the final hiding place

No one talks about the sacrifice of Lyra Erso (Jyn’s mother) in Rogue One, and I am worried that it is because they think her character was thrown away, or that she was foolish or reckless. Allow me to assure you that this is not the case.

The companion novel Catalyst focuses heavily on Lyra and her respect for the Force. She is determined, penitent, and clever–hardly someone who would throw her life away in a half-baked assassination attempt.

She would, however, allow herself to be killed if she knew it was a winning move.

Lyra knew that Galen couldn’t lie about her being dead because the evidence to the contrary was all over their house. She also knew that Jyn was capable of surviving without her, and that Saw was ready to raise her. She also knew that there would be no time to cover her tracks to the hiding place. Finally–and this is key–Lyra knew one of them would crack under torture if she or Galen was a hostage. Thus, she made sure that the only option left to the Empire was to kill her.

And what better way to guarantee it than by brandishing a gun at the Director?

In conclusion: Lyra Erso died executing her own flawless plan.

Jack is one of those people who holds onto pictures forever. Even when those pictures are of people he hasn’t seen in years. People he’ll never see again. He keeps them because it’s a physical reminder of what he used to be. If you were to invade one of his many hideouts across the globe as Soldier 76, you’d find enough pictures to fill not one, not two, but at least dozens of albums.

Most people take care with their most valued pictures, but how can you tell that a picture means the most to Jack? It’ll be bent, ripped, old, falling apart. That means he keeps it with him at all times. That means he cares about it enough to look at it weekly, sometimes daily, sometimes hourly. There is one picture in particular that is beat to shreds, and when Reaper finally tracks down Soldier 76’s most recent hiding place, he is dumbfounded by what he finds sitting under Soldier’s makeshift pillow: 

A picture of them. How they used to be. Jack with his arm around Gabriel, freshly enhanced thanks to the injections at the SEP, young face smiling brightly at the camera. Gabriel had his arms crossed, but his face looked at Jack’s, an affectionate smirk on his lips. It was the first picture they ever took, all those years ago. When they were happy. 

Reaper stole it. When Jack returned to his hideout to find it missing, it was the first time in years he’s actually let himself feel Gabriel’s absence. He fell to the floor and he wept. 

What he didn’t know is that Reaper had done the same thing, in the very same spot, only hours before. 

(Reaper76 Week, Day One - How We Were)

Black Mirror (Final): To My Sister

(Black Mirror takes place in the 1970s - after Narcissa has left Hogwarts but before her marriage.  She finds one of three mirrors that were given to the Black sisters so they could always speak to each other (much like Sirius’) but Bella’s was destroyed and Andromeda has put hers in a cupboard, which is all Narcissa can see.  As times get darker, she finds herself speaking to it as if the one person who always listened could hear her…)

Narcissa uncovers the mirror.  It is night and she looks tired and a little scared.

Narcissa: I’m going to put this away, Andy.

She struggles for a moment, torn.

Narcissa: Bella was always our Golden Girl.

Narcissa: You were always the wise one.  Just as brash in your own way, just as headstrong.

Narcissa: Dippet only made me Head Girl because he wanted a Black and you two were too much trouble, I know that.

So I know what people say about me.

Narcissa: This man, this Lord - he’s starting something or latching onto the back of something.  And I wouldn’t care, I’d bloody well cheer him on, only…

Narcissa: Everyone knows what some of his followers are beginning to do in his name.  And most people are aware that it’s not just that he’s not stopping them…

Narcissa: And it’s not that I disagree with him.  Only…

She hesitates, but after the evening she’s had, she cannot keep this to herself.

Narcissa: A man I think.  I didn’t really look too hard, you know.  It was still alive…

Narcissa: And she just kept playing with it.  

Narcissa: He was crying and screaming and writhing all over the kitchen floor and she just wouldn’t stop.

She looks down and clutches at her own hand, remembering what had happened to his.

Narcissa: In the end she left it so broken there was nothing we could do.

