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Our mistakes make us who we are.


Different sides of Mon-El. Part 2 (Part 1)

Huge thanks for @emarasmoak who helped me with her suggestions.

This might be more fever dream talking, but I’m making my way through the various SDCC interviews (which I’ve honestly not done before, but I feel like I should do my homework) and here’s something interesting:

Dabb is talking about alternate worlds. Plural. 

On the surface that doesn’t seem all that exciting, but then I’m just thinking about what this show is and how it tends to tell stories… and there’s no way we visit an AU without purpose. Dabb confirms that SPN is a character driven show (“Sam, Dean, and Castiel”), so, really: the only reason to visit an AU is to show the characters something about themselves. Think of the AUs we’ve encountered so far, like The End or The French Mistake.

And after comparing the years of SPN to making a pizza in the most bizarre way possible, Jared talks about the “meta episode where we play ourselves,” and how the fans loved it, and how they could do more of that, and then came to the conclusion that the show has now figured out “who it is.”

Anyone else thinking we could be staring down the barrel of the most meta season ever?


your gaze captivates my soul;
     your smile brings me delight;
         i love you.

Smol Chat {Part 3}

“A/N: Hey y’all so I have finally established ships for this series! Also. This series is simply just so that I can still be active because school has been a pain and I couldn’t get requests done. But break is coming up and writing will (i hope) become more consistent! {ships are lafayette X mulligan~~angelica X jefferson X james madison (poly)~~alexander X eliza~~john laurens X reader~~burr X theodosia~~maria X peggy~~}

AU: ALL texting

Pairing: Almost everyone in hamilton X reader

(these are the text names just to clarify because it may be confusing) ALEXANDER: Godamilton~~~~~JOHN: SmolTurtle~~~~~BURR: IncludeMePlease~~~~LAFAYETTE: Laffy_Taffy~~~~HERCULES: Hunkules~~~~~ELIZA: SinnamonRoll~~~~ANGELICA: NeverSatisfied~~~~PEGGY: LilBean~~~~~THOMAS: Jeffersin~~~JAMES MADISON: JimmyNeutron (changed in this part to Jemmyisdone)~~~READER: urmom(y/n)~~~~THEODOSIA: TheoDoe~~GWASH: MisterWashington~~~KING GEORGE: BowDownPeasants~~~Maria Reynolds: MissMariaReynolds

UrMom(Y/N): y’all this chat has been inactive for like a week wassup


Jeffersin: who me?

JemmyIsDone: whoever changed my username knows me too well

NeverSatisfied: i do dont i? ;)


JefferSin: i mean i live with what i did in montichello

JemmyIsDone: that

Godamilton:  JEMMY REALLY


SinnamonRoll: alex calm down

Godamilton: mY WIFE

SinnamonRoll: yes I am your wife

Godamilton: bETSEY

SinnamonRoll: alex pls

MissMariaReynolds: peggy is being mean to me

LilBean: all i did was leave you in the mall all alone

MissMariaReynolds: coME BACK FOR ME

LilBean: fine

TheoDoe: im going to add burr again simply because i want to make him angry

TheoDoe added IncludeMePlease to the chat ItsHamiltime

IncludeMePlease: why

IncludeMePlease: please no

UrMom(Y/N): ayy its burr

BowDownPeasants: why am i still in this chat

Godamilton: honestly i have no idea

Godamilton: maybe y/n likes you or something

SmolTurtle: excuse me?

UrMom(Y/N): aw john dont worry i hate george

BowDownPeasants: dont make me go to washington and tell him that you are being mean.

UrMom(Y/N): he doesnt control me

Godamilton: for once i agree with snobby white kid 

Godamilton: last time i said something mean washington came to my house and whooped me with a purse

SinnamonRoll: rip

Godamilton: BETSEY

SinnamonRoll: alex

SinnamonRoll: no

MisterWashington: Hello Children.

Godamilton: DAD

MisterWashington: Alex I will disown you. 


Godamilton: FITE FITE FITE

UrMom(Y/N); i’d rather them not john is my ride home

Godamilton: F I T E

IncludeMePlease: i understand none of you

IncludeMePlease: everyone sucks in this chat

TheoDoe: excuse me?

IncludeMePlease: cRAP

IncludeMePlease: SHH THEO I LOVE YOU




UrMom(Y/N): OTP

BowDownPeasants: how cute

BowDownPeasants: now i will make myself productive instead of being here with you losers

BowDownPeasants: AH’ GOODBYE


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Jikook High School AU Masterlist💫 (completed)

Part 1 💫 Part 2 💫 Part 3 💫 Part 4

Part 5 💫 Part 6 💫 Part 7 💫 Part 8

Part 9 💫 Part 10 💫 Part 11 💫 Part 12

Part 13 💫 Part 14 💫 Part 15 💫 Part 16

Part 17 💫 Part 17.5 💫 Part 18 💫 Part 18.5

Part 19 💫 Part 20 💫 Part 21 💫 Part 21.5

Part 22 💫 Part 23 💫 Part 24 💫 Part 24.5

Part 25 💫 Part 26 💫Part 27 💫 Part 27.5

Part 28 💫 Part 29 💫 Part 29.5 💫 Part 30

Part 31 💫 Part 32 💫 Part 33 💫 Part 34

I finally made the masterlist for this lmao YAY!!

