the final supper

  • Belarusian: Вячэра (Viačera)
  • Bosnian: Večera
  • Bulgarian: Вечеря (Vecherya)
  • Croatian: Večera
  • Czech: Večeře
  • Macedonian: Вечера (Večera)
  • Serbian: Вечера (Večera)
  • Slovak: Večera
  • Slovenian: Večerja
  • Ukrainian: Вечеря (Vecherya)
  • Polish and Russian: *looks at each other a bit confused*
  • Polish: You know, it's all fun and games but...
  • Russian: ... /Ужин/ (Uzhin) is a bit shorter...
  • Polish: ... and /kolacja/ has a cute Latin touch on it...
  • Rest of the family: ... what about disowning you both.
the losers club road trip + baseball game

this is so long omg im sorry

the losers road trip + baseball game

- the losers had been saving up for MONTHS to get seven tickets to a baseball game in Boston. they all did odd jobs around town like mowing lawns, walking dogs, and some babysitting. Stan got a job at the local diner, Bev did the books at little league baseball games, and Bill and Mike split a paper route. everyone decided Ben should keep track of the money, so at the end of every week they would count it all up and Ben would take it home.

-after two months of hard work, the losers had finally saved enough money for tickets and the road trip to Boston!! eddie and mike, the best drivers, had been designated to drive, and richie had already called shotgun a month in advance

-the day before the game, they loaded mike’s truck with blankets, pillows, a cooler of drinks and snacks, thier overnight bags, richie’s transistor radio ( and lots of extra batteries ) and a deck of cards, then set out for Boston around four in the afternoon

-five minutes into the drive bill realized he left the ticket money at home and they had to turn around

-bev and richie have to pee once an hour and it pisses the others off

-they take turns with who gets to sit in the bed of the truck. bill and stan called first dibs, eddie, richie, and ben called seconds, and bev and mike called last. bill and stan laid down and watched clouds, stan naming the birds that passed overhead, bill telling him about the Boston Red Sox players and the baseball season so far, all the while their fingers tangled together. eddie fell asleep instantly when it was his, ben’s, and richie’s turn. richie and ben talked music, their favorite guests on American Bandstand and how cool Elvis Presley was. eddie woke up due to richie’s extremely loud rendition of “Jailhouse Rock” in his best Elvis voice. when it came to bev and mike’s turn they shared a pepsi and a payday bar.

-around 8 o’clock they were all begging eddie to pull over for supper, and finally stan spotted a roadside diner. eddie threw the steering wheel to the left, fed up with (mostly richie’s) everyone’s complaining, throwing all of the losers against poor ben and squishing him against the window.

-the loser’s club ate like kings and queens, full of french fries, cheeseburgers, milkshakes, and banana splits.

-after dinner, they drove to a small motel that ben had circled on the map and went inside with all of their belongings. bev has a fake license that says she’s 18, so they got a room for the night. bev had one of the seniors at the high school make the fake license for her so she could get away from her father once in a while.

-bev gets her own bed, and the six boys play rock paper scissors for the bed left, the two winners sharing. stan and mike end up winning. bill, eddie, richie, and ben play rock paper scissors for the fold out couch, ben and bill winning, leaving richie and eddie to sleep on the floor. richie winked at eddie and eddie threw his pillow at richie.

-they played cards for HOURS and the staff had to visit their room twice because every time anyone but richie won, richie would complain LOUDLY

-beverly is the queen of kemps and destroys anyone who even tries

-eddie went to sleep first and everyone soon followed, but stan kept everyone up an extra twenty minutes because he kept dropping everything in the shower

-richie farts in his sleep and it wakes eddie up every time

-bill turns over literally every ten minutes and it drives ben crazy

-in the morning everyone is woken up because stan turned over and knocked richie’s radio off the bedside table and Buddy Holly started playing at max volume

-everyone loaded up in the truck and mike drove to the closest filling station. that morning, the losers had pepsi and hersheys for breakfast.

-after two more hours of driving, it was nine am and they had arrived at the glorious Fenway park. richie stuck his head out of the window and marveled at the massive structure. ben, just below richie, had his mouth hung open, admiring the towering stadium.

-richie immediately starts in on his baseball announcer voice

-bill now owes bev fifty cents because they had a bet about when richie would start with the baseball announcer voice. bill said he wouldn’t start until they got their spots in the park, bev said the second he saw the stadium.

-bill and richie got out of the car to go buy the seven tickets while mike and the others found somewhere to park. The game itself wouldn’t start until that night, but they wanted to get to the area as soon as they could.

-bill told richie to let him do the talking, but of course, richie opened his mouth and they almost didnt get their tickets, but bill got them in the end

-mike, beverly, eddie, ben, and stan ran to the crowded ticket booth and spotted richie and bill. “THERE” eddie screamed and pointed and they all ran and almost killed big bill and richie. they all wanted to hold their own ticket, so bill gave them to everyone and said he’d kill anyone who lost theirs

-they didn’t want to blow the rest of their money while waiting for the game, so mike drove all the losers around through the city to spots their folks had told them about. once they got lost in Little Italy and eddie had to drive to get them out.

-when it was finally time, they parked their car and walked to the game and went to their seats on the third base line. they sat beverly, ben, eddie, richie, stan, bill, and mike on the end. the second they sat down, richie declared that he was hungry, so mike offered to go with him to get food and everyone piped up and told them what they wanted.

-as they walked to the concession stop, richie kept making annoyingly loud comments and imitations of the locals accents, despite mike’s efforts to shut him up. mike slapped richie’s shoulder to shut him up once and richie went toppling over, knocking over a trashcan in the process.

-richie ordered all of the hamburgers, french fries, ice creams, snow cones, and sodas, and they were able to balance and hold all of the food and make it back to their seats.