Narcissa: Lucius Malfoy is frightened of our sister.  And the way she was today…

Narcissa: I tried to…I couldn’t…

She manages to collect herself, but the shock of violence in her home, the fear of the path her sister is on and the late hour have sapped away any pretence she had left for now.

Narcissa: I didn’t mean…

I hope he makes you happy.

Narcissa: And don’t worry.  You’re my blood.

She takes one last look at the inside of her sister’s cupboard and the stuffed owl she’d bought her so many years ago.  Enough.


Stray (Min Yoongi x Male Reader)

(Name) was walking around already being familiar with the living space he was resident in, and amongst walking around the familiar streets and alleyways in Seoul. Listening to some music as he walked around readjusting his scarf that kept him warm in the harsh weather of winter in Korea, but he loved the cold weather. As he walked he took off his headphone his music playing softly, and then he heard a soft meow.
Following the sound of the soft meowing (Name) finally found the hiding place of the cat.
“Hey there kitty” he said kneeling down to stroke it’s soft black coat.
“Poor thing, you’re shivering” he picks up the black cat in his arms.
“Hear listen to so music” he puts his music a little so the cat could hear his music.
The cat started to purr in the warmth in his arms as it heard the music.
“As you’re so sweet~ I guess you like hip hop” (Name) chuckled.

A while longer he had finally arrived at his own place with the cat snuggled in his chest, it loved the man warmth. Entering his home he puts the cat down and oddly enough the cat was almost attached to him staying at his feet, (Name) looked at the cat and kneeled down.
“Hey there you can look around don’t worry I don’t any pets, its just me here” he gave a smile to cat.
Wide eyed he sees the cat nod to his statement, (Name) stood up and locked the door and took off his coat and scarf. The cat stayed near him and yawned, this caused (Name) to laugh at the actions. The cat cuddled around his leg and he picked up the cat, kissing the top of it’s head .
“I wonder what to call you?” He thought out loud.
“Meow~” the cat meowed jumping out of his arms on the floor and walked to the kitchen.
“What is it?” (Name) asked following the cat.
The cat jumped onto the kitchen bench and sat near a jar that said sugar.
“What is it?” (Name) asked confused.
Plucking a black paw on the sugar container, meowing (Name) finally got the message.
“Oh~ so your name is sugar” (Name) said in a way he could talk to cats.
“This is stupid….(Name) get a grip of yourself, a cat are not that intelligent to tell you their names, especially a stray cat” (Name) groaned covering his face muttering a ‘I’ve gone mad’
the cat meowed at him for attention as the cat now covered the “r” of “sugar”
“Suga….hmm fine I’ll call you that Suga” he smiled at the cat.
“So I’m guessing you’re a male cat….hmm maybe a desexing should be taken to thought” he thought out loud.
The cat Suga hissed at him not liking the idea, (Name) chuckled a little and patted his head.
“It’s okay little guy I’m sure you have a little girl out in the streets you love” he chuckled.
Suga lets out a sigh of relief and relaxes.

