the final program


 “It’s only 106”

  「 106しか出てない 」

  “ It’s only 106 ”

  「 106しか出てない 」

   “ IT’S ONLY 106 ”

    「 106しか出てない 」

    “   IT’S   ~ONLY~   106   ”

―Yuzuru Hanyu’s off the record comment on his SP performance that marked the 3rd highest score in history.

Note: Short program scores above 100 points were achieved only 7 times, 6 of them by Hanyu himself:

  • what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: mila babicheva is the third rank in international ladies' singles and presumably made the grand prix final women's program along with sara crispino, who is the 4th ranked. who are the 1st and 2nd ranked respectively? how did these two of do? who won the women's grand prix finals? what was their theme for the season? are the two of them involved because i would appreciate that? will the second season exhibit at least a peak at them skating competitively? also someone leak mila's workout routine because she lifted yuri into the air like he was nothing.

I’ve been slowly rewatching Supergirl s1, and the most recent episode was ‘Manhunter’  now I really want a fic where Kara and Lucy weren’t able to save Alex.

For, whatever reason, Alex and J’onn were being transported separately.  Maybe it’s protocol to keep alien and human prisoners apart, maybe they wanted a stronger transport for J’onn.  Whatever.

Either way, when Kara and Lucy stop the transport, only J’onn is inside, and they have no idea where Alex is.

Well, they know she’s at Cadmus, but they now have no way to rescue her.

When J’onn goes on the run as a fugitive, it’s to find Alex, not Jeremiah.

Only, if he had succeed he would have found both, because as soon as Jeremiah learnt that Alex was being brought to Cadmus, he made sure she was working with him.

Maybe Jeremiah lies to Alex at first, letting her believe that he is still truly a prisoner, being forced to work.  Maybe he’s upfront and tells her that the work is for good and everything.

It doesn’t really matter which, because Alex refuses to work for Cadmus either way.

Until Jeremiah is convinced that Alex may need to be ‘persuaded’.

And Alex is brainwashed.

Alex is programmed to be a sleeper agent and sent back to the DEO.

Jeremiah pushes her - passed out, beat up, and emaciated - into Kara’s arms when he lets her and Mon-El go.

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(I promise this will be the last time you’ll see this lol) 

Here is the complete four set chess piece print of the party of FFXV! 

You can get it here:

King- Noctis Lucis Caelum 

Knight- Gladiolus Amicitia 

Bishop- Ignis Scientia

Rook- Prompto Argentum