the final exodus

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For some reason, Lillian saying "Help me Kara" pulled at my heart strings. Maybe because of the fact that Lillian actually knows who Supergirl is but it really got to me.

They have done a great job adding complexity to Lillian this season. I admit in the beginning I was unsure about how much depth they would give her. After parts from Crossfire and Medusa and then of course, Luthors and everything that happened up to this point, they have done well. And Brenda really does the character justice. It is so important to have a villain be sympathetic or they are just one-dimensional and you mostly just want them gone because they’re boring as opposed to being a menace and/or worthy adversary to our protagonist(s).

There were a couple moments/expressions that stuck out for me with Lillian. First to the main subject of discussion.

Me: 😭
I finally conceded after Exodus that I really do believe that Lillian loves Lena. Is she Mother of the Year? Nah. Does she show her love well? Nah. Does she show her love for Lena in the way she knows how while still keeping a tight grip on her overall goal? Yah. We can’t forget that keeping Lena (and Lex) safe is part of her true motivation in defeating the alien menace, as she would say.

Her ends and means are harsh and amoral. But to her, her cause is just and her feelings for Lena are there somewhere. I don’t really believe that she was just trying to appeal to Kara here by faking her feelings. I do think she meant what she said. And by the next expression:

I think she silently reveals to us that as always, she has a malicious plan. She has two goals in her fight this time. Find and save her daughter and also get rid of Supergirl. And quite frankly, it was a genius play because multiple times this season, we have seen Kara talk to multiple characters about issues regarding their parents – usually their mothers. Even without this specific information logged away, Lillian knows what kind of person Kara is and knows that she will be emotionally invested. So she must show that same kind of investment. At the same time, I cannot help but feel that deep down, Lillian knows that showing up without Supergirl wouldn’t just be difficult in the means of dealing with the Daxamites, but also in the means of convincing Lena to work with her. We saw how Lena was pleasantly surprised and grateful that they were working together. That is until…..

Me: 😢
In this moment, Lena chooses Supergirl over Lillian yet again. Rightfully so, of course, but stay with me. Despite the effort that Lillian calls herself putting in, despite risking her life to save her, Lena still is not convinced that Lillian’s way is the way. The look on Lillian’s face here when she realizes that her daughter is still against her – shock, confusion, anger, even a bit of heartbreak. She really thought she had her. And even though I will always be rooting for Lena to Resist (hehe) her mother’s hateful rhetoric and actions, I still felt for Lillian.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how they work together when they are with Winn on the ship.

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Okay so I'm rewatching AA's episode "Savages" from S1 and it's hilarious! Clint screaming bloody murder when some dino eats all the cookies, Tony's climbing skills, Steve & dinos... But the best part is the easy-going relationship Tony and Steve have. Even though Steve's saying how he doesn't wan to rely on tech it only leads to a good-natured bet between him and Tony, not some major fight. They're such parents too who just want their kids to behave and learn to live w/o technology for a while.

my friend, I couldn’t have said it better myself! honestly sometimes I forget about “Savages” simply because it’s surrounded by so many other stevetony-centric episodes (“Avengers Protocol,” “Super-Adaptoid,” “In Deep,” “Exodus,” “The Final Showdown”……damn season 1 was hella gay)

you’re right though, I really love that the episode establishes how Steve and Tony’s relationship is built on good-natured ribbing, trust (literally the whole damn premise of the episode is Steve’s unfailing belief in Tony’s ability to save the world without tech!!), and joint responsibility for their team

and seriously, even within the first few seconds of the episode, despite being played for laughs, we are introduced to Tony’s unshakable habit of building Steve shiny new toys because he cares, okay

(note how: 1. Tony says “keep up with me” and not “keep up with the team,” and 2. there’s an unspoken implication that Tony just wants to make sure Steve can save himself in case Tony’s not there to catch him)

part 1

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What do you think season 5 will be about? What are they going to deal with this time? Creating a new society?

I think we might see those miners from the prison colony. Just it seems like it’s something that has been put into the story and left to be a loose thread. Which will have a renewal of the grounders/skypeople conflict, only our heroes will now be grounders. 

I don’t think we’ll see a five year time jump, but I think the survivors will be separated. So it will be about reuniting, I think. 

I also think we might see an exodus, finally, as we still have, as an unused plot point, that 4% of the earth that is survivable. And if we don’t want to live in a bunker/space for five years, I think we’ll need to find it.

Also we’re going to have conflict with the people in the bunker. You can’t just put people together like that, with such enmity and such different cultures, and expect everything to be hunky dory. I have always seen a problem with putting people raised on war into a closed environment and told to get along with their enemies. Yikes. Problem. 

Learning how to get along together. Learning how to be truly united. Learning how to survive the new apocalyptic environment.