Its been almost a year now since he found Suga, Christmas had just passed He and he had spent most of his free time sleeping or making music with Suga always beside him. (Name) had talked to his landlord and after much persuasion he had convinced the landlord to let him keep Suga and registrant him under his name. But there were a couple of things that confused (Name) a bit, due to him being a young adult of 25 years he had a few hook ups with not women but men and usually when he brought them to his place Suga would hiss and scratch them scaring them off. Obviously this was a problem but also when he went to someone’s house to have a little fun when he come back in the morning Suga would be right there at the door with ears back growling a little his tail whipping around, and when (Name) would try and say hello Suga would walk off and ignore him by sleeping.
But what also confused him was when it was late at night he would hear things in the house, at first (Name) thought it would be Suga. But one night he heard his fridge open and close, then a crash that had woken him up sitting up in bed and getting out quietly but heard someone curse, and it was the tone of a man. In the end (Name) only found Suga sleeping on the couch quietly.
New years eve was around the corner and (Name) had a holiday break from his work and he spent his time with Suga. When he got home one night he heard a small commotion in his music room, music was being played softly. Walking into the music room he sees a man possibly 2 years younger than him, dropping his things he see that the other man had black hair and resting on top of his head was black cat ears. From shock he dropped his things in his hands on the floor, the man hears and stares in shock his eyes large, his cat ears going down flat against his head.
“W-Who- W-What are you?” (Name) stuttered out as he pointed at him.
“Uhhh….no one?” He said getting off the chair and hiding behind it.
(Name) walked over to him and he flinched away, reaching his arm out he touched the man’s cat ears.
“OI!” He yelled hissing at him, ducking away he covered his cat ears with his hands.
“Wait…they’re real?” (Name) said shocked.
(Name) made his way over to him again cornering him at the desk.
“Y-Yes they are! So don’t touch them! They are very sensitive!” He hissed at him.
“…You’re not Suga my cat are you?” He asked his voice wavering a little.
“And if I say yes what happens?” Suga asked eyeing him suspiciously.
“You are?! Suga is human cat thingy?! What!” (Name) started to freak out a little.
“Hey calm down! Look okay yes I am part Human and cat, don’t ask me why I’m like this alright…and Suga is my nick name…the last human who owned me called me that because being in human form my skin is pale and smooth and apparently have a smile that is as sweet as sugar”
He explained.
“Then what is your name?” (Name) asked being wary of him.
“Min Yoongi…” the man, Yoongi explained.
“Yoongi… wait, why didn’t you change human before? Or I don’t know warned me!” (Name) screeched.
“Because I didn’t want to…plus I’m too lazy to deal with complications” he explained with boredom.
“But still!-”
“Keep your voice down you’re being to loud” Yoongi glared a little at (Name).
“Why you” (Name) was angered at what used to be his pet treating him such a way.
“I’m going to bed and you’re welcome, I just made your beats better” and with that Yoongi slipped away from him and practically locked him out of his own room.

After that incident the two came to the agreement of that Yoongi would have to pay rent like a normal human being and get himself a jobs so he can pay, and the two would take turns in buying grocery which Yoongi was okay with but he refuses to cook and (Name) knows that he can’t cook even if his life depended on it.
“Yoongi! I’m going out tonight you have to stay here and look after the house okay” (Name) called out grabbing his coat.
“Wait, where are you going?” Yoongi asked popping his head out from the kitchen.
“Ummm…just a bar” he said unsure.
Yoongi glared at him harshly this took (Name) by surprise.
“What?” Asked (Name)
“The gay bar?” Yoongi spat out.
“I’m sorry for likening men and that you are homophobic-”
“I’m not homophobic! Look just go, find some man slut to fuck I don’t care…plus it’s not like you can ever settle down with another guy anyway” Yoongi tasked and headed back into the kitchen.
(Name) was furious at Yoongi at this point, usually he would just leave and go to the bar but he felt like he need to stay this night and deal everything out with Yoongi as this was an accruing argument the two have.
“Okay that’s it! Why the hell do you always do this? Even as a bloody cat you would be hostile to the people I sometimes bring home, you need to stop because I have my needs, don’t you have any needs!” (Name) yelled glaring at Yoongi who was shocked at his sudden fit of rage and the fact he stayed caught him off guard.
“Yes I do have my needs and I deal with them…but not with women or men! I don’t want them I want yo- I mean I look after my problems myself, I don’t need anyone else”
“Bullshit! Yoongi you cant just masturbate all the time you need to at least get it on with someone- wait…what do you mean by “I don’t want them”?…” (Name) asked confused.
“A slip of the tongue… and I don’t want to fuck someone like I said before I can take care of my problems myself” with that Yoongi walked off to (Name)’s room and slammed the door behind him.
“Yoongi stop being stubborn and man up and talk to me” (Name) said walking to his room where Yoongi had locked himself in.
“There is no point in talking to you now just leave!” Yoongi yelled his back against the door his tail coming unravelled from around his waist that was hid away by his shirt.
“No! Look I’m sick and tired of this always happening, when I go out for me time you get so hostile! Just man up and tell why are you like this!” (Name) slammed a fist on the closed door.
Yoongi flinched and his ears went down and his tail between his legs, shutting his eyes thinking hard on whither he should lie or tell the truth.
“Min Yoongi!” He yelled again snapping him out of thought.
“I’m jealous! Okay there I said it, I’m jealous that you go to other men and I’m left at home knowing what you are doing to them! I’m jealous that they get noticed and I don’t!” He yelled.
(Name) grew quiet processing what Yoongi had yelled out, he never thought that, well possibly it had slipped in his mind a few times but he probably dismissed it.
“Yoongi…open this door” his voice stern.
“….” Yoongi hesitated a bit and finally opened the door his ears down and his tail between his legs.
“You know for someone who is pretty blunt most of the time…I was expecting a blunt confession…” (Name) muttered walking into his room.
Yoongi stayed quiet his eyes on the floor his face a little pink and noticeable on his pale skin, (Name) looked at him and smiled softly.
“Yoongi…” he looked up at (Name) who called his name out.
“Yoongi…I’m sorry for being so oblivious towards your feelings, I just assumed that you just didn’t like being home alone and not being outside” (Name) expressed truthfully.
“And I’m sorry for making you jealous I didn’t even know you had feelings for me, I mean you don’t really express your feelings too much” (Name) walked over at the now wide eyed Yoongi.
“Yoongi I’m really sorry” (Name) said quietly and leaned into Yoongi giving him a soft kiss on the lips.
Pulling back (Name) looked at Yoongi who had his eyes close his ears going up, (Name) smirked at is reaction.
“Yoongi… I really didn’t mean to hurt you I just thought you didn’t swing my way… so I’m really sorry” (Name) said sincerely.
Yoongi reached up and held (Name) face bringing him in for another kiss.

