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What a Tease Part 3

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John x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 (coming soon)

Prompt: You tease John while he is in a meeting.

A/N: I accidentally posted this to my main blog (oops!) so i had to redo the entire post (double oops!). But if you’re reading this it’s finally up so yay! Part two did so well, so I decided to release this earlier than I originally was going to. (Two days after Part 2 instead of a week later!) I’m currently writing part four but based on how long I think part four would be if I tried to end it while including all I want in it I think there will also be a part five but that will most likely be the last part unless I get a lot of people asking for more parts. I have a few ideas for new fics floating around so i might make a vote based thing soon just to give me an idea of what you all would like to see. Okay I’m done rambling. Enjoy and leave me feedback!

John shut the door and stood over leaning against the wall with a still perfect view of you through all of the windows that showed the view of the inside of the betting office. “You finally decided to join us, John.” Tommy stated flatly, while taking the longest drag of his cigarette John had ever seen. John just nodded thinking it better to not take a swing at the beehive knowing he would just get stung. His brother seemed upset and he would usually be worried about that but he couldn’t stop thinking about the way you looked up at him. Or the somewhat reserved yet devilish smile you always had while speaking to him. You were untamed yet very held back. Reckless but reserved. Strong but dainty. You were a living contradiction and he loved every ounce of it. He looked over at you as you walked over to a grouping of filing cabinets. Even your walk was graceful yet calculated like that of a ballet dancer.  'God she’s perfect.’ John thought to himself while staring out of Tommy’s windowed office.‘Why was it so hard to even get to that point with her? Nothing’s holding me back. No wife. She has no man. My family wouldn’t judge me. What was it? I am always the one to make moves on the woman not vice versa.’ John thought while continuing to attend his eyes to your every movement. You had been the most compelling and captivating thing he had ever seen and the second he saw you he wanted nothing more than to tell you everything about himself and to know everything about you. Yet, he still knew nothing about you and you knew nothing about him. Confidence was never usually an issue for John. So this was something he was not used to. Sure he still dropped hints of his infatuation with you but it still was weird to him, not knowing exactly how to treat you. In his mind, you deserved respect but he also wanted to match with your lively, reckless attitude without overstepping his bounds. He looked away from you and tried to refocus his thoughts on what Tommy had to say but his eyes kept wondering towards your figure outside the glass. You looked up at him from the files in your hand, smiling devilishly as usual but this time as if you had an idea. You then started biting your lower lip, sliding your eyes up and down the young Blinder’s muscular figure that was fit into a handsome and sexy looking suit. John was fully engrossed in your every movement. You turned away from him pretending to drop one of the files onto the floor. John almost let out a laugh of impish nature, but stifled it to avoid his brother’s anger. He couldn’t believe you were actively trying to sabotage his attempted focus on his brothers words. You leaned down to grab the file in the most enticing way you could, your rear still in the air. John patted his suit coat in search for a cigar and an urgent need of something to do with his hands and mouth. He looked away for a second trying to be a gentleman but his eyes shot back to your body as if pulled by a magnet. You slowly stood back up quickly glancing at John to see if you maintained his focus. He still looked back in your direction, now puffing on a cigar still leaning up against the wall. You looked away and sat down on your desk, slowly sliding your dress up to your upper thigh where your garters fastened to your stockings. Your hand drifted gracefully along your leg while you did so. Sliding a case of cigarettes out from underneath your stocking, now looking up at John’s wide eyed expression that was transfixed on your body. You slightly giggled to yourself as you pulled one cigarette out of the shiny case. Placing it in between your lips and lighting it with a match. You shook the match out in one single motion, looking at John who’s focus was now on your lips. He followed your hands as they moved back down towards your leg, sliding the cigarette case back in between your leg and the stockings. You slowly covered up the case placing the edge of your dark toned dress at your knee leaving the rest of your leg exposed as you crossed your legs now leaving both legs exposed. John’s eyes darted from your legs to your Y/E/C eyes. Still engrossed in your fearlessness. He grinned cheekily, hiding the smile by bringing his cigar back up to his lips.He now looked at you waiting to see what you would do next. You bent down slightly playing with the shoe of your leg that was crossed over the top of the other. Your chest was now slightly exposed in his direction. He smiled, being more impressed by your actions than he thought he would be. To him you were like a rare piece of jewelry encased in glass and locked away so no one could tarnish you. You untied and retied your healed boots, feeling his eyes on your chest and the smile on his face and then the attention…gone.“John, we have a serious problem going on.” Tommy calmly but agitatedly spoke to the side of John’s head that was facing out towards the betting office. With that John’s head then turned in Tommy’s direction losing focus of Y/F/N and transfixing it onto Tommy’s words. Michael who had stood up to grab a drink from Thomas’s table of whiskey looked through the glass to see you slowly starting to lean up and making slightly embarrassed eye contact with the now  amused Michael. “He seems a little preoccupied with Y/F/N.” Michael said laughing at his own words and taking a sip of his drink while watching you readjust yourself, as John slightly clenched his jaw at his cousin’s staring. Tommy looked up outside the glass to see you let your  your dress back down to your ankles no longer revealing your legs but still sitting on the desk. Tommy saw you wave towards him and was now slightly smiling. He looked at his younger brother who was now fidgeting with his hat by pulling it off messing with his hair and putting it back on. “Just fuck her already.” Tommy said plainly in more of a commanding tone. Raising his eyebrows as if to ask 'what are you waiting for?’ Arthur and Michael laughed slightly at Tommy’s vulgar honesty. John had a face of shock at first that slowly shifted into bashful laughter. “John, just get out of here. You and I will discuss this business issue at a later time.” Tommy said nodding down at the papers cluttering the desk he was leaning over, staring at John and then nodding at the door as if to dismiss him. John grinned looking back out at your figure behind the glass. Then, grabbed his hat off his head shoving it into his pocket. John shot out of there leaving his cousin’s and brother’s laughter behind as he walked out the door into the main area of the betting office. John was walking straight towards you. And you, slightly apologetically, started towards him. “John I am so sorry. It will never happen again. I wasn’t-” you were cut off by his rough lips colliding against yours. He filled you with warmth as he placed both hands on either side of your head. His hands cupped your jawline and his fingers met at the back of your neck. He pulled you closer leaning down into to you, not letting up. You wrapped your arms around his neck in realization of what was happening, feeling his buzzed hair at the back of his head, pulling yourself up closer to him as his tongue collided with yours. You slid your hands back down gripping the edges of his suit coat trying to pull him closer. You were practically one person moving in sync. 'God he felt good’ you thought. One of his hands moved to the small of your back, surrounding you in the comfort of feeling his attention on you. You pulled away from him breathing hard and smiling foolishly still feeling his also heavy breathing.  Eyes still shut in hopes of feeling more deeply. He continued placing small pecks on your  lips until the heat of the moment turned into just warmth and you smiling kept him from doing so. You looked up at him as he still held your face. “You were saying, love?” he smiled still out of breath. You laughed over the fact that he just called you 'Love’ thinking for so long that he was an unattainable dream. He was too good for you but you didn’t care. He could have any girl but he chose you. “What are you laughing at?” He said slightly giggling at your adorable chuckle. “It’s just, I thought at your rate it would be three more weeks until we got to this point. You’re pretty slow, John.” You said playfully mocking him, hands still on his chest.“You’re going to pay for that later.” He said just as playfully but more suggestive, one hand still at your jawline tilting your face up to his. “Isn’t kissing you punishment enough?” You laugh slightly lips still millimeters away from his. “Ouch!” He says springing back slightly making a face of pretend pain. You laughed at the goofball that was the man in front of you. “You’re going to have to speed up a little bit if you expect to catch up with me, John Shelby.” You pulled him back down to you, your hands around the back of his neck, kissing him but this time you hear clapping and whooping from his cousin and brother who were exiting Tommy’s office. You feel a smile form on John’s face as he pulls away foreheads lingering together for a moment. You bashfully leaned against John trying to hide your face in his suit coat as you were sure it was getting red. John used one arm to hold you to his chest and another to grab a nearby pencil and toss it at his brother, who deflected it. Arthur was still laughing with Michael as they walked towards his office. John looked down at you. “You want to get out of here?” He said quietly, to which you nodded. He grabbed your jacket for you and placed it on your shoulders. His arm wrapped around you as he walked you out into the  street towards his house.


your gaze captivates my soul;
     your smile brings me delight;
         i love you.

