the final exodus

You’re one of the 100.
—  Monty Green

Monty Green who betrayed his own mother, the only blood family he has left to save his people. Who has saved and been saved by them. Monty Green knowing that you can choose your family and sometimes that family is even more important than anything else. Because they don’t belong to Triku, they don’t belong to Skaikru. A nation who has attacked them since the beginning, and a government who found them all to be disposable. The Delinquents don’t belong to them, they belong to each other. I can’t wait for their own exodus to finally come. 

There’s an unsettling calm after a storm passes. When the whirlwind stops and the downpour settles and all has been rinsed away, an unspoken clarity is left behind.

Things that you once thought mattered don’t hold quite as much weight, whereas others have much more significance. You begin to realize what’s truly important as it all glistens in the sparkling light of calm in the aftermath.

But it’s unsettling because of the accompanying uncertainty. Doubt keeps you lingering, resisting the path before you. But it all serves a purpose:

A purpose to heal and recover.

A purpose to grow and discover.

And a purpose to learn what is worth fighting for.