-bill and stan are the ones who dip their french fries in ice cream and it makes the others cringe

-the game starts and when they stand for the National Anthem, everyone starts singing and richie keeps messing up the words very LOUDLY

-the baseball game starts and all of the losers watch in amazement of the talent and power that was the Boston Red Sox.

-the concession seller came around with a box full of peanut bags on his shoulder and yelling “GETcha peaaaNUTS ‘ere for teeeEEEN CENTS!!!” and richie jumped out of his seat and slipped into an imitation of the man’s voice. stan and eddie literally had to pull him down and bill had to cover his mouth to keep him from getting into a fight.

-between the fourth and fifth inning the organist played a happy tune and richie joked that bev should dance on top of the dugout to “please the crowd.” so bev said she wouldn’t do it alone, then mike said he would go. the losers cheered and shoved them out of their seats, and then mike and beverly ran down the stairs and started dancing together on top of the opposing team’s dugout, the losers and other surrounding people cheering them on.

-they literally almost got kicked out of the whole baseball game

-richie ate six ice cream cones and threw up in a cup

-stan ate so many blue raspberry snowcones that his tongue and teeth turned blue

-bill brought his baseball glove to the game and every time a there was a pop up into the stands bill would shoot out of his seat and do everything he possibly could to get the ball. on the second pop up he finally caught it despite everyone around him trying to get it too. it made him sooo happy and he had the biggest grin on his face for the rest of the night

-in the last inning the score was tied, so everytime someone of the opposing team was on base richie would scream inappropriate comments at them. “HEY THERE NUMBER 32, YEAH, YOU, IS THAT YOUR WIFE WEARING A BIKINI IN LEFT FIELD??” stan and eddie have to pull him down and shut his mouth so the people sitting behind him don’t beat him up

-the whole building was on edge and quiet as the tie breaker came up to the plate. mike, bill, and stan were standing up and huddled close together. bill had his arms around mike and stan’s shoulders. richie, eddie, ben and beverly were also standing, richie had his hands crossed on the back of his head with his elbows in the air, and eddie had his hands clasped together under his chin. ben clung to eddie’s shoulder and beverly had both of her hands on ben’s arm. every one of the losers was silent until the ball hit the bat with a KEEERACK and was sent sailing over the field and everyone went INSANE

-after everyone finished jumping, hugging, and screaming people started to file out, but bill went down to the dugout and got as many players as he could to sign the ball he caught.

-richie insisted he got another ice cream cone despite throwing up, so they all got a vanilla ice cream cone, then walked back to the car.

-the seven of the the losers club piled into the bed of mike’s truck and licked their ice cream cones, looking up at the massive, wonderful Fenway Park until the last light on the field went out.



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Jamie Benn 

Warnings: Idk man this is pretty sad 

You and Jamie were perfect together and everyone seemed to recognize that. People from the team dinner you had just left had given you compliments on how naturally right you seemed to be. You had even heard the word ‘soulmate’ thrown into the conversation. His short witty remarks always kept you on your toes and he loved the way that you seemed to be know exactly what to say whenever he didn’t. You and Jamie worked so well together, which made it that much more unusual to be sitting in uncomfortable silence in the slow Dallas traffic.

Jamie’s hand wasn’t resting on yours like usual, instead they were tightly grasping the steering wheel as he thought of ways to coax you out of your own head. And you weren’t telling him about the latest team gossip like you usually would after a team dinner, too busy trying to answer the only question running through your mind. Why?

Jamie let out an exasperated sigh and removed a hand from the steering wheel. For a moment you thought he was going to lay it on yours but instead he ran it through his hair, a nervous habit you usually scolded him for. This time however, you remained silent in the passenger seat, staring out the window as if Jamie wasn’t even there. He noticed this, but didn’t say anything knowing how frustrated you were with the events that took place that evening.

Five more excruciating minutes of silence passed and it felt like Jamie’s Range Rover still hadn’t moved. You were memorizing the license plate on your right, trying to think of anything but the past 2 hours, when Jamie finally spoke.
“Supper was good, right?” It was a silly question. You knew he didn’t really care about the dinner. In fact he had barely eaten any of his expensive pasta dish that evening.

“Fuck dinner.”

Your remark took Jamie by surprise. He obviously wasn’t expecting much of an answer, but you never were one to swear. Giving up on small talk Jamie drummed his fingers on the steering wheel and, to your surprise, placed one of his large hands on your knee.

“Talk to me.” You didn’t have to look at Jamie to know there was a pleading look in his eyes. You took a moment to gather your thoughts and swallow the anger that had been building inside you.

“It’s just-” you began, feeling tears build in your eyes. “Three kids in three years? Who has three kids in three years?” And there it was, the thought that had been clouding your mind since appetizers had been served.

Jamie didn’t know what to say. How could he? He was feeling just as angry and jealous as you were. Instead of speaking he squeezed your knee, letting you know he understood.

“I mean God,” you continued. “They don’t even want kids.” The 'they’ in this situation was Jamie’s best friend and teammate Tyler and his wife Penelope. The couple had been married for just over two years and been together for four, making the sting of their growing family hurt that much more.

It’s not that you and Jamie weren’t happy for the couple, it just seemed unfair in the grand scheme of things that they would have children before you two. Jamie and you had been married for five years, together for seven and had been trying to get pregnant since your honeymoon. You just couldn’t wrap your head around why it wasn’t happening.

After no signs of a baby the first year, Jamie was tested to make sure that all of his parts were working and when the doctor assured him he was fine you went and got tested, receiving the same results.

You had crossed off factors like stress as your job was not very demanding of you and it definitely wasn’t your environment as you had been living in Dallas for over 10 years. Nothing about the situation made sense, leaving both you and Jamie frustrated beyond belief.