Smol Chat {Part 3}

“A/N: Hey y’all so I have finally established ships for this series! Also. This series is simply just so that I can still be active because school has been a pain and I couldn’t get requests done. But break is coming up and writing will (i hope) become more consistent! {ships are lafayette X mulligan~~angelica X jefferson X james madison (poly)~~alexander X eliza~~john laurens X reader~~burr X theodosia~~maria X peggy~~}

AU: ALL texting

Pairing: Almost everyone in hamilton X reader

(these are the text names just to clarify because it may be confusing) ALEXANDER: Godamilton~~~~~JOHN: SmolTurtle~~~~~BURR: IncludeMePlease~~~~LAFAYETTE: Laffy_Taffy~~~~HERCULES: Hunkules~~~~~ELIZA: SinnamonRoll~~~~ANGELICA: NeverSatisfied~~~~PEGGY: LilBean~~~~~THOMAS: Jeffersin~~~JAMES MADISON: JimmyNeutron (changed in this part to Jemmyisdone)~~~READER: urmom(y/n)~~~~THEODOSIA: TheoDoe~~GWASH: MisterWashington~~~KING GEORGE: BowDownPeasants~~~Maria Reynolds: MissMariaReynolds

UrMom(Y/N): y’all this chat has been inactive for like a week wassup


Jeffersin: who me?

JemmyIsDone: whoever changed my username knows me too well

NeverSatisfied: i do dont i? ;)


JefferSin: i mean i live with what i did in montichello

JemmyIsDone: that

Godamilton:  JEMMY REALLY


SinnamonRoll: alex calm down

Godamilton: mY WIFE

SinnamonRoll: yes I am your wife

Godamilton: bETSEY

SinnamonRoll: alex pls

MissMariaReynolds: peggy is being mean to me

LilBean: all i did was leave you in the mall all alone

MissMariaReynolds: coME BACK FOR ME

LilBean: fine

TheoDoe: im going to add burr again simply because i want to make him angry

TheoDoe added IncludeMePlease to the chat ItsHamiltime

IncludeMePlease: why

IncludeMePlease: please no

UrMom(Y/N): ayy its burr

BowDownPeasants: why am i still in this chat

Godamilton: honestly i have no idea

Godamilton: maybe y/n likes you or something

SmolTurtle: excuse me?

UrMom(Y/N): aw john dont worry i hate george

BowDownPeasants: dont make me go to washington and tell him that you are being mean.

UrMom(Y/N): he doesnt control me

Godamilton: for once i agree with snobby white kid 

Godamilton: last time i said something mean washington came to my house and whooped me with a purse

SinnamonRoll: rip

Godamilton: BETSEY

SinnamonRoll: alex

SinnamonRoll: no

MisterWashington: Hello Children.

Godamilton: DAD

MisterWashington: Alex I will disown you. 


Godamilton: FITE FITE FITE

UrMom(Y/N); i’d rather them not john is my ride home

Godamilton: F I T E

IncludeMePlease: i understand none of you

IncludeMePlease: everyone sucks in this chat

TheoDoe: excuse me?

IncludeMePlease: cRAP

IncludeMePlease: SHH THEO I LOVE YOU




UrMom(Y/N): OTP

BowDownPeasants: how cute

BowDownPeasants: now i will make myself productive instead of being here with you losers

BowDownPeasants: AH’ GOODBYE


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I’ll Come Back for You Part 7

Poe dameron x reader

Summary: Y/N watches as her father confronts her brother. (I totally don’t feel like writing a summary but you get the gist of it.)

Warnings: Curse words, mentions of blood and death.

A/N: Sorry it has been so long since I have posted this! But yay I finally got to post it!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 

I do not own anything!!!!

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Finally: Part 6

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.2K
Warnings: Angst

A/N: YAY! I’m finally starting to write again! If I haven’t tagged you, please let me know (I’ve tried to get everyone!)

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

A buzz sounds from your bedside table, and you roll over with a long sigh. You’ve been sulking in bed for almost a week now, telling work you were terribly sick and avoiding leaving your apartment all together. You hadn’t been eating or sleeping properly for days now; every time you closed your eyes the events from last week replayed in your mind, not able to get the sound of Bucky’s bedfellow out of your mind.

Your heart sinks as you read the 5th unanswered text message from Lee:

Hey, are you okay? I haven’t heard from you in a while… I miss you

You let another long sigh, pinching the bridge of your nose as you consider not replying. But you can’t avoid it any longer. You’d hoped that Lee would get the hint, you thought that being ignored for a week straight would be clear enough. But you needed to face the music; the very thing you’ve been avoiding.

Hi. I’m sorry, I’ve just got a lot going on right now. You’re great, it’s just I’m not in a good place right now… I’m sorry

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Expedite (Rush Reaction 2)

Pairing: Earth-2 Harrison Wells x Speedster!Reader

Word Count: 5,505 (I mean… I think we’re all pretty much expecting an obnoxious length by now.)

@emeliescorner: I just wanted to let you know that the “Start again” imagine/fic was absolutely adorable. I still get butterflies just thinking about it! The writing was so amazing and I really loved the tension. And perhaps give you an imagine :) Imagine being a speedster like Barry and working together with Earth 2 Harrison Wells to help Barry increase his speed(like a test subject, but the good kind) and falling in love with him. Maybe E-2 Wells feels something back? Tension, fluff, angst(like Start Again):D
Anonymous: Could u do imagine where y/n is another speedster and takes Barry’s place for a while cause he is ill and Cisco makes her a white costume and names her Reverse Zoom(because of The Flash - The Reverse Flash thing)??? Btw you’re my favourite blog :* <3
Anonymous: Can you do an imagine where the reader is a metahuman and Cisco gives her a name she doesn’t care for and the team tease him about loosing his touch?

A/N: Well, here it is! The second part of Rush Reaction! Thank you guys so much for waiting for this… And thanks for letting me break this up into two parts. It made it much more enjoyable to write and made it feel like it wasn’t just a never ending fiction that was eating my soul (high drama much?) *internal screaming* (Oh and lets all keep in mind that I have NO medical training so if I gave you the wrong treatment for this… stuff… Let’s just blame Caitlin since she’s your doctor today. :3)

Anyways… Business as usual… Please let me know if you find mistakes so that I may fix them for you :) Feedback is always appreciated/encouraging. Enjoy!

Warnings/Tags: Grumpy!Harry, You are Awkward and Adorable, You are a Hard Worker and Harrison Loves it, Slight Shady!Wells, You are an Established Member of Team Flash, I Took Creative Liberties, Slight-Canon Divergence, You are a Test Subject, Ridiculous amounts of Fluff, Angst, Slow-Burn (ish?) Romance, Harrison Worries about You, Protective!Harrison, Age-Gap Depending on YOUR Age, Tension of all sorts! And I’m adding Action for this second part here…

Song Rec(s): Free by Ryn Weaver,  New Divide by Linkin ParkJust Like Fire by P!nkOne Life by Hedley

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“You can’t keep running these tests.” Caitlin started.

“She came to me…” Harrison answered through his habitual rasp. His tone wasn’t defensive but rather a bit desperate as if he wanted to explain how sorry he was without actually having to say it. “I wouldn’t have…” You couldn’t see him, but you could tell by the light stutter in his voice that he was shaking his head. 

“But you did.”

“She came to me.” That phrase seemed to be his failsafe.

“So, that gave you the bright idea to actually agree to injecting her with an experimental drug?”

“I’m trying to save my daughter - to stop Zoom…” He snapped, causing you to shift against the gurney and stare toward the door. Honestly, if you hadn’t been hooked up to an IV, you would have zipped out of the med-bay by now to actually participate in this conversation. “If we’re going to make the slightest amount of progress, then this is what needs to be done.”

Save for the repetitive beep from the monitor beside you, it was quiet. And then…

“You know, sometimes you sound a lot like Thawne.” Caitlin growled in that den-mother tone of hers.

And with that, you heard her heeled-steps smacking down against the hard floors as she walked away. Seconds later, Harrison floated into the room, staring into a cup of coffee and looking about as chipper as the grim reaper, what with his chaotic hair sticking up and out in every direction as if he’d spent the better part of the afternoon trying to tear it from his scalp. The space beneath his eyes seemed darker than usual and of course, it was then you realized something was different… Yes, you were lying on the gurney in the lab’s very own medical clinic but the change was so subtle you might not have noticed it if you hadn’t been working so closely with Harrison over the past couple of days.

He always seemed to be stressed but this was more severe than his usual state of anxiety. Harrison was worried and if you had to take a wild shot in the dark, you would have guessed the source of that worry came from you and your little episode after getting injected with that serum.

“Hi.” You started quietly, causing him to abruptly stop and jerk his stare away from his coffee mug to quickly find you.