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ONCE UPON A TIME : the reboot
by drew and menelaos

season 1, episode 4 : Red-Handed

present :  When Mary Margaret’s John Doe patient awakens and escapes, Ruby Connor – infamously dejected waitress and local party girl – surprises everyone when she steps up to lead the search. Emma applies for the position of Deputy Sheriff and accidentally discovers the sexual nature of Graham and Regina’s relationship. Emma only becomes more determined when she learns that Regina is threatened by her growing friendship with Graham. Meanwhile, the hunt for the missing patient leads the people of Storybrooke into the abandoned coal mines where they make a startling discovery – a coffin made of fragments of broken glass. Mary Margaret tries to understand her connection to John Doe when they finally meet, and Henry shows Emma his hiding place for his book of fairy tales: buried in a box beneath his wooden castle playground.

past :  On the run, Princess Snow White finds a cabin in the woods of the kingdom of Misthaven and seeks refuge there with Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. But a string of gruesome wolf killings in the nearby village lead Snow White and Red to take matters into their own hands. When they come to the conclusion that the werewolf is Ezekiel, the young man Red is in love with, they devise a plan by which the young couple can run away while Snow White wears Red’s cloak to fool her grandmother. But when Granny discovers their deceit, she reveals that the cloak was enchanted years ago to prevent a werewolf from shifting forms, and Red herself was the wolf. Snow White and Granny rush to find Red and throw the cloak on her to return her to her human form, but arrive too late to save Ezekiel. Snow White offers to take the blame so that Red can continue living in her village, and she heads back into the forest, having found a strong friendship with Red Riding Hood.

‘once upon a time’ stars : Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Emily Rose as Emma Swan, Jaimie Alexander as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard, Henry Cavill as Prince Charming/John Doe, Raphael Sbarge as Jiminy Cricket/Dr. Archie Hopper, Richard Madden as the Huntsman/Sheriff Graham Buchanan, Naveen Andrews as the Magic Mirror/Sydney Glass, CJ Adams as Henry Mills, and Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

guest stars include : Meghan Ory as Red Riding Hood/Ruby Connor, Beverly Elliott as Widow Agatha Lucas/Helen Connor, Bob Morley as Ezekiel

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ewscribble  asked:

Scribs was running as fast as he could, dodging items here and there, screams following closely behind, before he finally finds a good place to hide. (RIP HERE???)