“We can only keep trying (Y/N).” Jamie was trying to soothe you. He may have been driving but he didn’t miss the way your fingers wiped the tears away from your cheeks.

His suggestion to keep trying made you scoff and remain silent in your seat. You’d been trying. In fact, you’re pretty sure you’ve tried everything. You ate weird spices that were suppose to make you more fertile, wrapped yourselves up in confusing sex positions that people swore helped them get pregnant, you and Jamie had even tried in-vetro, but still received the same disappointing results.

Your lack of response had Jamie squirming in his seat. He removed his hand from your knee to once again slick back his hair.

“Sorry I brought it up.” It was under his breath, a sincere apology that had you immediately bursting into tears. Shocked, Jamie stared as you completely crumbled in the passenger seat.

“I’m sorry. Baby please don’t cry.” God you hated that he was so nice. His sympathetic words had more tears leaving your body as you thought of what a good father he would make. “Do you need me to pull over? (Y/N) talk to me please. Tell me how I can help.”

You took a deep breath in hopes to slow the tears. “Stop.” It was the only thing you could think of. He just needed to stop. Stop apologizing and stop telling you things were going to be okay when they so obviously weren’t.

“Pullover? Okay just let me-”

“No Jamie. I just…” And he was looking at you again, ready to give you what ever you needed. His brown eyes were filled with sadness and it took all his strength to keep both hands on the wheel instead of wrapped around his beautiful, broken wife.

You took a deep breath to gather your thoughts and looked out the window on your right.

“I need you to stop saying it’s going to be okay and that we can keep trying. It obviously isn’t going to happen so can we just… Can we just stop pretending like it is?”

For the third time that night you shocked your husband. He knew you were only saying this because you were tired and angry about Tyler and Penelope’s news.

“You know what all the books and websites say (Y/N). It’ll happen-”

“When it’s suppose to happen. I know that but God it fucking sucks that Tyler and Penelope can sit down beside each other and pop out a kid nine months later.”

Jamie smiled at your comment and shook his head. “We have time (Y/N). I know you want kids right away but kids or no kids I’m happy.”

You looked to your husband and smiled at his kind words. You placed your hand on the centre console and he immediately took it in one of his.

“Sorry for being such a mess.” The hand that wasn’t clutched in Jamie’s was wiping away the final few tears that threatened to fall. He didn’t care what you looked like though, he just smiled at you and ran his thumb across your hand.

“I get it. I’m frustrated too, but there’s nothing we can do but keep trying. Besides,” Jamie said bringing your knuckle to his mouth and planting a kiss there. “We get to spend all this time making babies and I, for one, am definitely not complaining.”

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Footsteps 5 {Joffrey Baratheon x Twin!Reader}

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Petyr regarded the young King with disdain. Joffrey had certainly seen better days. The boy looked hollow, plagued by fatigue. He’d begun to grow a beard of sorts, unruly golden hairs that seemed more fit for a madman rather than a King. His eyes gleamed with with fervor, the intensity of which one would attribute to a zealot. “You summoned me, Your Grace?”

Joffrey replied after a prolonged pause, fixing Littlefinger with a tired glance. “I require your assistance.” His voice had deepened measurably, and with each passing day he seemed less and less of a child. “Since her marriage to the Stark boy, I’ve been unable to contact my sister. I fear she could be in danger. I know of your… fondness for the Stark family, and I turn to you to soothe my worries.” His mind had matured too, adapting to the wily ways of his advisers and the other nobles who only sought the means to an end. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi, i noticed with your comment on one of the OUAT articles that the Hook and Emma stuff was a relief for fans asking? how was the atmosphere on the whole at D23 on the show, season 7 and Emma/Hook?

The atmosphere for the panel was… interesting.  There were people who were very excited to be there and find out what would be happening in season 7 and then there were people there who didn’t seem to really care one way or another. The D23 expo is filled with Disney fanatics but only a small majority of those are fans of OUAT and an even smaller set are fanatics of the show (like I am).

At the beginning of the panel they played the Final Supper scene and Henry’s daughter, Lucy, finding him scene and there were a surprising amount of people who voiced their confusion and shock at what those scenes suggested.  Basically there were people in the panel that hadn’t watched the season finale or hadn’t kept up with the show at all.  At one point the moderator mentioned how big the crowd was but I had been to another panel in that same space the night before and there had been a lot more people at that one.  There were still a bunch of empty seats around where I was sitting and I was only four rows back from the right front side of the stage.

The crowd clapped with some cheers for Adam and Eddy and there were bigger cheers for Colin but that was the highest the excitement levels got.  When they gave their vague answers for what was to come in season 7 the mood in the room was almost underwhelming.  People seemed confused (more of the audience this time) and frustrated with the whole different books but the same characters with different lives aspect.  Adam and Eddy playing it coy and mysterious definitely did nothing to drum up excitement for the next season and the direction the show seems to be heading.  Even Colin couldn’t answer anything about Hook except for the fact that he’s definitely in the next season.

As for Hook and Emma the moderator was the one who brought it up, obviously knowing that a good chunk of the audience was there for Colin and his character’s happiness.  Eddy tried to make a joke about Hook moving on but it fell completely flat and was met with some booing (guilty but not the only one).  They had to quickly reassure us that the show is about hope and that Emma is Hook’s soulmate and that there’s no one else for him.  Ever.  That was greeted with some cheers (also guilty) but still nothing overwhelming.

