 3 in the morning. I have no idea what I said and I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable, I was just regretting some of the choices I made I think, you know how I say what comes to my mind when I’m drunk. Please don’t feel obligated to reply to this and once again I’m sorry. 

You know how I say what comes to my mind when I’m drunk?!?!”

Remus was walking up and down his small living room, clutching the phone like it was his lifeline. 

“YOU KNOW HOW—” he yelled out. “That son of a bitch.”

He felt so angry but he had also a small curl to his lip. Regretting some choices? You better, you wanker. 

He looked at the phone again, frantically searching for Lily’s phone, he didn’t have the experience to deal with this alone, this required professional help. The phone rang a few times before Lily finally picked it up.


“Yeah?” said Lily, her voice a little too excited. “He called, didn’t he?”

“Nope,” replied Remus, hoping she couldn’t hear the stupid happiness to his voice. “He texted and you need to hear this.”

FIC: “The Utterances of Storms” OMGCP, pre-graduation

Bittle, after laughing into his cup of tub juice for a good forty seconds, explains with only a little bit of a slur to his words that he’d need time—his mother would have to ship things and he’d need to bother someone named Katya for music.

Jack can’t hear what Ransom says in reply over the din of the party, but Bittle nods a couple of times and grins, cheeks flushed with alcohol.

It’s probably nothing.


Shitty texts him in the middle of World War II in Europe.

dude get to faber asap

It’s not just the lack of exclamation points that makes him leave class early—something he’s never done before, and the betrayed look that Professor Shahabuddin gives him as he’s sorry-ing his way past everyone else in his row tattoos itself on the part of the brain where the ocean of his guilt lives. It’s not just the knowledge that Shitty has his schedule memorized and would never dare interrupt if it weren’t important enough to rattle the cage of what he calls “The Zimmerbeast” that spurs Jack into running across campus.

It’s the “dude.”

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I don’t know if this is going to stay the final release dates for both films, but if it is true then do you know what this means??? 


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BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \O/

It's been a while...

Hey everyone!

I know I’ve been absent for a while now, and I hope you all haven’t forgotten about me. Please excuse me for basically dropping off the face of the earth. Disconnecting was exactly what I needed and I finally feel ready to get back to writing again. Also, if anyone has submitted in the past month, please rest assured I am not ignoring you. I will get around to posting your submissions in the next week or two. Here’s a little update about what has been happening and hopefully what’s to come:

The month of April was a blur, filled with long days and short weeks. It can be summed up with one word: stressful. These past few weeks have been transformative for me. I feel I’ve emerged from a metamorphosis, forever changed by the days that are now behind me.

At times I thought they would never end, yet here we are. We’ve made it to May, which means graduation is just around the corner and I’ll be lost in the real world in no time. I look forward to the freedom from the burden my schoolwork has become. Four years of working two jobs and being a full time student has been a challenge to say the least. I’m hopeful about my upcoming job search, crossing my fingers for one that’s a little easier and pays a bit more.

At this point, I don’t know where my life is headed, but I’ve accepted that it will change. And I continue to believe that change will be for the better. There are so many things I want to do, so much to explore in this seemingly endless world. It’s truly full of possibilities, something I am learning not to fear but to embrace.

Thanks everyone for your patience and continued support!


It’s all fun and games until you realize the finale is happening.

Finals week is really long, and I’m very ready for tomorrow to be over. I might get into AV for next year though, so that’s cool.

I’ve made like one friend here this past week so shoutout to @thearmada4231 for being cool and responding to me.
Hmu if you wanna be tagged, I guess?

kdanna03 replied to your post “friendly reminder that i hate abc and their disrespectful asses.”

word. same. abc has literally zero integrity.

Knowing they could’ve announced this last year or 6 months ago makes me so mad. I usually see people getting ready to say goodbye to their favorite shows MONTHS before season PREMIERES and then there’s abc “hey, the season finale is next week. the main character is leaving, thanks for watching” FUCK THEM ALL.

Okay just one serious thought about this and next week episode regarding bellarke (because i still not ready to talk about everything else) - I’m so here for Bellarke conflict and fight. Bring it on, show! I want an open confrontation, I want them calling each other out. I want them to finally show raw emotions toward each other again, because I’m so sick of that strained smiles and cliche words the writers have been feeding us last few episodes. I want them to EXPLODE and if it had to be with anger toward each other, than fine - give me that. Give me Hakeldama 2.0. show, I’m ready!

Today was a good day!

To begin with, this is funny. So my university is undergoing some staffing changes right now, and as a result I was put under the guidance of a new academic advisor. So I met with him today to get ready for next semester, and it was great - he has a Master Shake figurine on his desk and we talked for like twenty minutes about the terrifying twenty-something foot tall crucifix that’s on campus. 😂

In other news, Blackbird editing is coming along nicely now that the semester is winding down both for myself and my students. I believe I’m going to keep to the Friday update schedule from now on, though I’m not 100% on that. I’ll keep y'all posted. At any rate, chapter 6 should be up sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening.

Thank you to everyone for the continued support! I’m hoping to catch up on putting my own reviews on various works as well, but just remember in the meantime that y'all are amazing and your writing sustains me through the endless bullshit-fest that is grad school 💜💜💜💜

mizu fest! karamazov reschedule

I’m very sorry to everyone who came for the disaster of a stream :’) I’m FINALLY getting the files to work but it’s going to take a while, so I’ve rescheduled the stream to the same time next week: 

The Karamazov Brothers @ 3pm PDT Saturday (Apr. 29th) ((will take place on my once again!))

I apologize again for not being ready beforehand, this week I’ve had absolutely no free time until today ‘OTL

[[Two more weeks of college, and I’m done forever. Well at least until I decide to further my education, I guess. On top of that, the end of the month is mine and Katsuma’s birthday (I made them the same so I wouldn’t forget as easily as I do with his kids) and on top of that, in 4 days is mine and @clumsiiily’s one year anniversary. What a busy time.]]