Giles had been returning from one of his scarce grocery runs when he noticed the figure go running past and hide. He hefted his bags with a wheeze and began to go to check on them before he stopped, hearing a commotion approaching. He waited for them to pass, a practiced sneer on his face.

Tarsus IV Tuesday: Not So Happy Birthday

So all we know about the Tarsus IV Massacre is that it happened in 2246. We don’t know the specific date.


Since it’s Tarsus IV Tuesday, and (TOS) Jim’s birthday, obviously I’m gonna do a terrible thing.

Imagine that the Massacre happened on Jimmy’s 13th birthday.

Imagine that Tom Leighton was joking around just that morning about how 13 is an unlucky number. Imagine Jimmy just laughing it off with a playful shove.

Imagine the Massacre happening that afternoon, and Jimmy and Tom finally find a safe place to hide. Imagine the first thing Jimmy says since the incident is, “You were right. 13 is unlucky.”

Imagine Jimmy, now Jim, a year later, unwilling to celebrate his birthday when so many people died. How can he celebrate when four thousand people lost their lives that day? How can he celebrate his day of birth, the day when he was given life, when he was unfairly allowed to live when the rest of them were killed in cold blood.

Imagine Jim being absolutely repulsed at the idea of eating cake when this day marked the beginning of several weeks spent in a state of starvation.

Imagine Jim at Starfleet Academy, with people trying to throw him a party for his birthday, and Jim can’t even try to be excited about it.

Imagine people telling Jim that “It’s not like you were there.” when he tries to explain that he’s not comfortable celebrating on such a tragic anniversary.

Imagine Jim just absolutely hating his birthday.

(I’m sorry I made TOS Jim hate his birthday too. Happy birthday?)


Jimin x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Author: Lee

Word Count: 2,103

Small dots of golden light hid in my room as the sun sank lower and lower towards the horizon. With each minute the splotches of sunlight would become fainter and weaker, attempting to find a hiding place within my room before finally disappearing along with the summer sun. Billions of stars littered the sky, making the night look flea-bitten with white.

The faint sound of laughter could be heard, signaling that my parents were still preoccupied with their late night shows. Although very muffled, the television was on such a loud volume that I could identify the show without even having to guess. Instead of begging them to turn down so I could at least concentrate, I usually slipped my headphones on and drowned out the chaos with music.

Tonight, however, I was waiting for something to happen; something that required me to listen. As ten o'clock slowly approached, my nerves grew more excited by the minute. I had already changed and made myself look decent before a small pebble hit my window. The sound was louder than I thought it would be, but it still wasn’t going to overpower the television downstairs.

On the other side, although quite a ways down, was Park Jimin, my best friend. Even in the dark of night I could still see his beautiful smile. It was almost like I had caught my very own star in my backyard.

“Y/n!” He cooed, attempting to stay quiet but also be heard. “Hurry up!”

With a giggle, I spun around and entered my room again, making sure everything was put away nicely before shutting off the lights and heading back towards the window. Luckily, there was a smaller section of roof directly under me, eliminating the fear of breaking any bones on my way out. I stepped onto the slate colored rooftop and shut my window before jumping down to where Jimin was. Although it was unneeded, he still reached his arms out to catch me.

“Are you sure we’re not going to get caught?” I asked in a hushed tone, spinning back around to peek at the house one last time before turning back to Jimin.

“I promise we’re not going to get caught Y/n,” He replied. “I do this all the time.”

Given that I was sixteen and he was seventeen, he was allowed to buy tickets for R-rated movies and I wasn’t. That never stopped him from buying the ticket for me though, so we usually ended up watching something seventeen and up, regardless of the genre. Whatever movie it was we usually ended up holding hands without really realizing it.

It just happened.