The highlight of the whole panel was obviously Colin singing Revenge is Gonna Be Mine.  I know a lot of people didn’t realize how very lucky we were and how amazing it was that we got to see that.  I’ve watched a lot of videos of cons and interviews he’s done where he will very, very reluctantly sing a few lines or play the guitar a little.  I’m sure they planned it beforehand but he was still somewhat reluctant and a bit embarrassed to be called on to perform like that.  He had nothing to worry about because it was stellar.

Overall I think Adam and Eddy are going to have to do a lot of fancy footwork to keep the show afloat.  The loss of practically the entire cast, the move to Friday nights, and the continual decline in ratings are all working against them.  The D23 Expo was a chance for them to reassure their existing audience that things will be great and lure new viewers in with new, exciting teases to jump into the show with.  They did neither.  Hopefully they can get something better together for SDCC this weekend.

In love and fear and hate and tears (I/III)

Part I/III

fem. Baratheon (daughter of Robert & Cersei) reader x Theon Greyjoy

 Hi guys! This was requested by anon, I hope you all like it! :)

You could remember the day you met Theon Greyjoy as if it was yesterday. You remembered him winking and smiling at you during the meal in the Great Hall in Winterfell and you felt like the happiest person in whole Westeros. He was handsome, he was strong, he liked to flirt with you. He was your first love, although he was a little bit older than you; you were only fourteen and he was nineteen. Every time you saw him your heart started beating faster and your knees got weak. But of course, nothing happened between you two, although you wished otherwise. 

You cried as you had to leave Winterfell and as your mother, Cersei Lannister, asked what happened you told her about your crush. She only smiled. However, a while later she told you that she wanted you to marry Theon Greyjoy, to strengthen the relationship with the North, but everything went wrong when someone named Ramsay Snow, a Bolton bastard, appeared and Theon suddenly disappeared. 

A year later, Cersei sent you North to make sure that the new ruler Ramsay is loyal towards your family. You arrived Winterfell after a month, together with some men of the Lannister army. As the gate of castle was opened you didn’t believed your eyes. This Winterfell had nothing to do with the one you knew. The walls were decorated with banners of a flawed man and you instantly felt sick. The atmosphere was unpleasant, you got goosebumps. Something wasn’t right. Everyone seemed to be constantly afraid of something and it also looked like a part of the castle was burnt down.

 Ramsay Snow welcomed you and your men in the great hall. Just by looked at this Ramsay Snow you knew he must have some dark secrets.

After he greeted you he added: “…As you probably already heard I am now the lord of Winterfell. I am Ramsay Bolton now. My beloved father, Roose Bolton, was poisoned by our enemies.”

“I’m sure he was”, you answered skeptically, pursing your lips. Ramsay ignored the underdone in your voice and smiled at you. He invited you and your men to stay for as long as you want and you thought it would be a good opportunity to actually get to know these former bastard.

During the supper you finally met his wife, Sansa Stark. You already knew Sansa from her time in King’s Landing, but she barely looked at you. Somehow she looked even more terrified then during her time with your family.

And then you saw him – Your beloved Theon! Although he didn’t even looked like Theon anymore. He was dirty, clothes full of holes and was there a finger missing on his one hand?! Seven hells, you thought. This cant be real. This is a dream. Just a dream. But it was no dream. It was true.

“Why is Theon Greyjoy here?”, you asked Ramsay, visible shocked.

“Oh, his name isn’t Theon Greyjoy anymore. It’s Reek”, Ramsay answered and smiled happily, almost proudly.

“What?! How is that possible?”

“I… just had some fun with him.” You wanted to vomit. You just shook your head and left the room immediately.

Later, on the same night, you commanded one of Ramsey’s men to send Reek to your chamber. He came to you only a few moments later, but he definitely wasn’t comfortable with being there.

“Theon! What happened to you?!”, you asked him.

“It’s Reek now”, he answered. “I’m n-not Theon anymore.”

“What did Ramsay do to you?” You stood up from the chair you were sitting on and made a step towards him. “Theon, tell me, please!”

“R-Reek. Not Theon.”

“Seven hells! Reek, what happened to Theon?”

“Theon died.” He didn’t looked at you. You scrutinized him and placed a hand on his cheek. He winced at your touch and suddenly your eyes were filled with tears.

“Just say so and I’ll help you, Theon. I’ll help you and Sansa, if you want so. Just tell me!”

“No.” He shook his head. “Reek belongs to Ramsay.” And he turned around and left.

You cried the whole night. This was a terrible place, and Ramsay was even more terrible. It was painful to see your first love, Theon Greyjoy, like his; humiliated and dehumanized. Theon Greyjoy always had been a strong and proud man, and now? Now he was nothing! Called himself reek… Whatever happened to him, it must have been awful. Yes, you had heard rumours about Theons destruction, but you never believed in rumours… obliviously these ones were true. Of course you decided to help Theon and even Sansa, even against their will. You had to do something! 

You talked with Sansa the next morning, also in your chamber, were you were unobserved, but even Sansa didn’t really wanted to talk with you at first. After a while, however, she finally told you, that she wants to escape, and you thought about a plan to help her.

A few days later she suited the action to the word. You sent your men back to King’s Landing, while you met Sansa and Theon again outside of Winterfell. You three fled through the snow, to the next forest and even through an ice-cold river, but as you heard Ramsay’s dogs you all knew you were about to die. It was a gift of the gods as Brienne and Podrick came to save you. They killed Ramsay’s men and offered to bring you to the Wall, where Jon Snow ruled as the new lord commander. But Theon had no interest in coming with you – he wanted to sail to the Iron Islands, to his sister Yara, and before you could even talk with him in private, he disappeared from your life again.

We are not meant to be together, you thought melancholically. You wanted nothing more than to be with Theon, even after all this years. You wanted to feel his arms around you and his lips on yours, but now he was gone. Would you ever meet him again? And would he finally be himself again? Theon, not Reek. You had no idea.