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To the Four of Us (Part Twenty Four)

premise: modern AU chronicling the squad as they make their way through college and deal with general life things.
words: 2,276
warnings: death mention, swearing, i think that’s it 
all chapters: x
tags: @heythereitsloey@anitheunicorn@newyorkyoucanbeanew@lafbagxette@justafangirlwithanavy@iamgrayfox@ordinaryornate@schuylerjoon@angelica-peggy-eliza@trashyperson101@crazydragon15@but-if-you-had-to-choose@geespilots@marvelous-hamilfan​ @5p00kygh05t @panda-powers@lafeyettegunsandships@schokoobananaa​ @allthegoodurlshavebeentaken @aphboi @hell-yes-puns-and-ships@aham-threw-his-shot-away@hesitantcat@nonstopspook@hamrevolution@writethewayout@alexander-did-you-know​ @allthegoodurlshavebeentaken @sun-tree@angelizaandpeggy​ @isis278 @idk-destiel @engulfedinstars@hamiltrashuniverse@ahrupe@just-me-an-asshole@readfizz​ @skeletonmelodies@gum-and-chips

a/n: something a lil kinder for all ur patience <3

“I don’t think I can go through this again.”

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Such a naughty kitten part 2

part 1

Disclaimers: This is not meant to be taken seriously and do not get butt-hurt or kink-shame if this isn’t in your sexy list. I also do not write professionally again so if there are or is misspelled words then I am sorry not sorry.

Warnings: This is not meant for underage eyes but I mean I am underage by a year also. Daddy kink, kitten play, orgasm denial and more spanking yay.

This will be the final part of this smut fic and I might post an angst or start working on a series for this blog and what not.

It has been almost a week since Hoseok touched me last and I can’t even say that he was touching me. It was more like he was trying to kill me and make my life a sexually frustrated living hell. He has done so many things to tease me this past week and he would just leave me there hanging. Earlier this week I came in from dancing classes and he sat on the bed masturbating and moaning my name. I had to control myself from dropping my bag and running to the bed and fucking him but I knew that if I did he would punish more and make me wait longer. I also felt as if he knew I was there because he just opened his eyes, smirked and then continued, he ignored my pleading whimpers and it made me so frustrated.

“Baby, listen to me when I talk to you.”, he huffs bringing me out of my trace of frustration. Turning my head to side I widen my eyes innocently,“What did you say, Oppa?” He rolled his eyes and sighed, getting up. My eyes follow him curiously as he goes up the stairs and quickly comes back with a pastel pink box labeled ‘Kitten play time’. He smirks and sits back down on the couch,“Open the box, (Y/N).” I furrow my brows as he calls me by my actual name, he never does this unless I am in for a treat or he is angry at me. My hands shake as I reach for it and lift the lid revealing something he hasn’t brought out since a couple months ago. 

He chuckles as I gasp at the black kitten ears, collar and leash in the box,“A-am I getting played with tonight, Hobi?”, my voice shakes as I stare at him unsure. “You are princess.”, he pauses as he takes out the kitten ears and clip them into my hair,“Now go up into the room and wait on the bed for me baby.” As soon as I hear those words I run into the room and start to take off my shorts and tank top, leaving me fully nude because Hoseok doesn’t like when I wear panties and a bra around the house. I sit on the bed and clench my thighs together waiting for him to give me release and pleasure. It seemed as if it took five hours for him to come up the stairs. As he got to the doorway his eyes darkened with lust and need.

He took long strides and stopped in front of me, cupping my cheeks in his hands he bent down slightly to kiss me. It felt as if our kiss lasted for centuries but it was only mere minutes. I whimpered into our kiss as it got heated and rougher. My core was aching for him this whole time. I pulled away, breathing hard as I looked at him, his hair was going in every direction from when my hands pulled and were running through it,“Daddy, please touch me.” My voice sounded wrecked from not speaking for a while. He straightened his posture and pushed me back,“Spread your legs from me kitten, daddy is going to make your little pussy feel so good.”

I comply to his request and spread them for him, gasping as my heat is met with the cold air the room. He gets on his knees and scoots his face closer to my core, not waiting anymore his mouth is met with my clit. I whimper and lift my hips up to get closer to his face for. He put his hands on my hips to keep me from moving and squirming around. He moaned into my core as he tasted me on his tongue,“Kitten, you taste so fucking good to daddy.” I moaned as he muttered that onto my clit. His fingers slowly made their way to my entrance, thrusting one finger in he groaned at the tightness engulfing him. I arched my back in response to all the pleasure I was receiving. It doesn’t take long for the feeling of having to cum hit me,“D-daddy-”, I whimper not even having time to finish the sentence as he pulls away from me.

He gets up and licks his lips to clean my juices from them. This could have possibly been one of the most erotic scenes I have seen in my life. He pulls me up and pushes me down to my knees in front of his bulge in his basketball shorts,“Suck daddy’s cock baby.” I bite my lip and nod, my hands go to the front of his shorts and palm his length. His breath quickens and his hips buck into my hands. I look up at him with wide innocent eyes as I pull down his shorts and boxers to reveal his hard length in my face, “Daddy, you are already leaking.” I whimper as I look at the tip of his cock with pre-cum leaking out of it in front of my eyes, I gulped loudly and brought my hand up to hold his length still and lick off the pre-cum developing on it.  

“Fuck, baby you have such a dangerous tongue. I don’t know how daddy can take it.”, he groans as I engulf his whole length into my mouth slowly. His tip hits the back of my throat making me gag into him. He grabs onto my hair and guides his cock in and out slowly. He whimpers slightly and groans at the feeling. Tears slowly go down my face every time he thrusts back into my mouth. His hips pick up speed as he starts to fuck my mouth faster. With every thrust he maked it sent a tingle down to my core. My hand slowly traveled down to rub my clit as he fucked my mouth. He looks down and groans as he watches my eyes watering and my hand rubbing me where I need him the most.  

He pulls out of my mouth and pulls me up onto the bed, bending me over the edge of it. He rubs his hands along the dip in my back and to my ass. He massages it softly and spanks its lightly, making my thighs rub against my heat,“D-daddy please fuck me.”, my voice is gravely as I talk to him. “Is that what my kitten wants from me?” He chuckles as he hears my wrecked voice and weakened state. I nod my head vigorously and push my ass back against his hips. I grind against his cock and whimper at the feeling of it against my pussy. He groans and pushes me back into the bed,“Patience baby, all good things come in time.”

He drags his finger along my slit and slowly thrusted into me. He moves his finger in an agonizing slow pace. My moans are the only thing along with the sound of my wetness that are making noise in the room. After a while he pushes in a second finger and curls them up slightly to hit my g-spot. “Daddy please.”, I whimper more as I get impatient as I wait for his cock to get in me. He moves his fingers faster in me making me moan louder as I get close to my release again. My heat tightens around his fingers and he pulls out again only for me to whine and groan in frustration.  

He grabs his cock and runs it along my heat,“Baby girl are you ready for me?”. I nod my head again and sigh at the feeling,“Yes, daddy!” He slowly pushes into my hole and groans as he is fully in me. His hips move at a slow pace and slowly build up speed as he keeps thrusting into me. “You feel so tight against daddy’s cock kitten.”, he brings his hands up into my hair and pulls my head back so my back is against his chest. “Daddy, can you p-please go harder.”, I whimper and push my head back so I can kiss him. He slams into me as I bring my lips to his. I moan into the kiss and he pushes his tongue into my mouth. His tongue massages mine and he pulls back and bites my lip.

“Kitten, you look so good with swollen lips because of me.” He smirks and brings his head down to my neck. He slowly licks a small strip up and then opens his mouth to suck a mark into it. I moan loudly as if feel him mark all along my neck. His abuse on my neck gets me closer to release and I squeeze his cock. “Mm, if you do that again kitten you will make me cum.” His breath is staggered and he groans. I squeeze again and close my eyes as I am almost close,“Daddy I need to cum!” He chuckles and thrusts into me faster and harder than he ever has before.

“Beg to cum, princess.” His voice bellows into my ears. “Please let me cum daddy. I have been such a good girl for you and you are making me feel so fucking good. Your cock feels so good as it is pounding into me. You are so good to use me like a little fuck toy daddy.” I moan out my plea to him. He lifts up my hips and rubs my clit to have me orgasm faster. My breathing quickens and I let out long loud moans and whimpers as I clench around his cock and orgasm. My vision is taken over by white pleasure and it’s like nothing else exists in the world except for Hoseok and me.

Soon after I cum he pulls out and flips me onto my back. “Open your mouth for me, Kitten.” He strokes his cock quickly as he chases his release. I stick my tongue out and I look at him innocently. “Fuck (Y/N)!”, He groans loudly and cums in my mouth. The salty and musky liquid hits my tongue and I moan at the taste. After he finishes his release I swallow his seed,he stares at me in fascination. Soon after his fascination he falls onto the bed with me and closes his eyes,“I love you so much kitten.” I smile and blush at the endearment,“ I love you too, daddy”, I cuddle up to his body despite us both being sticky and sweaty. My eyes close as I fall asleep beside him.