The first time I was left home alone was when my parents decided to book a trip halfway around the world for their anniversary. I was happy to have the house alone to myself to do what I wanted, but I wasn’t happy being alone. The thought of staying home alone for seven days was honestly a little scary.

Of course, my parents trusted that I would be brave now that I was eighteen, but the little kid parts of me were shivering with fear.

“Jimin,” I spoke through the phone. “I can’t be alone all week. I thought I could do it but I’m scared.”

I heard him chuckle through the phone, no doubt thinking I was being ridiculous.

“What happened to ‘I’m an adult now, I can take care of myself’?” He inquired, unintentionally hurting what little pride I had.

“Fine,” I pouted. “I don’t need your help.” I lied.

“Wait, Y/n, don’t hang up!” Jimin quickly spilled, giving in to my small tantrum. “I’ll be over in a little bit, alright? I’ll bring popcorn.”

So he did, showing up on my doorstep not even twenty minutes later. I was a little conflicted and confused when I saw him come empty handed - besides the popcorn.

“You didn’t pack or the week?” I asked, opening the door for him to step in.

“I can’t,” Jimin admitted. “My parents would definitely think something’s up if I stayed the entire week.” He pointed out. “Plus, I have a job.”

Eventually we settled down and picked out a movie to rent before making the popcorn and burrowing under the covers. Jimin, although he didn’t like to admit it, was a very good cuddler and often let me nestle into his side during movies. Tonight seemed to be different, where instead of me laying on him, he decided to lay on me. The position was uncomfortable at first, with his head on my stomach, but I eventually got used to it.

By the time the movie finished, I was surprised to see Jimin fast asleep. He never fell asleep during movies - mostly because we constantly talked during them. Without hesitating I poked his cheek and said his name aloud a few times in hopes of waking him up.

He didn’t budge.

Since there were no blankets and the weather was sort of chilly, I decided it wasn’t the best thing to fall asleep on the couch - even if Jimin was a great blanket. As soon as I made a move to get up, Jimin attacked, forcing me back down on the couch with a small shriek of surprise.

He giggled his signature giggle before I started to hit him - not very hard at all, but he still decided to pretend that each punch hurt.

“Jimin!” I shouted, earning another giggle out of him. “You can’t do that, you scared me!”

“That was the point, scaredy-cat.” He retorted, quite proud of himself.

“You’re unbelievable.” I sighed, pushing myself up off of the couch. “Now you can clean up since you want to be mean.”

I stuck out my tongue, instantly getting a sense of adrenaline once he raised his eyebrows and got up. He took the gesture as a challenge, picking his speed up to get to me once I darted for the stairs. I couldn’t help but laugh as I used my head start as an advantage, running into my room and closing the door. Jimin was much stronger though, and I stood no chance.

Realizing that it would probably hurt to barricade the door with my own body, I backed off completely, looking or something else in the room to help me. As the door crashed open, however, I was found weaponless in the middle of the room.

“You trapped yourself.” Jimin playfully stated the obvious, sneaking closer to me as I backed away.

“Stay away,” I laughed out of both fear of what he was going to do and amusement. “I’ll hurt you!” I gave an empty threat.

“I’m so scared,” Jimin replied, putting on his best fake scared face, forcing another round of laughter out of me. “This is the end for you.”

With no warning he picked me up with ease, lifting me right off of my feet and into the air until he dropped me back down onto my bed. Before I could figure out what was happening, Jimin was already beginning to torture me in the worst way possible: tickling.

“Jimin- no, please– stop!” I attempted, uncontrollably laughing from his brutal attack. “Please! Jimin- stop!” I tried again, which resulted in him stopping to see what I would say.

“I hate it,” I panted, although I wore a smile. “When you do that.”

He just grinned, but somewhere inside me a thousand flowers had bloomed all at once.

I just didn’t understand why.

“Jimin,” I started, turning around to see the man sitting down on my couch. “This is the third girl in the past two months that you’ve dated and dumped for no apparent reason. What’s going on?”

He was a little reluctant to answer, but eventually gave in.

