the finale for this series was so depressing

Standstill Part Two

standstill pt. twothe x-filespost- “the truth” msr angst


This is part two of the story I’m writing that deals with Scully’s depression while she and Mulder are running & hiding out after the events following the original series finale. Part one can be found here.

TRIGGER WARNING: Brief discussion of attempted sexual assault (nothing graphic or gratuitous).

Most nights, I held myself off until after she had showered and sank into bed beside me. Kate (unlike Scully) seemed to prefer sex in bed, with the dark of night obscuring our passion. So I forced myself to wait until the lights were out before I ran my lips along that sweet spot on her neck, drew circles on her hipbones with my thumbs, pulled her thighs up around my hips so I could push into her at last. 

On the night in question, I would have been happy to wait. Sex with Scully was a gift, something I didn’t take for granted. I would never push the issue – but I had barely finished my lukewarm burger before she was leaning into me, her breasts pressing into my chest as she kissed me with an urgency I hadn’t felt from her in months. Before I knew it, she was beneath me on the bed, her jean clad thighs fervently gripping mine as she fumbled with my belt buckle.

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[SH:R] the end of the eclipse

Episode 20 was a fitting end for Moon Lovers, at least in this viewer’s humble opinion.

The relationship of Wang So and Hae Soo is truly an eclipse–a single, impossible moment that cannot last forever. They are drawn together, they meet briefly, and they part ways.

I felt their relationship was deeply incompatible as soon as So became King, and this episode further emphasized this. And although there is a hint of promise in the future, I’m so relieved the writers didn’t take the easy way out. Any relationship between Go Ha Jin and So’s modern incarnation will require a new, full story to flesh out.

It’s fitting that we ended the series where we began it–these two people living their separate lives, but all the better for having known each other. They’re both more stable as people now–Ha Jin is no longer deeply depressed and insecure, and So has learned how to love and live on by honoring the wishes of his loved ones.

My final thoughts below the cut!

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I hate to be a downer, but I really can’t keep my opinions to myself right now. I haven’t commented on Glee in forever, I haven’t even watched Glee since The Quarterback. I was going to come home and possibly watch the series finale for the Finn mentions and closure to a show I was obsessed with and adored for a big part of my life. A show that saved me from depression and gave me hope. A show that introduced me to my hero who has inspired me in so many ways and led me to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life, who I forever miss.

I think it’s safe to say that throughout Glee, no fandom has had it as bad as us Finn and Finchel fans. When Cory and Finn/Finchel were alive, not only did the writers put us through hell with crappy writing and keeping Finchel apart like the majority of the time for show purposes, but the fandom gave us Finn and Finchel fans hell. We got the most hate. You could say for some time we were the most pandered to, but that faded. You could say that we got to see our OTP date in real life, so for that we should be forever grateful, but I feel like none of that matters anymore, not when Cory is gone, not when Finn is gone. Overall, I think us Finn/Finchel fans have had to deal with the hardest ache with Glee and the deepest heartbreak. Not to say other Glee fans didn’t love Cory, but we were his stans. We were the ones who made arts on him all the time, stalked his life every day via fansites and forums, we replayed Finn Hudson/Finchel scenes and songs till we memorized them, we adored Finn and we adored Cory, and a lot of us adored Finchel as well. 

Why do I mention all this? Because I feel like us Finn and Finchel fans have had it bad enough, and the finale didn’t even give us anything to ease our pain. I’ve seen some gifs with Finn mentions here and there, and flashbacks here and there. I know that Glee doesn’t revolve around Finn and we already had several tributes to him. I get that Rachel has moved on and they need to show us that. That you can move on even when your life gets rocked, you can move on from your first love, you can still have a happy life. I think that’s a great message to send, but I don’t know why they have to ignore the fact that Finchel even existed to send the message. I mean Brad promised us a scene in Season 6 with the Finn star, and we never got that. Maybe they figured all us Finchel/Finn fans stopped watching, so pandering to us would be pointless. But it would have MEANT a whole great deal. I just felt like we already went through so much heartache and sadness. We went from having everything to losing it all. We suffered the worst kind of pain a fandom can suffer. I don’t understand why they couldn’t give us anything. Even a “Finn” name mention during her Tony acceptance speech. Even a looking up at the sky. Something. Fictionally speaking, I mean it’s bad enough that we get a ship we hated end up being endgame and a man who Finn hated end up being Rachel’s husband. It’s even worse that our favourite character’s ending is that he’s dead. That’s just fictionally speaking. I won’t even get started on how much the real life aspect of it sucks hell of a lot more. But all in all, I don’t get it. I don’t get why we couldn’t have been given a subtle little thing. Not asking for much. Just a little after all we’ve been through. After all, wasn’t Finchel the core ship of the Glee? Regardless of Finn’s death, his character is proudly alive through mentions, flashbacks, and everything, and don’t get me wrong, I love that, but why not Finchel? I really don’t get it, maybe someone can explain to me why Glee took this direction and made this choice to leave them out of the series finale and Season 6 in general. The original spoilers said she did thank Finn in her speech so maybe they cut it for a reason. I don’t know.