We had our chance (Part 2)

Yay, finally! I have been really busy these last few days, and now I finally got to sit down and actually finish this thing! It called to me <3
As always, THANK YOU for your kind word, likes and reblogs. You are the best, and I love you. <3

Part 1, Part 3

Pairing: Lin x Reader

Summary: Love is like a puzzle, you have to find the right pieces to create the whole picture. But what happens when the pieces are incredibly small and easy to loose?

Warnings: This will contain angst. Not only angst, a little fluff as well, but the ride won’t really be an easy one.

Wordcount: 1,687

-Present day-

The tea was completely forgotten, standing abandoned on the coffee table. You had tried to distract yourself by watching short YouTube videos, but as soon as the video ended you found yourself thinking about him again. You didn’t really know why, since you hadn’t thought about him in months let alone talked to him. The extent of your communication had been a few likes here and there on Facebook and Twitter, but not much more than that.

After a long time of hesitating, you did what you told yourself not do to for a long time. You clicked on his profile, letting you see his timeline. As you scrolled through it you couldn’t find any indication of him dating anyone up until now when their engagement was announced, something you found very odd. Your feed was normally crammed with people constantly documenting their relationship via pictures and lovey-dovey status updates so you were quite used to that. And to think that he was now engaged, they had had to dated for a long while, right? There should at least be SOME indication somewhere?

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You Said Anything - Part 1

Pairing: Rick x Morty
Rating: Adult/NSFW
Kinks: Incest, Domination, Submission, Waterplay(urgency), Humiliation, Age Difference, MM

“You s-said ‘anything’ Mmmmorty, and this falls conveniently under that umbrella…” Rick said, glazed eyes on an intergalactic television.

Morty sat on the floor in front of the King sized hotel bed. He was in small, brown booty shorts, long brown socks with paw prints on the soles, and a yellow collar with a navy blue bell.

Morty had brown dog ear hair clips on his head, the furry material waving if he nodded or shook his head. Most embarrassing was the hole in his shorts and the brown dog tail butt plug that poofed out of his pants from the small tear.

“But Rick…I-I really…have to go…” Morty shifted in his seat, his legs moving every few seconds with need.

“Y-you have to, to go where, huh puppy Morty?” Rick asked before downing another beer.

“I…I have to go to the ba-”

“Dogs don’t do that, Morty.”


“That’s, that’s Master tonight Morty,” Rick said as he got up, going to a table with crystals ready for him. The older man leaned forward, taking in a desperate snort of the crystal dust. As his eyes fell blue, Morty got on all fours.

Rick’s eyes moved over Morty in amusement, his high erasing any concern he may have had for Morty, “I…I-I have to go potty Master…can I–”

“This hotel ha-has one bathroom Morty, I mean, it is part of how it is so cheap…I-I mean you can wait on line out there, b-but I wouldn't… “ Rick then trailed off to snort more of his prized drug, his senses further dulled as his pants grew tighter.

“You, you wouldn’t?” Morty asked, anxiety making him shift and shake in place.

“Well MMMORty…” Rick kicked back his flask, his eyes rolling back as the liquid burned down his throat. Morty squirmed more at seeing the liquid disappear, his bladder putting pressure on his insides. “There a-are some, you know, shaaaady people out there Morty, people just, worlds worse than, than me. The line is down the hall, so I wo-, I wo-, I-I’m not goin’ out there Morty.”

“Rrrriiick…” Morty purred in discomfort, the boy carefully sitting his scantily clad butt on the carpet. “I ha-have to peeee Rick…” Morty crawled slowly to Rick’s side, rubbing the side of his face against the man’s calf.

“Y-You’ll have to just piss, just piss in here Morty…but I-I have only this one cup here…” Rick gestured toward a tall plastic cup, Morty’s nose crinkling at the idea, also knowing Rick would watch him do it. His face grew hotter, his hand resting on Rick’s knee as he thought about how he would get Rick to give the cup to him. There would be a catch.

“M-Master Rick…can I please…can I potty in the cup?” Morty’s hand rubbed Rick’s knee lightly, his eyes sultry as he gazed upward.

Rick ignored him, leaning forward to snort another line, his eyes almost glowing when he sat back up. His shaky hand began to pet Morty’s head, playing with his fake ears and fluffy hair, “Lay on the bed, little p-pup.”

Morty blinked and remained silent for a moment. He didn’t expect to be laid down. The boy wanted to blow Rick, in an awesome, but fast way, so he could earn his right to relieve himself. Now, he was going to have touches and kisses while having to hold in the worst, most dire need in his life.

The boy nodded, his knees burning as he crawled over the carpet to the bed, laying on his side, unsure of what Rick wanted, or what was too out of character for his current desire.

Cerulean eyes looked Morty over hungrily, strong hand pushing him down before Rick moved between his puppy’s legs. Morty felt the pressure of Rick’s body, and it hurt, but felt good. Nips on his neck quickly morphed to ravenous bites, his tongue giving Morty chills on all of his limbs.

Occasionally it felt so good that he clenched and felt himself have to pee more. He began to pant as he got hornier, and as his nerves began to take over with thoughts of how shameful it would be to wet himself and Rick.

“What’s, wh-what’s wrong baby?” Rick asked, an aroused huskiness to his voice. His hand moved between them, and then to Morty’s groin, petting his handon just outside his tight shorts.

Morty yelped and then began to moan, “R-R-Rick it…it makes me…”

‘Makes you what…baby? Tell Grandpa…”

“Oh God! It makes me ha-have to go more! Rick! Aaahh!” Morty replied in desperation as Rick dipped his hand into Morty’s shorts and began playing with his throbbing head.

“Poor, poor Morty…” Rick purred into his grandson’s ear. “Needy little…little pup. Huh Morty??”

“Yes sir!” he gasped, writhing under his grandfather’s knowing touch. “Ahhh…ahhh…G-Grandpa…” he moaned, his hips soon moving involuntarily for more.

“Good Mort…” Rick said as he shifted, then wrapping his fist around Morty’s cock, squeezing lightly as he began to jerk him at a painfully slow rate.

Morty was still in the terrible limbo of wanting this, but fearing it. However, he was so deeply horny and so desperate to piss that he could not think any more. It was all just a wave, a high that took him over, and defied time.

Rick was smug atop his precious Morty. The boy was a mess: sweaty, panting, and all his. The old man knew Morty felt especially degraded when it was in front of Rick. He knew, even if he trusted Rick more than anyone, it also meant his opinion mattered the most. Morty always wanted to look smart and capable in front of Rick.

He would give in more than before to give Morty a confidence boost, but that was only to silence what little conscience he had left, so things like this could happen. Morty would give in to Rick’s specific fantasies because he needed to please Rick more than he needed Rick’s esteem.

Rick sometimes thought this was a power move that wasn’t fair. Then, he would remember how proud Morty would be when he made Rick cum hard, when Rick would profusely thank him. The boy was especially eager to do things even Unity would refuse. The fact that this debauchery would only ever be for Rick’s eyes made him enjoy it even more. Morty didn’t know it, but he was his Grandfather’s new addiction, and he was a drug of which Rick would never grow immune.

Rick’s hot hand caressed Morty’s dripping hardon, his still blue eyes taking in all of Morty’s responses. Then in a swift and aggressive motion, Rick pulled Morty’s underwear down, quickly climbing off of Morty and removing them entirely.

Morty gasped in surprise, a bright blush covering him as he was still so embarrassed at Rick seeing him hard.

My Mission (Part 7/11)

Summary: Being Tony’s niece and being the main tech builder of the Avengers is great - you love your team, and would do anything for them. And when Steve returns, bringing his ex-HYDRA assassin friend along with him, you just might end up doing anything for Bucky, too.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~1700 (sorry it’s short)

Warnings: Language, more angst/conflict, still some sad!Bucky. Small POV change.

A/N: We’re furthering our journey on the Conflict Express. *choo choo* Also, I finished writing this last night, and I did end it with 11 parts, so yay for finally figuring that out.

Tags have been moved to the END of the post - still can’t believe this many people want to be tagged in it. Thank you so much!!

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Love How You Hate Me - Sam x Reader

A/N: Yay! Finally! Part Fourteen! Sammy boy is forced to realize some interesting things… Been a while, but hope this stands up to the rest. Hope you all enjoy! (Would have been up sooner, but I forgot how long this whole bit takes once you get a certain number of people tagged, and the previous chapters!)

Previous Parts: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen 

@captain-rose-princess @faegal04 @supernatural508 @1967-wayward @kelincihutan @rocker-chic17 @i-just-wanna-live-gc @impossible-box @jared-padaloveme @ifckinglovespn @22justanotherfangirl @nerdwholikesword @fandommaniacx @supernaturallymarvellous @16wiishes @magie16 (If I missed anyone, please let me know!)

Warnings: Near Death, Implied Smut, Minor editing

Word Count: Roughly 6,000

“Your hand is impressive.” Sam’s lips kicked up. “But, not good enough.” His cards dropped, making you groan. “This is fair.” He chided. Wiggling his brows lightly with a lecherous smile.