Only You {Cedric Diggory x Reader}

I am so sorry this took so long. I’ve been writing in little pieces for the longest time and today I finally had to time to sit down and finish. The new semester has been incredibly busy and stressful. 

Request are always open!!! 

Prompt: @thegirlwhoisintoomanyfandoms: Hey! your imagines are awesome, I was wondering if you could write me a Cedric Diggory oneshot with a little controversy and fluff at the end?

Sorry this is so short!!! 

Warnings: angsty as heck 

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You were cutting through the courtyard on your way to class. It was a bit chilly out but you couldn’t walk through the halls. Cedric would be in there waiting yo walk with you but he would be waiting there for a long time. There was no way you could face him. 

You pulled your robe tighter around your body as the wind whipped around you. You reentered the school successfully avoiding Cedric. You made your way down the hall toward Charms. You were rounding the corner when you felt two lanky arms wrap around your waist.

“Hey…” You knew the voice was Cedric but he sounded hurt. You didn’t answer him. “(Y/N), are you feeling alright?” He spun you around to look you in the eyes but you couldn’t bring yourself to look at him.

“I feeling great,” you lied. “I’m just tired.” He nodded, I doubted he believed me though. You smiled attempting to reassure him. You slid out of his arms and slipped into your classroom. Cedric looked confused an worried as he turned to walk to his own class. He knew you were upset with him but he had no idea why. 

The day continued as usual until supper. You sat as far away from him as possible. Cedric knew something was wrong now. He racked his brain for reasons you could be mad at him. He thought about it all throughout supper. Finally he decided on just asking you.

Supper ended and you were on your way to your common when Cedric stopped you. He was boyfriend and you loved him more than he could even begin to comprehend but he messed up.

Two nights ago you were making your way to the library to return some books you used for a paper for Snape. You opened the door but something caught your eye. You padded over but all you saw was a girl with her back against the wall. Her body language was flirty as she was clearly talking with someone in the hall. You couldn’t see the person she was walking with very well so you jsut walked into the library. You returned your books and began to make your way out when you spotted Cedric at the end of one of the shelves. He was walking backwards until the girl you saw in the hall came into view. You were immediately crushed to nothing as you walked toward the doors. 

That was two days ago, you were trying to let it slip your mind but it kept replaying in your mind. Had he really been cheating on you, it seemed so unlike him? Cedric had dragged you down the hall, away from everyone.

“What’s up with you today?” He looked at you with so much concern in those eyes you couldn’t meet with your own. Your heart hurt and it was hurting him. 

“I’m just kind of tired. That’s all I swear,” you said staring at your feet.

“Please don’t lie to me.” He held both your hands now, rubbing his thumbs over them.

“I saw you, you know. I saw you with her.” Cedric was confused for a moment before realization hit him like a freight train. He started to laugh. You punched him in the chest.

“You think its funny!? I can’t- I can’t believe you.” Tears began to brim your eyes. He continued to laugh.

“You really thought I was cheating on you? Cheating on you? With Pansy Parkinson? (Y/N), I love you but that is the dumbest thing anyone has ever said.” You stared in shock. “She was outside the library and she said she needed help finding something in the library. I knew what she was planning but I helped her and then I got out of there. She wasn’t exactly happy when I actually helped her find a book.” You hung your head with regret. He was right about it being slightly ridiculous even though you did see them together.

“I’m sorry. I should have trusted you.” He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you in for a hug. He kissed the top of your head.

“I love you. (Y/N), I love you so much you are the only person in my love that I love the way I love you. You’re the only one for me and I wouldn’t trade you for anyone else in this entire school, in the entire wizarding world! I love you.”

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled back just enough to see his face. Your hands cupped his face and he kissed you long and passionately. Your fingers played with the hair at the nape of his neck. You both pulled away only when neither of you could breath. 

“You’re the only one, (Y/N).”

Fire Fox - Chapter 6 (Eric X OC)

Rating: M (violence/swearing/smut:p)

Notes/Warnings: Upcoming Trigger Warnings (Fox’s past isn’t sunshine and flowers)

Genre: Drama/Angst

Thanks everyone for the reblogs and support!!! IT IS AWESOME!!! 

Please enjoy more of Eric and Fox!

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Tris was restless through supper, and finally cried out. “Let’s go get tattoos!”

Christina looked up from cooing at Will. They’d really become attached in the last few days and Fox felt a pang of jealously. She wanted to sit with Eric and stroke his cheek, not caring who saw. She wanted to feather kisses down his throat and hear that erotic growl whenever she goddamn well felt like, not only hidden in his apartment. Soon, she thought. Just pass initiation.

“Sure! Fox? Will?” Christina asked, eyes alight.

“Hell yeah.” Fox grinned.

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Cooking Lessons and the Future

First off I wanted to say that this is is something that took on a life of itself and was not the original ending I had planned out, but it just flowed and this is where it ended up. Second, this is the last fic in my perfect date series unless someone makes a request for another. Tagging @blindbae for her love of Iggy and @alicemoonwonderland for requesting the idea. @itshaejinju I’ll be working on your request momentarily

Long days were becoming the norm for you as your career as a trauma nurse started to take off. Your days were filled examining patients and helping the doctors with extreme precision. The trauma bay was no joke as you tended to plenty members of the Crownsguard and civilians alike. Someday you were going to go back to school and earn your medical degree. Maybe it would happen sooner rather than later.

With those longer days came seeing Ignis less. You missed relishing his scent of Jasmine and Ebony as you woke from a deep slumber. You missed watching him cook your favorite meals. You missed the feeling of his gloveless hands trailing down your body as you made love. You just missed him. His job as the prince’s advisor kept Ignis quite busy as well and it pained you how rarely the two of you saw each other.