Anyways, so this au is about Jungkook coming out of his shell and accepting who he is and being confident with who he is. 🚨warning: homophobic slurs will be used in some of the parts, so yeah, sorry. In no way do I condone that disgusting language or behavior at all, I fucking hate homophobia, but I decided it was fitting in the story and it was suiting for the impact i wanted it to have. Plus it would be uncharacter like of the certain character to not use it (Jacob) so I had to🚨 This deals with insecurities, homophobia, and acceptance. It’s a pretty angsty™ lmao.

Do not be afraid to leave comments and feedback, they are very well appreciated and if anything seriously encouraged. I love hearing back from you guys, it means a lot and it helps me get better as a writer. Don’t only comment things you think i want to hear, leave constructive criticism. If you don’t like something, tell me, and tell me why, and I will work to imrpove said thing. 🌱🌱 I deeply value your guys’ opinions. Thanks💕

Sequel info: ✨✨

Also, lmao let’s go ahead and ignore the sudden hair color changes in this au😂

I’m drunk I love you pt. 2 (Joshua)

A/N: exams are over and what better way to celebrate the end of an (awful) semester than to write this

Genre: More fluff than angst

Summary: You thought it was over but apparently your drunken apology was the only thing Joshua could think about 



Your bloodshot eyes were staring straight up the ceiling. 

You don’t really feel much of anything. No headaches, no tears, nothing.

It was already 9 in the morning and you had been awake since 4am, self-realizations hitting you while the hangover slips away as the sun peeked through the curtains.

You sat up on your bed and stared at the wall, trying yet again to recall what really went down last night.

All you remember was standing outside Seventeen’s dorm with your best friend.

And talking to Hoshi.

Then talking to Joshua.

You cringed at the scenarios your mind was creating and filling in for you; scenarios of maybe this is what happened and most likely you were embarrassing.

You cringed even more and smacked yourself with a pillow.

“You’re already stupid sober, Y/N.” you scolded yourself.

While still in thought, your best friend slowly opened your bedroom door.

“Hey, you’re awake! Come out, I made breakfast!” 

“Yeah okay, but is it edible though?” you teased.

Her eyes lit up. “Well, your Majesty, I already had the pleasure of tasting it before it reaches your tongue and I can guarantee you that it’s 100% edible,”

You laughed and followed her down the hall. You were greeted by the aroma of waffles and freshly cooked eggs and bacon.

“I’m surprised you didn’t burn the apartment down. I was worried I’d wake up already cradled in God’s arms,” you joked as you sat down across from her.

She snorted. “I love you but please shut up and eat.”

“Okay, okay.” You laughed before taking a bite.

This was the first time in days that you felt like things were slowly putting themselves back together, even though Joshua isn’t here with you. 

Or so you thought.

In the middle of laughing, and devouring your waffles, someone had suddenly knocked on your door. You calmly stood up thinking that it was just the landlord, checking in on pipings that you had reported a week ago. But your composure was snatched out of you when you looked through the peephole of your door.

“Oh shit.” you say as you backed away from the door.

Your morning cursing alerted your best friend. She hurriedly walked to stand next to you.


You swallowed nervously then nodded. “Joshua.”

“This early? Guess last night worked.”

You were speechless. In fact you already dropped all hope in getting back with him. It’s not that you’ve given up, it’s just that you wanted to stop hurting too. Sometimes there are things that don’t work out no matter how much you want them to and you understood that now. You had accepted that moving on was now your reality and that there are better things for you. Maybe he just wasn’t the one.

You snapped out of your daze when Aish you’re spacing out again I’ll just open the door then was screamed out.

“No! I haven’t showered yet, I smell like regrets and embarrasm–”

Before you can finish your sentence, the door swung open. You screeched loads of cusses to your best friend while moving behind the door.

Your best friend cocked an eyebrow at you before turning to Joshua.

“Hi Joshua! What brings you here?” She inquires, putting emphasis on his name just to tease you.

“Oh um, I’m sorry for bothering you this early, but is um, Y/N here?”

Your heart dropped at the sound of his voice: nervous, unsure, and all.

Your best friend looked at you then smirked. You sighed. You walked towards the couch, signalling to your best friend to let Joshua in.

You sat then all of a sudden your mind started to go haywire, worrying about how this will go about. What will he say? Is this the end, end? Is he here to give you another chance? No wait maybe he’s here for closure?