“This is not fair.” You grumbled, undoing your bra and tossing it. “Why did I agree to play strip poker again?”

“You were ridiculously bored.” He mocked your earlier statement in a poor attempt at your voice, exaggerated facial expressions and all.

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Sweater Weather pt.2

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Pairing: Eric x female!reader
Prompt: Following the events of sweater weather, Eric and the readers relationship becomes tense and they both struggle to come to terms with how they feel
Fandom: Divergent series
Word count: 5282
Warning: Smut, language, unprotected sex (this is fiction people, be safe in real life)

Part 1

A/N: Yay it’s finally done! Sorry for the lateness I just really struggled with this one for some reason. I couldn’t tell if I like where the plot was going or not, I still can’t tell. Anyways, hopefully the Smut makes up for how late it is. This is the first time I’ve written smut and I’m nervous as hell, I can’t tell if it cheesy, or too much, or too little. I hope you guys enjoy, feedback would really mean a lot to me on this one so let me know what you think!

Two weeks had passed since Eric and yours encounter and things where odd between the two of you. You were almost convinced that Eric was bipolar. One second he was all over you hugging and kissing then the next he was acting as if nothing happened. It was confusing and almost like living with two different people. But as more time passed the more closed off he would get only trying to initiate affection every once in awhile when you weren’t paying attention. It was weird and awkward at times and you almost wish that nothing had happened in the first.

You hated it sometimes when at night he would crawl into bed with you, not because you didn’t enjoy being close to him but because you knew that he would be gone when you woke up. The worst part was when he brought girls home sometimes. It had happened before, hell you had walked in on him going at it once but now it was different. Now you couldn’t help the gut-curdling jealousy that would course through you.

You let yourself into the apartment still shivering with how freezing the compound was, thankful that the apartment finally had heat. You took your coat and boots off and made your way into the kitchen. You heard laughter as you neared the doorway. You knew exactly what you were going to see the moment you rounded the corner. You knew you would see Eric and whatever loose girl he found in the pit. You knew he would have that panty dropping smile on his face and that oh so charming tone of voice. You hesitated for a second trying to prepare yourself for the sight, you could already hear the girls obnoxious giggles. Feeling half tempted to turn around the growling of your empty stomach convinced you otherwise.

Upon entering the kitchen, you saw the girl sitting on the counter drinking the fruitiest cocktail you had ever seen. Eric was cooking, which was a shock to you, he must really want to get into the girls pants or, in this case, mini skirt. He turned to glanced at you impassively and the girl looked at you in confusion.

“Oooh, you must be the roommate!” She said, her voice sounding shockingly high pitched. You plastered a polite smile on your face and nodded.

“Yup… That’s me.” She gave another giggle and glanced over to Eric.

“Eric was telling me all about your guys relationship, you seem like such a great friend!” You tried not to flinch at the word friend but that was the reality of it, Eric and you were nothing but friends. Even despite about a week worth of sharing a bed and the heated make out sessions in between. Eric makes it quite clear with the countless girls and his sometimes sour attitude.

You faked a smiled at the girl as she continued to ramble on to Eric about a dream she had the night before. You could feel your IQ dropping the longer she talked and you shook your head. You began to make yourself a sandwich trying your best to just pretend that you weren’t a part of the situation.

You couldn’t help but glance over at Eric who was leaning against the counter a few feet away from you. The look on his face was something between distaste and a plea for help as he ‘listened’ to his date chatter on. You simply rolled your eyes at him, not feeling the least bit of sympathy for him. His date didn’t seem the least bit bothered the fact that he could obviously care less about what she was jabbering about.

You finished making your food and then left the kitchen settling in the living room to eat. You had maybe twenty minutes of peace and quiet before Eric came out of the kitchen and the girl followed after him in her high heels. She had another drink in her hands and she appeared to still be talking.

They settled on the couch and the girl all but sat in his lap, curling up on the couch next to him. You internally groaned and wished that he, at least, had the decency to take her to his room.  You tried to ignore the two as you continued to watch the TV.

The date finally stood up, her skirt having ridden up enough to practically show her entire ass, she excused herself to the ‘little girls room’.

You looked at Eric with an eyebrow raised, “Real winner you got there, buddy.”

He sighed and raked a hand over his face. “She won’t. Stop. Talking.”

“Maybe she is as willing to open her legs as she is her mouth.” You quipped before standing up and dropping your dishes in the sink. It was on your way back to your room that you bumped into the girl on her way back to the living room.

“How do you do it?” She whispered to you.

“Do what?”

“Live with him and not want to constantly jump his bones?” She giggled back as if it was obvious.

“Good night…” Was all you said, painting a false smile on your lips.

She started laughing again. “Oh I see how it is, we’ll try and keep it down.”

“That would be appreciated,” You muttered shortly before slipping into your bedroom and slamming the door in her face.

As it turned out she was a liar, about an hour later as you lounged across your bed you heard her giggling again. You rolled your eyes and prayed that it would stop, and it did, only to be replaced with moaning and the sound of the couch creaking. You groaned and rolled away from the direction of the door, not that it helped.

The girl gradually got louder and you could have sworn that you heard Eric muttering to her. You could feel the nauseating jealousy returning to you, it was like he was just rubbing it in your face that the two of you would never be. After a while, the girl finally lets out a final scream and then it was quiet.

You could hear him kicking her out and you just laid there staring at the ceiling wishing that the jealousy would go away. The sound of the shower starting on the other side of the apartment vibrated through the walls and you tried to push the last few hours since you got home out of your mind.

About an hour later, long after the shower had shut off and sleep started to fog your mind, you heard the sound of your door open. You knew the only person it could be was Eric but you still wished that it would be someone else.

You felt him lay down on the bed and you squeezed your eyes shut just wanting him to disappear.

“Are you asleep?” He muttered quietly.

“Get. Out.” You snapped back.

“…What?” You pushed yourself into a sitting position and turned to face him.

“You heard me, Eric… Get out.” Your voice was stiff.

“Did I do something wrong?” He looked genuinely confused and you wanted to scream.

“Are you fucking kidding me!” You shouted he threw his hands up in response.

“You wanna know what you did wrong Eric? You crawled into my bed and kissed me two weeks ago, That’s what you did wrong!” You felt your voice break towards the end of your sentence and you just wished he would make it easy on you. He didn’t, of course, he didn’t.

“Last I checked you were pretty okay with me doing that!” He shouted back.

“Just get out Eric, I’m not doing this with you.” You said sounding exasperated.

“No, I want to know what the issue is!”

“The issue is that you think it’s okay to sleep with me at night and the wake up the next day and bring your date home and fuck her literally about 40 feet away from me! That’s the issue!”

“I’ve brought home girls before and you’ve never cared!” He yelled back and you seriously wondered if he was losing his mind, how could he not see the problem?

“Yeah then I didn’t, but it’s different now…”

“Why… why is it different? Because we are messing around? We aren’t dating ____.” You flinched this time at his words, why did you even bother?

“Yeah I know we aren’t Eric, trust me I know…. Just get out.” You knew for a fact that you sounded weak as you faced away from him but he said nothing. You could hear him turn around, you jumped up and moved towards your drawer.

“Eric?” You heard his footsteps pause, you pulled his shirt out and turned to throw it at him. “Take that with you.”

He caught it and looked down at the fabric with an unreadable expression.

“I thought I told you to keep it…” He said quietly

“You did…” Was all you said softly before settling back into the bed and turning your light off. He left wordlessly after that and you tried to ignore the sadness and anger that still churned inside you.

The next morning neither of you had to work and you tried your best to stay in your room as much as possible but you eventually grew stir crazy and hungry. You made your way to the kitchen the cold air nipping at your face. Eric was in the kitchen when you entered and you tried to ignore him as you put a pot of coffee on.

“I want to talk about it…” He said breaking the silence, you could feel him staring holes into your back.

“There isn’t anything to talk about.” You said back not wanting to have this conversation.

“Yes, there is, what was that last night?” You could tell he wasn’t going to let you off the hook so you just faked a smile as you turned around.

“It was nothing… I don’t know what my issue was okay? Let’s just forget that anything happened.” You said wishing he would stop looking at you with that pensive expression.

He finally sighed and scratched the back of his head unsure of what to do.

“Yeah… I guess that’s fine…” He said still confused.

“Awesome…” You said in a fake tone of happiness.

“Is it okay if Lindsey comes over tonight?” He said hesitantly.

“Who?” You asked with a frown.

“You know Lindsey…. The blond?” He said trying to jog your memory.

“The one from last night?”

“Yeah, her.”

“Wow a second date, things must be getting serious.” You teased trying to hide your hurt feelings. He made a noise of distaste at that.

“Yeah no problem, Eric… I think I’m going to crash at Zeke’s place tonight anyways..” You said, turning your attention to the coffee brewing.