“They weren’t my type.” He answered.

“Then why did you bother going out with them in the first place?” I wondered, raising my eyebrows.

“It’s complicated.” He tried to dismiss, laying down on the soft leather couch.

“Are you… dating them for sex?” I decided to ask, figuring out quickly that it was a bad idea once Jimin angrily looked to me.

“You know me, Y/n, and I’m not like that.”

“Yeah,” I sighed. “I know. I just don’t know why else you would act like this. It’s not you.”

His eyes moved back to the floor, looking away from me almost shamefully. Figuring it was better to confront the problem directly, I sat down on the couch by his feet.

“Jimin, is something wrong that you’re not telling me about? You’re the closest person to me and I care about you most in the world–”

“Y/n,” He cut me off, looking at me almost sympathetically, which was even more confusing. “It’s nothing, I’m fine.”

“I know when nothing is something.” I warned him, getting up off of the couch, only getting so far before he sat up and grabbed my hand.

“Don’t be mad.” He said, gently pulling me back down to sit next to him.

“I’m not mad,” I replied, asking for an explanation, not through words but through the concern in my eyes. “Just tell me what’s going on.”

“Y/n,” He started, raking a hand through his hair and giving a long sigh. “The reason… I keep getting into relationships I’m not happy with… is because the one I want to be in could ruin something very valuable to me.”

“What are you talking about?” I prodded, unsure about what he was saying.

The next part seemed even harder for him to say. Without warning he grabbed my hand, meeting my eyes. It wasn’t a normal feeling; he looked at me like someone just died and he had to bare the news. I prepared for the worst since I didn’t have a clue what was going on.

“Y/n, I broke up with those girls because they weren’t… you.” He admitted, the reason for his fear instantly becoming apparent.

“Because they’re not me?” I echoed, watching him nervously nod. “You want to date me, but-”

“Don’t want to hurt our friendship.” He finished for me, nodding. “Yeah.”

After a year or two of mustering up the courage to face the fact that Park Jimin would never feel the same way I did; after a year or two of throwing my feelings for him away for the sake of our friendship, he confesses to me.

“Jimin, you– I can’t believe– After all this time–”

“Look, I’m sorry, it’s not something I can control. I was trying to find someone else to keep my mind off of you but that didn’t work very well. I’m sure, if I just have some time, that everything will work out and you won’t have to worry about this hurting our relationship.” Jimin explained, to my horror.

“No!” I quickly shook my head. “No, I don’t want everything to work out- I mean, I do, but I don’t want you to date someone else,” I let myself smile after holding it back. “I want you to date me, Jimn.”

“What? Y/n, are you alright? Did you have any alcohol tonight?” Jimin asked in disbelief.

“No,” I laughed, half tackling him on the couch. “You had a crush on me?” I giggled. “How did you hide it so well? I didn’t even realize.”

He beamed, hugging me back as if he’d just come home from war.

“How long?” He asked, breaking the fit of giggles between the two of us. “How long have you liked me without saying it?”

I only smiled, planning the perfect, corniest thing to say in my head.

“Do you remember that day when I slipped and fell in the ice on my way to the bus stop after school? The bus left without me, but a little boy not much older than me came running to my rescue,”

Jimin giggled, letting me keep telling the story.

“He even gave me his gloves once he realized I didn’t have any and my hands were all red from falling. I can’t remember his name, though.” - Jimin giggled again. - “Jean-min? Jimen?”

“Y/n.” He rolled his eyes.

“No, I don’t think that was his name.” I joked, laughing once he tackled me onto the couch again.

“So I had to wait until I was 20 to finally confess to you,” Jimin admitted. “And on that same day, I find out that you fell for me the very same day we met.”

I nodded.

“God, I’ve waited thirteen years just to do this.” He purred before crashing his lips against mine.

I just loved him.