As you unlocked the door of your apartment and crossed the threshold, a smile came across your face. Ignis moseyed around your kitchen as he put groceries away that he had just purchased. Obviously, your fridge and pantry were looking sparse. You admired the way he looked after you like that. You probably would have died by now if it weren’t for your loving boyfriend.

“Good afternoon my darling. How was your day?” Ignis questioned as you removed your shoes and purse from your body

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Jacopo Tintoretto ~ The Last Supper ~ San Giorgio Maggiore , Venice.

A comparison of Tintoretto’s final The Last Supper with Leonardo da Vinci’s treatment of the same subject provides an instructive demonstration of how artistic styles evolved over the course of the Renaissance. Leonardo’s is all classical repose. The disciples radiate away from Christ in almost-mathematical symmetry. In the hands of Tintoretto, the same event becomes dramatic, as the human figures are joined by angels. A servant is foregrounded, perhaps in reference to the Gospel of John 13:14–16. In the restless dynamism of his composition, his dramatic use of light, and his emphatic perspective effects, Tintoretto seems a baroque artist ahead of his time.

Creepypasta #392: Cold War Chills

I bought a house about 5 years ago, a fixer-upper with a few flaws, but enough charm to override any complications.

Mostly all of the work involved was going to be updating old fixtures and clearing out what seemed like a couple decades worth of unattended normal maintenance (mowing, clearing out weeds, vacuuming, etc.).

Apparently the story was that the family had gone on vacation sometime in the 1970s and went missing. The brother of the father inherited the estate, and was supposed to upkeep or sell the home but ended up coming to see the house once and not caring after that. It made sense because I bought the home based on price rather than features, and I basically told my real estate agent to, “Look around for something on the market for a while or forgotten about, because I didn’t have the funds to buy something new.”

I guess the house was under ownership by the bank or police or something, and probably tossed aside considering it was kind of out in the middle of nowhere and wouldn’t be an eyesore for people around it.

I fixed up the house to the best I could, and I was proud of it. It looked like something straight out of the 60s, wood paneling, bright colors, but I liked that style, so I was alright with it.

I invited some of my friends over to have some beers, a sort of small house-warming thing to celebrate my seemingly great purchase.

We were in the backyard grilling, having a good time, and my buddy says “Hey, whats that hatch over there?”

I knew what he was talking about, I had mowed around it previously and wondered the same thing. I came up with the idea that it went to a septic tank or some sort of sewage system. It was locked, and would remain so if the sewage part rang true.

I remember telling my friend something like, “Oh, I think it’s a septic tank or sewage or something.” It made sense because I lived so far out, using city sewers was out of the question.

My buddies, being diabolical bastards, disagreed and started saying stuff like “It’s proly a hole to a sex dungeon,” and “C'monnnnn, see what it is.” Then someone mentioned a fallout shelter, and it kind of clicked at that moment.

The house is from the 60s, people were getting shelters left and right, it probably was a fallout shelter. I’m really interested in fallout shelters, so my interest was peaked.

I got a set of bolt cutters out of my shed and walked back to join my friends, which had now gathered around the hatch expectantly.

I chopped the standard key lock off and opened the hatch door. It smelled terrible, one of the worst damn smells I have ever witnessed. Everyone took a step back and gagged.

“Oghhhh. I gotta go in just to see what the fuck that smell is now.” One of my friends said, putting his shirt over his mouth and nose.

He climbed down the ladder and pulled out his keys which had a small flashlight on them. We looked as he shone his light around and immediately scrambled back up the ladder.

He fell to his knees right outside of the hatch and threw up immediately. I remember someone made a joke about how he never could hold his alcohol and someone asking “Smells worse down there?”

He kind of just looked up at us and backed away from the hatch more.

We knew something was up at this point because he would have reacted to something we said. He was very pale and very scared looking.

I grabbed the light from his keychain and started climbing down the ladder. Something was down in this hole that scared my friend, and it was on my property, so I really wanted to get rid of it or at least know what it was. One of my other friends followed with a zippo and I waited for him to reached the ground with me.

It was a fallout shelter, I could see beds and empty food cans and jars from where my light touched as I waited for my friend to get situated.

Then I saw something that scarred me for the rest of my life.

It was table, and at the table sat 4 people, or what people looked like after years of decomposition. A mother sat with a plate in front of her, slumped over in her chair, her hair bedraggled and thinning, falling on the dusty white tablecloth that adorned the table.

She looked mummified, her skin was browned and leathery looking. Her eye sockets recessed, dried, white, cloudy orbs sat loosely inside them.

A little girl, only identifiable by the dress she wore, had fallen over the table, resting on the edge, jaw ajar. Her hair also flaked and grayed over the table, her skin as if someone had vacuum sealed it to her bones.

A boy, maybe a little older than his sister, sat upright with is hands on the table as if he was still waiting to be excused from supper.

Finally, a father, sat at the head of the table. His head tilted back in his chair, his arm hung down to his side, holding a revolver in his hand. A hole blown out of his head. This moment told a story, but now it was all just a harrowing sight.

Me and my friend rushed out of the shelter and I called the cops.

Over the next couple of days, a few officials came to my house and continually examined the scene and took in the bodies.

The mother, son, and daughter all died from poisoning, as I came to learn, and the father obviously killed himself.

Apparently the decomposition showed that they died sometime in the early to mid 60s. Examiners offered up the idea that they probably got the shelter secretly, and lied to their family about having shelter. They probably got in there during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the father probably got scared and thought this was the best plan of action.