“You don’t have to do that…” He commented.

“I know.” You assured before disappearing into your room for the rest of the day before going over to Zeke and Uriah’s apartment.

Things were different between you and Eric, you didn’t want to face him half the time and you knew he could sense something was wrong. But that was the issue, as smart as Eric could be, he was a total idiot when it came to romance or relationships or whatever it was that was going on between you two. All he knew how to do was hook up and then move on the next girl.

It was around day three of you and Eric all but avoiding each other that you were approached by a coworker while typing away at your desk. He was friendly, a little too much for your liking but still, after the shitty few day you had been having it was nice to chat with him. It was near the end of your conversation that he asked you out. You had seen it coming honestly, he had asked a few times before and you always denied.

But in that moment as you thought about the weirdness that surrounded you and your roommate you couldn’t help but say yes. You ended up going on a few dates with him. He was a sweet guy, but there was just something wrong.

It was the fact that he wasn’t Eric, that’s what was wrong. He was too sweet and caring, to concerned about your well being. His sense of humor wasn’t sadistic or cruel, his morals, actually the fact that he had a solid set of morals just proved that.

His hair wasn’t the right shade of blond and his eyes weren’t shockingly gray, his body type was less stocky and more lean. Everything about him was a constant reminder of what, better yet who, slipped through your fingers. You knew it was wrong to lead him on but he was the perfect distraction at times.

It was Friday night and you wandered around the empty apartment getting ready for a date. You didn’t want to go but you didn’t want to stay in the apartment either, especially after Eric had announced that Lindsey was coming over yet again. Eric was currently nowhere to be seen and you couldn’t tell if that made you fell relieved or sad.

You had no idea where he was and you tried to push any and every thought of him out of your head as you slipped on some jewelry. You were about to settle on the couch and wait when you heard a knock on the door. Your date stood on the other side with a small bouquet of flowers, you plastered yet another fake smile as you let him in. You took the bundle of flowers from him, trying your best to not grimace at his sickeningly sweet smile.

The two of you were supposed to go out to eat later on but you both settled on the couch for a few minutes, after you put the flowers in a vase.

You don’t really remember what built up to you ending up straddling him as he shoving his tongue down your throat, all conversation having quickly flown out the window.

His lips were too soft, his touch too gentle. He held you as if you were made of glass and you quickly grew irritated deepening the kiss.

The two of you stayed tangled together for a while until you heard the apartment door open and slam shut. You jumped slightly and your dates grip on your ass tightened slightly. You looked over your shoulder to see Eric standing at the door staring at the two of you with an unreadable expression.

“Can I talk to you?” He finally said stiffly.

“Little busy here.” You growled back, agitated.

“Yeah I can tell.” He said sending a pointed glare to the man underneath you.

You glanced back to your date apologetically and you were shocked to see his wide-eyed, nervous gaze.

“That’s your roommate?” His voice sounded shaky as he stared back at Eric fearfully.

“Didn’t I tell you that?”

“You said you lived with an Eric… Not the Eric…” He commented back.

“Right well… I’ll be right back.” You said still shocked by his fear, granted Eric was a scary dude at times but didn’t expect this reaction. You slid off his lap and pretended not to notice the small tent in his pants, Eric, on the other hand, clutched his fist at the sight.

You made your way into the kitchen and Eric followed closely behind you.

“What the fuck was that?!” He hissed at you the moment you were alone.

“What?” You said, confusion written across your face.

“Why is he here?” Eric simply demanded skipping over your question.

“Because we are about to go on a date… What is the issue?” You said regarding him cautiously.

“Really with him?” Eric said with an arched eyebrow,

“Yeah Eric, with him. What the fuck do you care?” You snapped confused to his weird behavior.

“Just think you can do better…” He said casually with a shrug.

“What are you jealous?!” You growled, still confused on what his issue was.  It was only as he clutched his fist at your last question did you realize the situation.

“Oh my god you’re jealous!” You said with a humorless laugh.

“So what if I am?” He snapped back.

“You’re not allowed to be jealous Eric, you said it yourself before, we aren’t dating.” Eric said nothing in reply and simply glared at you.

“Whatever I don’t have time for this.” You quipped brushing past him. You date was still sitting on the couch awkwardly waiting. He smiled as you entered and stood up.

“Hey just let me run to the bathroom then we can go.” You said sweetly. He nodded and then tensed as he looked at something behind you.

You didn’t have to turn to know it was Eric. You glanced back at him and narrowed your eyes.

“Don’t.” Was all you said, you didn’t trust leaving the two men alone. You disappeared into the back of the apartment and prayed Eric wouldn’t do anything stupid.

While you were in the bathroom you heard a small crash followed by the slamming of a door and you were quick to finish and rush out. The living room was empty and you found Eric mixing a drink in the kitchen.

“What did you do!” You bristled upon entering.


“Bullshit.” You snapped back, Eric gave you an innocent shrug before returning to his drink.

“I just ‘suggested’ he leave.” He said casually.

“Are you kidding me, Why would you do that?!” He said nothing to you and you felt your anger rise.

“Aren’t you supposed to be out with your little girlfriend or something?” You tried again.

“I was…”

“Then why are you here ruining my night.”

“I broke up with her…” Eric said quietly.

“Why? Did she stop putting out?” You growled trying to pretend that part of you didn’t feel satisfied to hear the news.

“No, that wasn’t the issue…”

“Then what was? You tied to stubbly pry for information.

“She wasn’t the girl I wanted to be with.” You flattered for a second as you realized what he was insinuating.

“Don’t say stuff like that to me, Eric.” You said stiffly before walking out of the kitchen and back into the living room.

It was only in the living Room that you discovered that the crash you had heard was from the vase of flowers being pushed off the table. You sighed as you crouched down and worked on picking up shards of glass.

“You can do better than a guy like him.” You heard Eric repeat softly to you as he watched you clean up the mess you assumed he made.

“Oh yeah? With who, You?” You snapped, not looking at him.

“You can defiantly do better than a guy like me.” his tone was quiet and you almost didn’t hear him.

You didn’t turn around as you worked on cleaning the glass you didn’t want to face him, you couldn’t. So lost in thought and trying to pull yourself away from the situation you didn’t pay any attention to the shards in your hands. You sliced open your pointer finger and you sucked in a sharp gasp of pain, cursing under your breath.

You pushed yourself from the floor and abandoned the mess, your finger wasn’t cut too bad but it just seemed to add to a list of reasons why today sucked. Eric blocked you from entering the kitchen and you groaned in frustration.

“Eric move… please.” You all but whined, you just wanted him to go away.

He gripped your hand and brought the cut up to his mouth. You faked a grimace as he sucked the blood from your fingertip.

“Stop.” You said halfheartedly trying to pull away. You didn’t want him to stop or to let go of you but the longer he held your hand the less angry you felt. You didn’t want to lose that anger because it was the main thing stopping you from completely throwing yourself at him, You didn’t want to set yourself up for heartbreak.

He moved your hand from his face and placed on his cheek. You couldn’t help but run the pad of your thumb over the stubble on his cheeks as you looked up at him.

“You’re going to be the death of me…” You whispered to him looking up into his steel gray eyes, getting lost in them. You couldn’t quite place the look he was giving you but whatever it was made your knees weak and your heart flutter.

He snickered at that leaning forward so that his mouth rested near your ear. “Your one to talk sweetheart.”

His breath tickled your ear and the side of your neck, his movement had caused you to have to move your hand from his cheek. You stilled as he moved his face from the side of your head so that he could face you, still not leaning back.

Before you could push him away or stop yourself from giving into the temptation that was the man before you, You closed the small space in between the two of you.

Your lips connected to his and for a second all you could think about was the feelings of his hands on your hips. You brought your hands back up to cup his cheeks and he tightened his hold on you if that was even possible.

The kiss was soft and slow just like the first on the two of you had shared, but there was something different. There was a fire behind it that compelled you to press your boy even further to his. You groaned as he bit down harshly on you bottom lip demanding access that you gave up willingly. He deepened the kiss and you moaned, earning a chuckle from him somehow. The two of you continued like that until you both ran out of air and he pulled away from your lips focusing on your jaw and neck.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and melted under his harsh nips and kisses.

“Tell me to stop.” He said suddenly, momentarily abandoning your neck to look you dead in the eye.

“What?” You said, disappointed that he stopped.

“Tell me to stop ___.” He whispered again, his voice sounding strained. He leaned back down to the other side of your neck but you could tell he was still waiting for an answer.

“Why would I do that?” You muttered almost cut off by a gasp as he nibbled at the spot right under your ear.

“Because if you don’t, I won’t be able to help myself.” Was all he said in between kisses.

That’s when you fully let go, you couldn’t help it something about his wrecked tone made you want to lose it. He stopped again moving back to look at you, still having not let go. He was waiting for your answer, your protest, something.