Happy Birthday, Grumpy! || Samcedes

Sam Evans smelled the air, taking a deep breath and filling his lungs with its freshness seconds later. They were finally there. In the forest glade, his favorite place in the world. They had had to wait months for her to fully recover and the weather to change to be able to be there but he had not minded. That day had finally come. The day he had promised her showing her both the wolf’s and his secret place had finally arrived and he couldn’t hide his joy. “And this is it… D-do you like it?” He asked, a bit nervous, fearing that she wouldn’t give him a positive response. He truly hoped they could spend his birthday there, just eating, talking and having fun. But if she didn’t like it… Well, he would have to think of another place they could go to ask her that question he had been wanting to ask for weeks.


The evening falls on the streets of Cisternino right from the darkened skies of the past storm. Passersby finally dare to come out of their hiding places and step carefully on the wet and slippery cobblestones, in awe of the colourful dusk light shining from under the cloud blanket. My hiding place was a tiny pub called Diaulicchie, with an inviting sign “Birre artigianale” - craft beers that is. Being offered only a few taps but lots of bottles, my choice fell on the bartender recommendation, an Italian and almost local (from Salento near Lecce) brew called Beggia. Advertised as red and in reality a cloudy rusty drink, with faint scents of dried fruits and a pleasant bitterness, it didn’t knock my socks off but remained in memory as a nice and refreshing drink. Not that after the cold rain I needed much refreshing…

“You don’t want me to be with you, but you don’t want me to be with someone else either. How miserable do I have to be before you’re happy?”

A/N: Just a random drabble, I don’t know what this is. I watched The Simpsons today haha and I heard this quote and I wanted to use it. I hope you like it.
Enjoy xo


I never understood how Riley was okay with people bursting into her room like that. How is it okay to have no privacy, no place you can hide from the world? I finally understood it tonight, after the girl I dream about coming through my window finally came in. But not the way I wanted her to.

“Are you crazy, Lucas? What has gotten into you lately?”

“Riles, let me explain. I don’t know what happened, you two were dancing and I just ..”

“You just what? Thought that you should dance next to us with that fake blonde cheerleader and then pick a fight with my date?”

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Steve/Tony AU 

In which Steve is a persecuted criminal, for a crime he didn’t commit.

He finally finds a place to hide where Tony finds him and after Steve tells him his whole story, he decides he can stay in his house until they solve this out.

Eventually, they fall in love but sadly, the police ends up finding them and Steve is found guilty and sentenced to death.

Hide and Kaneki get into a fight. Hide ends up having to sleep on the couch. The blond prefers the recliner though, so he’s currently struggling to find the right position to sleep in.

Finally, as Hide finds a comfortable place to doze off. A door is cracked open and the sound of feet scuffing against the floor is heard.

A warm body is trying to sleep on Hide but the recliner is making it difficult. The warmth whines about it and nudges Hide awake. Hide only smiles sleepily and pats Kaneki on the head.

Kaneki whines louder and picks Hide up as gently as he can and moves them to the couch.

“I’m sorry, Hide. I didn’t mean what I said earlier. I love you.” Kaneki whispers, snuggling into Hide as if the human was a teddy bear. “I love you, Hide. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. Hide, I love you.” The half ghoul keeps whispering.

A content groan escapes Hide’s throat and the blond burrows further into Kaneki’s warmth.

“Hide.” Kaneki sighs and hugs his human closer. “Hide.”

The two fall asleep in each orher’s arms. Both forgetting their previous argument without regrets.

in an alternative universe

New York is not welcoming

there is no blank space to write our names in

we are out of style

we are not asking ourselves daily if we are out of the woods

all we did was stay

there are no haters to shake off

we wish you wouldn’t

we got good blood

we have basic dreams

we don’t know how to get the girl

this love is still dead

we don’t know places to hide

we are not finally clean

You know where you have those dreams that seem to be real, but at the end of the day you know they aren’t real because you wake up and realize everything was a lie to begin with. Like I had a dream where I was out of this place, married, and had some kids. I woke up and I am still in this place surrounded by all my stuffed animals and animals as well. Plus I guess I should finally stop hiding in my room and ignoring the fact this place does exist and I should be more talkative to the people in this place.