“Y/N, hi.”

You slowly looked at the boy in front of you, actually talking to you.

“Uh, hi.” You manage to choke out. “Please sit.”

You moved and patted the empty space to your left. Joshua slowly sat then started to fiddle with his fingers. He was definitely nervous.

You watched his movements carefully, actually forgetting that he was here to talk because God, you missed him so much. And this might be the last time you’ll be this close to him.

You watched Joshua lick his lips and take in a breath of courage. 

“You showing up drunk at the dorm had me up all night.” he paused then looked at you straight in the eyes. You swore your heart popped when his eyes landed on yours.

“I’m pretty sure you don’t remember anything you said last night,” he laughed.

“But they were the only things I keep on hearing until sunrise.”

“What did I say?” You quietly asked, genuinely curious if you said anything embarrassing or out of topic like you always do when you’ve had too much alcohol.

He chuckled. “You apologized and swore on your dogs that nothing happened between you and your ex that night you went out of dinner.”

“Did I really… swear on my dogs… oh god.” You slapped your forehead in embarrassment and groaned.

“You did!” Joshua smiled. “But Y/N, I’m sorry that I didn’t say a word last night. I was shocked, honestly. I mean you never really reached out to me after we fought. It was as if you were, you know, guilty.”

You looked at your hands. Admittedly, you never had the guts to blow his phone up with calls and texts and you were too afraid to ask help from his members. You hated confrontation and thought that cooling off the situation for 4 days would help. Apparently, everything got worse which sent you to a state of panic.

“Yeah, I’m sorry I’m just bad at confrontations and I didn’t know how to console you either. I thought giving you space would help but it only made the distance between us unbearable.” You admitted.

“Luckily you decided to go and see me. While drunk too!”

You both laughed. You can feel the pieces falling back together.

Joshua cleared his throat.


Your heart fluttered when he spoke your name, it always does. You look up to face him. He looks so much like genuine love.

“I forgive you, I do. Please just be more honest with me, yes? With your feelings and everything else. You can talk to me, you know.”

He’s too good for you and you know it.

“Joshua, I love you.” You blurted.

You couldn’t help it. It has been at the tip of your tongue since last night.

Joshua smiled warmly. “I love you, let’s keep us going.”

Tears were forming in your eyes, you couldn’t believe it.

You swiftly pressed your lips on his. He cupped your cheek, wiping the tears off with his thumb. He pulled away then kissed your nose.

“Don’t you have practice today? Won’t Seungcheol have you crucified for missing a day of practice?” You say as you snuggled closer to him.

He put his arm around you. “Doesn’t matter, I got you back anyway.”

You cringed at his cheesiness. “We gotta make your death worthwhile then. What do you wanna do now?”

“Cuddle. I just want to cuddle.”

“Fine. What Joshua Hong wants, Joshua Hong gets.”

He smiled. “I got you then.”

You rolled your eyes but still cuddled him.

Everything was falling into place. You silently thanked the universe for being on your side today.

Expedite (Rush Reaction 2)

Pairing: Earth-2 Harrison Wells x Speedster!Reader

Word Count: 5,505 (I mean… I think we’re all pretty much expecting an obnoxious length by now.)

@emeliescorner: I just wanted to let you know that the “Start again” imagine/fic was absolutely adorable. I still get butterflies just thinking about it! The writing was so amazing and I really loved the tension. And perhaps give you an imagine :) Imagine being a speedster like Barry and working together with Earth 2 Harrison Wells to help Barry increase his speed(like a test subject, but the good kind) and falling in love with him. Maybe E-2 Wells feels something back? Tension, fluff, angst(like Start Again):D
Anonymous: Could u do imagine where y/n is another speedster and takes Barry’s place for a while cause he is ill and Cisco makes her a white costume and names her Reverse Zoom(because of The Flash - The Reverse Flash thing)??? Btw you’re my favourite blog :* <3
Anonymous: Can you do an imagine where the reader is a metahuman and Cisco gives her a name she doesn’t care for and the team tease him about loosing his touch?

A/N: Well, here it is! The second part of Rush Reaction! Thank you guys so much for waiting for this… And thanks for letting me break this up into two parts. It made it much more enjoyable to write and made it feel like it wasn’t just a never ending fiction that was eating my soul (high drama much?) *internal screaming* (Oh and lets all keep in mind that I have NO medical training so if I gave you the wrong treatment for this… stuff… Let’s just blame Caitlin since she’s your doctor today. :3)

Anyways… Business as usual… Please let me know if you find mistakes so that I may fix them for you :) Feedback is always appreciated/encouraging. Enjoy!