“Please don’t stop.” You said softly, arms still wrapped around his neck.

That was all he needed to hear, before you could say anything else he had gripped you and picked you up. You were quick to wrap your legs around his hips as you held on.

“Your room or mine?” You barely heard the question as you looked down at his lust blown pupils.

“I don’t care, just get me to a bed.” You said before leaning down to coat his neck in soft kisses. He groaned at your response and was  quick to carry you away from the living room. You hardly paid attention the where he was taking you and it was only as he threw you onto his bed that you realized his decision.

He looked down at you as you laid on his bed propped up on your elbows, He seemed to be deciding his plan of action at the foot of the bed. It was only until you moved and crawled down the bed toward him that you saw a break in his calculating gaze.

You stood level with him on your knees pulling him by the front of his shirt closer towards the edge of the bed. He said nothing as you untucked his shirt and yanked it over his head, only slightly lifting his arms to help you. He had a few more layers underneath and you were quick to strip him of them until you were meet with his bare chest. You ran your hand down his sculpted chest taking the time to appreciate how built he was up close.

He quirked a small smile at you and leaned in to kiss you again. The two of you battled for dominance this time as things grew more heated. He finally let out a small growl and pushed you back on the bed before crawling after you.

You were more than happy to let him take over after that as he straddle your waist and covered you with his huge form. He was quick to practically rip your sweater off followed by the shirts you had underneath. The cold air bit at your now practically bare chest and you let out a small gasp. He left a small peck on your lips before working his way down.

First kissing at the hollow of your neck as he worked on ridding you of your black bra. He unclasped it with an undeniable ease, a talent that you didn’t want to question, and then moved his lips down past your collarbones.

He kissed between the valley of your breasts and you moan quietly. You snaked your hands down and started to unbutton his pants, you were able to push them down past his ass. You let out another moan as he sucked on one of your nipples, kneading your other breast with one of his hands.

You shoved your hands down the front of his boxers and he flattered for a second, groaning around your nipple which caused you to arch your back.

He switched breast paying equal attention to the other with his mouth and you started to rub his length as best you could with the awkward angle of your wrist. Eric started to move even lower, dragging his mouth, leaving open mouthed kisses down, your torso. It was only as he reached down past your navel did you fully process what he was doing.

He leaned up and undid your pants, yanking them off your legs with ease, your panties were quick to follow.

“No, I need you now…” You wined as he cupped your sex, bending back down.

“What happened to your patients?” He teased, still not moving away.

“Eric please we have plenty of time for that later, I need you now.” You whimpered again as he slid a finger between your folds.

“You’re soaked…” He mumbled, still not moving.

“How about you do something about it?” You challenged. He narrowed his eyes at you and crawled back up the bed so he was hovering over you. The moment you could reach, you rubbed at the tent in his boxers briefs and you saw his defiance flatter for a second. He had lost his pants somewhere along the way.

He kissed you again but still made no motion to give you want.

“Eric…” You begged again, reaching both hands down to finally just pull the material off his waist and out of your way slightly. You struggled for a second and he stopped to laugh at you. You faked a glare at him and pinched his side slightly.

“Stop laughing.” You growled, growing impatient.

He yanked them off with ease and you took a second to take in his large size. He snorted at your reaction, probably enjoying the ego boost, and a teasing smirk make its was across his face.

“What’s the matter?” He whispered to you, leaning down near your ear.

You took advantage of his closeness and ground your hips into his, earning a small moan. He finally grabbed your hips and aligned himself, pushing in before you could process what he was doing.

“Thanks for the warning.” You quipped in between moans as he gave you a second to adjust.

“Stop talking.” He murmured into your neck before he started thrusting into you. His pace was relentless and you entangled your hands in his hair, pulling slightly.

He buried his face in your neck, leaving countless hickies and love bites. You were like putty in his hands, falling apart with every thrust that brought you closer to the edge.

You couldn’t help but moan his name over and over like a prayer and he mumbled into your neck about how good it felt. You felt your climax coming fast as you pulled harder at his hair, raking your nails down his back. You could tell he was close too, as you started to notice how erratic some of his thrust were becoming.

It was when he finally moaned out your name that you lost it, your orgasm hitting you white hot. Your eyes practically rolled to the back of your head as you gripped him tightly. He moaned even louder as he felt you cum under him, following not long after with a few more final thrust.

He still moved inside of you as the two of you rode out the waves of your orgasm. Your skin felt like it was on fire and he finally stopped, resting his forehead against your shoulder.

The two of you untangles your limbs from one another and he pulled out of you rolling onto the bed next to you. It was silent for a few minutes as you both caught your breath, before you finally let out a small laugh.

“What?” He muttered next to you, turning his head to face you.

“I can’t believe we did that.” You groaned rubbing your hands over your face, still laughing.

Eric moved so that he rest one hand underneath his head and the other stretched onto your side. It to a second for you to realize that he was offering for you to cuddle up next to him. You pressed your body to his ignoring the fact that you were both gross and sticky. You used his bicep as a pillow and he angles the rest of his arm so that it hugged you.

“What now?” You mumbled into his side.

“Round two?” He suggested. You rolled your eyes and laughed into his side.

“You’re going to be the death of me, Eric.” You repeated your voice just above a whisper, he simply leaned down and pressed a kiss to your forehead.

The two of you ended falling asleep like that and when you woke up the next morning Eric was still there pressed against you. The both you skipped work that day and just enjoyed being together. You had not a simple doubt in your mind that Eric could very well shatter your heart into a million pieces, but until he figured out how you were going to just enjoy calling him yours.

Are We There Yet (Steve/Sam/Bucky x Reader) (Part 7)

Omg, after not updating for months, I bet you guys hate me, huh? Well, I finally got some inspiration so here you go, part 7! Yay!!

AWTY Masterlist

word count: 2838

warnings: cursing and a lil bit of horror (? but it’s comedy horror, i guess lol)

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(unnecessary gif lmao) 

Despite what Steve said about the road trip not being violent, you ended up the next hour nursing a nasty cut on the corner of your lower lip and a bloody scrape near your left brow. A couple of bruises dotted against your arm as you winced slightly when Bucky touched your shoulder. A guilt ridden look covered his face as you offered him a reassuring smile. Steve had you icing your right shoulder as he nursed Sam’s injuries after your mini spar with the two. After the insult that Sam had thrown at Bucky, a small fight ensued, forcing you to get caught in the middle to break it up ignoring Steve’s protests as you jumped in between the guys. Still, a few cuts and bruises on you was worth it if you didn’t have to hear another argument between Sam and Bucky.

“Hey,” he began, taking a seat next to you on the empty bench. His movements were so light and cautious as he was so afraid he would hurt you again. “I’m so sorry, (Y/N), those punches were meant for Wilson, and I know that I should’ve held back after he made that joke and just… I’m sorry,” he rambled, shaking his head as he sighed loudly at his mistake.

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... There’s Always a Way...


Thank you all for your patience, I’m so sorry I fell behind… I was busy and I hated it- BUT HERE IT IS!! WHOS READY?? (People to tag: @x-x-owrooh-x-x )

Part 1: “The Start of Something…

Part 2: “…Dark

Part 3: “But Even When You’re Boxed In…

…There’s Always a Way…

“W̷̝̗̩̯̝͓-̦̬͟W̖̺̻͕̹͚̬͒ͥ͢e̜l͓̥͛̄ͬ͐̓̅͋c̟̻͉͔ͨͦ̏o͍͉͉͚̎̊̆̉ͥm̪̻̭ͬͯ̄ͥ̏ȅ̲̝̪̕ ̦̤̗̠͇̮̠ͩͨ̇̏ḅ̷͙͙͍͇͕ͮ͂̏ͬͯả̻̰͈̟̮͖̊ͬ͡ç͚̰̪ͦ̋̆̋̓́k͋̾,̾͐̏̇̆͗ ̥̻̪̖͙̥͊͗ͅD̙͓ͩ͋ͦ̈͊͢ḁ͍͓̜̪̄̏̇͐r͇̜̥̩̦̠̓͒͐͡k͍͍̠̳͙͙͖͆ͪͯ̿͊.”

Mark’s alter took in a big breath, a grin starting to grace his features. Anti sighed with relief… looks like Dark wasn’t TOO ma-

"Well well well…” purred his deep voice, and Anti’s thoughts froze. The irishman whimpered, still pawing desperately at the hands around his throat. As if now noticing, Dark smirked and carelessly dropped Anti onto the carpet, humming as he started stretching. His muscles and joints popped, and Anti cringed a little at the sound.