Overall, I’m sad. I knew this series finale would be unfulfilling because it’s not the ENDING that it should be, because Cory’s not here, because I don’t even care about Glee anymore. I love the Finn mentions and Auditorium tribute, but I just think the ending was still such a disservice to us Finchel fans. Forget even pandering, it doesn’t make sense how Rachel, the character, didn’t thank Finn. After all, Finn was the one who pushed her to New York. Finn was the one who gave her a boost speech before her nationals performance. Finn encouraged and supported Rachel just as much as Will did in high school, if not more. She has a tattoo of his name but couldn’t thank him? I don’t get it. I think it was a huge slap in the face to us Finchel fans, maybe even purposely, and I think that’s rude because we’ve already been through enough :( 

Watched the series finale of Person of Interest.

Now I’m even more depressed. J.J. Abrams apparently couldn’t end a tv series well even if his life depended on it.

(no real spoilers)

The last season and a half had so many weird plot decisions and non-progress/regression of core ideas and story/character arcs that it feels like it was written by an actual AI - in some kind of thematic but far too early experiment at letting a machine write a major television series.

I still cried at the end, because it was emotional but I think I was also crying a little bit at how much better it could’ve been - this show had some of my absolute favorite characters on television, ever! And dealt with literally some of the most relevant and important questions of present day hard sci-fi and in the end, it didn’t have anything to say about, well, anything! Very frustrating.

Still definitely worth watching from the beginning just because there were so, so many good moments and ideas and, like I said, characters but it could’ve been so much more.

That’s a wrap guys

I finally came to the end of gifing everything from the Smoke (and by everything I mean every single scene Taron is in) and I feel empty, what am I gonna do now? 

I love this series so much and I will definetly never get over Dennis and how amazingly good Taron is in it 

(I may or may not do some other gifs though just so I’m not depressed lol)

For my fellow creampuffs

So I’ve been seeing plenty of absolutely distraught creampuffs upset that today is the last day of filming for @carmillaseriesAnd no one asked, but as someone who’s been in fandoms for over 2/3 of her life, here are just some nuggets of wisdom for some of the people who may not have found shows that changed their lives before–

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Home earlier than expected and managed to watch Call The Midwife.. What the FUCK?! I’m sorry, but WHAT? Why give us all that happiness with Patsy and Delia and then crush it? Why couldn’t they just be happy?! And as fantastic as the Trixie storyline was.. No reunion with Hot Prison Vicar?! I’m sorry but if they don’t get back together then I’m going to be so pissed off. They can’t give us that beautiful engagement speech and then nothing. Definitely the most depressing series finale of Call The Midwife yet. And don’t even get me started on the thalidomide storyline.
If there’s not a Christmas special where all of this gets resolved and we have some bloody happiness, then so help me..

how can anyone say now that tsukiyama only wanted kaneki... for food?

seriously, the guy perked up from a several years long state of depression and starvation just after seeing his photo, and the first thing on his mind is NOT THAT HE CAN FINALLY “HAVE A TASTE”…. but that he WANTS KANEKI TO REMEMBER HIM.

HE WANTS TO GO BACK TO HOW THINGS WERE! Not just with Kaneki, but the whole group, he’s missed them so much PLUS this panel just reaffirms that none of them came back together after the events of the final chapter of the original series… Shuu’s been alone for so long.

Another affirmation of his feelings towards Kaneki:

He’s shocked that “even though it’s [him]”, Kaneki doesn’t remember him.

What ghoul would think that about someone he just wanted to eat?

What person would think that about someone they didn’t consider a friend?

guys. i’m crying. it just hit me, that Dangan Ronpa is over. It’s really, truly over. I mean, of course I knew that it’s the last episode. I know there’s still NDRV3. idk why but the feels just hit me. I feel anxious, frustrated and empty. At times I’ll suddenly cry because I’m so so glad that they finally got the happiness they deserved, but then later on i get all depressed and stuff, knowing that the story is over.

I probably sound stupid. but, Dangan Ronpa had a huge impact on my life. I got to meet so many awesome people through the series, and very much enjoyed the various hopeful, despairing moments throughout the games/anime. I loved discussing theories with y’all and interacting with the fandom, it was so fun! I’m scared that I’ll lose all these.

I’m just so lost right now. idk why im like this.

i work in retail and the days here are getting reeeeeally bad for me, (because you don’t need staff to operate a store don’t be silly. Being shouted at by customers all week is a normal occurrence.) so in I’m getting rather depressed over it, and I now have 100+ messages in my inbox, so I’m not ignoring anyone  just don’t have energy to answer them.

This is the last time I shall mention this, but please there is no need to message me about the FINAL CRASH picture: I am working on it, I have a plan, it is not going to be single drawing. I am doing a series. 

I am putting effort into this. But I will need time, because as stated, I am tired at the moment and going to savour the moment drawing things. 

I do have a picture of Aeris to finish that i love but I’m too DEAD tired so i’m going to LIE HERE AND DROWN in my laziness because HOLY shit i’m umm…. um… STAB IN THE BACK JOKE