Warnings/Tags: Grumpy!Harry, You are Awkward and Adorable, You are a Hard Worker and Harrison Loves it, Slight Shady!Wells, You are an Established Member of Team Flash, I Took Creative Liberties, Slight-Canon Divergence, You are a Test Subject, Ridiculous amounts of Fluff, Angst, Slow-Burn (ish?) Romance, Harrison Worries about You, Protective!Harrison, Age-Gap Depending on YOUR Age, Tension of all sorts! And I’m adding Action for this second part here…

Song Rec(s): Free by Ryn Weaver,  New Divide by Linkin ParkJust Like Fire by P!nkOne Life by Hedley

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“You can’t keep running these tests.” Caitlin started.

“She came to me…” Harrison answered through his habitual rasp. His tone wasn’t defensive but rather a bit desperate as if he wanted to explain how sorry he was without actually having to say it. “I wouldn’t have…” You couldn’t see him, but you could tell by the light stutter in his voice that he was shaking his head. 

“But you did.”

“She came to me.” That phrase seemed to be his failsafe.

“So, that gave you the bright idea to actually agree to injecting her with an experimental drug?”

“I’m trying to save my daughter - to stop Zoom…” He snapped, causing you to shift against the gurney and stare toward the door. Honestly, if you hadn’t been hooked up to an IV, you would have zipped out of the med-bay by now to actually participate in this conversation. “If we’re going to make the slightest amount of progress, then this is what needs to be done.”

Save for the repetitive beep from the monitor beside you, it was quiet. And then…

“You know, sometimes you sound a lot like Thawne.” Caitlin growled in that den-mother tone of hers.

And with that, you heard her heeled-steps smacking down against the hard floors as she walked away. Seconds later, Harrison floated into the room, staring into a cup of coffee and looking about as chipper as the grim reaper, what with his chaotic hair sticking up and out in every direction as if he’d spent the better part of the afternoon trying to tear it from his scalp. The space beneath his eyes seemed darker than usual and of course, it was then you realized something was different… Yes, you were lying on the gurney in the lab’s very own medical clinic but the change was so subtle you might not have noticed it if you hadn’t been working so closely with Harrison over the past couple of days.

He always seemed to be stressed but this was more severe than his usual state of anxiety. Harrison was worried and if you had to take a wild shot in the dark, you would have guessed the source of that worry came from you and your little episode after getting injected with that serum.

“Hi.” You started quietly, causing him to abruptly stop and jerk his stare away from his coffee mug to quickly find you.

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What a Tease Part 3

1st gif source: X

2nd gif belongs to Bonniebird (gif source: X )

John x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5 

Prompt: You tease John while he is in a meeting.

A/N: I accidentally posted this to my main blog (oops!) so i had to redo the entire post (double oops!). But if you’re reading this it’s finally up so yay! Part two did so well, so I decided to release this earlier than I originally was going to. (Two days after Part 2 instead of a week later!) I’m currently writing part four but based on how long I think part four would be if I tried to end it while including all I want in it I think there will also be a part five but that will most likely be the last part unless I get a lot of people asking for more parts. I have a few ideas for new fics floating around so i might make a vote based thing soon just to give me an idea of what you all would like to see. Okay I’m done rambling. Enjoy and leave me feedback!

John shut the door and stood over leaning against the wall with a still perfect view of you through all of the windows that showed the view of the inside of the betting office. 

“You finally decided to join us, John.” Tommy stated flatly, while taking the longest drag of his cigarette John had ever seen. John just nodded thinking it better to not take a swing at the beehive knowing he would just get stung. His brother seemed upset and he would usually be worried about that but he couldn’t stop thinking about the way you looked up at him. Or the somewhat reserved yet devilish smile you always had while speaking to him. You were untamed yet very held back. Reckless but reserved. Strong but dainty. You were a living contradiction and he loved every ounce of it. 

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BamBam | Luv U Part I

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I suggest you listen to K.A.R.D’s OhNaNa while reading this ^^

Thanks to that crazy BamBam dream I had that Saturday night & about 50 million K.A.R.D OhNaNa and GOT7 My Home replays…annnnd inspiration from @got7-texts for this fic. ^^

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Fic Mood Board + Song Suggestion

“Kings in Couture” by @forovnix

Character: Katsuki Yuuri (Ch 1+2)

Song: I Won’t by Little Mix

I got my pride, my self-respect
Need nothing more, want nothing less
‘Cause all that I got should be enough to make it work
‘Cause all that I want is to love and just be loved

I’ll never let it go ‘cause we can do this on our own
I’ll never let it go, we have too much to let it fall (x2)

And I won’t let anybody tell me no
I won’t take anything for granted
'Cause I know that nothing good comes easy
If it did, I wouldn’t be me, let it go and let me do it 'cause
I won’t (x8)

I got my heart, my head up high
I will be strong, I will survive
'Cause all of the hurt will wash away with the rain
And all that we’ve learned will be enough to shine again