“I-I d-d-did what you a-asked b-boss-” Anti croaked, rubbing his neck gently. “Y-You’re out…”

“Yes yes…” the alter grumbled, finally getting the last crick out of his back. “Took you long enough…” He then paused, staring down at the shaking male. “But… I couldn’t help noticing something…”

His sneer went into a manic smirk, eyes blazing as he raised his foot, shoving Anti onto his back and pinning him there with his bare foot on his chest. 

Anti instantly coughed and recoiled in disgust, “Ugh-GOD Dark your feet are DISGUSTING- 

G̹̯̖͙͍̣̽ͣ͝E̺̫ͧ̆̍̈̎̍̐̍́͞Tͦ͂ͯ̌͒҉̥̹͞ ̋͐̒͌҉͓̼̻͜O̟̮̿ͧ̔̇ͦ́ͥ͗̚F̨̫͕̱͙̻̈̾̏ͮ͊͟F̗̥̌ͣͭ͌ͣͬ̀!!" 

He shrieked, and Dark hummed, "Oh yeah~ Haven’t had a body in so long, I forgot your little pet peeve’s…”

The irishman hissed in anger, “I HATE THIS SHIT- GET OFF Y͍̯̺̥̬̲͈̐̎ͅO̵͓͈̙̣̯̍ͣ͆͒ͦͥ͢͞U̴̴̼̗͙̘̟̣͂́͂̓ͭ ̧͕͎̔ͪ͂́͝B̧̘̟͉̠̊̓̆͑ͮ̍̈́̿͐͝Aͧ̐ͭ̄͐͏̺̜̫͔̬̞S̳̺̹̦͔̉̓Ť̮̕͢͠A̴̷̟͙̟̮ͤ̈ͪ͐̉̋̀R͔̼̣̯͋͑͂̎̄̃̉ͯ̕D̢̢̥̄̍̿̉̐͋̕!!”

Playfully, the alter above him suddenly straddled his squirming partner, “D'aww, I love when you get angry, Ant, your voice cracks- oh, and you grow a marvelous bluuuush~”

The green haired male snarled at the old nickname, and the fact the teasing was indeed making his face burn… Damnit. “S-Seriously- get off me! I don’t like being sat o-”

He snapped his mouth shut as Dark suddenly fluttered his fingers against his chest. “Y'know, Ant, I couldn’t help but notice your name for Mark when you were… "attacking” him… Did you by chance call him,,, Dark?“

The alter gulped and started shaking, realizing his playful mistake. "N-N-No, boss, s-seriously, just a s-slip of the name- I-I…” he licked his lips anxiously, trying to think of an excuse… he knew what was coming… so he quickly clammed up.

“Oh, cat got your tongue, Ant?” he grinned, slowly sliding his fingers to his sides, planning on revenge… He knew this little leprechaun was using Mark as an excuse to be ‘ler… Ha, he couldn’t have made this worse for himse-

“J-Just you, pussy.”

Oh, little shit. Without a hint of mercy or restraint, Dark dug his fingers into Anti’s sides, making sure he hit the nice little spot on his right side.

“F-FUAHAHAHACK-” came the shrill response, the poor boy already in hysterics. He was thrashing like mad, his feet kicking and body twisting, trying hard to buck off the stronger alter. 

Dark cooed and purred as he buzzed his hand rapidly up his ribs, “Oooo, poor little Ant… I almost had some mercy earlier… but you just haaaaad to be a smart ass…” He sneered, starting to fumble to get under his shirt.

“NG-GAHAAH, FUHUHCK, NAHAHAT THAHAHAT-” he shrieked, arching violently as Dark managed to wiggle his fingers up his shirt and shove them into his armpits. “YOUR HAHAHANDS ARE SOHOHO COHOHOLD-" 

The alter grinned, nodding, "Yea, I could warm them up in here~” he taunted as he vibrated his hands under his arms, putting the little irishman in stitches.

Anti was going crazy… he felt his body twitching like mad- was he ALWAYS this ticklish? -Shit- “FAHAHACK- NONONONO DAAAHAHAHARK!!”

Shit, when had he turned around?? Anti slammed his thighs together as Dark began attacking his knees, digging underneath them and putting him into horrid silent laughter.

“Damn, Ant, who knew you could match my hair color,” the ler snickered, then began purring, “Tickle tickle tiiiickle~" 

Oh lord that made it so much worse- 

"S̰̜͇̞̝̹̭ͮ͐̾ͮ͐̆T̝̼͍̳̉̔̽A̠̘̼͚͈̓͋ͯH̠ͬ̏̈Ḁ̬̝̅̔ͮ̚ͅH͇͓̰̫̞͎̅ͦA͓͙̫̜͖͉̫ͨ́̆ͣA̹̝̣̺̖͓͙̹͊P̜̼̞͈͕͖̿ͣ͐̓̔ ͕̖̭͎̃̏M͈̟̩̝̦̻̭ͤ͒ͯͭ̏̄ͯͅA͉͆̽̂̐A̞͖̖ͦH̰͔͎̪͋̏ͫ̓A͖̦̲̹̠̥̾̿̀̊̓̆ͅH̗̱̽ͪͭA̦̺͎͉̓̊̽͒̄̚R͖̝̻̗̍͑ͥ̔ͥK͉̹̼͚̦͋͂̆͛̎́̅̓ͅ!͈̰̈͑!͔̻̪̻̉̄̊̓̒̒͒̄ͨ” Came the sudden remark, and came so shrill, the sound of a glass shattering somewhere was heard. 

Dark paused, retracting his hands, “Mark??? How much of a smartass are you, An-” he turned, only to gape as there was a twitcing Jack laying there, panting and sparking with electricity.

The alter instantly stood, eyes wide, startled. “What the fuck? How did you-”

“U-Urgf…” the irishman gurgled, quickly turning over and starting to cough. Green and slimy ooze began hacking from his mouth, and pooled onto the floor. “Mghf-” and suddenly, with one more gag, a small green ball shot out of his mouth, tumbling into the wall. 

“S-Sam?” Dark questioned quietly, seeing the small eyeball start to float, a little tail uncurling. It noticed itself covered in slime and started madly flicking around, desperate to clean itself. Sam never did that…

The little eye noticed Dark and quickly flew over, chirping like mad to try and speak. Finally Dark gaped, “Holy sh- ANTI??” He grabbed the septiceye, who nodded in confusion. The red haired male couldn’t believe it- what happened??

Jack was still coughing a little as he turned to stare at Dark. “S-Sam?” he croaked, staring at the eye. Seeing the room around him, he gaped, amazed. “W-Wait, I’m home?” He grinned, wiping his mouth sloppily and standing.
“Mark, we’re home!” He beamed at Dark, who sneered and put Anti on his shoulder.

“I’m… not… Mark…” he huffed and approached Jack dangerously.

The irishman froze, starting to back up. “O-Oh shit- y-you’re that D-Dark thing aren’t you-”

The alter burned with anger as he slammed his hands on either side of Jack’s head, pinning him with a snarl.

“Yeah, that THING… and I’m far less gentle than m͈̓ͨͥͯ̾ͨy̪̼̙͓͈̘ͦ̀ͬ̊͛̏ ̹̣͙̼̮p̗̳͎̖̞̜̟͐̾͒͊̌ả̭̼͈̰̼̋̑ͬ̾ͥt͎͋̌ͨ̊̿̚ḧ̝̦̯̫̟͍̙́ͥ͊̆e̮̹͓̼̣͂̍͂͋ͬt͙̪̠̦̑ͮͬī͉̅̂ͪ̃c͚̖͇̖͖ ͌ͯͦê̹͍ͯͨx̲̠̅̅̒̾̉c̤̪̰̄ͩ́̒̽́̚u͖̺̾̽ͧ͌̔ͭ̇s͛e͇̙̟̼̞̰̎̄̈́͊͛ͦ ̹͕̩f̺͚ͣ͐o̖͂ͨ͐̈́͐rͩ̃͒̈ ̖̳͙̱͙̠ͅa͙̭͕̺͍ͣ̋ͩ͛ͨ̅ͪͅ ͍̜͕̼p̩̹̪ͮ̾̊͛͒ͅa͙̬̳̟͓̟̤r͑̎ṯ̩̗͖̥̜͈͒̇ͭ̒͆͒ṇer͚͍͎͓͚̍ͮ͒̅̉̊̒-”

Jack cringed, eyes wide as he shook, staring at him, whimpering, “P-Partner… y-you mean Anti?” he breathed, and the little eye ball on Dark’s shoulder purred in an angry response. 

But it wasn’t angry at Jack- it was actually fuming at Dark. After all the shit he did- he called him pathetic?

Dark was ready to break Jack’s nose, arm raised behind his head for a punch, only to have Anti zip up his shirt arm. The alter’s eyes widened and he shoved him arms down, curling in on himself and starting to shake like mad, face dusting with red.

Jack, who took a moment from trembling, realized something.

“Ohhh… I know how to get Mark back~" 

Part 5: “… Out of the Dark