An older man came by a few weeks later, and claimed to be the brother that was supposed to take care of the house. He explained that he and his brother were never really that close as children. He also explained that once the property became his, he too opened the hatch and smelled the stench and assumed it was a septic tank. he said he put the lock on the hatch and he felt very guilty about it, locking in the bodies of his relatives like putting them in a grave. He explained that the home was not worth his time because he lived rather far away, as most people did, and no one was going to buy it anyway.

Then he said something that really bothered me and that I still think about. “David and Michelle were a fine couple. And Junior, Mary, and Lily were such beautiful children.”

I didn’t think about it until after he left. There were only the bodies of 2 children in the shelter, but he said that there were 3 children.

I went back down into the shelter and noticed that there was a fifth chair at the table. I called the examiners and asked them about how many bodies they recovered and they confirmed my suspicion. They only recovered 4 bodies, 2 adults, 2 children.

Credits to: CM1288

Odd for us to meet like this

Author’s Note: What happens when you’re pissed off about the way someone died in a movie? You write (modern) AU fanfiction about their non-canon pairing you’re in love with. Hope you enjoy my little bit of Figrid. :)

The worst part of Sigrid’s day was, she had to say, first getting to work. The diner was freezing in the early morning before it opened, and as she was the one who opened it, it was miserable. The cook – Maria – arrived soon after her, but for that first half hour or so of filling salt and pepper shakers and wiping down tables, Sigrid wondered why the hell she took the job. And then she remembered that her da’s salary as a transporter of goods was not quite enough to pay all the bills and that was why she wasn’t going to college like most nineteen year olds. She got a bit sad when she remembered that. But those feelings were secondary to there actually being food on the table and heat in the house, so she tried not to let it weigh her down too much. Besides, perhaps her siblings might be able to go to one day if she made enough money.

She snapped out of her daze when Maria called her name.

“Sig, could you flip on the ‘open’ sign? It’s 7.”

Sigrid nodded, heading over to the window. She took a moment to look outside. The weather was as cold and rainy as it had been on her miserable walk over, but then that’s how it always was in Laketown.

It was barely five minutes later that people started showing up in search of breakfast. Sigrid put on her apron and a falsely cheerful smile, all while mentally counting down the hours until her lunch break.

The morning went by as quickly as was possible, while waiting tables and restraining from killing sleezy patrons who tried to feel her up. Maria often offered to loan her a frying pan if she needed it, but Sigrid declined. Mostly because hitting their weasely manager Alfrid, who was just as bad as the patrons, would be a sure way for her to lose any chance of employment at all in Laketown, since he worked directly for the Mayor, who in turn owned the diner. But it would have felt nice, since Alfrid was the biggest skeeve Sigrid had ever met. Hitting him with a cast-iron frying pan would have at least been entertaining for her and Maria.


Going home from work that night, Sigrid stopped at the grocer’s to pick up some bread for supper, and mentally went over what she’d have to do. Tilda would probably need help with her math homework, and Bain would want her to look over his essay. Then there was the knitting she did, both to keep her family in socks and hats and to calm her after a stressful day. She was just leaving the store, her mind somewhere less rainy, when she collided with something solid.

At first she thought she’d run into the door, which she’d until then believed was automatic, but when an arm wrapped around her waist to stop her from falling backwards, she became fairly certain that she’d run into a someone instead of a something. Which was possibly more embarrassing; she wasn’t entirely clear on that point.

“Oh, sorry! You alright?” The voice she assumed was connected with the arm sounded friendly and male. Sigrid brought her head back down from the clouds (where it was sunny, and Alfrid was being hit over the head with frying pans and scrubbing the floors on his hands and knees for once).

She found herself looking at a man, probably a few years older than herself. He was about two inches shorter than her, but his shoulders were a good deal wider and he had short blond hair and matching beard.

“I-I’m fine, thanks,” she stammered. “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. My fault.”

“Eh, equally mine,” he said, a crooked smile on his face.

“Uh, you gonna let her go now, Fee?” a second male voice asked, sounding amused. Sigrid only just then noticed another young man, this one with dark hair and whiskers. She blushed heavily, as did the blond man, who let her go then.

“You sure you’re alright?” the man said, sounding concerned.

“I’m fine; I’ve had far worse than running into someone,” Sigrid assured him, shifting the bread in her arms.

“If you’re sure then,” he said, smiling kindly at her.

“I am, thanks,” Sigrid said. “Have a nice day.”

“You too,” the dark haired one cut in, sounding amused. Sigrid nodded once at them, and then was on her way again, not paying attention to the way both men looked after her as she walked away.


“Nicely done Fili,” his brother mocked him, laughing far more than Fili believed was strictly warranted.

“Shut up Kili,” Fili said without preamble, moving inside the store. He looked down at the list that had been growing in size since they’d arrived in Laketown the week before and began grabbing things.

“She was very pretty,” Kili continued, impish grin that had always gotten him both into and out of trouble firmly in place.

“Shut up Kili,” Fili said, grabbing a bag of apples.

“All blonde and womanly and pretty blush.”

“Kili, if you don’t shut up, I will strangle you with an extension cord, and Thorin might even thank me for it.”

“You’re no fun, Fili,” Kili grumbled, but he left off speaking.

However, Kili wasn’t wrong. Fili had certainly noticed that the girl was pretty. Blue eyes, hair like gold; could he be blamed for wanting to keep talking to her?

“Bit of an awkward way to meet someone though,” he muttered to himself while Kili was occupied with something else.

He wanted to know what her name was. He’d liked the feel of his arm around her waist after he’d stopped her from falling, though she’d probably been embarrassed by it. Not that he blamed her; she’d plainly not been watching where she was going. Which wasn’t to say that he had been either. Too busy with thoughts of their latest job and whether it would be enough to pay their bills and send some of the money home to their mother.

Fili wondered what the pretty blonde had been thinking about.


When Sigrid got home, Bain was trying to help Tilda with her math, but that had always been Sigrid’s area of expertise, so the younger two weren’t having much luck. With promises to help after she got supper going, Sigrid listened for messages on the machine, and was saddened when one from her da told her that he’d be home late that night. An even less pleasant message was from Alfrid, telling her she needed to come in the next day, which should have been her day off. She grumbled to herself about the loss of time off, but rationalized that at least she’d be making more money. Still, her fantasy of smacking Alfrid over the head with a frying pan was looking more and more appealing.

When she finally got supper in the oven, she sat down at the table to help Tilda. The nine year old was glaring at the problems unhappily by then, and Sigrid fought to hide a smile.

“Alright, Tilda, what’s the problem?”

“Math is stupid,” Tilda grumbled.

“Maybe true,” Sigrid said with a small smirk. “But that’s not the relevant problem here. What is it that you can’t figure out?”


At Fili’s house, he and Kili ate takeout and watched kickboxing. Kili was far more into it than Fili, who was more preoccupied with looking at the plans for the house they were building.

“Come on Fee,” Kili tried to persuade him. “Even Thorin isn’t working right now.”

“You don’t think our uncle is looking over the plans the night before we start?” Fili asked, doubtful.

“Okay, true, but, you are not Thorin,” Kili pointed out. “For one thing you’re a lot blonder than him.”

“Aren’t you observant,” Fili snorted.

“And you know who else is blonde? The girl from the grocer’s today.”

Fili sighed, knowing he was in for a long night of bad segues.


The next morning Sigrid got ready for work and made Bain and Tilda’s lunches. Technically they could do it for themselves, but she liked to save them the trouble, since she was up early enough anyway. She was just finishing that when her da entered the kitchen. Bard Girion was grim-faced as usual, but he managed a smile for his oldest daughter.

“Thought today was your day off, Sig?” he asked, looking down at her in concern.

“It was, but Alfrid left a message asking me to come in last night. It’s not that big a deal,” she replied, shrugging it off as though it were nothing. Her da hugged her again and Sigrid allowed herself a moment of comfort.

“Don’t work yourself too hard, Sig. You deserve better than that.”

“I’ll be alright, Da,” Sigrid said, finally with a real smile. “Where are you headed today?”

“Just across, to Esgaroth. I’ll be back in time for supper tonight.”

“Good. I’ll make stew,” she said, pleased.

“Come on, I’ll walk you to work.”

“Oh, you don’t have to,” Sigrid protested.

“And that’s where you’re wrong. Let’s go; it’s on the way to the docks anyway.”

While she could have pretended like she was indifferent, Sigrid was extremely pleased for the time with her da all to herself. Sometimes he took Bain out on the boat with him, and he always made time to tuck Tilda into bed when he was home to do it. Sigrid had to content herself with the occasional walk to work. But that was okay, so long as he was around.


Fili woke up and showered before Kili, ensuring he would get the bigger share of the hot water. (It was the little things in life, after all.) He then ingested the vile instant coffee they’d bought the day before, and resolved to get some from somewhere that was not their kitchen. When Kili joined him, dark hair still wet, Fili received a rough punch to the shoulder.

“Son of an orc,” Kili grunted, only making Fili smirk.

“Wakes you up better than this, I think,” he said, holding up his mug. “I don’t care that we’re poor, we’re getting something better. There’s got to be a decent coffee shop somewhere in this town.”

“Think I heard of one,” Kili said, perking up a bit. “The Master’s, or something like that.”

“Oh, real subtle,” Fili snorted. “No accounting for taste. Still though, long as the coffee’s good, owner can call himself whatever he pleases.”

“You’re a man of simple pleasures, aren’t you Fee?” Kili asked him in amusement. “Good coffee, good beer, pretty blondes.”

“Oh, for Mahal’s sake!” Fili grumbled. “You ever plan on letting that go? She couldn’t have been older than nineteen.”

“Like you’re an old man,” Kili scoffed.

“I don’t even know her name.”

“Laketown’s small enough to mend that,” Kili retorted with a wink.


Sigrid opened the diner as she usually did. She filled the salt and pepper shakers and loaded napkin dispensers. When Maria arrived, together they did some prep work for later. At 7, she flipped on the ‘open’ sign. For about half an hour she looked after the few patrons who showed up, keeping her ‘I have to be nice to you’ smile firmly plastered on. It was not going to be a fun day.

At 7:30, Sigrid didn’t notice who walked through the door before taking a seat at the counter.

“Sig, at the bar,” Maria said. Sigrid nodded in thanks and turned. She was not prepared to see the blond man and his dark haired companion from the day before. While she felt awkward, she couldn’t exactly just leave them there.

“Can I help you?” she asked, walking over. The blond she’d run into looked at her like she was a ghost, while the brunet looked as though Christmas had come early.

“We meet again,” the brunet said cheerfully.

“So it would seem,” Sigrid said, a reluctant smile on her face. “Seriously though, what can I get you?”

“Well, ma’am, my brother is dying for some coffee that doesn’t taste like it was filtered through his sock. As am I, to be honest.”

“Two coffees, coming right up.”

“Wait!” The sudden exclamation made Sigrid turn. It appeared the blond had found his tongue. “Sorry, but what’s your name?”

“Sigrid. Sigrid Girion. And you, sir?”

“Fili Durin,” he replied, the same crooked smile she’d seen the day before adorning his features.

“Nice to actually meet you, Fili Durin.” She turned away again, features softening somewhat.

Perhaps the day wouldn’t be so bad.

I’m a sucker for the “running into each other – literally” meet-cute. Also, I know Esgaroth and Laketown are the same place, but I needed a name, and this is my verse to do with as I please.